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tv   Erin Burnett Out Front  CNN  May 30, 2018 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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so i don't see how they're going to want to claim insanity or he didn't know what he was doing. he was taking a call there, he was going to start shooting them, and he was going to be laughing while he was doing it. he laughed in this video and he just planned how he was going to go floor to floor and shoot my daughter and shot her nine times. >> obviously emotional and just horrible, wolf. >> indeed, a terrible ending. erin burnett out front starts right now. outfront next, ignoring the facts, the white house brushes off a key republican who just debunked donald trump's conspiracy theory. plus breaking news, rudy giuliani suggesting president trump won't fire attorney general jeff sessions at least not until the russia investigation is over. and president trump is breaking his silence on roseanne barr. how he turned a racist tweet into an attack on himself. let's go out front.
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good evening, everyone. i'm kate baldwin in for erin burnett. out front tonight deflecting and defiant. the white house refusing to back down on the president's latest conspiracy theory that the fbi planted a spy in his campaign for political purposes. trey gowdy someone who was actually briefed on the intelligence and says he believes the fbi acted appropriately into its investigation. in summary no spy in the trump campaign. >> now that trey gowdy who has actually seen all the classified information on what the fbi is doing says that there is nothing to the allegations that they were spying on the trump campaign, and in fact gowdy says the fbi was doing exactly what they should have been doing, given what trey gowdy has said is the president prepared now to retract his allegation that the fbi was spying on his campaign? >> clearly, there's still cause for concern that needs to be
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look said at. let's not forget the deputy director of the fbi was actually fired for misconduct. the president's concern would the matter and we're going to follow the issue. >> trey gowdy dliterally debunked the theory last night and this morning. and notably no one else who was briefed has come to the president's defense on this. but that is not stopping the president at all. here he was last night. >> so how do you like the fact they had people infiltrating our campaign? can you imagine? can you imagine? can you imagine people infiltrating our campaign? is there anybody in this big, beautiful arena right now that's infiltrating our campaign? would you please raise your hand. that would take courage, huh? >> but does it take more courage to admit your conspiracy theory
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is just plain old wrong? clearly the white house will not be letting the truth get in way of this narrative right now? >> hey, katey, the white house not letting the lack of evidence take the wind out of their sails. sarah sanders not backing down from the president's conspiracy claims despite the assertions made by trey gowdy, a republican on the intelligence committee who has seen the underlying evidence. the truth that the president is spinning into this conspiracy claim. we should point out, a source tells cnn today it is the president himself who is directing this strategy to attack robert mueller and the special counsel's probe. that echoes what we've heard from rudy giuliani just over the weekend. he told cnn that he wanted to undermine the russia investigation in part as a strategy to try to sway public opinion towards the president sides and protect the president towards the threat of impeachment. that source indicates the president wants to weaponinize
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the russia investigation, our source telling jim acosta that is bad. >> weaponize the russia investigation. out front now former white house nixon counsel john dean. thanks for being here. when it comes to the informant, the spy, the conspiracy theory the sky is blue. trey gowdy says he's seen the intelligence and the sky is blue but the white house says we don't care and we think the sky is green and classified information, it otherwise isn't enough for us. what do you do? >> you report what you have in the times and there was an fbi informant involved here. there is a kernel of truth here. they were actually following up on information they had that trump campaign aides were cooperating with russians and there was a counter terrorism investigation into whether
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russians were meddling in the election. so the president has taken that and twisted it into the suggestion that he doesn't seem to be letting go of despite the fact that trey gowdy has said there's no evidence to suggest that's what happened. the difficulty here for people who are trying to disprove this is that, you know, this is classified information. it's not like there's a report out there for anyone to see or read. and the white house and sarah sanders today refused to say whether the president himself has reviewed this classified information or whether he would declassify that potentially to the public. so it's impossible to prove a negative. so he's basically running with that and saying what he wants to say about it. >> and john, to julie's point, sarah sanders was asked if the president would just declassify the information to the intelligence source if he was so concerned about it as he was last night, as they continue to say and sarah sanders, she wouldn't answer it. listen to this. >> has the president received
