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tv   United Shades of America  CNN  June 3, 2018 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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if you're like me, you went to college. if you're not like me, then you actually graduated from college. and when i think college i thinkle "a" classes sleeping through 8 "a" classance football. now most colleges the exciting thing about football is the game. but some college the exciting part is what happened at half time on this episode we're talking about historically black colleges and universities. why they work and why they still are relevant. and maybe i'll even learn to do some of this.
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it's not going to happen. it's not going to happen. my name is w. kamau bell. as a comedian i made a living finding humor in the parts of america i don't understand. and now i'm challenging myself to dig deeper. i'm on a mission to reach out and experience all the cultures and believes that add color to this crazy country. this is the united shades of america. if there is one thing in the united states that shows the diversity of our country it's our vast system of colleges and universities. there is a college for everybody. colleges for cooks. colleges for clowns. and even colleges to show how to give massages where nobody gets arrested. but there is one group of colleges that is absolutely linked to the founding of this country. historically black colleges and
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universities. or as they're known to be people down with the king, hbcus. how can you guess how hbcus came into existence if you said racism you're right. i also would have accepted bull shitp most were found in the 1800s when black folks were seen as a threat and weren't allowed to go to promptly white universities. and i'm talking no schools at all. because of their stories history whether you go orpt black people are raised to respect hbcus the same way we are raised to respect the patti la bell. calrd greens and three out of five jacksons. you pick your favorites. had been cc ucs played an basing ral role in the black movement pmt but with 101 hbcus in the
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country they are not just respected from the past they're of an integral part of our country's future all of our country's future. from time to time this show definitely focuses on the struggle of my people. this isn't one of those times. get ready for a show about black on black love and black hatchet and lots and lots of hashtag black girl magic. let's begin with hbcu professor and my frat brother marc lamont hill. >> his rhetoric when he we want down start started problems sfl name one thing he said. that's why you're stuck right now. >> no justice no peace. >> he does the jobs on cnn i don't want to do. >> you are making things up. >> i came up i felt like the only black kid in the world who listened to lichaj color and fish bone. you know listening to rage against the machine. i felt like i don't know if i'm black enough to go to hbcu.
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i felt like i don't want to be there and be the outsider. >> you wouldn't have been, no. you didn't know that. >> i didn't. >> you go morehouse. that dorm had everything. every black person you want to see. that's the other thing pops people feel like gou to hbcu you get exposed to one kind of person. no. i got exposed to every kind of black person. i met black people from iowa. i didn't know black people lived in iowa. they were playing duncanings and dragons. >> i would have fit in. >> right next to wear the black trefrmg. >> yup. >> that's one of the beauties of the hbcus shows black beauty, black genius, black culture, black identity. >> what do you say to people who if you go to all black school. they're not preparing people for the world outside that have. >> like going to harvard that's the real world. >> that's the mean streets of new york. >> exactly what is this real
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people people gesture to that havre or yale prepare you before. harvard and yale prepared four extraordinary welt, unusual levels of safety. it's a great place to be but it's a cocoon. then go out in the world and you got to figure it out morehouse prepares you for the real world justs as much as emery. >> the mainstream talk is the hbcus there is the talking point why do we still have how come we don't have white college if i had a white college that would be racist. can you speak to that. >> i think the anxiety white people have is there is a place black people can access there is something you can do we can't. but white people can go to hbcu. there is white people at howard. clark. white people have access and they just choose not to go. it's up to us to want to those places. >> you were in an article about the popularity of hbcus on
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decline. >> there is a conversation about what it means for people to choose hbcus now versus 50 years ago. post civil rights you now have a choice to go somewhere else. the decline of hbcus is connected to not people bleaching less in it but just the changing landscape. inl in black people. i believe there will be hbcus as long as we have black people in america. >> i like the ding. scored a point. >> triple score. the hbcus will be as strong as we lour. we are not just taking some pictures of hbcu presidents but write checks. >> when president trump took office he invited hbcus. while kellyanne conway furiously googled what's hbcu. >> i'm signing an executive
