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tv   Anderson Cooper 360  CNN  May 29, 2018 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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>> what question does this raise for you? right quick. >> it suggests to me that mueller is going to present this to the senate for impeachment. >> wow. thank you very much. thank you for joining me. ac 360 starts now. good evening, the second most watched show on prime time television will not be seen at its regularly scheduled time tonight or ever begin. abc canceled the roseanne barr. you have the star of a show seen my millions every week and 18 million calling an african american the offspring of an ape. she claimed she was joking and then took down the tweet and
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issued an apology. i apologize to americans and all americans. so that happened today nearly 63 years after rosa parks refused to move from a bus seat in alabama. tonight, president trump is speaking in nashville and we will be watching to see if he talks about roseanne, a star that he praised months ago. >> look at roseanne, look at her ratings. look at her ratings. i got a call from mark burnett, he is a great job. he said donald, i called to say hello, and to tell you, did you see roseanne's ratings.
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i said how big were they? they were unbelievable, over 18 million people and it was about us. they haven't figured it out, the fake news hasn't quite figured it out yet. >> it was about us he said. so what does rosanne's tweet say about us? abc pulled the plug on a money maker. when it comes to racism, unconscious or joefovert, it lo like the marketplace is doing one thing even though it is costing money in the short-term. not only does outlandish speech goes unpunished. saying the first african
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american president of the united states was not really american by birth. we will take up a question, how has america changed with regards to race. does abc action take a step forward or does it surprise people and represent the real time of our times. let's talk to brian stelter and with us bill carter former media writer of the new york times. roseanne barr has been working on a statement today. she was not surprised by the con se -- cancellation of the show. the writers just got back to work together to start writing season two. we have never seen a network do this. pull a show because of off air
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remarks of star. abc owned by disney. >> bill, are you surprised at which abc moved? well, i was surprised today. i admit when i saw it, it was amazing. but this is a woman that does an awful lot of commenting that should have pushed them toet ready to do this. and i think they, obviously did not want to do this. they danced around this. and when they have had this before, they hesitated to take action and here, it was too much. just too much. but i don't think any of us are overwhelmingly that this came out of this person. >> the fact is, abc new who they were hiring. her views is not a secret. pushing conspiracy theory and other things on twitter as well.
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>> netflix and others all wanted the roseanne revival. abc spent the money to bring back and it backfired today as advertisers wanted to look the other way. the thought from abc whether this is the right thought or not, that she would tone it down. get off twitter and focus on the show. as one disney source said to me, this was the third or fourth flare up. >> part of the reason people thought the show was successful is because she was speaking to the trump audience. and she was connecting with it and she played on it. she said i am a trump supporter. and it was interesting, he said this is all about us.
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and it is kind of all about him, all about the tone, the mood that has been said and there has been a lot of statements out there, the president has called nfl players, sons of bitches and representatives of congress morons. and he has not been called on the carpet for it and that gives us license to say more outrageous thing. >> but does being a trump supporter mean you are going to call valerie an ape, i don't think it does. there should be shows on televisions featuring celebrities supporting trump but can't be on twitter supporting racial -- >> dr. wes, first of all, what
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do you make of what roseanne barr said. and abc's response. >> i was blessed to be in washington, d.c. a few hours ago reflecting on the life and legacy of dr. king jr. he talked about racism and poverty, and materialism. we should not be surprised and get hysterical when we see anti black racism, anti muslim racism, any form. our challenge is how do we fortify ourselves to make those who engage in such language and action accountable answerable, responsible, and how do we ensure that we are strong enough to help overcome the various
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forms of xenophobia and racism. and what we don't want to do is fetishize magical moments and make it center stage. we need to decenter it and keep the focus. people who are fighting, people who are trying to come to terms with what it means to overcome contempt and hatred and that is more important. trump is going to be trump, he is gangster, he appeals to the base. that is not new in america, he is america's cherry pie. so is martin luther king jr. he is cherry pie now. which part is going to triumph. and we are getting stronger day
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by day. >> abc's parent company disney had a huge success with "black panther." is this a money decision or is something changing in corporate america? there are human beings concerned with compassion and integrity in corporate america, it is just that they don't rule thing. money rules and making sure one's image is not besmirched. people knew who roseanne was. she is consistent. she happens to be deeply xenophobic in a number of different ways. the people are going to do what they can to make money. but when they find the line is
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crossed and their image is besmirch besmirched then they move in the way. he has got a real moral element in what he is doing. but of course he still has to run a business. this is still a capitalist economy and have to make money and have to make profit. always going to be ambiguity and a combination of doing well and doing good. usually the financial part rules over the doing good. but there are moral people in corporate america. and morality is never primecy when it comes to the capital economy. >> a lot of people say it is unfair in any way to link president trump to the comments made by roseanne barr, do you think it is unfair? do you see a through line? >> no. i heard sister valerie jared, and she took a high road.
