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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  June 7, 2018 12:00pm-12:58pm PDT

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or the secretary or president offriday what h no to? what has north korea given up? have they made commitment on the key issue of denuclearize? have they? they are they are still thinking about whether to denuclearize. it is good but on the key issue of denuclearizing, we have not seen if they are willing to make commitments on that going forward. >> mum pressure is in effec be . there's a bunch of sanction they can impose but holding back in advance of this meeting. i believe we can make a deal. he k coming wup with that and said he is totally prepared to walk away. >> he is clearly here to get a big historic deal and wrestling
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with that feeling and his advisers are telling him go slow, phased and long-term process. you can see him in real time trying to navigate what he wants, something big like a peace treat yes i ay and what hs areling >> expert on the koreans and lo closely to the nuances from the japanese prime min and the president of the united states. >> what is so fascinating to me is that both leaders have moved on and they are both talking about historic changes. talkingng on the in dynamic of the region and historical shifts. we have moved beyond denuclearization as the most urgent issue and the focus and the global focus for the last 15 months. denuclearization is the side issue. it is astonishing to me that
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that is not the most urgent issue anymore. >> the prime minister leaving the white house. getting into the limo and headi couple of hours. he has been in the white house maybe three hours. this is an important moment in u.s./japanese relations. japan has their own interest on what to expect. >> and abductee is the pivotal issue. >> thousands of japanese citizens abducted over the years in north korea and still held tlnchs i don't know if it is quite thousands but the singl issue that became the hurdle and it absolutely has become and prime minister abe made itunfor mayor moment. it will is the only country in the entire region that has become eclipsed. it is not no longer about
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abductees but japan's security environment, economic environment, the only leader who had not met with north korea f. this is the historic moment when unittorically changes entire relationshi withorth korea and the korean peninsula and china's relationship with the united states, then japan is left out. >> how many abductees. >> i heard numbers over the years, how many dozens hundred is not the numbers anymore. the problem is for north korea, this issue was settled and if japan continues to make this issue, north korea will walk away and for north korea this means that it cannot trust. it is evident in proof that it cannity. do they deny that there are
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people alive who were abducted. >> kim jong-un made an official apology and made a deal back in 2002 with the prime minister and so that is the problem. it was prime minister abe when foreig that made that deal. japan will walk away. >> clearly, abe was making this case to the american people and a public message there. he made it personal talked about the young girl a made it in terms thathe distant peop but a young girl who was stolen. it was a smart way to bring it to the american >> and donald trump. >> referre the japan. that's a trigger wor t is going to -- using tf japan. >> like the persian gulf. >> if you spoken to north korea officials as i have and many of
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you have as well, for them, never really endedthey stille af whatan did to korea during world war ii. >>hese are sensitive. >> and south koreans toonchts the tensi-- too. >> and -- >> the south korea watching is not going to play wel in the plek today. >> another thing, how many times the president praised president xi jinping. tons of praise for president moon and xi jinping and not tons of praise for abe. >> the defense treaty -- and the
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other thing on trade. president -- >> it appears he is not aware. >> beyond the personal insult, there's a issue here. japan wants a trade deal with the u.s. you saw the presidentre publicly accused japan of a trade imbalance and unfair and mean fi meanwhile gave a trade deal to china. and the u.s. thrown a lifeline before negotiating successfully with oldest allies. >> at the very end of the news conference after the reporters finished their questions, the president went out of his way to express his love for the family and the student taken prisoner and returned in a sick condition and died within a day or two after the return to the united
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states. he was -- the president expressed his love for the family and thanks north korea for releasing theitens whowere i >> the americans have been released, if you are abe and standing next to him, you t aboz what's to happen with them. >> maybe it was the president's way to say i heard you and understand how difficult the situation can be by mentioning e wathem. he came here specifically to make his points. and to kind of just bang it in there in the oval office in his. i'm sure he left a lot of paper and said this is it, one, two, three, and if you are my ally
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friend, i talked to you 30 times, you have to know what will be upsetting japanese people. ande came toeliver a message. sounded like the president heard him. but it is unpredtable. >> another headline thatped out to methe p his said iran is not the same country that they were only a few months ago and took credit suggesting that ripping up the iran nuclear deal as far as the u.s. is concerned changed the iranians and not as aggressive and suggested the yemen and syria and lebanon and things are changes right now and he credited himself because he ripped up the irandeal. >> i imagine that they credited himself. iran, i mean, he went as far as rely different. leaders are
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tw the secretary of state, mike pompeo said iran made strong comments about iran's threat to enrich uranium to a higher level. what is the president basing the statement on that found for lack of a better phrase here on this issue. it seemed a bit of a stretch. no one challenged the president's straatement there. >> they are much different. >> what is interesting is he keeps raising the bar on himself by talking about the jcpoa as a bad deal and willing to walk away from a deal with north korea if it isn a good deal. talking itn negative terms that was a comprehensive deal he is raising the bar on himself ahead of the summit. >> this is the way he did real estate negotiations. told people you have to be willing to walk away.
