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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  June 7, 2018 11:00am-12:00pm PDT

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it is up to attitudes of both sides more than preparation. there is no question, wolf, behind the scenes there's considerable preparation going on here. the stakes are high for this meeting and the first time that an american president sitting down with a north korea leader and going to be a lot more about body language and relationship. and the president said it is not a photo op. he pushed back on that idea. the white house lowering expectations for the outcome of any meeting saying it is a meet and greet. but the president saying it is more than a photo op and the meeting could extend beyond the slotted time of one day. it could be one day, a couple of days, three days if the meetings are going well in singapore. now, it is scheduled for one day. the meeting with the japanese prime minister shinzo abe one of the president's strongest allies in the region. he is here to have frank
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discussions with the president about maintaining sanctions and sentially, holding the line in ose meetings with kim jong-un xt week. so the president as he heads off tomorrow to the g-7 summit in canada, a meeting with the u.s. allies. the relations frayed with the u.s. allies and looking forward to meeting with the long time foe kim jong-un. a lot of potential in thing next days. >> we'll be watching in canada and singapore. a lot going on in the rose garden, we will get back to you. let's bring in the panelist, chief national security correspondent jim sciutto, snas national security analyst and chief analyst. a lot of chiefs here. we are waiting for the start of the news conference. the president said he prepared for the summit. apparently looking forward to
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the summit in singapore more than he is looking forward to the summit with the allies tomorrow. >> it is clear. he obviously has to go to canada. he is looking toward kim jong-un because he thinks it is personal magnetism or something that is going to make a relationship between north korea and the united states work. and i have to tell you that this notion that he doesn't have a lot of preparation to do is stung to me. i can tell you from talking to his attorneys they are saying we are not going to prep him so much for russia because he is doing so much work preparing for the summit. they are saying we are going to put off all question of testimony because he is so busy preparing. >> i guess not. >> -- of the u.k. and emmanuel
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macron of france, you are over there. walk us through how they view the president and the aftermath of the decision to impose tariffs on aluminum and steel imports from those countries into the united states. >> well, they're not happy as you know. there is going to be a deep chill. as dplgloria and jeff pointed o. here is the thing, the upset about the tariffs and upset that the president had to find that, you know, the only way to levy them was to call a national security threat and couldn't believe it and upset about the other things. the climate change which he did last year and the iran nuclear deal he pulled out. so upset that they may break
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with precedent and not sign end of g-7 summit declaration. this has not happened before. unless there is progress on the main issues. they say they will not sign on. a big problem particularly since the european allies have essentially bent over backwards to try to do what every should do, flatter president trump, work with him, understand his issues and policies and and work with him. and thant worked for them. they are in a big bind to be threatened on secondary sanctions. so it is a big challenge for the allies right now. >> it certainly is, jim sciutto, if you believe the reporting out of the white house, the president was reluctant to go to canada for the summit. ready to do what he did with the south american summit and send
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the vice president, mike pence. >> the most nervous players with the trade or north korea or american allies. they are nervous. they are not sure where the president is going to go and amazed by the president's willingness to break with traditions. and how the president handles the interest. he is going to be standing next to the prime minister who has skin in the game when it comes to north korea and intermediate missile range of north korea weapons. do the japanese knows what the intentions are as he sits across from kim jong-un? possibly not. are the japanese and south koreans nervous about it and makes a deal in the american interest or his own political
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interest. is he willing to put as a second priority, the interest of the south korean or japanese allies? that's a real concern for them and understandably so because this is a president that is willing to put america's closest allies short trift. it is a new normal to have that in canada or singapore. >> when the prime minister emerge from the oval office and walked downstairs to the rose garden, they will put their best foot forward is and there is the secretary of state, mike pompeo. he is arriving. they are going to try to be positive and there is daylight on several issues, including north korea. >> absolutely. and the prime minister put his personal politics at stake and so far not able to deliver on big issues like trade. this is an important news conference and meeting ahead of the summit. the biggest fear is being decoupled from the united
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states. that the united states is going to cut a deal and leave north korea with the capability to range japan. that's the biggest fear. they are going to put their best foot forward and behind the scenes and under the table there's going to be concern on the japanese side. >> and concern about the abductees and this notion of is the president going to raise human rights or isn't he? and this is a very important issue to the japanese. and you know, the question is how firm is the president going to be on it because these were people who were kidnapped by north korea. very important politically to abe and the president is going to have to raise it and abe saying to him i'm sure, you can't have a deal without getting those people back for us. >> the president acknowledged that and last time he stood beside the japanese prime minister and i know mr. abe, you want these people back and the
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president made public commitments before that he didn't follow through with. i'm sure there's a lot of nervousness with that. >> with the leadership and allies and canada as well. everybody, stick around. the president of the united states and the prime minister minister from japan will are speaking any moment in the white house rose garden. live coverage, right after this. it's pretty amazing out there. the world is full of more possibilities than ever before. and american express has your back every step of the way- whether it's the comfort of knowing help is just a call away with global assist. or getting financing to fund your business. no one has your back like american express. so where ever you go. we're right there with you. the powerful backing of american express. don't do business without it. don't live life without it.
