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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  May 30, 2018 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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feelings known and i don't have any announcements at this point. >> reporter: drug makers will have a voluntary massive drop in their prices. is there anything more you can tell us on exactly when this is going to happen and how widespread this massive drop of prices will be? >> i can't give details but we expect some specific policy pieces to come out on that. kelly. >> reporter: has the president spoken to roseanne barr, as we know has been a long-time friend of his and why did he choose to address the abc apology instead of the racist issues -- >> no one is defending what she said. the president is the president of all americans and he's focused on doing what is best for our country. can you see that in the actions that he's taken. you can see where he's focused on unemployment being at the lowest continues 2000, opportunity investment zones to
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encourage investment in underserved communities, an opioid initiative and today the president signed legislation to give patients the right to try medication that may save their lives. and while the president signed that legislation, two networks chose not to cover it and covered something totally different. a massive piece of legislation that had bipartisan support, that was life changing, literally life changing for millions of americans, two networks chose not to cover the president's remarks on that. he's simply pointing out the bias. the president is pointing to the hypocrisy saying the most horrible things about this president and nobody addresses it. where was bob iger's apology to the white house staff and for joy baier's statements about l
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mental illness. and where was bob iger when comments were made about the president? >> does the white house have any evaluation of its own of the recently released study estimating that more than 4,600 people died in puerto rico as a result of hurricane maria? and if that number is accurate, does this indicate the administration's response to the storm was inadequate? >> the president takes the situation in puerto rico extremely seriously and the administration has been monitoring that from the beginning. we've been supportive of the governor's efforts to ensure
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full account and transparency. the two category four hurricanes that hit puerto rico were historic and we responded with the largest fema operation in history. we'll continue to work with the people of puerto rico and do everything we can to be helpful. >> reporter: are there any concerns or any risks on continuing to push china on the tariffs in trade considering their relationship with north korea and what the president had said about president xi and kim jong un? >> the president continues to have a good relationship with president xi, he's concerned with making sure we no longer allow china to play on a different level playing field than the rest of us. he's going to call that out and
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make those changes. we're continuing to work with china and have conferriversatio with this k when it comes to north korea. >> you have a turbulent situation in italy right now. is the administration monitoring it as well as the devastating affect it appears to be having on the markets in southern europe? and will the president consider strong intervention in that situation through the imf, very much as the previous administration did with greece two years ago? >> italy have one of our closest allies and we look forward to continuing to work closely with the new government after it's formed. we realize they are a great democracy and are able to choose their own paths forward. we're continuing to monitor that and stay in very close touch with our allies.
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jennifer. >> reporter: the extension ends again soon, when do you think you'll have an announcement on what will happen next and is there any chance there will be another extension? >> we'll keep you posted. >> reporter: can you clarify comments about trey gowdy. you said there's still cause for concern, meaning about what the president says was a spy in his campaign or cause for concern in general about the fbi? >> i think both. the president still has concerns about whether or not the fbi acted inappropriately having people in his campaign and certainly the president has concerns about the overall conduct of the fbi when it comes to this process. >> reporter: who was in the campaign? it was referred to they were in the campaign. >> i'm not going to get into those details but the president has expressed very publicly his concern as did the outside counsel.