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there were meetings in which he would throw a grenade and walk out. if he feelsght in anyway, shape or form which is why meetings are full of flattery for donald trump, he would leave. i ink kim jong-un is very well aware of that. sent him that nice great, and so i think that if people understand how to deal with donald trump now. world leaders, they are kind of used to him. >> except, that kim jong-un i the same way supposedly. they need to be flattered and they will walk away insulted. so we have a situation where we have two leaders and unfortunately one is very dangerous. what happens when you have two characteristics in the same room that will react the same way. we never had that.
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>> earlier he tweeted, at any time it ironic, to the in cansie and back home we have 13 angry democrats leading the witch hunt. thank you very much. extensive live coverage, that's it for me, in the meantime, the news continues here on cnn right after a qubreak. it takes to brew your cuic tolde first, we head to vermont. and go to our coffee shop. and meet dave. hey. why is dark magic so spell-bindingly good, he asks? let me show you. let's go. so we climb. hike. see a bear. woah. reach the top. dave says dark magic is a bold blend of coffee with rich flavors of uganda, sumatra, colombia and other parts of south america. like these mountains, each amazing on their own. but together? magical. all, for a smoother tasting cup of coffee. green mountain coffee roasters packed with goodness.
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. all right. we'll take it frome. i'm brooke baldwin. rudy giuliani unapologetic ands this stems from an affair she had with trump back in 2006 and rudy giuliani says
12:16 pm
he does not believe her because of what he doesionally. daniel's job means she hasquote. that is what he told a business conference in israel when asked how melania trump sees the scandal? >> she knows her husband and know it is is not true. there is slight suspicious when you look at stormy dan i know donal look at his three wives. beautifuly women. great substance and srmy i think -- >> you have respect on this stage, every women. >> yes, i respect porn stars. dow respect porn stars? do you think they don't respect
12:17 pm
women? and sell the bodies. i respect all human beings and or a one of substance and has great respect for herself and isn't going to sell her body for sexual exploitation. you want to bring a case, let me cross-examin b are in entitles you to no degree of giving you credibility any weight. secondly, explain to me how she can damaged. s no reputation. if you are going to sell your body for money, you don't have a reputation. >> those comments making all kinds of waves. diana bash hopping on the phone
12:18 pm
to talk to him. you had to explain that his comments were a thing over here and how did he respond to you? >> he seemed surprised that it became a thing as you put it. and what i was saying to him was, the reason it is a thing is because the comments that he made that you just playere in the eyes of many people antiquated. that it used to be that it was maybe understood in a broadsens sold her body and usually, that's used to describe prostitution, not being a porn star, but that aside they didn't have credibility and a lot of its empowering. it is not that black and as it used to be. i didn't suggest it in that
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detail, i said it is looked as auated and he pushed back. if you are feminist and support the porn industry, you should turn in your creasials a the br. if you are involved in a slimy business that says something about you and how far you'll go to make money, a real point about her is that she is not just yegenerally not credible, she's a con artist. and gave him sal attempts to do so in the quick phone conversation we had and he is in israel. he is not going there and that is very trumpian to not apologize and to ddown, as you know twonch. >> two things, this stormy daniels attorney aven, avenatti
12:20 pm
>> rudy giuliani is he is saying that they are not entitled tspect i hope we are not going to reach a place that rudy giuliani is going to decide which women deserve respect or not. his cnts are piggish and outrageous and he should be fired immediately by the president and if he doesn't fire him and condones this behavior, i think i disgusting and an outrage. >> two, on just the counter-perspective and you heard this. what about the men who pay and and the slimy business? what about the married women who
12:21 pm
sleep with the women with a newborn child home. that was theal gigs that trump denies and what about the men who posed nude and made money if it in the past. what would to that? >> i asked about what about the men in porn films? do they not have credibility? then i asked about men who have affairs with women who are in porn films and he said are you suggestg that you are talking about the president? the allegations about the president? and i said yeah, and i'm not going to go there, he deny it and say it is didn't happen. he was staying in his box and lane and touring a hospital in israel when i got him on the cellphone. so we didn't have a lot of time to go through hypotheticals.