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any classified briefing on the details of the intelligence presented to trey gowdy? and if he still believes there's cause for concern why doesn't he just declassify the documents? >> the president receives a number of declassified briefings. i'm not going to get into that certainly not here and not today. >> is that something that the president could declassify if he wanted to and just get it out there? >> indeed, he could. while there are a number of executive orders that have been written over a number of years to my knowledge trump has not added anything to the procedures for declassification. still, he's the one person who can preempt all the executive orders out there including instantly declassify it. i don't think he want to in this instance. it'll certainly hurt his conspiracy theory when there's no basis to it from those who have looked at it. not only trey gowdy but adam schiff and others have said the
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same, there's no "there" there. he's better with the classification than declassification. >> then all the claims of transparency in this process were pretty flimsy to say the least. trey gowdy was pretty definitive today in his words it had nothing to do with donald trump that he'd seen. wouldn't you think that would be good news donald trump could take and run with? >> sure, and representative gowdy is a former federal prosecutor, understands law enforcement process and protocols. i'm sure he knows his way around afts, title 3 applications and probably has come across haze fair share of fisa applications. when he comes out and says there was no spy inserted, let's take him at his word out there. we use confidence and human sources, those could be an informant, someone inside with
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support about criminal activity, a cooperating witness, someone who comes forward and willing to testify or an asset. in this instance the confidential human source was an asset. the president is flat out wrong in what he's saying. he's ginning up the base. >> and it's not just a word choice here. he says a spy was put in for political purposes. >> you distill that down every cooperating human source has a motive. is that motive payment, a citizen that just wants to do the right thing, somebody motivated by revenge or political or partisan views? that's what's got to be disstilled. i think it's going to be difficult. the president has broad classification and declassification powers. but whether or not he can do that without putting sources, methods and techniques in pairl i don't think that's a good idea. >> whoever thinks the identity of the sources has long been out there by a lot of folks i don't
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know even know it matters at this point. julie, to be clear trey gowdy is not someone trying to take down donald trump. what does it say that trey gowdy is the one that's out there today? >> trey gowdy is republican. he happen tuesday s to be retir he ran the benghazi inquiry into hillary clinton when she was secretary of state. he is as james said somebody who has seen his fair share of law enforcement operations and knows what he's looking at, knows what he's hearing when he gets briefed on matters like this. it but the fact is he was at this briefing, other members of congress were at this briefing, they got this information and he's made a pretty definitive statement that there just wasn't the basis of the claim that the president made.
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so it's hard to see this as a partisan issue for him. john, rudy giuliani was asked today about president trump's claim that robert mueller would be meddling in the mid-term elections. here's how rudy giuliani responded to it. >> how is robert mueller meddling in the mid-terms? the president said he's going to meddle in the mid-terms. >> if he doesn't file his report by september 1st, mid-september he's clearly doing a comey. >> he's clearly doing a comey. we've coined a new phrase. it sounds like he's trying to wrap this up by september. are they going to be successful? >> well, this seems to be the next conspiracy they're cooking up is that mueller is going to interfere with mid-term elections towards 2018 and that is not what he's doing at all. in fact, it's contrary to department of justice policy. at some point they're going to stand down, won't even think of taking actions.
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i doubt now that there'll be any really definitive action before the mid-terms, so it's going to be hard to build this theory up. >> james, i've just been thinking since there's a lot of talk about apology today since donald trump saying he's owed an apology and never got an apology when it comes to bad things said about him. does someone owe the fbi an apology? >> they're going to do their job, expect some of those attackerize legitimate, just partisan noise. 20,000 men and women of the fbi are going to go to work every day, buck up their pants, cinch them up and go to work and this is not going to effect emanyway. we're going to wait to see what happens after that. and i trust that robert mueller is going to get to the bottom of this on his end. and the report that's going to be released is going to get to some of those other things and hopefully restore the fbi's
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place in american public -- their mind-set so they don't fear the fbi is doing their job. that's simply untrue. >> i really appreciate it. out front for us next, we have breaking news. rudy giuliani speaking out tonight about the future of president trump's embattled attorney general. what he's telling cnn now. plus president trump's response to roseanne barr's racist tweet. but why is he now the one asking for an apology? and a russian journalist and putin critic said to have been murdered, even his wife believed he was dead just walked into a press conference earlier today. why he faked his own death. ♪ ♪ i can do more to lower my a1c. because my body can still make its own insulin. and i take trulicity once a week to activate my body to release it, like it's supposed to.
