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tv   New Day With Chris Cuomo and Alisyn Camerota  CNN  May 24, 2018 4:00am-5:00am PDT

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dissent among owners. i don't think all of them have been on board. given johnson's current status, it shows a lot of people did not agree with that unanimous concept. >> george martin, always a pleasure. thank you for the perspective. >> chris, very best to you in the future. >> thank you very much. thanks to our international viewers for watching. for you cnn talk is next. for our u.s. viewers, there is a lot of news on this thursday morning. let's get after it. good morning. welcome to your "new day". in just hours, a i bipartisan group of top congressional leaders will get briefed on the fbi's investigation into russian meddling including the fbi's use of a confidential source to determine if russia was colluding with the trump campaign. now, this briefing comes only after democrats complained that the white house was politicizing intelligence by initially only a
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briefing with republicans. a north korean official says it is ready for a nuclear showdown if talks with the u.s. fail. let's begin with kaitlan collins live at the white house. there is a lot happening today, kai kaitlan. >> reporter: there certainly is, alisyn. there is now going to be a bipartisan briefing today. how we got there, a long story that continually changed overnight, into the late
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evening. but what it ended with was trump telling aides including chief of staff john kelly that he thought democrats should be void to that meeting because he didn't want them to be able to use the white house of playing games here and accusing them of being partisan. now, that is because the president believes that would overshadow what he sees as the overall larger story here, that there are law enforcement officials the president believes are working against him. >> reporter: air spokesperson for house speaker paul ryan telling cnn he won't be at the meeting due to a longstanding schedule commitment. john kelly will be in attendance despite this statement from sarah sanders. >> the president asked chief of staff kelly to set up the meeting. no one from the white house staff will end.
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>> the decisions to hold two briefings coming after sharp criticism from democrats for being excluded from the first proposed meeting. >> i have never seen anything like this. this is highly unusual that you would have such a briefing in the middle of an investigation. highly unusual. and that it should be partisan is just totally unacceptable. >> reporter: the white house initially proposing a gang of eight briefing next month, then moving the date up to next week, before conceding to hold both meetings today. a notable change after the white house repeatedly said democrats didn't want to be invited. they are asking for the information. for whatever reason, they don't want to is see light shed on this particular investigation. >> reporter: president trump pushing back on the charge from democrats that the briefing is politically motivated. >> what i want from rod, from the fbi, from everybody, we want
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transparency. >> reporter: but continuing to push his unproven claim that a spy infiltrated his campaign. >> all you have to do is look at the basics and you'll see. it looks like a very serious event. but we'll find out. when they look at the documents i think people will see a lot of bad things happen. >> reporter: government officials telling cnn that trump's allegation isn't true, but that hasn't stopped the president and his allies from repeating it. >> if they ran a spy ring, that is an absolute red line. >> i'm shocked to hear they put a spy in the campaign. >> this is a deep state political hit job now spying on an opposition party campaign. >> reporter: president trump pushing the deep state conspiracy on twitter wednesday, a characterization his own secretary of state has rejected. >> i don't believe there's a deep state at the state department. >> reporter: the president also misquoting the former director
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of national intelligence james clapper to push his narrative. >> if you look at clapper, he sort of admitted they had spice in the campaign yesterday inadvertently. >> they were spying on a term i don't particularly like but what the russians were doing. were the russians infiltrating, trying to gain access, leverage and influence. >> reporter: so chris and >> reporter: and alisyn, the president has a history of making outrageous statement s with no evidence to prove them. but later saying it was something he later suggested. there are a handful examples. when he said barack obama had wiretapped him when he implied he taped his conversations with james comey. ted cruz's father had something
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to do with jfk's assassination. it is very important to watch the way the president speaks about these allegations, that there was a spy inside the campaign. >> kaitlan, thank you. so the president, we're told through ap reporting, said to a confidante, i'm using the word spy because it means something to people. i want to use the harshest words. >> they they're kwrous. >> or nefarious. i'm not sure he said that word. that is part of the reporting. let's call this what this is from what we know about the facts. sam, is there any kwn the presi theory that he was spied on but the government? >> not but the government. the truth is he was spied on. but it was by the russians. we have spent so much time talking about american spice supposedly on the campaign when this was spygate. we know the spy master, vladimir
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putin, sent russians to the united states to infiltrate the campaign. so we are spending all of this time talking about a spy and not talking about the fact that we know there are russian spice there. we know mike flynn was on the campaign. he registered as a foreign agent of turkey. we are look teg wrong source because the president is trying to distract us, i think. >> this is classic trump. i'm not the puppet, you're the puppet. i think it's also we need to give donald trump a lot of credit for -- he has a genius for marketing. and he is a hype man. he seized on spygate as a way of really capturing what he accused and hopes it gets picked up in the vernacular, and it does. not only by advocates in the media and politics but it becomes part of the conversation. to sam's point, the crucial one, the real scandal is that russia spied on the trump campaign and tried to influence their elections on our behalf.
