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tv   New Day Sunday  CNN  May 20, 2018 4:00am-5:00am PDT

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it's hell on earth from this molten sparkler and popping and groaning and sometimes violently exploding. >> it shows me the power of god. the power of our earth. this lava bomb came and hit right here. >> some of these fissures are interconnected and spread out many directions across the southeast section of the island. >> this might all disappear. >> it's man versus mother nature. ♪ >> announcer: this is "new day weekend" with victor blackwell and christi paul. >> good morning to you. the breaking news. the stunning pictures out of hawaii where the erupting volg is se volcano, as you heard there, lava bombs and blasting dozens of feet in the air and we are there live in a few minutes. >> after a royal wedding that
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captivated the world the newlywedding are set to return this weekend. >> we ask how it is challenging the plolitical satire. the lava spewing into the air and chunks of the flying debris and explosions that sound like jet engines. >> in fact, just moments ago, we got news that the streams of lava have reached the pacific ocean. not only closing down part of a main evacuation route, but potentially creating another hazardous health situation there. cnn's scott mcclain is in pahoa, hawaii. scott, it looks like things are much worse, quite frankly, than they were when we saw you last hour. help us understand what is going on. >> so we have actually moved
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locations and let me show you. you mentioned those lava flows that have reached the pacific ocean. i'll show you where they are coming from. these are several fissures that have sort of morphed into one and it looks like giant water fountains but as we know, this isn't water. it's not water that glows in the dark. it is molten lava coming out of the ground. it's amazing to see just how much of it that there is. you hear the explosions in the background and that is from a separate fissure which is maybe half a mile away from where we are that continues to explode and erupt more violently. we are noting that here. with the lava, they are admitting it's turning into a fast flowing stream of lava. you can see it there moving along. just to give you an idea of how much lava has filled in here the last 48 hours we were actually doing a live shot there yesterday and where our shot
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would have been, would have been somewhere buries moopting the ll -- amongst the lavr right now. this is going into a valley and when it's all said and done, it will be a little bit of a hill rather than a valley. people here, they are concerned about the lava flow. homes being cut off from help as that lava flow reaches the ocean and cuts off roads. they are also, of course, worried about the fissures that are erupting much more violently and sending lava into people's homes. homes nearby that i showed you last hour and people there are trying to protect them. other people just gathering what they can and trying to get out. as that lava flow continues to move and just hopefully and just hoping i should say that it doesn't divert and reach their home. >> scott, did i hear you right, that where you were just an hour ago is now under lava?
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>> no. so where we were live just 48 hours ago. >> oh, 48 hours ago, all right. >> is under lava now. we are talking about it's probably some 10, 12 feet worth of lava and we would have been buried by, you know, several, maybe 50 yards in, at least from what we can tell from this vantage point. i can try to show you here. it's a little bit dark but if you see where some of those hills come up where the lava flow is there is methane gas burning there. from my rough estimation, where we were doing our live shot 48 hours ago would be have that imagine a methane mass is burning there. if we were staying there we would be in trouble. the other thing i should point out, victor, as this lava moves along, it will burn brush. in fact, an evacuation in
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another neighborhood i should say earlier today just because those brush fires had gotten out of control and they wanted to make sure that people were out of their homes and they had an escape route if things were to get any worse. >> it's so remarkable to me how fast the lava is moving too. scott, thank you so much. can we just stay on that shot there for a moment while we bring in cnn's allison chinchar? >> just get in tight over scott's left shoulder there on the geyser of lava there. allison, we are looking at amazing pictures coming out of pahoas. can you explain what the jet engine sound it? >> you often here them talk about this is the edge breathing and the lava spewing out of the fissures and intake and air flow going in and out and you're basically hearing mother nature breathing. watching scott's live shot i was even impressed andive seen
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hundreds of videos of lava. it looks like a river behind him and i want to talk about that because that is actually key. that is why we now that that one lava flow has made it into the ocean because the consistency of the lava is now changing. prior, it had been slow running almost like pudding if you will. now it is runnier and that is allowing it to move faster. fissure 17 and 18 up on my top screen where scott is located. further south is fissure 20 and 22. they came together and started flowing towards the pacific ocean. they have now entered the pacific ocean. you would think this is great, it takes it off land and away from people. the problem that also creates something called laze. when the lava reaches the ocean and mixes with the salt water and creates steam and the stream is made of hydrochloric acid gas and tiny glass particles so you daytona to be near that area.
