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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  May 29, 2018 11:00am-12:00pm PDT

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so this is a serious moment. and i'd certainly like to see our president, donald j. trump, who opines on a great many things opine on this, call it out and call it for what it is. >> and we're going to continue our special coverage, roseanne barr making not only racist anti-semitic and anti-islam statements but now losing her show. our special coverage continues right now with brooke baldwin. >> announcer: this is cnn breaking news. wolf blitzer, thank you so. we're going to pick up right where you left off. breaking news in the world of entertainment. the top had much ra-rated, teles of the year is now cancelled. the swift action coming after a series of racist tweets from the
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star herself, quoting her, muslim brotherhood and planet of the apes had a baby, followed by the equal sign and the initials v.j. who is v.j.? valerie jarrett, a former adviser to president barack obama. she then said i am truly sorry about making a bad joke about her politics and jokes. i should have known better. forgive me, my joke was in bad taste. and then the fallout continues and now the show is cancelled. so let's have a huge discussion. joining me now, brian stelter, who hosts reliable sources. solomon jones is with us today, a radio host on praise 107.9 african-american, april ryan is with us is with us. let me just go round robin. first brian stelter, to you on the news and the statement significantly coming from the first female black president of
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abc entertainment coming out and, i mean, her words abhorrent, repugnant and inconsistent with our values. >> the same as many felt when he-the-saw this tweet from roseanne barr, abc went silent for several hours. >> you were sitting in my office ten minutes ago saying i can't imagine, it's so popular. >> because the show makes so much money. what we've been taught in society for years and years and years is that money speaks, money talks and abc wouldn't walk away from such a lucrative program. but it has. i'm just texting with a disney source asking what led to this decision. they're saying it's just simple, it's a question of right and wrong and a question of our company's values. a pretty simple answer from disney, a giant multi-national conglomerate, all about families, inclusiveness and diversity and they felt they couldn't be associated with her
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anymore. >> solomon, to you next, responding first, reacting to the fact that despite the popularity of this reboot of the show that they have cancelled her and also i read, i'm not going to read it again, that tweet about valerie jarrett is outrageous. >> it is outrageous. but what it shows is that you have to have diversity in positions of power, not just people who are working at the lower rungs of a company but people in positions of power who can make these kinds of decisions. it is a very simple decision. it's been right or wrong. are you going to put people over politics and values over money? they decided they were going to put values over money, people over politics and right over wrong. what roseanne barr said was wrong and no apology in the world can take away the fact that she's speaking from the heart. she said that because she meant that. you can't have people like that
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on television influencing where we're going as a country. i think abc made absolutely the right decision. >> april, what are you thinking. >> i applaud abc. this is more than just a moment because if this were to stand, it would send a message to many of those who like to do that. you know, this weekend, people were saying the same thing to me, it is not okay. and valerie jarrett did nothing. and roseanne barr attacked her. and valerie jarrett, a woman who is a proponent for women. that's the crazy thing. and then it's not about politics, it's not about gender, it's not about race, it's about humanity. and we've got to stop this. and i applaud -- not only that, brooke, when i found out about it i was furious. i know valerie jarrett very well. and i was -- i was looking on twitter to find out what happened but she didn't deserve that. no one deserved that, especially from that crazy perch that
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roseanne sits in. do that was wrong and she knew it was wrong. but, brooke, more importantly, roseanne and her reboot that just got the boot, she wanted to show all of america she has a black grandchild on that show. so what is she saying about that black grandchild and to that black grandchild? we don't need to find out anymore because the show gone. but there is a moment of victory for people who are trying to fight for morality and truth and what's right. rose answer crossed the line and i applaud abc. >> she has been crossing the line, though, she's been peddling these conspiracy theories for a long, long time. brian, my question to you is we sat on the show after the first episode aired, talking about and put a whole segment together about all these controversial tweets. if we saw it coming, surely someone at abc knew that she
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specifically would have been a risk. >> i've had this folks exactly with people at abc in positions of power and the attitude was you can't roseanne from being roseanne, that's what makes her so successful. they would say we know some of what she posts is ugly, we'd rather she not be on twitter, but she is who she is and you can't control roseanne, you can't manage rose answanne. i think that's been proven untrue today, you can cancel the show. abc has been trying to represent the country. one of the way to reboot roseanne was to speak to trump america, trying to appeal to the heartland. remember president trump celebrated the ratings after