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as dhs secretary momentarily forgot. that's the real underlying issue. this hearing is a departure from investigative traditions. but everything about this is outside the norms of american politics. >> his master branding has backfired because we have seen him back pedaling. he is saying the criminal deep state, the fbi, yesterday they had to have a big meeting about ms-13 where the i.c.e. director talked about how helpful the fbi and the department of justice have been in cracking down on the criminal gang ms-13. president trump was right there. so now today he's tryin to parse, oh, the fbi is good, that people are good when i say criminal deep state, here's what i mean. listen to this. >> how is he going to explain to his grandchildren all the lies, the deceit, all the problems
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he's caused for this country? i think a thing that i have done for the country, the firing of james comey, is going to go down as a very good thing. the fbi is great. i know so many people at the fbi. the fbi is a fantastic institution. but some of the people at the top were rotten apples. james comey was one of them >> no, sam, no. you can't call it a criminal deep state and just say a coup of rotten apples. you can't say the reputation is in tatters. the worst in history. no. this is like two people. >> what else is new? he does this with the intelligence community. he does it with the state department. he likes people in these departments and agencies when it serves his political or personal interests. the fact of the matter is you can't pick and choose when you like the people that are serving your country. there has to be consistency on every issue.
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russia, when they are serving as a political purpose, they're best friends. it doesn't work like that. >> you have the echo effect on one side, which is basically, you know, fox news, state tv saying spy, spy, spy, spy spy. building up what he's doing. now on the other side you have what is supposed to be this ernest attempt at oversight in fact. we were going to have a meeting today where only republicans went and got briefed on this. as of 9:00 to 10:00 p.m. eastern standard time last night when we were with leader pelosi, she did not know they would be involved in this. she went on to say at a townhall last night, how wrong this is. she's never heard of this before. we have been told there will be a gang of eight and that. how big are the implications today? >> well, they are significant solely because the first meeting with devin nunes.
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that could be funneled to the trump administration given nunes's pattern of back channeling the white house. the bipartisan gang of eight, will that be for show, the exact same information, bifurcating it causes questions. >> what do you think of there has to be two meetings and the idea that the fbi and doj are opening up sources and methods at the behest of devin nunes to reveal who their informant is? >> this is awful. we have laws that govern when you release information to congress on intelligence for a reason. in 1991 they spoke about the fact that departments and agencies should keep certain members of congress informed on intelligence issues. that's not what this is. the gang of eight is retroactively being briefed on information after donald trump's friends and family.
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this undermines the historically nonpart san nature of the intelligence community. what precedent are we send something we are politicizing intelligence and inserting bias into a process which is an awful precedent. >> that's the key point. not only departure for our best traditions, for justice, something seen as sacred. and family plan is just an indication how much of a departure it is. >> alisyn called it out earlier. he said this is about transparency. the president won't release his taxes, says all that matters is transparency. anyway, thank you very much. >> thank you. breaking news, journalists are witnessing the dismantling of one of north korea's nuclear test sites. will ripley is one of a select number of reporters who saw it happen. he joins us live on the phone from north korea. will, you got us?