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blake. >> reporter: last weekend secretary steven mnuchin said the trade was on hold, and there was the threat offer ten tariff now $50 billion in tariffs. >> i didn't say it was on hold indefinitely. the president makes decisions on trade and we announce them and that's what's happened. >> reporter: how comfortable does the president feel he's going to have an agreement on nafta before the summit? >> look, we're continuing to have those negotiations and we'll keep you posted if they get a deal finalized. the young colleague in the back. hopefully these aren't as tough
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as bring your kids to school down question. >>recently we had a lockdown. one thing that spaeaffects our students is worrying about being hurt at school. what does administration do? >> this administration takes it seriously and the school safety commission that the president convened is meeting this week in an official meeting to discuss the best ways forward and how we can do every single thing within our power to protect kids in our schools and to make them feel safe and make their parents feel good about dropping them off. eamon. >> you mentioned bob iger a moment ago and asked where is his apology to the white house. has anybody from the white house
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been in touch with bob iger on those issues specifically? >> i'm not aware of any specific or direct conversations. andrew. >> reporter: is the peninsula the main discussion in singapore, does that include the position of u.s. bombers and submarines that cover the peninsula? >> i'm not going to get into the details or negotiate that here. certainly our focus will be on total denuclearization of the peninsula and verifiable confirmation of that. beyond that i can't get into any details. >> you're talking about north korea and not u.s. weapons systems. >> correct. >> reporter: has the president received any classified briefings of the details of the intelligence represented to trey gowdy and if he still believes there's cause for concern, why doesn't he just declassify the
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documents? >> i'm not going to get into those certainly not here and not today. thanks so much, guys. we look forward to seeing you in a few minutes at the sports fitness day. >> reporter: where are the president's policies for the things he said? >> we'll talk about the president's tweet, saying he doesn't want his current attorney general. dana bash and david chalian, let me bring you in. dana, you're a moment, sarah sanders is a moment. when that child in the back asked that question and it was hard to hear, you got the sense of the question regarding school shootings and how is the white house keeping me safe, that moment of humanity in that briefing in sarah sanders having a tough time keeping it together answering him. >> yeah. it looked like it was going to potentially be a light-hearted moment going to a young reporter
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and he had the toughest question in the room because of who he is. he is a young person who said basically i'm scared to go to school because i don't want to get shot and that's what my friends feel. and, you know, sarah sanders is, you know, as they said a mom of three and i can't imagine having to take that question from a young person who is expressing the fear that frankly young people around the country are feeling every single day unfortunately, going to do the most basic thing, going to school. now obviously there are and should be criticisms of the inaction of this administration, of this congress, that allows a young person t feel that way, but in tt moment for those 30 seconds, it was just a young kid and a person who was trying to
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walk that line between being a representative of an administration that has had no action and somebody who sends her kids to school every day. >> the other thing is you understand the political power of the parkland kids and the movement. you could see the way sarah sanders from that podium broke down the artifice with the reporters, a bit of a kabuki dance in washington and was in the moment and responding emotionally to this kid. because he's representative of a student community, i thought we got an example there of why we've seen such political power in that parkland movement. >> true. >> on to roseanne, on to we've seen a tweet from the president and we'll throw it up on the screen where he basically makes this about him and doesn't say what actually sarah sanders did say, that her comments were
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inappropriate but then saying it was a double standard, went through all these different attacks, bob iger and folks at abc have had and they're saying where were the apologies from bob iger. david, what did you think? >> i felt this was a classic communication strategy to redefine the conversation around this. the white house is not at all interested in talking about roseanne barr, a key supporter of the president and her racist tweet. they want to make the conversation about a double standard of the press. she came completely prepared for this moment, was reading from it and said jamelle hill, joy behar, kathy griffin, tick, particula tick, tick, tick. they're trying to shift the conversation about a racist tweet from roseanne and abc
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saying that goes beyond the pale to a conversation about a double standard. >> not only was shetra transparetran transpare transparently trying to shift the conversation -- >> she's saying she's not a racist and it was still a bad joke. >> exactly. ate heard from the podium is saying no one is defending these comments, which may be true, but the president of the united states who has the biggest, loudest mega phone of anybody is not condemning them either and that speaks volumes. >> jim acosta, let me pivot over to you. what were you asking at the end? >> i tried to ask where were the
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president's policies for all the things he's said over the years. sarah sanders was careful to point it out and turn it back on the media and asked why haven't personalities at network apologized to people, but he launched his campaign saying mexican immigrants are rapists, he's said over the years in talking about african-american athletes, calling them sons of bitches, calling them in charlottesville there are very fine people or both sides. these are all comments he's made over the years where people on both sides of the aisle have been clamoring, almost begging the president to apologize for comments he's made. you only have to go to a trump campaign rally once in your life to hear the kind of hostility that he generates on an almost daily basis. so it's a bit much, i think, for the white house press secretary from the podium to come out here and try to shame the media and say it's somehow our fault that
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roseanne barr put out this tweet. one question not asked of sarah sanders by the way was yesterday she said the president has more important thanksgiving to dings. sometimes there are not more important things than the president's grudges that he feels he has to nurse on a daily basis and that's why he posted that tweet going after abc. he just can't help himself, brooke. that was in direct contrast to what sarah sanders told reporters yesterday that the president had other things to do and here he comes out today and starts tweeting about roseanne barr. it just gets to the lack of seriousness. forget about the fact that kim kardashian is here at the white house today. and what planet that is anything resembling normal because it's not. she shouldn't be here talking about prison reform. it's very nice that she is here but that's not a serious thing to have happen here at the white house. but really that pales in
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comparison, that level of seriousness pales in comparison to what the president does when he weighs in on the roseanne barr tweet, fails to condemn the racism at the heart of her remarks and having the white house press secretary coming out here and shaming the media and blaming us for making all sorts of comments that need apologies when they themselves owe the american people plenty of apologies for things that the president has said over the years. and of course we know past being pro log with this president, those apologies likely will not be forthcoming, brooke. >> at the tip top she was asked about trey gowdy, the republicans house oversight chair who said what he did, totally debunking this whole conspiracy theory that's been played and played and played bit president that is spy was planted to spy on his campaign and what sarah sanders said is that trump still finds cause for concern. you heard the reporter shouting, well, what's the evidence?