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she was quite honest when she talked about pushing the focus away from herself and trying to highlight every day people, the racism in our schools and in our civic institutions and in our universities and colleges and so forth and so on. the leader sets the tone. and trump sets the tone. but we should not be surprised, we have got to somehow keep our focus on how do we fight with moral and spiritual content. and how do we fight in such a way that the best of who we are can be accented. he is going to do what he is going to do. what are we going to do? too many americans sleep walking, lukewarm, don't want to get involved. what is at stake? the future of this society. the future of this society. don't get full of panic and
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hysteria. not at all. take it from a blues people. you wake up in the morning and it is the blues. the next morning is good morning heartache. how do you make that heartache both a companion. and with a sense of community, cross color, cross gender. when they talk about the muslim brotherhood and the planet of the apes, there are other persons who are also viewed as other. you talk about muslims, where is our talk about palestinians? when 500 babies are killed and not one person in obama or any other administration can say a word. we can't get all of a sudden
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hyped up about this kind of racism and not say a mumbling word about racism against our palestinians. we must be consistent across the board, that is the legacy of martin king. and in the end we build on martin king and rabbi joshua, or we are going under, brother anderson and if we don't take them seriously, this is going to be a kettle in a teapot -- like a teapot trembling. the immoral hurricane is going to hit. that is what neofascism is. this is where trump is. >> dr. west, if you can, stay with us. i want to talk more with you.
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and what if anything the president has to say about the tweet and the reaction. he praised roseanne for her big ratings and will he say in i go in his speech to that. we will oo we will monitoring that. also why special counsel mueller might be interested in what the latest news is about sessions. we will be right back. this endangered species is getting help from some unexpected friends. these zebra and antelope. they're wearing iot sensors, connected to the ibm cloud.
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money managers are pretty much the same. all but while some push high commission investment products, fisher investments avoids them. some advisers have hidden and layered fees. fisher investments never does. and while some advisers are happy to earn commissions from you whether you do well or not, fisher investments fees are structured so we do better when you do better. maybe that's why most of our clients come from other money managers. fisher investments. clearly better money management. roseanne is canceled and one of the shows most prominent fan is on stage right now. have the president's views changed?
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our jim acosta is traveling with him. has the president had anything to say about her comments? >> reporter: not yet. we should point out he does have the teleprompters up for his speech tonight. they don't completely keep him going off the rails but sort of keep him on track. the white house press secretary did tell reporters that they don't have any comment on the roseanne controversy, that the president has more important things to do. but obviously the president has been focusing on petty things over the last 24-48 hours as we have been sigh in his tweets. even this morning he accused special counsel mueller of plotting in the midterm elections coming up this fall. he is at this rally here in nashville not because he is
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worried about mueller but because jitters that exist inside the republican about losing the congress. if the president has to campaign in red states like tennessee means they are worried about this. as we have been seeing over the last weekend, he has been engaging in a lot of fake news himself. >> we will continue to watch what he says, back now with dr. cornel west. you said something before the break that i thought was important, it is easy to focus on these racist comments and lose sight of the day-to-day racism that so many in this country face, the day-to-day indignities. >> that is right. absolutely. the vicious forms of racism, be
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it white supremacy, or whatever it is, take structural and institutional forms such that it delimits the life chances and the possibilities of precious human beings to flourish. we have to keep the focus on that reality. the right wing brothers and sisters disproportionately vanilla i am sure in nashville listening to donald trump that it is important to intensely criticize, to even condemn and indict but not to demonize. martin luther king jr.'s legacy is charitable hatred. you hate the sin, you love the sinner. but they must be accountable and answerable and they can change. and all human beings do have the possibility of changing. if we get moderate republicans,
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that is what i love by my dear brother robbie george. who step out and say we are against racism in the same way martin luther king is. too many around the country are silent. too many with holding their moral tongues and there by are culpable of reinforcing high forms of immorality. and that is what you are talking about when you are talking about racism of any group. >> what is it that makes you optimistic. in charlottesville you saw with your own eyes, on that campus on that friday night, hundreds of neo-nazis and white supremacist openly chanting. jus will not replace us.
