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tv   At This Hour With Kate Bolduan  CNN  May 23, 2018 8:00am-9:00am PDT

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my time, okay? >> please tell allison how charming i can be. >> we've had those discussions. we've had those discussions. >> that's terrifying. >> thank you for everything. >> thank you for being with us. i'm poppy harlow. >> i'm john berman. "at this hour with kate bolduan" starts now. >> that was awesome. congratulations, guys. best highlight reel ever. congratulations, john. we get three hours and not just two of j.b. we will all be captivated as always and now to the news. hello, everyone. i'm kate bolduan. as the sun came up, donald trump threw down. remember, the big caveat of yesterday, if there was a spy in the trump campaign. >> if they had spies in my campaign that would be a disgrace to this country and it would be very illegal aside from everything else. >> that big if today is gone with tweets like these. the spy was there in the early -- in early in the campaign and they go after phony collusion with russia, a made-up
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scam and may end up getting caught in a major spy scandal. the president going as far to give the story a name. spygate. kaitlan collins is at the white house following all of this. kaitlan, what's behind this change, if you will? now declaratively saying that there was a spy on his team? >> reporter: well, there has been quite a change from what the president has been saying over the last few days and to what he has been tweeting today. he went from saying this could be an allegation saying it was possible that his campaign was spied on by the fbi to today stating it as a fact each thoveh multiple officials have told cnn there was no spy planted into the trump campaign. instead, was there an fbi intelligence source, a confidential intelligence source starting their investigation into russian interference in the election. the president essentially stating it as fact. his deputy press secretary was on television a few moments
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later after he tweeted that and he would even go as to far as to state it as a fact and instead of using qualifiers saying if this happened, if this is true, if this is proven, potential spying and not going so far to say that it did happen, and intelligence officials do disagree with that and so did one major law enforcement official and that is the former fbi director james comey who quickly tweeted back at the president saying this morning that facts matter and the fbi's use of confidential human sources and it's tightly regulated and essential to protectioning t protecting the country and it would do lasting damage to our country. of course, james comey has often been a critic of the president's and even a former trump campaign aide carter page wouldn't go as far last night during an interview with anderson cooper to say that this person was a spy. he wouldn't use that term and he
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wouldn't make an accusation like that without hard facts. so far, kate, it seems to be only the president saying this was a spy from the fbi who spied on this campaign and all of that going on as we are preparing for this meeting between congressional leaders and top law enforcement officials to go over documents related to the russia investigation and that has been a big fight between the two of them and something the white house has been between and now white house chief of staff john kelly has brokered this meeting between devin nunes and top law enforcement officials that will take place tomorrow, but that meeting is getting a lot of criticism even though it hasn't happened yet because no democrats have been invited to attend that meeting and the white house justified that by saying that they weren't interested in being in that meeting and they didn't express any interest in the documents devin nunes has. on monday chuck schumer said if there's going to be any meeting like this it should be bipartisan, kate. >> there you have it, at least
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for the moment. great to see you, kaitlan. thanks very much. the president is dealing with a new headache of his own and his name is gene friedman and he's a business partner of michael coheny and and the new york times reports that friedman has struck a plea deal with the new york attorney general to cooperate as a possible witness and that could pressure cohen to seek a deal of his own with special counsel robert mueller. cnn's brynn gingras is here with more. so you have what "the new york times" is reporting, what is michael cohen saying about this? >> were they friends, were they not friends? >> that's where it starts. >> he calls michael cohen a good friend, yevgeny or gene as he goes by, pled guilty to tax fraud. the russian immigrant dubbed the taxi king is facing a lot of jail time for failing to pay $5 million in mta surcharges to new york state for the taxi empire he runs. now, as kate said again, in exchange for this builty plea he
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will be placed on probation and he has to pay the money back and according to the new york times will help state and federal authorities with their cases. friedman at one point managed 800 medallions in new york city and that's what gives taxis here value. he managed a fleet for michael cohen. the two have known each other a long time. they were business partners and it would appear, investigators hope friedman has insight into cohen's business practices come of course, is the basis of the doj's current investigation and the guilty plea comes days after news broke that the son-in-law of former campaign chief paul manafort has reached his own agreement and we are seeing a domino effect. the big question which has always been is if cohen if he's charged by new york's southern district, will he provide useful information to the special counsel's investigation. michael cohen seems to be distancing himself from all of this news of this plea deal and from friedman. this morning he tweeted this. quote, i am one of thousands of