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the fissures and lava flows, things like that. we also have the concern for the summit of kilauea. two explosive eruptions have taken place the last 24 hours at the summit. not only does ma mean you have the lava and toxic gas. you can see from the observatory from the ash coming down thick throughout much of this area. here is the other thing that poseses a problem. when the volcano erupts it sends lava and toxic gases into the air but also the ash. the main concern here is inhalation for people. this could be incredibly toxic and deadly in high doses. but, also, some of the things that the airport on the big island have been keeping a close eye on is the airplanes because the ash can be a big deal for airplanes as well. here is why. as that ash goes inside of those engines, it melts but you have so much air flow coming in that
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it also then rapidly cools down and becomes sticky and sticks to the inside of that engine. but then, unfortunately, that disrupts the air flow. so that is why they are paying very close attention to whether or not they will need to, at some point, cancel or delay and divert flights out of the hilo airport. >> these pictures are just -- they are breath taking and frightening all at the same time. it is something. allison chinchar, thank you so much for the breakdown there. we will keep you posted as scott is there and we will have him with us throughout the morning. ♪ also this morning, texas governor greg abbott is attending a church service in santa fe, texas, where eight students and two teachers were killed there in santa fe. there five of the ten victims
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you see there. >> we are getting new information how students sheltered in closets next to the bodies of dead classmates as that teenager fired shots and taunted them from outside. one victim's mother says she thinks that one of the shotgun shells was for her daughter. >> my daughter was going up to my mother, telling my mom for the past four months and my brother that he had been making advances on her and that she finally stood up to him because her younger sister was being bullied in school and she was showing her, look, this is what you do. you got to stand up to him and let him know, no, it's not right. and this is the outcome. you know? i don't -- i don't know what else to say. >> according to official documents, the shooter said he acted alone and spared people he
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liked because he wanted his story told. all right. changing to politics now. we got new details about a second meeting at trump tower between the president's son and a group of foreigners offering to help donald trump get elected. also, prince harry and meghan markle's wediziding is o but the celebration is not for the new duke and duchess of sussex. cnn's anna stewart is in windsor. >> reporter: no wedding blues here, christi! the party keeps going and i'll take you to the street party and there is food and analysis of yesterday's highlights. k pain. but he has work to do. so he took aleve. if he'd taken tylenol, he'd be stopping for more pills right now. only aleve has the strength to stop tough pain for up to 12 hours with just one pill. aleve. all day strong. welcome to holiday inn! thank you!
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♪ >> just a view of the highlights from the royal wedding of britain's prince harry to meghan markle now known as the duchess of sussex. this morning, the null l newlyw coming back to -- >> you don't want to get dehydrate on a plane. we don't know much about the
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party. they deliberately made and this very private affair and the only thing a few leaks in the britain tabloids and some people went up to london afterwards and carried on. who knows. they might not have been to bed yet. we will check there. the bags under their eyes as they head back to kensington palace today. they are the next engagement really is on tuesday. buckingham palace and garden party and supporting his father and their charitable work and can put their public work ahead of the honeymoon. i think a deliberate message. they are going to throw themselves into the public world. we have seen that already with meghan markle who is on a huge amount of visits before the wedding to know the uk and i think next an international step and come to the united states even for an event in the summer. and then off to the commonwealth as well. so they are going to throw themselves into work.
