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tv   New Day With Chris Cuomo and Alisyn Camerota  CNN  June 1, 2018 4:00am-5:00am PDT

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the president is sending a message. >> the president is saying i treat my friends a lot better than i treat my enemies. >> he wants sessions to help him
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limit the russia investigation. >> the president doesn't understand that he can't just exert his will on law enforcement officials. >> interviewing comey does mean they are taking it seriously. >> ivanka trump. >> you are excusing samantha bee. >> that is hypocrite can cal. it isn't roseanne barr. the problem is donald trump. >> this is "new day" with alisyn camerota and john berman. >> happy friday, everyone. you made it through a week. >> absolutely. it's happy friday. i'm not even a former contestant on the celebrity apprentice. >> you stand no chance of being pardoned. >> true. >> good morning, everyone. welcome to your "new day". president trump is using power of the pardon and controversy in the process. d'souza spoke out just moments ago. he talked about a phone conversation that he would with
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the president which may shed new light into the president's motivations. >> he said, dinesh, you have been a great voice for freedom. he said, i've got to tell you man-to-man, you've been screwed. he goes i've been looking at the case. i knew from the beginning it was fishy. he said upon reviewing it he felt a great injustice had been done. and using his power he was going to rectify it, sort of clear the slate. and he said he wanted me to be a bigger voice defending the principles that i believe in. >> a bigger voice than ever. is that a quid pro quo. i'm going to pardon you. you just go out there and continue to say nice things, say, about me. >> we'll read some of them to you coming up. like going after the victims of the school shooting. >> go out there and keep saying what you're saying, the president told dinesh d zhou
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swra. and martha stewart and rod blagojevich could be next. is this signaling something to those caught up in the investigation? roger stone, the president's political adviser said, yes, this is a clear signal. let's begin with kaitlan collins live at the white house. >> reporter: well, john, you're asking the question why is the president pardoning people like dinesh d'souza. the president told him he was a great voice for freedom. shy note d'souza has an inflammatory remarks about barack obama, adolf hitler and rosa parks. back to why he is pardoning these people. there is an underlying theme for everyone the president is considering pardoning. that is they were treated
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unfairly by the united states justice system. martha stewart, treated unfairly. joe arpaio, treated unfairly. scooter libby, also the president believed treated unfairly. john and alisyn, there are two other people the president said has been treated unfairly. that is michael cohen and ni michael flynn. president trump on a pardoning spree hinting he may pardon martha stewart and commute the sentence of disgraced former illinois governor rod blagojevich. the president defending the two former apprentice contestants, insisting they were treated unfairly. >> i like martha. i've always liked march that. i still like martha >> reporter: a probe into allegations of insider trading. >> so governor, you have a hell of a lot of guts. i have to tell you that. >> in 2011, blagojevich was convicted of 17 public corruption charges, including
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trying to sell is president obama's senate seat. he is currently six years into serving a 14-year sentence. this coming hours after the president issued his fifth pardon for author and filmmaker dinesh d'souza who pleaded guilty to campaign finance violations in a straw donor scheme. he argues that d'souza was treated unfairly by the government despite d'souza acknowledging what he did was wrong. d'souza said he was targeted because of inflammatory remarks he made about barack obama. stewart's case was prosecuted by former u.s. attorney and fired fbi director james comey, whose close friend patrick fitzgerald prod blagojevich.
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and the valerie flame case resulted in the conviction of scooter libby. >> the people are trying to do the same thing they did to my husband on a much larger scale. they were emboldened. they took down a governor. now they have their sights much higher. >> reporter: critics arguing the high-profile pardons could be a signal to the president's allies under federal investigation, like his personal attorney michael cohen and former campaign chairman paul manafort who has pleaded not guilty to multiple charges. the ranking democrat mark warner tweeting the possibility that he may also be sending a message to witnesses in a criminal investigation into his campaign is extremely dangerous. the white house denying the pardon is any kind of signal. >> each of the president's actions on pardons or on other
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things should be judged looking at the facts and the circumstances surrounding the case. the president felt it was merited. >> reporter: john and alisyn, i should note the president had never met dinesh d'souza until this week. it raises the question of what the president would do for people he has met and does know very well. now, all of that is going on also while there is big news at the white house today. the president is expecting a delivery from kim jong-un's right-hand man, former top north korean spy chief, a letter that could potentially raise that -- put that summit in singapore back on. you can see kim yong chol leaving his hotel in new york. we are expecting he is going to be on his way here to washington very soon. >> we'll watch that very closely. caitlyn colleps, thanks so much. back with us, john avalon and david gregory.