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will be walking down into the rose garden to make statements and answer reporter yeses. the secretary of state mike pompeo there and going to have a second meeting with the president after. visiting and meeting with kim jong-un on two occasions. i'm anxious tomorrow the president is supposed to be meet with the closest u.s. allies and some of them all of them, that we're going to talk about are upset with the recent policy decisions. angela merkel and theresa may, and emmanuel macron. what does president trump have with these world leaders? >> we see it play out in real time. they try their best in varying degrees to put on the charm. whether it is the european leaders or the prime minister of
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canada, the northern neighbor and many others to try to work with the president of the united states. and it hasn't really benefitted them at all. i was talking to the former chief of staff of tony who is a peace negotiator and he says, don't forget the president pulled out of the transpacific partnership. the tpp. one thing that united the huge segment, if not the world against him. this is a dangerous thing because it leaves vacuums and this whole notion that i was hearing from european leaders of trying to figure out the chaos level that the president will entertain and the disruption level, and the stirring to see where things fall and what kind of opportunities they may provide. one of the problems is that it may due harm, more harm than
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good f. it does, others will pick up the pleases. the big winner out of the disruption now is china. they have a clear vision of what they want from the world and from the united states and they're pretty much getting it and even on the trade tariffs, the chinese are driving a hard bargain and not playing ball with the united states. and they stand to benefit strongly from the summit and from sanctions if they do get relieved of north korea. so i think in the big picture, that's the big picture. obviously, we have to say that it ask really important that this meeting will be happening because it takes the immediate threat of nuclear war, as crazy as it sounds, that's what everybody was fearful about and it sort of takes that off of the table and puts it in the realm
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of discussions. we'll have to see thousand plays out. >> we are seeing live pictures. mike pompeo and secretary of stet and the vice president and john bolton, ivanka trump, the president's dour and senior adviser to president trump. they are seated in the first row. the president and prime minister very soon will be walking down the stairs making their statement. >> and it is a great representation of just the different styles here. you saw the japanese team walk in. a dozen hard working serious diplomats working the details of all of the possible outcomes of these negotiation for months and years knowing that the president himself is going to make the decision without preparation based on attitude in effect applying what works in hudson yards in new york will work with a north korea leader.
