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tv   Inside Politics  CNN  June 8, 2018 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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welcome to "inside politics." i'm john king. live pictures here of president trump and the delegation arriving. they're in canada arriving at the g7 after dropping a bombshell that escalated already bitter disputes with the u.s.'s closest allies. the president to meet with the group of seven, but it's much more in the framework of 6 plus 1. in come cases, 6 versus 1. everyone else at the meeting mad at the president's new trade war, saying tariffs on steel and aluminum and the constant rhetoric are a combination, leaders say, of bad planning and bad manners. they said g7 should offer vladimir putin a seat at the table again. russia was kicked out because of its annexation of crimea.
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>> russia should be in the meeting, they should be a part of it. you know, whether you like it or not, and it may not be politically correct, but we have a world to run. and in the g7, which used to be g8, they threw russia out. they should let russia come back in because we should have russia at the negotiating table. >> that remarkable statement again as you watch marine i there as the president gets off, that statement about russia unwelcome surprise to most of the other g7 leaders, and a remarkable gift to russia's putin. in one stroke the president of the united states creates another rift between the united states and its allies, and he welcomes russia back into a global forum. as we watch the president get off air force i, matthew chance is live for us in moscow. matthew, tell us, is there any reaction from the russian government yet, and how would this be interpreted? can it be interpreted as anything but a gift from the
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united states? >> in terms of the reaction, there has been a response already from the kremlin. vladimir putin's spokesman saying that we tend to focus now on other platforms, sort of dismissing or shrugging off this apparent suggestion or apparent offer by president trump to re-invite russia back into the group of majority industrialized nations. in terms of what the -- what people are thinking here, what russians are thinking, i think they're divided as they have been throughout this trump presidency. on the one hand, they see president trump promise a lot. he promised, remember, to make the relationship better with russia, but in fact delivered even more and tighter sanctions on the country. i think you're right, they're also taking a step back from this and watching their old rival, the western alliance institutions, effectively eat itself or self-destruct and turn on itself. they're not even doing it, it's
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the u.s. president, from their point of view, who is causing that disruption. so i think there will be some horror, some say some satisfaction on the part of the russians as well, as they watch this. >> matthew chance, stand by if you can. you see the president of the united states getting off marine i. he is running a little more than an hour late. the president is scheduled to meet with the group launch set to begin in a few moments. the president was first to sit down with the president of france, emmanuel macron. he tried the nice approach. remember the meeting at trump tower, remember the openness between the two. lately macron is calling it the 6 summit. melissa, what is it? we know the president is unpopular in europe, but president macron has tried. what is it where he finally
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decided to flip from trying to cooperate to open confrontation? >> reporter: after the american withdrawal from the agreement drawn after america's withdrawal from iran, it really took the terrorists to break that bond between emmanuel macron and donald trump. there was that testy phone call a week ago, the series of tweets from one side to the other, and now this suggestion that perhaps russia should be at the table, too. because of course tariffs are the main point of contention here. but this is a summit that's about so much more, john. it's about -- and this is what justin trudeau has put about the main context of this. he thinks his potential only ally might be the russian president. this is an extraordinary way to be kicking off a summit. i doubt you'll see that bilateral begins in a short while, if it even goes ahead.