5:22 pm
blood and soil, and nazi slogans. and the president saying there were fine people on both sides of the protest that day, what makes you optimistic? >> well, one, i have never been an optimist. i am not a pessimist either. i am a blues man, a christian. it is the sight of hope. misunderstood can lead you defenseless and destroyed. hope in the deeper sense of martin luther king jr. and blues says never be optimistic, never be pessimistic. to be full of hope is to be in action in movement. intellectually, in motion,
5:23 pm
spiritually. so i am in no way, my brother, optimistic. i have never been an optimist. never been a moment in human history where we have grounds for optimist. no, hope is about creating the n new evidence. and therefore not conforming to the idols but rather being nonconformist in light of a love of justice, a tenderness, a sweetness and then you go to meet your maker with a smile. >> and action, that is where you put the focus. >> just a courageous vision, courageous action, courageous grin, courageous touch. action takes a number of different forms. it is not just hitting the streets and going to jail. some of us can do that.
5:24 pm
some of us must have a willingness to die. you can think, you can be a poet. kendrick lamar is an activist and a poet and that is a form of action. yourself as high quality journalist, that is a form of action. you don't need to hit the streets. pursuing the truth. none of us have a monopoly on truth capital t. but there are small truths that we are willing to live and die for. >> dr. west, thank you for being us. more on how in some ways a moment was coming for roseanne
5:25 pm
barr. >> reporter: off key and shrieking at times hard to listen to as she sang the national anthem at the old jack murphy stadium in san diego and when she was done, she cemented this moment in history. first, she grabbed her crotch and then spit as to mock baseball players. >> my reaction is it was disgraceful. that's the way i feel about it. and i think a lot of san diego fans said the same thing. >> reporter: barr eventually apologized. >> people make mistakes and after they apologized 9,000 times they should be forgiven and it should be forgotten. >> reporter: barr told the washington post i started too high. i just tried to get through it.
5:26 pm
and the crotch grab, she told the post. if the song had gotten better, she would have taken a longer beat between the anthem and quote tribute to the players but she just wanted to get out of there. never a stranger to controversy. barr born hitler did this. >> apparently she is mocking the holocaust. >> reporter: barr said she was making fun of hitler and not his victims. a year later after singer marie osmond's son committed suicide barr -- she later apologized after learning osmond's son was
5:27 pm
not gay. she has been known f her tweets promoting wild right wing conspiracy theories. in one she accused david hogg giving the nazi salute. the ring supposedly was based out of a washington d.c. pizza restaurant. it was all made up. just a couple of months ago, while promoting her return to television, it was trademark roseanne. when host jimmy kimmel questioned her about a tweet that recently suggested hillary clinton is a murder, she said this. randi kaye, cnn.
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after he recused himself, first time we are learning this. that request is now being investigated by special counsel robert mueller. details ahead. ♪ and the battery is dead. again... uh-oh. you need a new phone. and you deserve it on the best network. verizon. plus right now you can get a great deal. oh, we're going? sure-- ehh, not my thing. ♪ (vo) now's the time. get up to 50% off our best phones. like the samsung galaxy s9 and google pixel 2.
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more breaking news, "the new york times" is reporting the president trump back in march of 2017 berated attorney general jeff sessions and said he should reverse his decision to recuse himself. it happen raises new question about any obstruction of justice
5:32 pm
attempts. joining me now is maggie haberman. when and how approached the attorney general to unrecuse himself. >> almost immediately after the recusal, the president was extremely upset that it had taken place and caught off guard by it. his theory, the wiretap tweets that the president issued. a dinner at mar-a-lago. session said no. and the president continued to discuss this with people, the idea that he wanted sessions to unrecuse. he was told by some of the allies that the recusal was overly broad. and that is what fueled it. and still talking about it in into the fall. and now special counsel mueller is looking into this as part of
5:33 pm
a broader question of obstruction of justice >> the number of questions that the trump team believes mueller wants to talk about, a number of those refer to sessions and efforts to get him to unrecuse himself. correct, or at least efforts to talk about sessions or sessions' recusal. >> is it known the back and forth, what it was like? the president had according to reporting been avoiding talking to sessions for days, correct? >> right. my understanding is not that it was -- and again, i am not certain, i don't believe it was a hot contentious exchange. we are not talking about president who responds to interpersonal confrontation in
5:34 pm
most examples. so we don't have enough information about that to say one way or another. >> the president hasn't really forgiven sessions for his recusal. >> no it has gotten worse as i understand. the quote-unquote original sin of sessions. blames almost all of the problems that he faces, on the recusal blames sessions on the rod rosenstein, the list goes on. but it all begins with that recusal. the president has not only not forgiven it but dug in harder and trying to torment sessions until he quits. >> the special counsel has pressed about the treatment of sessions. >> correct. >> rudy giuliani weighed in on