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kaitlan collins raised the question. >> or is it a big neon sign. >> one of the president's big political advisers roger stone says, yes, it's a signal and we're getting it. let me read what he wrote overnight. indict people for crimes that don't pertain to russian collusion and this is what could happen. internal counsel has awesome powers, as you know, but the president has even more awesome powers. that's roger stone, who by the way, could end up being the focus of this investigation saying i got the signal loud and clear. >> he's going to be called to testify in front of the senate intelligence committee. and he's just laying it all out there. this is not worth debating. it is being read that way by people who could be caught up in the investigation. it is not subtle. it is a dangerous precedent. president's have pardoning power.
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we have seen bad pardons before, favors to donors and things that are shady, pursuing political agendas. this is something different. this is about part of being president is a get it of jail free for friends. >> and to undermine the justice department. the president is in the crosshairs for potential obstruction of justice, maybe other crimes. and he is essentially saying, look, this is the justice department running amok. he is choosing these case impulsively based on what he has read that fit a pattern befitting to him. so i think a big piece of this sending a signal to those in the crosshairs. or patrolling the justice department. the fbi, justice department can't be trusted. >> since this is a -- not a coded signal, it is a billboard. >> single entendre.
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>> exactly. >> what does this mean for paul manafort, michael cohen? it means i don't talk. i stop cooperating. i'm going to get a pardon. >> you don't flip because you feel the president has got your back as long as he thinks you've been loyal. that's one argument. look at the fact pattern of the crimes these people have committed and in some cases pled guilty to that he has now basically pardoned. you have obstruction of justice, perjury, campaig fance violations, corruption, extortion, fraud. these are all things that are in the broad argument around the investigations of team trump. so he is set sending a clear signal with not only who he picked but who he is pardoning. >> he wants us to focus these individual cases and they may not be with this is what it looks like. it is a political hit.
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there is of course discretion by prosecutors. this is as much a political argument to say what you're going to get out of special counsel is more of this. >> i've got to say i'm also fascinated by what we just heard dinesh d'souza say. i think there is a lot in here. let's listen to it one more time. >> the president said dinesh, you've been a great voice for freedom and he said that i've got to tell you man-to-man you've been screwed. he goes, i've been looking at the case. i knew from the beginning that it was fishy. but he said upon reviewing it he felt a great injustice had been done. using his power he was going to rectify it, sort of clear the slate. and he said he just wanted me to be out there to be a bigger voice than ever were defending the principles that i believe in. >> first of all, i don't believe fox asked if he broke the law, which he did, pled guilty to. john avlon, in there, when
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d'souza is saying the president told me i'm going to pardon you, go out and keep on sayinged the things you've been saying, go out and maybe say nice things about me, for instance. >> and attack my enemies. this is a kiss the ring moment. this is i'm giving you a pardon. you go forward and you promote my stories, my agenda and attack my enemies. dinesh d'souza has basically been a twitter troll. now he will be a treurt troll with trump. >> it gets worse. i have to say it's not just him defending the president. his messages is if this what the president wants more of. he sent out the tweet about the parkland students in the middle of their grief. worst news since their parents told them to get summer jobs. just sickening. >> and the president said go out and -- >> spread more of your message. he likes to defend hitler. he was not anti-gay. he refused to purge gays.
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i don't know about hitler but we know dinesh d'souza is anti-gay. i'm not sure which message the president is excited about him spreading. >> you know, it's -- those kinds of things are just unconscionable and i don't think are worth a lot of discussion because it's so wrong, especially what he is saying about hitler. he clearly doesn't know history. sit not worth spending time on that. but i think what this highlights, too, is this is a president asserting executive power through caricature. certainly obama used executive power in a way that drove conservatives crazy. here the president is using it in a caricature fashion of what his power is to pardon people and to send a message to send d'souza out.
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a lot of people support that. >> it does matter. now that has a presidential benediction. that's not subtle. that's important. and also just the tide of situational ethics we see. the democratic president using things like this, launching trade wars willie nilly. there is even silence or full-throated approval. >> we have one more piece of sound of dinesh d'souza on how his prosecution was political. let's listen. >> no american in our country's history has ever been indicted, let alone locked up, indicted for what i did. there is not a single case. so what happened here is obama and his team, eric holder, preet barara in new york, these guys decided to make an example of me.
