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tv   State of the Union With Jake Tapper  CNN  June 10, 2018 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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extraordinary nation's destiny. he played a huge role. bridging the political divide. that's all for this televised edition of the program. we'll see you back here this time next week. >> odd man out. president trump pulls out of the g7's agreement and issuing a warning to allies. >> we are like the piggy bank. >> is there an actual strategy here? >> we will not be pushed around. plus the president touches down for a summit many thought we would never see.
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>> i think within the first minute i'll know my touch, my feel. that's what i do. >> if the president wings it, is there a prayer for peace? president trump says thanks obama for letting russia run over crimea. hello. the state of our union is solo. i'm not talk about the new star wars movie. he seems to be throwing out two
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days of diplomacy. slamming him on twitter is very dishonest and announcing that the u.s. will not sign a joint statement agreed to by all nations. let's go to kaitlyn. what is the latest? >> well, the fact of the matter is it seechls this suchl summit are oath weekend. one is being called off even a and seems tok doing nor ward on tuesday morning. the question is what are we going get out of this summit? is it going to be symbolic gestures or is he going bo gak about denuclearization.
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president trump saying it could take slow steps to go through. he says he will know reason the first meeting, also it is something he openenen. >> all right. thanks sohful of of he was doing a lot of communicating. >> sure. >> let's start with this unprecedented decision you had been negotiating. was this is plan or was it completely a reaction? >> completely a reaction. we went there we are not going
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to work with other people. we did in good faith. we went through it. we agreed. we compromised. we joined in good faith. >> what did he say that was so auchbszive? >> he said do you think the u.s. is insalted. he says we are the reason. you know, here is the thing. it really -- he really did a
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great disservice. >> he did? >> yes. they were. they were united. they came together. i was there, es tensively. i was in the bilateral meeting. president trump actually went through those two days of conference talking about the need for a new free trade testimony. no we were very close to making a deal and then we leave --
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>> he does it all the time doesn't he if. >> no. he doesn't. >> he doesn't say things for domestic consumption? >> if you're going through a treaty process and you have good fate -- i was right smack in the middle of it. you don't walk away and start firing bullets. >> i can't clooef believe an ad was doij that. >> not after you put a treaty or deal together. here is the part that's on train we strive to produce tariff barriers. it is to develop strong
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international rules. you just don't behave that way. it is a betrayal. it is essentially double crossing. not just president trump but the other members of the g7 who were pulling together. president trump played that process. so he gets up and leaves.
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>> he is going to negotiate. this is a historic event. >> absolutely. >> good things, wonderful things could come out of it. >> we all hope so. absolutely. >> he is not going to let a pry minister push him around on the eve of this. he is not going to permit any show of weakness on the trip to
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so it was about north. we had done our work in quebec. we did our work. we worked with western alliance. we get on a plane and then this guy starts blasting it. >> what's key here? >> kim has not see american weakness. >> you know vetted me so many times. if you hit me i will hit you back. he should take it back and pull back on his statements and wish president trump well in the korea negotiation.
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>> a lot of people are not interpreting it the way you are. he issued a statement saying bipartisan remain pro pretrade based on p 0 years of pdetails. >> john mccain and i are old friends. he is not well. i want to wish him well. president trump is doing with
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respect to no tariffs, no quotas and subsidies. he was actually con sis ent during this entire trip. i had known trump as a free trader. he put it out there. what does he get? slam, slap in the face. i'm sorry. no. nobody in this game is and you're aing p i mean you're quite right, sir. he didn't put trump in a
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position. he didncan't do that. president trump is not weak. he will be very strong as he always is. those are my point. it is an -- he came out today and wished negotiations. >> i want to ask you what it had to do on the way to the summit. a lot of people didn't
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understand. what would you say to critics who say president tmp is doing putin would want him to do, trying to bring him in and really causing a lot of tensions with the waallies. >> first of all i think russia is very difficult, very devicive. they are a threat in so many ways. president trump saying perhaps we should go back. remember, it used to be the ga. >> he wasn't negotiating with himself or anybody else. it was the ga. russia is a player on the world stage. he was suggesting that perhaps they are -- >> you know this because i used to watch you when you were
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an anchor. russia is no longer a member of the g8. ? fair enough. i doesn't mean we shouldn't deal with them. again, dan is there and russia has a record that's armed long when it comes to people invades cri crimea. >> and you have been more critical of putin than president trump has.
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i don't see anything wrong. it is to have another discussion. it was the ga. so be it. it does not resolve essentially busting the g7. >> i'm debting text messages and very good reporters thursday and friday before the g7. is it true that president trump is not going and vice president pence is going to go? >> no. not true at all. >> i said no. he showed up. he worked with them. we had long sessions.
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>> what's next with the relationship with the g7? is it to the point it can't be repaired? >> what's next is historic negotiations. >> absolutely. >> i was right there and they are talking with each other. is there an occasional bark?
