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tv   CNN Tonight With Don Lemon  CNN  June 5, 2018 7:00pm-7:59pm PDT

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telling me i'm wrong. please tell you won't be wearing the -- first of all this is my executive producer. those are the tweets. we're going to go one on one with right and left for you tomorrow. tomorrow's show, sarah sanders and chuck schumer. that's it for us. "cnn tonight" with don lemon starting now. i think we were looking at our text messages there. >> please carry on. >> great show. thank you. good seeing you. this is "cnn tonight" i'm don lemon. it is election night in america. on the most important night tonight this year, the polls will close in one ho from now, cnn will be watching it for the next four hours for you. the results there in california will have a human impact on whether the democrats could retake the house in the 2018 midterms. you'll want to stay with us for all those results. the white house, the war on
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the nfl. president trump threw himself a party today. threw himself a party after nobody else would come. in a classic example of taking hisndoing home, the president exlated his fight with the nfl by scrapping a planned nfl visit with the eagles. after he learned a small number of players and coaches would actually attend. replacing it on what he's calling a celebration of our country on the south lawn today. dis-inviting the eagles doesn't mean there'd be no protest. >> thank you very much everybody. appreciate it. >> the president ignoring shouted questions from reporters. >> do you have any messages for the athletes sir? >> are you saying the football players are not patriotic sir,
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is that what you're saying? >> will you have a meeting with them sir? >> will you meet with the athletes and talk to them? >> the white house calls all th are absolutely right. this is a political stunt. but not by the philadelphia eagles, by president of the united states. the man who said this. of these nfl owners, when somebody disrespects our flag to say get that son of a [ bleep ] off the field right now. out, he's fired, he's fired. >> like i said, this was absolutely a political stunt. a political stunt by the president. a source close to the white house tells cnn the president plans to continue the pound t nfl mission through the midterms. continuing to pose black players over the issue of police abuse
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for people of colo why is president trump doubling down? he believes it helps him with his bas 49% says the athletes should be required to stand the anthem. 47% said they should not be requir to stand. americans a pretty much evenly divide on this issue. the president, arrairather than trying to find common grounding is more will be to exploit that because he believes it helps him politically. facts, to ignore the truth if he thinks that helps him. but facts matter. so, here are the facts.t one si took a knee during the regular . not one. not one single player stayedthee
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anthem. not one. who is being disrespectful here? who is stomping all over the values of amans?u know who i do? it's the person whose lying to the about the eagles' players. the person whose lied to you well over 3,000ime in the past 501 the person who is demanding forced patriotism such as autocrats have done for the centuries. that's none other than the president of the united states. i want to bring in the panel. good evening to all of you. rick, i'll with you. sarah sanders says the eagles are pulling a stunlt. if you look at this, the president lying about the players taking a knee, and the attack on the team today, who is
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orchestrating orchestrating stunt? >> donald trump sits on throne of lies. these are people who sits and ready to throw meat out there o trump can distract people with all the thing arising around him, with michael cohen, paul manafort and someone else.sarah t t podium and says i refer you to outside counsel or whatever other thing that are coming out of her mouth that's moving are lies. the eagles players have not knelt on the field, have not engaged in protests. it sho teach the nfl owners a valuable lesson. they bent the knee and still cut their heads off, still yew them, he still wen after them. >> april, so you asked sarah sanders if the p understands the rean some nfl
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players, and you also want pointed out that none of the eagles east players kneeled. >> does the president aware that this is about -- is the -- there's an underlying issue that keeps going backpect of ags and ldiers.there ar bck bro soldiers that fight in the military as well who feel that taking bringing an attention to police involved shooting is something this white house should deal with. is the president aware of taking a knee about police involved shooting? >> so president has made his position crystal clear and is -- i led you rudely interrupt me and my colleague -- >> i'm sorry you're answering my question. >> i'd be happy to answer if you'd stop thought long enough for me to do that. the president has made his portion clear on this topic. he feels strongly that standing for our anthem is somebody we should do, something that
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matters to what makes our country special and unique and what sets us apart. he's not going to waiver or apologize for it. frankly more than 70% of americans agree with him on that matter. if you go back to what the original intent was this side been made a political argument on what the president is not wille deal with -- or. >> i'm not going to continue to engage. >> will the president deal with the issue of ce-involved shooting. >> i'm going to deal with the issue of addressing your colleague's question. >> the you take it to the president and come back to us, please? >> steven go ahead. >> well done april. i wish there wpeopmore people in that room who did theame thing. you notice a guy said i'm always happy to ge m colleague. april, do you feel this white house is purposely misconstruing
