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tv   Inside Politics  CNN  June 10, 2018 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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i'll dream gig. now more businesses, in more places, can afford to dream gig. comcast, building america's largest gig-speed network. welcome to interests politics ers around the world, thank you for sharing your busy sunday. president trump just moments away for landing in singapore. the north korean leader there already, he met with sink spore's prime minister earlier today. the president has walked away from several big global deals and negotiated none. but he arrives an optimist. >> it is unknown territory in the truest sense. but i really feel confident, i feel that kim jung-un wants to do something great for his
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people and he has that opportunity. and he won't have that opportunity again. it is never going to be there again. so i really believe that he is going to do something very positive for his people, for himself, his family. >> a fascinating moment on the world stage. singapore follows the g7 summit crackling with tension and name calling. at the summit president trump graded his relationships with other leaders a 10. but in an angry tweet after he left, he called canada's prime minister weak, meek and dishonest and vowed even more tariffs on u.s. imports. >> the president will continue to say what he says at various occasions. if the expectation was that a weekend in beautiful are charlevoix was going to transform the president trump's outlook on trade and the world then we didn't quite perhaps
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meet that bar. >> plus new midterm election guide posts. california's primary leaves democrats upbeat. republicans are more confident about holding the senate if they can navigate the trump effect. >> i think it will be very competitive. if you look at the history of off year elections two years into any new president, bill clinton lost the house and senate, obama lost the house and almost lost the senate. yeah, i think it will be a knock down drag out fight to the fini finish, but we're optimistic that we can hold the senate and still confirm the president's appointments. >> with us to share their insights, margaret and jonathan, ashill and also karen. we'll go live to singapore shortly for president trump's arrival and to set the stakes for his historic summit. kim landed a bit earlier today. you see him here meeting with the country's prime minister. but first the dramatic and
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deepening g7 divide better put perhaps as g 6 versus one. president trump abruptly reversed course saturday even while on air force one withdrawing his support for a g7 communique. instead, president trump stoking his defiant trade and diplomatic war with traditional u.s. allies promising even more u.s. tariffs on imports and calling canada's prime minister dishonest and weak. this is what upset the president. >> it is kind of insulting. and i highlighted that it was not helping in our renegotiation of nafta. and that it would be with regret, but it would be with absolute certainty and firmness that we move forward with retaliatory measures on july 1. i have made it very clear to the president that it is not something we relish doing, but it is something that we absolutely will do. because canadians, we're polite,
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we're reasonable, but we also will not be pushed around. >> the president's unprecedented about-face was announced frommer air force one escalating an atmosphere of mistrust and confrontation that played out in public remarks, private meetings and on social media toughout the weekend. check out this from the german chancellor, to convey the america alone and america unwilling to listen feel nag dominatdo that dominated the weekend. the president telling the other economic powersnag that dominated the weekend. the president telling the other economic powers he is determined to rewrite the rules of international trade. >> we're like the piggybank that everybody is robbing. we are talking to all countries. and it is going to stop. or we'll stop trading with them. >> we talk often about how disruptive the president is, how he breaks the china and tries to change the rules. been doing this a long time here. i don't remember a sunday morning like this where the canadian prime minister, the neighbor to the north, is furious at the president. the president of france, chance
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lo chancellor of germany, they left mad thinking the president doesn't get it.ce chancellor of germany, they left mad thinking the president doesn't get it.e chancellor of germany, they left mad thinking the president doesn't get it. and the president decided to blow up a negotiated document and essentially stoke a war with the most trusted allies. >> and keep in mind this is one week after an extraordinary jobs report showing unemployment the lowest since 2000. booming economy in this country. and this is what alarms so many folks in trump's own party is that he has this incredible story to tell on economic growth going into the midterms, but because he has this long standing conviction, and frankly it is one of the only things that he truly does believe in policy-wise, about the country being taken advantage of. this is the gospel of trump going back 30, 35 years now talking about how other countries are ripping us off. so he is fixated on this, that this is the worry that he could
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pursue this trade war and undermine this economy and his party's chances in the midterms this fall. to your point about this being a very different moment, i think this president has proven that the norms that we're all familiar with in the american presidency have no relevance to his approach. he just doesn't care. he will be who he is regardless. but it is ironic though because for the last eight years, the republicans' chief complaint about president obama was that he is coddling our enemies and he is driving away our allies. and now you see precisely the same thing happening. canada, our best friend next door, gets the cold shoulder while the president jets off to sit down with no pre-conditions with kim. >> happiest people in the world today are vladimir putin and kim jung-un. and traditional u.s. allies are upset. i want to talk about the international consequences here. but let's look at the domestic audience because the president plays his america's first card.
