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tv   New Day With Alisyn Camerota and John Berman  CNN  June 5, 2018 2:59am-4:00am PDT

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the stanley cup with a win on thursday in las vegas. thanks for joining us. big primary we'll see you at 3:00 a.m. tomorrow. president's hosted multiple national champions. unfortunate when politics gets in the middle of this. >> there's no one more disrespectful than the president of the united states. >> that's an attempt to embarrass the president. >> this is a way of putting black players in their place. it's very, very disturbing. >> the president did not draft the response. >> it was a mistake. i swear to god it was a mistake. >> the president dictated that statement in order to mislead the american public. prosecutors allege that paul manafort has been tampering with witnesses. >> this desperate action says he is really concerned about going away for a long time.
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>> the pressure is going to pick up on the trump team. >> announcer: this is "new day" with alisyn camerota and john bermen. >> you ever been disinvited to a party the night before? >> no, i would cancel if none of my guests were going to come. >> touche. this is "new day," tuesday june 5th, 6:00 a.m. in new york. the president says he hates when athletes kneel for the national anthem, but it's clear what he hates even more is teeny, tiny crowds. overnight, the president disinvited the philadelphia eagles from a scheduled white house visit to celebrate their super bowl win after it was clear that fewer than a dozen would attend. one key point, as far as we can tell, no eagles actually took a knee during the anthem at all last season, so the gross infraction they committed in the president's mind is disagreeing with him. the mayor of philadelphia says the president is, quote, not a true patriot but a fragile echo man yak. major development in the
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russian investigation. special counsel robert mueller accused paul manafort of witness tampering in federal tax and money laundering case. mueller's team calling for immediate action that could land manafort in jail. >> the legal team made a mistake denying that the president was involved in that misleading statement about the infamous trump tower meeting with russians. but white house press secretary sarah sanders refuses to explain her false statement on that trump tower meeting. voters head to the polls in eight states today. democrats hope to take control of the house and/or the senate. we have it all covered for you. let's begin with kaitlan collins live at the white house. what's happening there? >> reporter: alisyn, quite a lot. less than 24 hours before the philadelphia eagles were supposed to arrive at the white house for the celebration of their super bowl victory, the white house cancelled that invitation from them coming. of course when it became clear that not many were going to
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attend that celebration, the president issued a blistering statement saying that they disagreed with him and were no longer going to attend and instead going to be a celebration for the national anthem here at the white house. now, it doesn't take much to realize this all goes back to that fight over the national anthem, something the president has been more than willing to engage in since last fall. but we should note that no eagles players were the ones who knelt during the regular season last year and none remained back in the locker room during the national anthem either though they did voice some support for those who did do it, other players in the league. however, that led the president to issue a tweet last night saying that the philadelphia eagles football team was uninvited from the white house. unfortunately a small number of players decided to come and we cancelled the event. staying in the locker room for the playing of our national anthem is as disrespectful to our country as kneeling. sorry. of course that comes on the heels of the nfl instituting that new rule that if players aren't going to stand for the national anthem, they have to
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stay back in the locker room or risk being fined. something that was up for debate but a lot saw bending to the president for that debate he stoked over those players who did kneel during the national anthem. something they said wasn't a protest of the anthem baa protest of other issues. now, the mayor of philadelphia not pleased with the white house's decision here clearly, also issuing a blistering statement saying tha disinviting the eagles from the white house only proves that our president is not a true patriot but a fragile echo maniac obsessed with crowd size and afraid of the embarrassment of throwing a party which no one wants to attend. city hall is always open for a celebration. that is from jim kenney, the mayor of philadelphia. john and alisyn, this all got started last september a rally in alabama where the president was supposed to voice support for a senate comment instead he made this remark about players who kneel on the field for the