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i'm sure there will be a honeymoon. we don't know where or when. i think they want to keep that a bit quiet. >> understandably so, yes. i want to ask you about something that people noticed yesterday. this empty chair in st. george's chapel there and speculation that was in honor of princess diana. are you hearing anything about that, max? >> reporter: i don't know. there was so much symbolism there. they wouldn't really confirm any of the diana references. we just had to read into into it what we would. i think this is what is interesting here. when i asked people close to the couple, you know, is meghan markle saying something in the ceremony about femininity and diversity and you have to look what they are doing here. all that i could be told they wanted to do things in their own way. and whether there is symbolism people want to take out of that they can do that.vitably
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inevitably, so many diana references there and only started talking about it with william the last couple of years and i think probably the chair was symbolic of that but we will never have it confirmed because i think that was between harry and diana. >> max, i got to ask you about this american bishop from chicago who is getting some mixed reviews and mixed responses we asaw there. having gone to black churches my whole life. 13 minutes is how long he spoke. people have spoken 13 minutes after i sneezed. so this didn't seem very long to me. what was the reaction there? >> you know, you're probably referencing the giggling in the church. >> yeah. >> but i think what i will say is, today, i think that choir was, obviously, a big headline
4:19 am
in the united states. it's also a big headline here and i think in a really positive way. people were very surprised to see that in an english church. you know we knew that it was going to happen. but seeing it was a real moment for people here and really embraced as well. these church services, high church services are desperately boring and this was a flash of light and people loved it. when you're talking about the giggling, and i've spoken to a couple of people who were close to the people in the church, it was on harry's side but in reference to a joke the bishop said, you know, you all need to get married and it was in response to the joke, i think, to be fair to them. but people are taking the giggles out of context to say they were giggling at him, you know, and suggesting that was the serious part of the address. i don't think actually that was the case. >> thank you for the clarity, max foster. very good point to make.
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>> one question for you, by the way. can i ask you a quick question? >> yes. >> we lost anna stewart and we keep seeing her, you know, eating cakes and drinking tea and we think she has gone awol again. can you find her? >> you are so go at transitions, max. so good. he knows where we are going next. we have found anna and she might have, you know -- >> he is just jealous. >> a little bit of tea or cake. >> the celebration is not over because i don't see any cake in your hand there but i'm sure there is cake all around there. people are still celebrating. what are you seeing where you are? >>. >> reporter: max is a little bit jealous. i was worried that wedding blues would hit the entire nation and a bit of a hangover but not here around windsor. we are just steps away from the
4:21 am
windsor castle and today everybody is enjoying tea and cucumber sandwiches and talking about the highlights and i've been asking what the favorite bits were. lots of analysis on the dress. was it a cool glass of water or was it dull? the american bishop that max is discussing. people absolutely loved to see him. it was such a refreshing moment in what is as max said rather a boring part of a service, normally, i think, in uk weddings. the aqua marine ring given to meghan markle and plenty to discuss here. the locals around here have, you know, had a slightly trying few weeks, i'd say, that have been road closures and all of the potholes are filled and lamp posts painted and trash cans have been replaced with extra secure ones and there have been
4:22 am
100,000 people on their doorstep so i think a slight party to enjoy the fact it might all be over. >> go and get yourself some cake now, an in. >> and some tea. >> anna stewart in windsor, thanks so much. president trump, as we switch gears here, is attacking robert mueller's russia investigation again. next what is he calling the justice department to do now. your company is constantly evolving.
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26 minutes past the hour. glad to have you with us. i'm christi paul. >>ism i'm victor blackwell. north korea is expected to be dismantling their nuclear site at least one in the middle of the week. >> despite many things on the president's calendars. sarah westwood, what are you hearing from washington this morning? >> reporter: good morning. president trump and south korean president moon are work to go prevent their efforts with the north koreans from fall apart amid threats from kim jong-un. that potentially historic summit between trump and kim on june 12th is still on for now. but the future of the meeting has been thrown into a little bit of doubt as the north koreans object to the suggestion from national security adviser
4:28 am
john bolton they might be traeted li treated like libya. the fbi planted an inform apartment inside of trump's campaign. cnn has been told informant that gather some information from trump advisers were not embedded to campaign trump. now it's important to point out that the just department says it's withholding documents related to the informant out of concern for the safety of its source and its ability to recruit future sources. trump and his allies, however, have accused the fbi of political bias and are pressing to get those documents released any way. christi? >> thank you very much, sarah.
