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tv   Early Start with Christine Romans and Dave Briggs  CNN  June 6, 2018 12:00am-12:59am PDT

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♪ good morning. welcome to "early start." it christine romans. >> i'm dave gs. 3:00 in the east, midnight in california. will the blue wave happen? we'll check the results. the democrats efforts to retake the house. they need 23 seats. the california primary is where h it done.
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the democrats are worried about the jungle primary system, concerned that too many hutt districts they hope to flip this fall. already some evidence that may be the >> one big contest has been a republican has made it o the ballot, which could help with downlot races in november. kyung lah, a lot to get through. walk us through, so much talk about this so-called jungle primary and how this was going to shake out in california. walk us through it. >> well, there are a lot of certainties and there's a lot of questions. let's start with what is certain. you mention, christine, the california gov race. we know thlieutenant governor, gavin newsom, he's a victor in the primary. he advances. john cox, who trump tweeted support to. he advances.
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a concern for the gop here was, their nominee wasnouldn't make through. cox makes itrough, that is expected to help people who are down ballot. the big question, the u.s. house races. there are seven seats that democrats hope the flip. seven seats that hillary clinton won but republicans maintain control over. i'm in here in california 48. you see the declarations are still up. this was tn party for hans keirstead, the democrat here. he's challenging the incumbent, dana rohrabacher. there's no clear victor on who will be number two. the incumbent moves forward. but there's two democrats duking it out for number two. the nightmare sce for fornia democrats here, is that the democrats will cancel each other out and the republican would move fdifferen. meaning that democrats would be
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shut out of the november ballot. as of this moment, we don't know who the number two spot is going to be. democrats are anticipating that the two democrats here in california 48, thiss ing to tig. and they're going to be watching this vote count very, very carefully. and to toss in a little more confusion, there was a printing error in ballots in los angeles county. that printing error involved the voter roster. there were 118,000 name os mitted from the roster. they were given provisional ballots. quite a night. waiting for a lot of the dust to settle and a lot of questions of what's going to happen. it could take many me hours, if not days, to come up for the answers. >> kyung lah for us. a lot of hard work all night. you'll be back soon. >> stay tuned for our coverage for the next three hours. but a word of warning.
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to kyung's point, these can take several days. you can see 60% mail-in votes. as long as they're postdated by tuesday, they can count them until friday. we could have a long time before we get a clearer picture if some of the democrats are locked out like in the 48th district in rticular. joining us live from los angeles, cnn political reporter, maeve reston. it's not goomorning, 's good evening, pacific time. let's first step back and talk about the numbers. democrats need 23 seats to retake the house. ten seats are ranked as competitive in california, seven which hillary clinton carried in 2016. how central is california to democrats' overall chances? >> i mean, it is a central, part of the strategy, to take back the house of representatives, coming this fall. and that's why you saw democrats spend so much money here. there was a ton of outside spending, millions of dollars, in a lot of the most contested
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races. and this was theizati situation kyung was pointing out where the top-two system complicated things for democrats. there was so much enthusiasm, anti-trump fervor, and you had a lot getting into to races and a lot of concerns that democrats would splinter the vote as we've seen across the state. tonight, democrats are breathing a little easier in some of the districts where they were afraid of getting boxed out. but it's still, we don't know what will happen, obviously, in dana rohrabacher's seat, that race is tightening as we see results come in. that can complicate democrats' path in november to taking back the house. >> let's talk about the 49th. we had kyung lah in the 49th talking about the dana rohrabacher seat. and the spite for the second-highest vote-getter there. this is congressman darrell
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issa. look at the gems jumbled underneath there. >> really jumbled. you had a bunch of strong candidates in this district. what happed in issa's district, a lot of democrats wanted to take on issa. you saw them get behind diane harkey who is in a strong first position. mike levin, jacobs and apple january gate seem bunched up in the second place in the polls is may t a long time to go through the numbers here. in is a district that touches parts of orange county and also san diego county. in san diego county, democrats were really excited to see higher turnout, than was expected. in orange county, it was a little flatter than that. overall across california, just talking to democratic strategists throughout the day who are working on different
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campaigns, they had hoped to see a higher level of turnout among democrats, closer to 2016 levels, just becauhere's so much on the line in terms of the house this fall. in orange county, for example, it looked like the numbers were coming in the noridterm threshold, the 2013 level. >> let's get back to the 48th district, that dana rohrabacher seat. that's of particular interest. that looks like one the democrats could have this fear, this jungle primary fear because, yes. rohrabacher, comfortably ahead with 30% of the votes. but when you look at the republican who is in third place, just a few hundred votes separate second and third. if thelican can move into second, this is where democrats' biggest fears are realized. this is where they would be boxed out. maeve, if you can take us back to why jungle primaries were established in the first place.