12:22 pm
it was clear that he was not going to change what he said in israel which is very controversial and just the opposite. he is saying i stand by it and he said when i explained that some people view feminism differently now. he said i like my view of feminismetter. dana, thank you for getting up at the crack of down to get those comments. thank you very much. coming up next, free at least. after 21 years in prison. alice johnson. her sentence commuted by president trump. we will talk to you about that moment and what issing next in a moment. together in so many new ways. there's new cedar plank seafood bake. tender maine lobster and shrimp, cedar roasted to perfection.
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we are back and're watching cnn i'm brooke baldwin. home sweet home, alice johnson is there after walking out of prison following 21 years of incarceration. >> i told you next time i saw you, we would be outside. >> such a long time coming. we never gave up.
12:28 pm
>> thank you, jesus. canou imag? jon had been serving a sentence of life without parole and a first time offen and her casehe on the injustices in the system and became a prison reform. her release c one week after kim kardashian west met with the president of the united states and asked him to commute her sentence and west was the one who told johnson she was getting out of prison and this morning president tweeted good luck to al johnson, have a wonderful life. alice marie johnson with me now. alice, welcome home.
12:29 pm
welcome home, welcome home. >> thank you, brooke. happy to . you can't imagine how it feels to be back with my family. >> when you went in, your daughter was pregnant and the nowrughter's daughter was pregnant. after 21 years, doe freedom feel like? >> it is an amazing feeling. when i think about where i would be out today in this moment in time, it makes me all dayong i have been whispering lord. thank you for touching hearts and giving me another chance. this is a very humbling experience for me because i know that it is all grace. i know that it is all grace. it's a miracle for me.
12:30 pm
>> what would you be doing this time yesterday, two days ago or the last 21 years,d you be doing? >> a this time yesterday, i locked up but i was in rd ready to be released soon yesterday. the hour before, it said life d the out date, not any and an hour later it said, time served. if i tell you, brooke. i have those papers. th is when i broke again. i was so happy. my happiey. my paepper is wet with tears. for the paper to say life -- did you give up hope? >> i never gave up hope.
12:31 pm
not everyday was a good day. i would pull out my family pictures and look at my children and i hoped to see my parents again. but that passed, away while i was incarcerated, my mother in 2007 and my mother in 2013. my family is full of faith. i pull out letters. my sister sent me a letter so i can r it be encouraged. i read it so many times. >> so it is the family, the words through years and then there is this woman who it is my understanding, kim kardashian west, just a couple of people who are familiar with who she is. you didn't entirely know who she was up until last fall. she sees this article on you and on this website, and she jumps in and wants to help. flash forward t last week, goes
12:32 pm
to the white house and pleads her case to the president and here we are speaking today. she is the one who broke t news to you, is that correct? >> i heard my name paged in the dining room and i went back to my unit and the my case manager put me on the phone with my attorneys and then kim and the attorneys did tell me they were waiting for kim to come on. and when she came on, she asked me if i was ready to go home and i start screaming and crying and jumping and shouting and it looked like i don't know what the view was the people passing by thought was beginning on. i guess they knew this news came and my hair was all over my head. i can't stop jumping and screaming and the attorneys and kim was crying. everybody was so happy. >> will you get to meet her?
