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tv   The Lead With Jake Tapper  CNN  June 6, 2018 1:00pm-1:58pm PDT

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police arrested him for driving under the influence of drugs. o charged with alluding police and unauthorized use of a vehicle. so there is that for you invirg. i'm brooke baldwin.thank you fo. we'llrow. and in the meantime, to washington we go. "the lead" with jake tapper starts right now. stormy daniels just filed a new lawsuit. "the lead" starts right now. breaking news. stormy daniels, the film star who a thorn in the president's side, suing her old lawyer, accuse him of being president trump's puppet and colluding with the president's fixer michael cohen. president trump said to have a new favorite thing, pardoning people and today the wife of a mueller witness and former trump campaignial comes to "the lead" to make a special request to the, love chi. the bizarre answer scott pruitt
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gave to his latest ethics scandal, his 13th investigation so far for those keeping score at home.>> announcer: thi cnn breaking news. good afternoon. welcome tothe lead." i'm jake tapper. we'll start with breaking news in the national lead, stormy daniels the saga brewing once again and suing her former attorney keith davidson andt tr fixer michael cohen in the lawsuit filed today. stormy daniels claims that davidson, her attorney at the time, betrayed her. that he acted as a puppet for president trump andichael cohen. said that cohen hatched plan and tried to get her on fox news in january to lie and to deny having had an affair with president trump back in 20 stormy daniels also claims that president trump was aware that her old attorney keith davidson and michael cohen were colluding for president trump's benefit whiledavidson was still her
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attorney, purportedly representing her and her interests. right to m.j. lee. and does stormy daniels, her attorney michael avenatti, stephanie clifford her name, are any of them citing proof for allegations. >> wel she sure is. if you look at the lawsuit, there i an exhibit of text messages allegedly exchanged betweeichael cohen and keith davidson as recently as january and through march of this year. just to give you the bigger context, stormy daniels said that she had an affair with donald trump in 2006 and now wants to get out of an nda put together by michael coh is suin in addition to michael cohen saying that the two men colluded to tryo prevent her story from coming out. now some of the text messages -- if you look at them in january of 2018, you see michael cohen and keith davidson texting one another apparent attempt
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to get stormy daniels on sean hannity show. there they are -- there is the screen grab of two text messages and there are more see michael cohen there saying i have tentatively scheduled for hannight me after your trial tn keith davidson appears she can't do today and then if you look through the rest of the text messages, you see michael cohen clearly getting increasingly frustrated because apparently stormy daniels couldn't get on the show. but one more thing that is really interesting from the text messages, there is an exchange from march of 2018 where the first lady of the united states is mentioned. keith davidson writes to michael cohen are you calling and he writes back, with flotus, the first lady of the united states, give me say minute. so just to be clear about this. these text messagesear to show the former attorney for the porn star that alleges to have had an affair with president
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trump asking michael cohen to call him and then the attorney for the president said i can't call you right now because i'm with melania.w we do have a sta daniels. let me read it to you. the text messages show the prior denials by mr. trump and mr. cohen relating to what mr. trump knew and -- about the honesty of my client were absolute lies. there was a significant cover up as part of an attempt to deceiv trump and we intend on getting to the bottom of it. now just kee in mind, jake, that michael cohen and keith davidson have appeared in other instances together as well. karen mcdougal one of them and then another playboy model who sues elliott proudy, the republican donor. so michael avenatti trying to show there is a pattern of collusion between the two men. >> interesting. m.j. lee, thank you so much.
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the panel let's start with your reaction to this lawsuit being brought by stormy daniels suggesting her former attorney wasn't looking out for her but working with michael cohen on behalf of president trump to keep her quiet. >> look, obviously if you hire a lawyer to represent you, theyld people who are out do to get you and who you are acc something. so that is a problem. i think that you couldwell wich something up and so therefore maybe donald trump is guilty and if you are michael cohen and the lawyer reaches out, you are going to do whatever you can to get this person to deny that this happened. that is a reasonable thing to do. if they're doing something that is illegal, that is a different story. >> and does this put president trump in more jeopardy of actually ultimately having to testify in some way? >> well it certainly keeps the story alive. it keeps us discussing it.