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what are the numbers? >> the idea behind the top-two primary system, you would allow more moderate voices emerge, as opposed to having candidates all the way on the left side of the the spectrum. in this case, you ended up with so many candidates on the ballot, it got confusing for voters. a lot of the strategists i talked to said, this is a system in serious need of tweaks. democrats feel that, if they had so much energy and if the democrat was not as confusing as it turned out to be, they had hoped they could harness that energy to show that the blue wave could start here in california. and instead, this has turned into a big mess, in terms of voters were having to flip through pages sometimes today because there were so many candidates on the ballot. a lot of times, when voters in my precinct, when you were turning in the ballot, they were getting errors reading back
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because voters were voting twice, because they were turning from one page to the other. it was confusing and not what people intended originally. >> the irony, for the democrats, they had so many strong candidates who were inspired to come out. >> people like rohrabacher, not just trump. >> that hurts them because they have so many strong candidates that are splitting the vote. you talk about that error. let's talk about the los angeles voter roster error. i know you've been reporting on this and writing about this. what's 100,000 ballots. what happened? >> reporter: okay. so, when you went to your polling place today, obviously, the poll workers have the roster of voters that's supposed to have everyone's name that's registered. what happened because of a random printing error in los angeles county, which is the most populous county in the state, the names of 118,000 voters were left off the roster. so, a voter who i talked to today, went into what she
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thought was her polling place. her name wasn't there. she talked to the poll workers, decided to go to another polling place, seeing if her name was there. it wasn't there, either. in that scenario, you're supposed to be handle a provisional ballot. but in a lot of cases, they were getting reports that people were confused, poll workers were confused what was happening because of a prisoning era. you had antonio villaraigosa calling on officials to leave the polls opened later. and this maye a big impact in the 39th congressional district. that's the district of ed royce, where you do have this top two scenario tough battle between two democrats. because that district touches part of los angeles county, we don't know yet which precincts were affected. and so, that really could potentially be deflating right
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now, the results of, for example, gil cisneros, who was counting on hispanic votes in parts of los angeles county. >> that's the questions we'll have for the next half hour. what are weg in terms of latino turnout? some thought that the gubernatorial turnout would be differt, especially among latinos. we'll talk about that. mooe maeve, thank you. next coe w tariffs on $3 billion of u.s. goods. retaliation for the tariffs last week. 20% on farm products like pork, apples and cranberries. 25% on cheese and bourbon. the last one hurts kentucky, home of mitch mcconnell. mexico targeted states with senior republicans. "the wall street journal" reports that china will buy $70
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billion in u.s. goods if the u.s. aabandons tariff threats. or as nafta negotiations drag on. but larry cudlow says the president does not want to withdrawal from nafta. instead, he wants a different approach. >> his preference now, and he wants me to convey , is to negotiate with mexico and canada separately. >> separately. america's top ceos are concerned about the president's actions. they're scaling back plans of hiring and spending. 89% of business leaders worry trade policy will slow the economy. 90% think it will lead to higher business costs. >> major economic news. > we know the president doesn't like multilateral agreements. the white house, they are claiming the eagles' visit being canceled, that was the eagles'
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alternative celebration on the south lawn. it lasted seven minute lot of pomp and circumstance the president singing along to some of the words from "the starled banner""god america." >> and bobbing his head to others. ♪ to the oceans, white with foam ♪ >> the event featured some controversy. one person taking a knee during the anthem, with the president also heckled. >> hiding behind the armed services during the national anthem. >> the president's decision to cancel the celebration is having a ripple effect in the nba finals. players in the cav and the warriors not expecting to vicsi the white house anytime soon. >> typical.
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no one wants the invite any ways. it won't be golden s cleveld going. >> i agree with lebron. pretty sure the way we handled thint ar, kind of stayed consistent with that. >> last year, the world champio warriors were disinvited by the white house after some ofhe players criticized the administration. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell is cancelling most of august . it will allow lawmakers to pass spending bills and approve more of president trump's nominees. they have been frustrated by filibusters slowing business in the senate. mcconnell heads off a with the white house that could hurt the gop in midterm elections. the decision is not sitting well with democrats, many of whom would rather be at home campaigning. republican senators say the president has promised to give congress a vote of any nuclear deal he strikes with kim jong-un. any agreement would need broad bipartisan support.