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episode one aired. he said it was our show, they're talking about us. that was a worthwhile effort to appeal to a mainstream of america that sometimes doesn't feel represented on television. i don't think that should be thrown away. the problem is that strain of intolerance that sometimes comes from celrity like roseanne -- you never want to judge people based on the worst thing they've ever said but there's a strain of intolerance in this trump age that roseanne was expressing and that was the tension for abc. can you get the reward of roseanne and the tens of millions of viewers and take a risk she was going to tweet racist things. >> it worked until it didn't. i've got van jones on the phone. i don't know if you've seen this statement. your thoughts, sir? >> well, some things apparently
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are more important than money, even to a big corporation likes abc disney and that is very heartening. because we've been in a moral freefall for at least three years. to my point of view, one of the great things is -- it is in fact important that red state america be better represented in the media, but they can have a better representative than a rank bigot who is a conspiracy theorist and who is trashing good people in this country. valerie jarrett served with distinction and through some of the toughest moments of american histo history, whether you're talking about the great recession, about
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osama blad i don't knin laden. i'm ashamed to say this, i thought she was probably going to get away with it. i was actually as shocked as everybody else when there were actually consequences. consequences for racism in america? i think you're starting to see like today with starbucks trying to be on the better side of this conversation or what abc did today, it could be this moral collapse is being counterbalanced now by people in mainstream media, mainstream corporations who say we don't want to live in a country when decent people can be attacked for no reason. it not a joke. it's not funny. the dehumanization of people of color, calling us animals, calling us apes and animals,
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justifying exclusion from busine and universities and this is part of a long and nasty history and apparently abc disney doesn't want it to be a part of our future. and i'm glad that in some places in america some things are more important than money and i'm glad. >> on that, i want to get a break-in. we're staying on this breaking story out of abc today that this incredibly popular, well-rated, how many million -- >> 20 million. >> 20 million viewers tuning into roseanne every week, it's over because of outrageous, racist tweets from the star herself. we're back in a moment. that make the difference. only botox® cosmetic is fda approved to temporarily make frown lines, crow's feet and forehead lines look better. it's a quick 10 minute treatment given by a doctor to reduce those lines. ask your doctor about botox® cosmetic by name. the effects of botox® cosmetic, may spread hours to weeks after injection,
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so we're back with this breaking news that this mega,
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mega abc network hit, the reboot of the "roseanne" show is cancelled because of outrageous tweets she made herself. brian stelter, the news came from a woman by the name of channing dungy. she's the first african-american female to head abc entertainment. the fact that this single statement saying that the show came from her is significant because? >> because she is reflecting the diversity that has frankly been missing from hollywood for decades. for too long the studios and networks have mostly been run by caucasian men. that remains true today. she is one of the most prominent black women in hollywood and
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sth surely there were other executives bob, bob iger and p it's a sign that how the entertainment world is too slowly but is changing. it plays a role in whose voices are supported and whose voices are not. >> let's remind everyone also, two months ago, guys throw the trump tweet up on the screen, the reboot debut and it was inlai insa insanely popular. he said "look at roseanne, look at her ratings, they were unbelievable, over 18 million people. and it was about us. they haven't figure it out yet." "it was about us, they haven't figured that out yet." i'm wondering, too, about the backlash, this is l.a. and new
11:17 am
york and making this decision about trump america, so many people tuned in and now it's over. >> well, there's a couple levels to this. i guess they're hearing this. i must be one of those the president was talking about because i watched the first episode because i was excited to see what she had done. that first episode was very entertaining and it did deal with politics. one side against the other. it was, i thought it was entertaining. but here's the problem -- the problem is is the fact that it's us versus them. this president says he wants to be president of all america but he's strategically going in for middle america. what roseanne barr did, she once again went to that base with that negative comment about valerie jarrett. and this is not the first time, we all, to include the president's base, knows what roseanne puts out. she's made negative statements
11:18 am