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and eyelid swelling. tell your doctor about your medical history, muscle or nerve conditions, and medications including botulinum toxins as these may increase the risk of serious side effects. the details make a difference. the man makes them matter. see real results at tonight president trump unloading on his attorney general. yes, again. tweeting today that, quote, i wish i did pick a different attorney general. so what set him off this time. a comment by republican trey gowdy who criticized jeff sessions for not warning the president he would recuse himself from the russia investigation again. this way back when of course no when sessions would recuse himself in a public way. >> he should have let us know he
4:17 pm
would have recused himself and we would have put a different attorney general in. so what's the president going to do about it? his new attorney rudy giuliani was asked about it today. >> has he ever said to you, man, i'd like to get rid of jeff sessions. i decline to answer that. >> no laughing matter, though. tonight the top democratic, thank you for coming in. we've heard this before. why do you think that the president, if he is so basically over sessions, why he hasn't fired him. >> well, because it would be viewed i think since he is recused and if he were replaced it would lead to a new attorney general, migand that would takee ability to supervise the special
4:18 pm
counsel's investigation, it would be viewed and i think improperly so as a move either to get the ability to fire mueller or to reign in the investigation and control it. because mueller has to report to the attorney general, and the attorney general can decide how broad or how narrow the inquiry is and what he can do or what he can't doimate. the this would be viewed by a large part of the country as an attempt to limit the investigation because the president is afraid what would be revealed in this, because of the political fire storm. >> but that hasn't stopped the president in a lot of moves in how he's handled or presented himself or handled the russia investigation. chuck grassly, the chairman of is ent judiciary commit ay has warned if he would go this route and fire jeff sessions, they would not let another attorney general get confirmed. could that be the reason, the only reason sessions is keeping
4:19 pm
a job? >> that could also be a reason. that would be highly embarrassing for the president. but bottom line is it doesn't matt matter. what matters is he keeps that job and that the integrity of the special counsel's investigation be continued and the special counsel be allowed to do its work. the president has done everything he can in trashing the special counsel had when in fact the special counsel, mueller is republican, rosenstein is a republican. they're terrible, they're unfair, et cetera, it's a witch hunt. he's done everything he can to attack the fbi, to attack the department of justice, to attack the special counsel all with a view either of giving him the political ability because he wants to eliminate the investigation or as giuliani as has told us, to discredit the
4:20 pm
special counsel enough with all this nonsense about the fbi and all these secret spies and so forth, nonexistent. so whenever the special counsel does a report. >> rudy giuliani was asked about that today, and he answers pretty much any question that's posed to him right now. he answers on obstruction, and he said he's not even close to obstruction and wouldn't even be obstruction of justice if the president had commanded him to do it. his words. do you agree? >> commanded him to do what? >> to unrecuse himself. >> that very well might be obstruction of justice. the president has the ability to fire the attorney general, but
4:21 pm
if he does so with the corrupt intent of interfering with an investigation that's obstruction of justice. so you have to infer from the totality of circumstances, from all the things he does and from these things, too. i know there are people who argue the president has the ability to fire comey and it doesn't matter what his motive is. it's nonsense. i had the absolute right to vote against any bill i want. and if i vote for a bill because i think it's a good idea for the country or because it helps me politically, that's fine. but if i voted for a bill because someone gave me $20,000 to vote for that bill and therefore it's corrupt intent. that's a crime. that's bribery. if he does it with a corrupt intent to interfere with the investigation that's obstruction of justice. >> giuliani also today was pushed about wrapping up the
4:22 pm
investigation. and he was asked if democrats want to continue the investigation. >> maybe it's a mistake. maybe the american people have concluded impeachment is not proper. they're going to do everything they can to make sure to say it's not improper. >> are you holding off impeachment because of mid-term elections? listen, the president has done a lot of things i think is wrong or unconstitutional. and if in fact you can prove -- >> and a republican says no. >> well, the evidence is there in plain sight. when the president's son asks in a meeting with russians yes or sends an e-mail, yes, let's hold a meeting because i want that dirt on hillary that the russian government is offering on its
4:23 pm
intent to swing that election on donald trump and he says that's wonderful, that's attempted criminal conspiracy i should say. and there are a dozen other things all which are admitted and clear. now, whether the president was involved and the extent of that, that's not clear. now, i would not call for impeachment unless the evidence was overwhelming that the president has committed constitutional major crimes that threaten the constitutional order. and we don't know that that's happened yet. so i'm not holding off on impeachment for political reasons. i'm holding off on impeachment because we don't know whether it should happen or not. we may know after the special counsel's report and we'll see. up front for us next president trump speaks out about roseanne barr but fails to condemn her racist tweet. why? could tonight seal the deal