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of course there is. not in the hall. that alliance was strengthened as president trump involved himself and devoted himself. they should have said to him, you're negotiating and we are behind you. twhas the prime minister. >> the only thing i'll make is i talked to a lot of canadians in the last year. i think they would be surprised that the trump white house would be offended at barbs being made. giving all of the trumps for the year and a half. >> after you sign an agreement like that? really? >> the american economy is
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growing rapidly. it we cut taxes. we pushed back regulations. >> we were coming together beautifully. he goes out there and pulls this political stunt. i call him prime minister. it really broke up all of the good will from that meeting.
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>> i'm sure most americans are hoping for the best in singapore, so please convey that to us. >> thank you so much. >> the man who wrote the art of the deal. will president trump's special feel and touch be enough? that's coming up in moments. we have parents who are trying to get their kids off of too much social media and computers, and then we have parents who would only hope their children have access. middle school is a really key transition point, right. the stakes start changing. students begin to really start thinking about their futures. what i like about verizon's approach is that it's not limited to just giving kids new tools, it's really about empowering educators to teach in different ways, and exposing kids to more active forms of learning.
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it has the fiber found in many fruits and vegetables, all in a tasty, chewable tablet. fiber choice... the smart choice. >> president trump has thrown a wrench into the international order defying the closest allying that will not the joint agreements. you heard the top economic adviser that it is at fault. he betried in an amateur stunt. here is diane finestein. i want to get to north korea in a second. i want to know what your answer is. you say he shouldn't have
9:24 am
delivered what he called an amateur political stunt talking about in terms of threatened tariffs and pulling out. >> i can tell you the way it look at it. this is with our seven best allies. it seems to me not to sign a statement of solidarity which stands for everything that we stand for. it's a big mistake. i understand the president was upset. the president could have said that, but to walk away from our allies in this way i think is a mistake. >> and of course it. >> >> it's being challenged.
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>> so that's the president of the european examine they have hugely symbolic. they are really meaningful. we have helped support this whole democratic atlantic community and forged it into a single entity. i have been very proud of that as an american. we are one to stand alone in the world. now, will there be differences of opinion?
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will we not like a statement one of the other makes? of course it doesn't math mean you reject what the g7 stand for. i think it's a huge mistake. >> president trump raised eyebrows when he suggested russia should be asked to rejoin. take a listen. >> i think it would be an asset. i think it would be good for the world. i think the g8 would be better. i think having russia back in would be a posztive thing. we are looking for peace in the world, not looking to play games. >> russia was kicked out because they had invaded crimea. do you think it's time the to start it canning about it? >> i think not only did they
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seize crimea but the election. i belief putin gave intelligence fs ises to do just that and mix it up in the election. that's unacceptable. so as far as most of us are concerned russia has not yet apologized. he has not said this will never happen again. i don't do not agree on this point either. last year you said he wasn't helping the situation with his comments who called far diplomatic solution. looking at where we are now is it possible president trump was right and you were wrong when it came to the aproesh with north
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carolina -- north korea. >> i have washed north korea's nuclear program as carefully as i could. they have down six nuclear testsme tests. they have up to 60 or maybe more nuclear weapons. they have not tested that yet. it is a government that is not within the community of nations. it is an isolated government, unpredictable with what appears to be a growing nuclear. i think this sends a lot of danger signals. we do have the change to put in motion meaningful dialogue.
9:29 am
remember the six party talks. it went on for decades. north korea didn't keep virtually any of its agreements. so there has to be something that is understood mental that is agreeable and that the two can come together. there is no question when you develop a nuclear war head that will fit on that missile that the united states is in danger. >> what is the minimum you would like to' president trump achieve? >> the minimum understanding this is a real problem for us. we will not let that problem stand.
9:30 am
the only alternative is to sit down and come up with an agreement and also make it such that there's an incentive for north korea to do that. >> you sign add letter this week mine smells so good. why the higher standard for the north korea deal than for the iran deal? >> i believe that north korea with a ballistic missile with a nuclear war head is, as i said, a clear and present danger. >> it's a bigger threat than iran? >> yes. no question. the iranians, there are virtually no contacts.
9:31 am
so north korea stands out there and developing weaponing, selling weapon materials and developing a weapon that could hit us. >> you zbro sbintroduced a bill. a lot of democrats are expressing outrage. we saw this photo making the rounds on social media. it is actually 2014. there are a lot of things that the immigrant community was very upset about during the obama years. democrats didn't seem as
9:32 am
outspoken. we did have testimony. i know at least 50 children a day are taken from their parents. they are take and no one know what happens to thechlt their parents don't no how to find them. you have the first person, one of the fathers that died just inhumane and callus and something i never thought my country would do. >> sew with have got to stop it.
9:33 am
it has been introduced and it would prohibit the taking of children in this manner and then it would provide a number of criteria to remove a child, what you would have to have present. >> thanks to you. you can open the door. art so what if trump's next meeting also ends with zouls and pointed arms. my panel is that. you sleeping blissfully. at 2am, this happened. so, i took care of it. does your bed do that? i'm the new sleep number 360 smart bed.