5:35 pm
the appropriateness, what did he say? >> that i am not sure. i believe the president believes it is less about the appropriateness of recusing or unrecusing. relate to sessions would fall under executive privilege. >> thank you very much. here now is to discuss this is michael zeldin. >> in support of jeff sessions, he did what was required of him under the regulations there are specific regulations that require him to recuse himself from an investigation of a campaign about which he has been a senior adviser, and really, he had no choice and if there is a blame anybody, it is the people who advised the president in the selection of sessions in the
5:36 pm
outset for not knowing the regulations are. so jeff sessions has done the right thing and the president has no jurisdiction if you will to ask sessions to go against these regulations, that said, it may also be something that factors into mueller's inquiry about whether or not the president is abusing his office by insisting that sessions do something which regulations prohibit him from doing. from the 49 questions that were distributed at some point earlier this month that many of those questions go exactly to the sessions recusal issue and the ordering of mcgahn to order, to fire mueller. >> giuliani told the times unrecused doesn't say bury the investigation, it says on the face of it, take responsibility and handle it correctly.
5:37 pm
is that an argument that holds up? >> what he is trying to say is the president has the right to ask to unrecuse hymn. what is interesting about what we are finding out about tonight is that mueller might be investigating the obstruction activity. we are going back to march of 2017 and trump is concerned about the fact, well, an investigation is going to be started and sessions is not in control. so this pushes the obstruction -- >> broadens the charges. >> earlier in time investigation. >> do you agree, michael? how much could this add to a possible obstruction of justice investigation? >> paul is right, let's look at the time line. i call it abuse of office more
5:38 pm
than obstruction of justice. i think you know, you first go before comey firing and you ask about the let the flynn investigation go as you thought that might be the first act. but if the pressuring of sessions to unrecuse himself in the face of regulations that require him to recuse himself is thought to be part of that abusive chain of behavior, then paul is right. you can go back in time to that potentially as your start point and you see everything that the president has done or alleged to have done to implicate this. i want this investigation to end and i am going to do anything i can to ensure that is the outcome that achieve. >> can i add one thing. i am wondering also is sessions going to tell trump what mueller asked him because reports are
5:39 pm
that mueller has had an extensive session with attorney general sessions. and is trump going to say what has he been asking you to prep for his testimony. and if that happens, would it be improper for session to do that. customarily, witness questioning is secret. and maybe sessions will say it is not secret. i don't know what michael thinking about that. >> session is free. but i am sure he has been asked to not share his testimony. got a lot sweeter after cohen's office was raided. details on that in a moment.
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you may remember last week when the so-called taxi king in new york city agreed to a sweet deal to avoid jail time. today we learned from court records that the final deal got better after the raid on michael cohen's office. so explain how, if you can how the new deal compared to the deal that the taxi king was
5:44 pm
originally offered. >> this new deal means no jail time at all. we look back at court transcripts that he was offered a deal where he would serve between two and six years in prison and pay a million dollars. that was the initial deal and he rejected that deal. the prosecutors said we are not going to offer another. and go to trial and what we learned was last week freedman struck a different deal that allowed him to avoid jail time and agree to pay back taxes that he owes in new york. >> it certainly seems coincidenceal. when we look at this, we see it
5:45 pm
was in march 21 he had the initial offer. and he rejected. >> two to six years in prison and a million dollars fine. >> reject that deal. five days later michael cohen office is raided. and by after a referral from special counsel mueller and we flash forward and see this other offer that freedman pleads guilty. >> that is an awesome picture with his glasses on. michael cohen has not been charged with any crime at this point and we don't know what if anything, any cooperation by freidman would relate to, if anything relating to the president and it may related to some kind of business deals. >> that is right. the raid was conducted by the u.s. attorney office in manhattan. they are saying that they are
5:46 pm
looking at michael cohen's financial dealings. that relates to a search warrant. any payments that cohen made as well as taxi medalian business. fr eech freidman managed the busins for him. michael cohen is a great friend and wonderful client. >> we will see what happens. thanks so much. just ahead roseanne barr's tv show canceled. details and the fallout ahead. p, little things can be a big deal. that's why there's otezla. otezla is not an injection or a cream. it's a pill that treats psoriasis differently. with otezla, 75% clearer skin is achievable
