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tv   CNN Newsroom Live  CNN  June 10, 2018 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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the kim jong un has arrived for historic summit with u.s. president donald trump. welcome to our viewers. live at cnn world headquarters. kim jong un has landed in singapore over an hour ago. singapore's foreign minister posted a picture of him greeting kim at the airport. kim and his motorcade left the airport. you can see the vehicles as they
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arrived moments later at the saint regis hotel. president trump expected to arrive. he left canada saturday after the g7 summit in a tweet from air force one he said he has a feeling this one time opportunity will not be wasted. before leaving canada he put the suck on the north korean leader. listen. >> he has the likes of which if you look into history very few people have ever had. he can take that nation with those great people and truly headache it great, so it's a one time -- it's a one time shot. >> cnn covering correspondents around the world on every angle. nick robert dpson is live. paula hancock is live.
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paula, again, we saw the air china flight from pyeongchang and several vehicles leaving the airport and the image of the north korean leader, a meeting in singapore, what more are you seeing there on the ground? >> well, that's right. we know that kim jong un has arrived here in singapore ahead of that historic summit with the u.s. president donald trump. he arrived in the last few minutes at the saint regis hotel. we understand it is in singapore. there were hundreds of journalists outside waiting for him. also north korean was there to capture the moment as well. we understand he will be staying there until at least the meeting is over between him and donald trump. of course we don't know if that will be a one day or two day meeting after mr. trump
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suggested it could dgo longer. he will be meeting with the prime minister a little later today. this is really protocol. he is leader of the host country. singapore has made a huge effort for this. they are spending about $15 million from the government official figures just in hosting the summit itself. certainly it would be expected and the u.s. president donald trump would be meeting on monday. so clearly you can see there was a bit of security. you could see the bodyguards run ag long side the convoy and the cars as it turns into the ain't regis hotel. we would wait to see what we could expect from kim jong un tomorrow. we are not expected to have a schedule from the north korean leader. it is very usual for the north koreans who don't have forwards notice of what kim jong un is
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going to do. clearly a very historic moment. the north core rokorean will beg shortly. >> following this story live in south korea in seoul. the president saying it will be more about attitude and getting to know you meeting and we certainly know that both leaders put great value in the importance of optics. what do you expect from this summit? >> well, certainly there's going to be a huge photo opportunity. the foe tore opportunity will be that moment where the two leaders meet, smiles and a handshake and predictions kind of go out of the window.
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i'll know pretty quickly if we can make headware. the united states position has been a gently sort of walk backwards from one and done type meeting that seemed to be the idea of kim coming in and agreeing to denuclearization and the prothe koocols. it is to the united states say that this is a meet and greet. this is a getting the know you. this is setting the mood. the way pompeo outlined it in the past 24 hours is to say we are going to look at -- you know, what is it about our security relationship that we could work on, that will put us, our two countries in a good position. what is it politically we could talk about that we could develop this relationship? he talked about the follow on meeting back at the white house. it's only after those steps, the security and sort of political
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that pompeo said it is only after that we get to the core issue of denuclearization. we walked back from one and done from several steps along the way. i think that's what we can expect. there's a lot of other things going on. south korea invested a huge amount to make this happen. their relationship with north korea at the moment has certain steps that will go ahead in the days following on the summit. it will be expected meetings to get trade going again of a meeting of the military, the generals level of a potentially joint commemoration of some important anniversaries. so these things are sort of the ready to go ahead and once the summit goes off assuming it goes off well. secretary of state mike pompeo will meet with his south korean