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g7 summit, trump gives master class in america first to globalists. so for the trump base, this is candy if you will. here is is the long time foreign policy thoughtful analyst ian brenner. the is like lebron. best player on the court. still can't win by ourselves. so you have this tension of between the trump base and those who say mr. president, even if you are right, you can't walk into this meeting and blow it up. >> the president is counting on two things. one is that the republican congress will either stick with him or at least keep their disgruntlements on the down low. and number two, he is counting on the fact that the g6, let's call them that for the moment, is not going to push back. they haven't so far. and the discussions going on now in terms of the western ally side is one that says all right, it is time to reassess. the abe method, the macron method of the early year and a half of the opening of his administration has not worked. it is time to retool. but this was where they were
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going to figure out how to retool live and in reelg time. part of the president's style is going to be stuff and assume everyone he was will blink. up until now, it has pretty much worked. so this is the test of what the u.s. allies are now going to do. >> and to your point about the american political reaction of the republican leadership, crickets. this is a fundamental premise. f he walks away from his party's heritage and nothing from the leadership over the weekend. nothing. senator john mccain did tweeted out to our allies bipartisan majorities of americans remain pro free trade, pro globalization and supportive of alliances based on 70 years of shared values. americans stand with you even if our president doesn't. that is remarkable. >> and am part frpart from john ben sasse, we have seen radio
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silence. they are afraid of him. they have no appetite to confront him. this foreign policy debate goes all the way back to alexander hamilton and andrew jackson. this view of whether the united states should advance its principles and whether american power is a good thing. most americans have embraced that view. the jacksonian view of the american power to be used only narrowly to advance american interests in specific instances, that is not something that i think members of his party embrace. >> the incoming from the other international diplomats is stunning about the president because they simply think he doesn't get it. they think his view is shaped from the '20s, '30s, '40s and it is aritariffs, canada does slap tariff on dairy products. but they would say everyone has sacred cows. the united states slaps a 350%
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tariff on some tobacco products. there are some industries in every country that either are sacred to the country, or they have political allies with big money. if you look at the big picture, average u.s. tariffs 2.4%, european 3%, canada 3.1%. their argument is he focuses on this one thing and when you try to make the broader argument, he gives you the trump glare and he won't listen to you. >> we've been watching this president for 189 mon nts no m. he has a populist message on everyone issue and there is really no different. the president is speaking to the american audience when he does the strong america first thing. clearly the message is also being heard by everybody else at that meeting. but this is basically a pattern at this point. he is trying to play a little cleanup by saying that everything went well at the meeting when it clearly different. and to the point of lack of reaction from the gop, they have
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also fallen into a pattern too which is that they don't usually proactively comment until they are dreblgtsirectly asked by re. lucky for them, they won't have a chance to grill them until tuesday. >> which is what they are betting on, why speak up and risk his wrath. we will continue this conversation. but as we await the president's arrival in singapore, a look back at how the trump style shook up the g7 summit. we'll be right back. conversation.
