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tv   Wolf  CNN  May 25, 2018 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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especially for republicans this could become a big pocketbook issues come midterm elections. >> the timing is interesting. we'll see how trump handles that. appreciate that. everyone enjoy the memorial day weekend. wolf starts right now. hello i'm wolf blitzer. it's 1:00 p.m. in washington. 2:00 a.m. saturday in pyeongchang. wherever you are watching from around the world, thanks for joining us. everybody plays games, prumtd saying cancelled summit with north korea kim jong-un may still happen. why north korea response is surprising many experts. plus, the president's conspiracy theory that the fbi planted a spy in his campaign blows up. why even some republicans briefed 0en this classified information are dismissing it. and he was once one of
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hollywood's power powerful man. today harvey weinstein in handcuffs and charged with rape. see what happened inside the court. up first, though, homding out hope for a summit with north korea. president trump says it could still happen. >> we'll see what happens. we are talking to them now. it was a very nice statement they put out. we'll see what happens. we'll see what happens. it could even be the 12th. we are talking to them now. they very much want to do it. we'd like to do it. we'll see what happens. in the statement, the president refers to north korea, saying the leader kim jong-un is still willing to meet face-to-face. according to north korean sfat run media, a top foreign ministry official says, i'm quoting now, we would like to make known to the u.s. side that we have intent to sit down with u.s. to solve problems at any time. when asked by a reporter if north korea was playing games, president trump said this.
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>> everybody plays games. you know that. you no he th you know that better than anybody. >> let's bring in white house correspondent pamela brown. what do you make of that. >> reporter: the bottom line is the president wants that to happen. and he sent that letter to kim jong-un yesterday canceling the summit with keeping the hope alive it will still happen on june 12th. so the dilly whip lish whether the historic summit between u.s. and north korea will happen continues into today with the president saying, hey, it could still happen on june 12th. everybody is playing games here. the president tweeting as well, saying only time and talent will tell. he clearly liked what he heard from north korea with the statement last night saying very good news to receive the warm and productive statement from north korea. where north korea said it would still like to hold talks. and is ready to do so at any time. on the hills of what we heard
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from the president today, wofrl, james mattis the secretary of defense said as well, that there could be some good news. that this is really in the hands of diplomats and could still happen on june 12th. sarah sanders also spoke with reporters at the white house today, wolf, saying that the white house is continuing to prepare for that possibility of a june 12th summit. or perhaps later on down the road that is something that is happening. and there is still the question of whether or not the white house will send in advance team to singapore as originally planned. sarah sanders said it basically left the door open that that is still a possibility but that there are still a few hours to make that decision. so that will be very telling as well, wolf, whether the white house advance team continues onto singapore to prepare for the possibility of a june 12th summit. we'll have to wait and see. >> yeah, there was an advance team that went a few days ago, they waited and waited for the north koreans to show up.
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the north koreans never showed up. and secretary of state pompeo said he tried to make telephone calls, he got dial tone instead, never got phone calls rurnds. also, as you know, pamela, deep concern the president was quickly too quick in accepting their invitation without working out the details first. is this a chance to regroup or is it simply a missed opportunity? >> it depends. we'll have to see, wolf. you are right there was more skepticism among people in the administration than the president was showing. he was very hopeful that this meeting would happen on a very short time line, really, considering the dynamic between the u.s. and north korea. but it's clear, though, that he still wants this to move forward. and his administration is trying to accommodate that. and still trying to make this happen by june 12th. so, you know, we'll have to see, wolf, how this pans out. >> pamela brown thanks for that report. the news of the canceled summit
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took many north korean officials by surprise. just house before the announcement pyeongchang held a ceremonial dishandlement of only known nuclear site. looking at pictures video of that dishand tellment. for now on that will ripley is joining us in north korea. he has reaction. will? >> wolf, it's been a surreal 24 hours on the ground here in side north korea. of course that trip there yesterday was unprecedented first time journalist has been at the site. we spent all day. tunnel after tunnel. we saw huge explosions that north koreans said. we basically have to take their word for it. no way to know if what the noernorth koreas was showing us was a show or doing that what they thought was historic summit with