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the meanings of those protests and doing it on purpose? >> yes, i do. i've watched over this period of time that this president -- 501 days this president has been in office. you remember, he has said that it's disrespectful and he he's called out the nfl. after that, after that piece, what's next, they talk about there are -- they are the administration, the president for all america. well, you have a segment of america that has created a furrow, not within just the black community but the brown, others and white communities about what we're seeing, police-involved shootings. and ty're not arounding it. i asked the president in october about this when he did his preference conference in the roez garden standing next to
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miri mrm /* mitch mcconnell, he did not answer. he said it was about disrespecting the flag. after you have this issue, what are you going to do about it? don, not just a few weeks ago where we had a situation with a young man who was shot 20 times or more by a police in his grandmother's backyard. and then we had the verdict come down by , sarah sanders says it's the local issue. we had the issue of eric gardener who cried out 11 times, i can't breathe in new york. his mother is looking for justice and that's still in limbo. >> that is the big question, why are they not worried or concerned about police brutality, they should be. i couldn't believe she called you rude, obviously she haven't seen jake tapper or sam donaldson, that's the way t
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briefing used t all the time that was the conscientious relationship and now everyone wants to be friends with him. what happened to the press corp, why don't they do that anymore, why don't they did what you did today? >> don, i'm going to say this to you, my fellow colleagues may get mad at me, i don't here the bottom line, i came to the white house what the helen thomas was the dean of the white hous worhe upi. ann thompson was there, sam donaldson, bill plant, they would bang on the door if the door was locked. >> why don't they do it? >> you know what, i been there 21 years, here's the bottom line, many of the people in that room want to be friends with these administration folks, be it any administration. there is a friendly add verily and they're scared they will not
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get information and they'll be talked about. so what. >>. >> goiwe're going to drill into that a little more i got to get to scott. >> the white house says staying in the locker room for the playing of our national anthem is as disrespectful to our country as oesing have to do with attendance? >> well, i think the reason they cancelled the event, according from what i read from katelyn, white house thought some 80 eagles were coming, coaches, trainees and others, and they were told fewer than ten people were coming. i'm not sure the president had much of a choice but to cancel the event, how do you have a player if it's no players?
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if this president nows how to produce anythi do dig but produce a show. i happen to -- and african-american community community is the most worrisome problem we have. we cannot have huge swats of our population feel like they're targeted by the people whose sworn to keep us safe. like sarah says he's made his feelings on this anthem issue known and i'm sure he felt disrespected about the eagles trying to pull one over on him. there is a way to look at this where everybody got what they wanted. the president got to inject the national anthem issue back into the bullet stream into our conversation. let's be honest, the eagles players who want to draw attention to the racial injustice issue, which are real, look at what we're talking about tonight. maybe everybody's a winner from our own point of view.
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>> hey, rick, what does it matter if one player shows up? why would it matter? you had a lot of people there today already. why does it matter how many players show up? >> donald tr is about the sti spectacle, about the picture. he would want that wall of players surrounding him. he didn't want to be standing there on stage with, you , half a dozen people who were accidental, maybe trainingers and coaches and not the stars of the team. you have to ask yourself, why do they chose not to do this? a lot of it came down to team solidarity. i think scottee got a good point, the players want to make that clear that this is an issue that's not something -- the president's tried to make it merely about the flag and the pledge and the anthem, but, you know, for them it is also being
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a peaceful civil protest and an expression of an issue that is incredibly condition and horrifying in this country. it's something that the white house, president both sides, have not been precedent to blow the dog whistle over the last few years. doesn't escape my attention he's used every word but up di to describe them. he's been an incredibly charged atmosphere around this president on race in the beginning. this is something that he could be mindful about but he won't. issue. >> stick around everyone. when we come back president trump demanding forced patriotism from the nfl. but, is my way or the highway the american way? ♪ ♪ don't juggle your home life and work life without it.
