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tv   The Lead With Jake Tapper  CNN  June 5, 2018 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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ago long the suicide prevention number a she it appears hanged herself and that investigation has just begun. joe, thank you so much for being with me. i appreciate hearing your voice and memories. i'm brooke baldwin. thank you for being with me. to washington, "the lead" with apper starts right now. so president trump will sit down with kim jong-un but not with the philadelphia eagles. "the lead" starts right now. political football, president trump tolds the super bowl champs to stay home after it was clear they were going to stay home. weren't interested in celebrating with him and then he tells blatant lies about the super bowl winning team to spike the ball for political points. lock him up. the special counsel accused former campaign chair paul manafort of witness tampering. could it land him in jail and die president know that something was up? plus -- dozens kills and
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cities buried and thousands running for their lives. as a volcano unleashing an avalanche of lava and ash. andhis is not hawaii. good afternoon. welcome to "the lead." i'm jake tapper. minutes ago president trump was on the south lawn of the white house holding the event that he staged in lieu of the one original scheduled to honor the super bowl champion philadelphia eagles. most of the eagles had no intention of attending the white house celebration. a member of the team tells me. so last night after president trump heard that so few eagles were willing to come, he canceled the whole event. mr. trump then claimed that the eagles were not attending because, quote, they disagree with their president because he insists they proudly stand for the national anthem, hand on heart in honor of the great men and women of our military and the people of our country, unquote. now according to the member of the eagles, with whom i spoke, that claim by president president trump is a lie. this player tells me that not
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one eagle cited the parazzi's view on anthem protests when discussing the reasons they did not want to attend. and in point of fact, not once during the regular or post-season did any membersst philadelphia eagles kneel during the national anthem. not now it is true that one playertt was cut. the team captain and safety malcolm jenkins did raise his fist to protest but jenkins never knelt. now once the facts that none of the eagles ever knelt was pointed out to president trump, he tweeted, staying in the locker room for the playing of our national anthem is as disrespectful to our country as kneeling. sorry. he locker room, it was not tayed the eagles. and again the suggestion it was the eagles who did that. false. deceptive. a lie. this afternoon the white house
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launched a third attack on a football team. press secretary sarah sanders claims the vast majority of the team abandoned their fans. i know fans who could dispute that and then launching another white house attack accusing them of staging a, quote, political stunt because they told the white house late in the game that so few players wanted to come. now this does all come in a context -- the context ofmer first lady barbara bush and john mccain not wanting president trump to attend their funeral. the context of this bizarre new era where most of a super bowl winning team does not want to visit the president of the united states. so why? why did so many eagles want to skip the event. a asked a member of the team and he told me, quote, reasons vary from player to player because the president gives people so many reasons not to go. a lot of guys who are white and
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even conservative balked at the possibility of going. a nod in that statement to the racial realities here. blacks comprised about three quarters of the super bowl winning eagles team. malcolm jenkins one of the most active in the social justice movement told philadelphia magazine before the 2016 election that among, quote, the reasons that i didn't like trump, he said borderline racist things and said crazy things about women. in february of this year, after the super bowl, now former eagles wide receiver torrey smith said this to don lemon. >> if i told you that i was invited to a party by an individual that i believe is sexist or has no respect for women or i told you that this individual has said offensive things toward many minority groups and i don't feel comfortable, this individual also called my peers and my friends s.o.b.s, you would understand why i won't want to go to that party.
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why is it different when this person has a title of president of the united states. >> chris long was raised in charlottesville, virginia and expressed horror at the president's response to the nazis to march there and tweeting, the lack of condemnation of said gruchs is either a californ -- calculated agreement. >> my son grows up and i believer the legacy of our president will be what it is. i don't want them to say, hey, dad, why did you go when you knew the right thing was to not go. >> the eagles on the record about their issues with the president made it clear they believe president trump seeks to divide, not to unite the american people. in the interest of full disclosure, i should tell you if you don't already know, i'm from philly. i'm a huge fan of the eagles. all of them. the ones who wanted and didn't want to go to the white house but nar -- but far more, i'm a huge fan of the truth.
