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tv   New Day With Alisyn Camerota and John Berman  CNN  June 6, 2018 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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get locked out of any targeted seats. >> we always proudly stand for the national anthem. >> the president plans on making the nfl and patriotism an issue throughout the 2018 midterm campaign. >> it's typical of him. >> it did look like i was saying i didn't apologize and i was mad at me. >> i would've want him to say i'm never going to stop apologizing and then be that great example. >> you're not going to see him campaigning at the level that we have seen in the previous election cycles. announcer: this is "new day" with alisyn camerota and john berman. >> good morning everyone. welcome to your "new day." it is wednesday, june 6th, 8:00 in the east. democrats have averted disaster in the most consequential primary of the season thus far. the votes are still being counted at this hour. the democrats are confident that they will have candidates in every competitive congressional district as they try to recapture the house.
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california's so-called jungle primary has just the top two vote getters, regardless of their party advancing to runoff in november. >> it could take days to know exactly which democrats will face-off against the republican nominees in those districts, but this morning it is safe to say that democrats are absolutely california dreaming, the dream is not dead for them. it was a necessary, though not sufficient step that they took overnight. republicans are happy this morning a little bit too. they avoided a shutout in the state's governor's race. businessman john cox who did get the support by president trump via twitter, he did get the second slot. back with us now, political analyst from "the new york times" maggie haberman. thanks for being with us. the white house feels better about the midterm elections and republicans feel better about the midterm elections than they did six weeks, a month ago to be sure and the president is getting more involved in some of these races at least on twitter coming out in support of john
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cox overnight. what are you hearing from them about this? >> that's exactly right. the white house is trying to get the president to adopt a do no harm strategy and that's understandable because he can do a lot of harm when he decides to weigh in either on twitter or with an impromptu statement that he hasn't thought out. it can have a trickle effect they haven't considered. they are feeling better. democrats are also feeling better after last night because there are a couple of hurdles they have to clear before we get to november particularly in california which is a key component of their strategy to take back the house. and they are still hoping to do that. the white house is looking at a couple of indicators that are making them feel better but it's really hard to overlook the economy as a main driver. they do believe that the fact that the numbers are good, the fact that the president is presiding over a strong economy is going to help him. they also believe that, you know, that right track/wrong track numbers are actually better for him than they had
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been. they believe that he is on the margins having some effect on public views and belief about the robert mueller special counsel probe. when you look at the data he clearly is. it's not a huge shift but it is a slight shift. all of that together is making them feel good. on the other hand, i talked to democratic pollsters who tell me they still feel bullish. we'll see. >> cnn has reporting in terms of how president trump will decide which candidates to support. here it is. one senior white house official is saying they're applying three broad questions to each republican incumbent that seeks trump's support whether they backed trump, whether the candidate got on board with trump's candidacy after the gop convention and will the candidate was supportive of trump after he won the 2016, so a loyalty test. >> i think that there are some people who are looking at those questions. i don't think that that is overall the broad strategy. i think that that in part is being said to communicate to the president so that he feels better about where things are
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going. they are going to have to have him make choices to support certain people who might not have been his most ardent supporters or might not have been openly critical for him but didn't play a key role for him. they basically have six red states that are planning to safely send him to over and over through november. we read about this recently. that's where this is going to go. >> some of your reporting overnight had to do with kelly sadler who now we have learned no longer works at the white house. she was the press aide who made that comment about john mccain, made a comment about the fact that he is sick, said, his opinion on certain things don't matter because he's dying any way. >> right. >> why doesn't she work at the white house any more? >> cnn broke that story about her not working in the white house any more. she's not gone from the white house about what she said about mccain, she is gone from the white house because she was believed to be a leaker, which
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is a big preoccupation of the president's right now. right now and always. he is very focused on trying to pair down the white house communication staff. they're trying to target people who they think of spreading things. she was in a really, really unpleasant and unproductive war with mercedes shlab who by the end they couldn't stand to be in the same room together is my understanding and megan mccain's reaction to this which was priceless on an abc communication that was sent around to all staff about sadler's departure, bye felisha which a lot of people had to look up in the urban dictionary which was about as classy an insult that she could ever put. >> i want sarah huckabee sanders is doing and claiming from the podium. she made false statements as we know to the press and therefore to the american public about whether or not it was president trump who dictated that statement on air force one