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>> reporter: hey, chris. yeah, i'm here. i'm heading back from where we spoke a couple of days ago. we left the north korean test site about two hours ago. the train pulled out less than an hour ago. we spent nine hours on the ground, the first time the international press has been allowed. what we saw is what north korea claims is destruction of this test site. they let us go up to three different tunnels. they were very dark. we weren't allowed to go inside the tunnels. but we saw essentially explosives as far as we could see. they closed the door, brought us up to the observation point and they would blew it up. they blew up probably nine or ten buildings on the site as well. they were measuring the
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magnitude of the nuclear tests. at least on the surface, it seems the north koreans were following through. there were no experts there to verify what was happening. we don't know how far the explosions actually happened. they enclosesed off the entrance. or if in fact, the tunnels are completely destroyed as the north koreans have claimed. when we tried to ask them about how we would verify, the only answer was you have seen it with your own eyes. they want you to believe they are following through on their promise to get rid of nuclear weapons. all we can say is what we saw. we saw a lot of explosions. we weren't able to interview any officials in depth about what was essentially happening. it is now shut down for good is what they say. if that's the case, we can only
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show you the pictures. when we get back and you see this video, just to see this place we have heard about for so many years. never been allowed to see it until now. >> what an assignment. it is so incredible to have you there as one of the journalists on the ground and to give us all the context about whether or not you can believe your own eyes. we will look forward to seeing that with when you get back. >> and key insight from him, there were no experts. only journalists. do they know what they are seeing? do they know the significance of it? a little bit of a gray area. >> with north korea threatening nuclear showdown with the u.s., is this summit still going to happen? senator angus king weighs in next. thank you. i become a model? yes. no. start the challenge today. and try new tropical citrus flavor with collagen. nature's bounty. ♪
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er in flake taking on trump at harvard law school commencement speech. listen to this. >> our presidency has been debased by a figure who seemingly has a bottomless appetite for destruction and division and only a passing familiarity with how the
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constitution works and our article i branch of government, congress, that's me, is utterly subpoena line in the face of the vandalism that flows from the white house daily. i don't think the founders could have anticipated that the beauty beauty of their invention might some day founder on the rocks of reality television and congress would be such willing accomplices to this calamity. >> senator flake said here's the good news. that's how he prefaced it. i'm not kidding. here's the good news. and then said all of that. >> let's bring in john avlon. who slipped jeff flake the truth serum. he is now able to speak because he is leaving the senate. >> senators should speak the truth before they know they're up for reelection. you have a sitting senator of the same party in a blistering
4:21 am
critique of a sitting president. it is not like anything in the same moral universe of previous presidents. this is strong, dystopian language about our commander in chief. it is a warning. and maybe he is setting himself up for a primary challenge. but certainly he has been strong and principaled and blistering in his critique in a what that exceeds john mccain and bob corker. >> flake ended that rift by saying where is the good news? i think we have hit bottom. >> you have to hit bottom before you get better. i think there is a civic silver lining to the stress test and that's what jeff flake is point to go. democracy cannot be a spectator sport. it is all about we the people. you end up enabling extreme voices taking over the political process. and that's what we are seeing. if it does lead to more people straightening their sieve you
4:22 am
can backbone, that's a good thing. jeff flake is leaving the senate. >> right. >> in the face of a tough primary. >> and badmouthing the preside of his own party when a lot of it, what do you mean this is a bad time? economy is good. got out of the iran deal. got rid of the aca mandate. >> there's a lot of great things in the economy. and president trump deserves some things and some things credit where credit is due. >> thank you for your insights. joining us to discuss is angus king of maine. good morning, senator. >> good morning. >> why do we need two meetings to meet with the fbi and the doj about this informant? >> i'll answer that in a minute. i can't resist on commenting on john avlon's final observation. that is every member of the senate in profiles and courage lost the next election. it was the end of their career.