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comcast, building america's largest gig-speed network. obama allowed russia to take crimea. >> he was blaming to we oh. one person he did not blame, putin. i want to start with you. you walk for president obama and i'm wondering what you think about the comments from president trump. >> first of all it's not true. it's a common thing. when he says something that is
9:39 am
indefensible he blames obama it's as truthful as obama spied on his campaign. this is what he does. it is laughable and sad. >> and the issue was why should russia be allowed considering they invaded crimea and he went to president obama. >> i don't agree with her. let's take a look back. an article right in 2014 talking about this saying is obama to blame? president obama at the time, i think this was his view.
9:40 am
i'm pretty certain on this. ukraine was in the a nato member. ukraine was always going to be more important. it wasn't worth going to war about. john mccain and other republicans want toded to send to fight resistance. obama didn't want that to happen, didn't allow it to happen. is the u.s. prepare today go to war? >> let's focus on this, not auz much on the obama part. with all that president trump has said about russia and a sitting u.s. senator tweeted out which country is the american president working for? what do you make of that?
9:41 am
>> it is a good question. i have never understood trump's strategy when it comes to his rhetorical difference to putin. it should always be pointed out it has been tough on russia. it doesn't get enough credit on that. rhetorically trump is downright differential. it is not -- i think trump is at his weakest when he is running around the world on behalf of putin. that is trump at his weakness. it doesn't make sense. we know trump is really just about projecting this kind of strength. >> this is kind of strong to say which country the american
9:42 am
president working for? that's what the g7 is about. so they are a bad customer. why are we siding with -- >> just a second. i want to slight lay disagree. it's not disrhetorically. he is undermining the alliance. nothing could make it happier than sucking it up. it is a fair question. it is actually -- this is a huge win for putin. >> let's talk about this.
9:43 am
what was your response tag that the reason the u.s. walked away is because he was saying rude things in his press conference on the eve of president trump trying to negotiate this deal with kim jong un. >> i think president is the king of pop shots. it shows how thin skinned he is. what he did is going to hurt american consumers and is going to hurt american workers, american farmers and that's the end here. donald trump decide today walk away. he did. he started this fight with canada. the thing that's crazy too, what he used as a provision was a
9:44 am
national security provision. why would you go take that direction? president trump said the reason is because of the high canadian. >> so which is it? >> both things can be true. there is one aluminum plant to provide aluminum. one is in canada. it is a national security. >> no it's not. >> yes. it is. they said the tar rafs they oppose. the u.s. steel company -- >> okay. >> yeah. i have facts. that's what i have. >> i have facts too.
9:45 am
>> people in pennsylvania, wisconsin, dairy farmers care about it. >> it's not -- >> wait. >> finally small businesses, there's a huge tariff. if you want -- >> but -- >> hold on. >> yeah. >> fill bustering. >> let's put up the photographs. on the right dan showing basically trump versus the g7. he is standing up for what's
9:46 am
right for america. what do you make of this? >> it's amaze to go see anyone whining because he takes shots at people all of the time. if his whole persona, if he didn't want to look weak i get that. i think he did. i think taking your toys and going home is not going into a summit with an international dictator with the strongest foot forward. i think you look weak. i think they are all a little hurt about it. >> 72% of the american people
9:47 am
sporlt the trump side. >> everybody wants to talk. we say isn't it great? he has a picture surrounded by leaders of the free world, democracies, that's good for trump. it will be good when he shakes hands. >> just a few months ago. >> wait just a second. i don't want him forgotten here. >> he has blood on his hands. >> of course he did. >> he has lost us forever. h so i think that this president is so in search of a photo on there that the photo out of canada is just -- >> listen, ryan crocker
9:48 am
successes in iraq and afghanistan said we are better off doing it or not doing it. would you argue? i think talking to your enemies is far as important as talking to your friends. that picture, is 62 million americans that voted for americans, those that think the president is doing a good job is what he is doing. >> he walked out on his friends. >> wait. >> i think it's good to have the summit. it's a big win for kim. >> that's what the north koreans. >> 30 seconds, go. >> the president said let's talk about having no tariffs, free trade. >> yeah. >> yeah. but the problem is he embraces our add sver says. >> i have to leave it there.
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the power to pardon. how much is the former reality star mixing the profession with his political watch? it is the state of the cartoon-ion. >> the reason i'm a so called reality star is because of my success. >> starring kim kardashian west who is president listened to and
9:54 am
granted clemency. >> i went in to really talk to the president about alice johnson. >> i thought kim kardashian was great. >> i haven't heard the name since i left the apprentice. i thought it was a very tough sentence. dennis rodman is trying to work his reality tv connections, raising his hands for the president's very real upcoming meeting. >> i don't want to say i did this. i did that. that's not my intention. >> that seems to be on hold at least for now. >> i like dennis. he was a great rebounder. >> no shortage of reality tv
9:55 am
stars. perhaps the president could feature jersey shores the situation and help get him out of his real legal situation. >> let's get to the real situation, my man, donald trump. >> and no reality is impossible. >> the power to pardon is a beautiful thing. >> president trump says making a deal with kim jong un is more ant attitude. more coming up next. ♪ how do you like me now ♪ now that i'm on my way ♪ do you still think i'm crazy standing here today ♪ ♪ i couldn't make you love me
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