12:33 pm
>> i will, soon. >> okay. we know the president's son-in-law beenng on prison reform. a lot of people spending their lives in prison, minor offenses first time offenders like you. i'm sure you are wrapping your head around day-to-day, alice, what role do you plan to play in this fight? >> i will play a very big role in this fight. i believe because i'm o recognized now and my case is magnified through media, it has caught the attention of others. people don't know unless it is br before them. i'm thankful for the media that has been covering thu because they have magnified the plight of those serving these sentences for ent crim.
12:34 pm
i will be a force in this fight. >> we'll keep that conversation going. before we let you go, we talk about your family and hope, and you said you wanted your first meal at red lobster. have you eaten there yet? >> not yet. i went to the a one and they gave me shrimp but i have my taste buds set for red lobster. >> alice marie johnson, thank you so much and congratulations and welcome home. >> thank you. thank you. thank you for your support brooke. later van jones will be talking to kim can w at p.m. eastern. coming up, another woman
12:35 pm
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kate spade'sbreaking his si his teenage daughters ys ago. are devastated by the loss and i want toy l in its entirety. kate was the most beautiful woman in the world being the kindest western and my best daughter and i are devastated by her loss aan't begin to fathom life without broken andr already. kate suffered from depression and anxiety for many years and actively seeking help and working closely with her doctors to treat her disease one that takes too many li
12:40 pm
n touchh her the night be and happy. no indication or warning that shshouldthis. it was a complete sho it clearly wasn't her. there were personal demons she was battling. for the past ten months living separately within a few blocks and she wasiving with both of a. vacationed together and our daughter our priority. not legally separated, best friends trying to work through our problems in the best way. we were together for 35 years and loved each other very much and simply needed a break. this is the truth. anything else that is out there right there is false. she was actively seeking help forression and anxiety over the last 5 years, seeing a doctor on a regular basis and medication for both
12:41 pm
depression and anxiety. no substance or alcohol abuse. no busin problems. we loved creating businesses together. we were coparenting our beautiful daughter and i have yet to see any note lef left behind and i'm appalled that a private message to my daughter has been so heartlessly shared with the immedmedia. my main concern is our daughter. kate loved her so very much. th me no you to discuss the editor ricochet and columnist be bethany man dell and read your piece and it was powerful about your own father who you lost to suicide. tell me about the phone call
12:42 pm
that day that you will never forget. >> you never know when somebody is about to do t. andy is right, that there was no indication. the day he committed suicide, he was supposed to visit me at college and i had been there for about a week and i was texting him all day. where are you? we were supposed to -- there was a big dining hall event that i invited him to and he wasot answering my being text messages. so all day i was sending him teasing text messag and i was pretty mad he was a knno show. i got a call from my cousin. te, somebody is dead.dy call i picked up the phone and i'm like nobody is dead, she is just calling and she said bethany i don't know how to tell you this,
12:43 pm
your dad committed suicide today. i screamed about an hour, i just screamed. and then i sort of handed my phone to my boyfriend who i was with and got all of the details and this like 18-year-old kid got to tell his girlfriend you got orphaned today. it sucked. >> i applaud you for speaking up about something that we don't talk enough about out loud. you make that point in your piece. it is one of the leading causes of death that are underfunded and researched and thank you for talking about t. and you talk about the weight you carry for the rest of your life that bee spade will carry and that you are a survivor. >> it is not just that event. but any time something like this happens. robin williams was a huge trigger for me and i said it on
12:44 pm
twitter and people privately reached out, that was a tough week. because and even with kate spade's death this week, it is a horrible thing for her family but anyone touched by it, it is just this national conversation about suicide is so important but so painful. >> but lastly, you have said because of this piece that you wrote, you heard from so many people. not only people who have been touched but those considering it. >> that's what made me sort of come on tv. i planned -- i never written about it. he died 13 years ago and never wanted to write about it and i have been asked about it and it is not something that i want to touch. i was 19 and she is 13, same matter of death and same age. i feel so badly for her and it is an awful thing to go through. i expected to hear from people who had lost brothers and sisters and moms and dads and i
12:45 pm
have, but i received messages from a father, two fathers who said they have been considering it over the last year and when they read my piece, they saur their daughter's perspective for the first time. i didn't have the best relationship with my dad but it still destroyed me. when your parent decides to leave on your free will, it messes with you for a long time and doesn't go away. >> thank you for talking about it and sharing your story and we'll make sure your piece gets out so more people can use itting, the national suicide prevention hotline, 1-800-273-8255 thank you. we'll be right back. show me the movies.