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and i think the reason for this is obama's anger over my movie that i made about him. >> a judge in this case said there's absolutely no basis to the claim that the prosecution was political. i don't know if the president knew about it. preet was the u.s. attorney who prosecuted that and the judge gave the conviction. >> this is really the point, which is we don't have to comment on the merit of the case. we know what the result was. dinesh d'souza is certainly right. there are certainly times when the government makes an example of someone, you choose to pros kaoult certain people to make cases for lots of different reasons. it doesn't mean it was corrupt in the way he is suggesting. bigger than that is to make the argument he's making. he might as well be making it about special counsel. >> he is making the argument about special counsel. that's exactly the message. >> the reason we know this is patti blagojevich was on fox news last night. she went after mueller and james
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comey. if you pardon rod blagojevich, he is happy to go on television. >> amen corner. it is something you are starting to hear from the trump team. this is about the criminalization of politics. >> yeah. exactly. >> okay. thank you. the white house pushing a clear message the mueller investigation should not be trusted. is that working and with whom? well, we have former clinton white house secretary joe is lockhart who will join us about all of these pardons. is there a difference? and the next season of khrebgt apprentice. is it? when you switch to liberty mutual, you could save $782 on auto and home insurance. and still get great coverage for you and your family. call for a free quote today. you could save $782 when liberty stands with you. liberty mutual insurance.
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4:21 am
you know the thought process behind pardons. so here are the pardons thus far. joe arpaio, controversial arizona sheriff. he was convicted of contempt of course. sau saucier, mishandling classified information. scooter libby, jack johnson. >> i'm not sure about jack johnson, but the rest of them there is a theme. presidents do controversial pardons toward the end of their term. saw that with chelsea manning. trump is using it differently. he understands in order to survive the special counsel probe he has to keep his base together. so he's doing that to feed his base. but probably more importantly,
4:22 am
to send a message to anyone who might hurt him that he will take care of them. >> you see this as a direct message to the likes of michael cohen. >> absolutely. >> that message is what? >> i'll stick with you. i'll be loyal to you if you're loyal to me. here is your get out of jail free. because i as president will use my executive powers to take care of you. >> meaning don't cooperate. >> don't cooperate. don't tell them what you know, and you'll be okay. >> dinesh d'souza was on fox and explained he got a phone call from president trump and the president explained why he pardoned him. so here's that moment. >> the president said, dinesh, you've been a great voice for freedom. and he said i've got to tell you man-to-man you've been screwed. he goes i've been looking at the case. i knew from the beginning that it was fishy. but he said upon reviewing it, he felt a great injustice has been done and using his power he
4:23 am
would rectify it, sort of clear the slate. and he said he wanted me to be out there to be a bigger voice than ever defending the things i believe in. >> he wants him out there spreading these conspiracy theories. the birtherism. he wants this voice out there to continue to whip up this contempt for law enforcement for mueller. and, you know, in a sense it's working. because i think the base is happy. they think trump is doing a great job. >> yeah. i mean, but i guess. it is beyond the base in terms of pardoning all of these people. for instance, he's also considering martha stewart and rod blagojevich. what's that about? >> it is fascinating. it gives you insight into his mind. the first thing is a personal thing, which is trump clearly believes if you're a celebrity not only can you get away with
4:24 am
what you want with women, but the laws don't apply to you. the tkpwraoeut aarogreat irony, they shun. they don't apply to people like me. that's where. and secondly, the pardons, as we were talking about, go to this idea that he will use his pa tour don't cooperate, don't cooperate. >> there were controversial pardons. roger clinton, his half-brother, drug trafficking, cocaine possession. suzanne mcdougall, content of court for her whitewater silence. henry cisneros, hud secretary who lied to the fbi. marc rich, ex-husband of a clinton donor, big huge donor,
4:25 am
indicted for racketeering, mail and wire fraud. let's peel back the curtain. how are the decisions made when you're going to make a controversial pardon. >> there is a process not followed that involves the white house counsel. >> you mean not followed now? >> not being followed now. >> how can you tell? >> even the department of justice says it's not being followed. that's how you can tell. the difference between the ones with clinton, and you can defend or criticize however you want, was these were not done in the middle of an investigation. they were done with the investigation was over. these were not done to get him a get out of jail card free. >> but you could argue marc rich had benefited him. and this was a reward it. >> was done on the last day of his presidency. it is a very different argument from the argument that many
4:26 am
people are properly making that trump is now trying to influence the investigation. he is in a way obstructing justice by issuing these pard s pardons. if you're michael cohen or paul manafort, what message should you take? i'm not going to tell anybody anything and i will get taken care of. >> you see this as obstruction of justice. do you think the investigators see it that way? >> the investigators do a good job keeping it to themselves and they will let us know when they're ready. >> thank you for your insight. thank you for all of this. >> thank you. john boehner says the republican party is taking a nap. is it time for a wakeup call. we will talk to a couple republicans next. am i willing to pay the price for loving you?. you'll make my morning, but ruin my day.
