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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  June 5, 2018 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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it is not about the flag and it not about the national anthem. >> as i listening to you, there's the president, hand over heart. this is the event that is happening at the white house, minus the philadelphia eagles team. pam, tell me again in my ear, what did just say? okay. we're going to continue our conversation as we stay on these pictur mave, let me go to you. the president here, he wants the eagles, he wants players and members to stand. again, we should remind ev not a single player knelt during the regular season last year, never stood behind in the locker room, never knelt. but again, the president seems
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to be making this about patriotism. t what did you think of how sarah sanders kept responding in that briefing? >> well, it's just i mean clearly the preds thinsident th this is a very strong political issue for him. that's why he continues harping on it. none of this makes any sense today. the event you just showed pictures of is just odd. it's the president standing up there without really explaining what's actually happening. clearly sarah sanders did not want to engage on what this issue is really about and whether the president understands the full dimensions of it. and i think that that will lead a lot of people to wonder, you know, why he doesn't want to dig more into it, why he just digs in on things like this and end up in the situation that he did today. >> pamela brown i believe is ready for us. she was in the briefing. no pamela.
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let's stay on the eagles and then we'll come back to pamela's question because it was great on following up on the president's dictating that misleading statement after the trump tower meeting. in fact, let me go there because, you know, the news came out yesterday, there was this 20-page letter sent from the trump lawyers on to the mueller team basically saying that that initial misleading statement, that the fact that don jr., paul manafort and others from the trump team were meeting over the russians were adoptions, that was misleading. ultimately relearn it was about dirt on hillary clinton. pamela brown asked the question if sarah sanders wanted to correct the record because we heard the president did indeed dictate the statement and rudy giuliani, the outside counsel, who sarah sanders kept refurrerg to yesterday in the briefing
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said this: >> i don't think anybody was lying. i think it was in the very early stages of a representation by a lawyer, which happens a the time. i don't think it's a significant fact. it was a mistake. i swear to god, it was a mistake. the guide madey made a >> so that said, mave restin to you, today it was asked do you want to correct the record? we did hear rudy giuliani saying it was a mistake and yet she dodged. >> first of all, it doesn't make any sense that giuliani said it s a mistake, considering that was a contention made by different members of the administration and trump's lawyers over and over again. why do you repeatometng that's a mistake. second, you have sarah sanders in a situation where pam's question was very direct and she would nottin gau iengage on her
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misstatement, whether she was misled. she clearly did not want to go there. i thought it was very significant throughout the briefing that she was trying to defend her own credibility and say i try to bring you the best information, i try to be honest with you without actually explaining what happened in that situation, it hard to know exactly what her motives were but there's a lot of different possibilities. perhaps protecting herself, perhaps not getting into an area that the white house doesn't want her to explain. and so it was just a fascinating exchange over and over again as reporters really drilled what was a very important question about the administration' credibility. >> all right. i see ben ferguson popping up. ben, i really want to hear your voice. i want to pivot back to this whole philadelps conversation. you came on was it last week, two weeks ago, with an important other perspective on this whole national anthem debate, that the
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genesis of the kneeling and how you feel as a conservative commentator, you heard how sarah sanders put it today that it was this political stunt by the eagles and then essentially bail and felt they had to cancel this event, how did you seeit? >> i think it's a sad day for this country, that we could have had a great conversation about what was bothering the eagles player and those who play in the nfl. instead of having a conversation with president, who they clearly have a problem with, they decided to show up. i've heard a lot that donald trump is not listening to people, he's not talking to people. that should have been taking place at the white house. it would have taken place if the eagles would have showed up and met the president. when you don't get along with someone and don't like their viewpoint, you don't accomplish
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anything by not showing up and having a dialogue and discussion. to put it back on the president with these types of questions that you shaw sarah huckabee sanders have to respond to rk, the president ever thought about a dialogue, there was a moment today a dialogue could have taken place. by so many cancellations, they wanted this picture to look insignificant. they wanted to look big while making the president look small. i don't blame the president for cancelling this event when they changed it at the last moment because that's how it would have been reported. it would have been a look at the president, how weak is a these men in the nfl stood up to the president. i think the president had no other choice but to cancel this. i would say to any other nfl player, if you ever have an opportunity to meet with a person who you disagree with who has the ability to heart and minds in this country, you always show up for that and try