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imagine how that unsettles u.s. allies who are used to process and detailed, expectations, different outcomes, how are you going to serve my interest? let's think about this outcome or this 0uoutcome and you have u.s. president calling the shots based on the way he did business in queens and new york. will that work in a nuclear negotiation? >> and abe spoke with him 30 times and considers himself a friend of his. what this shows us, the fact that they are worried and here now shows us that just because you think you have a good relationship with donald trump, doesn't mean he will then veer off and do something that will hurt you. and you know, this question of eliminates ballistic missiles of all ranges is a very very big issue for abe. as you point out, he doesn't want to leave himself vulnerable
11:18 am
but it seems to me their not choir sure what's going to happen. did he get assurances today from the president, that's what we are interested in finding out. >> i'm sure there are people who don't know. >> we know many times over the years including in interviews with me, the president as a private citizen and candidate railed against why does the united states need all of these troops in south korea and thousands of troops in japan and he was angry about that and thought it was costing u.s. taxpayers too much money to deploy 40 or 50 or 60,000 troops to japan and another 30,000 in korea. >> and nap jejapanese are going watching carefully. secretary mattis last week said that is not on the table in these negotiations but the japanese are nervous. that's like the canary in the
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once again we're waiting for the president of the united states and the prime minister of japan to walk out that door from the oval offices and walk down the stairs into the rose garden. it looks like there is movement and there is the president coming out with shinzo abe. they had a lengthy meeting in the oval office. a lot of discussions of the upcoming summit next tuesday in singapore. the president will make a statement and the prime minister and then open up to questions from american and japanese reporters. here is the president. >> thank you very much. today i'm greatly honored to welcome my good friend, prime minister abe from japan to the
11:23 am
white house. over the past 16 months we have worked closely together to address common challenges of which there are many, ceasen opportunities and address our nation. today we have had a deeply productive and valuable discussion. we have developed not only a strong working-relationship over the last year and a half, specifically 503 days. but a great personal friendship. i was honored by the tremendous hospitality the prime minister showed me when the american delegation went to japan last year. it was really something very special and we had the prime minister and mrs. abe as our guest in march ra ro mara la go
11:24 am
beach. from the beginning of my administration, the prime minister and i have been working to expand our cooperation in a range of areas including defense and commerce. which is what we discussed today. as i prepare to meet next week with kim jong-un and i want to bring up the fact that the prime minister and also president moon of south korea were extremely helpful, cooperative and would like to see something happen. it would be great for north korea, south korea, japan and the united states and the world. our partnership has been invaluable in reaching this important moment and continue to be in close communication with the weeks ahead including the issue of japanese, abductees which i know is of great importance to prime minister abe. i hope the meeting represents a
11:25 am
bright new future of north korea and indeed, a bright new future for the world. the denuclearization of the korean peninsula would usher in new prosperity, and peace for all koreans and north and south and for people everywhere. prime minister abe and i are working to improve the trading relationship between the yits a united states and japan. seeking a bilateral deal with japan based on the principal of fairness and reciprocity. we are working hard to the trade imbalance and remove barriers to u.s. exports and achieve a fair and mutual beneficial economic partnership and wre're on our way. the prime minister was telling us moments ago that they are
11:26 am
buying billions and billions of dollars of additional products of all kind. military, jets, airliners from boeing, lots of farm products. we're going to be more business with japan which is what everybody wants to see. there's never been a better time to invest in the united states. thanks to the massive tax cuts, historic deregulation and a strong trade policy which just begun and over the years extraordinarily weak trade policy. the opening of american energy and a return to the rule of law, our economy is absolutely booming. best its ever been. unemployment at the lowest level in nearly half a century and for african american and hispanic-american workers, unemployment reached the lowest level ever recorded. we welcome and encourage
11:27 am
japanese investors to open new plants in the united states and that will happen. the prime minister told me it will happen. we want new awe though plants going into michigan and pennsylvania and ohio. and japan is also remained a critical partner in our efforts to promote a free and open pacific region. where sovereign nations uphold the rule of law and respect the rights of ordinary neighbor and honor the interest of their people. allowing diverse nations to thrive and prosper all together in one beautiful peaceful atmosphere. that's what's happening now. prime minister abe a true privilege to work with you. my great friend. i want to thank you for being here at the white house for our
11:28 am
meetings today. so productive. i'm proud to say that the bond between our nations are stronger than ever before and together, we can unlock incredible new opportunities and achieve new prosperity and ensure the safety and security of our citizens for a very very long time to come and that's what we intend to do. thank you very much. thank you, mr. prime minister. thank you. >> translator: mr. president, i am so grateful to you for this meeting that you offered with great hospitality with such busy time with g-7 summit and summit meeting upcoming. i also would like to express my appreciation to the people of the united states for always warmly welcoming us as your
11:29 am
ally. in five days, u.s./north korea summit is to take place. i would like to pay my deep respect to the outstanding leadership to president trump that he made this decision that no past president was able to accomplish. in the last 18 months we spent many hours to discuss this issue. shall never repeat the past mistakes. while this sort is shared between us, we are able to witness an historic talk which will take place shortly. today, with president trump, our discussion was focused on issue of north korea. what should we do as we approach that u.s./north korea summit and
11:30 am
the stability and peace of -- on this topic we took good amount of time and carried out in-depth and candid exchange of use. i'm not able to talk about the details but one thing i can say is that japan and the united states are always together. i strongly hope that this historic summit in singapore be a resounding success. there's a beautiful town facing the sea of japan. a mere 13-year-old girl living there was abducted by north korea. 45 years have past since then during which time family members, single mindedly prayed
11:31 am
for her return and waiting. the parents became old remaining time is slipping away. it is the long desire of the japanese people to have her and all of the abductees come home so the parents while they are healthy can embrace the girl and other abductees again in their arms. of course, i wish to directly face north korea and talk with them so that abduction problem be resolved quickly. to this end, i am determined to take all possible means. on behalf of the citizens of japan, i would like to thank president trump and the people of the united states for their understanding and support towards the resolution of the abduction issue.