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there are deep policy differences at play here. we discussed trade, also russia front and center at the moment. but the president's style is as big a factor in the tensions as the substance. watch here the president strolling in late saturday morning, thiss a session on women's empowerment. just want to let the pictures play out for a second here. the faces of angela merkel and christine lagarde looking at the president, not happy he is late. let's put it that way. and then the president skipped out early. instead of attending a session on climate change where he was guaranteed to be the odd man out. his personal attacks on this year's host canada's trudeau didn't set well with any of the other leaders nor did his russia surprise. changes in club membership are meant to be discussed privately first, but that is not this president's style. >> russia should be in the meeting. you know, whether you like it or not, and it may not be politically correct, but we have a world to run. and in the g7 which used to be
5:17 am
the g8, they threw russia out. they should let russia come back in. because we should have russia at the negotiating table. >> again the substance is important. trade, russia membership. you mentioned this a bit earlier. the president's style though is also what rubs a lot of the other releaders the wrong way. they have political problems, too. they can't snap their fingers. the club is built on consensus. if you want russia back in, you don't announce it on the south lawn. if the host is giving a speech, you show up on time. you don't walk in in the middle disrupting everything. they think frankly if you read my e-mails yesterday, they think is a jerk. >> some of this is u.s. domestic messaging. the president knows that the narrative of the story was never going to be u.s. embraced by european partners at g7 meeting. it was either going to be the
5:18 am
rest of the g7 turns its backs on president trump or president trump is the one in the driver's seat laying down the law and everyone reacts. and he would much rather have a narrative where he is in control especially heading into the summit. so i think part of it is that messaging. but the other part is the fundamental question of the idea of does the u.s. have to pay more, does the u.s. have to do more. and one of the kind of tenants, sorry to be so conventional of leadership, is that if you are in charge sometimes you have to do more. and that is what this has always been predicated on. i think what a lot of allies are asking is does the u.s. still want to be the most powerful country in the world. because if you are, normally people ultimately have to do what you say, it is usually because you're pulling the purse strings and you are putting more of your own stuff on the line. it is all wrapped up in the same package. >> and again to blend the substance or combine the substance of style, the president on the south lawn says let's let russia back in. no advanced notice to the other
5:19 am
members. here is the canadian prime minister, his response. >> i said very simply that it is not something we are even remotely interested in looking at at this time to have russia return to the g7. >> and here is what is even more striking. russia was kicked out after it went into ukraine and annexed crimea. and the very same day the president of the united states says they should be allowed back in, his director of national intelligence in a speech in europe says this, as russia is still meddling in the united states election, still meddling around the world doing things outside of the norms, these russian actions are purposeful and premeditated. and they represent an all out assault by vladimir putin on the rule of law. western ideals and democratic norms. you putin's actions glon straight that he seeks to sow divisions within and between those in the midwest who adhere to democratic norms.
5:20 am
>> a word you would never hear from the president's own mouth. >> but on the very day he says russia let back in. >> everybody else in the administtion, dan coats included, have basically said i believe what is in the intelligence community assessment of what happened in the 2016 elections to the letter. president trump feels like that is too much of a personal attack on the legitimacy of his presidency, he's never been in him on this front. and it seems like many of the decisions that he is making especially when it comes to russia at the g7 were -- his mindset is in north korea. that seems to be all that matters to him right now. a lot of the posturing is for a domestic audience, but also saying i'm the boostess, i'm in charge. and the one thing also, sorry, just on russia is that we were up in arms last week about the zte deal with china. that is kind of a sweetener to the person who actually pulls the purse strings with north
5:21 am
korea. in a way this is for russia, too. with the economic sanctions, yes, those are a big deal, but there is a rally around the flag effect that happened over that. getting kicked "of tout of the there was no rally over the flag. >> and based on what does the president think russia deserves a sweetener right now. this is senator ben sasse, putin is not our friend and he is not the president's buddy. he is a thug. waging a shadow war against america and our leader should act like it. the top democrat chuck schumer, are we executing putin's diplomatic and national security strategy or america's? after the last few days, it is hard to tell. but i want to show you the cover of "time" this week. the president of the united states and his king me moment, he thinks he is right. we're watching the american delegation here arrive in singapore. we'll keep track of this. the plane is on the ground. there are a couple planes with the american delegation. when the president pulls up to
5:22 am
the tarmac, we will certainly talk about that. if i could have the "time" cover, i want to show to our viewers. this is the president's mindset, the king me moment. look, as he frequently says, i'm president, you're not. he thinks he is right. >> he has no grounding in america civic life. i mean like i think before he came to the presidency, his entire connection to american politics was through the prism of donors coming to his office asking for money. he did not understand -- he wouldn't have known the ways and means committee from a hole in the wall. it wasn't his frame of reference. but on russia, i asked a conservative last night, i said you know, you guys are russia skeptics. doesn't this bother you. and he said was so striking. he said trufrnlmp's words and py of the administration are at odds. even while trump is coddling putin in some ways, we're taking hard line measures in some circumstances. so that is striking.
