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tv   Anderson Cooper 360  CNN  June 5, 2018 5:00pm-5:59pm PDT

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the gain. >> stops the suit from riding up. >> riding up where? >> off into the sunset. >>e moos, cnn, new york. >> good rid danance to that. thanks for joining us. anderson starts now. >> good evening, hosting a championship sports team ranked up there from the white house easter egg roll. even when some of their teammates publicly stayed away. fans whatever your team you are posing with today. today the philadelphia eagles and spreading false hoods by the reasons why. the national anthem will be proudly played and sung
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♪ oh, say can you see by the dawn's early light ♪ >> init sin it, the president talked about how much he respected the national anthem. last night in cancelling the team's visit, the president said quote the disagreeith their president because they insist that they proudly stand for the national anthem hand on heart in honor of the great men and women of ourary. not one eagle took a knee. staying in the locker room for the playing of our national anthem is as disrespectful for our couny's kneeling. that is also not true.
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they didn't stay in the locker room. when it became cle that the event had been canceled. press secretary sarah sanders tried a little gaslighting. is loyal to its team in goodes or bad. then late today another line came from the white house. >> look, if this wasn't a political stunt by the eagles franchise, then they wouldn't have planned to attend the event and back out minute. if it wasn't a political stunt, they wouldn't have attempted to reschedule the visit when they knew the president was going to be overseas. and they wouldn't have waited until monday to offer a tiny handful of representatives to atte the event. >> a political stunt she says.
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one eagle today telling jake tapper reasons quote vary from player to player. and anotherlayers and other leagues currently share. >> i know no matter who wins thisseries, no one wants to invite anybody. >> a political statement on the part of many eagles,e. a polit stunt though? walk out when a number of san francisco players took a knee. the president seems to relish anhance he gets to attack players on this issue. >> when you go down to take a knee or any in other way, you
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are disrespecting our flag and disrespe disrespecting our country. you want to see those players be proud of our country, respect our country, respect our flag and respect ournal anthem. you cannot have people disrespecting our national anthem, or flag, or our country, and that is what they are doing. and in my opinion, the nfl has to change or in my opinion, nfl is going. he is fired. he is fired. >> you to standor the national anthem or you shouldn't be playing. you shouldn't be there. maybe you shouldn't be in the country. >>ne reflection of his belief. or may in itself be the biggest
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stunt of all. more now from jim acosta. >> reporter: i think that is what is going on here. i thi th should be flown for untruthful like con the white house. whi h celebration for america event which only lasted ten or 15 minutes. and there were eagle fans in attendance, i counted two cabinet secretaries and the president all at this event. i talked to several sources who say the president plans on making the nfl and patriotism throughout the midterm campaign because they believe it drives up the base and gets them out to vote. and in the words of this one source close to the white house that i spoke to, the nflas a long way to go to get off the
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radar screen. >> she didn't answer the question, though, right? >> reporter: she didn't answer the question, our friend and colleague april ryan asked the question and sarah sanders almost wouldn't take the question. ese players out there are at protesting. none of the philadelphia eagles players took a knee during the national anthem. they didn't do it. so for the president to lump the players in for other players that have done this is the height of untruthful light conduct and the penalty flag should be flown. >> thank you very much. mayor nutter was this a political stunt by the eagles? >> no, anderson, the president is the one who canceled theent
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some dispute about the national and as jim acosta has said and anyone has said for the last day in a half, none of the eagles have ever done anything like that. no games since the super bowl s none of this activity. and this was planned i believe a long time ago. donald trump relishes this reality like tv world that he lives i all by himself. and knew that he would get much more mileage out of this by cancelling or disinviting the eagles than by being a normal person and having a ceremony w up and the plans would have been thrilled about that and business as usual. but no, he has to drive
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attention to himself, to his narcissism and he cannot think beyond the moment. he doesn't care w the underlying issues are and what the players are demonstrating about. that is something he could do somethinbout. >> paris, you heard jim acosta report. >> well, i thi president believes in patriotism. he believes this is an issue. >> so do the eagles. >> this is an issue that the president believes a lot of americans care about and ihink the president is right in raising this cultural issue -- >> what issues? >>et finish. >> we have taken prayer out of schools. and when i grew up we used to say the pledge of allegiance. we used to do things like that. and i think that what we have seen is the erosion civility and erosion of civics that is