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counter parts before going to beijing where we are told he will meet with his counter part there. it is to explain everything that's been talked about to plan their way forward from the summit. what actually comes of substance out of this i think at the moment it would be speculation other than to go beyond getting to know you. it is clear what's been laid out by the state department is a number of steps which really require engagement and conversation and trust. >> nick, i want to take a moment to pause her and just a live look at video that we have at the hotel. you get a sense of how many people are there, the media that has come in to cover this story. in fact, hundreds if not thousand of journalists there on the ground to cover the story. the question that i have for you and to point out to viewers, we don't get a lot of information really as you would expect with
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a big meeting like this. it really comes down to the visuals, what we see and what we hear. >> hugely important for kim jong un to have this meeting, to be meeting with president trump, the nemesis of north korea. it is hugely important to his population back home that he is standing on equal footing that is such an enemy for the country. they are getting into these talks but on an equal basis. it will certainly be the basis he wants to be recorded back home. we heard several days ago that president trump's lawyer saying kim jong un was coming in on his knees. it was not the sort of messaging that would go down well in pyeongchang. so what's behind that photograph, what's behind that
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is very important for kim jong un and also for president trump. president trump said it is something she was going to be able to denuclearize and take away of north korea as it threatens the united states. this is something that he told the people of the united states. this is something that as we continue to hear from his presidency, when he says something he will try to deliver on it. for him the photo op will be very symbolic. he is sharing that message that i'm on it. i'm doing it. of course everyone is looking at what comes out beyond that. a handshake and a smile and photo opportunity alone is not the deal done, but the white house is very carefully saying no. it's not a deal done. it's the first and unnecessary
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step. the perception is kim jong un takes away a lot more than just that photo opportunity. >> but again, to the point it seems tightly controlled images, the optics coming out. we will of course continue to see more and more as it tellis s the story. let's bring in joseph, former u.s. special representative for north korea policy in singapore. it's a pleasure to have you ton show. before we get into the details of it let's talk about the significance of this. the leader of north korea traveling on more familiar turf meeting with the u.s. president given the history between these two nations, how big of a moment is this? >> thank you, george.
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good to be here. i think it's a huge moment. i think nick was right. whatever happens here it will go down in history. now, we must remember that this problem, the whole problem of nuclear north korea has been with us for 24 years. it's a significant moment in which the leaders for the first time are getting together. remember, in every negotiations we have had before it's been someone like me, someone else, but it's always been but now we are getting leaders together and that's huge significance in the fact that leaders from the united states and north korea are getting together to see how far they can get to an intractable solution, intractable problem that's been with us for decades. >> president trump says for him it will be more about feeling,
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about attitude and really his instinct. how does instinct play into something like this? >> well, i think as you can see the u.s. administration position has changed incredibly over the past two weeks. if you remember vice president pence and national security adviser it was going to be a big bang thing. no. that is gone.
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>> so i think the first image of kim jong un when he was meeting with the minister of foreign affairs there in singapore. when you saw this image what did you take from it? secretary pompeo showed a security general kind of looking at manhattan and saying almost saying well, this could be you. well, not quite. you look at singapore. you look at where i'm looking,
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that's happened within the last few decades. it's a global city. it opened up. it has giant neighbors. >> i mean remember, they know something about dynasty. >> we appreciate your time and perspective as we continue to monitor images coming out of singapore. we'll stay in touch with you. thank you. again, president trump is
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due to arrive in singapore in the coming hours. he leaves a lot behind. a lot of confusion in canada after he backed out of the g7 and a trade war seems all the more likely. others lobbied hard and optics are important as told by two photos. this is the first of two. the official white house photo, it seems people are happy, smiling there.