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national anthem. >> wouldn't you love to see one of the nfl owners when somebody disrespects our flag to say get that son of a bitch off the field right now, out. he's fired. he's fired! >> reporter: now, this has been a debate the president is more than willing to engage in. he thinks it sells to his base well. he enjoyed the debate over it last fall when there were several football players speaking out against the president for what he said about their decision to protest there. now back here at the white house today, the president said that 1,000 people are supposed to come to this event today where he said it would be a celebration of america and the national anthem. that is to be determined, john and alisyn. >> thank you for setting all that up for us. joining us now to discuss we have political analyst john avlon and joe lockhart, the white house press secretary under president clinton and the former executive vice president of communications for the nfl. joe, we're getting our money's worth. >> nothing like being in the
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middle of every story on earth. way to go. >> you know everything about every story we're covering here. >> let's get to it. >> what do you think of the fact that fewer and fewer eagles were going to go to the white house and president trump decided to cancel it under false pretenses? >> couple, how trump sees himself as the president. last time i checked it wasn't his house. he doesn't get to decide -- this is the people's house. and it shouldn't matter whether ten players or coming or 30 players are coming. >> wouldn't it be embarrassing if 10 players came and 70 were supposed to? >> embarrassing, they would have an event. this is supposed to be about celebrating something the country comes together for once a year. if there are these 1,000 fans, they would have loved to see ten players. it's only embarrassing because that's the way trump's mind
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works. the fact that he picked the eagles to embarrass him is important. malcolm jenkins, tory smith, these were the guys who were behind the social justice movement. i was on a bunch of calls with them well before the season started where they were talking about using the platform to raise these issues. they now have $200 million almost earmarked for doing this from the league. they've raised consciousness around the country and it drives trump crazy. it absolutely drives him crazy. and i guess the last thing, he thinks it's good politics for him. we'll find out. >> last two points, no eagles kneeled last year, right? this is punishing them for their thought. this is being the thought police is notable and interesting there. the second thing you said there is that the president thinks this is a winning issue, john. republicans who don't necessarily like the president think this is a winning issue for the president. >> president loves the culture war front. this is where he is most
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comfortable, particularly on kneeling. you saw from the clip, he's recreating patton in his mind. this is the fight he wants. this is where he is most comfortable. where he is uncomfortable is gio politics. this is a fight he wants but it makes him small, it diminishes the office. >> joe, when you were there, did you encourage the players to speak their minds or to protest? because we hear so many people who are fans of the sport say i just want my sport. i just want to watch it. i don't want to have to think about all this other stuff. where are you on that? >> yeah. i think the league understood that these players have a platform. they have a platform to do good. there were a lot of people uncomfortable with it being around the national anthem, and i think before trump got involved i think there were four or five players who were kneeling. trumped called them sons of
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bitches, 300 kneeled, including some of the owners with them. >> from the president's viewpoint, he sees that as he baited them into this. >> sure. >> and that nfl ratings were down. television ratings were a little bit down last year, which the president claims credit for. >> it's more connected to the change in the way people consume content. if you look at the value of the broadcast contracts, they're actually going up even though ratings are down. fox paid something like 30% more for thursday night football. the nfl is not hurting financially. but i do think that the nfl is a company or a property that appeals to all americans. and it's hard when you have someone baiting 10, 15% of your fans and trying to divide them. >> and dividing the players versus the owners and the racial undertones there. the president thinks far too much about ratings, still post
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reality show, and not enough about the republic and uniting it. that's his job. that's his job. he doesn't seem to get his head around that. this is personally people. people weren't coming to my party so i'm cancelling it and slap a culture war political argument on it. >> you can't dump me because i dump you. >> this is mean girls again. >> don't forget, he wanted to be part of the group of owners and the nfl shut him down. he will never forget that. he will never forget that. >> the philadelphia papers actually had headlines that i think are worth looking at right now. one of the papers says trump dumps eagles because to him size matters. and nixing eagle's visit trump again plays divider in chief. you know, it's interesting, right? the eagles were a blue collar team. pennsylvania is a swing state. >> which he won. >> and philadelphia is an urban area which didn't vote for him, but there are a lot of eagles vans in the lee high valley and the counties around there. i don't know how this will play.