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and, look, i really don't think there is anything that out of the ordinary of two lawyers in a transactional case. this is not a criminal case. and in transactional case had a relationship to be exchanging texts. what i do think is weird, what i do think raises eyebrows is the fact it is always the same two lawyers crafting these nda's. only guy in california and the only guy in new york to be doing this time and time again, that i think raises questions. s trying to get herself out of a nondisclosure agreement. seems to me she's kind of defied that agreement already. but maybe she just needs to make it offici >> this happens at the same time that there is other -- this other legal jeopardy going on with people around president was in israel and who represents the now and he accused the
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mueller prosecutors of something and i want to get your tion to,. he said that the mueller prosecutors were trying to frame an innocent president of the united states, take a >> he's innocent. he hasn't done anything wrong. the president of the unite states, they are a group 13 highly partisan democrats that make up the mueller team, excluding him, are trying very, very hard to frame him. to get him in trouble when he hasn't done anything wrong. >> so frameim. is yourreaction?e lawyers. not including mueller. i worked for him. he's obviously not a democrat. but a couple of people that giuliani is referring to, if you ask who i trust, the man lying for the president of the united states or the lawyers i work for fbi, i would tak the lawyerands down. i never heard one of the two i know say anything partisan when i was. there and giuliani is here in part because multiple times he's
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had to come out and say what we told you before, i forgot to mention, that was a lie. for example, i didn't know anything aut stormy els and that is on air force one and actually i paid her through my attorney and my attorney knew about the money coming from me. because i'm his client. if you want to trust rudy giuliani, maybe i would have done it on september 12th of 2001 and not any more. he is toast. man is ne. >> that is remarkable that given that this case is hot and heavy right now, rudy has so much time to be on tv and be doing it from remote places tourist in the mueller investigation leaves me astoun it is obvious he's the mouth piece. there was some book, expletive that my dad soaid and this is rudy said-and what i think doing for the role -- of the next attorney
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general because god knows we all know that trump has turned poor jeff sessions into a pinata. he's the only person who could make me feel any sympathy. >> but kirsten, the that rudy giuliani is referring to the mueller team as 13 highly partisan democrats who are trying very hard to frame the president. that is a -- he's accusing them of a crime. >> right. absolutely. it is completely out ofs but basically the story has been telling, he's just now actually putting the word to it. this is clearly -- i think anna is right, this is what he was hired to do. he was hired to go out and say these outrageous things and to put this in the heads of trump voters who will say oh, he's being framed which is what the president has been saying. >> and we don't hold them to the same standard that we would hold the real lawyers working for trump on this, right? the raskins who are doing the nefarious work and not traveling all over the world.
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>> i held him to one standard which is saying things that are true. >> i think for most people, like with trump get meshed with a d stick because he said some outrageous and ridiculous things that he's had to walk back within hours in the last several weeks. >> i'm with anna on this. rudy is a not a lawyer. he's scaramucci with bad hair. he's out to represent trump in a way heg he doesn't get too far ahead of the curve and he's not there to be part of the legal team. he's parta scam to persuade the american people that a legendary pbe the most legendary fbi director since the fbi w formed in 1908 is a fraud. try that one out and don . >> all of this time president trump and in the last few hours has been pushing what he calls -- and i don't think anyone else calls --y- thedea that thebi informant the confidential source who was there to try to check out what ians were so interested in the trump campaign during the
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2016 election, why they were there. president trump has been suggesting thatthis was nefarious by the fbi. e was a rebuke today by two top republicans on capitol hill who were asked about that on, td president obama inserd a spy into the trump campaign. trey gowdy from south carolina had said after having been briefed by the fbi, that he thought americans w be prouhe f mattpaul ryan was asked ihe agrd with gowdy. take a listen. >> normally i don't like to comment on classified briefings. let me say it this way. i th s initial assessment is accurate. >> and this senate intelligence commit brur said i think trey gowdy'on of thecorrect. all warts and we should point out neither ryan or burr have been critical of president trump and saying, no, gowdy is right.