4:23 am
so, you know, it's a great -- one of the greatest things about politics. i re-read it six months ago. >> what does that tell us? >> well, it tells you that political courage can come at a cost. that's the reality. but all of those people changed history. and they are remembered when a lot of their colleagues that didn't exist that kind of courage have long been lost to history. >> okay. go ahead. >> why are there two meetings? i don't know. the reason there probably were two meetings, they scheduled one with nguyen skpes gowdy, republican members of the house. there was such an outcry from the general public and also from the democrats here in the senate and house that they said, well, we better have another meeting. the other meeting was going to be a week from now. i understand this morning the other meeting will be a couple
4:24 am
hours later. there really ought to be only one meeting so everyone sees the same data, the same information. >> are you going to learn different things? are different things going to be shared at these two different meetings? >> well, i suspect rod rosenstein and director wray will say the same things in the two different meetings. but we have had the same experience of you hear what you want to hear in a meeting. that is why it is better to have a larger group so everybody walks out with the same understanding. but that's the way it is going to happen. at least they are having the second meeting. a broader group of people will be there to understand it. the other question, what's this meeting all about? is it about general issues of the russia investigation or about this narrow issue of the fbi frankly doing its job, which is to follow up on reasonable allegations of espionage, of people from a foreign power trying to infiltrate a
4:25 am
presidential campaign. that's what the fbi is supposed to do. it would be malpractice if they didn't try to explore what was going on, whoever they were working for. >> the fact that the president is trying to call this a spy scandal, do you think from talking to your constituents that it is having an effect. the men and women trying to fight crime and how there was that split screen talking about it in glowing rms, calling them the criminal deep state when they're doing their job trying to figure out if there was any russians that tried to collude with the campaign. do you think that's having an effect on their crime fighting role? >> unfortunately, i think it is. i think people are hearing that. it's being repeated. they hear deep state, conspiracy, criminal deep state. criminal conspiracy. spygate.
4:26 am
all of those things. and i think people are -- the fact that the president has never yet acknowledged what the russians did in this 2016 election, he's never said, yeah, this is -- this was an attack on our democracy, which should be firmly repulsed and we should be preventing its future occurrence. he's never said that. and that means -- i've got constituents and people across the country saying, yeah, the whole thing is a hoax. it's a witch-hunt. there is nothing to it. the fact is, it was one of the most serious attacks on our country. it was sophisticated. it came right from putin. no question what they were trying to do. no question they will be back and do it again. and as long as the president keeps denying that, it does have an effect. i can't put a number on it. 20% to 30% of the people think it is a big waste of time. in reality, it is a grave issue that needs to be dealt with.
4:27 am
otherwise, they will keep doing it. >> one last question about this meeting today. are you happy that the fbi and doj are revealing the identity of their confidential informant? >> no. i tinkt's a mistake. i think it is unfortunate. it could have a chilling effect on people working with the aces on a confidential basis. we are not talking about evidence in a court here. if there is a court action, some criminal action, witnesses do have to come forward. this was trying to gather information not on a counter matter but counter espionage matter. determining whether a presidential campaign had been infiltrated on people who were working cooperatively with a foreign adversary. as i said at the beginning, that is exactly what the fbi is supposed to investigate. they were trying to protect donald trump's campaign. they weren't trying to infiltrate and steal his debate notes or something. he says there was a spy in his
4:28 am
campaign. they were trying to find out whether somebody was trying to infiltrate his campaign and convey information or gain information from the russians. if i had somebody in my campaign doing that, i would want to know it. i would want the fbi to find out about it so we could put a stop to it. he keeps bringing it back to -- he used the term, this was political spying as if they were doing this to get information on him. in reality, they were doing it in a very quiet and confidential way to not cast aspersions on his campaign in the midst of the election. >> senator, before i let you go, do you know it's my co-host's last day on "new day" today? >> i heard a rumor to that effect. i wore one of my best lobster ties just for that occasion. >> i don't know that you have any other tie. >> oh, i have a few. i have a few. but we're going to miss chris. chris, your questions were always good, straightforward. and you follow the facts.