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about -- and that was wrong and we now know that was wrong from the president's lawyers. so obviously reporters wanted to ask sarah huckabee sanders about that, about why she got it wrong, not about what the president did, not about his legal troubles, not about russia, about why she got it wrong. shee here's that exchange yesterday. >> once again i'm not going to go into detail and go into a back and forth. >> why can't you correct the record now? >> i'm not going to answer questions that deal specifically with cversations between the outside counsel and the special counsel. again, i am not going to get into a back and forth with that and i refer you to the outside counsel. >> was your statement accurate or inaccurate? >> i know you want to get me into a back and forth with you on this -- >> you said something. we just want to know if it was accurate or not. >> your goal was to engage me in a conversation about matters involving outside counsel and i'm not going to do that today. >> where does that leave the washington press corps if they
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can't believe what's coming from the podium? >> well, i think we've known for a while that we can't believe what's coming from the podium. i think that what had been coming from the podium was more useless than anything else over the last several months if we're being honest. the "times" first reported that the president had been involved in and oversaw the drafting of the don junior statement about the dirt on hillary clinton. we knew that statement was not conveying a full impression of what this meeting actually was. jay sekulow was asked about our story a few days afterward and insisted the president had nothing to do with it and i remember being surprised when i saw that because i knew our reporting was true. it is very -- should be concerning, not just for the white house press corps, it should be concerning for citizens when things are being said from the podium day after
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day after day that are not true. every politician lies, every politician says things that aren't true. this is a different volume and order of magnitude and i understand that sarah huckabee sanders is a s in a rough position frequently and i understand that she was in a rough position on this, but to answer the question the first time and say this wasn't -- the reporting wasn't true and then say i have to refer you to his lawyers, it's just not acceptable. >> no, it's not owning. it's not owning your own words or taking responsibility for what you're doing. >> this is what this white house does repeatedly. they never take responsibility. over and over and over and that starts at the top. it is all about shifting blame. >> another good segue. in terms of not taking responsibility -- >> are you going to ask me again about where he was born? >> bill clinton has been doing a book tour. he did a book with james paterson's. he's getting asked a lot of questions about monica lewinsky and the way he answered those
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questions to craig melvin, a lot of people thought his answers were insufficient. others say offensive and he's trying to sort of digging himself out over the last few days. this is what he said to stephen colbert overnight. >> they had to, you know, distill it and it looked like i was saying i didn't apologize and i had no intention to and i was mad at me. here's what i want to say. it wasn't my finest hour but the important thing is, that was very painful thing that happened 20 years ago and i apologized to my family, to monica lewinsky and her family and to the american people. i've meant it then and i mean it now. >> this is like the third bite at that apple just this week. where does that leave, maggie, the former president as a political commodity? >> there's a reason you're not seeing him particularly wanted as joining people on the campaign trail.
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his answer even there, it was all about himself. it was all about his own pain and it was all about what a hard thing this was for him and there's no question that impeachment was difficult for that family. it's not like -- it's not like this all came out of nowhere. monica lewinsky's life was ruined. she was a very young woman. she's never been able to live the kind of life that most people would live. he addresses absolutely none of that and it shows you as to why people don't really want him around. there is just a disconnect from where voters are right now and where the conversation about the me too movement is right now and he answer it had with, but i empowered women in my office which does not excuse how you treated specific women. >> thank you so much for being with us playing along. you're a terrific support. i appreciate it. >> thanks, guys. shock and sadness following the apparent suicide of kate spade. the 55-year-old hanged herself in her manhattan apartment in a suicide note was found at the
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scene. we're live outside kate spade's home with the latest. >> reporter: it was inside her park avenue apartment here where kate spade took her own life. her housekeeper finding her body according to nypd sources. now the circumstances surrounding what led to this tragic ending are still unclear. the investigation still ongoing but this as the world remembers a fashion icon. >> hi, i'm kate spade. >> reporter: the death of designer kate spade stunning the world prompting an outpouring of support for the fashion trail blazers who's colorful hand bags defined not only a look but lifestyle. >> we lost an incredible vision. we lost an incredible human being. we lost an incredible woman who really paved the way for all of these other designers to be able to do what they do. >> reporter: she was found dead in her new york home after her housekeeper after hanging herself with a scarf. the 55-year-old left behind a
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suicide note that addressed both her 13-year-old daughter and her husband of 24 years, andy spade. the pair launched their namesake design company from their new york apartment in 1993 after meeting a students at arizona state university. >> so andy and i were out at a mexican restaurant and he said what about hand bags? and i said you just don't start a handbag company. and he said, why not? how hard could it be? >> reporter: spade living the fashion magazine where she was an accessories editor to enter the design world. >> i didn't grow up thinking i'm going to be a designer. >> reporter: her brand initially focused on just six signature handbag shapes that were stylish but affordable. >> what kate did with her collection was so unfounded back then, she created this idea of needing an it bag but an accessible price point. >> reporter: the company rapidly expanding in a multi-million dollars empire offering jewelry, shoes and clothing.