about african-american, saying we look like "planet of the apes." she also made negative comments about our jewish brothers and sisters and for all americans, our patriots. what did she do when she did the national anthem, screamed and screeched and grabbed her crotch. she basically said screw america. this is something we've known. a dear friend of mine just sent me a text and it's poignant. he said abc just let her go, but will someone or who will pick her up? that's a question. if they do, it sends a resounding message to that base. right now she's a hot potato. but if someone picks this show up, it sends a message to us what happened with abc means nothing. a big piece of this, when wanda sykes walked away as executive producer over this, that's saying something. it's a huge moment in this trump
11:19 am
error where race is on the table and we're trying to figure this out. >> if i can just add what bob iger just tweeted, he said there's only one thing to do here and that was the right thing. this is another example of corporate america trying to be on the right side of history but we should examine why is barr so susceptible to these crazy conspiracy theories, why are people so acceptable to george sor soros is a nazi? they get it from the fever swamps from the internet. this is not the only company doing that. >> solomon, you're sitting there in philadelphia, right? that's where the incident happened when those guys were -- got the police called on them for hanging out before their buddy got to the store and today's the day that starbucks closed its stores for racial
11:20 am
bias training. with that also in the ethey et. what are you thinking? >> i think media-wise disney has evolved from a company that started out with amusement parks that did not welcome black people to a conglomerate that has a black woman in charge that says the racism that this company started with is no longer acceptable and i am making that decision. and the other part of it is starbucks and them making the decision to say we're going to slowly and systematically address what is going on with racism in our stores and how it connects to our policies and how it empowers people to call the cops. this wasn't the first time the young woman had called the police. the police presence had increased at that store overtime since she had been there so she
11:21 am
had become comfortable doing it because the company allowed her to do it. what abc is saying now is that, no, we are not going to allow this, we're going to handle it, not slowly and systematically but we're going to handle it immediately. what that says to me concerning starbucks is that racism has to be something that is handled over time, it has to be something that is handled decisively because one afternoon of sensitivity training in starbucks is nice but it doesn't erase hundreds of years of racism. >> that's true. i want to get in on this real quick, if i can. that is absolutely true. i believe that race training is great. but you know what, if you have the training, you got have some teeth behind it, too, to say if you do this, you'll be suspended or fired. you got to make it so people can say i can't do that. just talking about it is one thing. you're not looking for kumbaya
11:22 am
moments. you can't just have your blonde latte, you have to put your fei teeth into it. >> john lewis wrote "thank you abc network. >> van jones? >> i want to say abc gets some credit, they brought in heather mcgee and incredible leaders going just beyond this one day. i think it gets presented as a one-day thing but i think it's more than a one-day thing with regard to starbucks.
11:23 am
with regard to what this means and how this might be absorbed, it is in fact the case when it comes to culture, when it comes to media, when it comes to art and increasingly when it comes to corporate america, the idea that we should treat everybody with respect, we should treat everybody with dignity, that everybody counts, everybody matters, those ideas have gained a big foothold there. in our politics we're seeing a backlash against some of those ideas and people who don't run big corporations and who don't have a toe hold in hollywood fired back and fought back at the ballot box in 2016. i think abc/disney was doing the right thing to figure out ways to better engage and better represent different points of view. they did the wrong thing by picking roseanne in the first place. we knew what kind of a person she was and what kind of views she represented. and there are red state voices that are not being heard that
11:24 am
are much more intelligent, much more wise and less bigoted than roseanne barr. now we're in danger that roseanne barr is the only red state representative of america, she got booted, therefore they don't care about us. it's going to be important for disney to say we want to hear from everybody. but you cannot disrespect and demean whole categories of people. you can represent your group but can you not crap on other groups and have a place in modern life. >> yeah, bye-bye. thank you all. plus as a president floats a new conspiracy theory, is his strategy against bob mueller working? we're going to discuss that next.
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comcast, building america's largest gig-speed network. we're back. i'm brooke baldwin, another day, another slew of trump treats, another lie, another falsehood. call it what you will, there are critics screaming this isn't normal but it's working. i want to step back and dissect exactly what the president is saying here and why it matters. today the special counspresiden special counsel investigation is rigged, he's called for a federal investigation of his opponent and claimed the justice department attorneys are pushing a political agenda. let's break each one of those
11:30 am
down. trump said the special counsel investigation is rigged, quoting him, the 13 angry democrats, plus people who worked eight years for obama working on the rigged russia witch hunt. the rigged russia witch hunt has resulted in guilty pleas and charges brought against all of these people on your screen. trump then accused of department of justice and the fbi of meddling in the mid-term elections. he wrote with the meddling of the mid-term elections especially now that the republs (stay tough) are taking the lead in polls.