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order to recognize the importance of historically black college and universities. >> but just like that subscription to the wand of the month club he got for christmas. three months later trump cancelled. the new hbcu budget didn't propose new funding but called for slashing more than $5 billion in reserves. if that wasn't bad enough. he went on to suggest that hbcu funding was unconstitutional. damn. and u.s. education secretary betsy devos didn't help much when she said hbcus were pioneers of school choice. which is sort of like saying reservations were pioneers of gated communities. later when devos gave a commencement speech at beth you know university they used her first amendment rights to let her know they how felt about her first amendment rights. >> i'm grateful for the opportunity to be with you
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today. >> until we support hbcus with our money and not just our mouths we're always in a precarious position. >> you know there is the entertainment industry, sports industry there is a lot of successful black business people now. we need some people who never went to hbcus saying hey maybe i didn't go to college but i want to support the community. >> not hating. i love dr. dra. love jimmy iv. >> we thought this was a great way to give back by building this academy. and it couldn't have been done a better place than a university of southern california. >> i mean look dr. dmt rea is extraordinary. this is no disrespect. he gave $10 million to compton high school. it's not like he doesn't care. when it's time to give money to universities, usc doesn't need our money. >>t's aschool. thank you i'll put this $10 million with the $1.0 billion. look at that.
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his first donation. >> when you give even $10 million to an hbcu you are creating opportunities from hundreds if not thousands of people tofrg to school who otherwise wouldn't. we might create a whole new world of black lowers lawyers and doctors and engineers and directors and comedians and across the gamut. >> hear that dr. drea he is calling you out. >> i don't know no problems we love your money, your philanthropy, black schools need money too. bring it this way. >> that's him. he said it. . dear foremothers, your society was led by a woman, who governed thousands... commanded armies... yielded to no one. when i found you in my dna,
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to get a true hook into hbcus i need to start at the beginning. at the very first hbcu. lincoln university in pennsylvania. oh, wait a second. i just heard black twitter firing up the twitter eighter. some think chainy was the first hbcu because it was the first to open in 1837. but others say lincoln because even though founded in 1854 it was the first to grant degrees to african-americans. either way, lincoln invited me. i'm at lincoln and just in time for homecoming. so what- what's happening? >> oh, a lot. >> yeah hope coming. >> and what year are you at the school. >> i graduated in 92. >> you're not here now. >> no. >> thank you but no.
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>> i was trying it give you a good black compliment. you wouldn't take it what made you decide to come to lincoln when you were a young one. >> father went to chain in everyone went to chainy i decided to go to lincoln. >> was there any problems. >> we're not going down that road. i just chose my own path. >> i'm not answering that question. >> taking the fifth amendment. >> absolutely. >> pleading fifth are you you two students here. >> yes. >> i have to ask the inappropriate question. are you a really really light skinned black person? >> no. >> all right. >> i feel like i just want to put the thing the white elephant in the room. >> up up. >> did you have any at all feeling of this is strange or weird. >> nope most of my friends are black. i feel like. >> they are now so talk about your life here. >> i like the people. like i feel right at home even though everyone here is from a different place. everyone is from like d.c.,
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philly, baltimore. i don't know the language. now it's like second nature to me. >> yeah. it's funny because i think people don't go to hbcu think of these as monolithic everybody is you understand everybody because you speak backlashish pfrp but you says there are diversity among black people. >> is that what you're trying to say. >> i'm trying to say that. >> if you can speak all in craziness. how do you know each other. >> we're part of an organization called spectrum. that's how we met. >> what is it. >> it's the lgbt community. >> a lot of times on hbcu because the church is on campus that the -- and also a lot of good church going folk here that the campuses are more conservative and not progressive are you here to. >> i'm not a cis male if everybody asks what my are
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pronouns anything else you need to to say i feel like i'm talking to future leaders in anything people need to know. >> be you. let your rainbow shine. >> hbcus were set up to educate barak people and build a stronger back people in general and one way to do that is teach people how to have fun when they aren't about that battling oppression. stephen became the black greek system and all like all cool things black people invent it's gone hollywood. i'm meeting with the greeks on campus and see what they have to offer and who serves who. >> tell me about it what does it mean to be greek. >> it's always a prideful matter wearing letters with years and years of history. everybody in a black greek letter organization all seeks to help our society and build everybody up. >> i know a lot of it there is
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competition between the different groups, right? >> it's not really a competition it's not krips and bloods. >> that's what i want to hear. >> it's not real beef. this is all about friends. >> who has the highest gp innocent stuff. >> real wholesome fun. >> it's not all wholesome fun. let's be honest. >> i know a big part of this is stefan. >> they hop. >> could he see some could you show leahy. >> we can all. >> got 90s party music cued up. >> oh mow brother, hey. >> d.s.t. step. .
