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tv   CNN Newsroom Live  CNN  June 10, 2018 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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you're watching cnn special coverage of the singapore summit between u.s. president donald trump and north korea's kim jong-un. hello, i'm anna coren live from seoul, south korea. >> i'm john vause in los angeles. it's just gone 11:00 p.m. here on the west coast. welcome the our viewers in the united states and around the world. what may have started on a presidential whim three months ago will soon become reality, a history-making meeting between donald trump and kim jong-un now less than 24 hours away.
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the first time ever a sitting u.s. president has met with the leader of north korea. on monday, before the summit, the president met with singapore's prime minister. the city state is hosting this historic meeting, and for now, it's the center of the diplomatic universe. north korean state media have reported the goal for these talks will be denuclearization and lasting peace. all of this has been a stunning turn arnd for the relatively young kim jong-un from a reclusive international pariah, ready to negotiate a end to his missile and nuclear program in return for guarantees a. john ripley has reported extensively from korea over the years. he joins us with his analysis. will, there is a strong belief that kim jong-un has already got what he wanted, which is an
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audience with u.s. president, the leader of the free world, and that by doing that, this will make him a ledge legitimate international player and cement his leadership back home. you've been to north korea. you've met with the people. what do you think kim jong-un wants from this summit? >> well, i mean, he has decided to make what appears to much of the world to be an abrupt u-turn from this path where he was marching very aggressively to grow his nuclear arsenal to now he wants to put that same level of effort to growing his country's economy. when you run a country, you can snap your fingers and make decision likes that without the deliberations and debates that would happen in other systems of government. so the indication i've gotten based on conversations with north korean officials is that kim jong-un is all in on trying to grow his economy, and he knows that in order to really do that, in order to really give north korea the economic opportunities that have been enjoyed in south korea, a country that has an economy some 36 times large they're north korea's, he needs to normalize relations with the united
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states. so the north koreans are going into this determined to make in meeting work, but also, the going into this as very shrewd negotiators who know that they have leverage in the form of their nuclear nal. and they're not going to unilaterally disarm in a matter of months without feeling they have gotten a number of things in the united states. the number one priority for them is not economic incentive, frankly, it's security guarantees. they need to know that their government will be safe, that they will not be the libyael that president trump's national security adviser john bolton compared north korea to, a country that gave up its nuclear weapons and was overthrown by u.s.-backed forces just several years later. north korea wants kim jong-un to remain firmly in control, and they want to grow their economy. and they also want an toned what they feel is a hostile policy on the part of the united states. so we know that there have been teams here in singapore having these 11th hour meetings, trying to see if the u.s. and north korea can get themselves closer to what denuclearization is going to look like, how long
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it's going to take. from what we're hearing, they're still very far apart on that issue. so while they want things to go well, i think both sides are going to go into this holding their ground. and that's where president trump's negotiating skills, frankly, are going to be put to the test as well as the negotiating skills of kim jong-un and his team. many of the members of that team have been working their whole lives studying and preparing for this moment, anna. >> i want the discuss the definition of denuclearization. we heard from north korean state media this morning saying that trump and kim will discuss denuclearization and durable peace on the korean peninsula. it certainly sounds promising, but there are concerns that donald trump definition of peace may differ from kim jong-un. what's your take? >> well, look, what kim jong-un and the north koreans have long sought is a situation where eventually all of the u.s. troops, the 28,000 american troops who are stationed in the south pull off the korean
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peninsula, a day when there is no need for the americanuclear umbrella that protects south korea and japan. and japan, by the way, has some real security concerns that what if there is a deal that allows north korea to keep its shorter range missiles but give up its icbms, but the shorter range missiles are still well in range of tokyo. so there is loot of different factors at play here. what the north koreans have said they want, they've used this language time and time again for years, if they feel that the united states ends what it considers a hostile policy towards their can't and allows the country to exist in its current system, normalizes relation, opens up the doors, if you will, but allowing north korea to remain the same at its core, which is a very controversial notion, because you talk about human rights issues which are likely not to be a major topic at this summit you. talk about all the other complaints that people around the world have made against the north korean government. but the united states is going to essentially have to say we accept north korea in its current state, its current