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so, as mucnt trump seems to hate the nfl, he loves nascar. now, i wonder what the difference is between these two jennin me april ryan, scott, today the trump tweeted, nascar racers were athe white house today. it was truly in great spirit. he said this has nothing to do
7:19 pm
with race, but he frequently aligns himself with nascar because majority are white, and he -- >> i think the president wants people to show up when they're invited. i think if the eagles' players showed up at this event and not pull out at the last minute, they would have had the event. -- >> scott i'll give you a lot of time but i want to say. not all the new england players showed up last year. >> well, more than a couple of water boys showed up. from the president's perspective why wouldn't you want the ers t? >> -- >> look, i put together an've for george w. bush in 2007.
7:20 pm
albert pew holes didn't show up, the best player, but we wen ahead and had the event because the other guys were there. but, when one or two guys showed up that', but the entire team don't show up, i don't know what kind of event you want him to he. >> the players who -- how can h hink the president t? frankly wiseo take a step back here and realize that what his administration is doing on criminal justice reform may be in some alignment with what those players want.ehey ar feud president thinks its helping him profusely. but there's a way to zig when you know you're going to zag. i heard talk about a broader conversation with some of those.
7:21 pm
to me that's the perfect pivot. let's take a deep breath, stop feuding with each other and -- t requires leadership. >> there's a way to move forward here. >> that requiresleadership. it hard to move forward when the president is -- you know it's political strategy, beche . this is a very winning strong ll everybody you can't win this one. this one lifts me. this is fromep of colin kaepernick. dallas jones testified the president toldhat. it's a political stunt to begin wi with. to say anything otherwse is not true. vice president flew, april, on tax payerrs to indianapolis, he and his wife w after some players neeld during
7:22 pm
at quantity.ich is blafl at which point does this go too far? >> the whole thing has gone too far, it's g too far. on.t its doing is dividing th is considere a uniter, this is dividing a nation. the issue is police-involved shooting, and a narrative is taking to be a disrespect of the flag, soldiers and anthem. certain groups of people d corn market of being soldiers, you have white, black, jew, gentile,rod citizen, muslim, transgender, soldiers, policing, you have all type of people who are police, there is an issue that need to be dealt with. instead of focusing in on this, they also need to deal with -- yes, we respect and love our country. there's also an issue -- i'll
7:23 pm
never forget talking to martin luther king the iii. he said donald trump always wants to give his book out to the pope, he needs to read the book he says if his was alive he believes he'll be on the side of the folks of taking a knee. dr. king believe shining a ligh. the police shootings with black and brown americas is still a dark spot in this nation. when you have tensions between the community and police it's a national security issue because both sides't feel like they should trust one another. if you see something say >> i'mning o time.i wa to get r. so sarah sande was asked how is compared to the supreme cour r fava baker who turned away a gay couple.
7:24 pm
i thought was a fantastic way of framing this which the white house came in favor of, watch this. >> the president doesn't think it's an issue of simply about free speech. it's about respecting the men and women of offer military and -- >> so why support a baker's right to free speech and not a the players fe speech of the national anthem and not showing up to the white house if they don't want to? >> once again, don i have to ascribe it to the dog whistle.t this is an issue that affects african-americans. it's no a coincidence when this is a president when it comes to hit the mark of being a president of all its n been r r
7:25 pm
anywhere near anybody's satisfaction. he's going to always have a deep suspic broadly his intentions for this and this is obviously -- it is description now, by his own words, a stunt, a tactic, a play. so, i think it's a very cynical one, i think that he's cherry picking the rights and freedoms thin people and certain races of people should have in this country. we fought a war about that. i think he's got a real -- he's got to come to jesus on this but ioubt he'll e the >> thank you all. i appreciate it. love the conversation. when we come back the former army man who advised colin kaepernick to kneel during thea. we'll be rk.