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roseanne's firing. but instead of condemning her racist remarks the president made it all about himself. calling out disney's ceo bob iger with this tweet. bob iger called val ae jarrett to let her know abc does not tolerate comments like those. he never called donald j. trump to apologize for the horrible statements said about me on abc. sarah sanders echoing the president and offering up a list of grievances the president has against abc. >> where was bob iger's apology for white house staff and jemele hill calling the president and anyone associated with him, for christians, where was the apology for cathy griffon going on a profane rant against the president on the view after a photo showed her holding president trump's decapitated
4:29 pm
head? and where was the apology for bob iger for espn hiring keith tacking the president as a nazi and even expanding his role after that attack against the president's family. this is double standard the president is speaking about. no one is defending their comments, they're inappropriate, but that was the point he was making. >> so what did all of that have to do with roseanne barr? a friend of donald trump's for more than 15 years, rob astreneo and also cnn political commentator -- mark, what do you make of the president's tweet. >> they could have said, you know what, racist tweets are bad, this is unfortunate, move on. instead it becomes this nar cystic spectacle about himself and becomes a distraction from
4:30 pm
the main point. >> what was it, narcissistic spectacle? >> well, it was an alley-oop and he missed the dunk. it was right, but it should have been dot, dot, dot. the dot, dot, dot really should have been first. and that was completely wrong what she said, horribly wrong, denounced what she said. but the double standard is at issue. >> why can't he do that? you condemned it, it stinks you haven't completely evaporated into air, something horrible has fallen our your head since you condemned that remark. why can't the president do that? >> i think it was a missed layup. but the point he's getting to is one he's forcing us to talk about and that is the double standard. there's a been a laundry list, i'm not going to repeat all the names sarah sanders thought of, but if we talk about corporate
4:31 pm
america and the double standard what about apple and itunes or youtube promoting songs that my kid and every kid has listened to and mimicking and singing with terrible, terrible words in it. the same kind of words used? this is the discussion -- >> what? >> we're talking about abc and the double standard and firing and tweets and all this other stuff. and i think we've got to have a broader discussion. if it's wrong, it's wrong. let's not pick and choose when it's right or wrong. >> but the question is what it is. the it isn't -- roseanne barr can use free speech and say whatever shooechts, but abc as a company can say we don't want to stand behind this. say what you want, but there may be consequences and in this case -- >> but the thing is others have
4:32 pm
said things completely inappropriate or racist and they didn't suffer the consequences. >> it's not entirely objective, but i do think there might be a difference, for example, in keith saying donald trump is aeratesest and someone saying you look like a monkey. in fact, someone could argue his support supports his initial argument that he might be racist. and that's the other piece doing all these rhetorical contorsions. maybe he supports racist stuff because he's a racist. i mean, could be that simple. >> do rob and sarah sanders have a point, though? does donald trump -- is donald trump owed an apology because keith oberman has said about him are really bad and things that have been said on that netswork
4:33 pm
are really bad against donald trump. i mean he's talking about a double standard. >> forget donald trump. let's talk about others. >> i actually don't think we can forget it. that's why this is big deal. that's why this isn't some actress, she said something really crazy and she doesn't have a show anymore. it's now a comedian with the top show in the country has said something -- >> the terrible language bill marr used, okay, next show. i'm trying to say objectively where is the standard here? if it's bad for someone to say it, and it is -- >> are you nervous to say you think there's a liberal bias? >> i'm not nervous to say it. there is a liberal bias. there's no question. in the media and hollywood, yes there is. >> conversation to be had, for sure. but i actually think the reason we're talking about it tonight is because of the president and the fact that on what planet
4:34 pm
does the president take this and want to make it about himself? >> that was wrong, i agree. i think we're all in agreement. that was wrong. >> this is strange place. i don't normally agree with anybody. >> so to me if we were to advise donald trump just take it. say this is racist or bad or if you're trump just say nothing, which is also difficult for him. >> you know why he didn't say anything, everyone would question why he's saying nothing. i think he thinks it's reprehensible, but he should say that. >> you can speak out against colin kaepernick, when you can speak out against fairly indecent people, you can speak out against someone who said something that was racist. >> she did the national anthem,
4:35 pm
grabbed her her crotch. >> and other people who hire people who are controversial and provocative, why do it in the first place? he's always been a lunatic. coming up in the next hour on cnn roseanne's next husband tom arnold is going to be talking to anderson cooper. out front for us next, breaking news. secretary of state mike pompeo currently meeting with the top north korean official here in new york. how crucial are tonight's talks? plus a russian journalist and putin critic stages his own murder. the elaborate plot that even his own wife did not know about. ...hotel you want at the lowest price. grazi, gino! find a price that fits. tripadvisor.
