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tv   Situation Room With Wolf Blitzer  CNN  June 7, 2018 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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tonight. senator bernie sanders joins chris cuomo on "cuomo prime time." you can follow me on facebook and twitter. tweet the show. i now turn you over to one mr. wolf blitzer in a place i like to call "the situation room." happening now, breaking new, no threat needed. president trump says he doesn't have to prepare much for the summit with kim jong-un saying it is all about attitude but he is already suggesting to invite the north korean dictator to the white house and normalize relations. is it really that easy? allies before a summit with a dangerous foe, president trump meeting with close u.s. friends and reportedly not very happy about going to the g7 meeting in canada after alienating u.s. allies with the america first policies and a move toward a trade war. brutal police assault.
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four arizona police officers on leave after public outrage grows over a video showing them beating an unarmed man. we have the shocking images. and mobile phone spying. a report says cell phone surveillance devices operating near the white house and other locations. could president trump's conversations be picked up by foreign agents? could yours? i'm wolf blitzer. you're in "the situation room." breaking news, president trump says his summit with kim jong-un is ready to go, stressing that if there's a deal he'd expect normalization of relations with north korea. he also says that if things go well he could invite the dictator to the united states. and if things don't go well the president says he's totally prepared to walk away.
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i'll speak with congressman of the intelligence committee and white house legislative director mark short and correspondents and specialists standing by with full coverage. let's begin with the breaking news. our senior white house correspondent pamela brown is joining us. president trump seems to be looking forward very much so to a summit with a u.s. enemy even more than the annual get together with u.s. friends. >> reporter: that's absolutely right, wolf. president trump had an optimistic tone speaking about the upcoming summit with north korea saying he believes it will be a great success, even saying he doesn't believe he needs to prepare very much and as you pointed out he left the option on the table for kim jong-un to visit the white house if all goes well. >> reporter: president trump meeting with japanese prime minister abe at the white house. >> it will be a pretty crowded number of days but very exciting and i think a lot of good results can come about. >> reporter: it's just five days
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from trump's highly anticipated summit with north korean leader kim jong-un. >> i think i'm well prepared. i don't think i have to prepare very much. it's about attitude. it is about willingness to get things done. but i think i'm preparing for a long time. as has the other side. >> reporter: the president today knocking the notion that the singapore summit is just a photo-op. >> it's going to be much more than a photo-op. it's a process. they have to denuke. if they don't denuclearize that will not be acceptable. we cannot take sanctions off. the sanctions are extraordinarily powerful. i could add more. i have chose not to. but that may happen. >> reporter: trump saying he hopes for a normal relationship with north korea. >> normizing is relations something i expect to do, hope to do when everything is complete and hope to do. >> reporter: he said kim jong-un may be invited to visit the white house if all goes well.
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>> certainly if it goes well and i think it would be well received. i think he would look at it favorably. that could happen. >> reporter: while president trump's attorney rudy giuliani may have ruffled feathers with the north korea comments yesterday -- >> kim jong-un got back on his hands and knees and begged for it which is exactly the position you want to put him in. >> reporter: secretary of state mike pompeo shrugged off the comments today. >> i know rudy. rudy doesn't speak for the administration when it comes to this negotiation and this set of issues. >> reporter: but first, trump travels to quebec for the annual g7 summit coming face to face with key allies, many at odds with the president with the recent trade decisions. >> translator: for me, a question of principles. we can't wager a trade war between friends. >> reporter: this as the president seemingly more willing to engage with potential adversaries striking a deal to ease sanctions that brought zte to the brink of collapse.