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i imagine it will. few hugs we've seen in the course of the last month with a frosty atmosphere and two presidents are determined to show they will not back down from one another. john? >> the president on the way. you saw the marine i land. we hope to get a group picture of the leaders arriving at the group lunch. margaret tal oer arks lrkatalon. it's trump swinging a wrecking ball, essentially. it's a remarkable statement but we don't have it at the moment. i guess we'll bring that to you when we can. making it trump versus the world or at least trump versus the alliance. to see a public statement from the other leaders who at least try to gloss it over or make it friendly or say, yes, there's differences but we'll talk about
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them. this is a group consensus. the prime minister says maybe trump should come back in. but the trump style has infuriated most of the others. >> when you watched the twitter rival completely slamming the host of the event was extraordinary, and so was the 20-minute performance before departure. so many threads in that give or take, but of course g8 being the dominant one, and i hear unsolicited saying putin should get nothing for free. let's remember why we made it a g7. it was the annexation of crimea and you can't help russia with that. >> and i got something similar on the putin question saying this comes up a lot with the leaders. is it time to let russia back in? is it time to tell putin if you
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want back in, here's what you must do. but they talk privately and then they talk publicly. trump says, here's what i think, and upsets them in the process. >> trump says, let's all talk about this and make a move as one. he believes in shaking things up and he believes in shaking alliances up. they don't like that because they feel like they're getting knocked back at every turn, whether it's trade, whether it's the diplomatic process. then you take russia and throw that in the mix, people are at the end of their patience and they realize all the goodwill they put into president trump maybe isn't worth it. >> will the president be as confrontational with them when they're sitting around a table? will he be as confrontational with their tweets? it's easier to say things when you're giving a press conference
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to your home country, but here in the united states today, the reaction especially to the russia thing, here's chuck schumer, top democrat in the senate. president trump is turning our foreign policy into an international joke, doing lasting damage to our country, without any rhyme or reason. speck specificing on the russia question, ben sas srs erksasse nebraska. this is weak. putin is not our friend and he is not the president's buddy. he is a thug using soviet-style aggression. >> he's openly talking about russia, saying things about kim jong-un ahead of their summit next week, going after the leaders of canada and france, pushing the issue on trade.
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doing benefits for china like this deal with zte that a lot of people in washington view as a national security threat. these things are certainly not just upsetting the word orders, upsetting the word here in washington about exactly how you're supposed to navigate on the international scene. >> he tends to like that role. by himself, america first, being disruptive. everybody is mad at him. >> we continue to see this approach with respect to lethal aid to ukraine and then he says, we should award russia, and in no way do they deserve it. russia has killed people on british soil. it's not like they've been behaving better. you need better behavior in exchange for a reward. we haven't seen that. >> he didn't really explain why he thinks russia needs a bigger platform and a voice. as part of the summit -- there
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was no need for him to suggest it. it was an odd statement at that point. >> it was an odd statement from a president who has never said anything about the scope of that, and yet he comes out of the blue here. the conversation today was going to be the president was going to leave early because he doesn't want to sit and lecture on climate change by the other leaders. the president is going to be told he's wrong by just about everybody else at the table on trade. >> just to add to that, i do not have a pipeline into the president's brain right here, but we've seen, as he moves through this north korea thing, he keeps handing sweeteners to the people who keep pulling the strings. china is definitely the second most important one that maintains economic ties. it's russia and it's a prestige gift. this is the thing. you can't actually engage russia militarily because that would be a disaster for the world, and you can do these proxy fights if you want to. we did that for the whole cold
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war. that didn't go well, either. you can really stick it to russia on the prestige slaps. trump wants to do it the other way around. we knew they would be considered the lethal country of the world. to bring it back in is exactly what putin talks about. >> if they do cut a north korean deal, he'll have to get permission -- >> as the president was leaving, he said, we'll all be in love again. the president now leaving. he just landed outside in the summit area. also happening today, a sad day in the cnn family. a colleague, a friend, who taught us about food, taught us about the world because he was a great storyteller and a most curious fellow has left us. anthony bourdain. just ahead. can we fix this phone tonight? it's really slow.