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when you look at the controversy and the president lying about the eagles taking a knee during the anthem and look at falsely suggesting that the eagles stayed in the locker room, when you loo at the white house press secretary paid with your tax dollars attacking the team over and over, ask yourself, would members of the philadelphia eagles say the president seeks to divide us? are they wrong? we have the story covered from the white house to philadelphia. let's begin with cnn pamela brown at the white house. and just minutes ago, president trump wrapped up his alternate programming at the white house during which he boasted a larger turnout than anticipated. >> reporter: no surprise there. the president references thecro today. while there were a number of eagles fans, also a number of administration officials there as well. we're pointing that out. and it is clear the white house is trying to accuse the philadelphia eagles of a political stunt but it appears the president is engaged in a political stunt of his own by
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making this about an issue he knows will play well with his base. accusing the philadelphia eagles of orchestrating a, quote, political stunt, the white house super bowl champions into a culture w about patriotism. >> we love our country. we respect our flag. and we always proudly stand for the national anthem. we always will stand for the national anthem. >> reporter: t canceled the eagles victory event after learning the player turnout would be low. >> there were 80 members of the eagles organization that rsvp and committed to attend the event. this wasn't a political stunt, they wouldn't have waited until monday to offer only a find handful of representatives to attend the event. >> reporter: that is what -- when aides said they will be playing the national anthem and nfl, no escaping to locker
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rooms. and reigniting a popular campaign theme about the appropriateness of nfl players kneeling during the national anthem. >> wouldn't you love to see one of the nfl owners, when somebody disrespects our flag, to say get thaton of bitch off the field right now. out. he's fired. >> reporter: the white house said the president's position has always been crystal clear. >> the president thinks that people should stand for the national anthem. particularly when it comes to the nfl. it is not about a particular team, it is about having pride in our country. >> reporter: that, despite the fact that none of the players on the eagles team that -- that won the super bowl took a knee during the regular season and one eagles player said was never mentioned in the meeting with the white house. and an administration official said the president has made the calculation that the national anthem issue is a good campaign issue to revive because he believes it will help republicans ahead of the midterm election and as for today, it was also a way to deflect from
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the fact so few players wanted to be seen ate house with the president. jake. >> thanks so much. the white house claiming that the vast majority of the eagles, quote, abandoned their fans. cnn jason carroll che with those in philadelphia. >> you flow the city of brotherly love isg prt trumpn the mayor chief of staff tweets this -- our party was bigger than yours. then there is the philadelphia mayor himself. whose statement called trump unpatriotic and a fragile ego maniac obsessed with crowd size. >> it is about me, me, me and me. and that is all he thinks about it every day. it is not about the country, it is about the citizens, it is not about what is best for the country. it is about what -- what is best for him. and that is not what the presidency is about. >> reporter: current and former eagles were quick to set the recordaight. torrey smith now a carolina panther tweeted, it is a cowardly act to cancel the celebration because the majority
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of the people don't want to see you. to make it about the anthem is foolish. so do fans who agree with today's white house statement that the vast majority of eagles team decided to abandon their fans. >> when someone is invited to the white house, youuld go. it is no brainer to abandoned the whole count country -- by not going to the white house. >> we stand united with the eagles 100%. >> reporter: and it is clear that trump who criticized players who kneel to protest racial racial injustice has drawn a cultural wedge in this country. >> it is racism as much as anything. >> on the part of -- >> of our president. mm-hmm, oh, yeah. for sure. >> a little irritated but like i said, i'm not surprised by anything he does. anything that comes out of his mouth, that sounds like him. >> i'm sick to death of the national anthem and the protests and i'm sick to death of all of
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this. this is sports. it is football. i pay money. entertain me. >> it should be noted the eagles have actually stood for the anthem. eagles safety malcolm jenkins tweeted in part, it is hard to meet with people who don't agree with you. it takes courage to standp for the truth, even if it is not a popular one. >> reporter: and so still waiting for the eagles to weigh in on reaction from that accusation from the white house and that twas a political stunt on their part. we did get a statement last night which said in part, it is been annin kribldly thrilling to celebrate our first super bowl championship watching the entire eagles comnity come together has beeninspn and no mention of the white house or the president in that statement. jake. >> jason carroll in the great city of philadelphia. with me to discuss this is daunte stallworth, former nfl wide receiver and including from the 2006 eagles and thanks for