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by 1999 neiman marcus bought a majority share for more than $30 million and in 2006 kate and andy spade sold the remaining stake in the company which was purchased most recently last year for $2.4 billion. >> is there anything you know now that you wished you had known back then? >> yes, to worry less. i wish i worried less. >> reporter: actor david spade honoring his sister-in-law in law with this post. she was so sharp and quick on her feet. she could make me laugh so hard. it's a rough world out there, people. try to hang on. and this is how she told glimmer magazine back in 2002 how she wanted to be remembered, quote, i hope that people remember me not just as a good businesswoman but as a great friend and a heck of a lot of fun. alis? such a heartbreaking stor and so many people have put up national suicide prevention numbers.
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i'll do that. i'll put that out on facebook. there's been a lot of interest virally in getting that number out there. thank you very much. so the white house accuses the philadelphia eagles of pulling a political stunt after the white house canceled the white house event. so we'll discuss with the former president of the nfl players association next. to help get us moving. and help you feel more strength & energy in just 2 weeks. i'll take that. ensure high protein, with 16 grams of protein and 4 grams of sugar. ensure® with 16 grams of protein and 4 grams of sugar. wi'm really grateful that usaaq. was able to take care of my family while i was overseas serving. it was my very first car accident. we were hit from behind. i called usaa and the first thing they asked was 'are you ok?' they always thank you for your service, which is nice because as a spouse you serve too. we're the hayles and we're usaa members for life. see how much you could save with usaa by bundling your auto and home insurance.
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and got them back on track. ♪ with expedia you could book a flight, hotel, car and activity all in one place. ♪ a source close to the white house tells cnn that president trump plans to continue to bring up the national anthem debate
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through the midterm elections. this after the president uninvited the super bowl champion philadelphia eagles to visit the white house. let's talk about this with the former president of the nfl players association george martin who helped the new york giants win super bowl xxi, great to see you. >> good to see you. >> what do you think about all of this -- some of the players didn't want to go, somehow i guess that hurt the president's feelings, then he uninvited them and where we are today? >> first of all, i think it's an enormous smoke screen but i have to say a shout-out to one of your colleagues, april ryan for yesterday trying to get the narrative back on track as she confronted sarah huckabee sanders in trying to get this back to where it originally was which was human rights violations. it's obvious that the white house is going to use this initiative as a political, which is the pot calling the kettle black, political issue throughout the upcoming years
5:19 am
and that's very unfortunate. the fact that the philadelphia eagles got caught in the cross fire i think is just atrocious. >> the white house says it's the players who are making this a political stunt. and the other players who are making it a political stunt. >> i don't think players have that foresight or that fortitude nor do they have the freedom to make such a decision. those decisions are made at the owner's level and it's something that would not be tolerated to allow the players to kind of hijack a situation like that. it was unfortunate because, as i said yesterday, me going to the white house after our super bowl victory was one of the highlights of my 14 year career and some of those individuals have earned the right to go and to be recognized for being the champions that they are the first time in their history and to be deprived of that is just -- it's outrageous. >> i want to ask you about that. you make such a great point. going to the white house is a wonderful experience. i've had the honor a few times
5:20 am
because of my position. you had the honor in 1987 to do it. it's a wonderful -- it's so much better than you can imagine and i encourage all americans to get a tour of the white house, but isn't it -- isn't the white house bigger than any one person? shouldn't all the eagles have gone because it's the white house? it's the country's house, it's the people's house, why make a statement about how they feel about president trump? >> well, i think you're absolutely right. if people understood the total grandure of the white house there's no way you would ever want to refute that kind of offer, that experience, but i think that what is now happening is, that there's so much disdain toward the person we call the president of the united states, it's so unfortunate that those kinds of things that have become part of the equation and has muddled so many of the rich traditions we have here in this country. it's so unfortunate and i hate to see it as a proud american citizen. >> when you went in 1987 did politics come up at your
5:21 am
celebration? >> absolutely not. there were no politics involved. we stood there unified together with the republican president and the vast majority of the players, my teammates were democrats and it never came up. that was never a political overtone with regard to our visit to the white house. it was a marvelous experience. i had that picture sitting on my desk to this day. it's something that i'm extremely proud of. my family looks at it and they think i'm somewhat of an alien because i'm the only one in my family that had that wonderful opportunity. it's unfortunate that that opportunity was deprived from some of those players who really wanted to go to that what you consider a coronation of their super bowl victory. >> some of the eagles still wanted to go including the quarterback. they were on board. they wanted to go before they were disinvited. somehow the president is trying to make this a culture war, i guess, about freedom of speech versus patriotism.