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trump's top economic adviser dismissed tensions with leaders on wednesday. >> we are talking everything through. it may be disagreements. i regard this as much like a family quarrel. i'm always the optimist. i believe it can be worked out. >> reporter: and the president's globe trotting not without internal debate. the president questioning with aids whether it's really necessary for him to go to canada, questioning whether the meetings and remote quebec produce anything worthwhile. the aides warning him it is important for him to go. wolf, after canada, the president will be going to singapore on saturday. it's pretty clear that that is what he is locking forward to the most, the summit with north korean leader kim jong-un. wolf? >> a summit of the leader of the united states and north korea. pamela brown, thank you very much. let's dig deeper right now with the chief national security
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correspondent. jim, what shape is president trump in right now going in to summit? >> it is interesting listening to the secretary of state mike pompeo in the last hour involved this, met face to face as he reminded people today twice now with kim jong-un in the last month and he brought some clarity at least to the white house's understanding of what north korea is bringing to the table. how it is approaching these talks because you will remember last week, mixed signals of the president and secretary of state whether north korea made commitments or showed interest in denuclearizing. mike pompeo said the following in effect that he's been told they're at least considering it. listen to his language here. >> he has indicated to me personally he's prepared to denuclearize. he understands that the current model doesn't work. that he's prepared to denuclearize and he understands that we can't do it the way we
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have done it before. this has to be big and bold and we have to agree to making major changes. >> of course, prepared to denuclearize is a long way from denuclearizing. is that a grand grand canyon or a bridgeable gap? and part of the function of the sitdown is in answering that question and same time as you have mike pompeo saying at least the north korean expressed intention or openness to denuclearizing, the question is, what are they expecting in return? is it a price that the u.s. is willing to pay? a price that u.s. allies willing to repay and then how to be verified? for a president that tore up the iran nuclear agreement with measures. will the president be able to get to a place to get equal or better guarantees than received with iran and the iran nuclear deal? >> is the president, jim, threading the needle on how closely to embrace kim jong-un
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beforehand? the president said he's prepared to walk away and sanctions can remain. maybe even be intensified but thank kim jong-un at the same time for the warm letter that was delivered the other day. he said north korea will get economic help, mostly from south korea and china. maybe japan. not necessarily from the united states. so, what's the latest on that? >> well, it is interesting today to watch the president's comments alongside the japanese prime minister shinzo abe. you heard from president trump often in the same sentence both good cop and bad cop. as you said, reminding that maximum pressure as he's called it in the past, those economic sanctions, hurt north korea, brought them to the table. reminding them, as well, that he could ratchet them up even more saying that they had additional measures which he's not yet imposed in light of the spirit of the talks ongoing but, of course, sending the signal he could impose them if he's not happy with where things go from here and laying out same time
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the sort of offer of a bright future to north korea and the president repeated many times saying that, listen, if you make the deal, denuclearize to our standard, our definition of denuclearizing, there's a prosperous future for north koreans, business, there will be work projects, et cetera. that's essentially the trade that he is offering there and we saw in that press conference the president offering both visions for the future. more economic pain. or in the president's word, economic benefits. even economic wealth for north korea if they choose this other path. >> let's see what they choose. jim, thank you very much. joining us now, the white house director of legislative affairs, asis tonight the president, mark short. thank you very much for coming in. >> thank you. >> let's discuss north korea. republican senators and you deal with them all the time up on the hill telling cnn that administration officials have assured them that any nuclear deal with north korea would get a vote on congress before it's implemented. can you make that guarantee that congress will have a say in any
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deal the president might work out? >> i think that's getting a little bit further ahead. i know the sentiment of the senate said they would like that. you heard the president's comments in the rose garden today. we believe we have gotten to this point with the president's leadership and not just maximum pressure but allies aligned with us, particularly china is most helpful here and a long way to go. >> a hypothetically would you think congress should have an opportunity to vote on a treaty -- >> absolutely. >> which requires a two thirds majority opposed to a resolution of -- >> if -- >> that requires a majority. >> yes, wolf, if there's a true treaty and a complaint of the iran nuclear deal and felt a treaty should have got senate approval and the obama administration avoided doing. >> do you think the president would send anything to senate short of full denuclearization and north korea to give up the nuclear capabilities forever? >> president and the secretary of state made it clear they want
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full denuclearization that's verify snbl. >> what does that mean? >> yes. >> has to be full denuclearization? >> july. >> totally open to international inspectors? >> yes. >> do you think that's doable? >> wolf, i think that people have underestimated this president multiple times. he is anxious to have these conversations. north korea is brought to the table because of the pressure they're under. they can't continue to go in the direction they have and we feel find out. >> the former new york mayor rudy giuliani he gave some interviews in israel right now. and he said kim jong-un got back on his hands and knees and begged for this summit after the president initially said it wasn't going to happen. and since been rescheduled. why is the president's personal attorney making these kinds of statements about the north korean leader getting on his hands and knees and begging for a summit when this is a sensitive dip plomatic moment.
