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tv   The Lead With Jake Tapper  CNN  June 7, 2018 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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of the information that he needs and i am very confident that the president will be fully prepared meeting with the north korean counterpart. >> having met the man twice now, what can you tell us about the opinions you have formed of kim jong-un as a person? >> listening to secretary mike pompeo. we'll keep an eye on this. "the lead" starts now. >> he has indicated to my personally that he's prepared to denuclearize. that he understands that the current model doesn't work. that he's prepared to denuclearize and that, too, he understands that we can't do it the way we have done it before. that this has to be big and bold and we have to agree to making major changes. we can't step through this over years but rather need to acknowledge it will take some amount of time and that the model for succeeding, security
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assurance and political normalization, and denuclearization, completely, verify bring and irreversibly for that to take place we've got to make bold decisions and i am hopeful that chairman kim jong-un is prepared to make that decision for his country. a big shift in the strategic understanding of his security. >> are you -- >> thank you. so you said that you were -- the president's prepared to talk about security guarantees for north korea. we have seen in this administration that you can -- that when new administrations come in they can undo things prior administrations have done. how can president trump guarantee long-term security for north korea? and for kim in particular. >> well, look. we will have to do things that convince chairman kim that's the case. all right? that's what we will have to do. let me give you an example. we are hopeful that we'll put ourselves in a position where we can do something the previous
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administration didn't do. all right? they signed a flimsy piece of paper and we're hoping to submit a document that congress would also have a say in, that would give currency and strength and elongation to the process so that when administrations do change as they inevitable briy six and a half years from now, that chairman kim will have comfort that american policy will continue to down the same past that -- on the course that we hope we're able to set in singapore. >> we'll take one last question. zeke? >> thank you, mr. secretary. first, follow up on your comment on asia and document that congress would sign off on, a treaty? second, the top of your remarks you said that there's -- allies from north korea's wmd and ballistic missiles. is that the condition of the president with chairman kim that the chemical weapons part of that and finally can you discuss
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the format? >> i'll leave it to the white house to talk about the format of the meetings when the time is right. with proliferation risk, it is real. there's a history of with respect to north korea and the other difficult challenges in the world today. they're connected. the reason you want complete, ve if iible and irreversible is precisely. to the extent of knowledge bases, warehouses, systems, infrastructure, production facilities, i could go on, to the extent those remain the risk of proliferation continues and it is our aim through the cvid process and providing security assurances that chairman kim will want that we can greatly reduce the risk of proliferation ever happens as a result of of north korean action. >> thanks so much. >> one more, please, sir? >> sure. >> one more. >> sarah? >> mr. secretary? >> mike here in the front. >> can you explain the president's shift when he's gone from talking about a -- defining
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success for the meeting and denukization of the peninsula and now talking about the need for more meetings and what happened there and why the shift? and can you also describe your disagreements over north korea internally with the national security adviser? >> yeah. with respect to the second one, i have read a little bit about this. i love good fiction as much as the next person but it is without -- so much so that, you know, i'll be polite since i'm a diplomat now. suffice it to say, those articles are unfounded and a complete joke. >> also -- >> we'll disagree with great, great consistency over time. i'm confident. great. two individuals and present the views. i'm confident that will happen on issues from how long this press conference ought to go to issues that really mat tore the world. so it's absolutely the case we
