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tv   At This Hour With Kate Bolduan  CNN  June 5, 2018 8:00am-9:00am PDT

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that is appointment television, i made it through last night. congrats. >> thank you for having me on. always a pleasure to be with both of you. >> all right. >> we'll check that out at 9:00 p.m. eastern only on cnn. "cuomo primetime". >> where respect the club. you get a hat. you get a hat. everybody gets a hat. >> thank you, chris. thank you, all, for joining us today. i'm poppy harlow in new york. >> i'm branaianna keilar. "at this hour" with kate bolduan starts right now. hello, i'm erica hill in for kate bolduan. we begin with the time honored tradition, a simple white house photo-op. though in 2018, even the most routine moments have somehow become unnecessarily political. today the philadelphia eagles will not be honored at the white house after the president uninvited the team to this afternoon's celebration of the super bowl win. that's after he reportedly learned that jus a small number
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of the players plan to show up. the president fired off a statement, claiming the team opposed his stance on players taking a knee during the anthem. the eagles have not said why some players chose not to attend. when it comes to kneeling, we know this. not a single eagles player knelt during the anthem all last season. the president's statement says they disagree with their president because he insists they proudly stand for the national anthem, hand on heart, in honor of the great men and women of our military and the people of our country. the eagles wanted to send a smaller delegation but the 1,000 fans deserved better. kaitlan collins joins us now. was the visit canceled simply because of the numbers here? >> reporter: you saw it right there in the ement, they reference a smaller delegation. i'm told it was incredibly small here, erica. the president was informed yesterday that not very many eagles players were going to nd, somewhere in the neighborhood of 4 to 10 players and a handful of coaches, maybe an athletic trainer or two and the president was infuriated by that, and decided he was not
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going to have the eagles here anymore and that is what led to that abrupt cancellation of their invitation to thehouse fo nonpolitical event. but, erica, the president realized what the optics would be if he was standing on the south lawn at an event where dozens of players and the coaches and owner are surrounding the president if it was just him and a handful of players there, what kind of message that would send and it would be reported on for days. now we're focusing on it a little ahead of schedule. the president has -- had this abrupt cancellation. you saw the blistering statement from the white house. and now the white house is also receiving some backlash of their own. the president is tying this to the debate over the national anthem, a debate the president himself started last fall at a rally in alabama when h said those players who protest b kneeling during the national anthem, something they say they're not protesting the national anthem but protesting police brutality and the president referred to them as sobs. now the nfl players association has put out a statement since
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the eagles were uninvited from the white house saying they're disappointed in the white house's decision. they said this to the consolation of several player-led events that were going to happen in the d.c. community area. and they added at the end that the players in the nfl love their troops. this clearly is something the white house is tying directly to being patriotic, because, instead of cancelling that event today, they're going to hold a celebration for the national anthem here at the white house this afternoon. something the president said that a thousand people have been invited to, white house staffers are still a little bit unclear wh exactly that is going to look like. it could just be a few dozen white house staffers there. but clearly , erica, what we have to focus on is this is a debate the president is more than willing to have because he knows thi something that can resonate with his base. >> we'll continue to see what happens this afternoon as you point out and who shows up, appreciate it as always. joining me new york times columnist and campaign adviser
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steve cortez. steve, kaitlan made an interesting point there, no indication based on our reporting that any of the players who decided not to attend that the anthem was even part of that discussion. why is the president making this an issue? is it because it plays to his political base? >> i don't think so. there is substance here. regardless of why they decided not to attend, they did decide to and made a statement about that. they decided to snub the president of the united states. it is incredibly disrespectful. they decided to snub the white house. which is also disrespectful and just bad manners. the president didn't invite them to a political event. he invited them to a celebration of their championship team and it is not at his house, by the way, it is at america's house. the white house. so they showed bad manners, number one. number two, the nfl continues to insist on injecting politics and protest into arenas where it does not belong. arenas like the national anthem and celebration at the white house. >> you're saying this is all drummed up by the nfl? you're saying the nfl is injecting politics here? >> absolutely, yes.