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well, i want to talk to you
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about what's happened with the republican party. there is no republican party. there's a trump party. the republican party has taken a nap somewhere. >> that is former republican speaker of the house john boehner next to a bloody mary offering the blunt assessment of the republican party, saying it's in the middle of a nap right now. let's discuss with a couple of lifetime, longtime republicans, scott jennings and anna navarro. we can all agree that john boehner is living his best life right now. this concept, as he puts it, that there is no republican party, sit a trump party. the republicans are taking a nap. >> i don't know if they're taking a nap or in a self-induced coma or they're just playing stupid. but, look, i think there's a point to what john boehner said. a lot of us feel the traditional republican party, the values that we grew up with, what we
4:32 am
thought the republican party embraced in every aspect from family values to foreign policy to trade policy, tariffs, every type of aspect we have seen a hostile takeover from trump who wasn't even a republican. he was a democrat. he was an independent. now&now he is pretending to be a republican. there is also this thing, this blood letting that goes on in the republican party, with the trump party or whatever you want to call it. which is you're either with trump or you're not deemed to be a republican. get out of our party. if you're not with trump, who wasn't a republican until yesterday, you are not fit to call yourself a republican. >> we will talk about that in just a second. anna is saying real republicans are being ostracized, doesn't represent real republicans. you say all the lincoln dinners you have gone to the last 15 years, trump is tapping into something that was very much a part of it. >> no question.
4:33 am
if you have been to a republican event, you have heard i want somebody to take down the clinton machine, i want somebody to take on the media. you have heard sentiments on immigration that sound a lot like trump's platform. and, hey, why don't we have the same kind of celebrities the democrats do. add it up and what does it add up to? it sounds like the trump presidency. i don't think he created the situations. i think he took advantage of that. tax cuts, deregulation, strong funded military, judges, they have been core principles of the republican party for a long time. it happens now to be the view of the standard bearer. there is a departure. it looks like standard republican stuff. >> what about the family values stuff? how do you feel about cheating on his wife with a "playy" bunny and cheating on a "playboy" bunny with a por actress and paying them off with hush money and the republican
4:34 am
party, which used to be against daughtry, remaining silent in the midst of it. >> i don't personally agree with that kind of behavior. but i would say as a policy matter, he has been a pro life president. it appears what republicans are doing is setting aside personal views in favor of policy wins. >> have they changed? has the party changed? what anna is suggesting, is they used to care about this. now they are willingly turning a blind eye. >> the standard barriers of the party weren't fighting hard enough for what we believe in. and you can agree or disagree with that. but they thought that mccain, they thought that romney, they thought a lot of the so-called establishment leaders of the party, they didn't have the fortitude to take it to the people that were keeping down their views. they are willing to sacrifice to get the policy wins they want. >> the republican party i grew up in, maybe right now it exists only in my mind and photo albums, the republican party i true up in, it would be
4:35 am
unfathomable to think somebody who attacked a national hero, who called pows losers, who called that way about women, and we heard him, could become the nominee. and he did. i think what we're going through right now is growing pains. a faction of republicans say is the party salvageable? should we just take our toys and go home and do something else? that's a real question. you have seen people like george will who have been longtime republicans take their toys and go home. >> jeff flake. >> you have seen people like jeff flake. >> bob corker. >> and you say others fighting until their dying breath like john mccain. >> he is sort of caught in the middle. he weighed in on this discussion. let's listen in. >> i think the republican party has gone dormant. i don't know where the democrats are. i can't figure out what they're for. i can say this rise of people who are now disruptors is
4:36 am
heartening to me. it gives me hope for the future of the congress. >> talking about the rise of disruptors. i'm not sure i see the same rise. jeff flake, the people speaking out and taking the strongest stand are all the ones leaving, that's not much of a rise? i was actually surprised. when i saw flake and corker take stands against trump, i thought well, they're united states senators. an individual senator can disrupt the senate if they feel like it. but if you look at the so-called disruptors, they have the strongest trump voting records. if they wanted to do something about it, if they were e really mad they would have disrupted. but they haven't. >> even paul ryan, who gives a pass on a lot of things, he's really upset about tariffs. you know who can do a lot to check the president if you're really upset about tariffs? speaker of the house. >> paul ryan. yeah, look, to me it is a little