5:22 am
here's what sarah huckabee sanders said about that yesterday at the white house. >> does the white house support the baker's right of free speech, why doesn't the white house support players' right to free speech? >> the president doesn't think that this is an issue simply of free speech. he thinks it's about respecting the men and women of our military. it's about respecting our national anthem and it's about standing out of pride for that. >> how do you see it, george? >> i think it is -- it is a free speech situation. i think that we all have the inalienable right under the constitution to have that free speech and it's not up to the president, nor 40, 50 or 60% of the americans to say what rights that we have and can utilize and express. i think that's one of the things that has continue today divide this country and i'm very concerned as an citizen what is going to be a long-term implication of a president that
5:23 am
continues to take away certain right that's we are entitled to. >> do you think this will be a winning strategy for the president to keep this up through the midterms? >> i would certainly hope not, alisyn, but at this point i'm dubious because it seems to be a very tainted and divisive issue that seems to be working in favor of the president in many circles. >> george martin, always great to talk to you. thank you for getting up early for us. >> my pleasure, alisyn. thank you. the president plans to continue his battle with the nfl through the midterms. kellyanne conway joins us next to talk more on that. but first an nfl player's surprising second act after getting side lined by an injury. here's today's "turning points." it's different than memorizing the football play. >> i was 5 years old when we moved from tonga to the u.s.
5:24 am
i know that the only way for me to make it to college was through football. i went to a university and that's where i played and i got drafted. i was with the cleveland browns for a year and then the franchise moved to baltimore and became the baltimore ravens. my injury in the nfl that took me out of the sport was, i broke the arch of my foot. i had no idea what i was going to do. this small voice came in me and said, move to new york and go and sing. ♪ >> i decided that i'm going to go into the restaurant business right across the street from the met. i wanted to meet opera singers to study them. i worked at the restaurant for three years and then moved on to jewelard. i've sung in italy, germany, denmark. the most satisfaction that i have is when i walk off that
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time now for the five things to know for your "new day." number one, democrats averting disaster in the most consequential primaries of the season thus far. the votes are still being counted in california but the dems are confident that they will have candidates in every competitive congressional district as they try to recapture the house. kelly sadler the white house press aide is out of a job. she drew widespread criticism last month for saying the opposition so gina haspel did not matter because mccain was dying any way. hundreds of homes destroyed overnight on hawaii's big island, lava buried housing developments, mostly vacation homes. there have been 12,000 earthquakes near the kilauea
5:30 am
summit since this eruption started. facebook provided access to user data to dozens of companies including a chinese smartphone maker the u.s. considers a security threat. it raises new concerns about how facebook protects user's privacy. a man taking police on a wild chase in virginia. the driver identified as a u.s. soldier. he eventually ser rendered and was arrested. oh, my. i want to know more about that. go to for the very latest. president trump's battle with the nfl will be hitting the campaign trail, so we will ask his counsellor kellyanne conway about that next. their eyelids so heavy, they're drooping and... even heroes need incredible sleep. closing! introducing the new sleep number 360 smart bed. the only bed that actually senses your movements and automatically adjusts to keep you both
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we stand to honor our military and to honor our country and to remember the fallen heroes who never made it back home. >> that's president trump at the white house celebration of america. that was the event that was
5:35 am
originally supposed to honor the philadelphia eagles super bowl victory before the president uninvited the team. joining me now to talk about this in much more white house counsellor to the president, kellyanne conway. thanks so much for being with us. appreciate it. >> it's nice to be with you and congratulations on your new assignment. >> very nice of you to say. are you still an eagles fan? >> of course. i'm so thrilled that the philadelphia eagles won super bowl lii, lifelong family born in camden, new jersey. mothered in philadelphia. season ticket holder and, you know, i'm old enough to remember sitting out at veteran stadium season after season when they didn't do so well and i went to the super bowl against your patriots in 2005 and went this year as well and i'm very happy. i'm very happy that the eagles won the super bowl and i'm happy that yesterday here on the south lawn hundreds and hundreds of americans joined the president celebrating america. both things can be applauded. >> i like the 2005 result better. just so i understand the president's position, he says it
5:36 am