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president trump. a summit we found out was canceled by the president as we were on the way back home on the train with the north koreans we got the phone call and we broke the news to them. and i'll tell you, the shock waves spread through that train, they couldn't believe what had happened t it was extremely uncomfortable and awkward. but the next morning, north korea foreign mine strie itch ood a diplomatic response, not angry response we expected after seeing some of the heated rhetoric coming out of pyeongchang especially when they called the vice president mike pence a dummy. foreign ministry here in north korea saying they still want to talk with president trump. they even commended him for having the bravery to take steps towards the historic summit. and the north koreans say talking is necessary to improve the relationship between the united states and north korea. they say, frankly, they don't think it can get much worse. so now listening very carefully
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to every word coming out of president trump hoping they can salvage this situation and move forward with a dialogue with the united states. >> will ripley joining us from north korea. thanks so much. what happens with north korea and possibility of a summit? let's bring in cnn political commentator rick santorum, national security analyst, and david gregory. what are the odds, david, do you think of this summit getting back on track? >> i think probably high. i think president trump wants to do it. i think the north wants to do it. i thought what the president said was true. people play games in these situations. we are dealing with, you know, a tyrant, and somebody who oppresses his own people. somebody highly unpredictable. president trump in something waste also impulsive and unpredictable. but we also talk about this is the art of the deal in terms of how president trump operates. i think all of this has been a negotiation. and i think underneath it is a real process that we should give them room to really have a shot
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at. because there is so much conventional wisdom about how to approach this on north korea that frankly has been wrong over the years. so the fact they are still this close to real conversation i this i is meaningful. i think there is no question there has to be some kind of guarantees for the north around the security, around their regime, because i do think, i mean, to some extent the north is right to be worried about the libyan example. they gave up their nukes then the country deteriorated tan the united states really wasn't there. so i think that's got to be part of the conversation. >> the republican senator lindsey graham, he was on tv and he said he was very confident that in the end president trump will succeed on this issue. listen to this. >> it's not if he does the north korea program. it's how and when. two ways diplomacy to be win-win which is preferred route. military conflict that will destroy the regime. when. i think he's going to do this in
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his first term. he told me yesterday i'm not going to pass this onto anybody else. >> what do you think of his point that if the diplomacy doesn't work, there is military, there is the military option, the military option being destroying the north korean regime? but everybody knows they have a million man army along the demilitarized zone with enormous missile it is and con vejsal weapons, forget about nuclear that would wind up killing hundreds of thousands if not millions of south koreans. >> exactly. and senator gram, john bolton and others despite those costs, we heard president trump make that point after his deer kim letter and it was on purpose if you don't come to the table in meaningful way we have all options on the table. so you have the diplomatic track ks financial pressure and military options. but wolf i think we are focused a lot on when the summit will happen, the date, the location,
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those sorts of topgsal details. i am deeply concerned that if we haven't been able to get in touch with the north koreans since around may 8th when pompeo went to pyeongchang, how much have we been able to speak to them about the substance of these negotiations? have there been those low tear level talks between arms control experts and the diplomats that general mattis referenced just a few minutes ago who are supposed to be working on what we want and what the north koreans are prepared to do? >> what do you think, senator? >> well, i'm actually very pleased with the way the president is happened lindling . he's doing something different than any other president to date. i think in part because the circumstances have changed. north korea has a nuclear weapon and capacity to strike the united states of america and our allies. that's a different situation than we had 20 years ago. and as a result of that, i this i he's handling it differently. handling it saying look something is going to happen here. because the current state of play with north korea, with unstable erratic dictator who
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kills his own people, if he kills his own people, well, pretty easily to kill somebody else's people, and i this i he takes that threat seriously, that's why lindsey graham said what he said. the president is convicted to solve this problem to keep america safe and i think he has effectively communicated that to north korea. and that's why you are seeing this dynamic play out. >> there is still this gamble i think you would conceive, rick, around having it operating at such a high leaf means you are not doing a lot of the ground work to get to the point where they could maybe solve some things together. that worries me. >> i it would argue we are early in this process. and i think this is all of these back and forth are just sort of a feeling out how serious you are. and at some point all the things you talked about need to happen, or not happen, and then we are off in a different direction. >> giving the head of state meeting at the outset, giving