11:31 am
news flash, the election was 437 days ago. the sitting president is still harping on an election and calling for an investigation into his former opponent? this should not be normalized. and all of this, these tweets, these attacks, it's all political. remember what rudy giuliani told dana bash this weekend, it is all about dragging mueller through the mud in the court of public opinion. >> we're defending to a large extent, remember, dana, we're defending here, it is for public opinion because eventually the decision here is going to be impeach, not impeach. our jury is, as it should be, the american people. >> it's only some of tweets this morning. what trump is doing day in and day out, it's working, at least long partisan lines.
11:32 am
that's why political director david chalian is here to talk about all this misinformation. this conspiracy theory blitz, if it's working with republicans, would you consider that still a win for president trump? >> well, again, i'm talking in the realm of politics here, brooke. >> werealm of politics. >> it's not good for the president to lie to the american people and expand upon thieorie that has no basis in fact. in terms of the political effect here, i think it important to note that it is working, as you're suggesting. and, yes, i don't think rudy giuliani in that sound bite to dana bash is saying we need to win offer the entire country to our point of view that the mueller investigation is a hoax. they don't. they just need to keep the republicans on board with that because if you muddy the waters
11:33 am
enough as president trump has been doing into a real partisan to and fro and fight, then you end up with sort of politics as usual. that's the state of our politics. so if they can get this investigation out of the realm of the huge majority of the country opposed to the president, whatever mueller finds, they want to get to the place at least where it is regular day-to-day partisan politics. then they can move on from that, they believe. >> i'm also just curious on the falsehoods, maggie haberman, "new york times," she was talking about why she was using the word lie and falsehood. i see her point on watering down the dangers and watering down the word lie, with trump, or else we'd be saying lie 20 times a day but if he lies, don't you have to call it a lie? >> yeah. i believe if there's a lie, we into the president need to call it out.
11:34 am
i also think we can't treat everything he says the same and that there are gradations to his speech and to his rhetoric. and it is important for us t explorehat is an acte lie, if we have reporting to suggest that he actually concocted something totally false, knowingly passing it on to the american people versus maybe he is spewing some information that is incorrect but he's totally ill informed about it. there's been a whole range of trump's rhetoric that needs exposing by the political press corps. >> a range of lies, here we are. david chalian, thank you as always. just ahead here, he used to be kim jong un's top spy and now he's on his way to the u.s. in hopes of saving this nuclear
11:35 am
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a shock being study estimates hurricane maria caused more than 4,000 death when it slammed into puerto rico last september. that's far more than the official death toll than 64. laila, does the government find this to be valid? >> you know, i asked that very question of the governor, as well as the secretary of public safety in charge of the death toll and they do. i said are you questioning the validity of this study? and the response was no. so let's talk about this study. what exactly did they find? this comes were some researchers from harvard on the island. they visited more than 100 barrios, talked to more than 10,000 people and based on the trends that came out of those interviews and the data they were able to get, they believe
11:40 am
that the death top is at least 4,600. i spoke with one of the researchers, he is standing by that and yet the official government death toll remains at 64. this is not the first red flag. cnn, we, did the investigation last year. last year when we talked to funeral homes, we found that they were reporting nine times what the government was reporting in terms of deaths related to hurricane maria. now, the governor has said he wil will be using this study as part of the report. the other thing is the timing of this. the government commissioned a study from george washington university to look into the death given all the red flags and the reports and questions about it. there are delays in that study and now this study comes out and we are just days away from the next hurricane season. the next hurricane season will begin june 1st and still they
11:41 am
really don't have enough answers in terms of who died, how, when and more importantly, as they prepare for the next hurricane, they thwill prevent those typesf deaths in the future, brook. >> you have reported so thor oth thoroughly on this story, leyla, and those numbers are stunning. managing blood sugar is not a marathon. it's a series of smart choices. and when you replace one meal or snack a day with glucerna made with carbsteady to help minimize blood sugar spikes you can really feel it. glucerna. everyday progress. one picky customer shouldn't take all your time. need something printed? the business advisors at office depot can assist with exactly what your business needs to grow. get your coupon for 20% off services,
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you are watching cnn. i'm brooke baldwin. back to the story of the day, mega popular, 20 million viewers on a single night for the roseanne reboot, it has now been cancelled. brian stelter has gotten a little more scoop on the background of all of this, as a result of the racist tweets from the star of the show. but advertisers. what was happening? >> i don't want to take away disney's moral stance here, doing the right thing against racism but there were also some financial pressures and that's a reality of the television business. one of those pressures i'm told was from major advertisers. it's the tv up fronts, where advisers begin to buy ads up
11:47 am
front. roseanne came out and pitched her new season and she was the star of the show. however, now today some advertisers were starting to get on the phone, starting to express second thoughts. i think the reality is abc was not going to be able to get sponsor to pony up big money for ads on roseanne and the other were some of the actors and producers were getting on the phones with their agents saying i'm not so sure i want to be part of a show, part of season two. but that's because of the outrage and disgust of roseanne's words. that made it a little bit easier for disney to take this action and canal sell tcel the show.