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well, some breaking news. a secret memo reportedly written by former acting fbi director andrew mccabe about the firing of james comey now in the hands of robert mueller. according to "the new york times" mccabe wrote his own confidential memo last spring. in it mccabe describes the conversation at the justice department with deputy attorney general rod rosenstein. rosenstein reportedly saying the president originally asked him to reference russia in his memo that recommended comey's dismissal. but rosenstein ultimately did not include that reference. mccabe feared rosenstein was
4:40 pm
providing a cover story of the clinton investigation. out front now back with me john dean on the phone and retired fbi agent back with me as well. according to rosenstein is that he's overseeing the special counsel investigation. is he in trouble here, do you think? >> i don't think necessarily so. what i see is he's clearly showing what trump's intent was to try to incorporate somehow justifying the firing. the summary of it suggest tuesday me that another drop of water that shows us a little bit more of trump's steady intent as to why he fired comey. and it was because of the russia investigation. and that was very much on his mind. >> there has been so much spin, james, the tangled web of why
4:41 pm
did president trump really end up dismissing james comey. trump ultimately had said himself that it was russia that was on his mind when he was firing james comey. he said that to lester holt. i think we have that. let's play it. >> regardless of recommendation i was going to fire comey. knowing there was no good time to do it. and in fact when i decided to just do it, i said to myself, i said, you know, this russia thing with trump and russia is a made up story. it's an excuse by the democrats for having lost an election that they should have won. >> so since the president brought it up himself do you think that clears rosenstein? >> not necessarily. here's the important point right here, the president really, really wouldn't wanted to have put out there that the fbi director apparently told him in trump's view, three times you're not the subject of an investigation. the fbi director james comey who's fired may 9th of last year
4:42 pm
put together nine separate documents. memos, fbi electronics communications and e-mails back and forth to some of his senior leadership chronicling those meetings. i mean in-depth chronicling of those meetings. now you have mccabe on may 10th interim active fbi. and making sure they've conicaled all these meetings, the appropriate ones what they thought was necessary if there would be a special prosecutor appointed. in this instance it's going to be important to understand you've got to be able to prove intent on obstruction of justice. i heard "the new york times" reporting as well. it's fairly detailed, but it doesn't use the specific verbiage. how did rosenstein tell him that? did rosenstein say donald trump told him you must put this in here and you've got to put this
4:43 pm
cover story or say i want to be clear from the russia thing? >> do you think this gets to obstruction, john? >> well, we don't have any one incident. it's no smoking gun, let's say that. what we do is we have a pattern of evidence that has emerged that i think this further documents that trump -- and i have no reason to doubt rosenstein. as i've said i've read the times story, he decided he did want want to put that in as a legitimate reason for the explanation of the firing that he was asked to use the hillary claim as well. so i don't think this is in itself evidence of obstruction. but we've just seen a broad pattern of pavl. and with this obstruction there's two types. there's one, what comes under the statute where even an endeavor to obstruct can be criminally charged and then we have political obstruction,
4:44 pm
which is what the congress will be considered as they did with clinton when he was addressed with a charge of obstruction as was nixon, who had a very strong case against him. >> also, i mean we got to go, but it also makes you think rod rosenstein is one of the people donald trump has been hammering, that he doesn't trust him and all the stuff, but if rosenstein didn't give him a cover story to fire comey, talk about repaying a favor, that's pretty amazing how this is turning out and now this is in the hands of robert mueller adding to the investigation. up front for us next a former russian journalist and putin critic stages his own murder. the shock from his colleagues when he turns up alive.
4:45 pm
and a man also reportedly wanted dead by vladimir putin is my next guest. plus president trump's new weight loss plan, yes, weight loss plan, quarter pounder, hold the bun. unless my hands are dirty. between running a business and four kids, we're busy. knowing that usaa will always have my back... that's just one less thing you have to worry about. we are the cochran family, and we'll be usaa members for life.
