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tv   At This Hour With Kate Bolduan  CNN  June 6, 2018 8:00am-8:58am PDT

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this is cnn breaking news. hello, everyone. i'm kate bolduan. we begin with breaking news out of the white house and president trump's new favorite thing. one of the president's power, the power of the pardon. right now two sources are
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telling cnn president trump is preparing a big, bold new wave of pardons, potentially dozens of people. paperwork is now being assembled. cnn's kaitlan c has the report and she's joining me from the white house. kaitlan, how many people are we talking abhere. >> >>. >> reporter: we are talking dozens of people that the white house is preparing paperwork for the president to pardon. a very large number there comes after the president, of course, had the pardon last week and the very controversial figure dinesh de souza, and this goes to show how much the president is willing to exert his constitional power and what he believes are wronged and people on he believes were imprisoned for too long and we're seeing an indication of how much the president is ready to do that with this number of at least 30 people that the president is
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read to parton. this comes as the president met with kim kardashian last week in the oval office. that was unusual, but it was because she was lobbying for president trump to pardon alice johnson, that woman who was imprisoned in alabama for drugs and money laundering charges and that came as results of conversations between kim kardashian and jared kushner. he does have the paperwork ready to be pardonede president signs it a there is discussion going on behind closed doors in the west wing whether or not she should be pardoned or if they should commute her sentence as they have done with other people in the past. the reason why it's up for debate is president t sms ino pardon alice johnson and his chief of staff john kelly has advocated against it. it is an interesting riff there with the chief of staff and jared kushner over whether or not they should be pardoned and the president attempted to pardon people in his first year and second year in office.
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that's not unusual that the president can use this power to pardon people. that is a constitutional right he has and other presidents who came before him certainly pardoned lots of people as well. what's unusual is how the president is using this. he's pardoned five people in just his 17 months here in office and of course, he seems to be prepared to do dozens more and go forward and typically they wapt until the end of their term, and since theresident has pardoned people in recent weeks and his friends outside the white house have started lobbying him to pardon people that they believe should be given forgiveness here. >> let's see where that leads. kaitlan, good to see you. lots of paperwork being prepared at this moment and we have more breaking news. house speaker paul ryan siding with trey gowdy saying he hasn't seen evidence of the president's claim that the fbi planted a
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spy, just as the president continues to make this unproven claim as reese leacently as las. >> reporter: paul ryan did come out right before memorial day, and trey gowdy did exactly what he was supposed to do at that time. immediat after gowdy essentially said that there was no spygate as the president has been alleging, the president's allies have pounded trey gowdy including rudy giuliani and the president's lawyers and others have questioned trey goudy awdy in a significant trade from the white house he cited with trey gowdy. >> you sat in a briefing with trey gowdy who said that he's more convinced the fbi --
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[ ? normally like to comment on classified briefings. i think chairman gowdy's initial assessment is accurate, i think. we have more digging to do. we're waiting for some more document requests. we have some moreents to review. we still have some unanswered questions and it would have been helpful if we'd gotten this information earlier. as chairman nunes said the other day, if we had the information we were looking for we could wrap this up faster, but i have seen no evidence to the contrary of the initial assessment that chairman gowdy has made, but i want to make sure that we run every lead down and make sure we get the final answers to these questions. >> so, kate, no evidence to the ront raer contrary of what trey gowdy said this is what mitch mcconnell said who was also at one of those briefings last month and he said he saw nothing particularly surprising and chairman richard burr, the senate intelligence committee would not comment about what he
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saw in that briefing and only devin nunes who haslly been the on capitol hill pushing this hasontinued to raise some questions saying over the weekend that it was the media who is misreporting this and he's demanding more records from the justice department, but it is clear, kate that nunes is essentially on an islere on this issue on capitol hill as the republicans who have been in these brief say see no evidence to support the president's claim that there was some sort of spy that insti infiltrated the campaign that cobe the b political scandal in history and they would share that view, kate. >> paul ryan in a paul ryanesque way seems to be saying it's not over. there's more digging that we need to do. that is something of a lifeline to let this thing continue on if they so choose, which i think i know what direction the president will go on that. thanks to see you. thanks so much. chris cillizza . >> manu laid it all perfectly
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with where paul ryan stands on this, is there any chance that the president will take paul ryan's word since the white house didn't take trey gowdy's word for it? >> let me make a 100%, guaranteed accurate prediction, kate, no. donald trump has convinced himself that there is more here, that the use of a human confidential source which t fbi has acknowledged in an attempt to learn more about what george papadopoulos and car page were doing with the russians and what the russians were trying to do with carter page have turned donald trump to an embedded spy in his campaign and planted there by barack obama and without oversight by the department of justice and the fbi. what i would say is every public fact we know suggests that is inaccurate, and people who have seen the classified information that includes paul ryan and that includes trey gowdy say that's
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not accurate. devin nunes, house committee chairman who hasn onboard with this idea has not said anything. you wof there was something that supported the idea that nunes and donald trump had you would have heard it. >> and also, i will say, though, paul ryan saying we have more t. that's a lifeline to the president on this one. that is -- that is a -- it's almost like a significant break from the white house for now ish, but he's leaving it open with that statement until he says i've seen nothing and let's put it to rest, and i don't think paul ryan will say that, ough.s talk about pardons. shan, they're preparing pardons for potentially 30 people, and this is a power exclusive to the president. what do you make of this? >> i think it's an extraordinary abuse of that power. the pardon attorney system in the justice department is a very cautious one.