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from sanctions to saved by trump, president trump just struck a deal to save jobs in china. that is correct. today the trump administration announcing it has reached agreement with chinese tell come giant zte, same company the cia and nsa warned about this year. warning zte cell phones are not safe and the company can't be trusted. this controversial deal with china comes amid report that is trump has little interest -- forgive me. let's go to the secretary of state mike pompeo. >> president trump has been and continues to be committed to ridding the united states and the world of threats posed by north korea's weapons of mass destruction and ballistic missile programs. these programs threaten our homeland, our allies and partners. and the broader nonproliferation
12:51 pm
regime. north korea's past activities also make clear that it is proliferation to other actors that creates a risk in addition to the primary risks. it is -- has supporting infrastructure that is also of concern. in early 2017, the trump administration decided on a policy we referred to as the maximum pressure campaign. the campaign enacted the strongest economic and diplomatic sanctions against north korea in history. the goal was to set the conditions for the dprk to make a strategic decision to denuclearize by the best ways to secure its own security. american leadership rallied the community to send a strong message we would not stand for the illegal weapons program. the president's bold decision to meet with chairman kim jong-un grew from incredibly strong and
12:52 pm
targeted campaign. the president's policies led to the summit that will take place on june 12th in singapore. back on march 8th, chairman kim jong-un expressed desire to meet with president trump as soon as possible. and then may 9th i met with chairman kim jong-un in pyongyang and xlaexplained america's expectations and secured the release of three americans. we view this as a sign of goodwill from chairman kim jong-un. the united states and north korea have been holding direct talks in preparation for a summit. a comprehensive, whole of government effort in support of president trump is under way. white house and state department led advance teams are finalizing logistically preparations and will remain in place in singapore until the summit
12:53 pm
begins. the president continues to follow every development closely and is getting daily briefings from his national security team. the fact that our two leaders are coming to the table shows that the two sides are very serious. the diplomatic model today is different. our efforts give us hope to find real success where past efforts have fallen short. president trump is hopeful but he's also going boo the summit with his eyes wide open. we've seen how many inadequate agreements have been struck in the past and you can be sure that president trump will not stand for a bad deal. the united states has been clear time and time again the complete verifiable and irreversible denuclearization of the korean peninsula is the only outcome we'll find acceptable. the president recognizes that north korea has great potential and he looks forward to a day when sanctions on did dprk can
12:54 pm
removed. however that cannot happen until the dprk eliminates its weapons of mass destruction programs. president trump and chairman kim will certainly also discuss security assurances for the dprk, establishing a peace regime and improving relations between our two countries. until we achieve our goals, the measures that the world alongside the united states has put on the regime will remain. in the event diplomacy does not move in the right direction these measures will increase. throughout the entire process, the united states has been unified with japan and south korea in response to the threats of north korea. i will be traveling with my -- excuse me. i will be traveling to meet with my japanese and south korean counterparts after the summit to continue to coordinate with them. i will also stop in beijing following the singapore summit. i will provide an update and underscore the importance of
12:55 pm
implementing all sanctions imposed on north korea. president trump recognizes north korea's desire for security and is prepared to ensure a dprk free of its weapons of mass destruction is also a secure north korea. president trump has made it clear that if kim jong-un denuclearizes there is a brighter path for north korea and its people. we envision a strong and prosperous north korea that's integrated into the community of nations. we think that the people of the united states and north korea can create a future defined by friendship and collaboration and not by mistrust and fear. we believe that chairman kim jong-un shares this positive vision for the future and we are committed to find a path forward and we assume and hope that that belief is sincere. we're looking forward to being in singapore in just a few days. >> as a reminder, we'll take a few questions. roberta?