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won't agree. i think the president demands we each give them our own views so -- yeah. your first question, i'll try to answer. i'll try to answer your first question, too. the president's always understood that this was a process. it's been very clear there would be a great deal of work to do this. i think you're -- you can interpret how you will but the characterization of that doesn't reflect the president's understanding about this process is pretty consistent since i've been working with him now almost a year and a half ago. >> thanks so much, guys weapons on the -- >> that was secretary of state mike pompeo. west point class of '86. welcome to "the lead." i'm jake tapper. the secretary answering questions about president trump's upcoming summit with kim jong-un saying north korea confirmed to the administration its willingness to denuclearize and to do so in a big and bold
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move. and also, that the u.s. wants concrete steps, not just words from north korea. my panel's here with me. let's dive in. first of all, one of the questions, phil mudd, start with you, was about president trump saying he didn't think he needed to prepare much for the summit and more about attitude than anything else. the secretary asked and said he's confident president trump will be fully prepared. are you concerned about that? >> he is a pro. we went from the president of little rocket man and the u.n. to a secretary of state of a clear sense of where we need to go and be complete and irreversible. he came from the cia and i'm well aware of a recent history of dealing with verification of iraq and got burned there and i guarantee you heard a lot about questions like what facilities do you get access to? how much time do you give the north koreans to respond to a request of inspection? the president will have to be involved in details but anybody watching secretary of state pompeo has to say he's game on
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regarding -- >> david urban, another thing that secretary pompeo said he was assured personally from kim jong-un was that the north korea's prepared to dem denuclearize, the current model doesn't work and needs to be done in a big and bold and major way. does that suggest to you at all that possibly u.s. troops, the presence of u.s. troops in south korea, is one of the big and bold ways that there would be some sort of deal? >> yeah. so look. there are a lot of things that could be on the table. right? in terms of the presence of u.s. nuclear weapons on the korean peninsula and neither confirm or deny right now. there are a great deal of troops on the korean peninsula. that could be drawn down to some extent. this president likes grand gestures, love to talk about the release of these prisoners. those things show and demonstrate goodwill. at a minimum of this meeting is
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a takeaway of something big on their side, something big on our side. that's a takeaway. first steps to continuing dialogue, perhaps a visit of kim jong-un to the white house as it was discussed earlier and there's more to come and see -- has to be grand gestures out of this initial meeting, maybe not, you know, ultimately -- this won't ultimately result in denu denuclearization the first step. >> one thing i heard from trump skeptics, simone sanders, president trump might talk a big game with how good of a deal maker he is but the evidence is not there and a lot of skeptics point to the president in the public negotiations he's invited cameras into with lawmakers back in january. sat down with lawmakers to talk about immigration reform. he seemed to agree to a clean bill for the dreamers. take a look. >> what about a clean daca bill now? >> i think that's basically what
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dick is saying. >> and then there was the meeting on guns. you might recall that. president trump said this. >> to go to court would have taken a long time. you could do what you're saying and take the guns first and go through due process since. >> there's no big legislative achieves on immigration or guns. this skeptics say what happens when president trump is not prepared. >> absolutely. you know, i was actually reassured by secretary pompeo just a moment ago but secretary pompeo is, in fact, not the president of the united states. why could donald trump not come out in that press conference with prime minister abe and speak with the depth and knowledge that secretary of state could? that is concerning. when it is donald trump that will be in the negotiations. i'm -- i haven't drank the kool-aid yet, jake. i'm not convinced. i really think that what we're going to see when it comes to these negotiations is a president that is willing to put on a show for the cameras and
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doesn't have the depth and breadth to go in there and have the hard talk negotiations. you cannot leave it up to secretary pompeo. >> i want to bring in cnn's jeff zeleny at the white house. in the last hour, president trump seemed very optimistic for that meeting with kim jong-un. >> reporter: he did, indeed, jake. he opened the idea of inviting kim jong-un here to washington here to the white house if those meetings go well. this certainly was a stark contrast to how the president anticipates allies in canada as he heads to the g7 tomorrow. president trump saying today his landmark north korean summit could lead to an invitation to kim jong-un to visit the u.s. but only if he's serious of abandoning the nuclear program. >> the answer is yes to the second part of the question but certainly if it goes well and i think it would be well received, i think he would look at it favorably and i think it could happen. >> reporter: with japanese prime minister shinzo abe, president
