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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  May 30, 2018 11:00am-12:00pm PDT

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the meeting's in new york between the north korean spy chief and mike pompeo certainly will set the scene. that's it for me. thanks very much for watching. i'm wolf blitzer. the news continues right now. >> wolf, we'll take it. hi, everyone. i'm brooke baldwin. thank you for being with me. you have the president of the united states weighing in on the cancellation of "roseanne." that's a sentence i never thought i'd be seeing. the president is tweeting about abc's coverage of himself. this is what he said. bob iger of abk called v-- abc
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but, gee, he never called me to apologize for the horrible statements made and said about me on abc. maybe i just didn't get the call? as for roseanne, she is now blaming the insomnia drug ambien for her racist tweets, which ultimately cost her and her staff of her abc show their jobs. so let's start with our cnn special correspondent, who i realize at some point in your past you've interviewed roseanne herself. but just beginning with the president's tweet, where he makes it about himself. >> i think he felt left out. you know, we've been talking about roseanne for 24 hours now. donald trump had to be part of the conversation. i'm not sure exactly what he was talking about that he deserved
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an apology from about abc, probably all of his grievances about fake news reports in effect that he did not like. >> please equating roseanne's racism to what has been said about him. >> correct. roseanne retweeted the president's tweet. so she was happy to have his support. i think even more important is what he didn't say. he did not condemn what she had said. >> right, right. what about this whole ambien defense? the makers of ambien throwing a little shade. what are they saying? >> ambien does not cause racism. i think our own john berman was the first one thorn wis morning
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went on the air and said that. ambien does cause side effects. the most common one is i think people get hungry from it and sometimes they get up in the middle of the night and eat. and there's been coverage of different things that happen. but racism, this is, again, not something caused by that. >> what about your interview with her before? so many people are saying when this all broke yesterday, good on abc for doing the right thing on saying no to all the money that they would have gotten, this was their top-rated show. but yet, i don't know. >> look, i give abc great kudos for doing this and doing it quickly. on the other hand, this was not a surprise. roseanne has gone off for years now. she said a lot of controversial things. this wasn't the first time. there was a similar incident where she did this with susan
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rice, who is also african-american. so they knew what they were getting into. that said, they stopped it immediately and, you know, we've heard people talking now, well, a lot of people lost their jobs. could they bring back the show without r? >> send her on or off to rehab? >> right. and call it the connors and have john goodman, the fabulous star. >> is that a possibility? >> i spoke to several people and i said what are the odds? and the answer i got was zero. look, in television, anything can change, maybe some time will go by and they rethink it, but right now i'm told it's not in the cards. >> jamie, thank you very much. staying on all of this, my next guest had a seat at the "roseanne" writers table. he worked with roseanne herself. he is stan zimmermann. thank you for being here. >> thank you for having me.
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>> an executive producer, bruce rasmussen, told the "new york times," quote, we were gut punched, it was really depressing that one stupid sentence that she sent out destroyed a whole bunch of people's jobs. i don't know how many people you're in touch with from this current reboot, but that's who i immediately thought about. everybody from the production team, camera, grip, writers, actors. so many of them found out by watching the news. how are they handling it? >> i haven't talked to any of them personally, but just reading from what they had to say and we're all so upset that the legacy of the show has been tarnished probably forever. that's one of the reasons why i wanted to get involved in the show in its original incarnation, because it was speaking about americans that we had never seen on television and followed them through deaths, births, loves, marriages, all different kinds of people and i wanted to be a part of that show. >> i want to talk about your role on a specific episode you
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wrote in a second. do you agree that abc made the right decision? >> i think there's some opportunity to possibly go back to the show. there's a knee-jerk reaction sometimes to just push everybody away and under the rug. but to me then we'll be back here in 15 years being shocked that there's still racism. i think it's important to have the dialogue. what was so great about the show is that we were able to talk about so many issues on that show, including like the episode that i wrote, which is a lesbian kiss episode. >> well, let's talk about that. you wrote this episode during the original series where it involved two women kissing and you said roseanne used to champion issues like that. now, granted that episode i believe is 1994. what changed? >> i cannot get into the heart or mind of roseanne, unless i have some ambien, perhaps. but i don't know what happened to her. the person that i knew that we work with was a champion for the
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underdog, for people of color, especially the lbgd community. abc was not going to air our episode. she went with me to tom arnold and said if you don't air it, i'll go to hbo and put this episode on. >> calling black women, stan, apes, would she ever use that kind of language on set? >> i never heard anything like that. that's why it's shocking for so many people and even people that are in the writer's room or were supposed to be today but no longer have jobs. >> do you think abc was playing with fire at all? because it's not like these conspiracy theories that she's been tweeting about happened yesterday. this has been happening for a while with roseanne. >> they knew what they were getting themselves into and probably down the line they knew at some point something look this would come up. i'm surprised no one officially