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to have a dialogue. if you really hate somebody, then look at it from the standpoint of be the bigger man and show up and explain yourself instead of trying to embarrass somebody who happens to be the president of the united states of america. >> i want to move on in just a second but kelvin, i want you to respond to that. >> ben, let's you and i have a dialogue here. you said you wanted them to be the bigger man, when the president, in fact, who was supposed to be the leader was supposed to the bigger man. >> he was ther >> you'reking atoday. i'm talking about calling them is. >> -- s.o.b.s. how is he being a leader when he's antagonizing them? >> he said they should get out of the league. >> no, he said the country. i'm taking him for his word. he said they should get out of the country. he said that a few weeks ago. we actually rolled the tape. so he's already creating an
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environment where it is antagonistic and it alrea's alr hostile environment and you're asking them to be the bigger men. >> quickly, ben. i got breaking news. >> a friend got asked to go to the white house with obama and he said should go? i said yes, go meet obama. he's the president the united states america. forget your politics. you got asked to show up for a michelle obama to get kid active and to lose weight and be healthy. i don't care if you don't like the president. you show up for that moment and have a dialogue. that's the right thing to do. >> people wanted to go. they were disinvited. >> i want to get to this breaking news out of the state department t. youhe conversation. here's what we have from the state department. officials believe national security adviser john bolton made the libya model remarks, wanted to deliberately blow up those talks with north korea. this was all across of this june
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12th summit. bolton's concern was that the talks would not go in the right learning this was all on tates. purpose. michelle kosinski is joining me now. michelle, this is significant. >> multiple sources are saying this. there's always been that question. when john bolton, the national security adviser, brought up the comparison to let's hav north korea denuclearize the same way libya did, everybody knows that the north koreans arenfuriated by this model because they're not looking at the process of denuclearization so much as they're seeing the end game of moammar gadhafi, which is being killed by rebels backed by the united states. so when you hear john bolton say this on television and then the president picks up on it and repeats it and the vice president picks u p on it and
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they then witness the blow back of this, the question is why did bolton bring this up in the first place? sources are saying, he, too, knew this would have this negative but he wanted to throw this big monkey wrench into the works, possibly blow up the entire process of talks because he felt it wouldn't end up in the u.s.'s favor in the end. whether that was because he felt like north korea wasn't going to play the game or he felt like the u.s. side wasn't going to be capable of getting everything they want, that is up for debate mond among these sources. they feel this is a deliberate attempt to shake things up. that angered not only the president but the secretary of state. this is why, according to one source, bolton is now cut out of the process. cut out of the north korea issue, at least for now.
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and that's really stunning to see, especially when he came in to make changes and to get things like this done. >> just wondering, we'll be watching the relationship between bolton and trump after this moving forward. michelle kosinski, thank you very much for that. >> ahead here, a wide-ranging interview with president putin, how often they talk on the phone and their joint concerns for both countries. you're watching cnn. m brooke baldwin. whoooo.
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documents. manafort spokesman tells cnn, quote, mr. manafort is innocent, none of changes our defense, we will do our talking in court." gentlemen, welcome and, garrett, just to you first, can you just walk me through exactly what paul manafort was alleged live trying to do here. >> yeah. so this was sort of a fascinating case, particularly coming on the heels of if you remember sort of relatively early after paulas originally charged, bob mueller went after him for trying to sort of help write an op-ed defending him. bob mueller was even able to cite individual track changes that paul manafort made. so the fact that after all of that last fall and winter, we
12:17 pm
have this new set of allegations concerning contacts that paul manafort made and tried to make with other witnesses in this case between february and april is really quite surprising. he sort of through multiple channels, telephone calls and electronic communications tried to contact other witnesses to tell them his side of the story or at least that's whate appeared to be trying to say. and evidently the witnesses went to bob mueller and turned over the evidence of those communications to the special counsel's office. >> michael, let me just get this right. so manafort's out on this $10 million bond. as he's out, these investigators find him talking to these witnesses and through the witnesses they have discovered paul manafort tried communicating with them through some sort of encryption app to pass along informati that he never should be doing in the first place. and he got in trouble for it.