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trump said he's approaching the meeting with wary optimism. >> well all i can say is i'm totally prepared to walk away. i did it once before. you have to be able to walk away. if you can't walk away, we didn't walk away from the horrible iran deal that was signed. and if you look at when's happened since i signed that deal, iran is acting a lot differently. >> reporter: the president isn't cramming for the summit. he said in the oval office earlier today he's barely studying at all. >> i think i'm very well prepared. it's about attitude. it's about willingness to get things done. >> reporter: he said he's relying on the deal-making instincts for diplomacy. >> it is a question of whether or not people want it to happen and we'll know that very quickly. >> reporter: as mr. trump is poised to shake hands with one of the biggest u.s. enemies, his relationship with long-standing and loyal u.s. allies is taking center stage. as he travels to the g7 sum in it canada on friday, leaders of
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canada, france, united kingdom and germany are ready to give him an earful on tariffs that could spark a trade war. >> it will be a pretty crowded number of days but very exciting and i think a lot of good results can come about. >> reporter: the president complained that the summit in canada is a distraction from the north korean meeting. cnn learned he's asked whether the presence is required. but officials say he is on track to spend a day and a half there before leaving early on saturday. >> we'll have some pretty good discussions and as you know we leave from there. we leave for singapore. >> reporter: leaves little time to win over angry allies. the president made the priority is the summit with kim and keeping sanctions in place but he's retiring the term maximum pressure for now at least. >> maximum pressure is absolutely in effect. we don't use the term anymore because we are going into a friendly negotiation. perhaps after that negotiation i
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will be using it again. >> reporter: so the president saying repeatedly the meeting in singapore next week far more than a photo-op and could be extended longer if the meeting goes well. jake, at the briefing a few moments ago, the secretary of state was asked about rudy giuliani's comments about kim jong-un. of course, he said in the last day or so, kim jong-un was begging for the summit, begging for this meeting. the secretary of state says rudy giuliani does not speak for this administration on foreign policy matters. jake? >> all right. jeff zeleny at the white house, will have more on rudy giuliani in the next block. after all, the president's lawyer rudy giuliani has been saying all sorts of things, speaking candidly about foreign policy and any number of items. yet the secretary of state as you note just said that he doesn't seek for the administration. that story next.
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moments ago secretary of state mike pompeo said the president's lawyer rudy giuliani coming to north korea does not speak for the administration. >> i know rudy. rudy doesn't speak for the administration when it comes to this negotiation and this set of issues. >> he was referring the normer new york city mayor saying this in israel about kim jong-un. >> well, somehow north korea after he canceled the summit because they insulted the vice president, they insulted the -- his national security adviser and they said they'll go to nuclear war against us, they were going to defeat news a nuclear war, we said we won't have a summit under those circumstances. kim jong-un got back on his hands and knees and begged for
1:19 pm
it. >> hands and knees. not something that the administration wanted to convey to north korea. that's only the half of it. bring in cnn's dana bash. dana, giuliani stirring a little bit of controversy. >> that's an understatement. i thought what mike pompeo did there trying to laugh it off and send a message to pyongyang he doesn't speak for the administration actually spoke volumes because there was concern. barbara starr did reporting at the cabinet level of being spooked again in north korea as before. as you said, that's one of the controversial things that rudy giuliani has said in the past 48 hours. he's on a trip to israel. another one was talking about stormy daniels. i asked if he wanted to clarify or recant the remarks, the answer was no. and in a donald trump way, he doubled down. >> reporter: america's mayor visiting the holy land talking about a porn star. >> the business you were in,