5:23 am
the other thing is, trump didn't mention why russia was cast out of the g8. you mentioned this it was because they annexed crimea. trump will say he doesn't really care about that, doesn't have any stake in that. but what is remarkable is that this is a country that hacked into our election in 2016. and forget who one or lost, they interfered in our american election. if that happened to any other country and the leader of that country soon after was welcomed back tolts gro the group of nat? i think it would be met with a much bigger reaction than this is here. >> and in his remarks in canada incredibly down played the consequences of russia's actions in the world. russia took land from a sovereign nation. it annexed parts of crimea. president trump said that is obama's fault. it did happen during the obama administration. and maybe he thinks president obama should have started a war at the time. you can have a debate about the
5:24 am
obama administration did they reacts tough enough, but the idea that that happened in the last administration therefore never mind, they can come back in. >> and just a couple days ago the russians are actively seeking to divide our lines and must not allow that to happen, unquote. and that is exactly what happened this weekend. putin could not be scripting this any better if you are having a trade war with its allies and france and germany, canada and the eu. the part about mccain, i think the point he is trying to make is this world order is not the natural order of thing. this is based on the global powers coming together after two wars that killed tens of millions and setting of institutions that protect against in sort of thing and this economic enter depend inside on trade has furred that alliance. respe
5:25 am
. >> and almost cute in the sense that donald trump is president for the next 2 never more years. he could go to the world trade organization, but he does not like international organions. he won't go to the united nations and make complaints. he won't file complaints about trade policy. he is going to tweet and walk into meetings and disrupt or agree at the g7 agree, we're watching him land here in singapore, we're not sure this is air force one. we'll watch and see who comes off mere. but the u.s. delegation including the president landing in singapore right now. his way is -- he campaigned on this. we shouldn't be surprised i guess. that stupid people built these institutions, they don't know how to gosh yates, th negotiate. and this is one of the reasons that he got h negotiate. and this is one of the reasons that he got elected. hillary clinton won't change these broken ways, at least he is going to try. you have to give him credit on that one. and now are we seeing in his
5:26 am
disruption any progress on the substance. he has not for example -- he is trying to negotiate now what would be a historic nuclear deal with north korea. he has said he wants to rip up this deal, i'm rip up that deal. he's walked away from tpp, paris climate. he has not negotiated one major international agreement or even a major bilateral trade agreement, correct. >> >> and that disruption set him apart from other candidates and previous presidents. but it remains to be seen what the light is at the end of the tunnel.previous presidents. but it remains to be seen what the light is at the end of the tunnel. >> he has reset the relationship with saudi arabia and we'll see to what end. >> disruption to what end. still a question mark. >> and real fast to borrow from sam rayburn, he said any old fool can knock a barn down. it takes a smarter man to build a barn. it is a lot easier to blow up the institutions, to blow up a trade deal, to walk away from the paris climate accords.
5:27 am
it is a different deal all together to rebuild something and create anew. >> so the question is as we watch the stairs being brought up to the 747 on the tarmac, the president there moving from one diplomatic meeting that turned into a mets mess and cmess and another diplomatic meeting. sitting down with kim jung-un. that is history. sitting across from a north korean leader who now has ballistic missiles capable of reaching at least the west coast of the united states if not deeper into the mainland. what is the president's mindset after leaving the g7 or on tthe plus one. kaitlan collins is standing by in singapore. just a remarkable back to back if you will. the president disrupting the g7, in some ways people think he wanted to get out of there as soon as possible so that he could get to singapore for this. what is the president's biggest takeaway here?