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live pictures here. leaders' arrival at the g7 summit in quebec. theresa may, the british prime minister, you see there posing next to the prime minister and the spouses there. we're waiting for trump to arrive. this is the official greeting from the host country canada ask they' -- and they're heading in. the first part of the meeting expected to be contentious. a lunch meeting, as they call it. when trump arrives, we'll see if there's any conversation. before leaving for canada, the president showing off his love for the power pardon today. the power to pardon, he says, is a beautiful thing. he has plans to use it. he literally is looking at, quote, thousands of public pardons, but that doesn't mean he sees any need to use that power for himself. >> no, no, i'm not above the law. i never want anybody to be above the law. but the pardons are a very positive thing for a president. i think you see the way i'm
9:18 am
using them, and yes, i do have an absolute right to pardon myself, but i'll never have to do it because i didn't do anything wrong. and everybody knows it. there's been no collusion, there's been no obstruction, it's all a made-up fantasy, it's a witch hunt. no collusion, no obstruction, no nothing. >> a very familiar president trump there. no collusion, no obstruction, it's all a witch hunt. we can talk about that. but also it's interesting, this pardon thing, he has been build in him. but when you watch him talking today, the energy in his face, the energy in his voice, he does love this. i don't know if obsessed is the right word, but there's the substance of it, is it right to do in this case, in that case? is there a political message where he's pardoning people ahead of the russia investigation. >> he doesn't like things
9:19 am
unchecked. he gets very frustrated when he doesn't get things through congress. this is a power he can essentially do without any recourse whatsoever from anybody that has any concerns about it. not really -- and the question that you raise is what message is he trying to send? he was asked directly if he's considering a pardon for paul manafort, for michael cohen. he said they haven't been charged with anything yet. but still, if you wanted to pardon them now, he probably presumably could. richard nixon was pardoned before he was charged. >> when he's talking about the drug-trafficking grandmother he let out yesterday, anything he does, it's hard to separate the two. one of the criticisms has been, is he doing his homework here? do they have the right process in place? there was an example of that today. the president at great lengths talking about mohammad ali. first teasing, saying, i'm thinking about pardoning
9:20 am
somebody. you know him, he was controversial. then it was mohammad ali. his attorneys have sent a statement saying, we appreciate president trump's sentiment but a pardon is unnecessary. the u.s. supreme court overturned the conviction of mohammad ali in a unanimous decision in 1971. there is no conviction from which a pardon is needed. they made a mistake here, but that has been one of the criticisms. is the president so in a rush to do this that people aren't rushing in with paperwork and due diligence. >> we have to see some things unfold, but part of what the president's thinking has been in the last few days has been a way to appeal to minority communities, particular the african-american communities, as he goes through the process. it's safe to say that president obama and his administration considered thousands of applications for clemency or pardon, et cetera, mostly for non-violent drug offenders.
9:21 am
there was a process for that, and maybe it's a slightly different process than this one. the difference is what you saw with kim kardashian and that interaction, what you're seeing about discussions with, is to say, i'm interested in your plot, i'm interested in your plot. part of the reason he continually goes after public athletes that does not well are they unjustly incarcerated? >> is this an intended olive brarchl fr branch from the president? the president has said in the past that the kneeling is disrespective of the flag. today the president actually acknowledged that the players
9:22 am
are doing this for racial injustice. you see first lady melania trump not traveling with the president. he is solo at the g7. he said her doctors told her not to fly because of her previous problem with a kidney. this is just south of quebec. it's a beautiful sight as you see the lake there. president macron and president trump about to shake hands. these two have sparred fiercely over the past several hours. watch the handshake. the canadians, frankly, aghast that they have been called a national security risk to the united states. the president in turn having a testy call with prime minister trudeau in which he misquoted history about who burned down the white house in 1812, we are
9:23 am
told, but also saying again that the canadians impose on fair tariffs on americans. you see a show of friendship and politeness as the leaders head in with the president of the united states. now they go to a working lunch. we'll continue to watch this after they're finished. the conversation in social media is different than the conversation when they're around the table. we'll see, we'll keep an eye on this. back to the pardoning question. i was struck this morning when the president for the first time acknowledged that these athletes who are kneeling are doing it because of racial injustice. what he sees is disrespect for other americans, whether it's a black person gets pulled over.
9:24 am
history tells you the court system will be much harder for an saying, i'd like some ideas from these players. >> i'm going to ask all of these people to recommend to me, because that's what they're protesting, people that they thi think. i'm going to have them recommend to me people or friends they know about, and i'm going to take a look at those applications. if i find and my committee finds that they're unfairly treated, then we will pardon them or at least let them out. >> do we see any potential detante, cooperation? i don't know what the right word is here. if nothing else, the president has acknowledged their grievance, which he has not in the past.