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they want to make st the people are deserving. they want to make sure that there's been time for the people to showatonement, that theirliv think it's very interesting in sources attribute the motivation for the president to some instances where he thinks that the justice department has overstepped. it's hard to imagine something more at odds with the concept of having the department recommendations because he's basically saying that he's interested in the department's wrong because he wants to shoth. >> i wonder, shan, if he's talking about where the paperwork is being produced and not prepared by the justice department and it sounds like conversations right now are within the white house, chris. >> yeah. remember that we know he did not go through the office of >> right. >> with dinesh d'souza and with scooter libby and i believe with joe arpaio, as well. that's one fact. the other thing is look at -- sha. >> reporter: makes the right point, look at the kind of
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people and cases donald trump is interested in pardoning according to kaitlan and according to who he's pardoned in the recent past. these are people who affirm a narrative he quite clearly believes. the fbi and the justice department are wrongfully pursuing and prosecuting people that the deep state is targeting people and he wants to be the person who rights these wrongs. that's not an accident. that's a narrative he very much believes in and a narrative that he thinks helps him both in the white house and with his base. >> and it seems that no matter what the president thinks that a lot of folks see that and are reacting to it. the wife of george -- papadopoulos says her husbands and because of that
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freedom is challenged and i hope president trump will pardon him. i hope he will. >> shan, do youow think that what the president is doing is a signal? >> it is a signal and a warm-up for him to get people used to the idea that he can do this as he polices, aleases. those public appeals do this. he has not actually position of a pardon attorney right now and frankly, he may not feel he needs to because he's the pardon attorney. >> if it is a signal, shan, what can robert mueller do about>> i mueller will do anything about it. >> or can? >> absolutely. he can't, it's a constitutional issue, but certainly he'll continue to press forward and do
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what he sees is right and ultimately since it is a discretionary issue, and if becomes abusive and we seem to be headed in that direction, and would be possible grounds for people to call for impeachment. chris,. reciate ink you. >> mexico is fightingmaking gd o tariffs on its own in retaliation of the steel and aluminum tariffs and some of america's closest allies. cnn's paula newton is joining m exchange. what is mexico doing here? >> good to see you. they're imposing about $3 billion worth of tariffs on everything from pork,les, potato, bourbon, cheese, 15% to 25% and two things to remember about this. they o represent about 1% of everything mexico exports into the united states. the problem is that they're only getting started and they're ining canada and the u impo tariffs and everyone is loaded and ready to continue with tariffs if this
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trade war continues with the trump administration and two, kate, this is very, very political. when you start talking about things like bourbon and whiskey, kentucky and tennessee. i don't have to remind you that donald trump's base will think i want to strikeithe, t is this really the way to be handling this? the market, kate, the shrug all off. why? they think the sound and fury signifying nothing. they do et this to really be resolv few weeks and months. the market up better than half of a percent right now and basically on those numbers, and e are sabout not the 3% gdp thad trump talks about, but despite the trade fears, people are whispering close to a 4% number by the time we exit the year and if that's not enough for you, i'll be back on cnnoney and12:4b through all of this in 2018, analysts are already looking at that "r" word for 2019, a
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recession and that is with unemployment with all-time lows. tough to believe, kate? >> a lot of opposing forces that you're dealing with. >>4% and a recession. good to see you. thank you. the head coach of the uninvites the super bowl champions and the whitese accuses the tm of pulling a political stunt. his first remarksahead. > plus after one of the biggest primary nights of th year, are hopes of a takeover of congress still alivel see wherei stay with us. but i have...