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are we reaching a point where republicans are drying a>> i amt it is a little be this is so clear when this happened that the way this was being presented and then portrayed in the cive media was being stretched into something that didn't match reality in any way,shape, and i out and say it but it is better if they come out and said it right when it happened. >> phil -- >> ryan has been gone more than me t been at this for months and monthsths including devin nunes mismanaging the process on the house side which paul ryan is responsible for, for ncluding his surreptiti visit to the white house and he comes out and said by the way biggest investigatio seen since watergate, the fbi guys doing okay. where have you been brother? >> it is nunes and not ugue --
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go long. welcome back. the trump-kim summit is producing results. no, not that kim. this one. president trump commuting the sentence of alice murray johnson, a first time nonviolen weem kahian west lobbied president trump on behalf of johnson in the oval office and the white house has started the paperwork to pardon 30 other people. pamela brownor from the white house. >> reporter: president tru considering dozens of new pardons. that as he commutes the life sentence ofce johnson, a first time drug offender who served 21 years of a life sentence on charges of cocaine possession. that decision following a personal oval office request
1:18 pm
from kim kardashian west. sources say chief of staff john kelly don mcgahn advocated against. it others on the list, business woman martha stewart. a source familiar said the president hasle on that idea. >> we're going to mak a scrumptious meatloaf sandwich which is dona favorite. >> he was found guilty of lying to investigators about suspicious stock trades and rod blagoyovich is on the list, he was on the ce. convicted on 17 corruption charges and impeached for trying to sell a u.s. senate seat and last mp pardoned danesh desouza who pleaded guilty to violatingcamp tweeted saying he has the absolute right to pardon himself and his willingness to ignore justice department gieuidelinesn issuing pardons, some are worried he'll help those caught
1:19 pm
up in the investigation in the russian meddling in 2016 as he pardons sheriff joe arpaio last year for his criminal contempt conviction. >> there is thousands of people that deserve comeutation and anoio t white shouldn't take k house to get something like that done. >> reporter: and two sources familiar with the matter say the white house counsel is reviewing potential clemency for a handful of people who were just like johnson who aren't celebrities and who were not politic allies of the white house. jake. >> pamela brown at the white house. joining me now from chicago is simona poppa bapadopoulos an wife of george papadopoulos. and thanks for being here. you're here to ask president trumo pardonour husband? i know that -- i know that his
1:20 pm
kind of formal request to the white house to pardon your husband. why haven't the lawyers done that? >> actually this is an interesting question. good evening. i am n sure i can share the opinion i could just say that this doesn't ire in my view with the plea agreement. he feld guilty for lying to the fbi. my appeal to the argument, he deserves a pardon because we have to dig into the nature of the lies. heie because of the nature of his relationship with russia. because he didn't have any relationship with russia. he lied about the date in which he met with professor mips and today and mostly after it came out in story, we know that the professor is likely to be announced that the western intelligence mold in russia. we don't know -- whatever his intention when he targeted george as -- someone sensitive but it deemed to approach talking about [ inaudible ] and
1:21 pm
those e-mails were speculated by the media. they are not the dnc e-mails so this is also an important element to talk about wano get a second. >> so -- >> let me ask you. president trump watches a lot of cable news and despite his protests he also watches a lot of cnn. talk to him right now. what do you want him to know? why should he pardon>> george'sh and has been through a lot and loyal to his country and he believed in trump and i believe in trump having access to information and awareness for now to know that he deserves a pardon. he's been set up -- probably the target of many set up but we don't know but definitely in a way to jeopardize the country and the president i'm sure he will appreciate that. >> you describe your husband as a victim even though he did admit to lying to the in the
1:22 pm
correspondent with individual wtz russian government. how is he a victim? >> he was a victim as i said because first of all, whatever inional professor did to material lies and any action from george in the sense of any russia, it just happened to meet s professor and when the fbi asked them the date in which he met with the professor, we have access to the plea agreement which is clearly stated the reason of -- why he pled guilty, he just confused the date. so we don't know -- he never h any interaction likely to cause collusion. we don't know who -- it is appeared i know persol he is a shady figure but he's an asset of russian intelligence or western intelligence, we know today george wasached by hall per in shady circumstances, it is important to dig into new
1:23 pm
elements to -- to better understand if all of the shady characters it is not just the helper -- but other ones, one of them witnessed ion >> which one did you witness personally? >> it is the operation -- so we in mcan os, an israi per just to discuss business. appealing and very proposal -- much money was offered to george in many direction as we know. and everything was highly suspicious. i was highly -- i thought it was -- potentially a target for many people with the intention and it is not up to me to define what it is, because i don't know. but definitely i see him as a victim because of an ins tent and he volunteered and reported to the fbi about his meeting so when the -- they first talked to him in january 2016 -- >> so -- >> so i don't understand how --
1:24 pm