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>> the politics of it -- i think we're searching for strategy where there's really just impulse. the eagles when pennsylvania - helped win your presidency? sure. it doesn't help. >> he may be turning the eagles into america's team. >> they unseated berman's patriots. i was watching that. believe me. i saw the whole damn thing. i'm not happy about it. >> is that their name, berman's patriots. >> joe, don't go anywhere. sit right there and you too, john avlon. rudy giuliani says he can explain why the white house keeps changing its story about donald trump jr.'s meeting with the russians. could the shifting narrative simply be a mistake? it wasn't a lie, two lies, three lies, ten lies? no. it was one big mistake he says. >> announcer: today's starting
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rudy giuliani says the president's attorney and white house press secretary did not lie when they publicly said the president did not dictate a misleading statement about his son's trump tower meeting with russians. but we now know that the president did dictate that statement. giuliani made his case on the world premiere of cnn's cuomo primetime last night. >> why do you think they chose to lie about his role in drafting this statement about trump jr.'s meeting with the russians? >> chris, you think maybe somebody could have made a mistake? >> that's a lot of mistakes. a lot of mistakes. >> why is it always that somebody -- you think jay sec cue low lied? maybe he just got it wrong, like i got a few things wrong in the beginning of the investigation. meaning my knowledge -- this is a complex investigation. first week or so i got a few things wrong. and then it was clarified in a letter and that's the final
3:16 am
position. >> well -- >> that's the danger of going under oath that you can make a mistake. please let me finish. >> please, go ahead. >> you can make a mistake. you can make a mistake and then if you don't -- if you want to, you can say it's a lie. but it was a mistake. i swear to god, it was a mistake. the guy made a mistake. >> i swear to god, the guy made a mistake. and we will note that rudy giuliani was in the holy land when he said that. >> chris pointed that out. >> and rudy seemed a little more circumspect. >> careful about swearing to god when you're in israel. >> let's bring in kerry corderro. i suppose you can make a mistake, but when you make that mistake four or five times yourself and when another official sarah sanders makes that same mistake a month later, it's hard to say it's a mistake, right? it seems to me someone lied, either someone lied to them or they lied to us. it's that simple. >> well, the bottom line is that the letter that trump's lawyers
3:17 am
sent to the special counsel's office said that he dictated the statement. and so, that seems to be -- it seems like it is most likely that is the correct analysis, that he dictated the statement. why they made public statements ahead of that saying that he wasn't involved in some way or maybe he was just involved in a little way, we don't kw what dividual people like, for example, sarah sanders knew when th were informing the public, but we do know that the people who were involved in drafting that statement at the time and there were several people involved including spokespersons, donald trump jr., the president himself, they all knew what happened. and so, the fact that so much time had gone by, it really just continues to draw attention to this meeting and why was it that the story keeps changing about this specific meeting which is so important to the
3:18 am
investigation because it was a direct contact, a direct meeting that was set up between members of the campaign and russian surrogates which goes to the heart of the russia investigation. >> joe, you have had sarah sander's job. >> sure. >> so again you're the perfect person to talk to about this. who knows if she intentionally lied. we can't get into her head. we know it was a falsehood. >> it was a lie. whether she was lied to. >> that's the point is that who knows what the president told her. but what we all know and can all agree on including rudy giuliani now is that that was false. she made a false statement from the podium. yesterday she wouldn't sort of explain how that happened or why she did that. here she is. >> what's the reason for that discrepancy? >> like you said, this is a letter from the outside counsel and i direct you to them to answer that question. >> what was your basis for saying it in august? >> i'm not getting into a back and forth and i encourage you to reach out to the outside
3:19 am