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leader, we'll work with this country, and that's going to be the way it is for the foreseeable future. and then north korea saying if they have that guarantee, then they'll talk about the process, probably a long process of giving up their nuclear weapons. >> will, just briefly, the south koreans that i have spoken to certainly are very optimistic about this summit. they want enduring peace. from the north koreans that you have spoken to in your travels do, they want the same? >> it's hard because north koreans when have i met them off camera, they are friendly, they are personable, they're polite, they're warm, and yet you turn the camera on, and granted they have their names and numbers and occupations and all of their information. and then you turn the camera on. they say they hate the united states. they want to see the united states burn. they want to -- all sorts of colorful ways to destroy america and its leadership. but they're echoing the messaging that is in their state propaganda. and when a north korean son camera, of course they're going
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to say what they're hearing from their government because if they were say anything else in a country where political dissent is not tolerated, the consequences for them would obviously not be good. and it's not to say that some of them don't believe those things. but nowhere is a noticeable change in north korean propaganda. the fact that you have their most famous news read attorney air telling north koreans about the summit before it has even happened, talking about opening a new chapter, talking about an era of peace. i suspect when we go back into north korea after this summit and we start talking to people, depending how things going here in singapore, we might hear a very different perspective from them about their feelings about e united states and their views, relations with the u.s. and the rest of the world. >> well certainly here there is a great deal of optimism. will ripley, we thank you for your analysis, joining us live there from singapore. john, back to you. >> anna, thank you. we're just looking at live image there's of the u.s. president leaving that meeting with the prime minister of singapore and
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heading back to his hotel. as we watch this, also watching this historic meeting from the distant sidelines between north korea's closest ally china during past negotiations with china, beijing has usually played a major role, but not this time. another reason why this summit is anything but business as usual. the director of the u.s.-china institute at the university of southern california, he joins us in los angeles. clayton, thanks for coming in. a couple of big days ahead of us, i guess. >> indeed. >> there is new reporting in "the new york times" in the last several hours that as the summit moves closer to reality, there is growing concern in beijing about kim ace actual intentions. here is what they write. chinese leaders who are used to being on the ouns outside looking in are growing anxious where leaders in beijing are worried that mr. kim might try to counterbalance china's influence by embracing the united states, north korea's long-time enemy.
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anything is possible, but it seems more likely that kim is going to use both countries as leverage to play beijing and washington off each other, which is sort of typical north korea behavior, right? >> that's exactly the case here. in the past, he depended on the -- the regime depended on the soviet union, then russia. now of course there is the opportunity to work something out with the united states. they want to keep china a little off balance because china is so big and so present that they want china to want north korea. >> right. and they're right next door. so what was notable, know though, i thought, was kim and his tower raj traveled to singapore on a air china jet. >> there was some concern whether his own aircraft would make it. last month the president essentially throwing this into doubt, calling the whole thing off. at the time the spokesperson for
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china's foreign ministry asked if that meant that beijing would assume a bigger role in future talks. his answer, china always played a positive and constructive role on the korean peninsula issue without any ulterior motive at all. for people who like to read way too much into official statements that come out of china's foreign ministry like me, what was interesting is when the spokesperson said that, the emphasis was on the word always. it was a none too subtle message that beijing was there in the past and they're going to be there in the future. >> they're always going to be there, and that's a reality. we saw in march we saw in may that before kim jong-un meets with trump, he meets twice with xi jinping. and this is quite significant that he was carried to singapore aboard a chinese jet. >> and also we have xi jinping traveling to pyongyang at some point. >> ethat's right. >> in the not too distant future. >> that's right. >> again, having the leader of china come to pyongyang is a big
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deal. we also have the issue of china trying to assert its influence, if you like there has been some strained relations between north korea and china. the easiest way for china to have any kind of influence over pyongyang is through economic ties. can they exert -- can they go down that route? flying back. can they do that without violating or compromising their commitment to u.n. economic sanctions? >> they violate this, and they have. we've seen plenty of evidence over the last three, four years of chinese firms and chinese individuals facilitating trade, facilitating continued development of north korea. >> okay. so when we look at the summit when they head this, one of the deliverables is the peace treaty that could come out of north and south korea. even on that issue, we had this warning coming from beijing.