yes, he is guilty and confused and made a mistake and pled guilty but i'm sure president trump has access to many elements to have a better undersf my husband has b and i wabd him to pardon him because i love him. >> right. of course. simona, speaking of israeli, you're saying also that mueller and the special counsel team threatened to charge george, your husband, with being an and that is why he agent for pleaded guilty. now last year you said you were proud of his choice to cooperate with the right side of history. so which is it? that he wants to be on the right side of history or threatened of being charged with a foreign agent for israel. >> well, cooperation is -- shows the truth and george shared the information with the fbi and i'm sure it is in the interest of everyone having access to the truth. whatever will come out from this cooperation collusion in which
1:25 pm
we don't knond a major plot for other reason, i think it is really still important. so i don'think a couldn't raw diction and the right side it to be loyal to the truth and that y assessment. i don't think you have -- sided with any -- another -- i never mean and i never did side with an agenda or a agenda but it is enforcing the truth. but this situation was chaotic and that we could have a better understanding of things happening in the past when you have access to information becoming clear.i think the stor story is quite interesting. >> and i think taking to th airwaves is a goodayo reach president trump. simona papadopoulos, thank you so much and best of luck to you. >> thank you very much for inviting. good evening. at this rate, he could have more scandals than any other cabinet level person in the trump administration and now there is new fallout for scott pruitt's search for a used hotel
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reaking news in the litics lead. an official tells cnn that two of scott pruitt aides have now resignews comes on the dayha we learned pruitt used his capacity as a cabinet level official of the u.s. government to get his wife a chick-fil-a fast food franchise and this brings the grand total to 13 investigations into scott pruitt's ethics issues. still today the president had nothing but glowing things to say about him. >> epa is doing really, really well. and somebody has to say that about you a little bit. you know that, scott. >> the president went around the table today at fema, praising members of his cabinet individually, including scott
1:31 pm
pruitt with vociferous and kind adjectives. of course there was one cabinet official who only got the bear minimum. >> attorney general jeff ssions, thank you jeff, thank you very much.ident trump lahe instead of jeff sessions for the job of attorney general. but back to scott pruitt. drew griffin joins me now. and pruitt had a bizarre response ts story about him trying to get his wife a chick-fil-a franchise. >> which makes it even worse. scott pruitt didn't see anything wrong with the move and calling chick filla a franchise of faith and excited about the possibility of bringing one of the franchises to tulsa. the presideupport pruitt but increasingly republicans on capitol hill finding it hard to do. one republican senator, john kennedy of mississippi today said of pruitt, he's acting like a moron.
1:32 pm
scott pruitt tried to use his position as head of the environmental protection agency to get his wife a franchise chick-fil-a. as astonishing as that sounds, more astonishing, it is all in writing in government e-mails. on may 16th, 2017 pruitt's former aide sydney hop from her official account writes to chick-fil-a, administrator pruitt asked me to reach outo you aut a potential meeting. da later a second message and the administrator would like to about a potential business opportun with mr. kathy. his wife started the process but never became a chick-fil-a franchisee and it is the latest in a long stream of moving and spending gaffs that have ethics expert as mazed how hise to hold o his it is amazing ho list of potential violations there are. >> reporter: it is believed he sent a staffer on government time to return personal errands,
1:33 pm
including asking the trump hotel about buying a used mattress for onnto p is a from leasing a d.c. condo from a lobbyist wife below cost to spending tax dollars trips handing out job raises to political aides and holding questionable meetings from companies seeking epa favors and probes underway and yet he keeps his job. walter schaub the head of the government ethics job said he's never seen anything like this. >> you don't doubt that this is the message scott pruitt is basically saying through his actions? ethics do not apply to me. >> i think that is certainly it. you even have inconsistent explanations for different things that he's done and i don't even think it is just simply ethics rules, it is compliance with all of the safeguards and restrantss on government officials. >> reporter: at the white house yesterday, another stock answer from the pressretary. >> we continue to have concerns
1:34 pm
and look into those and will address them. >> reporter: the white house said that almost verbatim after each scandal unlded and the white house awaiting a ethics resprew -- review but he has survived. why? because big energy and business and mining coal and big financial supporters of the president say they like what pruitt is doing to the epa. >> two things that have done more to lift the poor out of poverty than anything else, number one, fossil fuels. second is capitalism. >> doug deason is part of the koch and they donate to superpacks with donald trump and they sayhey could not be upset with the epa. >>hi needs to go away. >> and until then scott pruitt will stay right where he is. and the atlanta reporting on one of the aides who resigned who
1:35 pm
searched in the mattress and real estate endeavors, mellin hup,ster of sydney filed her notice with the epa, fed up with her boss. the atlanticeporter tried to get confirmation from epa spokesperson geehan will so many said have a great day, you're a piece of trash. wilcox has not responded by phone or e-mail or insult. jake. >> i'm not sure if this current epa calling someone trash is an insult. but drew griffin, thank you. what the president said in a private phone call that has another world leader saying red. stay with us. i landed.