1:20 pm
entitles you to know a degree of giving your credibility any weight. so you're gong to sell your body for money and just don't have a reputation. >> reporter: in the face of a firestorm about antiquated comments, rudy giuliani told cnn in a phone interview he's standing firm even waxing about his idea of feminism. if you're a feminist and you support the porn industry you should turn in the credentials adding about stormy daniels our real point about sher that she is not just generally uncredible, she is uncredible from the point of view of wanting to get money. she is a con artist. >> his comments are pigish. they're outrageous, especially in today's day and age and should be fired immediately by the president. >> reporter: don't hold your breath. julia any regularly makes attention grabbing comments that many dismiss as irresponsible. >> do you think that the mueller probe is legitimate? >> i -- not anymore. >> reporter: or way over the
1:21 pm
top. >> high ranking official in the justice department. so you got to -- a group there's a lynching mob. >> reporter: so far, his client, the president is largely okay with it all. first, because the slash and burn style is decidedly trumpian. second, because giuliani is chipping away at public support for the russia investigation. >> we are defending here for public opinion because eventually the decision here is going to be impeach, not impeach. >> reporter: but many fell he republicans are exasperated by giuliani. >> if i were president of the united states and i had a lawyer that told me i could pardon myself, i think i'd hire a new lawyer. >> reporter: especially this week after he openly talked about a trump legal team memo suggesting a president may be able to pardon himself. >> so help me god. >> reporter: and then the reality that trump's lawyer also the former new york mayor, a past presidential candidate
1:22 pm
himself who likes to comment on topics beyond the russia investigation and even sensitive ones. >> kim jong-un got back on his hands and knees and begged for it, twaktly the position you want him in. >> reporter: in a phone call from israel where he's still visiting, he told cnn he hadn't heard any concern from the white house about his kim jong-un commentary saying, i didn't say anything personally bad about him. but other republicans are clearly cringing. >> i like rudy. but because you can talk about something doesn't mean you have to. >> reporter: it's the downsides like getting booed on his birthday watching his beloved yankees. but he's also loving being back in the game. there's some bad news for giuliani. a new nbc/"wall street journal" poll tested the popularity and found more have a negative view
1:23 pm
than positive view of him and that's pretty much where he was when he had to bow out. he did run for president in 2008. didn't do very well and it's a far cry from where he was after 9/11 and the popularity sky high. >> i covered him in the 2008 race and showed none of this zest and pepper and pugilism. none of it. thank you. so much more to discuss. stay with us. her salon was booked for weeks, until her laptop crashed this morning. having it problems? ask a business advisor how to get on demand tech support for as little as $15 a month. this week get boise case paper for only $29.99 at office depot office max.
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1:28 pm
knees and begged president trump for a summit. does giuliani seem to know how sensitive that remark may have been? let's talk about wit the panel. phil, the argument was that giuliani making that president trump walking away from the table got kim jong-un on his hands and knees but that could offend kim jong-un theoretically. >> it could? remember the partner -- potential partner we're talking about here. that is third generation leader who has to ensure the image projected to generals and he just replaced some of them srks a man of power and you have this clown giuliani that the dear leader on the hands and knees? i don't think so. there's another piece to be aware of. the president is right to say if we don't get it we can walk away. you cannot walk away every time they thumb their noses at you and the president's temperament of walking away won't work if he's ticked off every time they
1:29 pm
say no because they will. >> giuliani is the president's attorney on the stormy daniels -- no. on the mueller probe. not a diplomat. should he maybe consider not talking about these things? >> yeah look. so the mayor freelancing a little bit. right? same guy went down to times square and busted heads and kicked the men out of new york. this is a tough guy. rough and tumble. >> dating yourself. >> yeah. okay. who's freelancing and may not recognize that, you know, what he says in israel is picked up in the united states. so he might want to rein it in a little bit. big personality. does get him in trouble sometimes. >> our friend maggie haber man just tweeted i asked about the first lady believes her husband regarding stormy daniels. i don't think she's ever discussed her thoughts with giuliani. >> hot fire emoji.