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took her phone away or any family members helped her out. it's very upsetting by so many people. >> tell me about your t-shirt with the number 13 and how this relates to roseanne. >> usually on tv shows you have a staff of writers maybe 10, 11. she brought in a lot of her standup comic friends, her and tom arnold and we had 21 writers on our show. the very first day of filming they had all all line up and they printed t-shirts with numbers because they were so known for firing people is that they could point to your number and fire you without knowing your name. i didn't understand the ramifications what that really meant. thinking back now, it is not the best work environment to have that attitude. and we were told when we were hired don't let her see the whites of your eyes or she could point and fire you so i always stood behind the tallest person
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on set. >> so that was her m.o., firing people? >> and she, again, probably thought it was funny. but that was not funny. her joke about valerie is not funny and we cannot accept that and we have to discuss why she would even think in this world today that something like that would be humorous because it's not. >> well, stan, you know who else is famous for firing people, donald j. trump, the president of the united states. two months ago when the first episode came out and was so extraordinarily successful, he took credit for it. a lot of folks in this country actually give abc credit for telling a story that's more inclusive of what a sliver of this countryeels ar you know, is ignored by mainstream networks. what of all of this do you think has to do with trump? >> well, obviously he sets the tone as the president of the united states. but she has to take responsibility for her actions
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and for what she said. and she's kind of been all over the map with it between yesterday and today and who knows in the next following days. i wish there was some creative way that she could step aside, give her profits to the naacp and let the actors, which there are so many talented people on the show could keep working and still tell the stories of middle america and people that are suffering and wanting to work day to day and having to look through the couch for loose change just to get by. >> last question 0 to 10, what are the chances she gives all of her money to the naacp, stan? >> i'm an optimist. i'm going to give it a ten but i'm not crossing my fingers or betting on it. >> stan zimmermann, thank you so much for all of your work on the original show. appreciate it. the president once again going after his own attorney general, this time saying he wishes he had chosen someone else. ouch. plus a republican congressman
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from the russia investigation and once again president trump tweeted his scorn at sessions. this time trey gowdy was talking about understanding trump's frustrations and since the president was not told about trump's obsession to recuse. he quote ends "there are lots of good lawyers in the country, he could have picked somebody else" and the president then added "and i wish he did." the tweet comes just as the "new york times" writes how big a part it's playing in the decision. robert mueller is investigating that claim, along with any russian influence on the trump campaign. that brings me to our senior congressional correspondent manu raju. and you have breaking news. tell me what you know.
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>> the senate intelligence committee has been the main committee investigating russia meddling and they've avoided the pitfalls like in the house intelligence committee. we're learning where some of the members on the committee fall on that key question they've been investigating for more than a year, whether the trump associates and trump campaign in any way colluded with the russians. my colleague interviewed virtually every member on that economy. we're learning that the division still comes down along party lines despite more than a year of investigation, republicans saying they haven't seen any effort of collusion, the democrats are saying there's plenty of information and the committee needs to dig deeper pap committee source says there is consensus about whether or not there were those problematic contacts within the trump campaign and the russians but the investigation needs to continue about whether or not there is actually collusion that
11:18 am
occurred in 2016. now, this includes a breakdown of moderates like susan collins of maine who said she has not seen evidence of collusion but democrats like ride widen of oregon said all the meetings that have occurred and the like showed a very clear intention among trump associates to try to work with the russians potentially to sway the elections. now, some of the frustration comes down to the fact that the special counsel, robert mueller, appears to be able to do a much deeper dive in this investigation, people like joe manchin of west virginia said it will be up to mueller to decide if there was collusion. a key question for the leaders of this committee, richard burr, mark warner, about putting out a report about what they know before the november mid terms, people like susan collins are
11:19 am
resistant of the idea of putting out so politically charged ahead of a campaign, they want to put it until after the mid terms. right nou they want to work on reaffirming that 2016 community intelligence assessment that the russians did try to help donald trump win the elections but that key question about whether anyone in the trump campaign worked with the russians, an outstanding question, still falling down along party lines and a lot of members now saying perhaps the congress will not be able to resolve this at all, it will be up to the special counsel to make that decision at the end of the day. >> manu, thank you very much. the president's personal attorney general michael cohen was back in washington today.