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philadelphia eagles moments ago speaking out for the first time about the invite and the uninvite to the white house. listen. >> why was that canceled? probably because we didn't go. i was looking forward to it, you know. listen, you win a world championship or an ncaa title or anything championship and, you know, you -- you want to be ow, i think it's great. it's over. it's behind us. we're moving on. >> doug pederson says he's moving on, but is the president of the united states? instead of sessicelebrating the eagles' super bowl win, he held a celebration for america when he canled the meet greet, the national anthem has been a big theme for him even though no players from the eagles team had taken part in the protest for the regular season at all. a self-described philly sports fan who bleeds green, rya
8:20 am
costello, thank for coming in. >> thank you. >> what do you think of what doug pederson just said? >> i think he's on point. it is behindi thinkhilly sports i'm more interested in how carson wentz is recovering than what happened yesterday. it was disappointing for a lot of us not having the white house ceremony. i had constituents down that still decided to attend even though they didn't really know what there attending since it was no longer a sowl celebration, so we move on from here. i take issue with the fact that we somehow turned it into a should be allowed toneel ers during the natio anthem or not because as you rightly pointed out, the eagles handled themselves throughout the year on a very touchy, political subject with a great degree of professionalism and so time to move on, i guess. >> but who is -- well, you can say it's time to move on, but sources are telling cnn that the president is not going to move on. he will continue -- he sees this
8:21 am
as a winning issue. i want to ask you about th on t made a big deal about who is playing politics here. he thinks the eagles are playing politics. who do you think are playing politics? >> i don't know thecircumstance the eagle agreed to come and when they decided that they were not coming. so i'll reserve judgment on t t that. i do think the president just the way he went about doing it was playing politics. as to your other point, i do agree that the president doubling down on kneeling during the national sign of disrespectbably iod politics. i don't think that you should kneel during the national anthem. i think i exercise free speech and i don't find it appropriate and the nfl policy that if can't stand in the national anthem in the locker room is an appropriate thing. >> the president won't even like you saying it and the president
8:22 am
is even going after folks who wait in the locker room. >> the president always doesn't like what i have to say. >> that is a very fair point. do you think it might be fair politics. do you think that the republicans should be running on? >> no. we should be running on the fact that we have 3.8% unemployment. we have more job onings tha we do folks looking for work. think the tax cuts are working. i think that there are a tremendous number of economic indicators that point that our economy is moving in the right direction. you're starting to see wage growth increase. that's really the message. >> let's see if the president sticks to your advice onhat the message should be. >> you are retiring and one of theeasons that you'veabout your general fon -- it's frustration with the president and also the fact that republicans will ask questions ad nauseam at every turn about
8:23 am
the president and here's a reason why lawmakers face questions from the president, and speaker ryan and donald trump. speaker ryan is now citing with trey gowdy against the president saying so far the sthebi plante spy in the trump campaign. that, of course, has been a huge deal. paul ryan speaking out just this morning. who do you side with on this? >> i thirey gowdy's representation that the fbi has comported themselves appropriately during that period of time is correct. i think that trey speaks truth to power and calls balls and strikes fairly, which i w another matter when look at scott pruit and the epa administrator's spending habits and canned diddledidly, and by g to judgment, but also asking the very tough questions.