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i didn't hear anything. >> reporter: no. and she said the president continues to have concern about what the so-called informant or confidential source was doing inside the trump campaign and when it was pointed out trey gowdy, a fellow republican was doing what they're supposed to do, trying to get to the bottom of whether there was meddling inside the 2016 election. one thing we did not hear from the podium today was any kind of evidence about this other thing that the president tweeted yesterday warning that somehow the special counsel's office is going to be meddling in the upcoming mid-term elections, once again calling us fake news, spreading fake news themselves and not showing any evidence to justify this or back it up. >> what do you this about that? >> first of all, on the trey gowdy situation, i don't think there was any expectation that sarah sanders was going to come out and say, you know what, he's right, he's got a point, okay,
12:18 pm
we're going to move on to the next thing, spygate wasn't really a thing. there's just no way. she wouldn't be the spokesperson tomorrow or five minutes. the fact that she didn't dwell on it said even more. to me that was sort of reading and speaking the trump language we've learned to speak for the last three years, that was as close as we're going to get from her as a blow-off. not an acknowledgement but a blow-off. >> she did but she also said that does not change our belief in that this is still worthy of investigation. she also from the trump play book took the rule of no retreat whatsoever. so she didn't dwell on it and she didn't come prepared with as long of a statement as she did as trying to change the topic
12:19 pm
away from roseanne barr's racist tweet, not only did she say i s it's -- she said it needs to be more investigated as to how more broadly the fbi has been conducting itself inappropriately in this investigation. >> david and dana, thank you. >> speaking of roseanne, moments ago a new tweet from her saying she is not a racist and that she has spent her life fighting for civil rights. a new statement from a disney executive about the decision to cancel her show. >> plus stormy daniels says there may be tapes from her lawyer and conversations about hush money from years ago and she wants them released.
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you just heard shaarah sands a second ago. this is what he said just a moment ago. >> he's simply pointing out the bias the president is pointing to the hypocrisy in the media, saying the most horrible things about this president and nobody addresses it. where was bob iger's apology to the president, to christian around the world for joy behar? and where was the apology for keith olbermann after his num ra
12:25 pm
tiff tweets calling the president a nazi. >> so she's made a new comment, roseanne barr has. she's issued the new defense, saying it cost her and her staff their jobs. i i am not a racist. i never was and never will be. one stupid joke in a lifetime of fighting for civil rights for all minorities against networks studios at the pence of my ver vows system/family/wealth will never be taken from me. good to see both of you. dean to you first. we'll get to your piece in a second. but just on this massive pivot,
12:26 pm
claim of double standard from the white house you say -- >> i say apparently donald trump still has a problem calling something that's racist racist. after charlottesville we had the same problem. jake tapper on this network asked donald trump about david duke. all of a should he didn't know who david duke was. donald trump is moving cultural norms backwards. abc said if you're going to use racist comment, we're not going to have it at our network. >> he won't there. jim accoosta ask him, why don't donald trump apologize. >> i applaud sarah for saying we
12:27 pm
don't defend the comments but it would be helpful if they would denounce them. this is a very teachable moment for the president. this is not about political correctness, this is about human decency. you don't talk about people and maybe these disparaging comment about people without consequences. clearly the president is not going to go there. it wouldn't hurt him at all for him himself to say this is not acceptable, we cannot accept this. if you remember after roseanne barr did the awful national anthem, at least president bush had the decency to say this is disgusting. it would be helpful for the president to do that. >> let me remind you of your words. "what is surprising is the apparent immediately eye turned of by the people who have brought us this rebooted roseanne, a decision that abc may regret." you were right. and when she talked about