4:29 am
that's what you're supposed to do. so we'll miss you in the morning. but you'll have to readjust your whole clock staying up until 9:00 or 1:00 at night. a whole new world for you. >> i'm up anyway. i'm completely crazy. i work all the time. le the me return the favor. in profiles and courage, which i recently re-read also -- is angus doing the i can't hear you thing? >> he's just leaving. he's taking out his earpiece and leaving. >> senator, can you hear us? >> we're going to miss chris for sure. i will miss your questions. they always cleared my sinuses after you came after me. >> senator, can you hear us? >> thank you. >> thank you. >> profiles in courage. i don't believe that, by the way. kennedy, the intro quotes hemingway is defined as grace under pressure. senator king, even that was a
4:30 am
cheap trick, is one of our few that we have there now, no matter what's coming his way, he shows grace under pressure. >> we always appreciate him coming on despite the technical audio gremlins we often have. >> that's what i do when they tell me to wrap? huh? go longer? senator johnson wants to talk to more than 30 current and former fbi skwrus and justice officials f officials about the investigation. does he believe in the deep state? the senator makes the case to you next. and 1968 was one of the most consequential years in u.s. history. don't miss the special two-night cnn original series starting sunday at 9:00 eastern. can i get some help. watch his head. ♪ i'm so happy. ♪
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president trump's new secretary of state, the former cia director, mike pompeo, taking questions about the deep state during his testimony before congress. please listen to what he says. >> i haven't seen the comments
4:35 am
of the president. i don't believe there's a deep state at the state department. >> thank you. you formally served as cia director. do you believe your colleagues at cia are part of the criminal deep state? >> you know, this term deep state has been thrown around. i'll say this. the employees that work for me at the cia nearly uniformly were aimed at achieving the president's objectives and america's objectives. >> joining us is senator ron johnson. thank you for making the time, senator. appreciate it. >> good morning, chris. you wanted me on one last time in the morning to duke it out. >> i want you on any time. transferring the offer from morning to night. you are always welcome to come on and make the case to the american people. >> that time slot is before my bedtime. we will try to make that happen too. >> no question there are legitimate questions to be asked how the trump probe was handled.
4:36 am
i get you want to ask the questions. the president's idea that it is rotten to the core, that it is a deep state, do you believe that? or do you believe the man who has reason to know the truth? >> there are potentially bad actors. as i said, possibly corruption at some of the highest levels. we got the report from andrew mccabe that conclusively proved that he lied repeatedly under oath to his own fbi investigator. that's why it is so important, chris, to get all of this information "out in the open". we have to restore the credibility of the fbi and the department of justice in the eyes of the american public. right now that is under question. >> largely it is under question because the president of the united states keeps saying they are all rotten. now he has pulled back on that. but i want to start with our operating premise. do you believe in the department of justice, the fbi, the cia? do you believe in them as institutions?
4:37 am
>> the vast majority of those people are patriots, trying to keep our nation safe. they are risking their lives to do so. i believe that's what the president believes as well. but there are serious questions. i have a different perspective on all of this. i was actually in the briefing in september 2016. we were briefed by lisa monaco, director comey, and secretary johnson. they briefed the big 12 at that point in time. they had evidence of hacking. they wanted us to communicate this would be a he legitimate election, that they had this under control. from their perspective, the wrong person got elected. this is the greatest threat to our democracy that has ever occurred. there is a fair amount of hypocrisy that has occurred during this timeline which is
4:38 am
again why it is so important to have the public understand exactly what happened. it has been like pulling teeth under the obama administration and even currently to get the information to congress. we have the body that investigates and reveals us that public exposure is the only waugh to restore credibility. my whole problem with special counsel, once you have a criminal investigation, that information gets locked up. and this drags on. it's been over a year now. and we still have all of these questions. and more and more credibility is being questioned. that is the problem. that's why we need all of this expo expos exposed. >> but you can't blame the institutions for the negativity you are putting on it.
4:39 am
>> i think special counsel was appointed too soon. it is very difficult for example
4:40 am
for people to come forward. i was expecting all kinds of informants coming forward. we heard if james comey going to exonerate hillary clinton, we thought there will be a mini rebel onin the fbi. because there is a criminal investigation, now they want to come forward. please to come to my committee because i want to restore the credibility of the fbi and the department of justice. that is the goal of my investigation. >> why would fbi agents come forward when the president of the united states is looking to spear as many as possible? >> looking to tell the truth. so the public can understand what happened and we can get this entire sordid episode behind us. >> why would they have confidence in the process. you were going to have just your side go in and get a reckoning of whether or not there was a spy in the campaign when they already said -- >> i wasn't. i had nothing to do with that.
4:41 am
trust me, we have protected all kinds of whistle-blowers coming forward. i am the senate oversight committee. we rely on this information to get the information out to the public. please, we will protect. >> you do you think it was wrong to try to do this in a one-sided way. >> i'm glad it was being done in a bipartisan way. i was part of the gang of 12 with president obama. that's the way this should occur. >> you have a bill you believe the president will sign into law, the right to try legislation. this is very important and has been controversial. it gives terminally ill patients a way to access drugs that are still experimental. a lot are called orphan drugs. there is not enough need for the companies to put them out in a big way. not enough profit really. what will this do to help those types of people?