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medallion owners who entrust management companies to operate medallions according to the rules of the tax and i limousine commission. gene friedman and i are not partners and have never been partners in this case or any other case. there are differing stories on what exactly will happen and i'm sure investigators will get to the bottom of it. >> they at least know and maybe we'll find out along the way. >> joining me now to discuss is shan wu, he's a former federal prosecutor and was representing rick gates at one point and the campaign aide who has struck a deal in the trump russia investigation. and chris cillizza. let's talk about the meeting happening tomorrow. sarah sanders says the democrats aren't invited to the meeting because they didn't ask for it, they didn't ask for the information. does she have a point? >> you said you didn't want to
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come to the party! does she have a point? i think what it is, kate is it's an extension of the politization of an entity, house intelligence committee and the intelligence world more generally that hasn't traditionally been all that polarized. so i think when you saw the report come out earlier and devin nunes and republicans saying only this is what we found. there is no collusion and we didn't find that the russian government was working to elect donald trump and house intelligence democrats saying that's not at all our conclusion and that's your first big sign in the real break of what's traditionally been a relatively bipart stan panel and bipartisan in relation to congress, and this is the next step of that. you would think in years past you would have the corresponding at least ranking members on the house intelligence committee so
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the top-ranking democrat and on the government and oversight committee, at least have them in there, as well, just as a sort of a box checking endeavor that just shows that the house and the intelligence world now is not immune from the polarization that's gripped the entire country. >> but, shan, you worked for the department of justice, could the justice department at this moment just demand and say sure, we have to hold this meeting, but it has to be bipartisan. >> i think it could and to follow up on chris' point it's an odd move for the justice department to make to agree to only have the republicans come in. when i worked for attorney general reno the departments were extremely cautious into looking as though it was favoring one side or the other even the way this deal was brokered and i'm relieved to hear he's not going to be reviewing it because he doesn't
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have any oversight whatsoever. so i think the department could do that and it seems very odd that they've agreed to the ground rules and it's probably because they're trying to find an appeasement strategy here. >> let's see exactly. they still something like 24 hours before the meeting so it all can change before that, but shan, michael cohen's business partner and maybe not depending on who you are talking to. gene friedman is now going to cooperate with investigators and it makes wonder if that would include the special counsel. do you think that's the case? >> the new york state a.g., the previous one was quite aggressive to any of the trump businesses and actually had asked for an exemption to be put through that if there was a presidential pardon granted that that would exempt new york from pursuing his matters and it apparently requires him to cooperate federal as well as state investigations. one thing i would note as was already reported, he got a very,
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very good deal. the amount of loss was greatly reduced which is important. he's looking at no jail time and sort of something that made me smile was the fact that when he talked about his lawyers, it's a standard litany of questions. i always tell my clients when the judge says are you satisfied with the service of your lawyers and the answer was yes. he wasn't just yes, i am, quote, extremely satisfied so he got a very good deal. >> maybe that says it all in that one statement. but, chris, this all -- everything that michael cohen is facing, unless it means that he would flip, this could all have nothing to do with donald trump. >> well, i would say currently based on what we know, has nothing to do with the special counsel investigation into russian meddling, right? the michael cohen stuff was referred to the southern district of new york by the fbi and the mueller probe, but not related directly to it. now, do i think that there is pressure on cohen to flip in
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exchange for a plea deal? yes. do i think that that pressure is related to a belief? i don't know if it's a knowledge, but certainly a belief that he knows things about donald trump or trump associates jared kushner, don junior, whoever, that other people do not know, that he's privy to information? yeah, i do think that, but currently, these are two separate endeavors. they have strings attached between them, but they are want fused together. >> let me ask you both quickly this, what do you think has changed overnight the president from going to if there was a spy in my campaign to there was a spy? >> this is standard operating proceed you are for him. i know this is a new thing as it relates to the spy or former confidential source, but nothing has changed. he's using this sort of aligning of facts that don't exist, candidly, to make a case to his base that the entire fbi and justice department are somehow deeply compromised and in the
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end, he will use that argument to rebutt any negative findings of the mueller probe. it's not new. it's just a new arm of it, and if the a.g. says no spice among us, what happens then? >> i think that the mrz's already setting the stage for undercutting that potential verdict and hees of heartened by the fact. >> great to see you. >> coming up, another mysterious attack on american dip the mlom overseas. moments ago, mike pompeo, he spoke out about this and said that the attack in china is very similar to the so-called sonic attacks in cuba. what do we know? what's happening here? plus, for the first time ever an
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african-american woman becomes a major party's candidate for governor, and she's not the only woman who made history in last night's primary contest. we'll go through it. and the race against the clock to protect a major power plant from this massive wall of molten lava. we'll go once again to hawaii where they are not out of danger.