5:28 am
what is it -- if the president has one goal, i will leave singapore with x, what is x? >> reporter: well, that is the million dollar question here, john. everyone thought this was going to be the tense summit and then the president essentially threw the g7 in are to disarray as he had already left on twitter. but now we're here, the president has arrived. this is real, this is actually happening now, something people have doubted ever since president trump first announced in march that he had accepted this meeting with kim jung-un. but now it is real. both of the leaders are here, both in the same area square mile radius of each other and they are actually going to meet in just a few days here. so what is on the table here is the question. is it denuclearization, is there is a potential peace treaty, more meetings. but what the real question is, what we really need to pay attention to when we walk away from this, when kim jung-un goes back to north korea, when president trump goes back to the united states, is did they
5:29 am
achieve just sim bottom liymbol or did they get concrete agreements from north korea. these are both pre-unpredie did leaders. they won't want a win. critics argue that kim jung-un is already getting a win by sitting down with the u.s. president, but will he raise the question about the 25,000 troops on the border. for president trump, a lot of critics and experts say that he really needs to have something concrete when he leaves here so he can say that he achieved something instead of just giving kim jung-un stature by letting him sit down with a united states president. so what is clear here is president trump wants to accomplish something. we don't know what that something is. it could be anything that the president wants to walk away with, but he does want to walk away here having done something that no other president has done befo before. but what that is remains to be seen. >> and the president's words have been quite remarkable. on the one hand he said just a few days ago this is a getting to know you plus, if you will, trying to lower the expectations.
5:30 am
and then just in recent days he has said in his view, and there is the president of the united states stepping out waving as he lands in singapore ahead of this historic summit, saying that he will know in a minutes, that he is the art of deal president and that he will know within the first minute, that he is the art of deal president and that he will know within the first minute whether kim jung-un comes to the table serious. he has also am i correct left open the possibility that he will stay for a couple days if he thinks the talks are fruitful or he will get up and walk out if he think the north koreans came to singapore without the true willingness to gosh yareat. >> reporter: yeah, nothing is concrete. they could be here one day or several days. the president has floated the possibility of extending this summit to a few more day. the president has made two comments in the recent days leading up to this meeting and that is that he didn't feel that he needed to prepare because he said he has been preparing all his life for this.
5:31 am
that does speak to something, this has certainly been on the president's main priority list since he got into office last january. north korea has always been his biggest national security threat. he even said that before he was in office, that north korea was at the top of his list if he ever became president. so that certainly is true. but about those concrete preparations, sitting down with secretary of state mike pompeo, his new national security adviser john bolton, those are the questions that have been raised. as the president was leaving the g7, he said he would know within a minute if he was going to be able to make a deal with kim jung-un. that is a question up for debate here. how would you know. you are sitting down with an unpredictable north korean dictator, what would come out of that, what would the main goal be. so that is what sxernt experts worried about. as he said, this is a spur of the moment thing. that worries people if the president will sit down and he doesn't have a concrete list of what he wants to walk away with, what will he end up walking away with in the end here.
5:32 am
>> kaitlan collins in singapore, stay with us as we watch the president now in limousine, make sure he gets away safely and no news on the ground there. as we do so, i want to play more from the president here. on his way again, saying he will know within a minute. is he serious? the president is hoping to get a commitment from north korea that he can hold up as worthwhile, that they are willing to negotiate a complete and verifiable denuclearization. a process that would take years. and north korea has a history of saying one thing and cheating on deals. but listen here to the president for saying this is your one shot. >> i think within the first minute, one time shot. and i think it is going to work out very well. and that is why i feel positive because it makes so much sense. and we will watch over and we'll protect and we'll do a lot of things. i can say that south korea, japan, china, many countries want to see it happen.