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i'm saying from the players to the commissioner, the nfl, ever since last season, i'm a football fanatic, i love this game, most aricans do, it is part of our dna, it is really too bad that the nfl has infected the game with so much protest and so much political unnecessary political injections and unfortunately they're doing it again here. >> so, charles, i'm going to go out on a limb and say you don't necessarily agree with that. how do you respond to that? >> i go back a mor fundamental question which is that this president has a very long history of using -- of attacking black and brown people, and by using a kind ofh whether through police officers, whether that be through immigration, border patrol agents, ice agents or the military. he's doing it yet again and what he has never done as far as i
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can recall is ever addressed the underlying point that they're protesting, which is this police force agack and brown people justified or not? not once, and every time he even deals with the issue, he deflects to saying these people are disrespecting this honorable group of people, whether they be police officers or whether they be military. that is a choice that he is making. and he has done that his entire life. this didn't start in alabama, when he was talking about calling them sobs. it didn't start during the campaign season when he was literally attacking every chance he got, black lives matter calling the name racist, calling the group divisive, saying the problem in poor communities was not that they had too many police, but they didn't have enough police officers. saying that people in chicago,
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ferguson, baltimore were -- infected with illegal gangs tying all that together. it goes all the way back to 1989 when he called for the execution of the central park five. people remembered that ad he placed, and the first line of it, the headline had two lines. bring back the death penalty. second line was bring back our police officers. he's always used high jabbing that honor to beat up on these black and brown people and he needs to deal with that, not just this team. >> charles -- i think you're exactly right, by the way, he has theks of law enforcement in this country. his default position always is to believe the police, to side with the police. that doesn't mean they're always right. there is bad apples among every group. but in general, you're exactly correct. by the way, this rprotest movement in the nfl was started by colin kaepernick, and he wore as part of his protest socks
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that depicted cops as pigs. so, yes, this it was a disrespectful movement against law enforcement and police right out of the gate, and it continued that way and the president pushed back and the peop him onth people want to respect and honor law enforcement and military in this country and that is the president's default position, yes. >> here is something else wasn't to bring up. because there are two things you bring up that i think this also ties into. the president in his tweet said and i'm quoting, they disagree with their president. pointing out, this is a fallback for the president, he defaults to this, if in some way you'res president, it appears to beun-a. this is a president who routinely disagreed with barack obama when he was in office, that was not un-american on his part, what is interesting is you bring up colin kahe to doth let remember, he spoke with nate boyer, when nate boyer weighed in this morning about where we are at this point, i want to play that for you. >> winni losing. this is everybody is losing
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right now. that's what feels like to me. we're falling apart. it is not about being right all the time. we need to do such a better job, everybody, of just having these conversations and really listening to one another and really giving a damn about how each other feels. >> we're tight on time, but, steve, is this a missed opportunity for the president to have had a conversation today, even if it is with only f ten players? >> it is a missed opportunity. those players on the eagles who don't want to come who apparently have problems with president trump, what they should have done, come, meet him, and respectfully say can we have a meeting sometime later, we would like to give you policy prescriptions, the president surely would say yes to that. and that would have been the right way to engage rather than saying we're not coming, we're taki goingom like a bunch of spoiled prima donnas. >> would te been a better way to handle it, whether today or not to reach out and say we need to have more of your conversation, to your point? >> no, because the president had
8:10 am
the opportunity to even acknowledge the reason that they were protesting in the first place and he has not. and the fact that that omission says that what he -- that what is happening, he sees it like the rest of us, is okay with him. and that is unconscionable for a lot of people. even if you choose not to protest, you respect the right of the people who are. we all protest in our own way. i write, they chose to take a knee. i want them to be -- the same way that a cop -- most wo go home at the end of the night, my kids want to make it home to me. >> charles, steve, appreciate it as always. one thing is clear,here is much more discussion that should be had on all of this. ec. still to come, the truth comes out and now it is time for the cleanup. rudy giuliani trying to explain why the white house and others wrongly denied that the president dictated the statement on that infamous trump tower
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meeting. national security adviser john bolton gets left out of the crucial meeting on north korea. sources say it is because secretary of state mike pompeo didn't want him there. details ahead. ♪ you're just too good to be true ♪ ♪ can't take my eyes off you ♪ ♪ i love you ba ♪ and if it's quite all right ♪ i need you baby ♪ to warm the lonely nights applebee's 2 for $20, now with steak. now that's eatin' good in the neighborhood. over... hey, want to try it? ok here you go... over... under... hey whoa, pop, pop... se's. ♪ ensure he's well taken care of, even as you build your own plans for retirement.