1:30 pm
look. one can argue -- little old fire emoji. is rudy giuliani -- could he possibly not be telling the truth about speaking with the first lady? gasp. look. i think rudy giuliani is a free wheeling liar that's willing to say anything he wants to say to make himself look good in his eyes and i think he thinks he is serving donald trump well and he is not. i don't want to take -- rudy giuliani married his cousin. >> and then a second cousin. >> oh. okay. the facts matter, jake. i don't want to take anything about stormy daniels or anybody else. you married your second cousin. >> today he told cnn's dana bash if you're involved a slime my business like porn says something about you and how far you go to take money. one question raised, you should remember donald trump made cameos in at least three soft
1:31 pm
porn videos of playboy. searching for a playmate. other examples of 2001 and 2003 but you will have to go to the betamax store on your own s. there an issue here of consistency and hypocrisy? >> give me a break. we are talking about credibility and stormy daniels and you have sean spiszer saying, yeah, within 24 hours i lied for the president. hope hicks said i told lies for the president. the president said starting with the birth certificate he would have to admit it's a lie. talk about the 3 million began tom voters, that's a vote. we are talking about the credibility of the stormy daniels. he hired in king con. >> last word, david. >> everyone in this situation i think needs to just get -- open the bibles. simone, right? matthew, judge not lest you be judged. >> i believe --
1:32 pm
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serious allergic reactions may occur. mitzi: with less joint pain, watch me. for less joint pain and clearer skin, ask your rheumatologist about cosentyx. as a private citizen donald trump trafficked in any number of conspiracy theories of barack obama's birthplace, wild claims of vaccines, smears of muslims an often doesn't seem as though the president really understands the difference of vetted, responsible journalism and the wild gases from the fever swafrs of the internet. a new cnn investigation looks at one of the most recent unfounded and unsubstantiated claims and traces it back to a most disturbing place. manu raju reports. >> reporter: a stunning claim from the president, a tweet suggesting the fbi investigation in campaign started in september
1:37 pm
of 2015. something not supported by the evidence or the testimony of the former fbi director saying it began seven months later. >> this investigation began in late july. >> reporter: the president's proof? text messages between two fbi officials. trump tweeted about discovery, spygate is in full force. but this may be where the president learned about the claim. >> unredacted texts and may have initiated spies into the trump campaign as early as december, december of 2015. >> reporter: that fox report came after the far right website gateway pundit seized on a twitter user with a claim of the text for foreign agents against trump. that got picked up bay reddit forum and cnn review of the text messages of the officials show no evidence to back up the claim that the russia investigation started in december 2015.
1:38 pm
the texts in question are not new and have actually been sitting on a senate committee website for four months. the revelation shines a light on trump seizes on conspiracy theorys to further the political arguments. like falsely claimed barack obama wasn't born in the united states. to his latest leveling unsubstantiated charges that spies have been placed in the campaign to help hillary clinton. >> so how do you like the fact they had people infiltrating our campaign? can you imagine? can you imagine? >> reporter: his critics are alarmed. >> it doesn't do our country any good to put forward conspiracy theories like this. to down play our -- and denigrate our institutions like the fbi and the department of justice. >> reporter: the latest conspiracy theory appears to have no basis in reality. the text messages in question focus on an exchange between struck and paige, a former fbi
1:39 pm
lawyer and traded thousands of texts while having an extramarital affair and the messages used by kritings to argue gnat investigation is biassed against trump. in december 2015, strok texted paige and referred to outside the united states and lures are first to enticing a defendant to leave a foreign country to be arrested and prosecuted in the u.s., a common practice by the fbi. paige said, no, implicated a much bigger policy issue. i'll explain later. might even be able to use it as a pretext for a call. but none of the text messages from that same time period of december 2015 discussed any kind of an investigation into trump or russia. though one time paige did share a news article about trump and called him an utter idiot. congressional sources from both parties who reviewed the texts said they have no reason to
1:40 pm