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1:40 pm
end tv for president trump or the american people. trump will face a chore us of disappointment from u.s. allies over the metal tariffs at the g-7 meeting in canada this week. ing in somebody who used to prep another president, ben roe rhodes, he is out with a new book it is called "the world as it is, a memoir of the obama white house." ben rhodes joins us. thanks for being here. congratulations on the book. you write european leaders in the of president trump's election woring about a decline in u.s.-europe relations and talk about angela merkel a. how do you anticipate this summit will play out, the g-7. >> i think trump will find himself isolated and that is bad for the united states and for american workers. and i wrote in the book xi jinping when he warned him there might be trade actions from trump and xi said if an immature
1:41 pm
world throws the world into chaos, he would know who to blame havthe high ground on the united states and i fear our allies will turn to china foz a trading partner instead of us. >> to play devil's advocate, is it not true that for the last 20 years, 30 years, there has been consensus in washington on trade deals that has been better for corporate america and wall street than it has been for the middle class in this country. which has shrunk significantly. isn't president trump right at least abou >> thetainly a trade deal in the '90s, nafta, clooin into the wto that did hurt the middle class and we were trying to turn that around by putting labor protections into the trade deals, but the bottom line is even if you believe there should be more enforcement on other country'sen fair trad practice and the better deal for the middle class, it is making it less likely to help those
1:42 pm
people. we need to bring the world together behind the type of trade we want to see to pressure china. why would you find europe and canada and mexico when you are trying to deal with the issue from china. that c to play off of each other and play them off of us and make it harder to build a condition census to get china to abide by the rules. >> we're learning from jim acosta thatnt trump had tes pho trudeau last month. he was shocked that the united states would invoke the national security item when talked about the need for the tariff and the idea that canada is a national security threat and president trump invoked the war of 1812 and asked trudeau -- and ai assume jokingly, didn't you guys burn down the white house. it was the british and canadian militia and canada was a colony of u.k., but what do you make of this, the president talking about the burning down the white house? >> well, it is crazy. i think that the national security thing is so offensive to canada and to europe because
1:43 pm
their troops fought and died us in afghanistan. to call people who are -- who have been allies who fought shoulder to shoulder with us in the national security threat has a profound consequence and iwoye does something crazy and the world doesn't end the next day and the trade wars spiralut ofnr and bigger and when we have to call the allies when we're in a national security crisis and say can you stand with us, they'll be less likely to do so a year or two years from now. >> you write proudly about the iran nuclear deal which the president trump withdraw from and the iranians this week acknowledged they are building advanced centrifuge and the iran supreme leader ordered he's increasing uranium if the deal falls through entirely and other countries are party to it. monstrate both th weaknes iran
1:44 pm
are so ready to start with the centrifuges and the enrich urano mentionce h sinre they were about it? >> well it demonstrates it is a response to what trump did. iran was complying about the deal. that is we intelligence community thought and wt his secretary of defense and chairman of the joint chiefs testified to congress. hecrapped the deal. it was predictable iran would respond and start another crisi where ore over time they could restart and it took six or seven years of sanctions to put the constraints on the program that he wants to get from north korea at the summit next week and at the same time he's trying to get a deal with north korea, if he's lucky, will look anywhere near as good as the iran deal, he's putting at risk another nuclear crisis in the middle east. >> but you are not opposed to talking to kim jong-un? when you worked for obama he talked about meeting with hostile leaders without
1:45 pm
we book -- the firsweek that i went to work for obama was the debate where he said he would meet with the leaders of iran and cuba and north korea without preconditions and the whole right piled on him as being naive and irresponsible and it is a different story if the president is trump. i support diplomacy with north korea. it is preferable to conflict. i wonder are they doing the preparation to make that succeed and they have not articulated what i they will try to accomplish and i worry north ko makes a hollow promise to give up nuclear weapons in the future and trump is so eager to declare victory he will get legitimacy without the deal we >> the book is "the world as it is, a memoir of the obama white house." ben rde thas for being here. we appreciate it. good luck with the book. a award winningtoonist k like this, critical of president trump hitting the cutting room floor
1:46 pm
and killed by his editors. why? stay with us. once there was an organism so small no one thought much of it at all. people said it just made a mess until exxonmobil scientists put it to the test. they thought someday it could become fuel and power our cars wouldn't that be cool? and that's why exxonmobil scientists think it's not small at all. energy lives here.