4:37 am
frustrating to see that tariffs is the last straw. they can remain silent on issues like tearing families apart, they can remain silent on some of the moral issues on the divisiveness, that they can remain silent on attacking john mccain from the white house, yet it is tariffs they decide to take a high moral ground and standing on. whether it's tariffs, it's tariffs. find their voice. sit important for republicans in congress to realize it is its own branch. they are not subservient on to the president. i remember john mccain going toe to toe with president bush. there was incredibly heated discussions over the war. and, you know, you've just got to know -- uh-oh yourself to your convictions, to your principles, to your constituents, those interest not to the president of a party
4:38 am
even if he is able to do harm to n a primary. if you are elected, for the love of god, show guts. >> i think i know where ana stands on the current republican party and trump. but is this the party you want? are you completely comfortable in this party right now? >> i'm comfortable with the policy wins locked in. amount of president's behavior is not behavior i personally approve of. i am comfortable with the direction they have taken us on. i heard mitch mcconnell say this is the most productive center right era in his time in washington. that makes me very happy. do i wish the president would take a different route on issues regarding race, for instance? absolutely. >> that's the core question. for some of us, policy takes priority. there's issues that trump has done, whether it's naming gorsuch or whatever, that, you know, makes people happy. keeps the base happy. but for some of us, we can't even get to the policy
4:39 am
discussion because we can't get the past that we have a divider in chief that we have a pathological liar in the white house who is cheapening the presidency. >> elwell, john boehner has a bloody mary. >> where are the "new day" bloody marys? >> in two seconds. >> scott raises a great point about the bloody marys. >> only about the bloody marys. >> i was listening. meanwhile touf watch this. stick around. a heart-pounding video. rescue crews catch a man falling from the fourth floor of a building. we have the story behind this incredible rescue. we'll show you. migraine with botox®. what if you had fewer headaches and... migraines a month?
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myers has our forecast. uh-oh, chad. >> three to four inches of places that don't need any, like d.c. and baltimore. we have weather around charlotte, atlanta, a thunderstorm or two. that's not what we are really worried about. this brought to you by green mountain coffee roasters, packed with goodness. later on this afternoon, the weather begins to shift towards d.c. and baltimore. that's the weather that will be with you tomorrow and even sunday. some of these places will pick up in the red zone here. that's three to four inches of rain. that is too close to places that have already flooded. your high in new york will only be in the 60s by sunday compared to where you are right now. >> i don't like that, chad. i don't like that. but thank you. >> summer is over for a day. >> thanks for breaking news. meanwhile, we had this incredible rescue video that is going viral to show you in latvia. they catch a man as he falls
4:45 am
down the side of an apartment building. the man was hanging from a fourth floor window. that's when rescuers were trying to set up a more conventional rescue. but that's when the man's grip slipped. and the video shows a firefighter catching the man, catching him by the legs through a window and pulling him inside. i don't even understand the physics. >> it is the lat vie yann method of rescuing right there. that's bonkers. >> how can you be hanging out a window and catching a falling however many pound man with that senn treuf gal force. >> i'm impress stpwhrd color us impressed. >> a costly last second error will haunt the cavaliers for a
4:46 am
long time. lindsay czarniak has more in the "bleacher report". they needed a lat vie yann firefighter. they had j.r. smith instead. >> it will be tough for him going outside with seeing or hearing about his blunder that cost the cavaliers their game. the cavaliers were in great shape to win game one in oakland. that's why this stung so much more. this was the shocking play of the night. a major lapse in judges. j.r. smith grabbed the rebound. all he had to do is shoot it. time expires. look at lebron's reaction. what are you doing, man? he can't belive it. in overtime, the warriors take advantage of the blunder. they score the first nine points. they never look back. dre mopped green knocking down the three-pointer. you see more chaos ensues. thompson ejected. warriors win a wild game one.
4:47 am
lebron james not thrilled with questions about his teammate. >> did you guys think you had it won or did you think he was trying to make a play? >> not sure. >> did he know the score? >> emotions so raw. lebron so angry. j.r. smith said he did know the game was tied, but he was trying to give himself room to take a shot. he thought they were going to call a time-out. wow. >> lebron james will be less angry about that. oh, man. all right. >> game two should be exciting.