9:25 am
et he said it's unamerican, you're protesting the flag. they would say it's an attack. >> at the end of the day, the problem here is this does have a reality game show feel to it where people with power can get their faces seen here. he's obviously given pardons for people who are deserving, who is undeserving. >> i also don't know if he hit the planet dutont, and is the next point of. i don't know how you hit resolution with this, especially because we're getting into a new football season next month.
9:26 am
the president takes offense very easily, and people will switch up their play because this is going to be a much calmer communication and what's behind is this and the president shows that he reacts. did he reach out? the president said he didn't want a summit of all the white players. he doesn't get. do you want to know the most complicated thing? the gift, when we return.
9:27 am
there is a history of injustice in this country that goes back to the very first day. but there's also a history of people pushing for justice. when we think about fighting the injustice that is this president, i think we should take pride
9:28 am
in trying to be part of that tradition. we have a president that has lied over and over again. you know, donald trump is not a law-abiding citizen. president trump has made an abomination of the office.
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budapest, i don't know why it took me so long to get here. everybody said it was great. it is, in fact, great. a mash-up of cool stuff. we haven't even talked about spam. in a spectacular environment. i think what i should tell you is this. hawaii, it's awesome. don't come here. i don't want to get all heavy and philosophical at this point. why i'm here, what my mission is, what i expect to find. basically me retracing my steps in all that, we'll talk about that later. right now, noodles! >> that smile tells you all. a man perfectly in his element traveling the world, eating amazing food and telling fantastic stories with no filters. we're all reeling here in our family about the death of
9:32 am
anthony bourdain. his untimely death at just 61 years old. a revealing and personal profile of anthony bourdain last week. there is an outpouring of sadness and recollections from viewers today. what are they saying? >> i was looking at andrew zimmer and the chef has a great line about tony. he said tony is a symphony. a best-selling author then, a television icon. he did it all, he seemed to have it all. he lived. oh, did he live. he was endlessly curious, fearless, a restless spirit taking us all over the world. i heard a lot of viewers say they feel like they lost a friend. they never met him in person but they feel like they know him so well thanks to "parts unknown." you know bourdain sat down with
9:33 am
obama, obama showing a picture from that visit and saying, this is how i'll remember tony. he taught us about food, but more importantly, about its ability to bring us together. to make us a little less afraid about the unknown. we will miss him. i think we all have bourdain stories. i was thinking about my honeymoon, going to singapore, we had to go to this chicken shack in the middle of nowhere because anthony had talked about it on television. and it was delicious. everybody ate up bourdain's advice, his sense of adventure and his love for life. >> the place in the middle of nowhere is the place you always want to find. anthony gave us a map around the world. in your profile you wrote about anthony's relationship with argento. by the time he met him, he gave us on the concept of romantic love. i was dead, he said. now he keeps fruit loops and boo
9:34 am
berries in his kitchen for when his kids visit him. his fearless spirit touched so many and his generosity knew no bounds. he was my love, my rock, my protector. i am beyond devastated. our thoughts are with his family. i would appreciate it if you respect their privacy and mine. often when you speak with celebrities, you say, i'll give you 20 minutes, i'll give you half an hour. take us inside and talk about asia and others who defined and shaped his life. >> first of all, i want to express my condolences to all of to tony's friends and family. it was really interesting to see him and sit with him. when i did in january, he was very clearly a man in love. he was blushing over it, and for that reason, i think he wanted to keep it really personal and
9:35 am