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it's an editorial in the state-controlled global times. nothing gets published in china without the government sort of saying it's okay. here is part of it. there is some analysis in the south korean media that's just the peace treaty will signed by the u.s. south, and north korea leaving china marginalized. even when beijing does not speak a word, it has larger weight on the situation than seoul. th a pretty strong message to the south koreans. >> it's a very strong message, and it's one that they've been hammering at. it's important to note that they have imposesed sanctions of the own with south korea when they thought south korea was growing too close with the united states with the missile defense system. they have been very clear to south korea that they are in command. >> that they're calling the shots. >> yes. >> okay. this is so interesting. we've never been down this road before without china playing a
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significant role. and i guess the next couple days we'll see how this all ends up. clayton, thanks so much. >> thank you. >> great to have you with us. next here on "cnn newsroom," he arrived late, left early and insulted the host. how his g7 meeting might impact his meeting with kim jong-un. join t-mobile. and get netflix included. so your family can watch what they love in more places. get an unlimited family plan with netflix on us. and right now, buy one samsung galaxy s9 and get one free.
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17 minutes past 11:00 on the west coast. welcome back, everybody. donald trump heads into the singapore summit after a tense and divisive g7 meeting with u.s. allies and an escalating diplomatic crisis with canada. the u.s. president seems to have focused much of his fury on canada's prime minister, justin trudeau, accusing him of being dishonest and weak when it comes to trade and tariffs. as a result, he says he will not sign the g7 joint statement. the tweets have been coming fast over the past few years, many directed at justin trudeau, like this one. sorry, we cannot let our friends or enemies take advantage of us on trade anymore. we must put the american worker first. on the surface, the dispute is over trade policy, but the white house chief economic adviser has accused trudeau of trying to undermine the u.s. president before he mee with north korea's kim jong-un. >> he is not going to permit any
11:18 pm
show of weakness on the trip to negotiate with north korea, nor should he. >> so this was about north korea? >> of course it was in large part, absolutely. >> as trump was going to singapore -- >> well, you know, one thing leads to another. they are all related. kim must not see american weakness. >> but the most incendiary comment came from the white house trade adviser with what appears the harshest words a u.s. trade delegation has ever used to attack a foreign leader. >> there is a special place in hell for any foreign leader who engages in bad faith diplomacy with president donald j. trump and then tries to stab him in the back on the way out the door. >> kaline heldman and john thomas join us now. john is a cnn political
11:19 pm
commentator. starting with you, john, a special place in hell for the prime minister of canada? i mean -- >> that's a little extreme on the rhetoric. >> some people have pointed out that's the k of language an administration uses before they begin military action. this is canada. >> well, that's true. however, if larry kudlow is right, and i think he makes a fair point that president trump -- >> said this. >> i understand. but larry's point about you can't show weakness going into this summit, if canada was trying to undermine president trump and america's strength going this summit where we might be seeing a denuclearization and making peace for the resf the world, well, he does make a pretty good argument. i wouldn't have used those language. but if he was responsible for undermining the summit. >> well, was he. let's see what justin trudeau said. this incendiary verbal attack launched by canada's prime minister. here it was. >> i have made it very clear to the president that it is not something we relish doing, but
11:20 pm
it is something we absolutely will do, because canadians, we're polite. we're reasonable. but we also will not be pushed around. >> oh my god, carolyn, this is unbelievable. it is almost a declaration of war. this is canada wre people hold up polite signs at protests. they take out newspaper ads to apologize for traffic accidents. >> if only donald trump would treat canada and our other allies as comfortably as he treats russia, seriously. it is still unclear what exactly justin trudeau is supposed to have done. everyone at the g7 summit was chastising donald trump because he is escalating a trade war. and donald trump is putting out fake statistics about the deficit that we have in terms of trade, which doesn't account for the fact that we have a surplus if you include service. >> which everybody does include services. >> we have to. we are a country that employees five times the number of workers in the service industry as manufacturing. so donald trump is the one who
11:21 pm
is not engaging in good faith. and it's a little narcissistic that this has to do with him and his position going into north korea. it's about the g7. it's about trade. it's about the economy. >> and that is what it's about. and larry said, larry kudlow said he was there finalizing the statement in the agreement. they thought they had a deal. and then justin pulled out, perhaps as a negotiating move saying they're not going to sign this, which put trump in a position to say oh, what do you want, look in a position of weakness. larry said they had a de it was justin that pulled out. >> trump is in a position of weakness just meeting with kim jong-un in the first place. >> before he left quebec for the north korea summit, the president was asked how long it will take before he knows that kim jong-un is serious about making a deal. . >> i think within the first minute i'll know. >> how? >> i just -- my touch, my feel. that's what i do. >> the touch, the feel, the fabric of our lives.