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i'm relentless. and my doctor and i choose to treat my mbc with verzenio. be relentless. ask your doctor about everyday verzenio. new tonight, back from the dead. a russian journalist and top putin critic appearing today at a news conference one day after ukrainian police said he'd been murdered. that was the shocked and surely confused reaction of the journalists gathered when they saw him walk into the room alive and well. and here were his colleague's
4:49 pm
reactions. [ cheers and applause ] >> ukrainian officials now say they faked his murder to thwart an assassination plot against him by russians. and forget the media and his coworkers but he says his own wife was left in the dark. in fact, she was the one who found him lying in a pool of blood in their apartment. today he asked his wife to forgive him for putting her through hell. no kidding. this as broader was briefly retained today after an arrest warrant. i want to talk about your arrest, but first this amazing thing that happened today, the russian journalist and that elaborate plot to fake his murder. the russian government says this was a propaganda
4:50 pm
. >> let me back up and say i was very upset last night when i heard the news that he was killed. i thought it was one more putin critic and killed and too many people being killed and so for me, my first reaction today when i heard the news that he was still alive was one of joy like his colleagues. as far as his whole operation goes is that instead of having a dead journalist and then looking around for his killers, the fact that they thwarted an assassination. >> ukraine says how this went down, is russian recruited a citizen to pull it off.
4:51 pm
does that sound like something the russian would do? >> yeah. the russian government use all sorts of hit men assassins, et cetera, that is exactly what they would do. >> one thing amazed me, do you think he is now safe? is russian going to leave him alone? >> no. when ruche goes after someone, they tend to not leave him alone. the most dangerous place is russia, and the second most dangerous is ukraine. you no, it is not a safe life to be a putin critic, he knows that, i know that, a lot of people know that. ukraine is not the best place for him to be. >> let me ask you about your
4:52 pm
arrest, you were basically live tweeting it how it happened. and then the actual arrest warrant and then your eventually release. what was going through your mind then? how nervous were you that russia got you this time? >> i was in madrid spain this morning, and i was supposed to be having a meeting on the case of my lawyer, and i was going to meet with the spanish prosecutor, and i got a knock on my door of the hotel. and it was two police officers. they asked for my identification. and they confirmed that i was on this russia interpol arrest
4:53 pm
warrant. they said police car broder, you are under arrest. and they got a call from the interpol general secretary yat saying she should no longer go with this. i did think there was a good chance i would be stuck in a spanish prison for the next three months and glad that the political explosion that happened from my tweeter led to a two-hour release. >> does it cross your mind, what could have happened. that same thing could have happened to you? >> yeah. it is an entirely likely
4:54 pm
possibility. i have been threatened with death. the prime minister of russia, when he was asked about the murder of my lawyer, he said it is too bad that my lawyer is dead and i am still running around. >> thanks for seeing you. thanks for coming in. "outfront" next, the man who hates the exercise shows kids how to get it done. president trump's fitness day extravaganza. . [cheers] 30 grams of protein and 1 gram of sugar. new ensure max protein. in two great flavors. new ensure max protein. you wouldn't accept from any one else. why accept it from your allergy pills? flonase relieves your worst symptoms including nasal congestion, which most pills don't. flonase helps block 6 key inflammatory substances. most pills only block one. flonase.
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4:58 pm
tonight president trump is working some new muscles or is he? here is jeanne moos. >> the only thing on the president that got a real workout, his hands. the event was organized by the president's counsel on sports, fitness and nutrition. three things not instantly associated with the president. though he did start a race and swing a golf club, as he mingled with sports stars pitcher mario rivera. but the president may think his diet has gotten boring. five months ago dr. ronny jackson proclaimed. >> reasonable goal is to lose
4:59 pm
5-15 points. >> trading in a steak for a dover sole. chefs in the white house kitchen have been told to reduce calories and fat. this is a guy who expressed the view that exercise is bad for you. some call it the energizer bunny theory. trump revealed the human body was like a battery with a finite amount of energy which exercise only depleted. >> i am up there using a lot of motion which i guess that is a form of exercise. >> from the kiddy left, to the half pump, to a hot toss. no indication that the president is hitting the gym. i get exercise, i mean, i walk,
5:00 pm
i this, i that. keep him energizing like an energizer bunny. >> keep going, and going. and going. >> jeanne moos, cnn news. >> i this, i that. ac 360 starts right now. good evening. first we want to focus on today's reaction from the white house and in particular the president of the united states whose office gives him an enormous power to shape the national debate. if you thought he might use this moment to say something about racism and bigotry, he did not. he instead kept it simple. he made it about himself. and not for the first time either. a day after abc


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