12:18 pm
>> well, yes and no. pass along information is a very polite wait of describing what he was doing. what the prosecutors allege is that he was trying to influence their test at the heart of this matter is whether or not this group of europeans was lobbying in europe and america. if they were lobbying in america, thenafort had to register as a foreign agent. if just in europe, no such registration. what manafort was trying to do was say to the europeans according to mueller corruptly was just say europe. leave out america. that way i have a defense of no reon. they sayhat's cotly trying to influence their testimony, it's a crime, it's a sort of obstruction of justice-like crime and they have requested amy jackson to withdraw his probation and release on conditions and put him in jail
12:19 pm
in the meantime and probably will follow up with a persedin witness tampering. >> now we're talking witness tampering and last week's timing is significant, that was the d'souza pardoning, what message is mueller now sending back with this? you smile. >> well, the discussion last week was president trump, all powerfulh powers of pardon could decapitate the mueller investigation. mueller i think is saying in a sense not so fast. >> garrett graff, do you agree with the message? >> i think that's of the things that's really quite interesting about this is why bob mueller iss out now. this contains evidence of behavior going back to february 27th. and so sort of why the beginning of june mueller isropping this now. you know, this is the same
12:20 pm
challenge wp running into this mueller's investigation. we don't know what part of the soda straw we're staring through right now. >> michael zeldon and garrett graff, thank you so much for that still ahead, the white house briefing got heated amid questions of consistent on the cancelling the eagles celebration at the white house. that's ahead. ancestrydna is only $69 for father's day.
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>> is this about somethng more than the national anthem, other than the national anthem? >> look, if it wasn't a political stunt by the eagles franchise, then they wouldnt have planned to attend the event and backed out at the last
12:25 pm
minute. if it wasn't a political stunt, they wouldn't have attempted to reschedule the visit when they knew that the president was going to be overseas and if this wasn't a political stunt, they wouldn't have waited until monday, well after a thousand of their fans had traveled and taken time out of their schedules to offer only a tiny handful of representatives to attend the event. >> with me is former president of the association and ephraim is back with me as well. i want you both to respond to sarah sanders saying this was a political stunt. all of the onus is on the eagles team. george, first to you. >> first of all, i'd like to say when we won the super bowl back in '86, the highlight of my career was being invited to the white house in '87 to meet the reigning president at that time, i happened to be a democrat and that had no bearing on the fact
12:26 pm
that going to the white house was exactly a coronation. it was a validation of your championship. that's what it should have been all along. now that you've immersed politics in it, you can see how it's deteriorated to something that none of america wants to see. the sme of it all is that still no one is talking about the root cause of why we're all here and that has to do with the injustice that happens to african-americans disproportionate to our white correspondents. >> which is what april was trying to get tot the end of the briefing. what an invite, whether democrat, republican, to be able to go to 16ennsylvania avenue is huge. imagine how these players are feeling. is it a show of disrespect by not showing up? or is it because the president politicized all o this they had no choice? >> i think it's more of the latter. it's really a tremendous
12:27 pm
photo-on. i ha -- photo-op to lose that, even for those players who wanted to still come, they should have been afforded that opportunity. not o that, it's not just for the players. in o win a super bowl, need a contingent of coaches and ownership and many fans. it was really a black eye on the white house and it was disrespectful for a whole cadre of individuals. >> ephraim, i wan to hear you feel how sarah sanders characterized it. the president finds out it's going to be ten showingup, he's well aware that this is about a photo-op. knee or stayed in the locker k room during the regular season. is this just really about crowd
12:28 pm
size and optics? >> it's about ego. we all this is nothing to be surprised about that trump has a tremendous ego. we've known that in business, we know that in this white house. he's also divisive. so if you have 80 some-odd players and stuff on the eagles supposed to show up and only ten show up, what does thatk like to donald trump? that's not a picture he to hang anywhere. so how does he save face? he cancels the trip because he doesn't want to be one-upped. this is the same man who bald face lied in the inauguration saying there was no people than ever before when clearly anybody with eyes could see the difference from just eight years prior when president obama was elected. but this is all about posturing and ego and i'm better than you. it just not very . >> you say it n's not very presidential. one of my guests last hour said
12:29 pm
it's a black eye on the sport. ephra ephraim, you and i were talking about the new rules go ahead for the next season, staying in the locker room versus going out on the field and how these teams have adjusted their rules around the president. do you feel that way? >> people always say i want my sports without politics. but here we have the leader of the free world who refuses to take a step back and let well enough be. he continues to push his agenda and bring in more division between the nfl and the fans and just all of us as americans. you have to realize, look, this is not about -- it never was about being unpatriotic. we can agree on that. like mr. martin just said, look, the issue has never been about being unpatriotic. no players are trying to be unpatriotic. this is a tremendous countr we love what our servicemen and women are doing to protect us.