11:48 am
>> and executive producer of the show, wanda sykes, when she backs out, it makes you wonder. >> and representative of kim jong un on his way to speak with president trump but he also the mastermind behind that sony attack. i'm worried i can't find a safe used car. you could start your search at the all-new that might help. show me the carfax? now the car you want and the history you need are easy to find. show me used minivans with no reported accidents.
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right now kim jong un's former top spy, the one suspected of masterminding the sony hack, is making his way to new york. the president calls this visit of the vice chair of the ruling
11:53 am
party a salad response to his letter last week cancelling his meeting with the dictator. and it's said a trump/kim meeting is back on track. welcome to you. here you have this north korea sending over this very high level official, a former spy chief. before i get your take that he is coming and setting foot on u.s. oil, how significant is this visit diplomatically? >> it's significant for two reasons. first, it's the first time in 18 years such a high level north korean official has set foot on u.s. soil.
11:54 am
the first time led to what was called a u.s./north korea commune came. this is raising speculation that he will meet with president trump. >> 2014, that sony hack, that took down major studio heads and celebrities. i understand the why as far as why he would come to further the summit, but did you i ever thev this person from north korea
11:55 am
would be stepping on u.s. soil? >> before that, he is believed to have masterminded the sinking of a vessel. this guy is no joke. he's a former military guy, he seems to have risen up the ranks and appears to be parts of kim jong un's inner circle. you see him sitting next to kim jong un in summit and high-profile meeting and he's a veteran on the issue of denuclearization, peace regime, deeply involved with negotiations with south korea in the early 90s on denuclearization and issue of aggression, so he knows his issues. >> thank you very much. we'll speak again. meantime, i have to get to this story. this retired english teacher's attention to detail, she took
11:56 am
president trump to task offer -- over a letter he wrote to her. when she received his written response she noticed it was filled with grammatical errors. so she did what any english teacher would do, she pulled out her purple pen and got to work. yvonne mason is with me now. yvonne, first of all, thank you for all of your teachings throughout the years. my nom mom is a teacher so i wao say that. normally when people get letters from the white house, they frame them. what possessed to you start marking it up? >> people who know me know that i mark a lot of things up. i don't typically send things back but i think an official communique or communication, excuse me, should be a little more grammatically correct, even
11:57 am
though i understand the white house style book is a little different than the style books i use teaching, but all of the capitalizations and -- >> which was the most disturbing? >> i think capitalizing states and nations and there was a dangling modifier and there were at least three "i" states, which i would have dinged a student on. >> do you worry at all from mistakes made just even if tweets from the wes alone that this nation's emphasis on grammar and proper english is deteriorating? >> i do. and it's really very unfortunate because as i have said before,
11:58 am
language is the currency of power. and if you do not use language properly and appropriately and consistently, then you're never going to get what you want. you're never going to be clear. and i think that this whole thing with capitalizing sort of hot button words like president, like nation, like state, like flag, for instance. if you emphasize those words rhett torely, then yoorical rhetorically, then your reader is going to put more emphasize on those and that is going to appeal to emotion than we really need. consistently is what we need than anyone's personal preference. >> words, language is indeed possible. remind me not to write you a letter. i'd hate to see what that purple
11:59 am
pen would do. hopefully not at bad. >> hopefully not at bad. >> we continue on here. you're watching cnn. top of the hour, major breaking news here this afternoon. the top-rated television show of the season is no more. abc has cancelled "roseanne" because of racial tweets. among them were this one "muslim brotherhood and planet of the apes had a baby and follows that vj, standing have valerie jarrett. and she sent out an apology saying i'm truly story for making a bad joke about her
12:00 pm
looks and her politics. that was not enough. valerie jarrett respo-- channin dungey responded "roseanne's twitter statement is abhorrent, repugnant and inconsistent with our values and we have decided to cancel her show." >> it not the only thing she's said. there's been a litany of comment that have been over the line. people have wondered how much abc was going to take. this is against very much their commercial interest and they're making it on the basis of a moral decision. they're just saying this is wrong. it's wrong.