12:19 am
any deal would be in the form of a treaty, which requires the support of two-thirds of the senate. mr. trump and kim jong-un will meet for the time next tuesday morning at the capella hotel on singapore's sentosa island. kelly sadler who made an inappropriate remark about john mccain's health, is out of a job. she was criticized for a commes mccain's opposition to gina haspel as cia director didn't matter because he was, quote, dying any way. the white house refused to condemn that remark. sadler did not apologize publicly. a white house contractor arrested on an attempted murder charge as he arrived at work tuesday morning. the secret service was notified that martice edwards was the
12:20 am
subject of an arrest warrant in county, he was working for the security council. the nature of his role was n clear. hi allowed him access to the executive office building near the white house and not the west wing. betsy devos says guns will not focus of the federal government's school safety division. she told lawmakers that the focus is on keeping students safe. she claimed that guns are not part of the commission's charge, even though the white house said that age restrictions for certain firearm purchases would be on the agenda. the commission on school safety was form affidavit the february shooting with a gun at marjory stoneman douglas high school in florida that killed 17 people. >> it is a bit of a curious decision. even if you're in favor of more guns in schools, which some conservatives are, you think they would like to study the issue, either way.
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at least 192 people missing in guatemala since the feugo volcano erupting. just terrifying pictures of escapes there. another explosion on tuesday, sending rescue crews scrambling for cover. hot gas and molten rock, still streaming from the volcano, with everyone in the area ordered to evacuate. the eruption on sunday was the biggest in four decades for the fuego volcano. in hawaii, hundreds of homes were destroyed overnight. the losses in the vacationland development would more than double the 117 homes confirmed destroyed, making it the most destructive day since the kilauea volcano began erupting,
12:26 am
may 3rd. aerial photos show that the lava has filled kkapoho bay. a man who stole a personnel carrier and led police on a two-hour chase is in custody. he surrendered after taking the vehicle from ft. pickett, a national guard base 80 miles from norfolk. the armored carrier was not equipped with weapons. charges against the diver are pending. that's a joyride. shock and sadness over the apparent suicide of designer kate spade. she was 55. a new york police said that spade was hanged by a scarf tied to a doorknob. a suicide note was found at the scene. in it, spade addressed her daughter and husband. the context is not totally
12:27 am
clear. th designer launched the kate spade brand in 1993 and opened a shop in the city three years later. fans and friends include celebrities like chelsea clinton and evivanka trump posted sentiments online. it's a brand that millions of americans are so familiar a sad story. a 13-year-old daughter. >> thought with her family. democratic efforts to retake the house face a big test in the california primaries. they scored some big wins. but a big win on the republican side could help the gop in november. we're live with results, next. only tylenol® rapid release gels have laser drilled holes. they release medicine fast, for fast pain relief. tylenol®
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an opportunity to check out election results from eight states. welcome back to "early start." i'm dave briggs. >> i'm christine romans. it's 30 past the hour. the democrats efforts to take the house in the california primary. the democrats have been worried about the top-two jungle system, concerned that too many democratic candidates could split the vote, shutting them out of districts they hope to flip this fall. there's some evidence that may be the case. >> a republican has made it on to the ballot for california
12:32 am
governor, which can help with down ballot races. kyung lah live for us at newport beach. this could be a big concern, for republicans if they were boxed out. what are you making of results as far as turnout goes? >> reporter: as far as turnout, it's a little tbd. we're waiting to hear the official numbers. i want to get to the california governors race. that's something that was a big concern, a big issue here in california, dave, on whether or not the gop would be shut out of the top of the ballot here. that is not the case. they are having a republican who did make it through, john cox, who had support from president trump. trump tweeting the support, saying he wanted the republicans to get out there and vote for him. he makes it through. the expected democrat, gavin newsom, also made it through. that question is settled. that was a very big question. the big problem for democrats tonight, especially when you
12:33 am
start to drill down to the ntrol of the.s. house runs race. through orange county. that's something we've heard for months here. 23 house seats, democrats hope to snag. seven here in the state of california, are districts that hillary clinton won but republicans maintain control over. so, let's start with california 48. and if you look at the numbers, at's happening here. the republican incumbent, dana rohrabacher, he makes it through. he's a decisive winner. look at the numbers for the democrats. there's two democrats here, hans keirstead and harley rouda. you can see how close that is. they are separated by 100. were there just one democrat, there would be a clear number two making it through to california's jungle primary. just below them, scott baugh, he is a republican right behind them. if the democrats split the vote,