11:22 pm
the president was also asked at that news conference t dese his relationship with g7 leaders. >> the relationship that i've had with the president, the leaders of these country has been -- i would really rate it on a scale of 0 to 10, i would rate it a 10. >> okay. it was a 10. but then came the canadian version of death to america from trudeau, and trump went on a twitter rant. prime minister justin trudeau of canada acting so meek and mild during our g7 meetings only giving a news conference after we left that u.s. tariffs were kind of insults and he would not be pushed around. very dishonest and weak. john, what happened to the president's spidey sense when he was meeting with trudeau? why did he not pick up that trudeau was genuine to make a deal. >> i think that's why the president was so upset, he felt like he was stabbed in the back. >> but if the president has this incredible ability to know someone straight-up and is ready to do a deal and is genuine, he
11:23 pm
is going to sum up kim jong-un within a minute or so, skill sadly lacking when he met with members of the g. >> that is donald trump's opinion of himself. this is man who has demonstrated time and time again he doesn't know how to negotiate. he doesn't understand the fundamentals of government. he doesn't understand the fundamentals of diplomacy. so it's not surprising he caused an international crisis with the g, and now he is sitting down with a millennial dictate other after rogue nation, a country that has been trying to get u.s. presidents to sit down for two decades. they finally mired one, they got one into the muck which now offers legitimacy for north korea and for kim. >> i think president trump's point is he'll understand if kim jong-un wants to get together for a photo op or if he wants to actually make deal here. >> either he stabbed him in the back or he has the spidey sense. >> well, kim jong-un, you'll be able to understand. if there is no assistance he'll know within a minute or so.
11:24 pm
>> the apology to the foreign minister. he didn't really hold back in his criticisms. big tough guy, once back on his airplane can't do it in american and knows it, which makes him feel weak so he lashes out at him. you don't need to be friday. he is a pathetic little man child. caroline, is the president of the united states a man child? >> that's an apt description given what he's done in the last few days. look, he has offended canadians. we have a 43% favorability rating with them. and that number is probably inflated only because canadians happen to be very polite and nice. how do you do this? how do you go to the g7 and inflame a crisis before you're sitting down with a dictator? this is trump, time and time again, self-inflicted wounds. >> and we haven't seen this kind of rhetoric between canada and the united states in decades. >> it's because we haven't had a president stand up to canada and say hey, let's make sure we have a free trade environment. well haven't seen it. that's why they always get
11:25 pm
along. i don't understand. larry kudlow is asking canada to do what i what they do all the time and that is just say i'm sorry. >> let's play a game. he is an intelligence report on one of the two leaders take part in the summit in ngapore. it takes a look at the younger days. we left the name out. see if you can guess who it is, prone to fits of anger and swaggering around his classmates. and the report goes on to describes making vague and grand dicklatis to his classmates, for example, after games he would say in source's recollection, some day you will all remember me. kim jong-un or donald trump? >> that's kim jong-un. >> okay. >> i have no idea. >> it's kim jong-un. but there is a lot of similarities between the personalities, right? they're both big personalities and they've both got something to prove. >> i should say i knew that is kim jong-un because i read about it. not for any other reason.
11:26 pm
it could have easily have applied to donald trump. >> there is this huge age gap between these two men. on thursday, donald trump will celebrate his birthday,une 14th. and he had a bit of anly birthday cake, apparently, tweeting out a photo of the event. what is interesting is what trump will be turning 72. kim jong-un we think is in his 30s. so there is this sort of difference, generational difference between these two men. how do you think there will play into all of this? >> i think that kim jong-un understands this is an opportunity if played right to become a world power and not just because he has a nuke. and perhaps kim jong-un is also smart enough to also recognize that at some point the rubber will meet the road when he might be forced out by another country. and that is an opportunity for him to solidify himself in his position by saying hey, look, we're an economic power, not just a military power. >> i guess, caroline, donald trump coming up to 72, born in 1946, he lived through the korean war. kim jong-un did not.