counsel. >> you said he did not dictate. now you say he did. what is it? >> i'm not going to respond to a letter the president' outsi counsel. we walled off. i would refer you to comment? >> how is that acceptable? >> it's not. it is possible that she was not on air force one sitting in that meeting but a lot of people were in that meeting. it is not possible that with all those people involved after she said it when they were coming to grips with coming clean on this that she didn't know. she stood up there for months knowing she put on the record that he hadn't done this and hadn't corrected it and yesterday made it worse by not addressing it. so i think, you know, yesterday was sort of the watershed moment for her. she doesn't have any usefulness now. she either can't trust the president and her colleagues, or she can't tell the truth. and she's got to remember she doesn't work just for the
3:20 am
president, she works for all of us. so i think she's got to figure out that it's time to go. >> that's such an interesting point that she works for the american people. >> right. >> that's who she's supposed to be telling the truth to. that's who she is supposed to be giving the information to. as we talked about so much times, there's a constituency of one. >> that is the change. traditionally the job has been something where everyday you're sort of pulled in two different directions. you do serve the president and you do try to advance his or her agenda but you also work for the press core as the proxy for the public and that responsibility, i think, vast majority of press sec tarries seriously. that ended when sean spicer gave up a very foolish speech about crowd size at the inaugural and i think from a personal point of view if you're being lied to constantly and your credibity means something to you, you've
3:21 am
got to make a change. or if it doesn't and you're okay with lying, then you're not serving the public. there's no way forward here for her. >> maybe she's okay with lying. i'm just saying, there's no question that she spread lies at this point. >> yes. >> i suppose that's a good way to say it. whether or not she was told the truth i guess we don't know. >> we don't know. >> but she spread a lie and she is the white house press secretary and she spread a lie and allowed it to hang out there for months. >> but even if she didn't know, many of her colleagues on the senior staff knew. >> hope hicks was the communications director and her boss. >> these people knew and the fact that they let her go out here and do this, this was me, that would be unacceptable. >> you would resign? >> in these circumstances absolutely. >> you know, what is the responsibility of the press core. >> john and alisyn. >> go ahead. >> john and alisyn, the reason john mentioned hope hicks.
3:22 am
she has an important role. the reason why we're seeing the accurate story come out is because hope hicks and other individuals have had to be interviewed by the special counsel's office. and so, they simply even if they wanted to keep a different narrative of what happened with the drafting of that statement, there are too many people who have had to go under oath or at least be interviewed where there's consequences if you are not truthful to the investigators that they would not have been able to protect a false narrative. >> no. it's a great point. alisyn made this yesterday, you can lie to the press, but when you lie to investigators you're on the line right there and they obviously didn't want to get caught doing it. >> there had to be a reason why the story changed, why in that letter they said something so different and they said the truth about the president dictating it when that's not what we had heard. i think i believe that carrie is right -- >> you want a good segue? let's listen to former bill
3:23 am
clinton on changing narratives. all of a sudden he is back in the middle of all of this in the #metoo movement and what he feels now about the impeachment scandal. he was on "the today show" yesterday. he never apologized to monica lewinsky. he tried to clean it up last night. >> do you feel like you owe her an apology? >> no. i do -- i do not -- i've never talked to her, but i did say publicly on more than one occasion that i was sorry. that's very different. the apology was public. >> the suggestion was that i never apologized for what caused all the trouble for me 20 years ago. so first point is, i did. i meant it then, i meant it now. i apologized to my family, to monica lewinsky and her family and to the american people. the second is that i support the
3:24 am
#metoo movement and i think it's long overdue. >> joe lockhart was press secretary. we'll let him stew on this while we go to carrie first. carrie, when you look at how the president is dealing with this issue now, does it appear that bill clinton really understands how times have changed over the years? does he appear comfortable in his answers with this? >> well, it obviously -- look, those of us who remember this period of history, it obviously brings up a very difficult time for him. he was impeached by the house of representatives. and it was a very tenuous political time. this is certainly a topic he doesn't want to talk about. but in addition to this, so much of the clinton presidency is coming back into public view because we're talking about impeachment again. and so, certainly he has an
3:25 am