12:28 pm
fightfigh fighting for civil rights, what is she referring to? >> that's untrue. roseanne bar -- comments about jews, dressing up like hitler and pretending to have cookies that are kids like they're kid coming out of the holocaust. she called me personally names years ago simply because independent palestinian, called me anti-semitic and equated me of being a terrorist simply because of my heritage. then she blocked me. she has not pushed the conversation forward. she's demonized communities of color and demonized muslims. i cannot believe abc hired her in the first place. but i applaud them for moving so briskly and quickly, sending a message in america. >> clearly abc wanted to be
12:29 pm
inclusive, they wanted to tell the stories of people in this country who perhaps had been ignored, right? and in a sense you want to say kudos to them for doing that. it worked because 20 million people had tuned in. how do they engage in that section of america without being stung by something like this? >> you don't let roseanne barr be the one to represent that swath of america. i loved the remake of it. she and that show gave middle america, blue collar, working class americans a seat at the table in hollywood. the entertainment world said, hey, we can entertain an idea, it doesn't mean we have to accept it. and unfortunately they took a gamble on someone they knew who was a little out there and has done things off the charts before and unfortunately they lost. but i applaud them for standing ground and not putting up with it. >> a little kooky?
12:30 pm
>> i'm a progressive and there should be things. just roseanne was not the person for at ththat. let's have someone who is a mainstream conservative. we we should have all points of view represented in the media. >> there is some media bias and joy behar has some horrible things, keith olbermann has said some horrible things, kathy griffin, but they all paid a price, except for joy behar. this isn't a time to play what aboutism. it a time to tuck aboalk about comment that cannot be tolerated. >> i think there are people out there who think they can get away with what trump said from demonizing a disabled person who horrible stuff about muslims and
12:31 pm
mate mate latinos. you can't say this stuff. i had anthony scaramucci on my radio show and he told me how he got fired. he said you said these curse words to a reporter. he said what about president trump and the comments on the "access hollywood" tape and he said you're not president. as a lawyer, you're going to lose your job. >> you can't say it. >> you can't do it. >> president trump says he wishes he had chosen a different attorney general, this as we learn about new details of the president's attempts to get jeff sessions to reverse his recusal from the russia investigation. plus a top house republican debunks the theory about the notion there was a spy planted in his campaign. moments ago the white house press secretary refused to back down from that claim. back in a moment.
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we're back. i'm brooke baldwin. stormy daniels lawyer michael avenatti has chosen to pull his participation in the federal criminal case of cohen. this comes that a judge warned avenatti you would have to, quote, stop your publicity tour. but he did not go quietly. he stood in front of microphones and called for recordings
12:37 pm
seized. he calls them the "trump tapes." >> mr. cohen and his attorney, mr. ryan, should release all of those audio recordings to the american people and to congress so that they can be heard by all and people can make their own determinations as to their importance relating to the president and what he knew and when he knew it and what he did as a relates to conspiring with michael cohen to commit one or more potential crimes. >> let start there. nelson cunninghkuncunningham is us. >> it's a pleasure to be here. >> michael avenatti said this tape recording exists. avenatti maintained it was privileged information.