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joining me. and sarah sanders said the eagles are orchestrating a political stunt by offering only a small number of players coming insteadthe 80 plus and coaching staff. what is your response. initial everybody in the organization and you have the roster and then this the coaches. so the number is about correct for the whole organization. well as you noted on the show, that a number of guys have saidd the day of this -- the day of the super bowl and the day after the super bowl they weren't coming and gave specific reasons. an so this white house has twisted the truth and on a number of occasions, not just with conflating the flag and the anthem with the protests that the players have took a knee for, but they've conflated other issues as well politically. so this is just -- this is the playbook of this administration. >> so there is an argument out there that players should go to
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the white house because it represents more than just donald trump or barack obama or george w. bush, it represe the presidency. moreover an argument, that a guy like malcolm jenkins very active in lobbying members of congress for justice reform, that he could make headway there. cnn van spokeo malcolm jenkins in february and asked him if he would go to the white house. >> i think i would consider it. if i wouldn't, then what is it i'm trying to get accomplished and so if you go directly to the president of the united states and talk about these issues that are plaguing our communities, i think that is a responsibility for us regardless of how you febout somebody on a personal level. >> to be clear, he's talking about going to the white house to talk to the president and not for a photo op. but do you think it is possible the players missed an opportunity here? >> i don't think they missed an opportunity. i think the president missed an opportunity. if he's tabbed jared kushner to kind of work on this criminal
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justice reform, something that we need to work on, the reason why the protesters have been protesting. not for the other reasons that they've been given. but they've been protesting for inequity in policing and the criminal justice system. so the players that were -- that were takingknee, none of them played for the eagles and you mentioned that but the more important thing when you look at what these players have done, jake, they have been to the hill to speak to members of congress on both sides of the aisle and i've been with them on a number of occasions, they've spoke to state legislators, they've been on police ride-alongs and doing this for years. so that -- these -- this won't stop. the president, if he really wanted to get a win, he would put his disagreements with the way that the players are protesting, he would put those to the side and woe try to figure out -- try to come up with some type of comprehensive plan in using these guys as allies instead of enemies.
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>> a few days ago he responded to the nfl new rule which requires players to stand or stay in the locker room. let's see what he said in response. >> you have to stand proudly for the national anthem. you shouldn't be playing. you shouldn't be there. maybe you shouldn't be in the country. >> maybe you shouldn't be in the country. now some people look at president trump and say the nfl owners who came up with this rule have emboldened president trump in this controversy that he's fanning the flames of against the players. >> i think they have. and if they can't see that, then that is a shame. they're a multi-billion dollar industry and they should have a p.r. firm that could let them ve been very bad.klash for this so they just took the side of the president and even using the same language that the president used by saying that players need to respect the anthem and the flag, and again that is -- it is never been about the flag.
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it is not about the anthem. it is about the inequity of policing and criminal justice. >> jerry jones of the cowboys reported by the "wall street journal" said in a deposition that president trump once told him, this is a very winning strong issue for me, tell everyone you can't win this one. this one lifts me. this is about anthem protests and inequity in the justice system during the anthem. do you think it is working? >> i think what trump is trying to do, he's not trying to unite us, he's being divisive so i think working. if you see mike pence when the nfl came out he tweeted winning. that is not winning for democracy. it is notinning for the people who have to deal with these issues on every day basis. and some people in america don't have to deal with it and some people could have great interaction with the police and others are nervous about any type of interaction with the police and so when you understand that -- that a lot of people in america do have these issues, and try to have empathy for them, we can't move forward until we do. >> dante stallworth.