11:20 am
michael avenatti represents the porn star stormy daniels, who is suing cohen as well as the president. >> just like the nixon tapes years ago, we now have what i will refer to as the trump ta s tapes. mr. ryan admitted that there are audio recordings that michael cohen was taking for years and that those recordings are to quote him, not only do they exist but they are under lock and key. mr. cohen and his attorney, mr. ryan, should release all of those audio recordings to the american people and to congress so that they can be heard by all and people can make their own determination as to their importance relating to the president and whab he knew and when he knew it and what he did as it relates to conspiring with michael cohen to commit one or more potential crimes.
11:21 am
>> let's start there. daniel goldman is with me, a former assistant federal attorney. dan, these are avenatti's claims that these tapes exist between stormy daniels's first attorney and he's apparently almost taken to quitter, almost implying perhaps trump is on the tapes, we don't know, using the #trump tapes. a, what can be on these tapes? b, how might they play here? >> well, there are two separate issues. the tapes, if there are any between cohen and keith davidson, stormy daniels' previous attorney, would be very relevant to the investigation and would probably not be privileged tapes. the reason i bring up the
11:22 am
privilege is that cohen and trump is a privileged communication almost certainly. at a minimum if they were discussing the stormy daniels issue, where both have said that michael cohen represented donald trump. so even if there are tapes between cohen and trump, there are multiple layers ofeview that wouldeed to happen befor they would be turned over to anyone because of the attorney/client privilege. >> again, we don't know much. is there anything that worries you? >> well, sure. this is avenatti going to the press, to the public and saying, hey, you should turn these over, meaning that the government or the attorneys that have possession of these tapes should just turn them over to the public. he knows better. there's a process for this. this is a public relations stunt for this. it's another reason for him to get his name in the news today. there's a review, like you said, for privilege and there's a subpoena process or a document
11:23 am
discovery or document and things in terms of production of tapes like this. there's a process that's supervised by the courts this turning over this information. no one is just going to turn that over. it would be malpractice. >> if i could jump in, too. it's very interesting after that court hearing michael avenatti goes in front of the media and makes this pronouncement when he was seriously and significantly chastised at the judge at this court hearing for speaking out so much about this case and she has said you want a seat at the table here. if you're going to have a seat at the table, you cannot be off spouting accusations and other assertions outside of the narrow pathway that you are -- which then immediately after that hearing he goes out and does that. so to the extent that he actually have a bona fide, good-faith reason for being
11:24 am
involved in the dispute, he certainly seems to have larger aspirations. >> i want to get to the president's attorney general jeff sessions. so the president takes to twitter. this is after this "new york times" piece comes out where the news is con coveruncovered abou president had gone to sessions and said, hey, i want you to unrecuse yourself and now the president latches on to what trey gowdy said, saying i don't want this gs my attorney general, saying this so publicly. why would he do that? >> the president under article 2 of the constitution can appoint who he wants as attorney general. it's been clear from the beginning that he was disappointed that sessions recused himself. i'm sure he was disappointed that and had said publicly that he was not consulted beforehand. >> but because of his involvement during the campaign,
11:25 am
russian officials, recommendation from the council -- >> from a legal perspective, he should have recused himself. how he went about that and communicated that to the president is something the president can and should take issue. >> so why is he demanding such a -- >> you have rag eagan, who appointed lawyer who had been with him for years. bush, alberto gonzalez, haeric holder, a loyalist to president obama. there's a history of attorney generals being loyal to the president that appointed them. they're a member of the cabinet. they're appointed by the president and it's the president's prerogative under article 2. >> but it takes a very different tone and tenor when the president and his campaign are under investigation, which none
11:26 am
of those other presidents that you've cited were. and when you then start talking about wanting a loyalist, particularly as it relates to the recusal, which trump and his lawyer should have known was required by d.o.j. regulations. it shouldn't have been a surprise when jeff sessions said i was very integrally involved in your campaign, i there cannot oversee an investigation into your campaign. when he says i want a loyalist, it's not just someone who has been with me and i know well, he wants someone to protect him in an investigation to him and others. >> or he wants an investigation run appropriately and didn't think a special counsel was the way to go. either way you look at it, the president has the way to appoint that attorney general with the advice and con isn't of the senate. he was confirmed at that point in time so it was certainly within his prerogative to ask for his resignation if he wanted to. he chose not to. maybe he's having buyer's