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my ci can worry about it,ine. or dsomething about it. garlique® helps maintain healthy cholesterol naturally. and it's odor free. and pharmacist recommended. they weren't lies, just mistakes. that's how rudy giuliani explains the changing story about what happened at trump tower during the 2016 campaign. >> why do you think they chose to lie about his role in drafting this statement about trump jr.'s meeting with the russians? >> chris, you think maybesomebo mistake? >> it is a lot of mistakes. >> why is it always that somebody -- you think jay sekulow lied? maybe he just got it wrong. like i've got a few things wrong at the beginning of the investigation. it was a mistake. i swear to god. it was a mistake. the guy made a mistake. >> the president meantime
8:16 am
continues to blame the russia investigation on his attorney general jeff sessions tweeting this morning the russian witch-hunt hoax continues. all because jeff sessions didn't tell me he was going to recuse himself. i wou quickly pick someone else. so much time and money wasted,s sessions knew better than most there was no collusion. this as robert mueller's team is now accusing president trump's former campaign chairman, paul manafort, of witness tampering. evan perez has all the details for us this morning. evan, bring us up to speed on this one. >> that's right, erica. prosecutors want a judge to consider revoking paul manafort's bail for what they say were multiple attempts to get witnesses to lie in his case. manafort is the former trump campaign chairman and he's awaiting trial here in washington and in virginia, federal court, on financial crime charges. the special counsel robert mueller said in court filgs in washington last night that manafort used encrypted what's app messages to try to encourage witnesses to perjure themselves
8:17 am
in the on going investigation into russian meddling in the 2016 elections. prosecutors cited contacts on manafort allegedly made including some in late february when manafort, quote, repeatedly contacted two unnamed people who may be witnees against him. and those people had previously assisted in the lobbying and public relations work that manafort was doing here in the united states and in europe on behalf of the pro russian government at the time in ukraine. now, manafort's lawyers have not commented on these allegations. he has pleaded not guilty to the charges that he faces in d.c. and virginia. he, by the way, faces a court hearing next week on these allegations and it is fair to add that the allegations add to the pressure on manafort to possibly cut a deal and cooperate with those prosecutors. as you mentioned, president trump is taking to twitter repeat his attack on the investigation. but you got to read those tweets and think, erica, that the prosecutors in robert mueller's office today are looking at them printing them out, and are using
8:18 am
them perhaps to cobble the evidence on whether or not this is obstruction of justice because this is exactly what the president seems to be suggesting that if jeff sessions, the attorney general, had not recused himself, that this investigation would have been shut down. >> evan perez with the latest for us, thank you. let's dig deeper now with robert mueller's former special assistant at the justice department, michael zeldin, former federal prosecutor daniel goldman and with us cnn politics reporter editor at large chris cillizza. good to have all of you with us. michael, i want to pick up on what evan said there about talking about printing out the tweets, taking a look at them, does all of this constitute obstruction of justice. how much of that is happening in real time? >> i think it is happening. whether it is part of the analysis as to wther it is obstruction of justice is not clear. what i think it indicates is the need for the president to be interviewed by mueller. if you look at the manafort pleadings, for example, they say he tampered with the witness and
8:19 am
they know that because the person who was spoken to by manafort e-mails believed it was. that's exactly what comey said i believed -- almost the identical statute. i believed that the president was trying to shut down an investigation. so i think it is that that the mueller team is looking at. excuse me. that they're looking at to determinehe need for the presidential interview. i think really this will support their motion to interview the po be worked out amicably. >> what we're learning about paul manafort, this is a man under house arrest, has not one but two ankle bracelets, facing multipleederal charges. how desperate would a person have to be to do something like this, considering how much legal trouble they're already facing at this point? >> you use a very good word. this is a pure desperation move. the only time a defendant would
8:20 am
ever reach out to try to get a witness to change his story is when you know you're guilty and that if the truth comes out, you're going to be convicted. and that your only out here, the only way of saving yourself is to get other people to lie. it is a real interesting insight into paul manafort's psyche that he -- this is -- rather than cooperate, rather than admit i'm wrong and go in and try to cut a deal and try to reduce my sentence, i'm actually so brazen and so bold that i think i can beat the system that i'm going to go and convince other people to change their story and it is not going to come back to haunt me. it is baffling. >> somewhat baffling. also -- >> just to add one thing to that, i'm not sure manafort knew that he was essentially still being surveilled. we don't know how it comes to be that mueller has these -- >> you can tell from the pleadings that the witnesses who
8:21 am
are likely testifying in the trial provided the text and information. >> if you're paul manafort's attorney, wouldn't you say, hey, buddy, from here on out, you're under house arrest, let's be smart about what we're doing here. if nothing else, whether you knew or not, as his attorney, wouldn't you say, leave the phone alone, forget the what's app. >> don't you think donald trump's lawyers told him not to tweet? >> there's that. >> clients don't listen to their lawyers sometimes. they should, but they don't. >> doesn't always happen. as always of in l of this is ha there is a new reality show. we saw george papadopoulos wife lobbying the president for a pardon. >> -- in the trump campaign, i know he did an excellent job. i know he's my -- because of this incident, his freedom is challenged. so i trust and hope and ask president trump to pardon him. i hope he will.