5:33 am
and they will help. they will all help. >> an enormous test of the president of the united states and his ability to motivate and to negotiate, enormous test of kim jung-un who frankly the world doesn't completely understand. mike pompeo has had some face-to-faces with him, but it is the least understood on the plan either. is the president's mindset at all shaped -- richard haass now at the counsel of foreign relations saying that the president heads into the sink po pore summit knowing the wreckage that he left behind.sinkpore su wreckage that he left behind. he doesn't want to be seen as the problem, so therefore maybe asking more. is there logic to that? >> one thing overlaying this, prfd le president trump left the g7 essentially ripping up the document that he signed while he is going to gosh yat negotiate jung-un. how does that play if you are kim jung-un. is this a president who will be able to cut a deal and will stick to his word and also get
5:34 am
these allies on board that he is now kind of struggling and has essential with. the polls are interesting. president trump is getting high marks for his efforts. americans have low expectations as well. 68% to 20% they say north korea probably won't ever give up its nukes. >> so the style over substance question, this is another sort of interesting element and i think that is a fascinating point is what cues does kim jung-un take away from you're in a communique, you're out of a communique. but what makes the president tick. why does he say that he doesn't need to be prepared when we know that for a couple hours every day for weeks he has been preparing. he has been learning about what the nuclear regime is, learning about weapons, learning about the history of these talks in the past. they just -- there has been a ton of preparation for this trip including with the president directly. and so why he would say that he wasn't preparing when he was
5:35 am
completely preparing. now, how much of it stuck, how much of an expert the engineering is, that is a completely different issue. but he has been preparing. so again the messaging to the world is like i'm going to do it on instinct. he has been in there drilling crash coursing to be ready. >> i'm curious how much latitude the hawks in his own party will give him. look, theepublican party has taken a hard line on north korea for a long time. there has not been much of an appetite for negotiation especially negotiation with no sort of, you know, clear ground rules going in. this is totally open-ended. this is a huge win for kim just getting this kind of legitimacy on the world stage from the american president with no pre-conditions. what does the party say if trump comes home and says you know what, i'm not so sure we need the u.s. army still in south korea. and what is the reaction if he is seen to sort of go soft on kim and give away long-standing
5:36 am
tenants ever american foreign po of american foreign policy. >> his secretary of state says that won't happen. but it often turns out not to be what the president does. >> and i think they give him lat executi latitude as long as he stays in the discussions with kim. he is a disrupter as much as he is a deal maker, so that will keep kim on his toes. and also this comment of i'll know in the first 30 seconds or whatever, that again lowers the expectation. so if he is in the room for three hour, all of a sudden that is more important than it might have been even if it doesn'tubs. there is too much on the table. >> and the question is that they are going to meet, so i don't care your politics, everybody should wish them the best. if the president can get the united states in to a diplomatic
5:37 am
exchange to that keep them from testing nuclear weapons and firing missiles over japan, for some that would be progress. the issue is he's laid down a pretty clear bar of what the end goal must be, the administration has said no relief of sanctions until you prove to us you are willing to get to the end goal. that is the hard part. but the summit is going to happen. we'll watch this, the president on the ground in singapore on the way to his hotel. a quick break. (gasp) (singsong) budget meeting! sweet. if you compare last quarter to this quarter... various: mmm. it's no wonder everything seems a little better with the creamy taste of philly, made with fresh milk and real cream. with the creamy taste of philly, i'm about to start the hair, skin and nails challenge. so my future self will thank me. thank you. i become a model? yes. no. start the challenge today. and try new tropical citrus flavor with collagen. nature's bounty. allow you to take advantage of growth opportunities... with a level of protection in down markets.
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some big primaries this past week, also new data points as we try to keep track of the changing midterm election climate. this one good for the president. his approval rating up to 44%. that matches his high. as you see the president of late moving up just a little bit. still well below 50%, but that is progress for the president. this not so good.