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look at the body language there. he summed it up this way. >> i will say it was not contentious. what was strong is the language that this cannot go on. the relationships are very good. >> it's going to change. it's not a question of i hope it changes. it's going to change 100%. tariffs are going to come way down. people cannot continue to do
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>> they believe the u.s. was board and then this happened. >> it would be with regret but it would be with absolute certainty and firmness that we move forward with retaliatory measures on july 1st, applying equivalent tariffs to the ones that the americans have unjustly applied to us. i have made it very clear it is not something we relish doing. it is something we absolutely will do. we are polite, reasonable but we will not be pushed around. >> after he found out about that the president -- u.s. president fire department off backing out
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and he sent another tweet calling him meek, weak and dishonest. obviously mr. trump is in route to singapore. these american allies now looking more likely to face off in a trade war. where do you see things going from here? they will be thinking hard about whether to issue deescalate and of course that's concern that hard line might result in even
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further tariffs from the united states president and a trade war. it is a very tricky calculation. it wasn't a good meeting in the end. the president refuse today have certain language that is a ruled based international order. there was resistance on the part of the united states. this is a very significant departure from the approach that america has been taking for many decades. it clearly has not gone unnoticed. so then there were two images of the u.s. president meeting with other leaders standing together. everything seemed fine and then the second image, this other image we showed earlier released by germany showing amerimerkle
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other leaders looking directly at mr. trump. he seems to be the odd man out there. your thoughts? >> that is quite a it was all over twitter last night. absolutely. this is germany and europe try to go say we will hold firm. it is a very delicate thing here. europe is unfortunately in a very weak position. president trump is also in a very weak position. his party does not support the stance. the american public has been in support of strong and stable
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trading relationships. there's a lot of decent domestically. it is difficult against this american president. >> there also a tweet in support of american allies at the g7. i would like to bring that tweet up if we have it basically saying to our allies of americans remain pro free trade and supportive of alliances based on 70 years of shared values. the arizona senator tweeted americans stand with you even if our president doesn't. what value does that statement
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have? positions are coming from america's strongest partners. they have to deal with that reality. it is very difficult to say yes but the rest of america might think differently when you're faced with steel tariffs and potentially others. unfortunately the message might be significant. i think it is significant. the reality is very different. >> thank you so much for your time and perspective. we'll stay in touch with you. >> thank you. we have a live report ahead. stay with us. if you have medicare
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to learn more. go long. >> this is not the g7, this is the summit that just wrapped up.
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matt is following the story for us. compared to what we talked about the optics from that summit deronly a different story coming out of china. >> yeah, a big difference. you didn't see any of the discord here as it is known that you saw at the g7 between the united states and traditional allies. he wants to avoid the issue which would be a potential arms
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race. saying that the u.s. president and the most recent phone call talked about how dangerous it could be for both countries. putin wants the ministries to get together and set up a one on one meeting. we know they wanted to talk about the summit while they were here. we presumed that they did give than both sides have interests. >> we appreciate your time.
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kim jong un doesn't use social media but we'll take a look at how kim jong un uses propaganda instead. stay with us.
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he has a feeling this one-time opportunity will not be wasted. the two leaders will meet face to face on tuesday. we take a look inside the propaganda machine. >> if you want to know what president trump wants on tuesday he will tell you. >> he'll tell you it is the total key to what we are doing on denuclearization. >> or he'll tweet it. so the best bet is to gate look.
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propaganda sets the tone and the message is changing. >> identi've been to north kore almost 20 times. people have almost always treat me with respect. >> for more than 60 years america has been public enemy number one. it is constantly reenforced by the korean government. >> what i if i told you i'm an american? you want to shoot me too? >> yes. yes. >>. >> so it makes it a highly effective way to kplun kate and the best way for us to track
1:35 am
pyeongchang's priorities. government propaganda has lightened up a l posters like these are poping up in pyeongchang telling people to believe in a newfound peace. the colors have means too. blue and green indicating harmony and integrity. these new posters don't feature any black. >> i have had the chance to ask north koreans what they think. if you're wondering whether north koreans will change their mind look for propaganda that paints america in an interly new
1:36 am
light. cnn. >> let's gisz disz does president trump, joining us good to have you here at this hour. the image of its leader, mysterious. the leader of north korea smiling and shaking hands. very different. >> yes. the all of the media heszages, it's drafted in particular she
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is running the department there. it is difficult. there are no wall tern tiff voices or decent that is expressed in the media. you will get a good idea of what the party is trying and what's important to the party. >> you know, how do you believe that new message is being
1:38 am
deceived? they believe they can interact on an equal basis. this issing in they haven't wanting to have for decades. i believe that the state immediate you in the dames comes days or weeks will pick this a a new it has forced to sit as an american equal with kim. >> and for nations around the world what are our leaders is
1:39 am
this something visitics say it is not something that would in fact join on a dime some people believe kim jong un is talking it onto a bigger path and letting to arm. pessimists believe that this will come untravels at some point, that this is a scam by in north korea to buy part-time and they would never relinquish their nuclear weapons.