8:22 am
>> pretty clear there, last night, on fox, chris cillizza. i'm not really sure where we're at on this. >> well, look, we know that donald trump takes his news and sort of his views of the world from cable television and we know that he watches more fox news than any other channel. during the campaign, aides regularly would communicate or attempt to communicate messages to donald trump via cable news that they could not get across in private meetings. he paid more attention to the cable news than he did in a private meeting withthem. and george papadopoulos' fiancee is in the the only person to do this. i point you to patty blagojevich, former illinois governor's wife, she's done a number of fox news interview over the last five, six days in which she's quite clearly trying to butter donald trump up, saying it takes a strong and big man to do theht thing and pardon my husband. she also talks about how he --
8:23 am
he, rod blagojevich, is much like donald trump, a victim of the deep state, a victim of unfair prosecution. that's not by accident. look, to the extent these people are listening to their lawyers, their lawyers may well be saying, your best case -- and rod blagojevich's case, all his appeals ran out, supreme court denied to hear it. the only option to not stay in prison through 2024 lies with donald trump. his wife knows that. he knows it. and they know at least they inkd persuade the president of the united states and that is through an appearance on fox news. yes, is that weird? sure. but it is the reality. >> it is 2018, nothing is weird anymore. let's be honest. michael, we heard from rudy giuliani speaking with chris cuomo last night and shifting story, lies, however you want to define them, about thatmp tower statement. >> tritten word seems pretty clear as to what we know about that. even if the narrative we're getting on tv is different.
8:24 am
how much of this matters to the investigation? >> i think it fits in, if you look at on instruction of justice, or abuse of office, as a mosaic and there are parts that have to be put together to determine whether you have a complete picture, the lying fits that. and there is no easy answer that giuliani tried to let us believe, that this was a mistake. it was repeated on july 12th, july 16th, august 1st. you don't make repetitive mistakes like that. those are lies. i don't know who was the source of the misinformation, but mueller will look at that and remember if you look at the clinton impeachment articles, one of the articles that ken starr wanted to put forth was lying to the american people as a form of obstruction. so i think that mueller will look at that too and decide how does this fit into the narrative that i want to create either as an indictable obstruction of justice case, or report to rosenstein and says this is abuse of behavior. >> i want to make one quick
8:25 am
point. it is a little different when it is a lawyer speaking, than the president himself in terms of lying to the public. but if jay sekulow had gone into court, and said what he said and then it came out that it was an actual complete -- completely the opposite, he could be held in contempt and sanctioned. it is his duty toe o ans is and proper representation. so to say it is a mistake might work to the american public, but does not work for lawyers in court. >> and interesting too, rudy giuliani was the one who said, look, he was still learning, i'm still learning, interesting -- we have to leave it there. but appreciate it. thank you, all. coming up, a feud is brewing between john bolton and secretary of state mike pompeo. pompeo even asking that bolton be left out of a crucial meeting on north korea. that's next.