12:34 am
scott baugh has a good chance of making it through. two democrats in a seat that democrats wanted to win. that is something that is still possible. the vote coming in very, very slowly. i want to take a look at darrell issa, the retiring congressman in the 49th district. and numbers there, very clear. republican at t top there, har making it through. if there were one democrat, one clear person that the party c l coalesced around, it w democrat would make it through. because of the jungle primary, it is the top two vote getters who make it through, regardless of party. it would be a heartbreaker, according to a national democrat i spoke with, if they got shut out before it happens. >> the irony that the democrats had exciting candidate. they had too many exciting
12:35 am
candidates with the two-system. thanks, kyung lah. joining us from los angeles, maeve reston. the point, again, of the jungle primary system? it looks like it's kind of frustrating for democrats this morning. >> reporter: it's very frustrating for democrats. a lot of them are breathing a sigh of relief that they don't look like they're going to get boxed out of a couple of the seats they were really worried about. but originally, the idea behind californ california's top-two testimony system, you would allow more moderate voices to emerge. the governor schwarzeneggers, if you will. you wouldn't have those on the left controlling who gets through on the democratic party and the right. but clearly, that's not the case this year. and a lot of strategists in the state thinks the system needs a lot of tweaks. that's in part because there's
12:36 am
so much energy here in california among democrats. this is the heart of the consist dance. resistance. you had huge crowds for the #metoo movement and harvey weinstein. a lot of that went down in l.a. this system, instead of galvanizing all of the democratic energy, made so that vote was splintering among many strong kacandidates. in the rohrabacher seat, you had a couple of democrats who ultimately decided to drop out, to try to help the party's chances of making it through. but their names ended up on the ballot today, even though they had dropped out. and that caused a lot of confusion for folks. so, we're clearly seeing a very close race here in the 48th, with that republican whose currently in the fourth place spot, potentially r lly rising that seat and facing off against
12:37 am
dana rohrabacher in the fall. that's what democrats are watching closely at this int. >> ande 118,000 voters left off of the l.a. county tin. some of the districts, the 49th, we may not know until friday, the turnout, the actual numbers in the end. that district has a lot of precedent in terms of taking several days to tabulate numbers. this blue wave we talked so much about, in the last couple of months, are you seeing evidence of it on primary night? california hadop to flip at least five, six, seven seats of the 23 needed to flip control of the house. are you seeing evidence of the wave? >> none of the california strategists that i talked to today said they were seeing anything close to the lel of, you know, what was just a blue wave of turnout. there are other, you know, national officials who certainly think that it's too early to tell. they still want to see how high
12:38 am
the levels of turnout are. we see how many mail ballots come in the closing days. how manprovisional ballots were cast. i wil tell you, going around the state today, there were not enormous lines at polling places. it wasn't that kind of level of turnout. some democrats earlier this year, you know, just random voters that you would talk to, thought there was so much anger at trump in this state, that you would see huge participation in that election. we didn't see that today. you know, it may be in part because there were so many complicati and so much confusion about this system. and we'll just have to wait and see what happens. >> you saw the record voter turnout in iowa. that's what voter officials are saying. you see in new jersey, michael cheryl that's voting, 88% of a navy vet. that's the embodiment of the
12:39 am
working women getting out anti-trump votes. you're seeing that in some parts around the country. there were eight parties. let's talk about california, the gubernatorial race. john cox couldphe down ballot. and a big disappointment for antonio villaraigosa. >> reporter: antonio villaraigosa was the former los angeles mayor. originally, a lot of people thought the contest would be between gavin newsom, the lieutenant governor of california and villaraigosa. because of trump's tweets and his support of john cox, john cox w rising in the final weeks and days. that's a big deal, he ended up in the number two spot for republicans. leaders like kevin mccarthy were
12:40 am
worrd t woulmean that republican turnout would drop across the state. that could lael affect some of the most vulnerable members of congress. you think of theembers o congressm the central valley. they needed someone at the top of the ticket to g folks excited, get them out there in november. and so, republicans are breathing a sigh of relief on that tonight. >> a huge, huge sigh of relief, heard all the way from the west coast. maeve reston, thanks for staying up for us. facebook facing backlash for sharing user data. this time with a chinese company that u.s. intelligence calls a security threat. u.s. officials worn that huawei smartphones can be used for spying.