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>> as you heard the secretary of state say, it's intended for jest rightly or wrongly and rudy giuliani does not speak for the administration coming to north korea. >> you agree with mike pompeo? shouldn't he be -- if he's the president's personal attorney, shouldn't he shut up on these sensitive issues at a really potentially historic moment? >> it is a potentially historic moment. i agree with the secretary of state who speaks for us on north korea. >> the president facing serious criticism of key u.s. allies, going to canada for the g7 summit. american partners like canada and france and the leaders, they're really upset that the president -- that the president has imposed these tariffs on aluminum, steel imports. let's read what president macron of france just said. the american president may not mind being isolated but neither do we mind signing a six-country agreement if need be. because these six countries represent values, they represent
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an economic market with the weight of history behind it and which is now a true international force. what he's saying, macron, the g6, the six countries could sign a deal and the u.s. kicked aside. >> wolf, i think this president recognizes the trade deals for decades created an unlevel playing field and the president's trying to make it a fear and feel trade for more international markets and lost in the statements you just gave is the tariffs on imports of automobiles is four times higher in europe than in the united states. tariffs on automobiles going to germany 35%. china, 25%. on foreign automobiles coming the united states, 2.5%. in canada, tariffs on butter, 250%. on cheese, 300%. it's not a level playing field. >> i understand all that. >> to trade american goods in their countries. the president is looking to set a level playing field to reset it and one of the tools he is
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using is tariffs to get them back to the negotiating table. >> prime minister trudeau, in canada, number one trading partner of the united states, what really has angered the canadians is that you, the administration, are citing national security concerns for imposing tariffs on imported steel and aluminum from canada, our closest ally into the united states. and they say no one has been closer on national security for decades if not centuries than canada. >> it's not about canada in that case, wolf. it is about america -- >> you did cite national security. >> because of the reality of losing a manufacturing base in the united states that's essential to national security. that's what it's about. not targeted on canada. across the board. if we lose the stability to manufacture and produce steel, it is a national security concern. >> you heard in the very nasty, apparently tense phone conversation that president trump had with president-elect trudeau, the president may have been joking or not joking but he
2:15 pm
said something about the lines you remember the canadians burnt down the white house in the war of 1812? it was the british and not canadians and caused the controversy, more of the tension of the u.s. and canada. >> i read reports. i was not there for that conversation. i think that the president is obviously headed to canada tomorrow. we'll see what the conversations bear. >> what's the national security concern that the president has in mind in imposing tariffs on canadian imports in the united states? >> national security concern of losing an industrial base that's necessary for building weapons and basically having a industrial base to helps america in future foreign wars and not about canada but the manufacturing base in the united states. >> quickly on immigration, a whole bunch of members, democrats and republicans right now who want the legislation that you wanted. you and i spoke. it was in september of last year. and you said to me, we are not
2:16 pm
going to talk hypothetical of what happens. we'll get a deal in the next six months. been more than six months now. how close are you to getting a deal to allow the dreamers to remain here in the united states, have access, a road to citizenship down the road in exchange for greater border security? >> we're working with house republicans on those same four pillars laid out to you before of certainty for the daca population and addressing the diversity lottery program. we think it's essential. what's changed in the last six months, wolf, unfortunately, the courts ruled in what democrats view in their view saying that the population is protected for now and democrats not come too long the table and tried for a deal here. as you know, we need 60 votes in the united states senate. without cooperation it's difficult for us to get there. >> democrats say they want -- they're willing to give you -- >> i understand that. >> what you want on border security and make sure that the dreamers are protected. >> i'm telling you in the omnibus debate we put on the table a deal they offered and
2:17 pm
wanted before and now walking away from the deal, wolf, because they feel that the courts are protecting them. >> if you get what you want, will the president support a path to citizenship for the dreamers? >> that was on the table before. >> he is getting heat. >> if democrats will allow us to secure the border he is willing to make that transaction. >> all rightment let. let's see what happens. >> thank you for having me. top republican lawmakers are breaking with the president over his groundless claim that the fbi planted a spy in his campaign. will more documents of the justice department change their minds? i'll speak with a democratic member of the house intelligence committee. there you see him. he's mike quigley standing by live. ♪ ♪ i can do more to lower my a1c. because my body can still make its own insulin.
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more top republican lawmakers break with president trump over the unfounded claim of a fbi campaign spy. the justice department is preparing to show congressional leaders more classified information on that topic. joining us now, a key member of the house intelligence committee, democratic congressman mike quigley of illinois. thank you for joining us. >> thank you. >> what is the new information they're prepared the show the so-called gang of eight? >> i have no idea what they intend to show them. i know it's extremely inappropriate for them to show them anything. it's -- for an entity investigated to get information from the justice department sets a horrible precedent. it's been done i think once before. it was a mistake then.