11:27 am
remorse at this point. >> trey gowdy said this. roll it. >> i'm even more convinced that the fbi did exactly what my fellow citizens would want them to do when they got the information they got and that it has nothing to do with donald trump. >> again, this is someone who oversaw the benghazi hearings. he's saying the president's repeated claims that there was a spy into his campaign, he's saying they're false. they're false. >> there was a confidential informant, right? >> well, the president says a spy. >> but he's saying there was a confidential informant in the campaign. that was a fact. >> confidential source. >> a confidential source. and it is -- that is somewhat normal procedure for the fbi, right? there's no question about that. >> totally. >> what they're communicating back in terms of who they're
11:28 am
communicating to, we haven't seen any evidence that there was anything nefarious going on. certainly it's within the president's purview to call into question, but now gowdy has seen it and debunked it. >> because we haven't seen the documents. >> but gowdy said it had nothing to do with the president of theins the capacity of the president of the united states at the. not a lot of people are talking about that. >> what is clear is that the confidential informant was not having discussions with the president but was focused on individuals -- >> protecting the president. >> perhaps protecting the president or ferreting out
11:29 am
national security threats. so the president may be to the side of this that is absolutely a real possibility here. but to then accuse of fbi of planting a spy for political purposes, not for legimate purposes -- >> which is what the president -- >> is exactlyhat trey gowdy has debunked. and this is not an apartison development. >> agreed. >> coming up, the stunning study estimating more than 4,800 people were killed in the aftermath of hurricane maria in puerto rico. as a control enthusiast,
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comcast, building america's largest gig-speed network. we're getting some shocking new numbers into cnn, the new estimate putting the death toll to hurricane maria 70 times higher than the official death toll. according to these harvard researchers, more than 4,600 people died in the aftermath of hurricane maria, and they say that's a conservative estimate. more than 4,600 people dead. for the record, the island's official death toll stands at 64. researchers say many of the deaths were due in part to power
11:35 am
outages that affected medical care and other services. i have with me bethany frankel, and she a suitcase with 100,000 gift cards and raised more than $300,000 through her foundation. >> ah, how old are you? 7? my daughter is 7 also. can you imagine? i think you need it, $600, okay? >> oh, my god. >> oh, i didn't do anything but
11:36 am
i'll take a hug. and bethany is with me here. first the news on the death toll, the fact that the official estimate is 64 people and the new number is 4,600. >> that is recorded. i'm the only one who is not surprised. i tweeted in october, i've been there six-plus times now, i was just there two weeks ago. in the beginning i tweeted they were saying there were 17 deaths. i had seem people in excess of a hundred who were dying. and we've sent 50 million in relief and when we were there, i was sending patients home. so every plane that went there filled with relae, patientierel sick people who were dying, were coming home. and we were in the mountains where people couldn't get to,
11:37 am
people who were ankle deep in mud, people today still have no electricity, no ipad. >> why did you throw so much of yourself into this island? >> after helping in houston and then in mexico after the earthquake, i realized i had a skill set and puerto rico was the most challenging because people were telling me you can't go because they have no water or electricity. and i said i have to go. this was before trump went there. when you do something and lead, that's when people jump in, that's how we got the cargo, that's how we amassed the airplanes and that's how we raised $1.1 million in cash. it was $1.1 million in cash that goes directly into people's
11:38 am
hands. >> why was that so important that you gave them cash? it's my understanding you really care about rebuilding the communities, putting money back in these local economies that have been so totally devastated. >> in the beginning people need water, rice, beans, the medicine, the respirators and the solar power. people are spending a thousand dollars a month to get their electricity on to get their dialysis. the reason for the cash is, a, dignity. they know what they need. they could need water, insulin, diaper, a thermometer. they know. and lastly, to pump money into the economy. it needs to be rebuilt. and not every inch of the island looks like that. so many places do. there was still power outages when i was there two weeks ago. people see san juan and think it working. >> you've been there six or seven times.