experience that's relevant from that perspective, but there is a lot of differences between the political situation and the legal situation with respect to the white house that was different in the clinton situation and is very different from this current investigation and political situation that we're dealing with. >> joe, with the craig melvin questions that nbc interview. >> sure. >> president clinton seemed combative. >> yeah. >> could he possibly been surprised by these questions? >> i don't know that he was surprised. i think what happened is he was there to talk about his book with james patterson, which is a very light thing. it's not one of his -- >> it's a novel. >> weighty tones about globalization and gio politics, and i don't think he really heard the question. i don't mean literally. i think he heard, oh, you're bringing that up again and got angry and did not hear the question. you saw a very different answer at night, but his answer was not right. and i think he understands that. >> i'm not sure he hears the
3:26 am
questions in a global standpoint. i'm not so sure based on the way he answered it last night that he's truly introspective on this subject. have you seen evidence that he is, joe? >> i think he is. listen, i was there when he gave the speech to the ministers about apologizing to families. something you'll never see from the current president. that was sincere and it was repeated over and over again both privately, with -- among us, the staff and publicly at events. so i do think that's real, but i think, you know, he's succumb to something yesterday which doesn't often happen in public of, you know, sort of victimization which is these people -- and i believe that the investigation, particularly in the house was a partisan exercise. it was about power, not about what he did. and he was, you know, victimized there. but i think that feeling of sort
3:27 am
of blotted out what craig melvin was asking. and i think that's why you had the situation that we see now. >> joe lockhart, we really appreciate your firsthand experience with all of this stuff. thanks for sharing it with us. >> happy to be here. >> carrie, thanks to you as well. >> thank you. sometimes i get so consumed with joe lockhart. >> i just wanted to appreciate carrie. >> thank you. less than seven days until president trump sits down with kim jong-un. we have new details about when they will first meet, who is in, who is out at this historic summit. john berman is in. >> i'm in. >> we know that much. (woman) so beautiful. (man) beautiful just like you. (woman) oh, why thank you. [both scream]
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the two leaders will meet face to face in singapore in less than a week, but a key white house adviser is being sidelined from these talks. cnn's alexandra fields is live re.seoul, sou kore with what have you learned, alexandra? seems to be the priority to make these talks happen whatever they accomplish. alisyn, you'll remember when a detailed agreement about denuclearization was the prerequisite for these talks. certainly that is isn't the case anymore. the administration calling this a get to know you meeting. and in the process of making sure that get to know you meeting happens between president trump and kim jong-un on 9:00 tuesday morning in singapore, it does seem that the most hawkish figure within the administration, john bolton is being sidelined. sources familiar with this say there's a growing rift between the national security adviser and the secretary of state mike pompeo leading these efforts to negotiate with north korea, to
3:33 am
make sure they're at the table in singapore on tuesday. it all came to a head it seems over the comments that bolton made over libya, equating north korea with libya, words that certainly enflamed tensions with north korea so much so that there were hostilities to the extent that president trump felt he had to cancel the summit. when the whole thing was smoothed over, north korea's number two traveled to washington, d.c. to meet with the president, secretary pompeo was in the room, bolton was not. sources are now saying that pompeo advised the president that would be counterproductive to have bolton in the room with this north korean official. don't forget, this is again the member of the administration taken the hardest line against north korea, counterproductive to have that man in the room as the administration works to make sure the meeting now billed as a meet and greet does, in fact, happen. john? >> keep your national security adviser out of the room on a key matter of national security. alexandrafield, great to have you with us. thanks so much. how is the white house preparing the president for the north korea summit?
3:34 am
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neutrogena®. ♪ president trump will meet with north korea's dictator kim jong-un in just days. cnn has learned that the president national security adviser john bolton has been sidelined as the president prepares for this historic summit. let's discuss with cnn national security analyst retired general michael hayden, former director of both the nas and cia.