11:27 pm
>> right. but i would very much disagree with john. i think the very fact that he is sitting down and we are legitimizing him, a dictator of a rogue country, he has already gotten everything that he wants. he is absolutely not going to denuclear wise because the only reason we're sitting down is because he is a nuclear threat. the only reason we talk about kim jong-un and north korea because they're a threat. >> and he is sitting down with us because the sanctions are working and his people are starving. >> he is not going to denuclearize. that's not going to happen. >> sanctionss starving people, that's never happened in the past. but everybody is hoping for the best. thanks, guys, appreciate it. next hour, come back, please. we'll take a short break. when the -- thousands of reporters have arrived. an incredible security presence. how singapore is dealing with this moment in history. alright, i brought in new max protein
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now more businesses, in more places, can afford to dream gig. comcast, building america's largest gig-speed network. welcome back. you are watching cnn special coverage of the trump/kim summit from singapore. i'm anna coren live in seoul, south korea. >> welcome back, everybody. i'm john vause live in los angeles. it's just gone 11:31 here on the west coast, and we're just hours away from the first ever meeting between a sitting u.s. president and the leader of north korea. donald trump and kim jong-un are in singapore for this historic summit, along with a massive security and media presence. singapore is a neutral party here, but hosting the summit comes with a price, about $15 million actually. the meet willing take place at the lave. >> cappella hotel complete with
11:32 pm
a theme park and two golf courses. president trump is staying at the shangri-la hotel less than a mile away from kim who st. s at the st. regis. let's bring in manisha tank. great to be in singapore. excitement in the air. and when the north korean leader met with singapore's leader, can you feel the excitement in the air and can all those who live there feel this excitement? do they see this as history in the maybe organize do they see this as one big pain logistically and a huge traffic problem? >> well, i don't know, john. i'm too busy focusing on giving my work. no, i'm only joking. no of course, it's hugely exciting. we've had more than 2,500 journalists have flown in from all over the world to cover this live event.
11:33 pm
i'm looking at you looking down the lens of my camera, but in my eye line it's just a sway of tripods and cameras focused on the hotel where kim jong-un is staying. every time we see any movement outside the hotel we hear the clicking of cameras, and we see flashes going off. in fact, just a few moments ago we saw a multicolored bus and a number of white vance come out, and everyone had their lenses trained on it to see who is insi inside. because let's remind ourselves every single part of the show that is going on, it's almost like a reality show playing out here, it's being watched, it's being scrutinized. who the son that bus? who are they talking to? is it part of the dprk's delegation going to talk to u.s. officials? everything is being scrutinized. so to that extent for us, members of the press, the international media, it is a very exciting time. this is such a historic moment. now i'm a resident of singapore, and i can tell you that mostly what we're concerned about as residents is where is the next
11:34 pm
security blockade, where are there police checks, which road will i be unable to drive down. so social media has been instrumental around the government has been corresponding with everyone to make sure that we know what's happening where and what to avoid, of course. >> yeah, and if you're going to have a summit, singapore is a great place for's a very city state. it also seems the bulletproof bodyguards who make up the security detail protecting kim jong-un have made quite the impression. they first appeared in april when kim jong-un travelled to the meeting in panmunjom. and now they're causing a stir as they jog alongside the leader's limousine? >> yes, indeed. i heard our own anchors as we were covering the live event just yesterday when we saw the motorcade, kim jong-un's motorcade leave the st. regis and head down a famous orchard road to the palace where he was going to meet the prime minister, when that was happening, those bodyguards were out and they were running
11:35 pm
alongside. but like i said before, everything here is under scrutiny. here is kim jong-un. this is only the third time he has left north korea as a leader on the international stage, trying to present this image of himself as a statesman. he has taken a leaf out of the books of western leaders, the u.s. even to see these bodyguards running alongside who according to some reports are even chosen for their looks and certainly for their skills with marksmanship and martial arts. and it has created quite a spectacle. in fact, that has been one of the aspects of this singapore summit that has gone viral. john? >> and not to be a parrot, but it's actually his fourth time because he briefly went into south korea in april to meet with the south korean president. but, you know, small point. thanks, manisha. let's head back now to anna coren who is in seoul, south korea. anna? >> no one is counting, john, no
11:36 pm
one. thank you, john. joining us now to discuss further denuclearization on the korean peninsula is paul carroll. he is a senior adviser for in scare that is an organization that tries to relieve the risks of nuclearization. paul, there are experts who say this is deja vu. we've been here before under the clinton and bush administrations where the united states gets together with north korea to discuss denuclearization here on the peninsula. granted, this time you had the leaders of both those countries meeting. but what makes this time any different? >> well, thanks for having me, anna. there is quite a few things that makes this very different. in some ways good different. in other way, not so good different. i would say several things make this different. that's good for the north korean side from their perspective. they are now a de facto nuclear capable state. they have demonstrated six times
11:37 pm
with nuclear tests and multiple times with medium and now long-range missiles. so they're feeling relatively comfortable that they have a nuclear deterrent, and they should feel that way. with respect to the united states, yeah, we've been here before, but as you say, never, never, has a sitting president met with the leader of north korea. and so there is a lot of opinion on whether that's a good thing or whether we're giving away too much before getting anything in return. and i guess i'm of the mind that we better -- we better look at this really, as the beginning of a process, not as an omnibus. we're going to walk in and have a complete deal, ready to go and walk away satisfied. there is an awful lot of history and an awful lot of moving parts to. this i would hope to see in say, 36 hours from now when the meets are over that we have agreement on some broad outlines behalf the two nations will continue to work on. not signed, sealed and delivered.