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so, the white house says the president is standing up for the nan anthem by dis-inviting the philadelphia eagles but not one player took the last
7:30 pm
season. let's discuss. so good to have all of you guys on, nate, thank you for your service straight out of the gait. the warehou white house says the eagles decided -- as a former player, how would you respond to that? >> i think, once again the president is showing some bully tactics as oppose to really understanding what guys have been trying to say for over year. and he's one again changed the narrative a made it about the flag. made it about the anthem. made it about the disrespect for the military, the disrespect for the police. i can guarantee you, there's not one player, current or former that is disrespectful towards the military, that does not hate police. 75% of the nfl players have
7:31 pm
relatives, my grandfather fought in world war i. so, to make it that narrative, he's just trying to appease to his base. it's the same base, like i said these are the same guys and people who still believe that barack obama wasn't born in america. so, he's -- the team wasn't going show most of the team wasn't going now anyway, but as he did with the apprentice show, he had to get in front of it and save face -- >> a lot of -- >> -- rather than -- >> a lot of people in the country believhat the players should stand. a lot of people believe that barack obama was born in america. nate, i have to ask you, because
7:32 pm
the white house keep citing the national anthem as his rift. you are the one -- by the way, none of them took a knee this season. you are the one who convinced colin kaepernick to kneel rather than sit. you wrote a letter to trump, kaepernick and america. in it i believes -- you open you surrender.ltimately what do you think of all this going, because that happening right now. what do you think of all this? >> yeah, it's frustrating. i think, and i said this before, its extremely frustrating as a veteran and war fighter. no matter what war you talking in or in a time of pe t serve your country, especially overseas and come back to such
7:33 pm
constantly hung up on these issues. we get stuck on the details that aren't the real issues, it just hurts, man. we still got men and women fighting over there, i've lost a lot of friends of mine, and many of them, to their own hands back here. maybe because that are not getting the care that they need, and maybe it's just som a product of the dn and the hatred that's in our country, it's a virus, it's really frustrating. that's what hurts more than anything. as a soldier, what i did, part of what i did overseas was fight along side people that had a different flag on their soldier thatieved in a different god, ultimately many h fundamental differences b i had to respect them and treat them a certain way and understand that they can still be my brothers in arms. we can still fight along side one another for a common goal
7:34 pm
and make progress and make change. we're capable of that back here, too. >> i said this earlier to chris cuomo when we were talking been the air. i said colin kaepernick was in a sense compromised because he was sitting. you had a talk with him, it was compromised that he take a knee. you do it for fallen soldiand o respectful act to do. did you learn somethiour exchange with colin kaepernick? do you believe that it's disrespectful for people who want to kneel during national anthem? >> i personally don't believe that, but i also don't speak for the community. there are many men and women that disagree with me. that is also their right and something that they fought for and something that the flag and anthem was supsed to stand for. so, personally i thought what
7:35 pm
was important about that conversation, about that middle ground that we met on, colin told me, i'm not going to stand until i see some those changes, until things are in . whether tho goalse measurable at that time is not important. whatmportant was he was taking a hard line there and i wanted him to stand. i wanted him to stand because he felt a sense of pride, he felt like he should. i don't want people to stand out of obligation or do anything out of gation. wouldn't wple to fig for my freedom out of obligation. through that i liked the fact he was willing to give a little, and he was willing to listen. that will make me listen to somebody when i know that they are sensitive enough to me. that's what i thought was important, not the kneeling itself by the compromise. >> what's important to know about america, our constitution, what you pointed out, you were fights along side other folks,
7:36 pm
the team members you were fighting along side of is from all different backgrounds. we have a choice in america, that's a big part of the reason that nate was fighting over there fur our freedoms.if we waf we want to kneel we can kneel. this is america, land of the free home of the brave. i have to ask you, there's malcolm jenkins on the team who is questioning the president's motivations, and on and on. there are a lot of players out there. where do you want to see this go? >> so, my thing is still for the president to actually try and understand. when we talked about the differences and the devisiveness, the tone that he has set in america. you know, listen, he -- kim kardashian had this talk to or seen this show, in two or three weeks she was meeting with the president of the united states.