12:41 am
huawei denies that. they started forging relationships before app stores existed. now, it's winding down the agreements, including the agreement with huawei, that it fuels concerns about how facebook handles user data. it is recovering from its other crisis. facebook exposed data of 80 million usersthird rty without their consent. coming up, the white house claims cancelling the eagles' visit to the white house is the fault of the team. the president's re ceremony, also drawing backlash. we'll discuss this next. ancestrydna is only $69 for father's day. and with twice the detail of other tests... can show dad where he's from ...and strengthen the bonds you share. give dad ancestrydna for just $69- our lowest father's day price ever. for just $69- only tylenol® rapid release gels have laser drilled holes. they release medicine fast,
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you can count on geico saving folks money. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. wearing powerful sunscreen? yes! neutrogena® ultra sheer. unbeatable protection helps prevent early inngnd skin er with a clean feel. the best for your skin. ultra sheer®. neutrogena®. the white house claims the philadelphia eagles are to blame for the cancellation of tuesday's super bowl celebration. accusing the players of pulling a political stunt. administration officials say it was only about the national anthem not crowd size or racial issues. the president holding an
12:46 am
alternative celebration on the south lawn for about seven minutes. mr. trump singi inin ining alon some of the words of "the star-spangled ba and "god bless america." the event feature some controversy. one person taking a knee during the anthem, with the president also getting heckled. >> stop hiding behind armed services and the national anthem. >> thank you very much. appreciate it. >> boos there. the president's decision to cancel the eagles' celebration, having a ripple effect on the nba finals. players from the cavaliers and the warriors not expecting to visit the white house anytime soon. >> it's typical of him. i'm not surprised. no matter who wins this series, nobody wants the invite anyway. it won't be golden state or cleveland going. >> i agree with lebron.
12:47 am
pretty sure the way we handled things last year, kind of stay consistent with that. >> last year, the champn warriors were disinvited by the white house after some of the players krit sid players criticized the administration. the president made a big ceremony about patriotism. he's telling people what kind of patriot to be. if you don't stand for the anthem, you should get out of this country. yet, it appears he doesn't know the words to -- >> that's problematic. if you stage a show of patriotism, you ought to know the words. on the other hand, did they have a choice? it appeared that thes were administration by showing up. i heard one player, nick foles, is the only one that was confirmed by lhiy reporters. did the white house have to cancel this? kelly sadler, the white house press aide that made that
12:48 am
inappropriate remark about john mccain's health is out of a job. she was let go tuesday. not clear if she was relocated within the administration or leaving entirely. sadler was criticized for her comment last month when she said mccain's opposition to gina haspel as cia dector didn't matterecse he was dying anyway. the white house refused to condemn the remark and sadler did not apologize publicly or privately to the mccains. the mounting scandal on uitt showed he had one of his aides reaching out to chick-fil-a about his wife becoming a franchisee. one of pruitt's top staffers told investigator searched for rental properties for the pruitts for several hours a week, sometimes during work hours. iowa republican senator calling pruitt, as swampy as you get. former fbi deputy director,
12:49 am
mccabe, asking for immunity to testify before congress onhe probe of hillary clinton's rver. he would be one of several officials to talk to the committee about a long-awaited justice department report. sources say the internal report will detail missteps in the fbi probe into the way clinton handled classified material as secretary of state. mccabe is the subject of a separate criminal investigation watchdog accusation, he lied to internal vestators. bill clinton trying to clean up the mess from the defensive comments he made about the #metoo movement and his affair with monica lewinsky. the former president appearing on "the late show," partly blaming nbc, but admitting he wasn't at his best. >> had , you , distill it. and it looked like i was saying i didn't apologize and i had no intention to. and i was mad at me. it wasn't my finest hour.