private. it was really one of the only parts of our conversation that was off the record. but there was a feeling surrounding it that was palpable in the room like so many things are with tony. one of the reasons people loved him so much was because when he said things, you could feel him. that was one of his gifts. >> any sense of the isolation? a great quote, but you ask bourdain if his many projects exhaust him, does he want to seek more balance in his life. he says, too late for that. he says, i think about it, i aspire to it. i feel guilt by it. i yearn for it. balance? i f-ing wish. >> he felt deeply, he had deep convictions about what he was doing. but he also recognized that he
9:36 am
had possibly made mistakes in his life, things he wanted to correct, things he wanted to resolve, things he wanted to keep doing as himself. he was a day-to-day project doing the best he could. he was always really honest about it. i think one of the reasons he was so attractive to people is because he was real. we all have problems. we all have dark thoughts. bourdain put it right on the surface. he put it in his writing and kept doing itthe last20ears. >> and brian, how he writes about this, you got to see it being in new york and part of the family. he writes, there are some people in our business, let's be honest, who really don't care about the guy behind the camera, don't spend much time in the edit bay talking about how all the pieces come together. anthony did care about that. he tweeted about the music. he was in the edit bays. how did he change television? >> this is a video he posted a few days ago, working behind the
9:37 am
scenes, working on upcoming episodes of "parts unknown." that's part of the mystery, john. he was in france working on an upcoming episode. he seemed to be enjoying the production as he has for years. there is an episode that aired in the past few weeks. he brought this documentary style to cnn for the first time. he certainly changed cnn in that way. it was a new way to tell stories, it was a new kind of journalism. not sitting down with people to interrogate them, but sitting down to a meal, to tell a story and have a conversation. he certainly changed the face of cnn and i think probably changed the face of television. that's one of his many, many contributions and partly why it's such a devastating loss for all of us here. >> well put. i could not agree more. we cover less and less international news on domestic cable and domestic broadcasting right now. tony had a gift. he was a spectacular storyteller, but you didn't know
9:38 am
you were learning about the politics and culture of the area. you thought you were learning about food and drink. sadly for us, anthony bourdain will be missed. we'll be right back. for only $29.99 at office depot office max. ♪ with expedia you could book a flight, hotel, car and activity all in one place.
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new this hour, house democrats formally requesting that the justice department and the fbi open a criminal investigation into the epa administrator scott pruitt's conduct in office. pruitt already facing nearly 13 federal reviews. other than that, president trump this morning giving him a blessing. sort of. >> scott pruitt is doing a great
9:43 am
job within the walls of the epa. we're setting records. outside he's being attacked very viciously by the press, and i'm not saying that he's blameless, but we'll see what happens. >> we'll see what happens, the president says. even in friendly territory this morning, pruitt learning you can't escape your controversies. a speech this morning, it's a religious freedom summit, pruitt interrupted by a protester holding a lotion bottle. that in reference to a report he used a security detail to track down his favorite brand of moisturizer. to hear pruitt tell it, this is all overblown. he's just a victim of the anti-trump left. >> the left doesn't want to talk about truth. the left doesn't want to talk about results. they just want to shout and intimidate as opposed to talking about what's being done in this administration. there is a great deal being done in this country. with great change, we can talk
9:44 am
about opposition. >> it is true he spent so much on security details. it is true he spent $1500 on a handful of fountain pens. it is true he stayed in a sweetheart deal in a lobbyist's condominium. it is true he had tax funded an employee, tried to make a deal with chick-fil-a so his wife could get a chick-fil-a franchise. those things are true. >> don't leave out the mattress. >> it's all petty going to comical petty. is trump along for the laughs at this point? it's not quite clear. you have people like joni ernst saying it's as swampy as it can get. i don't think how long this can last. >> it seems like the president could easily try to move him aside at this point. there are plenty of people in the administration that would keep the policies alive.
