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tv   Early Start with Christine Romans and Dave Briggs  CNN  June 11, 2018 2:00am-2:59am PDT

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grabbing and kissing female employees. he apologized to anyone on the receiving end of a hug or unwanted gesture that crossed the line. "early start" continues right now. we preview the trump/kim summit. we will have a statement from mike pompeo shortly. >> one-time shot and i think it's going to work out. >> president trump striking an optimistic tone as he prepares to make history. can the self-proclaimed deal maker bring peace to the korean peninsula? we are live in singapore. and president trump digging in his heels and crossing his arms on trade after a rocky weekend at the g7. why he is isolated himself from u.s. allies and how the world is reacting. i'm christine romans. >> i'm dave briggs. monday, june 11th. welcome to viewers in the u.s. and around the world. 5:00 a.m. eastern time.
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5:00 p.m. singapore time. in just hours, president trump will be face-to-face with the leader of north korea. it is late afternoon in singapore. it has been a busy day there. president trump met with singapore prime minister and other government officials for a working lunch. the president joined by top aides and members of the cabinet including mike pompeo and chief of staff john kelly and national security adviser john bolton. >> president trump says this is a one-time shot to achieve peace and prosperity for kim jong-un's people. >> i think within the first minute i'll know. >> how? >> my touch. my feel. that's what i do. i think i'll know pretty quickly whether or not in my opinion something positive will happen. >> north korean state media reporting kim is open to discussing denuclearization and durable peacekeeping on the korean peninsula.
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we have kaitlan collins live in the briefing room where we are expecting to hear from secretary of state mike pompeo. fill us in. >> reporter: we are waiting to hear from secretary of state mike pompeo. he will brief reporters in a half hour. he will tell us what tomorrow will look like with the first handshake. secretary of state mike pompeo have been meeting with north korean officials hammering out the dales ahead of the meeting. he sent out a statement saying the president is prepared and one thing we should note the u.s. position remains clear and unchanged. that position has been that they want the north koreans to commit to denuclearization. that is verified and irreversible denuclearization. the words of secretary of state mike pompeo and other state department officials ahead of the meeting. we are learning more about what tomorrow will look like before secretary of state mike pompeo
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even briefs reporters. that is president trump and kim jong-un will meet one-on-one without advisers and without staffers. the officials with them in the room when they get started toill be president trump and kim jong-un and translators. that underscores two things. one, this meeting is about the personal relationship with the two of them. the first meeting. something president trump said he will know and get a sense within the first minute of sitting down with kim jong-un and what he is really serious about and what he is serious about committing to here. also one thing we can take away from that is the accounts of both of the men is all we have from the meeting. what is said is what we know from kim jong-un and president trump. there will not been any one in the room to corroborate what happened. there could be two sides unfolding from the meeting. secretary of state mike pompeo will be here soon. he will let us know what we will expect to see in less than 24 hours away from the meeting.
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dave and christine. >> thank you, kaitlan collins. you see the room filling up. come back when you have more. thank you. so president trump tries to make peace with the long-time enemy and simultaneously driving a wedge with the closest allies. attacking the members of the g on twitter talking about massive trade surplus and the u.s. paying almost the entire cost of the nato. after he heard prime minister justin trudeau retaliate over the steel tariffs. >> i made it clear to the president this is not something we relish doing, but something we will do. canadians are polite and reasonable, but we will not be pushed around. >> president trump calling trude trudeau's comments weak. >> he really stabbed us in the back.
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he really actually, you know what? he did a great disservice to the whole g7. >> there's a special place in hell for any foreign leader that engages in bad faith diplomacy from president trump. >> let's bring in senior national correspondent atika shubert. atika, what is the eu response to all of this here? >> reporter: clearly disappointed, but not surprised at this point. chancellor merkel said it would be nice to have a good relationship with the united states, but it is not something she can count on anymore. if anybody was doing a disservice to the g7, germany believes it was president trump. if anything speaks about the way germany sees how the g7 went, it is this photo. this is on the cover of almost every newspaper here. "europe will not be
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intimidated." it s merkel leaning over and almost lecturing president trump as he sits there with his arms folded. this picture went out the same day that president trump was leaving for the summit in singapore. it shows how clearly and released by the chancellor's office. it is very clear that they feel that the g7 countries are sticking together on this despite the fact that president trump seems to want to pull out of the international agreements. trade or climate change, dave. >> atika shubert live in berlin. what an image. one that explains the relationship with our allies. thank you. >> it is viewed differently. people who are trump supporters. see? it is all the liberal elites. let's bring in global affairs analyst david rhodes. gordan chan and josh rogin.