11:32 am
japan will continue to ask for complete implementation of the successive united nation security council resolution. there is no change at all for japan's policy to seek comprehensive solution of the abduction, nuclear and missile programs and realize real peace in the northeast asia. this is what japan strongly hopes for. now a major step forward is about to be taken. donald, president trump, you are about to make a new history. not only japan, but the whole international community is strongly looking forward for the united states/north korea summit to open doors to peace and
11:33 am
stability of the northeast asia. if north korea is willing to take steps toward the right direction, north korea can see a bright future ahead for itself. japan, based on the japan/north korea pyongyang declaration to settle and provide economic corporation. japan wishes to play the role as much as possible. donald, i value highly your commitment to world peace and prosperity. in closing, i wish to add that japan stands ready to make every effort to assist you in the success of the u.s./north korea summit. thank you. >> appreciate it. so we'll take a few questions.
11:34 am
we can start. general roberts, go ahead. >> mr. president, on the subject and i have a question for the prime minister as well. on the subject of north korea, how far are you willing to go in terms of economic security political guarantees with kim are you willing to move down the road to normalizing relationships and relations with north korea as the prime minister suggested as he was willing to at some point. you teased us last week saying you might sign a peace deal to end the war, where are you in that? and what was in the letter? >> well, the letter was greeting. it was nice, perhaps, i can get approval to put it out. it was a warm letter and nice and i appreciated it very much. nothing other than we look forward to seeing you and look forward to the summit and hopefully some wonderful things will work out.
11:35 am
so it was really warm and nice. we appreciated. i think, john, we are going to have a great success. i don't think it will be in one meeting. i think it will take longer than this. it has been going on for decades. something that should have been solved by other presidents. long before this point. they waited until the last second and they shouldn't have waited. this should have been solved by many others, not just president obama but other presidents. a long time it could have been solved in a lot easier manner and a lot less dangerous. so it wasn't and i will solve it and we'll get it done. as far as the prime minister is concerned, we will agree and have agreed that we are going to be helping, if the deal is done, we are going to be helping with north korea and working with china, south korea, president xi
11:36 am
of china has been terrific. it has been more closed than ever before. china has never worked with us this way and i give them credit. we are in a dispute as to the imbalance of trade. there is a massive imbalance in china's favor and has been that way for decades and should have been handled by previous presidents. but it wasn't, so we'll hand it too. i give president xi and president moon tremendous credit. they have been living with the threat of war from their beginning and it doesn't make sense. i believe that kim jong-un wants to do something. i believe he wants to see something incredible happen for the people of north korea. we have great opportunities. shouldn't have waited until this point, but we have a lot of great opportunity. john, please. >> mr. president, would you be
11:37 am
llg to go so far as to normalize relations with north korea and what about the idea of signing on an agreement to end the war? >> it could be. that would be a first step. it is what happens after the agreement that really is the big point. yes, we could absolutely sign an agreement and we're looking at it and talking it with them and talking about it with a lot of other people. that could happen. but that's the beginning. sounds a little bit strange, but that's probably the easy part. the hard parts remains after that. >> normal iedsiizing relations? >> that is something i would hope to do that when everything is complete. i know prime minister abe and president moon told me strongly they are going to go and help them economically tremendously. japan has a tremendous stake and so do they. we are far away. we are very far away. but japan will be helping and i
11:38 am
believe china will be helpingal. i think china wants to see something good and positiv happen. and certainly south korea stated their intentions. they will be helpful. so there are a lot of good factors lined up for north korea. tremendous factors that give it tremendous potential. it has tremendous potential because the people are great. we would like to see normalization, yes. >> and prime minister abe if i can address you as well, we know how important an issue the abductees are for you and president trump said at the last meeting, it is important to him as well and the ballistic missiles. did you get an assurance from president trump that he would address both of those within the first meeting with kim? >> translator: today, we had