9:45 am
at a certain point this becomes a question of the war you're at with the press, the war you're at with the public, and all eyes are focused on scott pruitt right now which means we're not focused on some things the president would rather we not be focused on. >> that's the point. leaving the conversation battle aside, which would be very difficult to confirm anyone, you could put an active administrator that would implement essentially the exact same things that scott pruitt are doing. really, this is not about the policy, this is about the president saying he wants to stick with the policy here. they're very frustrated, think this is a big distraction for the administration. they're not being very aggressive about it. i think that could change once these inspector general's reports come out. john brasso would not tell me if he had confidence in scott pruitt. he said he wants to see those ig
9:46 am
reports, so perhaps that could change. >> we're talking about complex regulatory matters, a lot of people don't always use their security as much. let's just go through. in the past week. daily beast on thursday, scott pruitt made them fetch protein bars and yogurt. picking up his dry cleaning, his moisturizing lotion. overstaying his welcome at lunch. scott pruitt sought business opportunity with chick-fil-a while leading epa. scott pruitt had security detail looking for a used trump hotel mattress. it's an administration, a republican president, a republican congress that had to
9:47 am
answer, why did they pass this big spending bill? if you're going to be steward, asking your wife to get a job or pick up your dry cleaners, at this point the damage is sort of done, so to speak. . >> it's not nice, ethical use of taxpayer dollars and reasonable limits on your. >> i need some lotion, let's drive to the ritz. >> there was a paired few weeks ago when scott pruitt was openly in trouble with president trump. maybe it's because there's a north korea summit to prepare for and attention is diverted, but the president really doesn't like being told what to do, and he may have just decided, you
9:48 am
know what? this isn't great but i refuse to ha have. >> these things happen. >> i don't think this is resolved yet. >> people. today the president has praise for his top attorney. once there was an organism so small no one thought much of it at all. people said it just made a mess until exxonmobil scientists put it to the test. they thought someday it could become fuel and power our cars wouldn't that be cool? and that's why exxonmobil scientists think it's not small at all. energy lives here.
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a book that you're ready to share with the world? get published now, call for your free publisher kit today! i want to show you some pictures. th this is a short time ago. president trump arriving at the g7 in quebec. he had a brief conversation with president macron. the president was more than an hour late. a lunch of the leader now. we'll try to get more of that also. a harsh statement by john mccain moments ago about the president's statement this morning saying the russians
9:53 am
should be let back in to the g8. now to another story. melania trump mad at rudy giuliani. son-in-law jared kushner also mad at rudy giuliani. mike pompeo makes three. the client, though, making clear today he is happy. >> rudy is great, but rudy is rudy. rudy is doing a very good job, actually. >> the first lady's pique is related to loose giuliani talk about the stormy daniels saga. mike pompeo not crazy about him winging it, saying they begged the trump administration to go forward with the summit. is this just consequential in having the president's top lawyer who is supposed to be helping with the russia
9:54 am
investigati investigation? >> contradictory one statement, and it forces a lot of media coverage. perhaps that's why trump likes him. but there will be significant consequences over what he said, and a lot of republicans on the hill the other day saying, what is he doing? this is a sensitive issue. don't run your mouth. >> in the case of speaking for the first lady, you get more coverage on the stormy daniels situation, which is she had an affair with the president of the united states. mrs. trump did not believe that. stephanie graham said, i don't believe mrs. trump has ever discussed her thoughts on anything with mr. giuliani.
9:55 am
ouch. >> i'm sure we can see the frustration in his administration sometimes with him when he takes a twitter to the way they're reacting right now to rudy giuliani. it clearly doesn't match the way everybody under president trump is talking about rudy, the way the president is, too. but that tells you about the true tolerance level for people in the white house who want there to be more established order, shall we say, or predictability about these things. >> rudy is on tv almost every day talking about it, so from the president's scorecard, that's a win. >> the president likes it and it's interesting he uses the defensive route. rudy is rudy, he says. but rudy has gone from being america's mayor, one of the most he esteemed and respected peopln the country to having a lower
9:56 am
poll. >> bloomberg said, rudy is doing what his client wants him to do. his client is a circus member master and rudy is dancing. that is where long-time prosecutors and current prosecutors unfortunately look at rudy giuliani and shake their heads. wolf starts after a quick break. have a wonderful friday. why did i want a crest 3d white smile?
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