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in politics, more questions about trump-friendly media owners not alldissenpoints view. readers are calling out the pittsburgh post-gazette for not printing the work of the award winning left-leaning cartoonist for 25 years rob rogers has sketched his view of the world and that is a lot of political jabs at president trump. here is one showing a t dispenser for pardons right outside of the oval office. but this one and four others poking fun at skewering president trump has been killed by management in the last week or so.
1:51 pm
they've been on rod roth and not in the paper and do they no longer allow cartoons that mock the president of the united states? the cartoonist joins me live from pittsburgh. thanks for joining us. around memorial day your boss would not run your drawing that depicted president trump laying a wreath on a tomb reading truth, honor and rule of law. did anyone personally tell you why they wouldn't run the cartoon? >> no. they didn't. you'll have to ask the editor and publisher. but i think it is sort of the thing that has been happening lately and it is not that they won't run any trump cartoons, they will. but there have been some that have been killed. >> let's show another one. a pointed commentary on the trump policy of separating the children of undocumented immigrants crossing border from t from the parents. and trump snatching the child in
1:52 pm
silhouette and a caution sign. did they give you a reason to kill that one. >> they didn't give a reason. they jut kill-- they just kille and the readers started to notice at that point and were outraged and that is why i'm here. because i think they deserve to know the answer why they won't run the cartoons. >> and moments ago a representative for the newspaper responded to the story, we reached out to them. they said, quote, this is an internal personnel matter and working hard to resolve and has little to do with politics, ideology or donald trump and it has to do with workingher in the editing process. what is your response to that? >> well, i can't really comment on the sort of the back and forth with management at the moment. but i have always been somebody who has worked alone and come my own ideas and for 30 years that has been the process freedom. it doesn't mean i don't work with editors because i've had many and there is a lot of good
1:53 pm
give and take but it seems what is happening now is that i'm feeling at least that -- they want me to behat i'm not. and -- >> a pro-trump cart right? that is what you feel. >> yes. in a way. or at least less negative to trump. but it also applies to some other cartoons that puzzle me as well. the fbi or race -- >> we should point out that one of the killed cartoons mocked roseanne, a clan leader blaming his racism on ambien and the cartoon on the right outside of the screen was published making light of a trade war. and also it is not unheardo have cartoons killed every now and then. maybe two or three a year or something? >> yeah. that is my experience in the 34 years i've been a professional cartoonist, it is never more than two or three a year and unfortunately since march i've
1:54 pm
had 19 ideas or cartoons killed in that short period of time and that is a lot. and that is directly course pornding -- corresponding to that. >> and when sinclair forced the reports to tow the company line and be supportive of president trump? >> i -- other people could make that comparison. it does seem like that to me.t . >> i guess one other thing that just occurs to me is that i can't think of anything less journalistic than -- in america where editorial cartooning became what it is today then not letting an editorial cartoonist poke fun at the most powerful pethe universe. that is what journalists are supposed to do. >> right. and to be honest. and there is a saying that the newspaper is supposed to comfort
1:55 pm
the afflicted and afflict the comfortable and there is no better affliction for the comfortable than a good editorial cartoon. and i've always been an independent voice and i've always been somebody who comes up with my i and i'm not illustrator. i'm not there to illustrate someone else's opinion. i'm there to draw my own. >> rod rodgers, we wish you the best of luck. kep in touch. >> thanks, jake. and congratulations on your cartoon award over the weekend. >> it is a sketch on a napkin compared to what you do. thanks. scary security questions after a man warn-- wanted for murder -- shows up in the white house complex. stay with us. on demand tech support ittle as $15 a month. this week get boise case paper for only $29.99 at office depot office max. we had long deployments in iraqa was able to take care of my family while i was overseas serving.
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be sure to tune ton on cnn, chr cuomo will have sarah sanders and chuck schumer on the new show, cuomo prime time at 9:00 p.m. eastern here on cnn. that is it for the lead. follow me on facebook and twitter and turning you over to wolf blitzer in "the situation room." thanks for watching. happening now. breaking news. stormy strikes back. stormy daniels launches a new lawsuit saying her formerrn and lawyer michael cohen worked together to use her in a way designed to benefit president trump, included in the lawsuit, text messages which show a cover-up. and lining up pardons. president trump commutes the life saengs sentence of a drug offender after a white house t by kim kardashian and the white house has assembled the