3:38 am
thanks for being with us. sidelining the national security adviser john bolton prior to an historic summit is either, a, shrewd, b, extraordinary, c all of the above. what do you pick? >> yeah, if true, certainly all of the above. and you certainly see a difference in tone on the part of the president. and john, for me, the pivot point was last week when secretary pompeo came out of his meetings in new york with kim yong-chol and i think the secretary gave a very masterful press conference there with a nuanced, patient, historic interpretation of what it is we intend to do with the north koreans. he backed away dramatically from our demanding the north koreans give up their program and then in return we would begin giving them some sort of assistance. quite a dramatic change, not just from what ambassador bolton had been saying but frankly what
3:39 am
the administration had been saying all of last year. >> the president flat out said says he doesn't want to use the term maximum pressure anymore. >> secretary pompeo echoed the words, begin the process, a long-term effort. >> you've been in the middle of these things for a long, long time. is there anything wrong with that? what if the goal is just to meet, go to singapore, meet kim jong-un, take the measure of the man, perhaps open the door to future discussions? is there anything inherently problematic with that? >> absolutely not. in fact, john, i'm a fan because i think that approach reflects what the intelligence community and other experts have been telling the administration that the north koreans have their own very powerful reasons for not disarming from their nuclear arsenal. if we're going to get to a tter place, it's going to be a very complex and i think long-term deal that we have to negotiate with the north
3:40 am
koreans. john, it's very interesting. you know, i think ambassador bolton has been hammered a bit with regard to bringing up the libyan model. libya is actually pa two-act play. act two was the american led nato effort to unseed gadhafi, but act one was the americans demanding the libyans disarm in return for the promise of better relations. and act one was kind of our model for most of last year. we've backed away not just from act two, overthrowing the government, but act one as well. for lack of a better word, the iranian model where you sit down and over a long period negotiate seems to be what we're pursuing right now. >> very quickly, general, though, is there a risk to giving kim jong-un what he wants which is clearly a picture with president trump. something north korean leaders wanted for decades, giving him that picture without getting anything in return, without any commitment, real commitment,
3:41 am
verifiable commit nment to denuclearization. >> that was the unforced error that we decided to begin this at the head of state level. but now the price of admission is giving kim jong-un that photo op. and you're right, that is a major concession on our part, but we baked that in about three months ago when we agreed to the meeting at this level. >> which is something that kim jong-un's father asked for from president clinton. president clinton wouldn't give it to and go and meet with him as president. sent madeleine albright. you're a renaissance man, you care about many, many different things. i want to ask what's going on with the white house right now with the president disinviting the philadelphia eagles to the white house. it seems he disinvited them because fewer than a dozen were going to go largely because i think there's some disagreement on the eagles with the president's statements on kneeling over the national anthem and racial unrest. what do you make of the president's action disinviting them? >> you correctly pointed out in your last segment, john, no
3:42 am
members of the eagles took a knee during the regular season or the post season last year, so that's a made up crisis. frankly, john, my personal view -- look, i was irritated with colin kaepernick interfering with what was a moment of unity or at least three hours of unity every weekend for the american people. but the president created this issue. when he gave that speech in huntsville last september, bringing this issue forward to his base, i calculated that there are about 1750 american athletes who suit up for the nfl every weekend, and the sunday before the president gave that speech, a total of six did anything other than stand at attention during the national anthem. this was not a national crisis. it was manufactured by the president as a convenient issue. frankly, i was glad to see that the eagles decided not to go. >> when you say it's manufactured, note that no eagles actually kneeled seems
3:43 am
he's punishing them for what that think. >> exactly. >> general hayden, appreciate it. >> thank you. a new book is shedding light on the relationship between vice president mike pence and former vp joe biden. what biden says about his successor next. i'm very proud of the fact that i served. i was a c130 mechanic in the corps, so i'm not happy unless my hands are dirty. between running a business and four kids, we're busy. auto insurance, homeowner's insurance, life insurance policies. knowing that usaa will always have my back... that's just one less thing you have to worry about. i couldn't imagine going anywhere else. they're like a friend of the family. we are the cochran family, and we'll be usaa members for life. save by bundling usaa home and auto insurance. get a quote today.