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important national security issue right now are happening without the white house national security adviser. john bolton wasn't there for the oval officeting o frida oneorth jong-un's right-hand man. two sources telling cnn there is an escalating feud between bolton and the secretary of state saying that pompeo told trump it would be counterproductive to allow bolton to attend the oval office meeting. the white house is downplaying the idea of any sort of rift and insisting that the meeting was always intended to be small. joining me to discuss cnn national security analyst samantha vinograd, adviser to president obama's national security adviser and michael alan. good to have both of you with us. it is never a good idea to have your secretary of state and your national secity adviser at odds. that being said, the fact that this is happening at this time and that it is so public, sam, how troubling is that? moving into this meeting, that the north koreans know this is going on. >> i think it is dangerous. it is unprecedented but also
8:31 am
dangerous. this shows how thirsty donald trump is for the meeting to happen. he knows that the north koreans don't like john bolton. john bolton has called for regime change. and he's so eager not to upset kim jong-un anymore that he is sidelining his own national security adviser. you have to ask, are the north koreans doing the same thing? is kim jong-un not going to let anyone in the room that is to me, this shows that north korea is in the driver's seat. >> so it shows you north korea is in the driver's seat. is this giving north korea what they want? >> well, we got to be careful. i think sam is right. if you want a deal badly, you're going to get a bad deal. but i think that this divergence between pompeo and the secretary of state just sort oflects the tension of the president who wants to go big and john bolton who is always skeptical of doing business with rogue regimes. he's focused on the details, the
8:32 am
who, what, when, where of denuclearization. i think the secretary of state is saying, let's think about how we get to a peace treaty so sooner orter, they got to come together for a good deal, but there is definitely tension in the room. >> definitely tension. how unusual is it, though, based on your experience, for the national security adviser to not even be part of the discussion. a small meeting is one thing. this seems like a planned and rather large omission. >> i work for two national security advisers, i cannot think of a single presidential meeting with a foreign counterpart where the nsa wasn't present or his deputy. and also think about what this signals to the north koreans, to me it signa putting all of our eggs in a diplomatic basket. national security adviser runs a process that looks at all options, financial, military, covert, so by only having the secretary of state in a room, and not the man that is responsible for developing anni options, to me, this says to the
8:33 am
north koreans, that diplomacy is front and center and we're taking our foot off of the gas pedal on deterrence. >> without him in that room, without him in this meeting, if he's not at the table for this, michael, could john bolton be marginalized moving forward? >> well, perhaps, if the president feels like his national security adviser and he had are not on the same page, i think it does not bode well for him over time. i do worry also however if the signal is to the north koreans that we are interested in a peace treaty or security assurances, i worry that the chinese are -- we have seen the russians this week taking their foot off the gas, vis-a-vis sanctions, i worry about what it does for our so-called maximum pressure campaign to try and get the north koreans to heal. we have a lot of balls up in the air. we have a summit coming up. i know the secretary of state is very competent to handle t i
8:34 am
ho hope everybody gets on the same page and we have a coherent policy going forward. >> thank you. coming up, republicans with big pockets now opening up their war chests to lobby against the president's new tariffs saying they undercut the benefits of the gop tax bill. that's next. hear that sizzle? yeah. red lobster's lobster & shrimp summerfest is back! get all the lobster and shrimp you crave, together in so many new ways. there's new cedar plank seafood bake. tender maine lobster and shrimp, cedar roasted to perfection. or new caribbean lobster and shrimp. sweet pineapple salsa on grilled rock lobster, paired with jumbo coconut shrimp. and wait. there's lobster & shrimp overboard! it's a seafood party on a plate. so hurry in. 'cause lobster & shrimp summerfest won't you wouldn't accept from any one else. why accept it from your allergy pills? flonase relieves your worst symptoms including nasal congestion, which most pills don't. flonase helps block 6 key inflammatory substances. most pills only block one.
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some of the republican party's biggest backers are taking on president trump in a big way. the coke broke brothers urging president to lift his new steel and aluminum tariffs feeling the tariffs could undercut the economic gains made by recent tax cuts. joining me is one of the leaders of the campaign, the president of americans for prosperity, tim philips.