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that carrot to kim jong-un, does that do anything? >> if it was any other president, maybe. but the fact that this is donald trump and trump does anything in unorthodox manner, i don't think we should put too much into it. >> that's the whole question of china. you brought up this issue god forbid it comes to military conflict, one of the things kmooin will worry about what happens to the north regime, too many influence and refugees. >> they have the same concerns. >> you remember in the bush years, i remember when we were with president bush, what china was worried about they didn't want all the refugees coming into china. >> and the fact that kim jong-un met with china adopted a different tone once he left china i think raised red flags in the administration, and for good reason, you know, turn the heat back onto north korea. canceled the summit. did the things they need to be doing to say, hey, you know,
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china, you are the one that's going to have to make this happen. and you are obviously not doing things that are helpful given the response of north korea after the meetings. and i think this was as much a message to kmooin as north korea. >> you think this summit is going to take place? >> i think it will. and i think the outstanding question is what are we actually going to get out of it. because again we have not had the room to do the actual negotiations that would achieve the president's stated objective back in march of complete and verifiable denuclearization. that's what the president said needed to come out of this summit. it is entirely possible the summit happens and something else is achieved for example smaller step like letting in weapon inspectors. but i think we will not get to the president's goal back in march of complete and verifiable denuclearization. >> the president tweeted this earlier in the day, democrats are so obviously rooting against us in our negotiations with
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north korea. do you bluy that? >> i think part of the atmosphere is it as bad as we have seen it, so the answer is there are probably some democrats rooting against this president simply because they hate the man so much. but i think democrats in the country, not democrats around here, democrats and republicans independents around the country all are trying to supporting this president and hope he can get some sort of resolution. >> everybody would like to see denuclearization. >> yeah. talking about the political class in washington. >> and no war. >> i think people are quick to criticize, well, he's not doing it the right way. and i don't like him talking about nobody el peace prices and aspects of this letter the way he wrote it, but i think you have to give him credit for the process that included some additives on popping off on twitter, but a real process at work that shows real signs of success in a totally unconventional way, which is a why a lot of people do support him. >> different direction when
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pompeo second time sent of state went there. you saw the images and video of him with kim jong-un. they were smiling. they were happy. it seemed like things were hofg in the right direction. and then all of a sudden the president announces yet not happening. >> this whole process one step forward two step backs. it's going to be a long and tortured process. the idea this will go smoothly is ridiculous. >> all right. more news happening. another trump tower meeting we are learning about. the president's personal lawyer michael cohen there you see him meeting with one of the top russian oligarch sanctioned by the u.s. government during the transition. we'll discuss that. prus the president's conspiracy theory about fbi spy in his campaign. apparently falling apart. as we learned what happened inside that classified briefing yesterday. and a stunning scene in new york, harvey weinstein arrested and charged with rape. you are going to see what happened in court. ht. miracle-gro guarantees results
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michael cohen, a russia og a garr and payment of more than half a million dollars, just the latest trouble for the president's long-term attorney and friend. his fixer. new information coming in on ha trump tower meeting with michael cohen and russian oligarch just 11 days before trump's inauguration. our crime and justice reporter is joining us right now. tell our viewers what you've learned about this meeting, the money, and this russian businessman. >> reporter: well, that's right, wolf. that meeting took place on january 9th, 2017. during the transition. and mr. vekselberg and his cousin andrew, showed up at trump tower, then went upstairs to see michael cohen. and we are told that the meeting was about u.s. and russia relations and ways perhaps to better that. what's not entirely clear is why viktor vekselberg was present.
10:21 am
we know that vekselberg was questioned by the special counsel, by fbi agents who stopped him when he arrived to a new york area airport. fbi agents met him and questioned him. they've also been looking at whether russian money was used through straw donors to donate to the inauguration and to the trump campaign. now, michael cohen wound up getting a contract with viktor vekselberg's cousin, who wound up paying him $580,000 for this contract. that also is something that has been reported on. we have extensively reported on. because of viktor vekselberg's ties to the investment firm that the cousin runs in new york, certainly, wolf, all of this has been something that the special counsel and the fbi has been investigating. >> thanks very much. with the latest on that front. our panel is back. and david, this michael cohen mess seems to be mushrooming with new details emerging.