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this morning, u.s. officials have issued a health alert in china after reports of another possible sonic attack on an american government employee there. a u.s. official stationed in southern china reported feeling and this is how the government is describing it abnormal sensations of sound and pressure and now is suffering a possible brain injury. remember last year there were mysterious sonic attacks in cuba against u.s. embassy employees and their families. now secretary of state mike pompeo was asked if there could be a connection.
8:18 am
>> we have medical teams that are moving to be on the ground there. we are -- we are working to figure out what took place both in havana and now in china, as well. we've asked the chinese for their assistance in doing that, and they have committed to honoring their commitments under the vienna convention to keep american foreign service officers safe. >> joining me right now cnn global affairs correspondent, lease labott and john kirby, a cnn and diplomatic analyst and former spokesman for the state department under president obama. elise, first to you. there is still real mystery about what happened in cuba, but pompeo seems to suggest that this is very similar. what are you hearing? >> well, kate, he seems to suggest that the kind of pressure of sounds and these symptoms which when we talk about a mild, traumatic brain injury we're talking about symptoms like a concussion, nausea, dizziness, loss of
8:19 am
balance and those are symptoms that are consistent with china. they still don't know what happened in cuba and what's interesting is the government -- the administration was very clear at the time in accusing the cuban government. >> right. >> you didn't hear secretary pompeo say anything about whether the chinese government would be involved and praising the chinese government for cooperation. so the secretary is waiting for a panel and what they call an accountability review board from the independent panel that was set up by the state department to find out what went on in cuba. he should be getting that in the next week or so and surely medical examiners will be using that as they try to determine what happened in china. that employee has been brought back to the u.s. for observation. so far, we think it's an isolated case, but we haven't heard anything else. >> john, the trump administration brought a bunch of administration employees when
8:20 am
this happened. just to remind everybody, i know you know this, remind everybody that we know the americans what they were dealing with when they came back. we're talking about hearing loss, dizziness, problems with their vision. headaches. what do you make of the fact that this happened in cuba and now something very similar is happening in china. do you see a connection? >> i don't know. it will be interesting to see what the accountability review board comes back with. there could be -- look, for this kind of thing, if it's a sound-based weapon and we don't know that it is, it would either be infrasound which is very low frequency or ultrasound, very high frequency and both which could be weaponized and used in a deliberate way and now that they have another patient from a different place, i'm sure they're going to be tracking those symptoms and that individual's condition with those that came back from cuba to see if there are real
8:21 am
forensic similarities and go forward from there. it could be intrinsic and non-glib ranon non-deliberate, but it sounds suspicious that this individual could have the same symptoms in cuba. they didn't bring them back from cuba until they had several. it took them a while to realize what they had, and they're acting very, very prudently in not waiting any longer and getting this person back and getting them the healthcare they need. >> honestly, it's straight-up terrifying and let's hope there are answers when this report comes out as you said, elise next week, they need answers. this is wild. great to see you. thank you so much. coming up for us, a historic night for women in politics. a democrat in georgia just became the first african-american woman to get a major party's nomination for governor. is it a sign of things to come in the midterms? we'll debate it.