8:39 am
you're putting a lot of money behind this, as we know, when a lot of time. what has the response been from the president and the white house to these efforts? >> we made our opposition clear to these tariffs to the protegsiprotegs i protectionism. we have done that privately. publicly. but we feel like we got to do more, erica. we're launching this, it is a multimillion dollar effort, long-term effort. it is going to be television ads, digital ads, grassroots, town hall meetings, a long-term effort to make sure that americans understand the very real benefits of free trade. keep consumer prices low, it creates jobs, international trade does. we thought it wasn't enough to voice opposition to these tariffs coming from the administration. we need to take bigger action so we're doing that. this is such an important issue. >> are you concerned you could be alienating some of the president's base? >> no. this is an issue so important that you got to put politics
8:40 am
aside. i was in iowa and onsin, there are tens of thousands of farmers and folks in the ag community deeply concerned about the president's trade or the protectionism and the tariffs. i was in texas last week, same thing there. good policy, usually, is good politics. well, tariffs are both bad policy and bad politics for this administration. we're going to make our case to the american people and especially to rank and file conservatives and republicans because it is important that they're hearing the other side about the good benefits of free trade, that it brings to people, lower consumer prices and so much more. >> larry kudlow is now the president's top economic adviser has said very clearly he's not a fan of tariffs. i think the actual quote is tariffs, not my favorite thing. what is your understanding then, what is your understanding then of his role here. >> we're hoping that he's taking that message and we're confident he is. i heard his comments saying the tariffs are a negotiating tool, well, it is a dangerous
8:41 am
negotiating tool and in fact some of the tariffs are already in place. that's just not accurate. but we know larry understands how bad tariffs are. we're confident he's telling the president that. i don't know that i us . i suspect he is. let's make sure that they understand, especially based conservatives and republicans that they understand that some politicians, both on the left and the right, want to use protectionism because it sounds tough. like they're being tough on the brits or the chinese. but what it is really being is tough on american consumers when prices start going up on the items they buy at walmart or target or stores they go into every day. >> one of the industries you're concerned about is one that president trump both as a candidate and as president has put a lot of support behind that's the steel industry. you say that this would actually have a negative effect. >> absolutely. it was interesting, when i listened to the administration's arguments for the steel tariffs and aluminum tariffs, it sounds
8:42 am
eerily similar to what george w. bush and his team was saying a decade and a half ago to support steel tariffs that they were putting up. you know that. cnn covered it. it did not work. it did help the steel industry 13, 14 years ago. these tariffs, it simply propped up what was an ailing difficult economic situation. it is not going to work now. tariffs don't work. they simply have government at that point picking winners and losers and we are -- our argument would be whether it is democrats or republicans, it doesn't work to have politicians sitting in washington, picking winners and losers, using tariffs. picking this industry to say, hey, we'll protect them, but not protect these guys, go after this country but not this other country. it doesn't work. the free market works better. free trade works better. >> we'll see if maybe it works as a negotiating tool as we heard that's part of what it is. tim, appreciate the time, thank you. >> you bet. the white house revealing new details about the
8:43 am
president's decision to uninvite the eagles for a championship celebration today. those new details next. (vo) we came here for the friends. and we got to know the friends of our friends. and we found others just like us. and just like that we felt a little less alone. but then something happened. we had to deal with spam, fake news, and data misuse. that's going to change. from now on, facebook will do more to keep you safe and protect your privacy.
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we've made it possible for the people who live here to lead healthier lives and that's invaluable. ♪ . breaking news coming to us here. new details on man members of the super bowl championship eagles were expected to an continued the white house for the super bowl owin. let's go to kaitlan collin new numbers and reporting. what do we know? >> reporter: erica, we are getting insight into what led up to the cancellation of the celebration for the philadelphia eagles at the white house which
8:48 am
was supposed to take place this rding to the white house last week some time they were told that 81 people from the eagles organization were going to attend the event today. they were expected to attend. then on monday they were informed that fewer than ten people, including players and coaches and even maybe athletic trainer were going to show up. that is what led to the cancellation. so abruptly yesterday. fewer than ten people. i was told by sources that the president saw the optics of him posing with less than a dozen players typically where dozens of players here. the president was aware of the optics. we have more cnn employees on the ground at the white house than eagles players and coaches and trainers expected to show up. we are learning more about why that happened. that is according to the white house. the eagles did not comment that figure. if they submitted 81 names to
8:49 am
the white house that would show up to the event. now you see how it led up to this. erica, the president is tying it to the national anthem. the eagles say that was not part of the discussion when they decided who would come and would not. >> that never came up in the discussion. thank you. in terms of the national anthem, fox fuss news is apologizing of eagles players kneeling in prayer. critics said the way the photos were used suggested during the national anthem. we have more on this angle. what do we hear from fox? >> reporter: erica, last night during fox news, a segment about donald trump disinviting the eagles players from the celebration and him connecting it to the national anthem. during the segment, fox aired the photos. they were kneeling during prayer. not during the national anthem.