8:24 am
so at some point in time, i think, we have to havest in those leading this investigation or else the integrity investigation really falls apar trey's done a good job with that and i agree with trey's assessment on the situation. and truth is a big thing.right? i say that because i want you to listen toyesterdaym white houses secretary sarah sanders regarding the president's involvement in the conflicting statements coming out of the white house. did the president dictate a later, a statement? did he not dictate a statement about his son's meeting in trump tower during campaign? listen to what sarah sanders said yesterday in questioning. >> why c correctrecord now? >> again, i'm not going to answer questions that deal with conversations between the outside counsel and special counsel. >> you're not going to answer questions? >> i'm not going to get into a back and forth and i would refer you to an outside counsel? >> was your statement accurate
8:25 am
>> i know you want to get me into a back and forth. >> we j want to know if it's accurate or not. >> i know your goal is to deal m not going tdo that. >> i hold you accountable for statements you've said and if you change your statement later on do you think that sarah sanders should have to explain herself for a statement she made from the podium? >> here's the rub there,f the representation to sarah sanders was that he didn't dictate the statement, then she used the information that she had at the time and made a repntation that she felt to be accurate. at a later point in time if she was told something different and she now has a new representation, that's not her fault. you can -- and obviously reporters will say when did it change? who told you? when did you know? at a certain point in time she does -- she does have some
8:26 am
loyalty, rightly so to the president and that's who she speaks on behalf of and so she may not want to disclose what she was told and when she was told particularly during the course of an ongoing investigation. look, that was some entertaining television, but i would not point e finger at sarah sanders there a she has done anything improper and it is a very difficult job being a press secretary under any circumstances especially so right now under these circumstances so i would tread lightly there in critiquing her negatively. >> do you trust what comes out of the white house, though? do you think folks should take what sarah sanders says as true? >> i do, but io thinkou should verify everything with a multitude of sources. look, i also tend to think s does a pretty able job of answerin questions t she does not have the information on
8:27 am
or does not want to make a representation at that time. i was listening t other day and pre q her answers and might on to the next reporter. >> and that she has the ability to control, but if one makes a statement publicly then maybe there is a -- >> yeah. >> there does seem to be a need to explain yoursei don't think information at the time.ou are i dove that there's going to be a follow-up from her perhaps she didn' want to make it at the time, but i don't dispute what you're saying, if it changed, when did it change? y change? look, this is an active investigation. i think more important than anything is that the investigators get answers to those questions even we may, as the public not get that as quickly as we might like. >> also, goodnt. congressman, thanksoring >> good to be with you. i will share a programming note with you. white house secretary sarah ers
8:28 am
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primary focus. democrats keep hopes alive to capture the house. republicans are also breathing a sigh of relief. how can both be true? the answer, california. races are too clo to call. themsday scenario, s the vote preventsiing a top two finish and the wacky system in california did not happen. democrats did secure some spots
8:33 am
on the november ballot, now can there be republican opponents and can they help the par recapture the 23 seats needed to capture the house. miguel marquez is in california 's been a long night of counting. how is it going right now? >> we probably won't know how some of the races will go for several days, if not weeks. republicans were worried they would not have anyone, and now they might have two. john cox will face m in the governorace. dianneoves to the general election and it is not clear if her challenger will be another democrat or a republican. those votes have yet to be counted. democrats were coned toward the end about whether or not they would actually field candidates in all of the races that they wanted to be competitive in because of the two -- the primary here and the top two votegetters advance to the primary and they split their
8:34 am
votes many ways and they weren't sure they were going to get in and two are still a concern for them. california, 10, jeff dunham, the republican will move ahead and he will be in the race in november, but it's not clear whether -- or entirely clear whether democrat or republican will be in the second tier spot, and republican dana rohrabacher that has been there many, many years and he will be in the general election innove but there was a three-way tie, basically, two democrats and the republican, and it looks like a democrat will sweep through on that one, and again, second place there will be the teller. in califoia, people can drop off their ballots and even mail their ballots on the day. so it takes some days for registrars across the state to get all of those ballots together. they have to open them, certify them, count them. it could be a little while. kate? >> oh, america, mail in your ballots. >> oh, california. >> oh, california! miguel, thanks so much.