4:29 am
appreciate it. >> thank you. the russia probe may be expanding beyond russia, potentially. there are new reports of other countries allegedly hoping to influence the 2016 presidential election in favor of donald trump. now according to "the new york times," donald trump jr. met in just three months before the 2016 election with a man who claimed to represent two arab princes and a media expert was there and a lawyer for trump jr. says nothing came from the second trump tower meeting. but according to one of the reporters who broke the story the relationship didn't end after the election. >> after trump is elected, george nader, working as an adviser for the uae, he's mr. zamle, the israeli social media manipulator owes him a lot of money. maybe $2 million according to some reports. some of that money goes to provide a presentation showing what a big help to the campaign social media was.
4:30 am
so if that campaign -- if that presentation was delivered to the trump campaign as it seems, then here is an offer to help for the campaign and here is a at all of the help we did. >> joining us now is julian water schwab of the governor government ethics. welcome back. >> good morning. >> this is introducing new players here aside from trump tower meeting one in june of 2016, i got the august 2016 meeting where you introduced the saudis and israelis and emirates to help in this campaign. we don't know what the pitch was your obvious concern for agreeing to meet with these representatives is? >> yeah. well, it shows the trump campaign was willing to collude with foreign powers in order to try to win the election. they shouldn't have even had this meeting. i don't care what the pitch was.
4:31 am
and the fact that $2 million changed hands and was paid to somebody who bills himself as a social media manipulator from a foreign country really is deeply concerning. we are talking possible violations of federal election law if it was coordinated with the president. you know, that final link hasn't been established but there is enough smoke here to justify looking into it. the truth is if any other administration was in power and certainly if trump's political rif rival in the last election had won many would be howling and summing people for hearing testimony. i think based on what we have seen the past year and a half, we can be pretty confident that not only will the leadership in congress ignore this, but they will actively try to run interference for him and continue to try to disrupt the investigation. >> you told one of our producers that we are witnessing a betrayal to our people in
4:32 am
congress and it is just absolutely disgusting. interesting that this reporting comes after the release of the transcript from don jr.'s senate testimony. no mention of the meeting there. also no mention of this in the wrap-up or the report that came from house intelligence. another one of these major developments that comes after that. expound on, again, what you're expecting, what you're hoping for from congress. is this just another element that is in this larger saga or do you think this is an action item if not for robert mueller which it likely is, we understand that george nader is cooperating, but from congress? >> yeah. i mean, what i'm examining and what i'm hoping for are two completely different things in this scenario. again, history is just not going to be kind to a congress that has put winning over the interest of the country. they should be deeply concerned with the fact that foreign -- you know, foreign interests were trying to influence our
4:33 am
election. any suggestion by anyone that this is each remotely normal is crazy. in fact, the fbi warned the trump campaign that the russians may try to have a hand in his campaign shortly after he got nominated. that should have put him on notice that any foreign contacts were of concern and the first thing they should have done when they heard from these people is pick up phone and call the fbi. now it's congress' job to find out why they didn't do that and congress should be holding hearings and not the devin nunez hearings are a show to cover for the administration, but serious hearings to get to the bottom of this issue. what they ought to do is pretend for themselves for a minute that hillary clinton is president and go after donald trump with the kind of gusto that not only would we assume they would go after her with, but that we saw them do. turn this into another benghazi hearing. the interference of foreign
4:34 am
influencers in our election is catastrophic and dangerous to our republic. >> we had a commentator on an earlier hour this morning suggesting that what this exposes is the under belly of politics and potentially another campaign might have taken a similar meeting or tried to get the same thing without breaking the law, skirting the law to get as much assistance from foreign governments as possible. do you think this is common, or is this as much of an outlier as the reporting would suggest? >> this is absolutely an outlier. that is a crazy thing to have said. this is not the under belly of politics. this is the under belly of the criminal world. you simply don't do this kind of thing and we have laws on the books. now the truth is the federal election commission has been weak from the start and in its establishment. it's set up with an even number of commissioners on both sides so you have to have at least one party defector to be able to do any kind of meaningful
4:35 am
enforcement, but in recent years it has completely all but ground to a halt in its oversight and that is where there is a gap. we can't trust the normal institutional mechanisms to go after something so abnormal and why we have a balance of powers and congress is supposed to be a check on the power of executive and supposed to be capable offing looking into the sitting president's activities as he tried to become the sitting president. >> walter shaub, good to have you. tune in to cnn this morning at 9:00 a.m. for "state of the union" with jake tapper. cartoons like this one, we will show you here. has the trump era changed his craft? we will ask the cartoonist next. in 5th grade. we got married after college.