is unpatriotic for players to kneel during the national anthem, even though no eagles kneel during the anthem during the regular season or playoffs last year? >> let's not conflate a couple different things. let's unpack that separately. the president has made clear for about a year now that he believes it's a very simple request to have everybody standing for the national anthem hand over heart, celebrating all that the flag stands for. separately, the president sees that the nfl came out with its own policy. if you read the nfl policy and i have. i've practically memorized it, that is a condition of employment they're making on their players and their clubs. that has nothing to do with the white house and the president. it seems like they have a similar agreement on if you're on the field, you must stand for the national anthem. the nfl has said as recently as two weeks ago, they said if you're out there and you're not standing the team will be fined. you don't need to be out there, you can be in the locker room. >> to that last point the president has suggested very recently that being in the locker room is not enough,
5:37 am
staying in the locker room is unpatriotic, is that his position? >> you like to use words like unpatriotic like you like to use other words that don't describe accurately the state of mind or state of play, so i will push back on that. but i think the president's made a simple request. he's just said that he believes you should stand for the flag and honor all that it means. that is different from what happened here. what happened here is that i think because of this new nfl policy folks are z-ie jesting it. it has nothing to do with us. folks or digesting that and the eagles had already sent in dozens and dozens of officials and players to come for the celebration and then that number was reduced and the president decided -- the number he focused on is the number of eagles fans who had already been waved in and secured here to come to the white house. he didn't want to disappoint them. many of them were already in town. so thaerj than doubly disappoint
5:38 am
eagles fans, the president decide that had they were all still invited, those who wanted to and could still come and celebrate america. the night before that the president and the first lady honored the gold star families -- >> and that was a wonderful -- >> and today is d day. if we want to talk about the wonders of the military, we could do that. >> the president has yet to comment on d day. i'm sure he will at some point today but often by this time he's commented on the russia investigation or other -- >> john, the issues that attend to those who are perhaps protesting in their own way the national anthem, we can talk about those issues at the white house. we've given so many different individuals and issues a platform, a hearing, a roundtable discussion, legislation, regulation -- in other words, this is a very open white house -- >> but in this instance, the president is telling athletes the way he believes they can and can't raise objections. >> no the nfl is saying that.
5:39 am
that's a condition of their employment. >> the president told the nfl that they should get those s.o.b.s off the field. >> last year. >> last year he did and this year he said in a twitter statement yesterday or the day before that it's not enough just to stay in the locker room. he's saying in his mind, you've got to go out, you've got to stand up, you've got to put your hand over your heart as you just said, he is saying what he thinks they have to do, just -- >> and the problem with that is what? just so we're clear, the problem with that expressing that opinion is exactly what? the nfl has its own opinion. some players have their own opinions and i think you haven't given enough coverage to, respectfully, the number of eagles players who do stand there with the hand over the heart and a number of eagles players voted for donald trump. >> i'm sure there are eagles players who voted for donald trump. and nick foles wanted to come to the white house. we made that clear. this is the issue of who gets to
5:40 am
decide what is patriotic and some people are making -- >> no. >> it is in a way because the president has said it doesn't honor the troops that's patriotism. the president has said that. he's deciding what he thinks is patriotic and the people have looked at him yesterdayly not singing along with god bless america and that may seem trite, others, maybe it's not patriotic enough if you don't sing all the words to god bless america. >> i saw your earlier segment and i think a little bit -- well, speaking of unseemly, you didn't need to write that segment the way you did. but you like to. there's a lot of snark and bark. but if it's the only time today that god and america are on cnn i guess we'll take it. te fact is, john, this president he's the commander-in-chief. he makes decisions every day that effect peoples' lives including, if not particularly in the military, he takes very seriously the sacrifice that tens of thousands -- hundreds of
5:41 am
thousands of people have made, some of them the ultimate sacrifice over time and doesn't think -- by the way, i just want to make very clear. it is d day. i mentioned that. and talk about, you know, real heroes, john, this is very simple. the president -- the president's not telling the philadelphia eagles or the nfl or any of us what to wear, what to think, how to spend your charitable time, what to do in the off-season. he's basically making a very simple request that when the national anthem is played at a sporting event, people stand and people respect that and i know everybody saying but nobody need, nobody -- they're obviously are some hurt feelings over the new policy. the timing -- >> he did say be staying in the locker room, he is telling people -- >> he's telling people how he feels. >> we're talking about this to an extent because of what the president is saying about it and we're not talking about the economy. >> you're not talking about the economy. we certainly are. >> the president isn't when he's talking about the anthem and
5:42 am