8:35 am
joining me right now cnn political commentator angela rye and former executive director of the black caulk us and former senior adviser to senator mitch mcconnell. oh, california! that's how we'll start every segment. they were concerned about coming out of the midterm. they sur priefed. it's not a arantee, that they get the seat, so what's your feeling after last night? >> well, i think there are a few things. one, overall, given that this is our super tuesday for midterms. i think there are three buckets of victors and i think obama alumni overall performed very low across the boardin californ women, particularly black women, there were a lot of people who doubted san f linden, and i think she's pulled ahead a little bit and it speaks volumes
8:36 am
that a black woman can run and potentially win in an area that has been so heavily gentrified, and i know we're talking about kali and just a shout out to the diedrich, and also quite a big victory. women overall, regardless if they win or not, the fact that we are so underrepresented, kate in so many seats especially on the federal level, the fact that 122 women stepped up to run in eight states yesterday is mind blowing, and i think that's a victory in and of itself. >> that's a good point. >> scott, if we take one examlo overnight. donald trump endorsed him. trump took credit for it this morning tweeting about it that the trump impact was reallyg. do you think -- do you think that's what it was when it comes california's governor's race? do you think a republican running with a big bear hug to donald trump is a smart play in california? >> well, i think it galvanized
8:37 am
republicans around an option that they can feel good about? i think the president helped him out and it would have been a huge blow to the party's morale and to the turnout efforts if they didn't have somebody running at the top of the ticket. so the california governor's race is a governor's race, but having a actual funded and functioning republi camign at the top of the ticket which i do think the president helped cause does have a trickledown effect into the turnout of the house races and can the republicans fight off the races and i think there are seven or eight districts that republicans hold that hillary clinton won in the 2016 election. democrats need to sweep those and the republicans need to try to hang on for a couple that would make hard for the rity.rats to win the house scott, mitch mcconnell announced he would can most of the august break to keep senators in
8:38 am
town to do a lot of work. they keep them off of the campaign trail during an important time. i see you smiling. how much work can they get done in three extra weeks when the house isn't i town? >> they have a lot of work to because democrats have engaged in historic obstructionism on the prest's personnel appointments. they spend a huge amount oeir t trying to stop the preside nomineor various executives and judicial branch slots and so if they would give up this historic obstructionism they can do their work before office. >> that has nothing to do with politics and n to with the aign, scott. >> i think it has everything to do with the fact that they have a lot of things they need to get done and the democrats have spent their time obstructing donald trump's nominees. they should give up this obstruction and get to work on things that people care about. >> things that democrats said about republicans a short time ago. >> angela, how damaging do you think three weeks can be off the campaign trail? >> think it is very maging,
8:39 am
kate. i have to respond to scott. i think historic obstructionism occurred under the barack obama administration, right? i think we can't lightly throw those terms around. your former boss said that he was doing everything he could and everything in his power to make barack obama a one-term president. ident did when he came into w office is try to undo all of his major accomplishments of the obama administration. i think it's different when you're trying to prevent obstruction to civil rights and when you're trying to prevent bigotry and you're trying to prevent sexism and historic oppression in 2018, years, 50 years, after dr. king's assassination. that's completely different and hatred from winning and that's trying to prevent bigotry from winning. that is not obstruction. that's protection. >> if it stays in town i do wonder if president trump will stay in town as well to get so
8:40 am
much work done. >> come on, kate, you know better. >> hope springs eternal! >> i do want to respond -- >> you can respond to me later, scott. we have to go. thank you so much. >> okay. still ahead, this is scary and simply remarkable. watch this. a white house contractor just step away from the west wing and is arrested on murderharges. that's exactly what happened yesterday. it's raising big concerns about security at the white house. we'll give you the details next. yup. (butch barks at man) butch is like an old soul that just hates my guts. (laughs) (vo) you can never have too many faithful companions. that's why i got a subaru crosstrek. love is out there. find it in a subaru crosstrek. so i'm not happyhanic in the corps, unless my hands are dirty.
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my ci can worry about it,ine. or do something about it. garlique® helps maintain healthy cholesterol naturally. and it's odor free. and pharmacist recommended. garlique.® >> here's the headline. a government contractor arrested at work. the bigger headline? the government contractor works at the white house and he's charged with attempted murder. house.eremy diamond i at the
8:45 am
jeremy, what mor we learning? t. 30-year-old martese edwards is set to appear in d.c. superior court today for the first time since he was arrested yesterday morning when he came to work here at the white house. he works in the old executive office building which is right, part of the white house complex where we are right now. he was arrested on attempted murder charges is what we were told, stemming from an arrest warrant inrinceeorges county. we are told that martese edwards worked on the national security council not in a national security position, but in an administrative positionre he wasng work for the resources management department, but what's really interesting here is this comes three weeks after the arrest warrant for these attempted murder charges were first entered into a national law enforcement database and during that time, as far as we understand, he was still working here, coming in regularly to work at the executive office building that's part of the white house complex and secret