2:23 pm
it's a worse mistake now. simply because i think the intent is to turn this information over to the trump legal team. >> are you saying you don't trust some members of the gang of eight? this is the most sensitive classified information. you're smiling? >> chairman nunes i think was working hand in glove with the white house during the entire russia investigation. nunes memo. >> what are you alleging? >> i think what he's done all along. with the white house gag order. released the memo as the justice department and the intel community said released sources and methods. >> but isn't that illegal to release that kind of highly classified information? let's say he get it is broiefin and goes to the white house and briefs of official and may or may not have the highest security clearances. that would be illegal. >> best indicator of future
2:24 pm
behavior is past behavior. the midnight run. briefing the white house. they went along with the white house gag order in the investigation. they refused to subpoena witnesses. they acknowledged that they worked with the white house on the nunes memo. so do i suspect to do the same sort of thing with this information? or help the legal or political team use this to help justify firing or pardoning people? i have no doubt they'll do that. >> sensitive information. can't do that unless -- he could be in serious legal jeopardy releasing that information to a personal lawyer without security clearances whatsoever. >> just remember rudy says they have a right to this information. >> rudy giuliani is the president's personal lawyer. he's not a government official. he represents the president on a personal matter. >> and i think that they have conflated this as we have seen with the discussions about north korea. i think mr. giuliani thinks he's the president's adviser on all
2:25 pm
things. acting like it. >> with the exception of devin nunes, the democrats and republicans with access to the briefing from the justice department all of them have emerged saying, you know what? we have seen no evidence that the fbi did anything wrong, didn't infiltrate a spy in the trump campaign. >> they're right but chairman nunes is not convinced. he goes off on a rogue investigation. without consulting us. sarah palins breaking house rules. >> congressman quigley, thank you for joining us. >> thank you. coming up, before the summit of a dangerous foe, president trump meeting with close allies. after the president alien yated u.s. allies with his america first policies and moves toward a trade war. stay with us. you're in "the situation room." i'll take you there.
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tonight president trump is facing harsh new criticism from two of the united states' closest allies. in a joint news conference ahead of the economic summit, the president of france and the prime minister of canada both said they intend to warn president trump new tariffs will backfire costing u.s. jobs and hurting the u.s. economy. the president heads to what
2:31 pm
could be a very angry summit in canada. gloria, could be a tough meeting for the president in canada opposed to singapore next tuesday meeting with kim jong-un. >> right. walking into the lion's den in canada and you referred to the macron tweet before who said, look, we are not going to be afraid of doing a six-plus one so this is a president who's going to be isolated by his friends. by our allies. and, you know, sometimes we treat our family for granted. and i think in a way that's what president trump r donald trump because he wants to do something that no other president has done before, be tough on the allies with whom he thinks we have been very soft and also win with our adversaries like china and particularly in north korea, do something as he continually points out no other president was ever able to do. >> a sensitive moment in the build-up to the north korea summit in singapore on tuesday
2:32 pm
and personal attorney rudy giuliani, his attorney, former mayor of new york, he got involved. he said kim jong-un after the president said the meeting was off got back on his hands and knees and begged for the summit to be rescheduled. the secretary of state mike pam poa said this earlier this afternoon. >> i think he was -- it was a bit in jest and -- >> the summit or -- >> we're moving forward. we're focused on the important things. i know rudy. rudy doesn't speak for the administration when it comes to this negotiation and this set of issues. >> nice little slap there. >> that's cold. >> at the president's personal attorney. >> yeah. let's remember, too, this isn't the first time. remember when rudy giuliani announced that the three american prisoners in north korea being released as they spoke and then days later. he's that public face of the trump legal team, not the only
2:33 pm
lawyer but the face and i think that's how donald trump likes it. his willingness to go far afield, whether a joke or not, i don't know how well that translates literally or figuratively to kim jong-un in north korea that they were begging on their hands and knees. if it's a strategy cooked up between donald trump and rudy giuliani, not going to rule that out, i don't know how smart a strategy it is, particularly because everything we know about this president as it regards kim jong-un and the summit he wants it to happen. even in the letter where he canceled it, it made clear there's an opening it could happen. >> and the opening did occur. some u.s. officials as you know and we have reported it before believed that the president's new national security adviser john bolton tried to skutd l the summit mentioning the libya model. gadhafi gave up the weapons of mass destruction, nuclear
2:34 pm