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for a free quote today. you could save $782 when liberty stands with you. liberty mutual insurance. this just in about the uproar about president trump uninviting the eagles to the white house, the a source close to the white house said the presidns to continue to pound the nfl national anthem issue through the midterms and he's touting this issue and has done before is something that could help in november. he wants to keep this information and this fight in the bloodstream. the panel joins me now. angela, let me start with you. what do you make of this strategy by the president to keep this controversy going? >> jak i remember the first moment at a rally when donald trump called nfl players sons of bitches, it was clear that he was going to continue to use that moment -- the crowd roared instance that this was a good
1:22 pm
issue for his base. i think the unfortunate part of the president's transition into becoming the president is he hasn't realized that it is no longer a campaign rally, he actually has to govern and be the commander-in-chief for folks who agree with him and who disagree with him. and instead of trying to figure out how to bring folks together, he continues to use issues like this, theeat issues that flare tensions, that cause people to be enraged and to frustrate people who feel like they're invisible to them, including people who look like me t just feel further disenfranchised so it is frustrating but not surprising. >> malcolm jenkins, a captain and starting safety. he said in a -- in a statement, simply google how many philadelphia eagles knelt during the national anthem last season and you will find the answer is zero. he went on to say, the decision was made to lie and paint the picture that these players are anti-america and anti-flag, and
1:23 pm
anti-military. here is white house press secretary sarah sanders on this controversy moments ago. >> if this wasn'al stunt by the eagles fhise then they woblt plan to attend the event and back out and they wouldn't have attempted to reschedule the visit when they knew the president would be overseas and if this wasn't a political stunt, they wouldn't have waited until monday, well after a thousand of their fans have traveled and taken time out of their schedules to offer a tiny handful of people to attend the event. >> this is the same thing we see over and over. which it is the politics of grievance. that donald trump is always peddling grievance, that he's been wronged by people and this whole thing about it being a political stunt when maybe -- it looks like they gave the names thinking everyone would come and then they found out there was something sm people that wouldn't come and i think some people even articulated on your show why and it sounds very reasonable. and to what angela was saying,
1:24 pm
she's right that that is what the president should be doing. he should be speaking for everybody and bringing people together but the way he won was dividing and the way he'll stay in power is by dividing and does he this to stoke grievance and in this case he's stoking grievance against black people which is what he does. he stokes grievance against black people and nonwhite and anybody his voters are threatened by and they've been lying since the very beginning. this is not just disrespecting the flag but to protest a real problem in the country which is policerutality against afriericans and they did in it in the most respectful manner. >> i will say this, josh, i know people who are on both sides of this issue and know there are people -- especially people who have lost loved ones in war who feel like the national anthem is a period -- three minutes, 12 times a year, when the country honors their loved ones. maybe that is not what most people are thinking about but to
1:25 pm
them it is dishonor and how would you recommend president trump treat this issue in the last day after he finds out that very few eagles want to come. >> i think it is a pretty serious charge to say that the president deliberately stoking racial tensions here. i think he has a well articulated position on standing during the national anthem. of which i will note and you correctly noted, it doesn't pertain to the eagles. what does pertain is they chose not to come to the white house which is very unfortunate and i -- we all have our hot ticks on whose fault it is. is it trump or the eagles fault ant that exacerbated the problem. the problem is we can no longer celebrate achievement without injecting our partisan view of whether we agree with the guy giving us the trophy. if we can't -- i saw lebron james say this afternoon, no matter what the cavaliers or the warriors win the nba finals,
1:26 pm
neither of them are coming. if that is where we are at in society, cancel the whole thing altogether because we're never have a ceremony that is an endoement of the sitting president of the united states. it is not what it means. it is the celebration o achievement. >> angela, weigh in. >> at -- it is just dishonest. this isn't about people who disagree with the partisan leaning of the president, there are republicans who are my friends this is about someo who has trafficked in bigotry and xenophobia and racism from the very beginning of his campaign. everybody has a right to say i disagree and i especially disagree with how you carry yourself as a leader and i have yet to see you demonstrate real leadership. that is not about the national anthem but it is the issue with crowd size. this crowd would be the same size as his inauguration and that is what he's really frustrated about. let's be really honest here. that is what he can't handle, the eagles blow. instead of having people around him not yes-men and yes-women
1:27 pm
and people continue to lion his behalf. the eagles didn't volunteer not to go, they uninvited. this is all about his ego and we'll end up in a midterm where we're talking about the national anthem. and it is problematic in and of itself and there is a second verse that colin kaepernick brought attention to and people have every right to go through the practice of practicing free speech -- and i didn't mean to say practice twice but we have an opportunity to say this is something that is bothering me and until this country serves me the same way that it served so many other people, i have a right to protest and you should pay attention to what those issues are if you are a real leader. >> we have to take a quick break. the special counsel accusing former trump campaign paul manafort of serious crimes. is robert mueller signaling to president trump? stay with us.