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nancy pelosi and the group, you heard her the other day. she wants to raise your taxes. they want to get rid of the tax cut bill and raise your taxes. nancy pelosi came out in favor of ms-13. that's the first time i've heard that. she wants them to be treated with respect. can you imagine having nancy pelosi as the speaker of the house? can you imagine? >> that was president trump going after house minority leader nancy pelosi making it pretty darn clear that republicans think running against pelosi once again is the path to keeping their majorities. is that the case? joining me right now a member of the house democratic leadership congressman joe crowley. thanks for coming in. >> thanks, kate. lead to be with you. >> republicans are making no secret that they'll run once
8:27 am
again against nancy pelosi in the midterms. does it make it harder for democrats to win? >> what you heard in the last segment was the divider in chief. he's doing nothing to bring this country together and to cast dispersions on nancy pelosi and the group, i guess he's talking about me and democrats in the house and senate isn't doing anything to bring us together and quite frankly, it's once again, the president and his party are bankrupt of any ideas to move the country forward. they keep going back to the same old playbook and i simply don't think it will work this year. >> the playbook has worked before running against nancy pelosi is running against nancy pelosi is the democratic minority leader is she making it harder for democrats? >> if you look at what happened in georgia and kentucky and elsewhere, we are seeing record numbers of women being selected as democrats, this november and
8:28 am
i believe that the enthuse dwrac yachl across the board and like-minded independents will ensure that democrats take control of the house of representatives and the attacks on nancy pelosi and upon the party again is reflective of a lack of ideas that they have to move the country forward. they simply want to go back and attack, attack, attack. that's the old playbook and it's not working. we see it poll after poll. it's simply not going to work. >> congressman, whether or not democrats win back the house, there's a whole lot of talk of who will be leader of the democrats in the house come january. last month politico was reporting that they spoke with nearly 30 democratic lawmakers and aides and almost all said it is no secret that you're gunning for it if there is a shake-up. are they all wrong? >> don't always read what you believe, and don't always believe what you read. >> are they all wrong? >> let me answer. what we are focused on is winning back the house of
8:29 am
representatives. nothing else matters. nothing else matter, but winning. nancy pelosi is agnostic about winning. she just wants to win. we just want to win and we'll let the politics deal with itself after that. i've said repeatedly i see no situation bay which i would be anything other than supportive of nancy pelosi let's move forward and we'll take it from there. >> the president said he has more tax cuts coming before november. are you aware of another bill in the works? >> i've heard some rumors about that and i think the big difference here, kate, is going to be that they simply will not be able to pass it with the 50 plus one vote. it will take 60 votes to pass it in the senate and finally we'll have to start talking to democrats and they didn't do that in the last go around, and democrats, we want to offer a better deal to the american people, better jobs, better wages and a better future and we'll make it fairer and getting
8:30 am
it down to the middle class and working poor in our country and providing $50 billion to invest in our teachers and our schools and make being a teacher a solid class. >> and there's a big question, what should democrats be running on right now. the reason i ask is because we've gotten two different answers from two different democrats that come on the show. listen to this. >> what i spend most of my time talking about is what i'm working on. health care, raising living standards and opposing this majority. i think as democrats, the more we talk about those issues the better we'll do this november. >> the possibility of extensive russian interference with our election is a topic of paramount importance, not something i'd run away from. not something i want to avoid nor is it something my constituents avoid.