7:37 pm
african-american professional athletes, and for people to think thecause we're athletes this thing doesn't happen to us. so, here, you guys, you make -- colin assigned to $100 million what is is he complaining about. i can speak for myself, we played in super bowl 23, after that, i'm from los angeles, california, i go home, even though i'm with the 49 rers, i t home and i was stopped bythe police four or five times. i had one inciden through beverly hills, i had the helicopters, i had four or five police officers cars surrounding me, got out, put guns to my head, helicopters shining on me
7:38 pm
because they said that i fit a description. they got me out of the car in the rain, handcuffed me and told me to get on minis, it's pouring raining. i said man, i'm not getting on minis because it's pouring raining. > . he put the gun to sly, i got down -- >> not to cut you off, in the instance of time, that's awful it happens to a lot of men of color and others in this country. we need -- whether it has to do with african-americans, hispanic, whites or whatever, the issue of pol bruta is real. as in any organizationhere are some bad folks there. this administration should be concerned about police brutality because they represent all citizens even the ones who did not vote for them. thank you both. >> yeah -- >> i got to run because i'm running up against time.
7:39 pm
thank you joe. thank you nate. >> thanks, don. when we c back, this is what sarah sanders thinks of press. >> frankly i think my credy higher than the medias. >> two d with this white house every day join me next. with no artificial preservatives, no added nitrates or nitrites, and by waving bye to by-products. so you can get back to loving them. for the love of hot dogs. (wienermobile horn) rough if you're on vacation. but the best seat in the house if you're at outback. introducing the aussie 4-course, starting at $15.99. hurry in to outback steakhouse now, because the aussie 4-course won't last long! outback steakhouse. aussie rules. do not mistake serenity for weakness. do not misjudge quiet tranquility for the power of 335 turbo-charged horses. the lincoln mkx, more horsepower than the lexus rx350.
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sarah sanders today claiming that her credibility is higher than the medias. accusing reporters spending too much time attacking president trump and trying to tear her down. s ta this with jim acosta and -- i want to play this, jim, because sarah sanders got defensive about why she was asked why americans should trust what they hear from this white house. play it. >> sure. >> i don't know how many times i have to address this but i work every single day to give you accurate and upto date information. i'm going to continue to do that. frankly, i think my credible's probably higher than the medias.
7:44 pm
i think in large bpart that's because you guys spend more on your time of attacking the president instead of reporting the news. i think if you spend more time reporting the news instead of trying to tear me down you might see we're working hard to provide you good information and provide that good information to the more than people. >> t down. i don't think anybody's trying to tear her down we're trying to get at the truth. why is she taking this personally, jim? >> i think this is unfolding in a bad way for her. sit it seems we're getting to the end of her days at the white house. she was struggling the other day to try to explain this false statement or lie that the president didn't dictate this memo to "new york times," turns out he did. she just isn't answering the question. the way she's answered the
7:45 pm
question is to say i'm providing the best accurate information i can and you guys are tearing me down. but she's asked about false statements, just a few weeks ago i was asking were you lying or were you in the dark about this stormy daniels pay off and rudy giuliani reveal. i think wha that ve been doing is trying to clean up the lies that i have told americans in the past and its blowing up in their face in the briefing room. >> brian, is the briefing room getting more contentious now? >> i left her with this question today after she said what she said. i asked her, who color was the sky in the president's world, because there is such a disconnect from reality in that press briefing room that its actually -- i've never seen anything like it and i've been coming and going since reagan. when april tried to ask her question today, i jumped in and said, hey, answer the question. she was trying to avoid a very
7:46 pm
serious question and at the same time she will give you nonanswers or none sense call answers. what jim wasalking about she had avoided that question for at least two weeks. the question i asked her, hey i'm sorry maybe you got false information, are you sorry for giving us the wrong information? she wouldn't answer that question. i think they view that is gee, what's today's informing is going to be like. it's controlled, staged and they don't want to provide information. it was what rudy giuliani said on chris cuomo show, he said look, when we had to give facts to mueller we gave it. i think that's when they feel they have to be factual. >> so, jim you tweeted this out. i'm just an incident bystander watching. i think we had this conversation