4:42 am
>> first of all, the drugs are past phase one of safety approval. they are still in the approval process. which means the companies think they have enough to push for final approval. it is for terminal ill patients and their families. it restored a little bit of freedom, hope. those patients and their doctors can have -- that can make that decision to try something. they have no other options. they don't qualify for clinical trials. they have exhausted all other forms of treatment. they are desperate. we are just returning a little freedom and hope. this is a big win for president trump too. had it not been for his public and private support, i don't think this would have ever passed the house. this is a big win primarily for patients who advocated it. i was in the gallery with victims of als, muscular dystrop dystrophy. it was tears and hugs when it passed tuesday.
4:43 am
>> good for you. good for all of on you for finding a way to seek some common ground and act on it and help the american people. good for you, senator. thanks for being on the show as always. >> good luck. look forward to joining you in the evening. >> we'll be there. we'll be getting after it. and i will be calling you frequently, let's put it that way. take care. all right. president trump has a new target for tariffs, cars. how could it affect your family? cnn "money" is next. ♪ ooh, heaven is a place on earth ♪ uhp. i didn't believe it. again. ♪ ooh, baby, do you know what that's worth? ♪ [ claps hands ] ♪ ooh i'm not hearing the confidence. okay, hold the name your price tool. power of options based on your budget! and! ♪ we'll make heaven a place on earth ♪ yeah! oh, my angels! ♪ ooh, heaven is a place on earth ♪ [ sobs quietly ] ♪ ♪ ♪ raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens ♪
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4:48 am
a similar probe led to steel and aluminum tariffs earlier this year. it follows trump's promise to u.s. autoworkers. after decades of losing your jobs to other countries, you have waited long enough. the investigation will cover auto parts, cars, suvs, advance, light trucks. hitting asian automakers the hardest. it sparked a big selloff from honda, hyundai, toyota. mazda down 5%. it does not produce cars in the u.s. many foreign automakers do have plants here. however, they export parts and cars to the u.s. from asia, mexico, and canada. auto tariffs would be the next front for the white house's trade battles, including ongoing talks with china. this also puts pressure on canada and mexico. nafta talks have stalled mainly due to auto provisions. >> christine romans, appreciate
4:49 am
the insight as always. here's a tease for you. nba player tased in a parking dispute. there is a video. we will show you what happened. after this, the police forced to apologize. the athlete saying not enough, thanks. next. melatonin is the body's own sleep ingredient. only remfresh uses ion-powered melatonin to deliver up to 7 hours of sleep support. number one sleep doctor recommended remfresh-your nightly sleep companion. available in the natural sleep section at walmart.
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is taking the family up to the lake for the weekend. but without the white knuckles this time. 'cuz his new 2018 ford f-150 has blis with trailer coverage. it's brainiac smart. not only does it watch your f-150's blind spots, it's got your trailer covered too. just another reason why ford f-series is america's best-selling truck for 41 straight years. ♪ this is the new 2018 ford f-150. it doesn't just raise the bar, pal. it is the bar. lebron and the cavs are on the brink of elimination. lindsay czarniak has more in the "bleacher report." >> this is the first of big
4:53 am
three sport stories. lebron, he's not old. he's only 33. when you're playing against a team with three of the starters under 24, it's bound to wear on you. this "bleacher report" brought to you by ford. no one has been able to stop the celtics on their home court in these playoffs that includes a tired lebron. rookie jayson tatum led the way with 24 points. they are now just one win away from a trip to the finals and to the nhl game seven of the eastern conference finals capitals and tampa bay lightning. washington has the biggest star in the sport but until this year he had never made it pass the second round. he came out on a mission. washington wins 4-0 advancing to the final for the first time since 1998 and nfl owners announcing a new national anthem policy meant to end player protests on the field under the new policy all team personnel including players must stand for the anthem on the field. players do have the option to
4:54 am
remain in the locker room if they choose not to stand. anyone who does not stand during the anthem while on the field will be fined by the league. i'm told the players association did find out, guys, about this news on a news wire. so you can imagine that just adds to their fury not being consulted. >> they're not happy with it and who knows what they'll do next. it sounds sort of -- >> they investigate and figure out what they can do, right? >> you've had one team come forward, the jets, the brother of the owner. he's actually ambassador to britain. his brother said we'll cover the fines and it'll be interesting to see if all the other teams follow suit. >> thank you. new body cam video shows police in milwaukee handcuffing and that'sing and nba player er a parking dispute. the police chief says the officers were disciplined. ryan what have you learned?