8:31 am
>> that was congressman boyle and congressman connelly. which is it in your mind? >> think the investigation of russia and its collusion in our trying to disrupt our democracy is a very serious issue. that is an issue, and i think we're want just running against donald trump. we're running for america. we have a positive message of growth, economic growth and job growth for america that includes a robust infrastructure bill as i heard someone talking and i don't know who it was that was talking -- >> boyle. >> talking about investing in america, investing in infrastructure and investing in americans and a decent, $30, $40, $50 minimum wage that can help uplift their families and bridge them to the new economy and not only building new bridges, but bridging them into the new economy by offering their children for four years of college or technical training and that's what democrats are
8:32 am
talking about. >> very quick on the russian, and we'll review classified information. as we know now, no democrates have been invited and the reason they're not invited is they dvsht didn't request the meeting and they didn't request the information and republicans did. does she have a point? >> it is absolutely absurd what's taking place. >> the president is meddling in his own investigation. the fbi and the justice department are not tools of the president of the united states. they work for the people of the united states, and any classified information that is being given ought to at the very least be bipartisan. we have the gang of eight. we can have all four leaders of the house and the senate each side go to the white house and hear this information. instead, he's chosen two very partisan individuals within the house to hear this information and not to share that information which many of us
8:33 am
believe is totally unwarranted to begin with and it is purely there to helps on own defense team and it's absolutely outrageous and when is it going to stop, and when is this president going to stop abusing his power? >> if they opened it up now and had to be bipartisan would you recommend democrats go? >> i think if there's something there that he believes we should be seeing an understanding in terms of an investigation that clearly, the house has stopped its investigation. they've ended it. so maybe this is the only vehicle of which we can get that information and i think it's absurd that the president is calling the investigation of his own office. >> thanks for coming in, congressman, appreciate it. >> thanks, kate. >> do not forget, you will have a chance to hear from nancy pelosi. you'll hear from her yourself, a special town hall with nancy pelosi airs at 9:00 p.m. eastern. you don't want to miss it. coming up for us, a massive
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so add this to the history books. for the first time in the nation's 242 years an african-american woman has clinched a major party's nomination to lead a state. atlanta lawyer and former georgia general assembly leader stacey abrams won the gubernatorial primary last night. >> i think it is an important statement that i stand here today, that i am the first african-american, the first woman, but more importantly i'm a georgian who understands that i want latino and the asian pacific islander community, they want every community in georgia to feel that they have a voice in our government, that they
8:39 am
have a voice in the future of our state. our campaign was grounded in the idea that if we invest in those voices, people will lift them up and they will vote. >> but wait, there's more! the first female marine to fly an fa-18 in combat won a key kentucky house seat last night. she's also a first-time can at who beat the establishment's pick, the mayor of lexington. what does this all mean for november? we'll look into the crystal ball. here to discuss, paul begala and doug hyde, cnn commentator and former spokesman for the republican national committee, let us see if you both have the same answer which generally never happens. doug, first to you, what was the big headline out of last night? >> i think there were a lot of big headlines and first is establishment doesn't necessarily matter and we've seen that throughout this year whether you're talking the d trip will save the congressional committee and when they endorse candidates that often gets overturned and same thing happenses on the republican side and voters are making these
8:40 am
decisions on the grassroots level and it's a vote against washington, but i will say with your introduction, one thing i do know, you're not beating andy barr and he's about as a hard working member as the republican party has. that's my plug. >> i'll always take a plug as long as it fits into the town allotted for a sound bite. paul, do you agree with doug? >> i don't. >> what? >> there is a wave and we've been calling it a blue wave and last night it was a pink wave. >> you cannot call it a pink wave. >> come on. >> this is a woman powered. lots of guys won, too, for my party which wins the majority of women's votes and the majority votes people of color, and i endorsed stacey abrams, and stacey put together a spectacular win. she -- by the way, the turnout is the highest it's been in decades and that's an early sign. stacey abrams won all across that state and not just in the
8:41 am
colors and she won almost all white counties and remarkably. this primary has made a believer of me the way she's put together the excitement and the enthusiasm. midterm elections are the enthusiasm and my party is very excited and this crop of parties across georgia, texas, georgia, idaho, remarkable and i'm very excited. >> i can see the excitement on his face. >> doug, now the fight goes on to november. how is this -- let's call it pep talk. how is the pep talk from the leader of your party? listen to this. >> if democrats gain power they will try to reverse these incredible gains. these are historic gains. they will try and reverse many of them. so your vote in 2018 is every bit as important as your vote in 2016, although i'm not sure i really believe that, but you know.