believe it's counter intelligence investigation boo the campaign. still that's not how trump friendly media portrays it. >> sent a tweet to the followers and then the conspiracy flourished on fox new that is evening. >> certainly appears that they were looking to put more lures into the campaign in 2015. >> reporter: republican congresswoman who joined the attacks said this. >> so this did not just start on the 31st. >> comey testified in may of 2017. >> i think he -- yeah. exposure as a result of that testimony. >> reporter: but on capitol hill on thursday some republicans scratched their heads at the president's latest conspiracies. >> i haven't looked at the evidence but i have seen no indication that a confidential informant placed in the trump
1:41 pm
campaign that acted as a spy. i have no reason to believe that. >> jake, four of the five republicans briefed on the confidential -- classified intelligence about that confidential fbi source don't believe that the fbi did anything improper in the way they acted and the justice department said it wants an extra step to allow the members to see the documents and briefed on contents last month. see the documents next week but one republican who's throwing cold water on the theories, richard burr, told me he doesn't know what document to show him to force him to change his mind and looks like, jake, the president's spygate not getting support of the people seeing the intelligence, jake. >> all right. manu raju, thank you. the panel is back with me. you used to work another the fbi. these are some of your people. what is your response to the theorys? >> i was talking to a teacher on
1:42 pm
the street and said one thing happening in the classroom. teach a child what a fact is. when you have the attorney general, the deputy attorney general, three fbi directors, that's comey, mueller and wray, you have the speaker of the house silent came out yesterday and said, listen, it's okay to me. the chairperson of the senate intelligence committee said it's okay and the president saying don't trust the government. let me give you fake facts. the implication is not just on the investigation but a child who says, i don't know what to believe because the president who has a podium tells me facts that my parents tell me are okay and they're not. it is significant. >> david, why not just stick to the factual criticisms of the investigation, the factual criticisms of his opponents? why make it snup. >> it is a matter of opinion here, right? hear me out on this, right? >> wait. >> wait, wait. let me illustrate. whether there's underlying conspiracy here, right? the president hasn't seen this
1:43 pm
stuff. did not review the e-mails. i would advise the president and everyone else to wait for the ig's report to pull the thread on a lot of these things and we'll see. cambridge professor making the approach, hey listen, if you're a supporter of the president on the other side you hear these things and already skeptical of the government. that's why the president was sent here. people that voted for the president didn't believe -- >> do you think the fbi director christopher wray and ginn money only to republicans is part of the deep state conspiracy? >> no, no, no. i'm talking about specific instances here, the e-mails. the play -- you know, cambridge professor made approaches to people in the campaign. >> right. >> hear those as a supporter, voter. people who supported the president look at those with askance. the fbi and as you said hasn't always had a perfect record. >> of course not. >> i point back do -- listen. a pennsylvanian offices raided a
1:44 pm
day before the election. lost the election. nothing came of it. ted stevens taken down by the fbi. >> simone? >> it happens. >> look. i'm not going to silt here and quote/unquote cape for the fbi because there have been questionable things that have happened in black and brown communities over the years but facts are not debatable and what the president and allies and a number of people trafficking him are conspiracy theories are just lies, things unfounded claims we should not be bringing from the corner crevices of the internet into mainstream america. it does us no good service and someone has to get a handle on the president. someone needs to say, sir, this is dangerous. what you are doing is eroding the credibility of the office and of our country. and i mean, he -- look. i understand he doesn't like the investigation. nobody being investigated does. but there's a bar that has --
1:45 pm
>> i want to give phil the last word here. >> look. it looks to me like heading toward an imperial presidency. forget about the investigation. what the president is telling the american people is if this comes out with information of indictments i'm going to tell you the indictments are inappropriate and also going to make the judgment that the only thing to do is to take people off the hook and that's to use the power to do this. >> thanks so much. republican and democratic senator next to each other literally and figuratively working together. no, your eyes are not playing tricks on you. stay with us. no one thought much of it at all. people said it just made a mess until exxonmobil scientists put it to the test. they thought someday it could become fuel and power our cars wouldn't that be cool? and that's why exxonmobil scientists think it's not small at all. energy lives here.
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a rare sight in washington, d.c. these days.