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good morning. gord gordan, let's go around here. what are the expectations for the summit? one-on-one. these two men and translators. one-on-one before this gets started remarkable. >> it certainly is remarkable. up to now, north koreans have made concessions. released three americans. kim jong-un has made denuclearization pledges. this summit changes. by having this meeting, we give north korea a victory. the photographs will be played throughout north korea for as long as kim jong-un is ruler. what did we get in return? i don't think we got very much. they are hammering out the details. i don't think they will come to an greet whgreement what we nee >> i through will be a communique and president trump will declare it historic
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breakthrough. the devil is in the details. this has to be better than the iran nuclear deal. there must be americans with total unfunfetered access. >> josh, on denuclearization, it is having nukes that got him here in the first place. he has now appeared on the world stage. what do you expect from the meeting? >> right. like david said the devil is in the details. what mike pompeo is talking about verifiable and irreversible denuclearization. the question is what will he promise and what is the time line and what do we give in return? there is no way to really enforce this in the near term. we don't know what they have. we are not going to have inspections for a long time. they have a huge program that is spread over the country.
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basically what we are getting is a promise. in exchange for that promise, we have to give them something. then you decide is that sufficient for what they promised and we start this months-long process with the north koreans. that will test all of our diplomatic skill andstration's will include our allies as well. that is a big project we are only beginning. >> a lot of questions for secretary of state mike pompeo. we will hear from him shortly and join that. gordon, denuclearization. what does it mean to north korea? what do they want in exchange? >> it means the u.s. getting off the korean peninsula. breaking alliance with south korea and even japan. they have talked about giving up nukes in the past. there is a lot that covers. from our point of view, it is them dismantling the program and infrastructure for the program
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and also verificatioverificatio. >> all of that and china. the retreat from the korean peninsula and less of a u.s. role. >> certainly if that were the case. i don't think the u.s. will walk away from south korea and japan. kim jong-un ended up in singapore on air china flight. basically what beijing is saying this is my vessel. he is my boy. don't hurt him. >> they met twice. xi and kim. important context. >> david, the president is spinning these plates. he is blatisting nato and yelli at justin trudeau in dairy trade. he wants russia back in the g7. he is insulting angela merkel. what is the strategy? >> i'm not sure. i want to be fair here.
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maybe it is i'm tough with everybody presentation. i'm sorry, he is wrong on the facts. when you include services the u.s. has a trade surplus with canada. we protect tobacco just as they protect dairy. that is why trudeau and other leaders are angry. he exaggerates these issues. >> is he trying to look strong for the north koreans? >> let's talk about that. larry kudlow told jake tapper this is about north korea and showing strength ahead of the summit. here is kudlow yesterday. >> he is not going to permit any show of weakness on the trip to negotiate with north korea. nor should he. >> this was about north korea? >> of course it was in large part. >> trudeau said as trump was going to singapore. >> one thing leads to another. they are all related.
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kim must not see american weakness. >> josh, if you are north korea, what do you take from all this? >> it is a baffling explanation. we don't know what the north koreans can take. they are just as likely to see and say here is the president who can change his mind on the plane after the meeting and tweet his way away out of a perceived meeting that didn't exist. the united states is not standing by its allies. this is about the koreans and japanese. if we are going to throw the canadians under the bus. they can fwrereak out as well. >> the canadians are protecting small farmers in rural canada. that is just the way it works. i want to read something from "the wall street journal" how the president is a disrupter.