5:42 am
in that same poll by a 50 to 40 margin, in which party do you want to control congress after the midterm elections. that is progress for the democrats from april to now. not good new for the president. nor is this this. if a congressional candidate promised to provide a check on trump, does that make you more likely or less likely to vote for them. and you see more likely. voters are open to the idea of let's colleelect a congress thaa check on the president. keep an eye on this. the top issue right now, health care. number two, economy and jobs, then guns, taxes, spending, immigration. republicans want to combine economy and jobs with taxes. saying we cut your taxes, the economy is booming. vote for us. watch the competition. democrats want to say the trump administration is now trying again to undermine obamacare. your health care is at risk, your middle class life is at risk. the democratic leader chuck schumer says if democrats can keep it on health care, they
5:43 am
think they will have a big november. >> we are focused in our caucus like a laser helping those who are not in the middle class get to the middle class and helping people who are in the middle class stay there. what is the number one thing that is bothering people? rising premiums. the increase in premiums is giving -- is taking away more out of their pocketbooks in s tax breaks have given them. >> there is a fascinating tug of war on the day today. tes tax breaks have given them. >> there is a fascinating tug of war on the day today.hes tax br. >> there is a fascinating tug of war on the day tax bre them. >> there is a fascinating tug of war on the day today.s tax brea. >> there is a fascinating tug of war on the day today. tax break. >> there is a fascinating tug of war on the day today. on the health care issue, the trump administration goes to court and says it will no longer defend parts of obamacare about pre-existing conditions. it is consistent with the trump administration's approach, obamacare is a failure, let it chance. is it a political bad call? >> yes. >> republicans certainly believe so. the republicans in the house that my colleagues and i spoke to say this is an unwise political move. it essentially puts every
5:44 am
republican candidate on the ballot in the position of being attacked by democrats and asked to do you you support the president or do you support these protections on on the pre-existing conditions. this is the one part that they have taken pains to support and they don't want to argue against it. the nbc poll that you cited, top issue for voters, dnls haemocrae a 3:1 advantage, they want to talk about it. >> but let's look at the last 45 minutes of this show, we're talking about the here and now. which is unavoidable. that is the news. this president acting in ways that are different than modern american presidents. i had a very smart democrat point out to me that you guys in the press, it will be all trump all the time. he said that the thing to watch for, and there is truth to this, the media is going to be sort of trump focused. democrats will have to use all their paid advertising to drive the health care message, to drive economic questions, to do sort of nontrump policy
5:45 am
messaging. the kind of stuff that in past midterm cycles you would see play out in the media. i just think that it will be so hard for democrats to get a message through because this president every day is breaking norms and making news. the health care issue, which is enormous, can easily get drowned out. >> and he wants to talk about, there is a spending fight coming, i want my border wall or else. we learned he wants to keep talking about the nfl and anthem, cultural issues. some people in his party depending on where you are say fine. other people more in the vulnerable house districts that are around the suburbs are like uts o uh-oh. >> i think president trump is betting that he can take the health care message and turn it into 23 yoif your health care i or falling apart it is because democrats gave you a bad plan. democrats want to use it on to help them get over the finish line which is to say we gave you
5:46 am
a health care plan, republicans began undercutting it and now president trump is trying to make it so that you don't have the health care that you were promised. who wins that fights. and it is a high stakes fight, but president trump -- >> and by traditional rules, and most things under candidate trump have not followed traditional rules, but the president's numbers are up. his handling of north korea, 52% approve. 49% on the economy. that is moving up a bit about that foreign policy, immigration, 38%. the president is always front and center especially in his first midterm. >> and there is a lot that can happen between now and the election. i know that is a very cop out answer, but it is true. i think it depends how he conducts himself going forward, how the results of all of these things that we're paying so much attention to because they are the top line items, what they actually result in or how he comports position as they do turn out to be successful.