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>> yo. yo. >> listen this may look like we set this up for the tv show. but we didn't. believe me, greeks just started showing up across all generations wanting to rep their organization. the only black greek who didn't show up is the basketball player. we were going to tape three groups and we keep trying to wrap for lunch and they keep bringing more people. >> i got a feeling this isn't how it goes down at harvard. even this truck couldn't stop the party. it's all just part of the chaos.
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anybody else? here you go. here we o. you help me up. >> oh, my god. can't believe it. >> here we go. here you go. ♪ . >> yeah. thank you. thank you. thank you very much. you did it. you held it down by yourself. thanks, ma'am. appreciate it. thank you, brother. thanks. see you end of my new show american he is best stepping and hopping with kamau bell. catch phrase is we out. and i walk off like this. [ doorbell rings ]
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movement li most hbcus were founded during segregation so mainly clustered in the south. i'm today i'm in atlanta at the atlanta university center. the lorjts consortium in the united states. seriously there are three of them next to each other. it's like a black college food court. right over here. clark university. right over there. spelman. and right over there, morehouse. and where i'm standing right now i'm standing between clark and
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morehouse. right now, i'm bi collegiate. in the bay area. that's how we do it. as the only all male hbcu and one of only three all male colleges in america morehouse is truly one of a kind process students here all aspire to become a morehouse man. a label that goes beyond the world of hbcus as non-hbcu grad barack obama talked about during his commencement speech. there are some things as black men we can only do for ourselves. there are some things as morehouse men you are oblinld to do for those left behind. as morehouse men you wield something more powerful than the diploma you're about to collect and that's the power of your example. >> i really screwed up not going to an hbcu. so what does it mean to be morehouse man? now you two are careen. look at this.
7:25 pm
you didn't just roll out of bed. you did not wake up like this. this was all choices. checking seeing all the things. it looks like one of boyz ii men left the suit behind. nobody emailed. >> morehouse is a place that black young men and young men can find themselves completely and be there genuine disbelieves even though it's mostly black people there is hot just one black man. >> there is always one type of man at morehouse. more than one type of morehouse man. for that clarification a man much morehouse is currently enrolled and attending. and once you graduate and get your degree you are a morehouse man. while morehousemen are obviously well dressed being a morhouse man goes beyond the clothes and being in the south and celebrating black greatness only adds to the mystique. like being in my grandparents house there are reminders of
7:26 pm
mlkive where. this is taupe johnson. a former classmate of dr. martin luther your birthday a holiday king jr. >> there is a picture in the back and you can see dr. king sitting in this seat here. >> he was a senior. yeah. >> so when he was here did people have any sense of what he would become. >> no. >> not at all. >> no, he was just a very sharp dresser. >> okay. all right. which is a part of being a morehouse man. >> yeah, yeah. >> what was it like going to the school in the 40s and 50s. i would imagine america was pretty different. >> this was a very vibrant, luxurious intellectual center that just vibrated with intellect. and with hope.