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. we're going to turn back to our lead story about roseanne bar. r president trump has talked for half an hour and not said anything yet. if you glance at roseanne barr's twitter. you know she posted a racist tweet. barr tweeted if planet of the apes and muslim brotherhood had
5:51 pm
a baby. they would be vj. lots to talk about with the panel. joining me is our panel. mckale la, were you surprised with the speed with which abc moved on this? >> yes and no, no because there has been sustained pressure before we all heard about it and also notably this is valerie jarrett a black woman and head of entertainment so i feel there has been pressure from social media, action from new yorker, sponsors, she a part of a trajectory happening for a while. literally between shows, got it cancelled. so i do realize a few of us are
5:52 pm
catching our breath and have been doing sustained activism for a while. >>dini has a huge success and a new head of abc entertainment. >> yes. >> so there is increasing importance that disney and abc is placing on african-american audience. is this a part of that? >> it could be, one thing that isn't talked about who is valerie jarrett? you can't have a bigger contrast than the classless roseanne barr and the classing a that is valerie jarrett. if barack obama and michelle obama were king an queen, she was the queen mother. when you worked in that whourks you were more worried about offending valerie jarrett than anybody else. she held the standard. for her, in particular to be
5:53 pm
subjected to this sort of crap shocked a lot of people roseanne barr picked the wrong african-american woman to mess with. you take those jobs in that building, in that white house, it is 24/7 pressure. she never cracked. it is the 24/7 opportunity be rude, offensive, to lose your grace, to lose your place. she never did. she leave, she is helping causes. why pick on her? so part of this story not only do you have a classless moron, you have a classing a and the entire country stood with her. that's important. >> would you expect president trump to say something about it? >> i would hope him to. i don't expect him to. you talk about roseanne barr and
5:54 pm
the spreading of conspiracy theories, misinformation, donald trump has done some of this, himself, this is a truly teachable moment when someone makes is up disparaging moment, this is an opportunity about political correctness. it's about human decency. you don't talk like this without seeing serious consequences, right few we are monitoring this speech, the president hasn't denounced this at all. it's sad mickey mouse is taking more of a stance on racism than the president of the occupation. abc did the right think. they have any million reason, 18 million viewers behind the show. they took a stance. up fortunately, roseanne barr did a good thing in giving conservatives a seat at the table. the entertainment industry said we can entertain an idea without
5:55 pm
accepting it. hollywood didn't ignore half of the country for the first time in a long time. unfortunately, this has done tremendous damage to them. >> we need to have more red state heroes and voice, but red state america can have a better state than roseanne bar interest we will have much more ahead with the panel. we are going to show a premier the president called rosanne to congratulate her on a rating. we'll see if he mentioned her tonight. more ahead.
5:56 pm
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5:58 pm
the damage was done. abc cancelled the show. across the country people are certainly talking about it again him joining us, the new york time op ed columnist. rich, is it disingenuous to say the president is too focused elsewhere to comment on this given that he has certainly commented on a lot of things and spoke in a speech about rosanne's ratings for quite a lengthy amount of time. it's not a shocking story that she is cook with vial abuse. it's readily available if anybody looked at her twitter feed arc weakness of the right. we disdain celebrities but we crave our own intrichlts we disbrain popular culture and definitely want successes in the popular culture him i'm at a
5:59 pm
disvavenlg i never seen the program. i only watch news and sports. i haven'twash watched the sitcom since the 1990s. as van said, few want someone who represents a red erica, finds someone better. >> brian you have been reporting about this all day. what's the late st you have learned about this? >> a sense of pride in abc and disney and how quickly it happened. there was a question about what rosanne might say next. she was speaking about a statement of contrition. one of the producers said i shoep hope she seeks help we have seen thissing a before with other celebrities when they say they will try to say the right thing, seek help and mount a comeback. is that possible? i think that remains to be seen. say and do the right thing and quickly. remember this happened before lunchtime on the west coast.
6:00 pm
they were moving quickly to your point about her history on social media conspiracy theories. people often times step in it on social media. this is one of those really egregious examples. but twitter seemed to be showing us the real roseanne barr. time and time again we see what she truly believes. it's not just barr. i agree with you a lot of people are with valerie jarrett. there are a lot of the barr's targets are all evil, a part of a leftist property there is a lot out there. i would guess tens of millions of americans might believe some of her paranoid fantasies. that's a problem that can selling her show