8:50 am
no eagles players knelt during the national anthemtests in the past season. it was criticized as a misleading segment. it seemed as eagles players were kneeling when they were not. fox news in the past hour came out apologizing. this comes from chris wallace, the kpexecutive producer. due to the cancellation of the trip to celebrate the super bowl win, we showed unrelated footage of players kneeling in er. no members knelt through the regular or post season last year. fox news received a number of criticisms over this after the segment aired including from the eagles and those who supported the president's remarks about national anthem and nfl players kneeling. they said it was a misleading segment. fox news apologized and deleted the tweet.
8:51 am
>> thank you, hadas gold. still to come, primaries in several states and why california is causing concern of the blue wave. now it could break before it gets rolling. your primary preview is next. it's just a burst pipe, i could fix it. (laugh) no. with claim rateguard your rates won't go up just beacuase of a claim. i totally could've... (wife) nope! switching to allstate is worth it.
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8:56 am
plans as we know. we are looking at this and democrats could be locked out of seven races where they put a lot of time, money and effort. >> the three we are concerned are the 39th, 38th and 48th. there is some indication because there are so many dem running and few republicans, the democrats may not make it to the general. >> there is too much to split. the top two. >> that is right. >> and not from each party. >> exactly. you know, we could end up with two republicans. that has happened before in 2012. a competitive race. >> what about in terms of race for governor? >> the question there is whether republicans get locked out. the governor's race you have news newsom. he is running ahead of of the field. the question is --head of the field. th question is is it
8:57 am
villaraigosa or someone else. >> especially in california, on the women who are running, is key. where should wewatch?>> youed o ces.t of women could potentially be governor. kim reynolds will win because she has no competition. we are looking at a lot of races. the one i keep my eye on is in south dakota where she can win that nomination. >> there is so much to talk about. you pointed out women on both sides of the aisle. this is not just democratic women. we hear about the blue wave. is there a momentum behind that at this point? >> plenty behind democrats. because of the way the districts are lined up, democrats packed in the cities.
8:58 am
democrats probably need to win the national house vote by seven percentage points to win a majority of seats in the house -- house. it may not be enough to take control. >> once we move past the primaries and move into november what the consistent message will be and if democrats can find a way to unite around candidates who are not typical democrats. >> are you seeing interesting people -- you are seeing interesting people emerge. the message will be donald trump. usually mid term, the opposition comes down high against him. >> and whether that is enough. you see that to be the moving force in the past. is that enough to unite? >> i think that donald trump has a tendency to unite democrats. the question is if he brings the independents into the column as his approval rating rises. perhaps the democrats are on more shaky ground.
8:59 am
>> quickly in terms of the president and who he is supporting. devin nunes. not prici surprising. where is that going? >> devin nunes represeg a district which is conservative. there are more vulnerable res. >> this is your pre-game. mini super tuesday. what is the race you are focused on as you watch all this play out? >> i think the one race is the california 39th. that is the greatest chance that democrats could be locked out. >> we will watch. i appreciate it. thank you for joining us today. i'm erica hill. "inside politics with john king" starts right now.
9:00 am
welcome to inside politics. thank you for sharing your day with us. first it was changing recollections. now a mistake. the trump white house caught in a russian meddling lie and rudy gi to explain it away. plus the special counsel sends a blunt law and order message. accusing paul nafort of witness tampering and asks the judge to toss him in jail. and no white house celebration for the super bowl champs. president trump gets mad when told most players weren't coming. pulls the invitation and stokes his war with nfl players over national anthem protests. >> the president obviously does not agree with the tactics of some players that have been taking a knee. i think it is ironic that none of the philadelphia eagles during the season last year had taken a . you had guys raise a fist, but none of the


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