7:27 pm
>> hbcus produced some of the great leaders of the civil rights. rosa parks. thurgood marshall and one of the geat leaders of the avengers samuel jackson. and still today hbcus are a breeding ground for leadership and change. >> it seems that morehouse is churning out more than it's fair share of leaders into the world. >> i you don't know all they have in them and what they're able to do. >> a student walks out you go, that marty king was pretty good. see what happens he will make a good minister. >> he will do good. >> he will do good. >> and that's something else. and nobel prize. >> we hit on this a couple of times already. there is a way a morehouse man dresses and then there is the
7:28 pm
way i dress. >> i feel like i'm about to buy some life insurance. >> help me attain the style and standard of a morehouse man i'm sitting with david wall rice and his students is this random tuesday wearing. >> normally tuesday and thursday i dress up. it all depends. >> because this -- when gou around a lot of college campuses in the country this is like not -- maybe like semi formal wear orphancy dance. >> there is a stereotype with respect to morehouse man, suited and booted and well dressed. they are a uniform that you're using sometimes to figure out how it is that you get access to certain places in order to kind of tip the system over. and so that those folks who have been marginalized by suits like this or -- orp situative dress like this are emboldened. >> i already feel i'm learning the morehouse mistake. it's a newward.
7:29 pm
situative. you guys got words we don't use outside of here. situative. already. i get that one. when you go back home like the first year here or whatever and is there a sense people can tell you've been dipped in the mystique. >> there is a idea you can see one from a mile away. he might not be wearing a suit but there is a sense of confidence and carries himself absence of responsibility. >> should i try this on so a mile away i don't look like a college dropout? >> here is the boy. >> a little 360. >> what's all this laughter? what's where is the support and brotherly love. >> we're always in support. >> nice move. >> tuck the shirt in. tuck it in. tuck the shirt in. okay. >> it's against my religion to tuck my shirts in but i'll do
7:30 pm
for morehouse. i feel the villain in a tyler perry movie. >> if you want you can button up. >> better? >> brother you've already ruined the brand. let's please don't ruin. but i have firmly proven you can't just throw on the clothes and be part of the morehouse mystique. it's more than the clothes. clearly i've proven that. because i put the clothes and you look at me like i stole them. >> but you're still our brother, right so you're still a part of morehouse we at least that. >> but you're not going to let me wear these off campus. >> well be winl if you want them have at it. >> let me take that m off right here. it's a nice cardigan. you don't need the m all right,
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even though hbcus make up 3% of america's colleges and universities, they produce an stounding 27% of african-american students with bachelors degrees in s.t.e.m. field. science technology, engineering and mathematic pl ready for hashtag black girl magic. meet jewel burkes, the cofounder of park punishing an atlanta based startedup is envisioned computer technology to help people locate and buy repair parts. amazon oen acquired the company
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in 2016 that earned jewel a spot on the 30 list. those are two things i'll never have. >> take me back to like the 16-year-old version of you who is starting thinking about going to college. >> yeah. >> what were you thinking about back then? >> first of all, i didn't have the option to go to any school other than an hbcu because my mother told me that if i decide to go where else she is not going to move knee me in. she was very adamant about going to a hbcu. >> you could have said i have a full ride to yale and she was like, get there yourself. >> it sounds wild but my mom, she knew that you know growing up i was in majority white schools. and social settings. and i think she just knew that an hbcu was where i needed to be. i was honestly this sounds crazy. but i was tired of being the only black person.