10:22 am
what's your reaction when you just heard his report? >> these kinds of details raise questions about what the special prosecutor might be looking at, where the tentacles were of pe ten shall russian influence that were in president elect's orbit. what we know so far about michael cohen, he was this person of interest of outside influence saying, let's hire this guy so we can get closer to the president, in incredibly lose and open back for the campaign, dirt, opposition research, or, you know, offering potential influence, i think these things are problematic and might start to explain why cohen is it an important person of interest right now in the investigation. >> and the fbi raided his home, his hotel room, his office, his safe deposit box, all of that. this viktor vekselberg,
10:23 am
samantha, quite a character. attended the president's inauguration. he's close to putin's government. he's been questioned by robert mueller's investigators. arrived at the united states. showed up at the airport and questioned tlchlt he's been sanctioned by the u.s. department. what do you make of this? >> what i make is viktor vekselberg has a significant history that led him to be sanctioned by the u.s. treasury department tech he cannily for ties to russian energy sector. close enough to putin that this designation upset putin. these were people inside putin inner circle. but this story that michael cohen and vekselberg met to discuss the state of u.s. russia relations seems a little fishy to me. i don't know what the president's personal lawyer would be doing discussing foreign policy on behalf of the president. and i think what we are seeing is literally resolving door of russians coming into trump tower. and we are finding out about those meetings well after the fact. and that's quite curious. >> it's as the smell of the swamp all this, doesn't it?
10:24 am
>> first off, this happened after thes election. so let's go back to the initial premise of the investigation. it was to look at russian influence in the election. and so now we have meetings of russians trying to influence after the election. i think that's frankly a different story. >> they were during the campaign as well. >> i'm talking about this piece of evidence we are talking about today. >> clearly mueller is very interested in that. >> i understand that. but my point is that doesn't go to, at least on the face of it, doesn't go to well the russians were colluding with the campaign. >> i didn't say they were colluding. >> no, i'm making the point. you said this is another piece of evidence that looks swampy. it may look swampy from the point of russians trying to have a relationship with this president going forward. but all do that hire lobbyists all over tourn. >> but you don't normally get so high. that's why we have diplomats and a normal course of action. >> well, david, lots of foreign
10:25 am
businessman all over the world hire lobbyists in this town to try to influence the process. >> but then you have to register as foreign agent. >> that's correct. >> you have to be up front. is there any evidence that michael cohen did this? >> and we are talking about michael cohen. and raises questions about michael cohen. >> that's why paul manafort is in trouble because he didn't register as foreign with ukrainian. >> and it's a business relationship with an individual who has obviously some questionable ethical issues surrounding himself. >> right. >> and to tie that to the trump campaign, or to the election, i just think two different things. >> let's talk about what happened yesterday, two separate highly classified briefings for the so-called gang of eight for republicans and democrats and earlier briefing, two republicans, one democrat, add many sheriff last minute
10:26 am
invited. after that they came out and said nothing changed. their view there was no spying on the campaign. anything along those lines. but listen to mitch mcconnell, the republican majority leader in the senate, he was at that gang of eight meeting. >> were you surprised with what you learned? >> nothing particularly surprising. but again it was classified so there is no real report i can give to you. >> he wasn't exactly saying that the obama administration was spying on the trump campaign. >> yeah, and i mean to hear the president tell it, it was palm w president obama personally signing off on spy ring in the campaign which is unsupported. i think the whole thing totally inappropriate. i think there is a role for oversight intervening in the investigation, including having one of the president's law for the investigation. i frankly think is in
10:27 am
defensible. thank you fully it became bipartisan. but i think the president has done pa reckless thing by raising the spector of there was a spy. and wouldn't you want this thing investigated if there is a potential in filtration of a campaign? and i think it only sews greater doubt about law enforcement at the fbi level which i don't think is appropriate. >> it was flood, not the personal lawyer, white house lawyer who works for the president but white house lawyer. it wasn't like rudy giuliani who was private lawyer. and only there at the top they say to make a statement on behalf of the president. you were not happy about that. >> why was he there? logically speaking what purpose did he serve there? if there was about oversight? >> and david tour point there is it oversight, inspector general, and they made comments this is looking into the matter. and that is appropriate use of
10:28 am
the inspector general. but imagine how much time we are talking about this quote unquote spy, which is actually a confidential human source, and not talking about the real spies that in filtrated the campaign, the russians. >> and mitch mcconnell he also said to his credit he said you no he what, there is inspector general investigation under way, justice department, that robert mueller has an investigation. let them conclude their work, then we'll talk about it. >> right. there is a fundamental lack of trust everywhere in this town. and it's just getting amped up, in this case, i would argue ridiculous levels. but the reality is we have a fundamental breakdown between republicans and democrats, you know, folks inside the government, folks outside the government of the. nobody trusts anybody. and both sides play into it. i understand people pick on the president. but the president is reacting to things done on the other side. so i don't think any of this is good. but i don't see any end in sight
10:29 am
for the rashitcheting up what i consider to be lack of trust. >> guys, thank you very, very much. coming up harvey weinstein an arrested with dozens of accusations against him. now charges against rape and other offenses. you'll hear how his attorney is defending the disgraced film mogul. and president trump says he wants to rescue zte and save chinese jobs. but suddenly lawmakers say the president is being played by china. who is winning? highly asking democrat senator chris von hol holland. he's coming up.