11:39 am
long hours of discussion with president trump. good amount of discussion. on the issue of abduction, i was able to have detailed discussion and i think president trump fully understands the situation and supports the situation of japan. last year, president trump visited japan and on that occasion met with the families of abductees. i told you about the 13-year-old girl abducted. the mother of this girl met with president trump and very seriously intently listened t the voices and views of the family members. so president trump amongst the world leaders, i think he is one of the leaders who understands the issue the most. the greatest. so at the upcoming summit, the importance of abductee abduction will be explained to mr. kim
11:40 am
jong-un. what about the medium range missiles, as i said, the security council resolution must be implemented. all weapons of mass destruction and all ballistic missiles, these are the words used in the resolution of the security council. in other words, it must be completed implemented. on this point between japan and the u.s. and the international community share the same view. i'm convinced about it, thank you. next question, please. >> thank you, i'm from tbs television. i have questions for both president trump and the prime minister abe. you have not used the language of applying the largest pressure
11:41 am
on north korea. but are you continuing to do deal with the sanction and the denuclearization you will be ask before that. and what is the deadline for the denuclearization? and the question to prime minister, how to apply pressure to north korea and the tone of the language, are you in full complete agreement with the united states? mr. trump has stated that we are implementing sanctions and those sanctions are very strong sanctions. he also stated that until north korea takes the action, the sanctions will not be lifted and japan is in full agreement and japan's position is perfectly in alignment with the united states. and in our summit meeting this time, we had in-depth discussion with president trump as to how we should respond to the north
11:42 am
korea. and ask for the future policy on north korea inclusive of the u.s./north korean summit meeting and had detailed coordination aligning our positions. as i have already mentioned, japan and the united states are always together. japan and united states will be in full alignment to seek success for the historic u.s./north korea summit meeting in singapore. >> maximum pressure is absolutely in effect. we don't use the term anymore because we are going into a friendly negotiation. perhaps after that negotiation i will be using it again. you'll know how well we do with the negotiation. if you hear me saying we are going to use maximum pressure, you know the negotiation did not do well, frankly. there is no reason to say it. we in the meantime we haven't removed sanctions.
11:43 am
we have a list of over 300 massive sanctions to put on north korea and i've decided to hold that until we can make a deal. i really believe there's a potential to make a deal and i don't think it is nice going in under those circumstances. the campaign hasn't changed. china continues to hold the border. we would like them to do more in that sense, but they've been really good and the president has been very good. but maximum sanction is there and we are leaving all of the existing sanctions on and we have many many sanctions to go. i don't want to use them unless it is necessary. and i don't think it will be necessary, but we will soon know. okay. thank you. sager and jedi. daily caller. >> thank you, mr. president. i have a question for the prime minister as well. mr. president, you said
11:44 am
repeated repeatedly you were willing to walk away if they don't do well, what are the conditions of walking away? and if the summit goes well, will you be inviting kim jong-un to the united states. >> the answer is yes to the second part if it goes well. and i think it would be well-received. i think he will look at it favorably. so i think that could happen. all i can say is i'm totally prepared to walk away. i did it once before. you have to be able to walk away. if you are not able to walk away -- we didn't walk away from the horrible iran deal, since i signed that deal look what has happened? iran and in all fairness, i say it are great respect, iran is acting differently. they are no longer looking to the mediterranean or looking to what is going on in syria or yemen and other places.