7:36 pm
>> doesn't sound crazy. >> okay. i was really tired of being the only one and always having to defend, you know, my hair, just everything. >> explain. >> spokesperson for the race. >> yes that was becoming a lot for me, yeah. >> yeah, yeah. a lot of people who are critical of hbcus, like why would they segregate themselves and go to hbcu, also if you do that you're not in the real world you created this black world and college is supposed to prepare you for the real world. how would you respond to the fox news style questions. >> i think hbcuss are actually needed now more than ever, because the role of the school in my opinion in large part is to help us be prepared for a world that doesn't love us. that is going to be attacking us in some regards. and especially now. especially now where it feels -- you feel like a problem watching the news you feel like a problem. and i think i would probably take that as truth if i had not
7:37 pm
gone to a place where i know that, no i'm not a problem i'm excellent and i deserve to be in the places and spaces i want to be in or choose to be in. >> i should have gone to an hbcu. i really screwed up. i dropped out of college. i feel like i might not have dropped out. >> it's not too late you can always enroll. >> always enroll. may trick late. i'll think about it i'm a little busy right now. clearly you have -- the thing that is in you the thing that drove you in the use and at howard put you right on the right path and you're a tremendous advocate for s.t.e.m. and black women in tech and hashtag black girl magic. >> personal mantra. >> as a father of two daughters i feel like i'm excited for them to grow up in a world where you exist and keep going forward. and keep thriving. >> thank you. >> yeah. >> thank you. right across the street in morehouse is spelman kalk.
7:38 pm
even though on paper spelman is seemly the opposite of morehouse all women versus all men. they couldn't feel more definite. . spelman feelt lime black hermine hog wart. spelman has become the number one in the country and ranks among the top ten womens colleges in the nation. and we get a couple of applications for my daughter. >> politicking science and myren in japanese studies. >> what. >> i went to japan this summer actually. >> really. >> yes. >> i feel like a black person going to japan you should get a minor in japanese studies. >> spelman is great for biology i'm on pre-med. uts number one for sending black women to medical school. >> what do you want to do when you want to leave here. >> i want to tell people's stories. reporter, production. >> you want to use the media as a which it tell stories. >> yeah. >> you want my job. >>-like that. >> we can be honest about it.
7:39 pm
at least you don't have to be subtle. just push me out of the way. >> tell me about morehouse over there across the street. >> oh, knows guys over there. we have a brother/sister relationship. when you get into your first year you get assigned to a brother. and you're supposed to share experiences on each other as campus and have that person to grow with you throughout your four years here. and morehouse tries -- trying to basically instill in their black men that black women matter and in order to push them up you are as the black men have to be the ones to nurnl them and tell them that they are appreciate zplood you appreciate just guaranteed you made this show. i can't cut that message out. because then i'm a black man -- that will be in the show. >> nice talking to you. >> nice talking to you thank you very much. appreciate it. and let me know when you're ready for the show. >> i'll give you a call gloo i'll just step out. there you go now you're the host
7:40 pm
look what happened. >> hi, welcome to the show. this is natasha martin. >> you didn't -- you didn't -- okay. well that's what we're doing. welcome back to the show. it's w. kamau bell. >> but it's really me. >> thank you. >> all right thank you. >> thank you. >> as i mentioned hbcus have historically been seen as conservative on lgbtq issues but spelman is changing all that starting in 2018 when any officially start accepting transgender students. i'm sitting down with sophmore chablis davis. the first recipient of a scholarship advocating for their community. that's a big deal to be in school and claiming that lgbtq space. >> it's a lot. >> were you out when you first got to spelman. >> not to like the whole world. i guess i am now. but my parents knew -- i am dating a woman.
7:41 pm
so, yeah, i mean, now the whole world knows i guess. >> so it wasn't that you weren't out. you just weren't. >> i wasn't telling people who didn't ask. i was not walking around with a sign. >> you weren't like can i get a small mocha, also i'm gay. >> no it was not. >> there is a narrative around black people, especially around church going black people. >> yes. >> and i know there is a lot of church going black people here, that they're somehow more homophobe among that lechl of black people than here do you think that's true. >> i don't think that's true. the black community is just as homophobic as every other community. >> yeah. >> we happen to be black that's the commune we interact with the most. but there are homophobic transpeople here. but i don't deal with that as much as other people do. i think it kind of depends also
7:42 pm
on how you present. i'm a very feminine looking woman. i don't deal with the things that a more masculine presenting people deal with. >> next year spelman is accepting transgender students. what do you think about that? >> i have mixed feelings. on one hand i feel they might be a little -- like ahead of what we're ready for. and i think like everybody just needs more education in general, administration, professors, the students, everybody needs to kind of be on one accord. i don't want to throw year people to the wolves. that's not what i want to happen. on one hand i don't know if we're ready for that. but on the other hand i feel like they're on the right side of history and they're working towards what needs to be the norm. >> well, you know, who is partially responsible for making it go the best way it goes. >> i am. >> i thought i was going to have to tell you but you knew.