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back wh our politics lead. and a remarkable admission this morning by president trump starkly stating there would be no russia investigation were it or jf sesons recusal. he tweeted the russian witch hunt hoax continues because jeff sessions didn't tell me he would recuse mysel i would have quickly picked someone else. admitting he wanted an attorney general who would have squashed the investgation per his wishes. at the same time, we're also learning about new accusations against paul manafort whom special counsel mueller said tried to tamper with witnesses in his own case. cnn jim sciutto has more. >> reporter: tonight former trump campaign chairman paul manafort accused by the special counsel of tampering with witnesses. encouraging them to lie for him in court. in a new filing, prosecutors claim that manafort repeatedly
1:33 pm
contacted two people who worked for him, identified only as persons d-1 and d-2. manafort and a confidant asked them to make the quote, materially false claim thahe lobbied on behalf pro-russian ukrainian politicians in europe when investigators say in fact he had lobbied the u.s. congress for those politicians from 2011 to 2013. manafort allegedly made the contacts in february, just days after prosecutors unveiled new criminal charges against him. using encrypted text messages he wrote to the person known as d-1, quote, we should talk. i have made clear that they worked in europe. in anotheren crepted text his confidant outlined his, quote, quick summary that, quote, our friends never lobbied in the u.s. >> the mueller team is very thorough and doing their job very well. so they are speaking to all of the witnesses and if someone has attempted to tamper with a
1:34 pm
witness, the mueller team is likely to learn about that and follow up on it and that is why we may be looking at revoked bail or additional charges for >> reporter: paul manafort spokesperson told cnn, mr. manafort is innocent and nothing our defense.test allegation we will do our talking in court. manafort has pleaded not guilty to charges related to his failure to disclose his u.s. lobbying work for a foreign government. and to bank fraud and other financial crimes. investigators continue to probe the possibility that manafort coordinated with russians during the 2016 presidential election. >> willing to risk being caught witness tampering in a case where they are watching every move, so it tells me he's not certain he'll get a pardon and frankly i think a pardon in these circumstances would be another act of obstruction of justice by the president. >> reporter: days after the trump lawyer admitted that trump himself dictated the explanation of the 2016 trump tower meeting with russians, a misleading
1:35 pm
explanation, rudy giuliani told cnn the changing stories were not lies but a mistake on the part of his original lawyer. >> i don't think anybody is lying, i think a mistake was made during an early stage of an investigation -- or a representation by a lawyer and which happens all of the tim >> why does it matter that the white house story on that trump tower meeting changed and why does it matter the president was involved. because we know that this is an active line of inquiry for the special counsel under the bucket, if you call it, of possible obstruction of justice. that is a fair question beyond the idea that the white house completely reversed the story in 12 months time. >> jim sciutto. you're never going to believe why the white house national security adviser has been benched for the north korean summit. stay with us. -and we welcome back gary,
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1:40 pm
trial. after new allegations by special counsel robert mueller that manafort tried to tamper with witnesses in the federal tax and money laundering case being built against him. using encrypted technology to suggest that witnesses make what the mueller team said are false claims. former u.s. attorney pete broward joins me. how significant are the new allegations against manafort from the mueller team? >> they are very significant. it is an -- in every single way you could think about it as a lawyer and a defendant, it is a complete disaster. first it may result in his bail being revoked which means he goes to prison pending trial which is not that far from now but an impediment to prepare for his case and obviously when you take someone's liberty away and that is serious and could result in the additional more charges under 18 usc obstruction of justice statute and separate from that it may result in a greater likelihood of his conviction on the underlying counts because in all likelihood
1:41 pm