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i wish our insurance did that. then we could get a real babysitter instead of your brother. hey, welcome back. this guy, right? (laughs) yes. ellen. that's my robe. you could save $782 when liberty stands with you. liberty mutual insurance. history making meeting between the leaders of north and south korea, north korea seems to be pulling back from recent breakthroughs. >> they are threatening to cancel the summit with president trump. how do you break this down into a single car tune? if you're mike luckovich you do this. come and get in for a ride here. i'll speed away before he grabs the door handle. no, go ahead, try it again, try it again. no, i'm taking off.
4:41 am
yet again that is how it works. two-time pulitzer prize winning journalist of the "atlanta journal-constitution" is with us right now mike luckovich. it must be stating the material you have right now. what strikes you? what material do you have to latch on to? >> it's difficult. people say to me, oh, mike, you have so much material right now. but for me, it's sort of like being married to a nympho maniac. it's fun at first! and then it becomes a nightmare! >> i didn't know how you were going to explain that one! >> oh, wow! >> all righty. welcome to sunday, people! welcome to sunday. >> so let me ask you. i'm not going to go nympho maniac but to satirize in an era where the administration the president speaks in bold terms
4:42 am
and types in all caps and exclamation points and i imagine makes the job even harder. >> it is. because most presidents -- most politicians they are not as -- i don't want to say crazy, but just -- >> animated? >> animated. so with the cartoon you you kind of take something that happens, an issue and you kind of raise the absurdity level up with the cartoon but when the absurdly level is high, it's hard to do a cartoon that kind of makes that point and does it in a funnier way. like the one that you showed, the car driving. you know? when i heard that kim jong-un was maybe delaying or pulling out of the summit, that is the first thing that occurred to me, because and my wife still does that to me. >> my husband does that to me and my kids so we can all relate
4:43 am
to it. >> yeah, right. that's what i try to do with my cartoons is find ways of explaining things that people are familiar with and have mhumor to it. >> do you ever have a moment where you do something and you go, i can't publicize that? there has to be some of those moments. >> yeah. i've been doing this long enough that i know there are some boundaries but what i do is, i come up with ideas and then i'll be looking at them and it's like looking at the word, who? if you just look at the word who for an hour, you think what the hell does who mean? so when i have an idea and i look at it, i lose my objectivity and i show them to other people and say does this make any sense? >> we just have walter shaub who made a point about the don junior meeting. he said a congress, during any other administration, during any other time, would have taken
4:44 am
some action. you've got one with nixon standing at the podium saying it doesn't matter if i'm a criminal and you've got obvious members of the current congress here. >> right. >> when you take the context of what is happening and try to draw it down to a simple photo, sometimes you have to -- i imagine you pull yourself away from the drawing and just think about the times we are in? >> right, right. it really is -- i keep coming back to the word crazy. the times are so crazy. it's like, yeah, you don't have -- you don't have a check on power right now and so you try -- and there is just a lot of corruption now. i mean, you look at a guy like scott pruitt. he is almost comically, in my opinion, corrupt. there are 14 investigations on about him so how do you do a cartoon on that? it's a challenge. >> you do it very well. a lot of people would say. >> two pulitzers. >> and i have a book coming up, a trump book. it's a very stable genius is the
4:45 am
title and it's out in september. >> all right. we look forward to it. >> i didn't know that when i brought up that quote but thank you. >> thank you. >> mike luckovich, good to have you. let's talk about this twitter typo that puts the president in the spotlight after he spelled his wife's name wrong and a tweet welcoming her home from the hospital. >> the fallout surrounding the first lady, plus an update on her recovery as well. that is coming up. stay close. also, keeping an eye on the breaking news we are watching in hichl. loose these pictures here. massive explosions. we are still hearing from our cnn live location there. we will have more for you in a moment. no bars. oh no! when i got unlimited, they told me they were all the same. well, verizon has the largest, most-reliable 4g lte network in america. honey, what if it was just us out here? yeah well, i guess, uh, didn't think about that. verizon did. (vo) go with the best. starting at $40 for four lines.