1:50 pm
a democrat and a republican standing side by side literally and figuratively working together. any chance this is the start of a new trend? senator elizabeth warren of massachusetts and senator corey gardiner of colorado, thank you so much for joining me. appreciate it. >> good to be here. >> i want to get to the new legislation and are there other specific areas you might be able to work with democrats to get something passed? perhaps pushing back against the president's aluminum and steel tariffs? >> i think there are opportunities taken in the past, past year, whether it's fda prescription drug reforms, opportunities to work together to make sure we're making progress on highway transportation bills, what we have done in the past. going forward i hope we find common sense trade agreements. we got to make sure we are not penalizing people across the country through the high tariff approach. i hope that's something to find
1:51 pm
common ground with republicans and democrats. >> senator warren, several colleagues seem to be now standing up against the president's unsubstantiated claim, some might call it a lie, that the administration put a political spy into his campaign. we've heard now from paul ryan, we have heard now from richard burr. do you sense any new openness in your colleagues to go against the president of their own party? >> well, i certainly hope that we have more people standing up for honesty and transparency and most of all standing up to let special counsel mueller finish his investigation without any political interference from democrats, from republicans, from anyone. you know, the special prosecutor has already come up with charges, 19 indictments or guilty pleas. this is a serious investigation. we need to let this
1:52 pm
investigation go forward and then make a report to the american people. and i hope democrats and republicans are united in that message to the president of the united states. mueller gets to finish his work. >> all right. senator gardiner, i assume you agree with that? >> yeah. i'd like to see it done sooner rather than later for a simple reason. we know there's outside efforts to influence the election of 2016. russia, perhaps others but we need that information now to get the voters that information and protect our systems going into this election. >> let's talk about the reason you two are here. senator gardiner, i'll start with you. you have legislation to protect the sale and use of marijuana in states that have voted to legalize. this year you opposed president trump over the efforts to crack down on legalized marijuana. you spoke to the president today. is he prepared to override his justice department to support your legislation? >> well, several months ago the president told me he continues
1:53 pm
to hold the belief he talked about in the campaign, states to make the decision. that was a belief that he reiterated today and i hope we get that support for the legislation. you're right, jake. this is a bill that says the states are laboratories of democracy. if the state decides,not the federal government changing the law at the local level. this is the state deciding to change the law and in that scenario then the federal government says, fine. states will be that laboratory of democracy. it will be allowed in that state so this is a real big test and opportunity for federalism. >> and senator warn ir, attorney general jeff sessions said as a senator, quote, good people don't smoke marijuana. he said it poses a very real danger. you think the stance is actually helping your cause? >> look. he has made it clear exactly what the problem is. and the problem is when a state like massachusetts or a state like colorado legalizes the use of marijuana it doesn't change federal law. and so, jeff sessions has made
1:54 pm
the statement that he intends to come in and enforce federal law under the circumstances where massachusetts, colorado and other states around the country have already changed their law lo rally. that not only creates a risk for people who buy and a risk for people who sell, it creates other crazy implications. so these businesss that are growing up that sell marijuana, right now can't put their receipts, the cash that comes in, into a federally ensured bank because there are federal laws that say if the source of the money is illegal, which would be under federal law, can't put the money in a bank. all kinds of tax crazy implications to this. so what senator gardner and i did is say, look, do a law that says if the states have acted on this, whatever level they have acted, medicinal marijuana, recreational, anything in between, if the states have
1:55 pm
acted, if the territories acted, if the tribes have acted then the federal government's going to receive and say your law is the law that controls within your jurisdiction. >> all right, senators, thank you so much. we hope to see a lot of bipartisan work for the american people going forward. >> i hope so, too. >> exactly right. thank you, jake. new information about electronic spying devices in locations including near the white house. that's ahead. stay with us. you're trying to lower your very hwith a healthy diet... and exercise. and maybe even, unproven fish oil supplements. not all omega-3s are clinically proven or the same. discover prescription omega-3 vascepa. the one that's this pure...
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tonight. senator bernie sanders joins chris cuomo on "cuomo prime time." you can follow me on facebook and twitter. tweet the show. i now turn you over to one mr. wolf blitzer in a place i like to call "the situation room." happening now, breaking new, no threat needed. president trump says he doesn't have to prepare much for the summit with kim jong-un saying it is all about attitude but he is already suggesting to invite the north korean dictator to the white house and normalize relations. is it really that easy? allies before a summit with a dangerous foe, president trump meeting with close u.s. friends and reportedly not very happy about going to the g7 meeting in canada after alienating u.s. allies with the america first policies and a move toward a trade war. >>