4:48 am
>> indeed. thank you very much, lindsay. getting so samantha bee is apologizing for this vulgar comment made about ivanka trump. we with all of these comedians? van jones has thoughts. he joins us next. ♪ heartburn and gas? ♪ now fight both fast new tums chewy bites with gas relief all in one relief of heartburn and gas ♪ ♪ tum tum tum tums new tums chewy bites with gas relief
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4:53 am
>> and donald trump said why aren't they firing no talent samantha bee for the horrible language used on her low ratings show? a total double standard but that's okay. we are winning and will be doing so for a long time. >> samantha bee apologizes saying i would like to sincerely apologize to ivanka trump and to my viewers for using an expletive on my show. >> i know samantha bee, i like samantha bee. i think she was talking about something very important, the fact that we are pulling immigrant babies away from their moms. it started before trump and it's
4:54 am
still going on. she stepped on her own message, but she apologized. >> she said we spent the day wrestling with the repercussions of one bad word when we should have been talking about ripping children away from parents. >> if you're going to take on an issue like that, sure you're a comedienne, but you jumped the shot, you overshot your skis, but you have to take responsibility for that. there's a danger if she goes out on a nonapology tour, lecturing
4:55 am
the country that we're wrong and unwinding her own apology. >> he never condemned in any way the comments made by roseanne barr. >> you know, i think at this point the idea that donald trump would aggressively step forward and condemn racism against people of color, i think that ship has sailed. he just won't do it. i think it will be a blemish on him. >> why? >> because, look, can you say i don't like media bias and i don't like racial bias. you don't have to abandon your own base that doesn't like the liberal immediate ra. you can say i don't like the way the liberal media treat us but i don't like the way people are color are sometimes treated and he can do that. what he's doing is playing to
4:56 am
the cheap seats. he's afraid to call it like it is. he says he's against political correctness. no, he's trapped by the political correctness of his own side and won't tell the truth. over time that kind of leadership is not respected. >> just in terms of where we are culturally with comedy, after what happened at the white house correspondents dinner, after what happened with roseanne and that's different because she wasn't doing a comedy act, but she did lose her job, which is a comedy show and samantha bee, what is the line between provocative and losing your career? >> you have people like colin kaepernick who have expressed themselves in a noncomedic way and a respectful way and he lost his job. there's some civil war going on right now about what's in and what's out. comedy's about testing the line. i'm glad samantha bee did not lose her job. with roseanne barr, it was a
4:57 am
pattern. if it was the first time roseanne bar had dor had done sg like that, you blame the ambien or something. i would like to see you fewer people losing their jobs and positions. but roseanne barr could not defend anything he said. >> a professor of law school drew a line between the pardon of dinesh d'souza. do you see a consistent connection there? >> trying to find consistent connections with donald trump is very, very difficult. i am grad the president realizes he himself a pardon power. i'm glad that kim kardashian wants him to use that power for
4:58 am
miss alice and other people who will never get out of prison for non-violent drug offenses. i hold out hope the president might use that pardon power well. we're in a situation now in a country where samantha bee shouldn't say this but others can. we do get worked up about the words and the symbols and sometimes forget the bsntial. there are some substantive things happening in this country, including 000eople dying in puerto rico and more people apparently than -- >> almost about by -- >> that is a huge issue and those deaths are ongoing. we have to be dealing with real human lives. >> great to talk to you. >> tune in tomorrow night. jim parsons and candice owens, that is "the van jones show."
4:59 am
>> we're following a lot of news. let's get to temperatuit. >> it looks like the president is abusing his constitutional power. >> he wants sessions to help him limit the russia investigation. >> the president doesn't understand that he can't just exert his will on law enforcement officials. >> the step to interview comey does mean they're taking it seriously. >> ivanka trump, put on something tight and low cut and tell your father to stop it. >> the problem isn't roseanne barr, the problem is donald trump. >> this is "new day." >> good morning. once again, welcome to your new day. it is friday, june 1st , 8:00 i the east.
5:00 am
president trump sparking controversy with using the pardon power that he has as president of the united states. brand new this morning, desouza talking about his conversation with the president, where the president shed new light into what motivated him to grant this pardon. >> the president said, dinesh, you've been a great voice for freedom and he said that i got to tell you man to man you've been screwed. he goes i've been looking at the case. i knew from the beginning that it was fishy, but he said upon reviewing it he felt a great injustice had been done and using his power, he was going to rectify it, sort of clear the slate and he said he just wanted me to be out there to be a bigger voice than ever defending the principles that i believe in. >> we'll talk morebout at that. the president is als signaling two former "apprentice" stars,


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