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10:34 am
defense attorney is joining us today. outside the courthouse in new york. sarah first of all tell our viewers what happened today. >> well, what happened today was harvey weinstein sur ended rend authorities. one involves charges of first and third degree rape under new york law. and second one is forced oral copulation. both of which because changes to the new york law in 2016, are not subject to any statute of limitations. so as you said this is the beginning for harvey weinstein. i understand there is a grand jury proceeding still ongoing at which four other women are to testify against him here in new york. he's subject to multiple other investigations on the federal side in other states, in los
10:35 am
angeles, abroad, in lon dop. it's big time for harvey weinstein. and big day for his accusers. >> yeah, certainly is. but let me get your reaction to what harvey weinstein's attorney said after today's proceeding. listen to this. >> he has vehemently denied any of the allegations that would suggest he engaged in noncon sns you'll sexual activity. i anticipate that the women who have made these allegations when subjected to cross examination in the event we oeven get that far that the charges will not be believed by 12 people, assuming we get 12 fair people who are not consumed by the movement that seems to have over taken this case. >> he was clearly referring, sarah, to the me too movement which has called attention to sexual misconduct. your thoughts? >> i think there is two issues. and i respect benjamin brafman
10:36 am
tremendously. but first of all there was a shocking statement seen shally saying not only that the sexual contact between weinstein and his accusers were consensual, but also that this is how it is in hollywood. that the currency in hollywood is the trading of the casting couch for sex, essentially, it's your career for sex. so that was the shocking part of the statement. and second part of the statement i actually agree with. because look what happened in the bill cosby second trial. in the first trial there was hung jury because the court did not allow the testimony of other accusers to be brought in as supporting evidence. in the second trial, there was a guilt i verdict because five women were allowed to testify. you know, the prosecution in the harvey weinstein case has a lot of women to work with in terms of testimony and evidence. and if the judge at the trial allows those women to come in and testify in support of evans and the other woman who we still
10:37 am
don't know is anonymous, then it does not look good for harvey weinstein. there is definitely a drastic contrast between premie too trials and post me too trials in this sort of a case. >> thanks so much for urinyour a analysis. >> thank you. >> back from the dead, president now says talks with north korea are under way right now. i'll ask senator chris van hollen what he makes of the president's change of tone. what he thinks happens next. we'll be right back.
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10:42 am
apologetic in the wake of president's to cancel the summit. >> thanks for joining us. do you think the change in tone can be seen as positive step, a sign that the president may have made the right decision, and maybe the summit will still take place. >> well, wolf, it's great to be with you. look, the issue with the summit has always been that this is something that north korean leaders have wanted to have happen for a very long time. there is no surprise that kim jong-un wants to meet with american president. his father wanted to meet with american presidents. and having that meeting elevates him on the world stage and is a win for kim jong-un. that doesn't mean we shouldn't have a meeting or summit. what it means is we better make sure that whenever we have a summit that we get what we need out of it. and migray greatest concern is
10:43 am
we have seen so far is a lot of chaos, not a lot of preparation. and we don't want a summit that ends up with a photo op. i mean that just helps the north koreans. don't do us any good. so we better be sure we have a plan. and donald trump better understand he's not dealing with some new york city subcontractor that he was able to bully in the past. that is my biggest concern. st having a summit, fine, but remember north koreans have wanted this for a long time. we better be prepared to get what we want. >> the president tweeted and i'll read a line from the tweet, democrats are so obviously rooting against us, that our negotiations with north korea. senator, are you rooting against the president in his negotiations with north korea? >> wolf, i am rooting for success. if we can achieve the goal of getting north korea to denuclearize the korean peninsula and do that in a verifiable way, which is what the president said he wants,
10:44 am
that would obviously be good for our country, be good for the world, it would be good for our allies. in order to accomplish that, you can't just show up at a meeting and expect that you can persuade the north to do what it never has before. and that's my biggest concern. in the last year and a half, i have not seen the great negotiating powers from this president. in order to be successful, you into he had to have a team that really knows what's going to come out of this summit in advance. so whether the summit is it on or off, from my perspective, is less important than making sure the homework has been done to get the right results and always remembering that north koreans want this to happen. i mean, puts their leader on the world stage across american president. so let's make sure we get what we want out of this so it's just not what kim jong-un wants out of this. >> let's talk about zte, senator, that's the huge chinese