program and we all know a few years later what happened to moammar gadhafi. do you think giuliani was trying to do the same thing? >> in front of an audience in israel and make no sense whatsoever. as soon as i heard his statements, i was reminded of the fact that he really wanted the secretary of state position. after president trump had won the nomination and the election and one has to wonder if he is trying to be in the multiple lanes, the president's attorney and also sort of advisory secretary of state. i'm sure that was a nuisance to mike pompeo, the current secretary of state. and you do have to wonder how kim jong-un would react, so much of this is about propaganda and how he is perceived at home and as i was talking to advisers, they were shaking their heads and stunned that rudy giuliani would say that and a concern they have is the readout after the meeting and we have had
2:35 pm
numerous occasions where president trump has met with foreign leaders, vladimir putin, for example, and you see different readouts. so they had already been concerned about what the readouts might be from north korea and the u.s. before this statement of jewgiuliani. anything that he says to demean or insult kim jong-un would elevate the risk that this meeting doesn't go well if it happens at all. >> very sensitive moment. joey jackson, despite president's full plate, he had time to tweet this earlier today. quote, sanjay gupta it ironic getting ready to go to canada to fight for our country on trade, we have the worst trade deals made and then singapore to meet with north korea on the nuclear problem but back home we still have the 13 angry democrats pushing the witch hunt. he called robert mueller's team biassed and conflicted. what is your reaction when you hear that? >> you know, my reaction is two
2:36 pm
fold, wolf. one is a fixation and a strategic move to undermine the investigation. start with the fixation. if you look at the tweets and you had, you know, some sort of mash together of the tweets they would be plentiful with regard to the investigation and these angry democrats and it's no good and it's no collusion. et cetera. et cetera. that's persistent. you could say there's a fixation there and part of a largest strategy. remember, we are dealing with a master brander. right? and this to be clear is a campaign. what do i mean by that? themes to get in the jury's mind and angry democrats, resonates. witch hunt, resonates. how many time we heard that? co-oping the debate and believing that's what this is about. there's no investigation that has any type of merit whatsoever. this is a witch hunt designed to undermine me. and remember, wolf, at the end
2:37 pm
of the day it's about impeachment. you can't indict a sitting president and whether or not the congress has the courage or will to do and if the american people say no because of the fact no good, no collusion, the congress will say no and won't have the votes in the house and certainly have the two thirds in the senate and all goes away. branding. that's his message. >> look at all the great stuff i'm doing for you. the american people. and meanwhile, these terrible people keep pursuing me for no particular reason. i'm a victim here. don't you feel bad for me because i'm trying to do the people's work? >> absolutely. >> he knows that -- >> sorry. really quickly, yes, his campaign pr campaign works with the base but the numbers i have seen on the fbi and bob mule tore a less extent, fbi remains pretty well regarded which makes it harder for him to disqualify them outside of the base. >> very quickly. >> he also knows that nobody
2:38 pm
from the justice department starting from his attorney general who he bashes on a daily basis, jeff sessions, to especially to bob mueller, is going to respond. right? not fighting back. this is a one-way strategy for him where he's not really concerned about them standing up and defending themselves and something they typically and usually never do. >> there's more news we are covering right now. new outrage over police conduct after a security camera catches officers beating an unarmed man. later, illegal device that is spy on mobile phones showing up here in washington including right near the white house. who's behind it? and what are they hearing?
2:39 pm
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we'd keep mom at home. (vo) call 844-4-brightstar for your free home care planning guide. tonight four police officers from a suburb of phoenix, arizona, on leave amid outrage of footage of them beating an unarmed man. nick, what are police officials saying about this incident? >> reporter: well, wolf, the officers involved in their report, they say that this guy's body language suggested he was getted ready for an altercation. the chief calls this video troubling and he's launched an investigation. robert johnson been patted down. he is unarmed. officers know he is's unarmed but they say he's refusing an order to sit down. >> i ain't going to ask you again. have a seat. >> reporter: so they force him. you're watching security camera video of the apartment complex and this from the officer's body
2:44 pm
cams. >> they didn't stop. until he was knocked out. >> need to put all that force on me. >> the level of force is troubling. certainly at first glance looks like a mistake and doesn't look right and my job, our job to collectively investigate. >> reporter: the union tells cnn that johnson was not compliant and physically resisted what we feel was a lawful detention. johnson appears calm but not entirely cooperative before he is hit. afterwards, he's apoplectic. >> all of you all [ bleep ]. >> reporter: sitting on the ground is johnson's friend. a girlfriend called 911 after allegedly trying to break in the apartment. he said he was fetching belongings and charged with disorderly conduct. cnn could not reach him for comment. johnson's charged with disorderly conduct and hindering a prosecution for his role in
2:45 pm