4:55 am
>> the reaction to this video is pretty swift. the big question now is, why it the simple parking violation leading to a tasing and arrest. milwaukee is apologizing over this incident in january which ended in sterling brown being that'sed. brown's car double parked across two handicap spaces. the officer approaches and asks for brown's i.d. >> how you doing? you got a driver's license. >> a back and forth ensues after the young basketball player is told to back up. >> back up. >> then the officer calls for reinforcement. around eight minutes into the video, one of the officer's yells for brown to get his hands out of his pockets. >> take your hands out of your pockets now. take your hands out.
4:56 am
>> reporter: four officers grab brown and wrestle him to the ground. and tase him. you can hear brown grunting. the encounter resulted in brown's arrest but the basketball player was never charged. milwaukee mayor calls the video disturbing. >> no citizen should be treated this way. the actions i saw also demand accountability. >> reporter: in a statement the police chief said i am sorry this incident escalated to this level and notes that unnamed officers were recently disciplined after an internal investigation. the footage comes just a day after brown's lawyer announce that had the rookie would be filing a civil right lawsuit against the city's police force andn a statement post today his twitter account, brown says the incident which he believes
4:57 am
should have ended with a simple parking ticket shows racism toward the minority kmunltd. the abuse of power and the lack of accountability for officers involved. the bucks released a statement saying in part, the abuse and intimidation that sterling experienced at the hands of milwaukee police was shameful and inexcusable. the video released coincides with the new nflolic stating that teams will be fined if players on the field kneel during the national anthem. a step players took to protest excessive police force against people of color. a lot of questions in this case. we were at the news conference yesterday where the police chief was talking about to make sure to reach out to the public but then he wouldn't take any of our questions. >> listen, you got to stay on every one of these. we need the transparency, we need the truth and we always need the video. ryan, thank you very much. appreciate it. well, just before 8:00,
4:58 am
there's a lot of news. what do you say, friends. let's get after it. and good morning, everyone. welcome to your "new day," this thursday, may 24th, 8:00 in the east, one hour left of your time on "new day." it's been the long good-bye since it was announced a while ago, but still now it's just sudden. it feels after a long time of knowing this was coming today it feels sudden and sad. >> you tried to put it off but it had to happen. >> i've waited as long as i could. >> it's time for you to go to primetime. >> that's it. >> we have a lot of excitement coming up for you as we say good-bye to chris in this hour. meanwhile, in other news, in just hours, bipartisan group of top congressional leaders will be briefed by the justice department about the fbi's use of that confidential source to determine if russia was colluding with the trump campaign. the bipartisan classified
4:59 am
briefing comes only after democrats complained the white house was politicizing intelligence by first offering the briefing only to republicans. >> we're also following breaking news out of north korea. reporters, including cnn's will ripley witnessed the regime supposedly blowing up tunnels that would be used otherwise for nuclear testing. this comes as the war of words between the u.s. and north korea is escalating again. the north korean official says it's ready for a nuclear showdown if talks with the u.s. fail. >> joining us now to talk about all of this, we have josh green and jonathan martin. great to see both of you. okay. josh, here's the thing, the president has admitted -- well, no. "the associated press" -- >> i was going to say what. >> "the associated press" has reported that a source says the president admitted to that source that he came up with the term spy, he concocted it because he knows it's easily
5:00 am
digestible, sounds nefarious and yet, despite that, trump told one ally this week that he wanted to brand the confidential informant a spy believing the more in a fair yugs term would resonate in the media and with the public. despite that, it's working and the fbi and the doj are going to reveal today in these two different meetings, first to devin nunes and tray goddy and now paul ryan and then to the group of eight, they're going to reveal their sources and methods, so it worked. >> well, i think branding the informant a spy, and let's be clear, this is an fbi informant who is investigating potential russian interference in trump's campaign. the spy thing is part of trump and republicans' efforts to dis credit the mueller investigation. one concern among democrats and law enforcement, evenmo


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