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not prevalent. >> wait a minute, paris, i have to jump in. the erosion of civility, thepre sons of bitches. >> i went to the event. mayor, i didn't interrupt you and i think you should have civility and allow me to say what i have toind for the natio and for this country. i think it is an important thing to do. the nfl policy is an important one. and this is a logisl ise, and it takes a lot of planning. the white house was planning since february. and if the players decided at the last minute which is what it
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seems that on one day, friday, 80 some odd people were coming and right before the event they say, not all of those people ar small amount coming. if it is to honor the team and there is a number of players there, it does seem like it is about the president trying to gin this up or his ego. >> one thing i know about team sports is when you are on a team, you go as a team. and you don't have the luxury, you can't say i don't want to go because i don't like that quarterback. >> this is not a game, it is an event. >> you do things together and this was an invitation from the white house which is traditionally done and they should go as a team. if one or two wasn't able to go,
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three or four, that happened in past administration. and i know because i worked but this felt like a political stunt. you originally did. >> the only stunt was the cancelling of the event. that was the event. come on. >> the stunt was -- >> who said? so what. >> the eagles -- >> if ten players went, you have the event. every event is not going to be the biggest event thar happened in your life. this is back to crowd size and the inauguration >> let the mayor finish. >> oh, now i need to let the mayor fin. >> you just spoke. >> let who everes attend and celebrate with them. don't disrespect the fans don't
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make a political statement and move on with your life. we are not talking about pledge of allegiance in the classroom, this was a bald face political stunt. the president has continued to ignore the underlying real issues about inequality, racism, police brut and cou have had a eventh the ten playevited them a table and have a serious discussion about serious policy, but he doesn't care about that. >> that is not true. >> he cares about himself. >> and you saw what the president did about prison reform. and at the last minute a rapper -- that is what we are seeing here. >> yoully know what donald trump thinks. >> paris, let me ask you, sarah
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sanders about how this compares to the ruling. i want to play what she said. >> the white house supports the baker's right to free speech, why doesn't the white house support theplayer's right to free speech. >> the president doesn't think this is about free speech, he thinks it is about respecting the men and women in our military, and respecting our national anthem and standing outside of pride for that. >> she went on to describe, i mean, she may note this free speech, but is this not an issue of free speech? >> i think those two issues are totally separate. one dealt with a religious, somebody's faith and working out of their faith tradition -- >> but i am asking you don't the players have a right to free speech?
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>> everybody has a right to free speech but it has its limits. if cnn says anderson, there are certain words that y cannot say on the air, while you have a right to say them, you can't say them and if you do say them you run the risk of being fired or you go tonother net w that allows you to say them. if you are t fi you are going to stand for the pledge -- >> the eagles always stood. they were never in the locker room. >> we are not talking about that. >> they don't work for donald trump. >> and the nfl put something in place -- >> that's for next season. >> and while they have -- and while they have -- >> that is for next season. >> anderson, are you going to let him do that. >> paris, isn't not choosing to come to the white house an expression of free speech? >> yes, it is an he cexpression
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free speech. if teams want to come to the white house, ty should ask to come and there should be a guarantee that the team is going to come. the team is everybody is on the together, and you play together and you go celebrate, and celebrate together. >> mayor nutter, do you see a racial component to this. you know, calling players sons of bitches. and ginning up the base, do you believe there is a racial component to this? >> absolutely. this is the biggest dog whistle. i mean, anybody could hear this whistle from miles away. this is all about, again, pushing aside the real issues that are at hand. you know, i won't say the word,
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you did -- but, you know, sobs, i mean you have just gone d a holet any righteous man -- >> this is not a racial issue. we are looking for a racial issue and i don't think this is one. this is an issue about patriotism and what the white house decided to do because the players decided not to come and be there for the thousands of fans that wanted to come to support the time. >> i appreciate that and mayor nutter as well. a newly released letter.