12:30 pm
it's all about the injustices that we're having in our communities that no one in the white house, including sarah huckabee sanders wants tosugges out thereof when that question was broached to her. >> that's where i want to end, george, where you really started, why everyone started talking about this in the first place, why colin capper nkaeperk that knee. i want to end with you talking about why this matters and why you think the white house, at least today, didn't address it? >> we as african-americans, we have a very visceral response when we see people of color being shot down in the streets, being executed and treated unfairly. as a result of that, we don't want o sto see that in the amer that they are growing up in. if the president was serious, he would autoize a summit of players, owners and coaches and
12:31 pm
start talk about how we can unify america instead of separating it. >> well said. >> thank you, gentlemen. coming up next, miss america, ditching the swim suit competition saying it's time to usher in a new event that welcomes all women. we're going to talk about that next. whoooo. looking for a hotel that fits... ...your budget? tripadvisor now searches over... ...200 sites to find you the... ...hotel you want at the lowest price. grazi, gino!
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massive changes coming to a 97-year-old tradition. the miss america pageant, organizers are blowing it up with this major makeover. for one, it's no longer a an pageant, i competition. and number two, no more swim suit competition. it's gone. they tweeted out this photo with an exploding bathing suit with the #bye-bye bikini. even the evening competition is changing as well. gretchen carlson, chair of board of trustee says now is the time to showcase how women are
12:36 pm
empowering others, not necessarily in how they ok. >> we have always had talent and scholarship, and we need to message that part of the program better as well, but now we're adding in this cavea we're not going to judge you on your outward appearance because we're interested in what makes you you. tell us about your goals and your achievements in life. by the way, at the end of the day, we hand out scholarships to these young women. every day when i travel in this country, i meet someone who has participated in this program, yourself included, who benefited from the programs and who became lawyers and doctors and members of congress, and we want more people to know they are welcome in this organi >> with me now, kate, let me start with you. you are on the board. this has been going on for 97 years. may i just say a little amen to this.
12:37 pm
do you agree it's the right decision and how did you all come to this? >> i think it's time. it's been anongoing conversation for quite some time. as you know, the ok over the or think it was january 1st actually. we've been talking about how we can make substantive changes that reinforce relevance to not only today's viewers and contestants but the n generation's vie and contestants. obviously i'm just speaking for myself, i can't tell you what happens inrd meeting. it's strange to be giving people scholarships and on the other and giving them a number score for how they looked in a swim suit. they tried to call it a fitness competition but it's more of an aesthetic competition. i think it will ultimately prove to age pretty well. >> mallory, just listening to
12:38 pm
gretchen carlson speechiaking o this morning, she said this will be a competition and not a pageant. should we retire the word pageant or is that over or not yet? >> you know, i don't care what we call it to be honest. what i care about it s mes mess it. it seems silly to make a woman wear a swim suit on stage and not allow her wear a swim suit for her job. >> you mean not wear a suit? >> she's not allowed to awaweare at all. she's not allowed to appear in any modelling sense at all, even when i was in hawaii, i was posted a picture of myself on the beach in a swim suit and i
12:39 pm