11:38 pm
that's not going to happen. >> paul, do you believe that there is more at stake now than in previous years? >> i would say that if -- i had this discussion a week or so ago. i was a little more pessimistic. after seeing that secretary of state pompeo and the delegation that's going along with donald trump includes some long-time korea diplomats, i should say american diplomats that have worked with north korea, there is some adult supervision? the room. there is some serious and seasoned people there. so i believe that if they're actually engaged with these conversations, i'm relieved. i think that they will understand the dynamics of the north of the folks across the table. they will also understand that there is a range of things that are within the realm of feasible, and we need to focus on those as first steps and not try to shoot the moon all in a couple hours of discussions.
11:39 pm
>> well, you're a little bit concerned when trump was talking about winging it and gauging the room on pure chemistry, like within the first few minutes. >> this after all is not a real estate or a business deal, and it's not just about the two individuals meet iing, the two leaders of the country. literally global security is at stake here. to have the president make something so personal and seem flip about it concerns me. this isn't about him. and like so many other things in the way that he has managed his administration, he forgets that this is about the lives of millions of people on the peninsula, in the region. and frankly, in the world. and so, yeah, it gives me pause not only because it seems like more style than substance, but it's very cavalier, given the gravity of this security
11:40 pm
situation. >> now last year north korea, as you said, carried out its sixth nuclear test. it's created icbms capable of hitting the united states. do you believe that kim jong-un and the north korean regime are prepared to give up the very weapons that make it legitimate? and legitimate for survival? >> in the short-term, i don't. i don't at all. in fact, i think i was listening to some of the conversation, earlier panel discussion. north korea is feeling comfortable. they feel that they have achieved what they needed to achieve with respect to their decades-long quest of getting nuclear weapons. so now they feel: okay, we finally are getting respect. sort of the rodney dangerfield of the nuclear club. they're getting respect. they're about to meet with the u.s. president. can i envision a world with a
11:41 pm
north korea without nuclear weapons? of course i can. we all should be able to do that. but i don't see it happening any time in the next half decade, even if there are steps made and progress made to begin a process where the north slowly unwinds its nuclear capability, that will take many years and a lot of tolerance for wrinkles as we go. so no, the short answer is. no the longer answer is we can aspire to that, and we should. . >> let's hope we do that. paul carroll, great to get your insight. thanks for joining us from san francisco. john, back to you. >> anna, thanks a lot. we'll be back with a lot more on the historic summit. we'll take a short break. stay with us.