a judge would allow in evidence of the fact he was conscious of his guilt in trying to coach testimony. so i every way, both in terms of liberty, the likelihood of prevailing in this case and everything else, it is terrible for him. and er consequence also is you never know for sure, defend -- depending on the psychology of a defendant, you wonder if someone will flip. people are having that same conversation about michael cohen and paul manafort and the one thing that gets the mind to focus is loss of liberty. sometimes people are tough and they don't want to flip and give the game away with respect to someone else higher on the food chain when they are out and even if it is home confinement. you get to watch "the lead" and other shows on television. but you are not free if you are in prison. and there have been time after time people who have refused to cooperate and flip on other folks who change their mind and once they are behind bars and i think that could happen here. >> interesting. two days ago president trump tweeted -- distancing himself
1:42 pm
writing, paul manafort came into the campaign very late and was with us for a short period of time. not particularly accurate, but beyond that, some have speculated the president could pardon manafort. why would president -- why would paul manafort try to tamper with witnesses if he were definitely expecting a pardon? person. probably -- he doesne pe oes things unexpected and does other things that are expected, he toys with things. last week he said he was thinking about pardoning martha stewart and blagoyovich and maybe he will and won't, no one knows for certain because he likes to play the game of surprise, whether you are talking about a criminal case or north korea and he was hedging his bets to prevent himself from being convicted in the underlying case. >> just minutes ago sarah sanders again refused to comment on the fact that she, according to president trump's own lawyer, was not honest when she denied
1:43 pm
that president trump dictated the deceptive statement about the trump tower meeting and she suggested there was a legal reason why. is there a valid legal reason f >> not that i'm aware of. it is a way to insolate herself from telling more liez and having have -- come clean on why she was telling the lie and protective of donald trumpbecau she has is she was told a false statement and she repeated it trusting what the president and his staff were telling her. but at the time she made the false statement, about the dication of the letter, the special counsel had already begun his investigation. so the reason that she's giving now also obtained before, so it n't make sense other than she doesn't want to get into more hot water. it is a significant thing not just is that sarah sanders has been caught saying something not true. but the president's lawyer jay sekulow and i've been talking about this, when you have a lawyer thaet the
1:44 pm
facts right and rudy giuliani also, repeated publicly and that causes the lawyer to lose credibility both in court and with respect to the prosecutor. so when they have to go in and plead the case to the special counsel office and their lawyers and investigators and say you have this wrong or here, or my client deserves the benefit of the doubt. they have reduced credibility every time they say something that turns out to be false and that is to the detriment of the client and also the process. >> preet bharara. thank you. did president trump's national security adviser try to sabotage the meeting with kim jong-un. john bolton's libya model comments. stay with us. as his horse loves snacking. ♪ ♪ that's why he uses the chase mobile® app, to pay practically anyone, at any bank. ♪ ♪ the first survivor of ais out there.sease and the alzheimer's association is going to make it happen. but we won't get there without you.
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breaking news about the president's summit with north korea, one of the top foreign policy advisers stands accused within his administration trying to sabbo taj the meeting. the state department officials believe that the national security adviser john bolton made those libya model remarks deliberately to get the talks off track. jeff zeleny is one of the correspondents breaking the story. what are you learning about the president's reaction to bolton's comments behind closed doors. >> the president was caught off guard by this when he saw the new national security adviser on television talking about this. he was surprised and wasn't sure why he was doing it. to remind folks, this is what the president saw while he was surprised last month when john bolton said this. >> but is it a requirement that kim jong-un agree to give away those weapons before you give any kind of concession? >> i think that is right.