you're not right now so i want to ask you about the economy -- >> i'm not talking about the economy because i'm on cnn and you don't talk about the economy. i'd like to. >> we did the jobs number when they came in. we had stephen moore the economic adviser to talk about how good those numbers were. >> he's a smart guy and i'm glad you had him on. you should have screaming graphics about lowest unemployment rate ever for african-americans, for hispanics for teens in the last 18 or 19 years, for women. the job seekers, the job creators and also the job holders have all benefitted from this president's leadership. we have 6.7 million available jobs right now, john. that is a historic number. it's an incredible number. >> it's a big number. "the wall street journal" is actually more than the people looking for jobs. >> that's right. >> that's -- >> which means that job security and job availability go hand in hand. >> were the jobs creation numbers at the -- you've created an average of 185,000 jobs --
5:43 am
$185 month. were those numbers as good in your mind? >> john, was that the lowest unemployment rate among african-american, hispanics and 19 years for women, no, of course not. it wasn't headed that way. it's the second time this hour you've mentioned president obama. president trump is in the white house now. he's here and he over the last year has made and economy that is booming. the consumer confidence -- >> very high. >> manufacturers, you had his opponent in the presidential race who's name i don't say on tv any more, you had her promising to put the coal mining industry out of work and this president has actually presided over a net creation of mining jobs, jobs in timber, jobs in manufacturing over 300,000 new manufacturing jobs over 337,000 new construction jobs. you can't argue with those numbers. nobody should argue with them. we should always be so happy --
5:44 am
>> we're having you on to talk about them -- >> it goes further than that. the president goes further than that. >> hang on. let me just say because of the president's trade policy the business counsel yesterday said readjusted their job creation forecast down 13%. so there are numbers both ways but the numbers are very solid. i'm going to run out of time. we're lucky to have you this morning. why doesn't kelly sadler work at the white house this morning? >> i spoke to her. she no longer works on this complex and there are a number of open positions throughout the administration for those who wish to submit for them, interview for them and i think that they match up nicely with different individuals, press and communication skills. in addition i know that kelly sadler had a career in the private sector before she came to serve -- >> is it because of what -- is she no longer working at the white house because of what she said at the white house. >> i literally cannot comment and i wasn't involved with this
5:45 am
specifically, but i will tell you that she no longer works here and i talked to her -- >> is she going to work in the administration? are there other administration jobs open to her? >> yes, there are other administration jobs open to her and to others that would like to interview for those jobs. they should submit those -- >> in your mind, the comment would not be disqualifying for another administration job. >> i didn't say that. as i understand it, has been provided with opportunities, the idea there are opportunities throughout the administration that would fit with different skill sets but, you know, we're also very happy, again, that 6.7 million jobs are available to americans all across the country and that this president has invested considerably in workforce development and apprenticeship programs because that will help people to choose all types of careers. this president -- >> you're not closing the door. you're not closing the door to an administration job because of what she said about john mccain, pure and simple, correct? >> kelly sadler has been told
5:46 am
there are administration jobs that fit with her skill set and her experience and that the rest is really her choice what she would like to do next. >> is the government's choice -- it would be the administration's choice to rehire somebody who said those things about john mccain that you can't argue with, right? >> john, you've litigate that had many times over the last i think month or so, but i'm -- you asked me if she works here. >> this is the first time she doesn't have a white house job but apparently is going to have other opportunities within the administration. >> i'm going to leave that up to her and her future employers and i don't feel comfortable commenting on persol and personnel at the same time when the individuals ived a not here to speak about it, but again, we're diverting because that's what you do when there's a lot of great news about north korea summit coming up. >> we're trying to cover as much news as we can in the short period of time. we're lucky to have you here. we're hiring.
5:47 am
sarah huckabee sanders yesterday refused to address the comment she made last august where she says the president did not dictate the letter to "the new york times" or to the comment about what happened at trump tower. did the president dictate that? >> i don't know. i wasn't there and the first i heard of that memo was when i read it in "the new york times." talk about a big leak, by the way. >> hope hicks was there, though on that plane. there were other administration officials and jay sekulow the president says quite clearly the president did dictate it, sarah huckabee sanders says he did not. >> everything you're asking me has to do with outside counsel and the reason that's important here is that at the white house, we're pretty much walled off from the outside matters because the president is represented by outside counsel and you should really ask them. i know cnn loves to have certain peoples' attorneys on. >> we've asked jay sekulow has told us he stands by the letter which says that the president did dictate it.