7:43 pm
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down the street from the pearly gates at spelman and the manicured lawns of morehouse you'll find a much different sight. morris brown college, the first institution of higher learning in georgia that was founded by black people for black people. the college that was once bigger than morehouse and had enrollment as high as 2500 now has only about a hundred students. you heard that right. 100. apparently after a red fox level of financial mismanagement the school went bankrupt. and in 2002 morris brown lost accreditation. relying on donations and a faculty of volunteers morris brown is proud to say it never closed its doors. maybe they should have. because when you walk around the campus it feels desolate. i saw 20 people the entire time
7:48 pm
i was there. we had more people on our crew. i figured i'd pop into a class. >> check this out. x then is equal to the sum. >> there are four students in this class. four. >> and mine us. >> i used to try to hide in class. that ain't happening here. >> check this out that would be 64. >> i can't help what o what but wonder what drives the students. >> i fell in love with it. >> what made you fell in love with it. >> the tenacity to rebound sfl you wanted to be part of the rebound story. >> yes. >> ant fact that morris brown doesn't have the accreditation. >> doesn't matter. >> why not. >> because the education is education. >> that class had four people. you don't think you're missing sfloog no, he wore me out today. >> professor henry porter is a legend around here. he graduated from morris brown in 1959. >> thank you for letting me sit in on the end of your class. i don't think i got much out of it. it's been a long time since i was in your math class.
7:49 pm
>> i started call on you. >> every time you walked toward the back. >> you looj you know the answer. >> i was working it. i couldn't help but try. >> i have confidence in you. >> thank you. thank you very much. now i know why you've been teaching so long you know what you're doing. >> that's right. >> i've been sitting here about 30 seconds and feel better about myself. >> yeah. >> tell me what is your history with morris brown. >> let me tell you something about my history before morris brunn. morris brown gave my mother a jb, provided us a house on 43 vine street. when i graduated from the high school morris brown offered me an academic scholarship. they said why are you still doing this? i really omorris brown. morris brown made it possible for me to get my master's degree from tlafrt university and my eds degree in atlanta university. last year they aped me an
7:50 pm
hornary doctorate degree. >> didn't you try to retire at one time. >> i was going to retire in 2003. >> okay. >> i knew that because of financial reasons not because of academic reasons morris brown lost accreditation. i tell you i would stay and teach until we got straight. i'm fulfilling my word. i promised we would stay until we got straight and i'll do that. >> it's been 14 years. >> i want to retire. >> yeah? >> because i want to be -- i want to rent your boat you own. [ laughter ] >> you know what i'm saying? i want to do that but i'm going to stay until we get straight. you got some faculty members here who sometimes get paid late but because they love the school, they are here. >> yeah. >> not doing this thing by myself. >> i certainly hope that morris brown gets straight for a lot of reasons, one because it's a historic institution and important to black people in this country and the community of atlanta and also, so you can
7:51 pm
take a break. help morris brown so he can take a ride on my boat. also help me buy a boat. >> that's right. >> thank you very much. >> okay. >> thank you. and the safey for "most parallel parallel parking job" goes to... [ drum roll ] ...emily lapier from ames, iowa. this is emily's third nomination and first win.,!