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days after a key white house talking point, a new line emerged from the president's attorney. it is a false hood on top of another falsehood namely that president trump had very little to drafting the false statement about what transpired een hi son-in-law and the campaign manager and the russians. he jay sekulow which is what we will call narrative number one. the president did not write or dictate the statement about the meeting on air force one. >> that was written about donald trump jr. and i am sure with in
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consultation with his lawyer. that wasn't written b president. the president did not sign on anything. the statement that was released on saturday was released by donald trump jr. and in consultation by his lawyers. the president was fnot involved in that. the president did not draft the response. the response came from donald trump jr. and inconsultation of his lawyer. >>e didn't dictate, but you know, like i said, he weighed in and offeredion like any father would do. >> that is narrative number one and it was false. we know in sarah sanders or jay sekulow knew it was false at the time. we do know thater member of the president's legal team has his own narrative which he
5:21 pm
rolled out to chris cuomo. >> do you think somebody could have made a mistake? >> that is aot of mistakes. >> why is it that somebody, you think jay seckulo lied? maybe he just got it wrong. this is a complex investigation. you can make a mistake, you can make a mistake and then if you don't, if you want to, you can say it is a lie. but it was a mistake. god, it was a the guy made a mistake and then he corrected it. >> it almost sound lik a slip of the tongue, if it was a mistake, how come no one corrected it. how is jay sekulow and sarah sanders both made the mistake. plenty of time to publicly correct his alleged mistake. a key point of fact, isn't this
5:22 pm
sort of thing you get wrong because of some kind of snafu? yesterday sarah sanders refused to address the issue and today the stone wall got even higher. >> once again, i am not going to go into detail and go into a back and forth. >> why can't correct the record now? >> i am not going to go into -- >> i am not going to go into back and forth to that. >> was your statement accurate or inaccurate? >> again, i don't want to get into a back and forth. >> we just want to know if it was accurate or not. >> i know your goals is to get into a conversation that deals with outside counsel and i am not going to do that today. >> jeffrey toobin and anne
5:23 pm
milgram. >> the air force one statement is important. it is not just some tangential issue where the white house got caught in a lie. it is centrala mueller investigation. part itel t lyin about the investigation and lying about what went on with russia and the trump campaign. it is evidence, it is not proof, but evidence of possible obstruction of justice misleading investigators, misleading the public about what happened. and even more important, why this statement is important is that it suggests that the president knew that the relationship between the trump campaign and russia was wrong, was corrupt. so he lied about it and he chose consciousness of guilt. >> while he was president. >>rect. and you know, one of e things he said all along was there was no collusion and even if there
5:24 pm
was any relationship, it was perfectly legal. why is he lying about what went on at trump tower. >> and anne, obstruction of justice doesn't have to be successful to be a crime. >> that's right. you can obstruct justice ethouge a crime there and here, i think jeff is completely right. if there is nothing to hide, you would tell the truth about this kind of a meeting. >> and we know, i mean mueller has interviewed basically everybody that was around that claim. >> and that is why it seems the white house had change i story. hope hicks is a central figure in this, she was intimately involved. >> talked to congress but we don't know what she told mueller. >> right. she knew what really went on
5:25 pm
with how this statement was drafted and after she spoke to mueller, the white house changed its story. because they can't really claim that hope hicks was lying about all of this. ould be too improbable. >> let's talk aboutmanafort hasn't flipped. there is possible imminent incarceration because mueller alleged he violated his terms of parole, his spokesman says he is innocent and mueller still wants to use him for some sort of leverage. do we know? >> i suspect they are connected but probably right now two separate things. an individual who has been charged with a crime who we know once already publish an op -ed. then a second incident which people that he tried to tamper.