12:50 am
but the important thing is, that was very painful thing that happened 20 years ago. >> on monday, mr. clinton told nbc no if he was asked if he monica lewinsky an apology. he was roundly criticized as tone-deaf in light of the #metoo movement. >> think he missed the mark? >> i do. i really do. >> i can tell by your tone. >> i was a young reporter living through that story, that monica lewinsky story. it was interesting. she would call a bill clinton story. not a monica lewinsky story, by the way. i just think, you know, that really needs further examination in this day and age, honestly. >> i don't think he's done yet. i think a few more interviews coming. friends and family of robert f. kennedy will hold a special at arlington national cemetery. the service will include remarks
12:51 am
from former president clinton and family members. questions have been raised by the family of who killed rfk. many books have been written about the matter as it getsdrum. one of the fascinating stories we debate here. for the first time in more than 20 years, there's more job openings than workers to fill them. will that finally boost wages? cnn money is next. the best way to hit the beach? with neutrogena® beach defense® sunscreen. helioplex™ powered, uva uvb strong. beach strength protection for the whole family. for the best day in the sun. neutrogena®. un-stop right there! i'm about to pop a cap of "mmm fresh" in that washer. with unstopables in-wash scent boosters by downy. ah, it's soresh. going to last from wash to... ...wear for up to 12 weeks. unstopables by downy. the first survivor of ais out there.sease
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at least 192 people are missing in guatemala since the fuego volnon sunday. the death toll rising to 75 overnight. another explosion on tuesday sending rescue workers mbling for cover. hot gas and molten rock streaming from the volcano, with everyone in the area ordered to evacuate.
12:56 am
the eruption on sunday was the biggest in four decades for the feugo volcano. in hawaii, hundreds of homes destroyed as lava oozed through vacation homes. the losses in kapoho and the vacationland development would double the 117 homes confirmed destroyed, making it the most destructive day since the ki kilauea volcano erupted on may 3rd. there's been 12,000 earthquakes around the kilauea summit since the eruption started. the suspect who allegedly stole an armored personnel carrier led police on a two-hour chase in custody. the man surrendered last night after taking the vehicle from , about miles from ional guard norfolk. the armored carrier was not equipped with any weapons. charges against the dver is not identified are pending. shock and sadness faollowin
12:57 am
the apparent suicide of kate spade. she was 55 years old. she was found hanged by a scarf tied to a doorknob. a suicide note was found athe scene in her apartment. in it, spade addre daughter and husband. the context is not totally clear. the designer launched the kate spade new york brand in 1993 and opened her first shop in the city three years later. many friends and fans like chelsea clinton ivanka trump posted remembrances online. cnn money thisrning. stocks nasdaq hit a record high. rally in tech pushed wall street higher. corporate tax cuts had a buyback in may.companies spent $200 bil buying back their own stock. ape pledged $100 million on
12:58 am
for the ti there's more job openings thankers to fill them. unemployed workers to job openings dropped below one in april. that chart right there is amazing. that's the first time since the start of keeping track of this particular statistic in the year 2000. there are a record 6.7 million open jobs today in america. 6.7 million jobs. there's 6.3 million americans unemployed. that could boost wages. wage growth has picked up in recent months. whca unemployed workers -- why can't you put the 6 million who need jobs ihepen? two rea open jobs aren't in theame place. and skills. the available workers might not have the skills that employers say they need. we have a mismatch in where the jobs are and the skills people have to fill them. jetblue doesn't want your emotional support hedgehog on its flights. the airline tightened rules on
12:59 am
emotional support animals., dog. not allowed, hedgehogs, ferrets, snakes, spiders and animals with tusks. jetblue wants more documentation of animalsbehavior, citing he and safety risks from untrained animals in its cabins. unlike pets, support animals don't have to be crated and ride for free. airlines have seen a huge spike in recent years. you will be my animal support compani companion? >> was it the hedgehogs or the miniature horses? >> all of it. i love miniature horses. they're beautiful animals. >> have you seen one on a plane? >> no. i think the returning soldiers who have animal support, that's all right. people with emotional or mental illness who need help and guidance with emotional support animals is fine. i think emotional support speier goes a little too far.
1:00 am
>> that peacock was a sight to see. "early start" continues right now, with results of the fornia primary. will we see the blue wave? election results are pulling in. good mning, welcome to "early start." i'm dave briggs. >> i'm christine romans. it is 4:00 in the east. it is 1:00 a.m. in california. overnight the biggest tests so far in democrats' efforts to retake the house, that california primary democrats have been worried about the state's top two jungle primary system, concerned too many democratic candidates could split the vote, shutting them out of districts they hope to flip this fall. there's already some evidence that that may be the case. >> one big contest has been settled. that's the race for california governor. a republican has made it on to the ballot could with races in


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