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i thought after sandy hook, where 20 six and seven year olds were slain, this would never happen again. dian feinstein and a new generation are leading the fight to pass a new assault weapons ban. say no to the nra and yes to common-sense gun laws. california values senator dianne feinstein
7:54 pm
morris brown was kind of the way to end my tour. walking around the morris brown campus showed me that these colleges are important for so many different reasons.
7:55 pm
now since i was still in atlanta, i figured i would grab a cup of coffee with another black person at cnn. attorney angela rye. >> release his transcripts or admission to harvard. answer is no. >> boy, bye. you so out of line now. >> she also does the heavy lifting at cnn i won't do. i've gone to lincoln university i learned hbcu. >> cheney. >> okay. >> you want to get into this debate? [ laughter ] >> i guess it sort of feels right that even in the creation of hcbu, black people have beef with each other. [ laughter ] >> we don't always have beef. more often than not, our beef is started on the outside and once again, here we are. >> that's true. >> thanks slavery and jim crow. that's why they are mission-based institutions but your president thinks they may not be constitution. >> what? my president?
7:56 pm
>> you don't have to claim him? >> i'm not claiming him. he's the president. he's a president. >> president. >> somebody's president. i find it interesting even though you didn't go to an hbcu, you seem to consistently work with hbcu's. why is that? >> they are near and dear to my heart because if it weren't for hbcus, there are a number of people in our community that wouldn't have the opportunity to have a higher education. they educate pell grant recipients, which means they are low income. those types of schools are overwhelmingly under resourced. you know they are ravaged and no matter what, when there is a will, there is a way. we've always had a will so we've always made a way but there is never enough funding in that pot. >> we actually went to morris brown. it feels like whatever happened that was tragic, the resources were taken away or lost, is it still necessary to keep the
7:57 pm
doors open? >> here is the challenge, if your president -- nah. if they are questioning constitutionality, what are they going to challenge next? we've seen the affirmative action. where there is affirmative action, people will return to the schools. if they close the doors, there is nowhere to go. >> the label hbcu makes you think they are all -- >> not at all. >> can it be a problem to put them into the same roof? >> there are liberal arts, hbcus that are business majors and heldman, whe hillman, where i wanted to go. i'm not a cosby. i didn't go to any hbcu. okay kanye. i don't know if you got that, you need to keep up. [ laughter ] >> that's fine. >> i'm doing the best i can. i'll drink more tea. >> try that. that was shade. i did throw shade. >> yes, now you throwing tea.
7:58 pm
okay. all right. so what is the future for hbhbcus? >> they are here to stay, making sure we're telling they are story accurately there are so many people on the cutting edge of making a difference globally, who are educated at hbcus and people that said they went to hbcu. like it's a scarlet letter or something. >> i thought they went to a real college. >> yes, these schools do amazingly well at preparing a generation of leaders and have always been that way. absolutely. >> yeah, yeah, yeah, thank you for talking to me today. >> thank you. >> i would love to do it more often. i'm not always totally awoke but i think i'm awoke. >> especially when you tried to have chicken with the ku klux klan. >> i didn't have chicken with the ku klux klan. >> it was close. >> i thought he had some. >> you think i had chicken on
7:59 pm
the ku klux klan? >> i didn't know what you was doing. i was nervous. >> growing up, i had the impression hbcu was there because pwi is not where black people could get educated. i guess partially that's true but more true is that hbcus are here in addition to various colleges and universities this country has. none of these are looking forward to the day pwis become peis, predominantly everybody institutions. pwis can serve whoever they want and hbcus can serve whoever they want. if you want to go to harvard, go to harvard, if you can get in. if you want to experience black excellence all day every day where black twitter and 3 d and the movie "the black panther" is a blueprint for the future, go to an hbcu. it's cool dr. dre gave usc money but hbcus need our money, attention and respect, too, and before i get out of here, i want to say i really don't want any
8:00 pm
beef with dr. dre and also, i did not eat chicken with the klan. come on, angela. ♪ >> anthony: serj is armenian. like most armenians around the world, he wasn't born in


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