5:26 pm
here is what you should be saying, essentially. when you are from a judge on bail, out on $10 million bail, one of the conditions is you do not commit other kriepcr. in the judge hold him in, it is a lever. much more p him to plead guilty to cooperate with mueller. those are two things. special counsel is focusing on he is tampering with witnesses. >> i was shocked how meek the response was. you should revoke his bail or revisit the issue. why didn't they tell them to lock him up right away. this guy barely got out on bail at all. lots of mud, lots of money. a motive to leave. thr three passports and ties around the world. the judge decides this and has put this on a slow track. the judge has said let me hear
5:27 pm
from mueller's lawyers on monday and we will have a heang on next friday, ten-days away. if you are the muellerte, you should be screaming and yelling. this g got aweet deal and then he b it. the chutzpah of ve terms your in a federal case is extraordinary. >> you don't see this generally where somebody has been charged with a crime and been before a judge and a lawyer who is clearly going to say don't talk to anybody, and then he does it. it is stunning. >> and he is using this coded e-mail trail showing he knows he shouldn't be doing this. >> thanks very much. new detail about betsy devos and what she said to a committee
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>> pretty remarkable exchange. betsy devos said looking at the safety of guns -- now, you may remember when the commission was actually formed by the white house, one of its publicly areas. here is how it went with patrick
5:31 pm
leahy of vermont. >> that is not part of the commission's charge per se. >> i see, so you aredying gu violence but not considering the roles of guns. >> we are studying school safety. >> you might recall only a few days ago, a child asked press secretary sarah sanders a question about guns at school and she shaken up. >> we recently had a lock down drill. the worry about the fact that we or or friends could get shot at school. specifically, can you tell me what the administration has done and will do to prevent these senseless tragedy. >> i think as a kid and ce a parent, nothing more terrifying for a kid to go to school and not feel safe. i'm sorry that you feel that
5:32 pm
way. this administration takes it seriously and the school safety commission that the president is con vying. and how we can do everything in our p kids in our schools. >> just repeat what she said there. the commission is meeting to discuss the best way forward. s douglas shooting and i spoke to him. when you hear gun violence is not part of this commission's arge, what is going through your mind? >> well, betsy is just about as fit to run this committee as someone in the public school she failed is. a millionaire and no idea what they are doing and not
5:33 pm
addressing gun violence it makes you realize this is just another thing that these politicians who want to do nothing are using to get out of this with a clean slate. it is clear they are creating this school safety commission to look like they have done anythihen the number one tings is the fact that they are done by guns. they didn't use the gun a single time. >> when the white house announced this commission back in march, they listed several ar focus the first and for most was age restrictions. what do you think now has shifted? >> it just like your typical trump. he will say anything at the time to get people to like him and once the time goes on and people care less and less as we move on, we are going to get dismissed. so addressing things like age
5:34 pm
ric restri restrictions looks good then. ey don't want to do that. they are paid by the nra. >> do you worry about momentum loss. do you worry that sort of people have moved on? >> well, one of the main things we are doing is going on tour this summer and brihis to everybody in the country's backrd saying we come f tragedy, we are here to tell you what is happening in this country and get you register to vote and ready for the midterm. the truth is gun violence will not stop until we do something about this. and the reason we are getting so many people registered to vote and focusing on the midterm elections the last midterm in wor ii. had the lowest turnout
5:35 pm
getting the youth of america united and to the polls. and make this not a problem anymore. i hope the ten years down the line gun v has lost steam because it doesn't exist anymore because we have politicians that put in laws that address the number one issues with gun violence which is guns. >> last week sarah sanders said this administration wants to do every single thing in its power to protect kids in school. >> i think this administration wants to do anything in its power to avoid it. to side step this. this administration does not care about gun violence or school safety they are trying to get out of this with a cleanslay who will believe them. the thing is the majority of the
5:36 pm
country understands this is a whole bunch of garbage. and at that is why we are getting out and voting this midterms and every election ahead of us. making sure we are holding our politicians accountable not only by marching inhe streets but marching into voting polls. >> thank you for your time. >> thank you very much. >> up next, talking to preet r bharara. and later, the death of a design icon. kate spade found. authorities say it was an apparent suicide. philadelphia cheesecake cups. rich, creamy cheesecake with real strawberries. find them with the refrigerated desserts. with real strawberries. it's dead again. i need a new phone.