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welcome back. in less than 24 hours, donald trump will become the first sitting u.s. president to meet with a north korean leader. for the last few hours, mr. been meeting with singapore's at city state is obviously hosting this historic summit. and that is where we find our next guest, the ceo of the korea risk group and founder of nk news. chad, great to have you with us. the u.s. has said that there must be a commitment of complete verifiable and irreversible denuclearization for there to be any deal with north korea. but do you believe that kim jong-un is on the same page? >> no, the north koreans have a different view of denuclearization. they been talking about denuclearization of the peninsula, and traditionally that'serred that the u.s. should remove its nuclear threat
11:46 pm
from in some way. there has also been talk between the two koreas at the recent april 27th summit in panmunjom that the summit should be on a phased process step by step. and so the demands for dprk to give up actual nuclear warheads at the top of any negotiation with the u.s. are certainly a little out of step with north korea's conversation with regional partners, south korea, china, and even russia recently. >> so how do you see tomorrow's summit playing out? >> well, we think there is actually quite a good chance that there will be short-term success for the summit. potentially even medium term as well. both countries have a large stake with this. trump is having ripped up the iran deal, having had the g7 problems just before he came here, he needs a foreign policy success, and that is something
11:47 pm
that he's been focused on more than any other issue for the last year or so. for the north koreans too, they're really in need of sanctions, relaxation. they need better integration with the world economy. and they certainly need to avoid a return to the tensions that we saw in 2017. so in a way, both sides are on the same page. well think that the north koreans are aware that the types of step by step very modest offers and concessions at the start are not likely to work. the problem, however, becomes further down the line. the north koreans have always been aware that a u.s. administration can change every four years. so the luxury of being able to strategize thinking far, far along into the future than the likes of donald trump and his advisers. >> yeah, it's assumed kim jong-un is definitely playing the long game. and he will outlast all things
11:48 pm
granted donald trump, and even south korea's moon jae-in. but let me ask you this. regime survival is crucial for kim. can that be guaranteed if north korea gives up its nuclear weapons program? >> i'm sorry, could you repeat that? >> i wanted to ask you about kim's need for that security, the regime survival. that be guaranteed? >> yes, so that's very difficult any u.s. administration to guarantee because traditnally, threats of nonhostility have just been black and white on paper. the one thing that could be a game changer is a peace treaty. while there has been hints that south korea wants to work towards an agreement, the real issue is it's complicated to achieve. china is one of the states that has to be part of any peace treaty deal.
11:49 pm
so far it's not part of this negotiation between the united states, north korea, and south korea that we've been seeing emerge in recent months. a peace treaty could be some assurance from a security perspective, but equally, kim jong-un is likely to be even doubtful of that in the long-term. so it's very hard to know what kind of security guarantee can really play indicate him and his military hard line of stakeholders. >> well, chad o'carroll, we thank you for your time. well, coming up, could dennis rodman make a key assist in the summit between kim jong-un and donald trump? after the break, a look at why the former basketball star might have a big role to play.
11:50 pm
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11:54 pm
basketball star and movie actor wanna-be is apparently friends with both men, and yes, he will be in singapore for the summit. more now from bianca nobilo. >> reporter: dennis rodman is one of the few people who has spent time with both key player at the singapore summit. he knows u.s. president donald trump from his appearance on "the apprentice." >> dennis, you're fired. >> reporter: although rodman may have left the future first lady less than impressed. >> dennis rodman essentially got fired for many reasons, but one reason his team misspelled your name, which is just wrong, right? >> you don't misspell a brand name. and it was all over the products. i think he did a great job, but that was a big, big, big mistake. >> reporter: and of course there is rodman's basketball bromance with kim jong-un. they have met on three occasions, including on kim's birthday in 2014.
11:55 pm
♪ happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you ♪ ♪ happy birthday, happy birthday to you ♪ >> reporter: in a 2014 interview with du jour magazine, h paints kim as a jovial cruise director. >> jokes and all. playing basketball, loves playing table tennis, he loves playing pool. he has a 13 person girls band. >> reporter: in this abc interview, rodman says trump and kim indeed make a deal. >> donald trump had a chance, had a chance, he will get on a damn plane and shake his hand and try to make peace. i'm asking right now, donald, come talk the me. let's try to work this out.
11:56 pm
>> reporte >> if he were to make some phone calls to kim jong-un, president trump would take his phone calls. but i think that if the summit in singapore is successful, if they attain some level of detente and rapprochement, dennis rodman is as good as anybody else they can find that can serve as a good will ambassador there could be sports exchanges or cultural activity. >> reporter: but the singapore summit proved that dennis rodman was crazy like a fox al along. bianca nobilo, cnn, atlanta. >> he always keeps things very interesting. you've been watching "cnn newsroom." thanks for your company. i'm anna coren live from seoul. >> i'm john vause in los angeles. please stay with us. we'll be back after a very short break. you're watching cnn. and as a reminder, we're the world's news leader. i'm your phone, stuck down here between your seat and your console, playing a little hide-n-seek. cold...
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you're watching cnn's special coverage of the historic singapore summit between u.s. president donald trump and north korea's leader kim jong-un. hello, i'm anna core arena live from seoul, south korea. >> i'm john vause in los angeles. it's just gone midnight here on the


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