8:46 am
service obviously will have some questions to answer, still. >> absolutely. remarkab that played out, and of course there's vid and pictures of it. also, though, jeremy, the first lady melania trump is to bore cameras nearly a month after her hospital stay. do we know how she's doing? >> reporter: the white house is saying she is doing great. this will be, however, her first public appearance with reporters in tow in more than a month. first lady melania trump has been out of the public eye for a while and the president taking to twitter to lambaste media coverage surrounding her lack of a public appearance. he tweeted this morning that the fake news media has been so unfair and vious to my wife and our great first lady melania. he went on to allege that the news media has reported a series of allegations from near death to facelift to left the white house or me for new york or vurj virj to abusvirginia to abuse a
8:47 am
of those were uttered on national television or any other network until just now because the president came out andtweet not something that has been reported and all of these questions about w she has been stem from the fact that she had this kidney procedure that was supposed to be a few days of recovery and we haven't seen her in nearly a month. >> if no one is talking about it why on earth would the president talk about why she left me. thank you very mamazing. former fbi directora understand r andrew mccabe, before a congressional hearing of the fbi and the handling of the hillary clinton private e-mail server investigation. laura jaret with more on this. what are you hearing, laura? >> hey there, kate, as we all wait for this much-anticipated inspector general's reportedlying up to the 2016 election, the top republican on the senate judiciary committee
8:48 am
chuck grassley has been quietly trying to get his ducks in a row for his upcoming hearing on the report, but the stakes for mccabe testifying are differe and quite high, and here's why. earlier this year we reported that mccabe is under criminal investigation here in d.c. based on allegations that he lied to investigators about an inspector general report. he denies any wrongdoing, but any testimony that he denies to congress could be used against him in that separate criminal case. as a result, his lawyer is now asking grassley's committee for a limited immunity deal and it wouldn't pro from all time and it would protect whatever he says in that committee hearing from being used against him in his criminal case. we have no indication that grassley's committee will actually give him such immunity deal and it would require two-thirds vote in the committee and the justice department would have an opportunity to intervene, kate.
8:49 am
>> thanks so much. >> coming up for us, 75 dead, hundreds still missing after a s are racino find survivors in a town covered with toxic ash. the images are truly astonishing. we'll take you live. i'm your phone, stuck down here between your seat and your console, playing a little hide-n-seek. . warmer... warmer... ah boiling. jackpot. and if you've got cut-rate car insurance, you could be picking up these charges yourself. so get allstate, where agents help keep you protected from mayhem... me. mayhem is everywhere. are you in good hands? ♪ ♪ i love you baby applebee's 2 for $20, now with steak. now that's eatin' good in the neighborhood.
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scene is playing out in guatemala. more than 70 people are dead, 200 are still missi after this massive plume of smoke rained down ash and rocks over the weekend. whole villages are buried under blankets of ash. people are being treated for severe burns and the volcano is enacio lopez sued, but members of his family are still missing. >> translator: no, not from my part. but my sister is lost. i don't know if she's buried
8:54 am
underground or if they saved her. i don't know. >> patrick, what are you seeing there in guatemala? >> reporter: we're at the base of that volcano. earlier this morning, we could see the volcano as it was erupting, and we're where police are roup. they've been doing rotations all morning long, going up, coming down. when they come down, you see the strain on them. cars are coming in and going up, as they continue to carry out these search and rescue missions. still looking for any sign of life and hoping to recover victim's remains. we have images that show how dramatic this volcanic explosion on sunday was. before and after images show what a changed landscape it is. we're in a town that ceased to exist. houses basically buried under the ash. when you touch the ash, it was very hot.
8:55 am
there were places you were told not to walk because you could burn the rubber on your soles. so these firefighters and police officers have to take care of themselves as well, because this volcano could erupt at any moment. they've told to park our car facing downhill just in case there's another eruption and we patrick, folks did not have a lot of warning. that's part of the problem here. >> reporter: it's just incredible. we talked to some less kent res waiting to go back. said when it started belting smoke, it wasn't out of the ordinary. there's three involves around us, all very active. some people went closer to see what was happening and that's when it thosee probably d make it. >> this is far from over, patrick. thank you so much. i really appreciate it.
8:56 am
the images just amazing. still ahead, though, more on the breaking news. prest trump preparing is pard onning power again, perhaps for as many as 30 people. tis is described as the president's new "favorite thing" and this is looking like an abuse of power? it took a whole lot more. that's why i switched to the spark cash card from capital one. with it, i earn unlimited 2% cash back on everything i buy. everything. and that 2% cash back adds up to thousands of dollars each year... so i can keep growing my business in big leaps! what's in your wallet? i've got a nice long life ahead. big plans. so when i found out medicare doesn't pay all my medical expenses, i looked at my options. then i got a medicare supplement insurance plan.
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