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politically motivated because he was a severe critic of the obama administration. here is part of what he said last night. >> part of the reason i was being targete was because i did something very upsetting to a this was a routine case, t. t barrara. my evidence is the fbi is signaling to the justice department, look, we got one for you, here is a prominent critic of obama. what i am suggesting is that under hillary and under obama, we are basically seeing a new phenomenon, the use of the weapons of the state against political adversary, and may case is not unique. >> desouza's prosecution was led
5:41 pm
by preet bharara. >> he doesn't really have ed other than what he says is a reference in an fbi file. did president obama or attorney generalder. >> we have a sitting president who is being investigated, it happens all the time to prosecutors and every districts from time to memorial. there was a garden variety crime that he committed and not the crime of the century. we prosecuted a lot more democrats for this crime for having a straw purchaser donate to a political campaign. >> he convinced friends of his to donate and he would
5:42 pm
immediately pay them back. >> he tried to evade the campaign finance laws that have limits. and then offer to repay them and he did it over time, and multiple times. not the crime of the century but a crime that was uncovered by routine analysis of this. and you have no choice but to prosecute such a case and other people have been charged with the same felony. i barely want to dignify that somehow because he makes films that are critical to pe as he puts it, they sick their dogs, nothing could be further than the truth. i never had a conversation of any sort with the former president of the united states. president trump called me three times. the last time he called me i
5:43 pm
refused to return the call and i was asked to step down the next day. nobody in washington asked us to bring a case or not bring a case. made a recommendation to bring a particular charge and that charge was brought. he didn't use this to tryo dismiss this indictment and the judge made that clear. thrt judge who is respected said it is all hat and no cattle. no basis for it. he pled guilty, admitted he was guilty. >> and he also said he knew it was illegal at the time what he was doing. didn't know it was a federal offense. >> his lawyer represents other people including harvey weinstein at the time, is no slouch, said we have no legal defense to this>> why doou thin
5:44 pm
pardoned? >> i don't know. mr. desouza didn't get jail time. the reason you have a system and you have an attorney and the way most pardons have been granted over time. there are bad pardons on all time. i don't know why donald trump does what he does, but it sounds like he didn't read any documents and he decided to pardon to please his political base. >> i want to ask you about this new document that says manafort was witness tampering. do you think his bail should be revoked? >> yes. >> jeff toobin was on and anne
5:45 pm
milgram. >> we tal earlier. i am a little bit surhey didn't ask straightaway that they didn't ask for bail revoked or revise. it seems to be an egregious. i think it is possible that they will bring additional charges which is the obstruction statute. and c, there is a decent chance this evidence is going to come in to show he was conscious of what he was doing was wrong. i am surprised why the hearing is going to take place 11 days from now and not sooner. maybe the judge is trying to give the defense a chance it respond to allegations. but if you read the do the allegatio seem strong. >> thanks very much. when we come back, epa chief
5:46 pm
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scott pruitt -- asking from a meeti a pal oppounity. the idea according to the post was for pruitt's wife to operate one of the franchises. meantime calling pruitt as swampy as y b the laundry use of funds. asking sarah sanders about it today. >> help his wife get a chick-fil-a franchise. does the president think it is ethical. >> i haven't spoken to the president about that. >> i haven't had a chance to
5:50 pm
speak to the president directly, we continue to have concerns and look into those and we will address them. >> josh daey joins me. >> explain how this played out. >> scott pruitt he asked a senior aide to make an introduction to the ceo of chick-fil-a and the goal of doing this introduction was a subsequent meeting where a potential franchise could be discussed. when scott pruitt's wife could become a franchise owner of chick-fil-a. that was problematic, according to ethics experts and folks who watch government because you're asking a government official to wife of an administrator. >> there are ethics laws that says a cabinet level official
5:51 pm
cannot do something or ask an underling, aide, to do something that benefits them financially. >> correct. and it several layers of issues. a, asking a scheduler on government time to set up a meeting. he is going into the meeting as e.p.a. administrator but also discussing private business. whatever gain she could have gotten would be imputed to him, obviously, and it is murky in se ways he istially looking for his wife to make money and using overnment powers, his government time, his government aides to make it happen. >> it is interesting because it is not like he called up chick-fil-a and said can you send some information. i'm interested in my wife doing a franchise or applying for a franchise. he was wanting direct communication with the ceo of the company, not saying what the purpose was. kind of using his office to get
5:52 pm
direct contact. >> just as a business opportunitsking specifically why he would be meeting with the chick-fil-a ceo. the lawyernd met withscot pruit. opportunity d come throu for his wife but it went through several layers. she even began filling outpliont least surprising to me, these are very competitive to get. there are thousands of people who ask for them every year and only a few dozen get these franchise applications accepted. so this was a perk that you can't just get as a normal person unless you're particularly qualified oave connection>> he didn't stop wit chick-fil-a. he also approached another one that he would be speaking at and he got it so that his wife would do some, like event planning for the actual event where he was s? >> yeah. he would be speaking at a
5:53 pm
conferen whe he w he red a contract for hife to do some unspecified event, tasks for the conference. it unc what she did but unlike chick-fil-a, it went through and she was paid for it. that was described on the record by the concordia official. >> thanks so much. i want to check in with chris to see what's ahead in cuomo prime . >> is that like the 13th open investigation of pruitt and he's still on there? it makes you think the white house won't let maybe they him a one too many. we'll take that on. we have anthony scaramucci. everybody remembers, he was an early architect of the communications strategy for the white house and he had very different ideas tg now. put the president out there, do more media. how does he see the president disinviting the eagles? what does he think it is umbrella? what does he think about the white house and its relationship with the abuse of truth?