5:48 am
it's not a outside counsel issue when sarah huckabee sanders says it from the podium, though. she said it from the podium. the president did not dictate it. the lawyer now says that the president did, so there's a difference there. does sarah need to explain to us why she said what she said. >> i'm going to repeat what sarah said to the press who asked yesterday. she is referring it to outside counsel and that's where it needs to be left. this is an active investigation -- >> does it need to be -- is she in legal jeopardy? for what she said? >> who? >> sarah. >> no. why are you saying that? >> is someone in legal jeopardy -- takes legal issue. >> no, no. i'm saying -- you're talking about something the president's lawyers said. it's a legal issue. not a legal issue for sarah. >> i'm talking about something that sarah said on television. >> sarah addressed it. >> sarah said she won't address it. >> she address this had yesterday. she addressed the matter yesterday. but i think on this, everything
5:49 am
that has to do with what the president refers to as the russian investigation, the hoax, the witch hunt. you should go back and look at his many tweets on the issue and go back and look at what he said as recently as yesterday or the day before, he feels like a lot of peoples' lives are being ruined. nothing has been produced that implicates the president in any way and you know that. you know that it would have leaked if that were there. you know that. i know that cnn has invested considerable sweat equity, time and money in chasing the russian collusion, dlugs, illusion and that you're waiting for it to bear fruchlt a year in you see the polls starting to turn on this. you saw the harvard harris poll -- >> we do have to let you go. you say nothing's been produced. there's been indictments against russians -- >> john, i'm sorry, but do you have any evidence seriously speaking do you have any
5:50 am
evidence that there was russian collusion? do you think it would change the election results? >> i have not seen the special counsel's report. >> but you work at cnn. you're obsessed with it. >> i have seen evidence that donald trump jr. met at trump tower with russians prompt gs dirt on hillary clinton. i have seen -- >> and how many votes did that impact? >> i have seen evidence that there were things lied about after that meeting included whether the president dictate aid letter. someone lied about that? >> you like to say about that but are you concerned that this ig report about the way that clinton investigation was handled is delayed? are you concerned about the content or is cnn going to say she lost -- >> the only way i know it was delayed because the president has suggested he's concerned about it which suggests to me that he's perhaps being briefed by the justice department about the progress of this independent -- the ig's investigation, is there something about that investigation you want to tell us? >> over a year, over a year and
5:51 am
all the compliance in cooperation hasn't diverted this president from doing his job. we are more prosperous, more secure, 503 days into his president. hold on. i don't think -- respectfully, i don't think this has helped cnn. your ratings are way down because -- i know i hit a nerve there, john. but let's be fair. you like to say lie and the president and sarah in the same sentence. excuse me. this is not benefiting you. you're not getting new viewers who want to hear this junk and this funk because you don't have proof and you're trying to let your viewers think that this man was not elected fairly and squarely and you know he was. you know not a single vote was changed. you do give that a woman a platform when she comes. what are the clintons doing to help america, by the way? what are they doing. you're giving her a platform to talk about why -- >> i didn't ask about hillary clinton -- >> if you're talking about the 2016 elections, you are. >> i just want to know what the truth is here and i appreciate you coming on again to make your case -- we will keep looking. >> do you think the election was
5:52 am
impacted? >> i don't know. i don't know. >> you don't. >> there are investigations going on right now and we'll find out what the special counsel has to say, pure and simple and i know you will come on and make your case. >> respectfully, do you think there's any part of that investigation that will show that this impacted votes and swung the election, you know the answer's no. >> we haven't promised ything this is a silly line. silly discussion now. >> sorry. it's not silly. maybe uncomfortable, but it's not silly. >> i'm completely comfortable. >> i was the campaigning manager. i never met carter page or george papadopoulos. i never talked to a russian that i knew about it, maybe they were disguised as a voter in wisconsin but i doubt it. i mean come on. >> we got to go. we got to end it here because we're not getting -- >> thanks for covering the jobs numbers. appreciate it. >> the jobs numbers are good for the country. thank you for being with us.