11:45 am
they are much different country over the last three months. again, i say that with hope that maybe something can happen. but when you mention sanctions, we are putting sanctions on iran, the likes of which nobody has ever seen before. including frankly, north korea. that would have been the next fades phase if we did it or find it necessary to do. nuclear to me is always first. and we're going to be fine. with respect to iran. but we also sager, got something out of it that is very important. a lot of the people that write about this some i have great respect for but haven't pick it had up. iran is not the same country it was a few months ago. they are much much different group of leaders. and i hope at some point they will come to us and we'll sit
11:46 am
down and we'll make a deal that is good for them and good for us and good for everybody and great for iran. i expect it to be, i want it to be great for iran. if they would have walked our side from some of the horrible provisions that you know and as well as i do and everybody sitting here knows, we could have had a great deal. nothing wrong with the deal, but there is something wrong with that deal. we had a great opportunity to make a phenomenal deal. i'm prepared to walk. it could happen, maybe it won't be necessary. i hope it won't be necessary to walk. i really believe that kim jong-un wants to do something that is going to be great for his people and also great for his family and great for himself. okay. thank you very much. >> sir, would you invite him to the united states, would it be here at the white house or
11:47 am
mara lago. >> maybe here at the united states. >> you are the only one who didn't have a planned sit down with kim jong-un, you said you would be willing to do so on the matter of abductees. do you have plans to do so and would it be focused on abductees or would you have a discussion with him without the united states on nuclear? thank you. >> translator: of course. on the issue of abduction, we have to resolve this problem. with abe administration this is of the highest priority. and if anything contributes to that resolution, if the talk leads to the solution of the problem between u.s. and north korea or between japan and north korea, meetings we wish to have on the issue of abduction in the
11:48 am
final analysis determining kim jong-un and me and japan and north korea the problem has to be solved. of course, japan, for japan missile issue and nuclear issue very important. nuclear issue and missile issue, regarding these issues at the u.s./north korea summit meeting first and foremost, i'm hopeful for the progress. and on the issue of abduction, we will collaborate with the u.s. and international community and japan ourselves must talk directly with north korea in the final analysis. i'm determined about that.
11:49 am
>> thank you. >> translator: prime minister abe, i have question to prime minister and president trump. starting with prime minister, you have already -- on the abduction issue in order to hold japan, north korea summit, the premise is you need results for the abduction issue. what kind of concrete pathway are you envisioning to hold the summit meeting. in your meeting with president trump today, have you asked the president trump to raise the question of abduction at the u.s./north korea summit meeting in singapore? next is my question to president trump. are you -- do kim jong-un has maintained this position that the abduction issue is something that already had been resolved. so what kind of explanation given to the united states on abduction issue in the north korea to u.s. via consultations?
11:50 am
how should we approach north korea to seek solution for the abdid you can a abduction and what did you convey to prime minister abe today? >> is on the prime minister's behalf, he very much talked about abduction. it was preeminent in our conversation. he talked about it long and hard and passionately and i will follow his wishes and i will be discussing that with north korea, absolutely. prime minister, go ahead. >> at our japan/u.s. summit we had in february, today once again as president trump had mentioned already, i explained on the abduction issue once again and i have conveyed to him
11:51 am
the ernest wish of the families of the abductees and president trump once again stated that the issue will be raised at the upcoming north korea summit. at the summit meeting, concrete matters to be discussed, i would like to refrain mentioning this at a juncture. in any case, the positions were explained at length and president trump given his understanding and promised that the issue would be brought up at the summit meeting in singapore and i'm delighted of this. president trump and the international community, i would like to closely work with president trump as well as international community to seek solution to the issue in solving the abduction issue, japan itself needs to have direct
11:52 am
consultation with north korea. i have not changed my resolve in doing so. under this decision and result, what will be conducive to solve the abduction issue, of course i will have to think about the summit meeting for japan/north korea summit meeting. if we are to have the meeting, the nuclear, missile and abduction issue. the solution to these issues must be sought and i hope we will be able to realize a summit meeting which will lead to the solution of the problems. first and foremost, we need to seek at advancement of the nuclear and missile and -- programs to see great success for the historic u.s./north korea summit meeting and japan
11:53 am
gives our efforts in support. thank you. >> i'd like to just close by paying my highest respect and regards and love frankly, i got to know him well to the family of otto's family. he has not died in vein. to them, i would like to say that we were success fell in getti getting the three hostages back from north korea and the citizens are happily in their homes with their families and very happy.