11:39 am
have you seen improvements? >> you see improvements but it's hard to keep up because the power keeps going out. the poor keep getting poorer. san juan will survive because there are hotels and all that. places in the mountains, people have no homes, their kids are depressed, dogs without legs. it's a very bad situation. it has never not been a crisis and this is going to be another hurricane season that's supposed to be worse. so people need to lock their doors before they get robbed and people need to know who they're investing their money in to give directly to people. so much corruption. >> there are all these reports that tens of thousands of people are fleeing the island to florida. do you get the sense in talking to people on the ground that puerto ricans are giving up on puerto rico? >> two things are happening. people in puerto rico, they're very family centric and they
11:40 am
will have nothing and be living in mud and have rats and they'll be loving because they're with their family. they have fortitude, we're strong, we're not giving up. the power goes out and they're not complainers. we would go to the house and give a cash card and by accident go again and they say you already gave me one, give it to that person. so they have an amazing spirit but they're being kicked like dogs and it's time for them to finally get a little break. now with this hurricane season, they might not get that break. >> bethenny frankel, thanks so much. stay in contact. if you want to find out how to help puerto rico go to bestro
11:41 am
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president trump going after one of his favorite targets at last night's campaign rally in nashville, the media. his vitriolic comments drummed up the crowd. >> there they are right back there. they're fake. they are fake. look how many of them. look how many of them. oh, boy. that's a lot of people back there. that's a lot of people. fake news.
11:45 am
>> jim later tweeted out this photo who said there were plenty of people who came up to him with nice things to say but cnn political analyst and white house reporter tweeted this, "depressing sight at at trump rally in nashville, adorable young boy, probably about my son's age pointing iphone at me and other reporters and snapping pix while screaming "fake news." >> there was one man standing in front of what we affectionately call the press cage and he was yelling "scumbag at us." we can show that to you and
11:46 am
paint the picture for you a little bit more, brooke. >> okay. >> these scumbags. you're disgusting! that's the scumbag right there. look at the scumbag! you work for cnn, dude. you work for cnn. you're a scumbag! >> it is a little surreal to hear that stuff hurled at you while elton john's "tiny dancer" is playing in the background. this gentleman came up to me wearing a "you are fake news" t-shirt, he came up to me and we
11:47 am
shook hands. i thought it was fascinating. so many people came up to us and they would express their frustration and parrot things they hear on fox news and other conspiracy oriented networks. but after they talked to you -- i wonder if trump supporters are going to run out of anger before the president himself does. i was starting to get the sense of that last night. so many people came up to us and more than a few of them said thank you for what you do, we know you really get targeted can he white house but we appreciate what you're doing. my sense of it is as the president whips up this frenzy and tries to turn the crowd against us at this rally, there are many of them who enjoy the
11:48 am
show and know some of this is an act but in the long run they may be coming out of this sense of hostility that he's placed in many of them towards us. that was i think, you know, representative by that gentleman in the you are fake news t shirt. he came up to me and we had a nice ten-meinute conversation about what was happening in the news. my sense is while the president seems to have this ability to divide and conquer and pit one crowd against another that maybe over te his supporters might say this isn't working anymore. they want to binge watch something else. >> i love that. you're so right. get out in the country and listen to what other people have to say. when you end up face to face and having a conversation, you find out you actually aren't that much different than you initially thought. >> we're all americans. that's right. >> we are, we are. you called out the president's erroneous statement about how
11:49 am
long african-americans in this country have been able to vote and for whom they have historically voted. tell me about that. >> it's interesting, he calls us fake news and gets us them to c us fake news but yet he spreads fake news himself. at one point he talked about african-american voters and said they've been voting for democrats over a hundred years. here's what he had to say. >> african-americans vote for democrats for the most part. you know, vast majority. they've been doing it for over a hundred years. >> reporter: either the president is telling fake news himself there or he hasn't read a history book and doesn't understand the vote beiing right is 1965, that is what gave african-americans the right to vote, especially in the south where there were so many
11:50 am
barriers. it's another indication the president projecting on to us, he wants to call us fake news but he is spreading fake news. this is what happens all the time covering the president. he'll call us fake news and then spread fake news of his own. >> just go back to that. ♪ don't know much about history ♪ >> she may be cancelled but she's anything but quiet. roseanne with brand new comments about her racist tweets and a brand new defense. stand by. with a level of protection in down markets. so you can be less concerned about your retirement savings. talk with your advisor about shield annuities from brighthouse financial- established by metlife.