8:42 am
i don't know who the hell wrote that line! but it's still important. remember. >> honestly, that now becomes my favorite sound bite from donald trump. my favorite line. how does that help with your get out the vote operations? >> i would use a political technical term and say not awesome. this is -- look, ultimately, it's something that we'll laugh at, but it's not being laughed at in the house of representatives during the united states senate when republicans are talking to each other. they need the president fully behind him and they need him in the red states where we have a lot of democrats who are at risk who they can help drive those seats home for republicans, but it's a real problem. ultimately, we see so many things happening and i agree with paul about the rise of women candidates on the democratic side. stacey abrams is a rock star and weigh already know that.
8:43 am
it's almost like dating. it's complicated and there's enthusiasm on the democratic side and the economy's in a great position and voters are crediting trump more and more about that. it means that six months out, it's always hard to make predictions and i think we know that there will be crosscurrents that will be tough to make substantive predictions until we get to election day. >> do not bring your dating status into this segment. >> i didn't say mine. >> we will go way, way, over time. >> it's not complicated. it's terrible. it's terrible. >> i haven't had a first date since the reagan administration. >> this was not how it was supposed to be going, paul! >> do not try to divert attention to the fact that the democratic national party did not back in the race in kentucky. i found that fascinating. >> the mayor of louisville was in that race. >> does that tell you what doug is getting to, watch out,
8:44 am
washington. >> yes. >> are you concerned that the big-name democrats are out of touch with what's happening with the democrats on the ground? >> big-name people are always out of touch with the grassroots. that's okay. the grassroots have more say. the midterm, as i said before, it's about enthusiasm and excitement and what you want is asymmetrical excitement and that is to say my party excited and your party depressed. president trump just gave his people, his base for whom he could shoot a guy on fifth avenue and he wouldn't lose votes. it's okay, i'm not on the ballot. democrats will say trump is not on the ballot, but your medicare is, your medicaid is, and your health care is, and they're right, but if their side is depressed and my side is motivated and believe me, both are happening right now, you can feel a big wave. >> i feel like this is a therapy session and not the segment i was expecting, but i enjoyed it talking about your dating lives. great to see you.
8:45 am
thanks so much. >> thank you. just in to cnn, scott pruit stopped other news outlets what is billed as a public event on safe drinking water. what's going on here? we will discuss that next. was the culture of the company. and i think that had to shift to responsible growth. second thing i wanted to change was the leadership of the company. and the third was for us to start listening. listening to our riders. listening to our driver partners. i think listening is ultimately going to make us a better company. hey allergy muddlers: are you one sneeze away from being voted out of the carpool? try zyrtec® zyrtec® starts working hard at hour one
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for our farmers and their families. ♪ for the second straight day, cnn and other news outlets have been denied access to an event with epa administrator scott pruitt. a cnn reporter was turned away at the event this morning along with reporters from the associated press. brian stelter is here with much more on this. brian, is the epa giving any reason for the second day in a row why this is happening? >> not a specific answer, but they're say thing is not the kind of open meeting they would be required to provide access to. however, some reporters wonder
8:50 am
if this is running afoul of regulations that are in place about access for journalists and members of the public. this is an event about how to handle chemicals in drinking water. kind of a big deal. and yesterday, when journalists from cnn and other outlets tried to attend they were told they could not participate. there were empty seats in the room at the time, so that seemed odd. this is the second day in a row where journalists are being turned away and it's system boilic of a broader attempt to close the door. we've seen fewer, shorter white house briefings. we've seen a variety of government agencies try to clamp down on access. this has been a problem for many years, but it doesn't seem to be getting bet we are the trump administration. like i said, this could run afoul of open meetings laws. scott pruitt is the subject of nearly a dozen inquiries by ethics watch dogs, congressional investigators and others. i think the public deserves more sunlight, not less, when it comes to him.