12:38 pm
assuming avenatti is telling the truth, what could be on these tapes and do you think they'll ever be made public? >> for one thing it's one clear what avenatti's source of information is. it's unclear what he knows. remember, he asked to be part of the team that could go through the cohen documents and the judge declined to make him part of that team and today he withdrew because he wasn't going to get his way. so it's unclear what he actually knows and he's just heard rumors andes hugh he's using it to spi tales. if there was recordings between stormy daniels and michael cohen, there would not be a claim of privilege there and it could be turned over to the prosecutors investigating the case. mr. avenatti might try to get it in civil discovery because he thinks it might help his case. whether there's a great public interest in it, hard to know. >> let me ask you, nelson, about
12:39 pm
how the president took to twitter today saying very publicly he wishes he had not chosen jeff sessions for attorney general. in addition, it's "the new york times" reporting in march of 2017 the president had gone to sessions and asked him to reverse his recusal from the russia investigation. sessions refused to do that, trump asking him to unrecuse himself. also part of mueller's big obstruction investigation, broader than the firing of james comey, what does that signal to you? >> the president keeps on failing to understand that lawyers and especially prosecutors and those in law enforcement live by principles. there are rules of the game. you play by the rules of game. there are consequences if you do not. jeff sessions' decision to recuse himself was not based on waking up one morning and decided he wanted to do it, it
12:40 pm
was because he realized he might be a potential witness in the case and might be a subject of re investigation because of the role he played inat raccuratein denying he had a role in dealing with the russians. the president keeps on failing to understand that you can't just ask a lawyer and a law enforcement official forget the principles that make you who you are. >> the point also i made a second ago is that trump tweeted today that he wished he hadn't chosen sessions, who is still his current attorney general. have you ever seen anything like that, nelson, from a sitting president? >> it's as extraordinary as anything i've seen. i became a prosecutor 30 years ago last month and i can't recall anything like this before. >> nelson cunningham, thank you.
12:41 pm
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right now at the white house president trump is speaking and promoting the benefits of physical fitness and youth sports. the president is not exactly the exercise type, but this event comes amid news that he has changed his diet. you remember the result of his physical, he was borderline obese and ate too much fast food. now cnn has learned that he has ditched steak for fish and is trying to lose 10 to 15 pounds. so kaitlin collins is our cnn white house reporter. ladies, thank you for being on.
12:46 pm
ca kaitlin, the president wants to lose a couple lbs. what else? >> he does. there have been questioned been raised about his own fitness. the president's doctor came out, had just conducted a medical evaluation on the president, said he was in good health for someone his age, someone coming up on 72 but did say the president had set a goal of losing 10 to 15 pounds. instead of the well-done steaks he likes slathered out in ketchup, he changed them out for fish. and the president who enjoys a
12:47 pm
hamburger is now eating them without the top bun. in addition, the white house chefs here have been instructed to keep that in mind as they're creating dishes for the president, the calorie and fat intake, to change those as well. as far as exercise, though, we have not been able to detect a change in the president's workout routine. he has famously downplayed exercise at times saying he believes it poses more of a risk than reward. that does come in addition to him playing golf regularly, something he does with a golf cart. it is interesting the president is highlighting health and fitness at quite a remarkable event. there are kids in football outfits, soccer nets, the president was throwing around a few footballs earlier. the president highlighting futu fitness, while there are questions about his own. >> when i hear kaitlin say he's
12:48 pm
taking the top bun off his cheeseburger, it's like saying i'm eating the triple chocolate cake, but i'm not eating the top layer of icing. assess all of that for me. >> i'm a family physician and i see patients all the time. so many of us are trying to lose weight and become healthier. i really do believe small changes do make a difference. have i to say overall, we do need to be promoting exercise and good diet. so i'm happy to see this initiative and that we're promoting this idea of good nutrition and getting out and being active because that's really something we need. >> you talk about being active and we know that the president's form of exercise is golf, as kaitlin was just reporting, but then it's not like he's walking from hole to hole, he's in a golf cart. how do you trick trump or someone listening or needing a
12:49 pm
little more of a jolt in their lives, how do you trick them into exercise? >> unfortunately, i don't know how many tricks there are in terms of exercise. the most important thing is to do it and got out and do it. this is really for everyone out here listening struggling with their weight or trying to be healthier, it sometimes can be difficult. that's why i do say the small changes really do matter. so even walking further from your car to the grocery store or taking the steps instead of the elevator, those small changes make a difference. we know exercise is so important. obesity is a major problem throughout this country and it's a risk factor for diabetes, hypertension and high cholesterol. not only that, one of the good things is we're talking about sports and fitness. as president trump did say, kids and young people and older people get a lot of social skills and a lot of school development, leadership, et cetera, from being involved in sports. i'm going to be encouraging because
12:50 pm
zb zblu. >> i love it. glass half full. people have been counting home days the public hasn't seen melania trump. she's been recovering from a procedure. she just tweeted. what did she say? >> reporter: this is interesting. we often don't get an unscripted tweet like this from the first lady. there's been a lot of speculation about where she's been since she had the medical procedure a few weeks ago. she hasn't been seen publicly in 20 days. she tweeted, quote, i see the media is working overtime speculating where i am and what i'm doing. she said rest assures, i'm here at the white house with my family feeling great and working hard on behalf of children and the american people. she's not at this event so far on the south lawn of the white house. this sports and fitness event. she was not with the president when he traveled to arlington on
12:51 pm
memorial day to lay a wreath and greet service members. it's notable. those are typically events a first lady would attend. that's why there was speculation. there's the first lady giving us an update. she says we can expect to see her publicly soon. >> kaitlyn, thank you, at the white house event. coming up next, a journalist in ukraine disappears. everyone thinks he's been killed by the russian government. it was reported as such. and today he turns up alive. he says he faked his own death so escape a russian plot to kill him. we are live in moscow with the details of this unbelievable story.