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>> thank you so much for your perspective on this. we'll have to wait and see i suppose. thank you. an american steel town is cashing in on president trump's tariffs. it wasn't always. in 2015est steel shut down still. almost overnight 2,000 people lost their jobs. >> that's a bit of our martin savage's story. we'll have that ahead for you as newsroom pushes ahead.
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welcome back.
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when you ask people if the president should get all of the credit, well, the answer is a bit complicated there as our martin savage shows us. in illinois this sign says it all. the u.s. steel plant is back in business and folks couldn't be happier. >> how does it feel to be back at work? >> real good. >> what's it like to be back at work? >> it is absolutely awesome. it was devastating. people were saying have you heard anything? are you doing anything?
1:45 am
a boat paid off when he ordered a tariff on imported steel. and tuesday announced it was adding more capacities and jobs. by october the plan should be fully operational paying on average $55,000 a year. when i asked if trump getting all of the credit things get a bit awkward. >> the president of the united states certainly would say he gets the credit. is donald trump wrong?
1:46 am
? if i were to ask you who gets the credit what would you say? >> i would say it's a culmination of people. they say steel prices are up almost 38% no year and more than 13% since march. >> your community benefits, it could be others that don't. >> i hope they don't have to go through what we did. >> no question that it is really good news here. as for the concern about a trade
1:47 am
war and the negative impact it could have elsewhere, many people here think it's been o r overstated. about the increased cost of steel union leaders say it will add about $100 which they don't think is too much to pay. cnn, illinois. >> thank you for the rofrmt. >> want to tell you about a rapidly spreading wild fire in colorado. so far it forced the evacuation of more than 1,300 homes. ivan, the winds are not helping. >> not helping at all.
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we were at 10% yesterday. it is what we were standing at right now. with this 416 fire almost 8,700 acres have burned. it has not been november to contain the fire. we have strong winds and low relative humidity. it is about as low as it could get. red flag warnings are going to continue to fly. poor conditions, temperatures well into the 80s, pushing 90 degrees. gusts from 35 to 45 miles per hour. we have views heading in early next week. very low getting into the 80s on
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monday. i'm thinking winds will begin to relax. all right. let's take you across here as we check in on tropical storm here. it has been wreaking havoc. it has been bringing moisture out of the south trying to see that. japan doesn't have to worry about a direct strike. the moisture will be impacting with japan. it is not as heavy as it is here. we have that surge that will continue. as far as the additional rainfall we have had half a meter. 260 millimeters of rainfall and heading out here about 150 additional millimeters. we are following the indian monsoon here. the low has developed here. it is bad news. why? it is going to be stalling out and producing incredible
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amountsover raamounts of rain. it is in areas that will be happy there. there are thousands of people there basically all of this rainfall. here are some of the pictures coming out. the tents all set up. >> and when you consider all that you're dealing with. >> thank you very much. a celebration fit for a queen, the details ahead of the colorful birthday tradition. stay with us.
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justify to become the 13th triple crown winner. his riot is now the oldest to achieve that. justified, his stranger is no
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stranger that he also trained american pharaoh who won all three triple crown races in 2015, wow. on saturday the queen officially celebrated her 92rd birthday. nearly the whole royal family joined in including the newest family of the member who some say stole the show. >> she took part three weeks after tieing the knot with her new husband. this ser men moan any was of the colors. u.k. monarchs have had two birthday celebrations. the queen turned 92 in april. it is actually to inspect her
1:56 am
troops. 200 expert calvary man and 400 as part of the marching band as well. one of the highlights is when they gathered to wave to the crowds and to inspect the fly buys and also those famous red arrows as they flew by. there was one new family present in the form of the new dutchess. there was somebody noticeably absent. the queen traveled on her own. >> thank you. >> kim jong un has arrived in
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singapore. we'll have more. stay with us.
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dream more, dream faster, and above all... now, i'll dream gig. now more businesses, in more places, can afford to dream gig. comcast, building america's largest gig-speed network. we are following breaking news in singapore. the leader of north korea has arrived with the u.s. president. welcome to viewers here. i'm george howell in atlanta. you can see kim jong un greeting him at the


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