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♪ washington capitals just one win away from putting four decades of playoff failure to rest. lindsay czarniak. >> you didn't have to say it but it's true. are you familiar with the hockey gods? >> they're powerful. >> they are and they appear to be in the capitals favor. you have the capitals on one side and alexovechkin, their likable superstar. on the side, vegas, a team of misfits in its first year of existence has done the
3:48 am
unthinkable. last night it was d.c.'s turn to host game four. look at this crowd, you guys. this doesn't happen, right? a huge sports town but finally there's something new to cheer about, this the visiting team having to deal with that in d.c. and look at this, the knights missing a golden opportunity early. and it really shifted momentum towards the caps. it was all capitals after that. washington led 3-0 after the first period. they never looked back. taking the game, 6-2, so the capitals now lead this series three games to one. if they win thursday in las vegas, they will lift the stanley cup for the very first time in franchise history. i would like to say that line one more time. >> i don't mean to out you as a fan. >> no, no, no. look, i'm going to be serious, d.c. it's been such a struggle in terms of sports making it this far, so this is what i saw down there this weekend, you can feel it. it's amazing. it's awesome for that town. >> they should offer more pizza. >> oh my gosh, i forgot.
3:49 am
>> okay. so as you know, that works for the fans to get excited. >> we'll bring it on in. >> thanks. first lady melania trump was seen in public last night for the first time in more than three weeks. so, what's going on behind the scenes? that's next. you finished preparing overhim for, in 24 hours, you'll send him off thinking you've done everything for his well-being. but meningitis b progresses quickly and can be fatal, sometimes within 24 hours.
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since enbrel, my mom's back to being my mom. visit and use the joint damage simulator to see how joint damage could progress. ask about enbrel. enbrel. fda approved for over 18 years. appeared at the white house event last night. this was her first public appearance in more than three weeks. it was an event honoring gold star families. the event was closed to the press, but the first lady did post some pictures on twitter of herself at the ceremony, which we're showing you. what's going on behind the scenes? joining us now is kate anderson brower, the author of the new book "first in line" president's, vice presidents and the pursuit of power. great to have you here. >> thanks for having me. >> as we said, the first lady was out of the spotlight for 24
3:54 am
days. it raised a lot of questions. people were concerned about her because it followed a medical procedure for a kidney condition of some kind. they've been vague about it. and do you think it's okay for the press and the public to ask questions about the first lady's whereabouts, or is she -- is it also okay for her to be extremely private first lady and we have to accept that? >> i think we forget that for five months she didn't live in the white house. we had come up after a her doing the campaign initiative, be best. we had seen a lot of her after the state dinner. there was a period of time where we didn't see her much at all, but i do at the same time think that journalists and people the public have a right to be curious and know what's going on with her. when i talk to her spokeswoman said she's asking us all to write thank you notes to the people who have expressed concern after her surgery. but i do think that people have a right to know where their first lady is. absolutely. >> look, other first ladies have
3:55 am
been sick while their husbands were in office and the publi has been able to go on that odyssey with them,hat medical odyssey. and in someays that's been, you know a bonding or teachable moment. nevertheless, she hasn't been as visible as other first ladies, however, as you report, she has been instrumental in some major decisions, including the picking of the vice president, mike pence. here is what you write. at this final decisive meeting, it was melania trump who drew the bottom line whoever is chosen for vp must be clean she insisted. that meant no affairs and no messy financial entanglements. in short, it meant no drama. she realized that her husband has a surplus of that already. that's interesting. >> i was really struck by that, too, because we think of melania trump as this former model who is not engaged in politics, but
3:56 am