1:50 pm
we're looking at libya model of 2003 and 2004. >> we heard discussion about the libya model. people who are supportive of john bolton said he was talking about the disarmament, not the removal of the leader there. but the reality is the president wondered why he was saying that. so in recent days we're told the state department officials believe john bolton was trying to blow this up. or perhaps inject some reality into it or slow the meeting down. it is one of the reasons bolton was not in the oval office last friday for the meeting and on the side lines. he's going to go to singapore but he's not going to play a central role. and jake, what is happening here, the state department and john bolton are sort of at odds here. mike pompeo has the full directive to go forward but the question is if it takes a longer period of time will john bolton's hard-line view, will he be able to influence that on the president going forward or not but for right now it is mike
1:51 pm
pompeo's show and john bolton has to support on other matters but not on north korea. >> is president trump angry with bolton. >> he is on this specific point. he's confused and not sure why he's bringing it up but several people said he still has the support on other and john bolton has been around for a long time. so a lot of conservative media advisers and others support him. so the president does as well. for now. >> remarkable that sta department officials are -- attacking bolton. >> i think that is the more important thing, the tensions ben the state department and the white house on this specifically here, we'll watch how the talks play out. >> thanks so much. people running for lives from a wall of ash miles high. the desperate escape and search for those whot get away. we go there live next. hais not always easy. severe plaque psoriasis it's a long-distance run and you have the determination to keep going. humira has a proven track record of being prescribed
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breaking news in the world lead. horrifying scenes as families race to escape300 degree lava and layers of ash spewing from a volcano in guatemala. >> [ inaudible ]. >> minutes ago the official death roll rose to 72 after the country's fuego volcano blew its top and it is getting even more active. this drone footage showing towns buried in ash, only the treetop andight n survivors are searching for lost loved ones and hope is fading for many. patrick otman is live near the
1:57 pm
site of the eruption. this is a dangerous place right now? >> reporter: absolutely. continues to be a dangerous place. and just behind me that, mountain ridge behind me is where the fuego, the fire volcano is located. let's see it again for our viewers. we're talking about how on sunday local time around noon people were sitting down to lunch and g to and without any warning, this volcano essentially blew its top and instead of other places in the world like -- the lava goes slowly down the community and people have an opportunity to escape. instead, that smoke cloud -- that is a mixture of lava of ash and flaming rock and it was coming down the mountain so quickly toward these communities at the bottom of the -- of the mountain and people didn't have enough time to run away, they can't even drive away. and as you weresayinghe danger is not over. a desperate search for survivors is now underway in guatemala. those who escaped still reeling
1:58 pm
after the fuego volcano sudden eruption on sunday afternoon. this pyroclastic cloud of ash tore at ridges more than 100 miles per hour, destroying everything in its wake. mandatory evacuation orders came only hours after the mountain roared tolife. leaving little time to flee. >> my mother's house was buried with my entire family inside. my three sons, two daughters and my grandson. my mother, my sister, my niece and nephews, i went to a bridge nearbyo get help and i said the lava was coming back and they didn't listen to me. >> entire communities once nestled in the foothill of the mountain are buried beneath debris and cars have been pushed in a pile and this vacation resort now unrecognizable. >> it is very hard to see kids and families -- whole families knowing that they are buried under the ashes and knowing that
1:59 pm
they are there and we cannot do -- we cannot work fast in order to get them out. reporter: consuela told first respondersieveshe's the only one of her family that made it out itime. >> no, not everyone escaped. i think they were buried. >> how did you get out? >> because we saw the lava was pouring through the corn fields and we ran towards the hill. >> reporter: this afternoon teams are hoping to pull more like this infant alive from their homes. any and all survivors are being carried out with care. but this deadly eruption has left an apocalyptic scene. >> there is no homes left and to my -- to my assumption, i don't think there is nobody left there with life. >> reporter: guatemala is observing three days of mourning as funerals begin for the few victims identified. white paper signs taped to coffins list the names of parents, friends and children. al of this as officials warn the fuego volcano remains active and
2:00 pm
dangerous for days to come. three of the survivors have been sent to the u.s. for treatment. so some badly needed help is coming to the people of guatema. >> patrick oppmann, thank you so much. that's it for "the lead." i t you over to wolf blitzer in "the situation room." thanks for watching. happening now, breaking news. star spangled stunt. the white house canceled the celebration of the super bowl championship accusing the philadelphia eagles of a political stunt for refusing to show up. but did the president pull a political stunt by falsely accusing t team of being unpatriotic. stonewalling, the white house again refuses to comment on its false statement about th instead of coming clean, sarah sanders covers up. claiming her credibility is higher than the medias. witness tampering. already facing two trials as a result of the russia probe,