5:47 am
so that will dictate whether we start talking about other policy issues and whether they come up more to the top of the list of what we're talking about. >> and for the days ahead, we know we'll be talking about the summit in singapore. next, the latest smoke signals coming from the special counsel's office. there? p3 it's meat, cheese and nuts. i keep my protein interesting. oh yea, me too. ve cheese and uh these herbs. p3 snacks. the more interesting way to get your protein. hey, i'm curious about your social security alerts. oh! just sign up online and we'll alert you if we find your social security number on any one of thousands of risky sites. that sounds super helpful. how much is it? well, if you have a discover card, it's free. no way! yes way! we just think it's important for you to be in the know. all right! hey... ewww! everything ok? being in the know is very good. yeah, it is. ooo don't shake! don't shake! ahhh! know if your social security number is found on risky sites. free from discover. you finished preparing overhim for,
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there's a new place with daily laundry service. a place with a day spa. a place where seniors get the care they need in the comfort of home. home instead senior care. let's head around the table and ask our reporters to share a little something from their notebooks. >> keep your eye this week on
5:52 am
john bolton. and it is possible that this week the summit will give us clues as to what is really going on in terms of any type of war between john bolton and mike pompeo. and we know on north korea before he took his current job in his past life that ambassador bolton took a much more critical posture toward negotiating with north korea than this president does. but the white house has insisted now for weeks that this notion of a rift between bolton and pompeo and trump is overblown. i think in terms of what meetings bolton participates in and what we hear from him and what we hear about, we may get a better sense of what is going on. >> a lot more visible at the g7 than one might think. we shall see how it plays out. >> and when the president gets back state side, he will dip his toes back into the mid term waters. he is headed to minnesota. and the reason why this is notable, it is a little different from what he's done so
5:53 am
far on the campaign trail. one of the few house seats that the gop has had a chance to pick up this year. they are largely playing defense in the house. there is an open seat there. and president trump actually carried that part of minnesota as you nkn and maxz mizeimized popularity. the trip though won't be totally without some sort of action. and then he will head next door to see his good friend senator heitkamp in north dakota, one of the most vulnerable democrats in the senate in year. someone that he has developed a pretty warm relationship with. but i think senator mcconnell has different ideas for this trip. >> the minnesota part will be interesting. he very rarely travels to states that he lost. >> and we're deep into primary season. we've talked about the midterms. and i want to mention one lesson we've learned, the democratic resistance today is not trying to purge the moderates the way
5:54 am
tea party of 2010 did to the republicans. this week diane fine stene fein crushed her liberal challenger. and the same thing true of joe manchin. takes huge contrast to what republicans did to figures like bob bennett, to bob englis, dick lugar. which if you compromise, you are out of here. democrats don't have that same level of antipathy. >> resistance not revolution. maybe that is the way to put it. >> the thing on on the president's agenda is clearly north korea. but two days after that summit, we are seeing that fairly exclusive report coming out, which is the justice department and inspector general announced that we should expect june 14 to see the ig report. lawmakers are definitely interested in seef wlin ingseei says. we've seen it come up over and over again over the last year.
5:55 am
but the most interesting place to see the reaction is the president's twitter feed. this has been a favorite topic of his and it is very likely that he will take whatever comes out of this and opine about it at the very least. >> it is his birthday the 14th. the president says he is expecting a gift too. we'll shall see. i'll close with this, they admit it is tea leaf reading, not inside information, but people long familiar with robert mueller and how he works see a message in police latehis lates indictment. paul manafort questioning his practices in court. mueller's response on friday, new obstruction charges. also charged in that case, a long time manafort business partner prosecutors say works with russian intelligence. the charges have nothing to do with the 2016 campaign. but they do pull another russian into the special counsel's web and they have illustrate how closely the special counsel is tracking even encrypted conversations between key players in his investigation. two long time associates familiar with mueller's methodical style see these new
5:56 am
charges and their timing as a clear message hard ball at a minimal, one suggesting the arc is bending toward what he called, quote, the main event. well see. that is it for "inside politics." hope you catch us weekdays at well. we're here at noon eastern. up next, president's top economic adviser larry kudlow, a lot of questions to answer on "state of the union" with jake tapper. stay with us here. have a great sunday. hey allergy muddlers: are you one sneeze away from being voted out of the carpool? try zyrtec® zyrtec® starts working hard at hour one and works twice as hard when you take it again the next day. stick with zyrtec®. muddle no more®. and try children's zyrtec® for consistently powerful relief of your kid's allergies. ♪ ♪ ♪ raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens ♪
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6:00 am
odd man out. president trump stuns the world pulling out of the g7's official agreement and issuing a warning to allies. >> we're like the piggybank that everybody is robbing. and that ends. >> is there an actual strategy here? >> we also will not be pushed around. >> president trump's chief economic adviser larry kudlow


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