she's astute politically. he had newt gingrich and chris christie on his list of vp candidates. and she could see at that final meeting that these are two people that come with a lot of baggage. newt gingrich got pretty far in that process, i was told. and she was the person who said we need someone who is clean. and i think that shows a side of her that we have never seen before. and i was also struck by some reporting about her refusing to do interviews that president trump would say, you know, melania trump will talk to you for this segment. and she would say, no, i won't. >> even on fox. i think he was trying to set up interviews with her for friendly hosts and she said no. >> yes. >> also it shows that he trusts her opinion for something that big. you, for your book, interviewed i think all six living vice presidents except you had a problem trying to interview mike pence. what happened? >> i did. this is two-year process, as you know, books take a long time. and i tried with vice president
3:57 am
pence again and again but i was told that, you know, there isn't much in it for us. i got very far down the line. but, you know, i was told that for them if a book makes him look like he's doing a lot and is very involved, president trump will not be happy. because it makes him look less powerful. if it looks like he's not doing very much, that doesn't help his political aspects in 2024, which they are clearly planning for. he is surrounded by a very smart group of people. his chief of staff who i did interview in his west wing office, nick is somebody who is 35 years old, ran the republican governor's association and is very protective of mike pence. they don't agree to work with authors. that's smart from their perspective, the president who is serving and reading and watching tv constantly. >> that does seem to be a no-win situation for mike pence. but what did vice president joe biden tell you about mike pence? >> well, i think it's really interesting that vice president biden and former vice president
3:58 am
biden and vice president pence speak about once a month. >> that is interesting. >> yeah. and really unprecedented. biden and cheney weren't talking once a month. >> what do these two talk about? >> foreign policy. and so, when biden goes on a trip or when the king of jordan came here to visit president trump and he flew out to delaware to talk to former vice president biden, he is calling the white house with read outs of these meetings. it's kind of a back channel because he sees mike pence as sort of someone you can work with. and foreign leaders are nervous about president trump, you know. they don't know what to expect. and so, biden told me that he can offers advice. >> is mike pence receptive to biden's advice? >> biden said he is. compared it to bill clinton talking to newt gingrich. they disagree politically but can speak civilly. biden said president trump doesn't have the bandwidth or experience on foreign policy.
3:59 am
mike pence is a politician and gets it more than president trump does. >> "first in line" out today. fascinating read on all these vice presidents and what their role is. thanks so much for sharing with us. >> thank you. thanks to our international viewers. for you "cnn talk" is next. for the u.s. viewers, "new day" is right now. >> i'm proud of our equals and proud they're not going. >> it's being used by some to wage a political protest. the president doesn't have to be complicit. >> get that son of a [ bleep ] off the field right now. >> donald trump they're sons of bitches. this is an imperial presidency. >> if i were president of the united states and i had a lawyer that told me i could pardon myself, i think i would hire a new lawyer. >> the pardon power is complete and there is no limitation on it. >> the framers of the constitution did not want a king. >> the special counsel's office accusing paul manafort of witness tampering. >> will he plea facing now clear jail time? >> if it's witness tampering,
4:00 am
there's a huge coverup under way by manafort. >> good morning, everyone. good morning, john. >> good morning to you. >> this is your new day. >> it is. >> though some of it may seem like deja vu. president trump canceling the white house visit for the super bowl champion philadelphia eagles siting the team's stance on national anthem protests even though none of them did protest by taking a knee last season. the real issue appears to be player turnout. fewer than a dozen players plan to attend today's event. philadelphia's mayor slams the president as a fragile echo man yak coming as a new development in the special counsel investigation special counsel robert mueller is accusing paul manafort of witness tampering in his president tax and money laundering case. rudy giuliani tells cnn the press secretary and legal team made mistakes denying the president was involved in that misleading statement about the trump tower meeting with the
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