7:47 pm
early on in this administration. one way to address a briefing is for reporters to stick together with the press secretary cut somebody off. ideally we should insist on answers when somebody cut us off. we don't do that as much as we should. the problem there's so little time and much little time for answers. i stuck with april earlier and i'm wondering if reporters are sticking together to try to evade question. i think the next american should ask the question or as the other reporter said today, i gladly yield my time to my colleague. >> don, your recollection is right. this happened at the trump tower meeting or press conference when president trump, at the time president elect trump would not give me a question and called me faks news. the suggestion at that time and we've been hearing it every since is why don't reporters stick up for each other in the briefing room and if he or
7:48 pm
sarah's not going to take a question and cut you off then someone else picks up the question and presses the press secretary on that issue. i think we saw some of that today. the none answers are as revealing as the answers. what sarah's been doing over the last eight hours is giving us none answers. i think we're seeing fewer briefings in less time. the briefings are lasting 20 minutes. in the obama ages it would have been over an hour or hour and a half. we might not get as many question answered but we may get more answers. >> i got to go. tha thanks a lot guys. when we c back a judge's ruling that the president can be deposed in urt. can. will that happen? a former white house employee joins me on that next.
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7:53 pm
good eveni so a new york judge ruled today than be deposed in a sexual harassment brought by the former apprentice how concerned the president's legal team be and the president? >> we, if the president wants to know how concerned he should be, he should just give bill clinton acall. you know, this is c thing. the president is going to have to testify, in my judgment, just as he will with mr. mueller. the courts are not going to allow a presideo simp say he's above the law. this nation -- we fought a revolution to establish the principle that no one is above the law. this is nation of laws. and from the nixon case to the clinton case whe have evidence that's vital, they have to give it. >> so president trump is facing investigation related to michael cohen and the sthern districtaw
7:54 pm
daniels and a suit from d.c. accusing him of violating the emollments constitution. could it affec any of the other cases up there on the screen? >> the first thing that comes to mind is the president can entertain trouble if he's not truthful in that testimony. remember that's what tripped up president clinton in the paul jos litigation. >> so trump's attoc kasowitz argued the president can't be tried state court because of the supremacy clause in the constitution. is he right? >> no, he's not right. he can be req provi evidence intate courts just as he can in federal courts. >> he also said in court today that the other accusers of the president are irrelevant in this defamation case. what do you think about that? >> i don't know how the judge
7:55 pm
will rule on that. in cases like that it's conceivable the judge would find a pattern of conduct is of sufficient evdenidentiary weight should be allowed in. >> in the short time we have left, i want to ask you aboutbi mccabe requesting immunity from the senate judiciary committee in exchange for testifying at a upcoming hearing. th that, is that a fairask? >> is it fair for him to ask immunity? sure. if he can get immunity in return for his y, no reason why he shouldn't try to get it. i'm not entirely sure why he wants it, whether he's afraid his testimony might be inconsistent with something he may have said under oath a
7:56 pm
ious time. but, you know, there's no harm in asking. >> you think he'll get ? >> i can't answer that. i don't know that the committee will be willing t immunity. >> always a pleasure, jack. thank you so much appreciate it. we'll be right back.
7:57 pm
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there's lots more live coverage here for you on cnn. anderson cooper is going to continue ourive coverage now withlection night in america, and then i'mng to see you you live here right after him, so don't go anywhere. see later. >> good evening, again. polls have just closed in california. the biggest night of polls and primaries before we get to november. of course facing a republican base


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