11:54 am
they didn't think this was going to happen and frankly, it never would have, but it has. so i just want to we shall them well also. they had a tough journey. i respect the fact that we were able to work with the north korean folks and get them out and very well engrained and back into, they were telling me they are going out to movies and dinner and they are back in our country and it is a terrific thing. i believe we're going to have a terrific or modified success. in one form or another f it all goes. things can happen between now and then. i know many of you are going and i look forward to seeing you there and traveling with you. it is a long way. i believe we have the potential to do something incredible for the world and it is my honor to
11:55 am
be involved. thank you very much. thank you. [ applause ] >> the president of the united states, the prime minister of japan, they're walking back up into the white house, the west wing of the white house. they had a joint news conference, the president said at one point he expects to have a great success when meeting with kim jong-un in singapore on tuesday. maybe a terrific or modified success but could potentially sign an agreement to end the war after all of these years. sanctions against north korea will not be lifted until there is an agreement involving denuclearization of the korean peninsula. i really believe the president said, we can make a deal and at one point said is open to inviting kim jong-un to come to washington to the white house for a meeting. >> you listened to closely to what they had to say, upbeat assessment from both men.
11:56 am
>> well, i think so and it was designed to be so. you did mention what the president was saying at the end and it could be successful, or not successful at all specifically he did warn everybody to listen out for the words he used. if he uses the words maximum pressure again, we know the summit had not gone very well. he was broad in the outlines of what he hoped to achieve beyond saying it was essentially going to be a get to know you meeting. this kind of stuff should have been done long ago and a dangerous place than it used to be, north korea seance ince the the nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles. he went into detail about the possibility of offering a final peace deal to north korea. even if they did do that, he said that would be the beginning of a process and not the end of the process. the hard work would start after
11:57 am
that. the prime minister of japan more focus in what he wanted out of this. the abductees and the missiles and weapons of mass destruction. unless all of that is agreed and promised, the u.n. sanctions of maximum pressure should stay on. he said it over and over again. what happens if there's a successful meet and greet and good body language and agreement to talk about it and a peace deal offered but haven't extracted real promises from north korea and how do you go back and start again with the maximum pressure and sanctions. north korea has shown they have done things that people were surprised about. suspending their nuclear testing and suspending their missile testing. we hear that they are trying to tell the diplomats, they have to get with the picture. stood a different day and not the north korea of years ago.
11:58 am
we will literally have to wait and see how the summit goes in singapore to see where the next steps will be. >> a matter of a few days from now. what jumped out at you? >> abe effectively saying you cannot have a deal unless the abductees come home. i mean, he could not have been clearer about that. that that was such a big priority to him. he didn't want the president to do anything without that and the president said finally when somebody asked him, that he would follow abe's wishes. he didn't commit to making it part of a grand plan but a large part of the conversation sounded almost as if it is as big as the issue of short range and long
11:59 am
raeng missiles were. and abe was determined, completely and clearly said to the president without that, there can't be a deal as far as we are concerned. >> and you have covered that korean peninsula for a long time, tell us what jumped out to you. >> the telegraph, the goa for the summit beyondhe mee and greet which is the possibility of officially ending the korean war and signing a peace agreement. this after multiple changes and expectation management by the administration just over the course of the last sbeek a little more than a week ago there had to be a hard commitment of denuclearization swinging back 180, we're going to meet and greet and get to know each other and the process of denuclearization will take years. now you have an attainable goal during that time a good thing that not clear though, what i didn't hear from the president or the secretary or the president of friday, what has north korea committed to?
12:00 pm
what has north korea given up? have they made a commitment on the key issue of denuclearize? have they? they are saying they are still thinking about whether they are going to denuclearize. it is good to end the korean war but on the key issue of denuclearizing, we have not seen if they are willing to make commitments on that going forward. >> maximum pressure is in effect and could be a lot more. there's a bunch of sanction they can impose but holding back in advance of this meeting. i believe we can make a deal. he kept coming wup with that an said he is totally prepared to walk away. >> he is clearly here to get a big historic deal and wrestling with that feeling and his advisers are