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fitness day with a number of activities on the south lawn, including flag football, baseball, volleyball, golf, soccer and track. the administration is committed to highlighting the benefits of
11:55 am
youth support and declining participation rates through the development of a national strategy. as the mom of three preschoolers, i support them burning as much energy as possible and i think sports is a great way to do that. lastly a special happy birthday goes out to my nephew thatcher, who turns one today. with that, i will take your questions. john. >> reporter: now that trey gowdy who has actually seen all the classified information on what the fbi was doing says there is nothing to the allegations that they were spying on the trump campaign and in fact gowdy says that the fbi was doing exactly what they should have been doing, given what trey gowdy says is the president prepared to retract his allegation that the fbi was spying on his campaign? >> clearly there's still cause for concern that needs to be looked at. let's not forget the deput of the director of the fbi was fired for misconduct. the president's concerned about the matter and we'll continue to follow the issue. >> reporter: gowdy was in the
11:56 am
briefing, he knows what was done and he's saying these allegations are baseless, there was no spying on the trump cap pa -- campaign. >> like i just said, the deputy director of the fbi was fired for misconduct. there are -- i'm not finished. there are a number of things that have been reported on and that show i think not just for the president but a number of americans, a large cause for concern and we'd like to see this fully looked into and we'll continue to follow that matter. steve. sorry, jonathan. we're going to keep moving. >> reporter: what does secretary pompeo need to hear from the north koreans for the summit to go forward? >> we're continuing to prepare for the meeting between the president and the north korean leader. as the president says, if it happens, we'll certainly be ready. we've got not only the meeting you just mentioned, secretary of state pompeo is meeting with the president currently, and when he finishes that meeting, he'll be headed to new york for dinner
11:57 am
tonight, as well as a day full of meetings tomorrow. the advanced team led by deep y i -- deputy chief of staff joe ha haggan met with the team in singapore today. we want to thank our strategic partner in singapore who has been incredibly generous in agreeing to host the summit and the president is thankful to prime minister lee for all their efforts. the ambassador met with north korean officials earlier today as well and their talks will continue. so far the readout from these meetings have been positive and we'll continue to move forward wi them. >> reporter: is there a denuclearization plan taking shape? >> the conversation is going to be focused on denuclearization of the peninsula. there's what these ongoing conversations taking place now
11:58 am
will be centered on as well as this summit that would take place in singapore. we're going to continue as long as that is part of the suggestion, we're going to continue to shoot for the june 12th. >> reporter: the nuclear program that north korea also has other weapons of mass destruction and biological weapons, does the president intend to raise those? >> i'm not going to get ahead of all of the topics that may come up, the priority focus that we have discussed and that are ongoing conversations with the secretary pompeo, as well as the dmz are focused on the denak sau -- denuclearization of the peninsula. i'm just going to do one question today. francesca. >> reporter: i do have two. number one -- >> i'm going to do one question today so i can get in as many people as possible.
11:59 am
>> reporter: i'm make it my only question. on north korea and the possible summit, can you tell us what your deadline is at this point for deciding whether or not that will or will not happen and on a completely separate topic, kim kardashian is supposed to be at the white house today, can you tell us a little bit more about that, who she plans to meet with, it's been reported she'll meet with jared kushner and president trump? >> she's confirmed she's going to be here at the white house. in terms of north korea we are preparing and expect that to take place on june 12th and we'll be ready if it does on june 12th and if it's not, we'll be ready if it takes place on july 12th. >> reporter: if kim jong un is not living up to the president's expectations and he is still frustrated with him, why doesn't he fire him instead of nursing this so publicly. >> the president has made his
12:00 pm
feelings known and i don't have any announcements at this point. >> reporter: drug makers will have a voluntary massive drop in their prices. is there anything more you can tell us on exactly when this is going to happen and how widespread this massive drop of prices will be? >> i can't give details but we expect some specific policy pieces to come out on that. kelly. >> reporter: has the president spoken to roseanne barr, as we know has been a long-time friend of his and why did he choose to address the abc apology instead of the racist issues -- >> no one is defending what she said. the president is the president of all americans and he's focused on doing what is best for our country. can you see that in the actions that he's taken. you can see where he's focused on unemployment being at the lowest continues 2000, opportunit