8:51 am
>> we'll try to get more answers. the president's also sending mixed signals on the trade negotiations with china. in a tweet this morning, the president said this -- the talks are moving along nicely, but also says that the agreement will likely look a little different than expected. so what does that mean? and what does that mean as the markets watch every move and word? maggie lake is at the new york stock exchange this hour for us. what are you seeing? >> reporter: we're seeing a little bit of pressure that continued uncertainty over trade and worries about emerging markets are weighing. nothing too serious. we're off of our lows. you put tariffs, nuclear ambitions and currency chris sbois heis and it's hard to put together a rally. but investors are wondering what to do for the future. in about an hour's time, we'll catch up with darius who will help us sort through these issues and figure out if we want
8:52 am
to tweak any exposure to our portfolio. so tune in for that over on cnnmocn coming up, video out of hawaii. it's just ridiculous, where the kilauea volcano is putting on a terrifying show as officials are worried about a power plant that's being threatened by the throw of smoldering lava. we'll get the latest.
8:53 am
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if you'd have told me three years ago... that we'd be downloading in seconds, what used to take... minutes. that guests would compliment our wifi. that we could video conference... and do it like that. (snaps) if you'd have told me that i could afford... a gig-speed. a gig-speed network. it's like 20 times faster than what most people have. i'd of said... i'd of said you're dreaming. dreaming! definitely dreaming. then again, dreaming is how i got this far. now more businesses in more places can afford to dream gig. comcast, building america's largest gig-speed network. it's been three weeks of ghu gushing lava and toxic care in hawaii, but still the kilauea volcano show nos signs of
8:57 am
letting up. the images have been incredible and terrifying. today, the lava is dangerously close to a power plant. scott mclain is live from the big island. what are officials saying now about the threat to this power plant? >> reporter: so we're talking about a geothermal power plant, which is not from where from this lava is encroaching. officials say there's already been lava already starting to get onto the property. the geologists will tell you there are two separate fissures that are pushing lava onto the property. but officials have known about this as a potential hazard for quite sometime. this plant has been closed since may 3rd. there was previously a whole bunch of volatile chemicals there. they have been taken off site to mitigate any damage. now they're concerned with these geothermal wells. there are 11 of them. they managed to quench 10 of them, which means pouring cold
8:58 am
water down there. but they had problems with the 11th one, so they had to use a different technique to plug it. they are confident at this point that it will hold. but officials, as well as the governor last night, they were on hand to tell the community to try to allay any fears, they're saying look, even if this isn't the perfect solution, the lava is still well over a mile away from anything dangerous, kate. so these at this point, it's not an immediate threat. >> all right. maybe that's some good news, maybe. i don't know. scott, thank you so much. scott, while i have you, if i could, what are you hearing -- you spoke with a man who was hit with a lava -- do we still call it a lava bomb, what that man was hit with overnight? what are you hearing from residents now three weeks? >> reporter: sure, kate. this is the only person to have been injured by the kilauea volcano. his name is darrell clinton. he was trying to protect two
8:59 am
homes that belonged to his friends. they were maybe 100 yards from these fissures. this lava bomb that hit him was the size of a bowling ball. it started a fire on his porch. his foot almost fell off. he was literally ly holding it together. he said the heat was like nothing he's ever felt before. he is in the hospital and is recovering. he is lucky this was not much worse. >> what has it been like for you? >> reporter: well, it's been -- it's sort of a strange place to be here, because a lot of these areas are evacuated. but you meet a lot of people who -- they're not going anywhere. so you wonder how safe you are getting into some of these areas where you're getting quite close to the lava. so we're trying to find places where you're a little bit maybe
9:00 am
uphill or off to the side but getting a good view of some of this lava. i've been amazed to hear from so many people that it's going to take a lot to get them to evacuate. kate? >> scott, thank you so much. a reminder, you can watch the scene live any time on our website. go to thank you for joining me. "inside politics" with john king starts right now. ♪ thank you, kate. welcome to "inside politics." i'm john king. thank you for sharing your day with us. president trump says the deep state is getting caught spying on his campaign. but his own spokesman won't repeat that allegation. and james comey says the president and his republican allies are just plain lying. plus, the secretary of state says he made clear to kim jong-un that the united states will offer security assurance to his regime, but


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