5:53 am
>> god bless america. thank you. >> let's talk again. >> you got it. i'll be here. >> she wanted to keep talking. shiemz she doesn't want to but that time she wanted to keep talking to you. >> i'm pretty likeable. >> are you? >> no. >> yes, you are. america loves you and so does our next guest. president trump is blaming democrats for the separation of immigrant children. >> separating families at the border is the fault of bad legislation passed by the democrats. border security law should be changed but the dems can't get their act together. started the wall. this is the trump administration's policy. it's separating kids from their parents. here's attorney general jeff sessions talking to conservative radio host about why they're doing this. >> the law requires us to keep children in a different facility than -- than we do for adults and every time somebody, hugh,
5:54 am
gets prosecuted in america for a crime, american citizens, they get separated from chir children. we don't want to do this at all. if people don't want to be separated from their children, they should not bring them with them. >> how can the trump administration pretend this is not their policy, they could stop doing this, they could stop separating children from their parents at the border today, they could stop it today. there's no law that you're supposed to separate immigrant children from their parents, why are they blaming the democrats >>well, the president tweed that this was the result of a law passed by democrats. that is a totally false statement. the law he's referring to was passed by unanimous consent in the united states senate and signed into law by president george w. bush, period. it was not a democratic president or democratic law. it was a bipartisan effort. and what we tried to do was to
5:55 am
make sure that when people came to our border and wanted to present themselves for refugee or asylum status because they feared persecution and credible threats to their safety where they lived, that they would be treated humanly and the decision is now been made by jeff sessions and this president to separate mothers from their children, 638 children have been separated from their mothers at the border. there is no requirement law to do it. it's an effort to intimidate those who are seeking safety and security in this country. it does not speak well of this administration and it reflects poorly on the united states across the world. >> jeff sessions admitted as much. he's admitting that this is a deterrent. they're doing it to try to use it as a deterrent so that people don't come to the border or don't bring their children with them. we have his own words saying it. the fact that the president isn't owning it and the fact that the president is putting it on democrats, does that tell you that the president believes that this is a losing strategy with voters, that voters don't like
5:56 am
the idea of a 5-year-old being kept in a pen away from his parents. >> i can tell that you across the united states i have witness this had in the last several weeks, across the united states there is revulsion to this idea that this united states of america is going to have a policy of separating mothers and children. we have spokesman for the american pediatric association, doctors who are coming former saying, you are imposing a trauma on small children that is going to have a direct impact on their future and their lives. this is cruel. it is heartless and it's clearly part of an administration policy to get tough on immigrants even at the expense of small children. >> can you do anything about this? >> what we can do is appeal to the american people to stand up and speak up for goodness sakes. if you think this is what america is all about, to separate these children, four, five, six-year-old children from their mothers. we had a woman from the republic of congo with her little girl.
5:57 am
they were separated. she was sent to california. the little girl was sent to chicago and that's how i came to learn about it. an outrageous situation that is part of the policy of this trump/sessions administration. >> jeff sessions is making it sound as though, hey, they made this choice. if you are going to perpetrate a criminal act, well, guess what? there's repercussions but some of these folks are seeking asylum. you're allow toded to come withr child and seek asylum. >> exactly. his hateful attitude towards immigrants is being played out now at the expense of the children and their families. to think this is now the official policy of the united states of america is disgraceful. >> so senate majority leader mitch mcconnell has canceled your summer vacation. you all will be working for the better part of what used to be your august recess. what will be your priority during that month? what will you be working on?
5:58 am
>> by august, we will see a dramatic increase in health insurance premiums across america. families and businesses will be turning to washington asking us to undo the harm that has been created by the trump administration when it comes to the cost of health insurance and it's availability for many americans. i'm willing to stay here and fight as long as needed as long as possible to make sure that we make health care affordable for american families. what the republicans have done to damage it can be undone tomorrow but if they wantto keep us through august to do, i'll be on the job to do it. >> you have a month in august, can you take up this immigration policy of separating children from their parents? >> we can take up the immigration issue any time that the republican leadership, which controls the business of the house and senate decides its a priority. i am heartened by the fact that over 20 republicans in the house have stepped up and said to speaker ryan, we will not leave this year without addressing immigration. the same sentiment in the senate might lead us to a solution that
5:59 am
protects these children and comes up with a sane approach to the mess we have on our immigration laws. >> senator dick durbin, we appreciate you being here with your perspective. please keep us posted on any progress you make on capitol hill. >> thank you. all right. we'll see if they get to that in august. >> i certainly hope so. we've been talking about this all morning. the idea that senator merkley went there and saw 5-year-olds and 6-year-olds in pens away from their parents that is heartbreaking for all parents. i don't care if you're republican, democrat. anybody who would see that would feel sick about it. while you were talking, we did get one piece of breaking news. a programming note. chris cuomo is going to talk to white house sarah huckabee sanders tonight on primetime. that will be very interesting. there's a whole slue of questions that she needs to address. that's at 9:00 tonight only here on cnn. >> oh, no. i'm going to have to stay up late again. cnn "newsroom" with poppy harlow and brianna kielar starts right now.
6:00 am
good morning. i'm brianna kielar in washington. >> and i'm poppy harlow in new york. if you listen really hard you can hear democrats breathing a sigh of relief. some key races still not final but in california so-called jungle primary it looks as if democrats will finish in the top two in each of the house races. the party most hopes to win in november. that's important to note that in california, the top two primary finishers face-off in the general election regardless of party. republicans voided a big shutout of their own. john cox winning the right to face democratic lieutenant governor gavin newsome in the governor's race. miguel marquez has been following all the action. >> reporter: the big question is who is number two in california under this jungle primary as they call it. so gavin newsome, the republicans were worry that had they were not going to have any candidates at the top of the ticket to cro


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