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a prominent russian journalist shot and killed in kiev. his friends and family and even wife thought he was dead. but today a shocking turn of events. [ applause ] ? >> well, well, arkady babchenko turning up alive on ukrainian television. let's go straight to frederick pleitgen. it turns out this guy faked his death to take down a team of russian assassins. can you connect the dots for me? >> reporter: that's what he says. i can tell you, brooke, it was one of the crazier days i've witnessed here. in moscow and generally here in this region, it seems as this was all staged by the ukrainian intelligence service together with the journalists, arkady babchenko, now, he and -- they
12:57 pm
say they uncovered a plot to directed by the russians. was the ukrainians are saying that money had already beenpaid. they say that the only way that they found to stop this plot and apprehend those behind us was to stage this man's death. and brooke, this really seemed to involve not just the intelligence service but pretty much everybody in the ukrainian government. even the prime minister of ukraine went to facebook after it was falsely announced that this man was dead and blamed the russians for it. he lashed out at the russians for it. the russians said it wasn't them, and then mr. babchenko said he was still alive and it was staged and even apologized to his wife for not filling her in. let's listen in to what he had to say. >> translator: first, i would like to apologize for what you've all had to go through. i've buried friends and colleagues. it's a sickening feeling when you have to bury your colleagues. in another way, it was impossible.
12:58 pm
also i would like to apologize to my wife for the hell she has been through in the last two days. i'm sorry, but there were no other options. >> reporter: you wonder when his wife is going to next speak to him or how long that's going to take. however, the ukrainians are celebrating, brooke. they say it was a very successful operation. as you can imagine, though, the russians are absolutely fuming. i have one thing that a russian lawmaker said. he said it was a provocation against russia and disgraced ukraine in the eyes out world. the ukrainian government doesn't care. the president of ukraine saying this was a brilliant operation. >> i don't know how long i would have to wait to talk to my husband again if he pulled something like that. any updates on the suspects? >> reporter: well, so far we know there's two people in custody. that's what the ukrainians are saying. it appears as though one of them seemed to be the person who provided the cash and the other person might be the one who was
12:59 pm
supposed to be the would be assassin. it was interesting. one of the senior members of the ukrainians intelligence service came out and said that one of the suspects at least was only arrested a couple of hours before babchenko came out and said he was actually alive. the ukrainians are saying they believe this was an absolutely successful operation. unclear when they're going to present the suspect and give more details as to who sort of people they apprehended. >> fred pleitgen, thank you. what a story in moscow. just in, kim jong-un's top spy has just arrived in the u.s. we've just gotten the pictures from new york. we're told kim yong-chol has left jfk in new york has he's getting ready to meet with u.s. officials including mike pompeo on this potential nuclear summit. we heard sara sanders mention he was -- pompeo was having lunch with the president and then is heading to meet with this man to
1:00 pm
talk about the meeting on june 12th. i'm brooke baldwin. we'll go to washington. the lead with jake tapper starts right now. the white house takes the occasion of roseanne's racist rant to discuss the serious problem of racism in america. just kidding. they listed all the entertainers who offended president trump. the lead starts right now. rage, regret and russia. president trump unloading on his attorney general saying he wishes he'd hired someone else over jeff sessions' refusal to stay involved in the russia probe. he's calling it nixon 2.0. really? stormy daniels' attorney claiming there could be recorded conversations between president trump and michael cohen. what might the tapes reveal and how much of it might