12:56 pm
>> thank you. >> yes, ma'am. >> what progress have you made in narrowing the gap in your understanding of denuclearization and north korea's definition of denuclearization? has there been progress in bringing that closer together? >> yes. >> can you describe that a little bit? >> no. >> that was quick. john? >> thank you, sarah. thank you, secretary pompeo. as you mentioned in your remarks, north korea in the past has reneged on prior agreements made with the u.s. government. so i have two questions for you. first question has to do with your experience meeting with kim jong-un. do you trust him? and my second has to do with the negotiations that are upcoming with north korea. who in your opinion has the upper hand in the negotiations and why? >> so, with respect to your first question, i had a chance to meet with chairman kim jong-un twice now. i can tell you he is very
12:57 pm
capable of articulating the things he is prepared to do, present clearly the challenges that we all have to overcome. it's why the two leaders are meeting. it is the opportunity to lay those out clearly between the two leaders so that we can see if we can find a path forward. together. that achieve it is outcomes that both countries want. and your second question? >> who has the upper hand? >> yeah. i -- we don't think about it in terms of who has the upper hand. we know this is a long intractable challenge. gone on for decades. the president said previous administrations with respe administrations weren't prepared to do what we have done already. we can get concrete steps and not just words to resolve the challenge. >> pamela? >> secretary, first of all, the president said that he doesn't believe he needs to prepare very much. ahead of this summit.
12:58 pm
do you think that's a prudent approach and rudy giuliani's comments that kim jong-un got back on the hands and knees and begged for the summit to go on. whether he should be weighing in on the international affairs or whether you agree with the assessment? >> with respect to the second question, i took him as being in a small room and not being serious about the comments. i think it was a bit in jest. we are focused on the important things. i know rudy. rudy doesn't speak for the administration when it comes to this negotiation and this set of issues. you know, with respect to your first question, you know, progress, we're making progress. inch by inch. and we are going to travel there. this is different. the approach that president trump taken is fundamentally different. in the past, months and months of negotiations. they got nowhere. this has driven us to a place we
12:59 pm
have not been able to achieve before. >> dave? >> thank you, mr. secretary. the president said if the singapore meeting goes well, he'd like to bring kim jong-un to washington possibly for further meetings. has kim jong-un invited the president to come to north korea? >> so, i don't want to talk to you about the conversations that the -- that have been had between the north korean side and the united states. i'll leave that for the president to talk to but i want to get to and this is the other question about the president's preparation. so, in my previous role and i have said this before, you can look it up, there were few days that i left the oval office after having briefed the president that we didn't talk about north korea. so over months and months, days and days, president trump has been receiving briefings on this issue about the military aspects, commercial, economic aspects of it, the history of the relationship and in the past few months near daily briefings including today where we have
1:00 pm
been providing the president all of the information that he needs and i am very confident that the president will be fully prepared meeting with the north korean counterpart. >> having met the man twice now, what can you tell us about the opinions you have formed of kim jong-un as a person? >> listening to secretary mike pompeo. we'll keep an eye on this. "the lead" starts now. >> he has indicated to my personally that he's prepared to denuclearize. that he understands that the current model doesn't work. that he's prepared to denuclearize and that, too, he understands that we can't do it the way we have done it before. that this has to be big and bold and we have to agree to making major changes. we can't step through this over years but rather need to acknowledge it will take some amount of time and that the