5:54 pm
we'll talk politics with him. and we'll talk policy. we've got the trade guru ins the white house. why does he believe a two-front war with friends and foes is the right move u.s taxpay we'll take all that on and we have a new segment you're g to anderson. why i am wrong. >> oh yeah? i would like to see that. thanks very much. at 9:00 p.m. ahead, fashionigner kate as been found dead at 55. a note referenced her and her daughter according to the new york police sources. what we know, next. so, we just switched to geico and got more. more? they've been saving folks money 75 years.
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we'd keep mom at home. (vo) call 844-4-brightstar for your free home care planning guide. whoooooking for a . ...your budget? tripadvisor now searches over... ...200 sites to find you the... ...hotel you want at the lowest price. grazi, gino! find a price that fits. tripadvisor. . tragedy in new york when kate s f dead from suicideing. she hanged herself and left a suicide note. she was 55 years old. she had a husband and a daughter. >> reporter: the 55-year-old sudden death came as a shock to countless fans around the world. after kate spade's body was found tuesday morning by her housekeeper in her apartment on manhattan's upper east side. >> reporter: there was a suicide note left at the scene. i'm not going to get into the
5:58 pm
coents of that note. >> reporter: she used a scarf to hang herself. sources telling cnn in her note she addressed her 13-year-old daughter. >> we lost an incredible vision, an incredible human being, we lost an incredible woman who really paved the way for all these other designers to do what they do. >> reporter: spade was born katherine in kansas city, missouri. the fifth of six children. >> i didn't grow up thinking i would be a designer. >> reporter: she met her future husband and designe at arizona state university where she majored in journalism. she moved to new york and went to work for madam ma sell magazine. >> my mother was very good at ing me to dress however i wanted. >> reporter: she rose up to become senior fashion editor. in 1992 she quit to launch her own handbag line. >> we were out at a mexican restaurant and he said, what about handbags?
5:59 pm
and i said honey, you don't just start a has not bag company. and he said why not? how hard could it be? >> reporter: at first they sold just six styles of bags. soon expanding to include jewelry, shoes and clothes for women who could often feel excluded by high end fashion. >> what kate did with her collection was so unfounded. she created this idea of needing an it bag but at an accessible price point. >> reporter: in 2006 they sold the last of their shares in the coil which was eventually resold last year for $2.4 billion. and anderson, we are learning more about that suicide note that in addition to addressing her daughter, she also references her husband, according to an nypd source. the kate spade company tweeted out their condolences saying our thoughts are with her family at thisincreditably heart breaking time. we honor all the beauty she brought into this world. and tributes have been pouring
6:00 pm
in from fans andelebriti alike. many talking about the very first bags they got. >> for aoneuffering out there, the number for the national suicide prevention hot line is 1-800-273-talk. they provide free confidel support to people in suicidal crisis or emotionalort.there iss a day, seven days a week. that's it for us. we'll be back to cover the primaries. right now i hand it over to chris cuomo for cuomo prime time. thank you. i am chris cuomo. welcome to prime time. why did the president cancel his ing with the eagles? is he really trying to divide the country over freedom of speech because it may help him politically? we have anthony scaramucci here. does he see this as winning? plus, president trump'sucation commission