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( ♪ ) (grunting)
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today is your day. crush it. angie's boom chicka pop whole grain popcorn. boom! the first lady's name in a tweet welcoming her home for the hospital. in a now deleted tweet he wrote melanie is doing well. the first lady is back at the white house after a procedure for what the white house describes as a benign kidney condition. she remains in high spirits. cnn contributor with us now. so the thing is the length of her stay raised a lot of questions. do you know more or do you believe we will get clarity about what was going on with the first lady? >> a long amount of time given what we know of the procedure i would be surprised if her
4:51 am
spokesperson gives a lot more detail. i was actually impressed by the amount of detail they gave at the time because the east wing staff, about ten people who work for her and it is very tight knit. stephanie was in scrubs during the procedure when she talked to reporters. i think that is a sign that they are very protective and it has been like this for every first lady in modern history. laura bush when she had skin cancer removed in 2006 she never told the press. she got in trouble for not telling the press at the time. the east wing staff feels as though the first lady was not elected so we don't necessarily need to go into detail about what private medical issues they have. >> this came just about a week i think before she unveiled her be best platform. any idea where that is going to go and when she might be in full
4:52 am
force with that project? >> i don't know. i retchached out to her spokesperson to try to find out. i would be surprised if she did anything this week. it's interesting that this comes on the heels of one of her most public weeks when she gave her rose garden announcement. it is the longest we heard her speak as first lady. obviously, this medical issue coming on the heels of that is a surprise. they are just very private, very close knit staff. i would be surprised if we hear much more from them on this. >> i wanted to ask you, i know she received all kinds of well wishes and people were very concerned about her. what is it about this first lady you think that does resonate with people? >> her approval ratings are well beyond her husband's. i think people feel that she is
4:53 am
warm. she is engaging and kind of staying above the fray. we saw after this texas shooting she tweeted out her thoughts and prayers for the families there. she is very careful and measured on twitter in a way that her husband is not. i think people see the juxtaposition of this married couple who have two completely different approaches. she is taking a really traditional approach of job of first lady. i think people appreciate that about her. i think most people want to give the first lady a path because she is not politically. >> very good point. so good to have you here. thank you. we are watching very closely breaking news in hawaii this morning. look at your screen. the details of this erupting volcano, lava bombs being hurled into the sky. we'll have more of what you are seeing right here in just a moment.
4:54 am
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tonight we take you to armania, a forward thinking country still reckoning with the past. >> genocide. this isn't about revenge. this is about recognition. >> if we lose we know we will be destroyed. >> earthquake. >> i'm the generation. >> armenu has endured a lot.
4:59 am
every family is touched. >> every day 100 people leave. >> it remains a place that millions are very, very sentimental about. >> i myself, i will never leave. i was born in armenia and i will die in armenia. >> i have been hearing for years when are you going to armenia? finally i'm here. >> watch anthony bourdain tonight. the incredible pictures we have seen this morning. look at this. >> and listen to it. >> lava bombs being hurled into the sky coming close to homes. we know homes have been lost, not just fumes filling the air.
5:00 am
the ongoing lava flow prompted more evacuations. >> one has reached the pacific ocean after it crossed over highway 137. we are watching to see what that does for a main evacuation route because that is a significant highway there. we will leave you with the pictures and sounds. thank you for being with us this morning. inside politics with john king starts now. >> mueller marks one year on the job with team trump telling him wrap it up. >> i wonder what the heck is the lujegitima legitimacy. >> is the summit in jeopardy? >> if it happens it happens. and tragedy inside a texas high school. >> telling us run, run. >> another deadly school shooting leaves students asking is this the new


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