was asked to take it down. >> it's been a contractual provision for a while. i think the organization has been trying to hold on to the tradition, which the volunteers really love but advance the image of miss america. at a certain point, you just can't have it both ways. >> you've heard from women who have won and they're beautiful women. and they're even for the most part saying to thankou? >> yeah. i sent out an e-mail to as many of the last 25 years of preliminary swim suit winners at miss america as i could get contact information for and just letting them know that we value you, it doesn't mean that we don't think you have brains, we value this tradition but it just time to do something new. i got a couple e-mails back that were so strikingone . one of them was like "praise the lord." she said when she won the swim suit at miss america, she was
12:40 pm
immediately asked how much she weighed and she was mortified. i heard from another swim suit winner who said she was doing happy dance in tears. these are women who have been successful in that competion and even many them realize it's time to move . >> you ladies are beautiful. i'm all about strong and sexy but i think there are other ways to show empowerment. mallo mallory, i know the me-too movement played a role and the miss america organization is now led entirely by women for the first time. how do you think that changes up the competition and thition y embracing and empowering women. >> i hope it lets a group of young women who may have been questioning whether they wanted to participate in miss because of the swim suit, we
12:41 pm
want them to know we're about doing good, creating change for a cause they're passionate about. i hope they'll see ms america in a n light and earn scholarships along the way. >> e should menti running for o. just quickly how is that -- in alabama. ected number of you. running. best of luck. we'll follow your story. mallory, thank you and also kate, thanks to you as well. >> coming up next here on cnn, russian president vladimir putin says he speaks to president trump regularly on the phone. details on his wide-ranging interview and why he's so often spotted not wearing a shirt.
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russian president v putin has just revealed that he and president trump talk regularly, his word. he made the stauring an iew an austrian news outlet when he was asked about special counsel robert mueller's february indictment of 13 russian nationals and three russian organizations. >> translator: indeed donald trump and i have met more than once at various international venues, and secondly, we regularly talk over the phone. our foreign affairs department and special services are working fairly well together in areas of mutual interest. >> matthew chance is our senior cnn international correspondent and jill doherty, fellow for the woodrow wilson center. good to have both of you on.
12:47 pm
matth matthew, you first. what's the sentiment, just among russians about this regular talking between putin and trump? >> well, it's a good question. and ien thatsians watch state media as the primary source of their news, they'll pretty much follow the kremlin's sense of disappointment in the trump administration. before trump came to office and in the first few weeks of his presidency or months even, there was this massive sense of optimism in russia that this was a turning point in the difficult, fracturous relationship between moscow and washington. of course that didn't happen. trump found his hands tied by the various congressional inquiries into the allegations of collusion and he hasn't been able to deliver that better relationship that he promised and russians expected.
12:48 pm
i think there's an overwhelming se of disappointment that trump has not been able to deliveria what they thought he was going to deliver. >> jill, does it surprise you that they talk regularly on the phone? >> when you say, yes, they talk regularly, it does sound a limb count -- little counterintuitive for americans. i noted that president putin referred to the president of the united states as donald. that's nice. i think it's really important to watch what vladimir putin is doing. this is his trip to austria. this is his very first trip since becoming elected again, probably for the last time. and he's got three great things and he goes to austria, they have a coalition government and part of that, this far right freedom party wants to get rid of sanctions. so score one.