10:45 am
telecom company that's now been sanctioned by the united states government. they are losing a lot of jobs in china as a result of that. president trump he spoke about his desire to try to save the company. and now "the new york times" is reporting that a deal has been made to keep zte in business. you actually, and correct me if i'm wrong, introduced a zte amendment part of the national defense authorization act, what do you hope to achieve? >> well, yes, there are strong bipartisan opposition in the senate. in fact, in the whole congress to the president letting zte get off the hook here. and we passed an amendment 23-2 in the banking committee. that will go to the floor as part of the defense authorization bill shortly that says the president can't union laterally do that. that the president has to come to congress and make certain certifications. and, wolf, this is a company that not only poses a national security threat, but has
10:46 am
violated our sanctions against north korea repeatedly. so it totally undermines our effort to put maximum pressure on north korea to say, oh, we just caught zte cheating and lying about selling goods to north korea, but you know what if you can cut a deal with the president of the united states on some other trade related issue not related to our security, we'll let you off the hook. that sends a terrible message to everybody else with respect to our seriousness about our sanctions on north korea. >> senator van hollen, thanks for joining us. >> thank you. >> coming up, president trump is increasingly attacking almost every institution that could one day hold him accountable. we'll take a closer look at the risk of the president's attacks. and with the on again, off again summit between president trump and kim jong-un on the rocks at least for now, what happens to that come men tive
10:47 am
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from calling the special counsel's investigation into russian interference a witch hunt to claiming there's a criminal deep state conspiracy within the american government working against him, president trump's targets fit a pattern. chris cillizza is with us.
10:52 am
>> these are all people that donald trump has publicly castigated, the first two of which he put into these offices. bob mueller was picked by rosenstein to be counsel. and his attorney general, you would think that wouldn't be people he would attack but that's donald trump the other one we have down here is the media. donald trump has made no bones since who became a candidate that he was absolutely convinced the media was against him, they were reporting fake news. donald trump's definition of fake news is negative news for him. not false news but news he doesn't like. donald trump believes there's a
10:53 am
built-in group in washington, the intelligence community, media, some politicians all of whom did not want him to get elected, worked against it and are continuing to try to undermine his presidency. this makes sense to him, though i would argue the facts don't bear it out. >> what about kim jong un? on again, off again, conciliatory, not so conciliatory. we have a commemorative coin that's ready to be distributed. >> so this is the coin obviously that was prepressed prior to the cancellation. as you covered on the show this hour, wolf, maybe the uncancellation. we don't know. this was donald trump and kim jong un sort of facing off. this was done before the cancellation on thursday, still for sale at a discounted price at the white house gift shop. i would say to people maybe don't unload it just yet because you really never know honestly
10:54 am
donald trump is now making it sound like maybe this could be back on, if not june 12th, maybe some other time. it only has -- i don't think of it as a specific date. it just says 2018. i think we have one more side that shows people -- right, if summit does not occur, you can request a refund. given what we know about donald trump with the maybe this will happen, maybe it won't, stay tuned, we want it to happen, i'm not so sure today we can say the summit won't occur and that's remarkable given that 24 hours ago we had a letter from donald trump to kim jong un saying, sorry, i have to cancel the summit. >> deal of the day, priced $19.95, free shipping on orders over $150. let's go back to the coin. you see president donald j. trump, supreme leader kim jong un and you see united states and
10:55 am
over here you see democratic people's republic of korea. so it's very, very specific. >> it is. the one thing i would say, you don't have june 12th, 2018 there so who knows. within of t one of the reasons we know donald trump wanted to do this is for history sake. he's someone who sees himself as a record setter, a history ma r maker. sitting down with kim jong un would be history. no american president sat across the table from the north korean leader. >> this is a u.s. government coin that will be sold by the u.s. government. >> absolutely right. >> we'll watch it and see what happens. >> $150 free shipping. >> did you get one already? >> not yet. i'm waiting till they drop to $15.95. >> maybe if we get a group, we can get that free shipping. >> i don't make that blitzer kind of money.
10:56 am
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