the frackus and pleaded not guilty. this happened may 23rd. >> i learned about it last week so a week later. and i learned about it from a community member. >> reporter: that community member brought the security camera video from the chief and then released that and the body camera video with sound to the media. the department has now changed policy of punches to the head and face. >> henceforth, any strikes are only authorized in situations of a person actively fighting with us. actively taking a swing at us. >> reporter: robert johnson wants the officers charged, his charges dropped and he plans to sue. >> hogtie him. they drag him to the elevator door. >> don't start that! >> reporter: now, johnson's lawyer tells me that he doesn't believe that the incident
2:46 pm
racially motivated and said, his words, that mesa p.d. quote, doesn't discriminate who they hurt. wolf? >> nick watt reporting for us, thank you very much. coming up, they aren't legal but special antennas that can spy on mobile phones showing up at suspicious locations around washington, d.c. including right near the white house. so who's behind it? secretary of state assures reporters president trump will be ready for a summit with kim jong-un even though the president says he doesn't have to prepare very much. once there was an organism so small no one thought much of it at all. people said it just made a mess until exxonmobil scientists put it to the test. they thought someday it could become fuel
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tonight new details about electronic devices showing up in suspicious places including near the white house. brian todd, what kind of threat do the listening devices pose? do we have any idea who might be responsible for planting them? >> intelligence experts and members of congress say they believe foreign intelligence agencies could be planting the devices. . has real urgency. president trump, according to multiple sources, has been using his personal cell phone more and more often in recent weeks to contact outside advisors. one senior white house official telling cnn he's, quote, talking to all sorts of people on it. tonight new information suggests those calls could be more vulnerable to being spied on. a new report from the department of homeland security said there
2:52 pm
were signs that surveillance devices were detected as early as last year near the white house. the devices are called sting rays. or international mobile subscriber identity catchers. and they're not only illegal for nonlaw enforcement usage in america. they're capable of gathering a lot of secret information. >> it pretends it's a cell phone tower. your phone will collect to it and it'll collect things like the device number. it knows who you are. records of who you communicate with. even sometimes the contents of your communications. >> reporter: the department of homeland security isn't saying who they believe employed the devices. members of congress and analysts say they were likely planted by spies. >> the only people that can do this and get away with it, are people under diplomatic cover that could be china or russia. bob mayer said there's spy software called ss 7 used all
2:53 pm
over washington. it can listen in on cell phones and pick up even more content than sting rays can. >> i can take this phone or your phone and introduce malware into the phone, which then will bleed off over a phone line our conversations, room harmonics, and conversation of people talking, texts, e-mails. >> reporter: experts say all the technology capable of intercepting calls is why they're concerned about reports that president trump is using a personal mobile phone inside the white house. they say even if he isn't discussing top secret information, he could still be creating a security risk. >> whether it's him trying to get around john kelly by using the cell phone. someone could ask what is kelly going to think. he responds it doesn't matter he's at the pentagon now. that's not classified but that can tell foreign intelligence agency that. >> drastic measures might be needed to protect the president's conversations.
2:54 pm
the president is completely vulnerable to having his conversations listened to. i would take his phone away from him. there's no way to secure it. >> reporter: the democratic senator ron widen of the intelligence committee and other members of congress called on the federal communications commission to investigate the use of those interception devices. so far the fcc has resisted that. saying it has no particular evidence that the devices are being unlawfully used. we reached out to the white house but they've not responded to the concerns over those surveillance devices or the concerns about president trump using his personal cell phone so much. >> senator widen and other democrats are putting more pressure on president trump specifically over use of the personal mobile phone. >> that's right. they wrote a letter to the director of national intelligence requesting a formal threat assessment to determine whether any sense of information has been intercepted from president trump's cell phone be made and determine whether any
2:55 pm
foreign adversaries might have used the information. he's getting a lot of pressure. >> worrisome development, indeed. thank you very much. coming up, more key republicans break with the president over his claim of a fbi campaign spy, i'll talk with a key democrat mark warner. we'll be right back. ♪ (woman) one year ago today mom started searching for her words.
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will carry him through. rudy goes rogue. after the president's lawyer said kim jong-un begged for the summit, he's dmike pompeo is sa giuliani doesn't speak for the white house. cnn investigates the origins of the president's fbi spy claim. untangling the web of false claims. and secretary of chief. senators are demanding another investigation of the epa chief as we're learning more ways that scott pruitt tried to save his own money at taxpayer's expense. did his demand for discount meals give the white house food for thought? we want to welcome our viewers in the united states and around the world. i'm wolf blitzer in "the situation


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