12:49 pm
that's something that president putin can get in there and increase that wedge on sanctions. then not to get too specific but there's the gas pipeline that russia wants to build to germany and aia that. d then number three, he had the chancellor calling russia a super power. used to be a super power according to everyone else. i thi all of these little decorations of the relationship and everything, vladimir putin is not going to say, yes, we will meet next week because he knows that it'sot predictable what will happen next week with president trump. so i think -- because i think the trump administration and president trump use meetings like this in a kind of bargaining way. look what's happening with north korea. remember it was on, it was
12:50 pm
although i don't think he would at all. but putin is pretty smart. and i think putin has the message, yes, we have relationship, we are hopeful and maybe we'll meet, but he's not tieing himself down anything. >> so there is -- jill touched on so much of the substance and then there is this part of it, matthew. you know where i'm going. let me play this nugget of this interview on why putin likes to show so much skin. watch. >> translator: then my last question, perhaps a little unusual, there are many photos of you half naked, which is rather unusual for a head of state. these photos were not taken by paparazzi or tourists, they were published by the kremlin. what is the story behind these photos? you said half naked. not naked, thank god. when i'm on vacation, i see no need to hide behind the bushes
12:51 pm
and there is nothing wrong with that. >> matthew chance, i don't even know what to say. hide behind the bushes. >> you wanted the fully naked ones. i know that. but these pictures are -- they are extraordinary and as that interviewer said, these aren't pictures taken by the paparazzi catching him in an unguarded moment. they are put out as a official photograph by the kremlin. and that said a lot about what they mean. they are -- they -- in russia you often see in the countryside or even in the parks on a public, men take their shirts off and they hang out and go fishing. it is sort of a -- ordinary guy thing to do in this country. but by putting out the images, putin is saying they made up these trappings of presidency around me but i'm still very much one of you, an ordinary
12:52 pm
russian guy. and that image works -- it works very well for him, i think. >> extraordinary is one way to put it. matthew chance, jill dougherty, thank you. quick break. we're back after this. no. with claim rateguard your rates won't go up just beacuase of a claim. i totally could've... (wife) nope! switching to allstate is worth it. and with twice the detail of other tests... can show dad where he's from ...and strengthen the bonds you share. give dad ancestrydna for just $69- our lowest father's day price ever. for just $69- looking for a hotel that fits... whoooo. ...your budget? tripadvisor now searches over... ...200 sites to find you the... ...hotel you want at the lowest price. grazi, gino! find a price that fits. tripadvisor.
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12:57 pm
inundated with tributes. the 55-year-old was one of the first of the powerful group of femalers emergedk i the '90s launching a collection of clothing and including the kate spade bags. so with me now, fashion journalist joe zee. and you met her and worked with her at one point. can you tell me what that was like and tell me about her. >> oh, absolutely. i started as an assistant in the fash industr i1992 and ka -- kate was filling in so this is pre these days and she had a great light and jovial and said to me, i'm thinking of starting a hand bag line. and this is not something anyone did back then in the early 90s and to quit a coveted magazine editor job to be able to do that, for me it was just -- it was so visionary and so ahead of the time. >> i remember -- i was in college and it was sort of like late '90s and having my mom buy
12:58 pm
me my first kate spade which i said before, it was like a piece of art and a fancy bag and to think of what she was able to d as thisan, as you point out in the '90s, she paved the way for female lifestyle designers. >> oh, she absolutely did. i think what was so inspirational about kate was not just her design acumen but her business acumen that she knew how to build a empire and you have to keep in mind that -- >> hout of her apartment, right? >> out of her apartment. and she launched the six handbag styles a it. six bags and it took off overnight. and have to say, she was the person that paved the way for creating the sort of coveting accessible it bag because there we handbags nobody could afford and hermes and chanel and she created a hand bag that everybody wanted and could buy and that is a new thing in
12:59 pm
fashion. >> and as a woman, what was she like? >> she was inspirational and motivating and a mentor to people and always about giving back and paying it forward and she was so eclectic but she in the world of fashion you could follow a lot of trends and she did what she believed in and i think you saw that at the very beginning, she went to launch a hand bag line whether people were not launching handbag lines and he stuck to her guns and did what she believed in and saw it through and that is very -- not common, i have to say, sometimes in the world of fashion. >> she leaves behind a husband and a 13-year-old daughter. and just in the last 30 seconds, her husband -- jake spade -- >> he was just the name of the men's collection. >> but andy is the husband. >> yes. >> got it. joe zee, thank you f cominn and talking aboutate sprad and so many tributes pouring in on social media and people are pass ago long the suicide prevention
1:00 pm
number a she it appears hanged herself and that investigation has just begun. joe, thank you so much for being with me. i appreciate hearing your voice and memories. i'm brooke baldwin. thank you for being with me. to washington, "the lead" with apper starts right now. so president trump will sit down with kim jong-un but not with the philadelphia eagles. "the lead" starts right now. political football, president trump tolds the super bowl champs to stay home after it was clear they were going to stay home. weren't interested in celebrating with him and then he tells blatant lies about the super bowl winning team to spike the ball for political points. lock him up. the special counsel accused former campaign chair paul manafort of witness tampering. could it land him in jail and die president know that something was up? plus -- dozens