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he has proven he can disre status quo. he brawls with the g7 after the summit and meets with kim jong-un. whether the president knows if disruption is enough? sooner o later he has to contribute to the world order rather than blowing up the old one. at some point you have to stop disrupting and have a legacy. >> this is important. this is an editorial page that supported trump throughout. you are right. where is the strategy? why start a trade war just before the historic meeting with north korea? makes most sense. you can put -- that makes no sense. you can put off the g7. i don't think chaos makes you look strong. >> to your point, we are out of the tpp and nafta ghoesh yanego
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it's a smart way to help increase the rhino population. and turn the poachers into the endangered species. ♪ ♪ all right. president trump refusing to retrea call to readmit russia into the g7. he is doubling down on it. >> i think it would be an asset to have russia back in. i think it would be good for the world. i think it would be good for russia. i think it would be good for the united states. i think it would be good for all of the countries of the current g7. i think the g8 would be better. having russia back in would be positive. we are looking for peace. >> russia is not one of the eight biggest economies in the world. it was kicked out of the g8 four years ago because it annexed
2:19 am
crimea. let's go live to moscow and bring in matthew chance. matthew, we covered g7 and g8 and g20 meetings. russia isolated itself from the elite group of economies. it was invited to anyway although it wasn't big enough to be in the g7 or g8. trump is alone here thinking russia should be back in, right? >> reporter: it is. i think trump has formed his own g1 as i have been joking to my colleagues. russia was kicked out. it was invited in because it as an olive branch after the collapse of the soviet union
2:20 am
after boris yeltsin. there is other activity in the united states which is laid at the feet of the russians. meddling of the elections and downing of the airliner where everybody on board was killed. the backing of bashar al assad. perpetuating the syrian civil war and the recent poisoning in britain as well. the thoughts of the allies is this is not the time. >> the president doubling down on that and not really saying why. saying they should be because you don't want to play games. matthew chance, thank you. >> he baffled reporters on the way to the summit walking out to marine one. no one thought he would go back to that line and stick with it. ahead, politico reporting that president trump is shredding documents that must be kept under the presidential records act. o what one former staffer is saying about the painstaking process of putting it back together again.
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learn all you can to help protect yourself from a stroke. talk to your doctor about xarelto®. it's a one-time shot and i think it's going to work out. >> the president striking an optimistic tone as he prepares to make history. we are monitoring the white house briefing. it is not the white house, but in singapore. you will see secretary of state mike pompeo in the briefing with reporters. and the president digging in the heels on trade and crossing those arms after a rocky weekend at the g7. why he is isolating himself from u.s. allies and all the global reaction. welcome back to "early start." i'm dave briggs. >> i'm christine romans. 30 minutes past the hour. welcome viewers here in the united states and around the
2:31 am
world. president trump getting ready to do something no sitting u.s. president has done. he will meet face-to-face with the leader of north korea. it is late afternoon in singapore now. it has been a busy day already. president trump met with singapore's prime minister and others for a working lunch. he is joined by top aides and including cabinet members secretary of state mike pompeo and chief of staff john kelly and adviser john bolton. >> president trump says this is a one-time shot for kim jong-un to achieve peace and prosperity for his people. s -- people. >> how? >> my touch. my feel. that's what i do. i think i'll know pretty quickly whether or not in my opinion something positive will happen. >> north korean state media reporting kim is open to discussing denuclearization and durable peacekeeping on the korean peninsula.
2:32 am
we have correspondent kaitlan collins live in the briefing room here with the latest from mike pompeo. >> reporter: dave, that is right. we are minutes away from the briefing from mike pompeo and hours away from the sit down with president trump and kim jong-un. what we are likely to hear from pompeo as we are 15 minutes away from the meeting with trump and kim jong-un. what we with will hear is about the logistics from pompeo about how the meeting is going to go and how it will unfold. the leaders will meet one-on-one with the translators in the room. that is significant. they will not have any advice others or owe -- advisers or officials in the room with them. that under scores how the meeting is developing a personal relationship with the president and between kim jong-un. it raises the obvious question. if they are the only two in the
2:33 am
room, how will we know what transpired between them? there will not been any one there except the translators. and what type of commitments are they looking to get from north korea? the president said it could be a multiple meeting situation. potentially in the united states. we will likely hear more about what the requirements for the north koreans are when pompeo briefs reporters in the next few minutes. >> kaitlan collins live for us. we will hear from secretary of state mike pompeo shortly. thank you. as president trump tries to make peace with the long-time enemy, he is simultaneously driving a wedge in america's relationship with the closest allies. overnight, the president attacked members of the g7 on twitter over the massive trade surpluses and the u.s. is paying close to the entire cost of nato.
2:34 am
president trump says he will not sign the communique once trudeau says he will not deal with the tariffs. >> it is not something we relish doing, but something we will do. canadians are polite and reasonable, but will not be pushed around. >> that comment there enraged the president. he called trudeau's comments dishonest and weak. listen to the president's advisers. >> he really kind of stabbed us in the back. he really actually -- you know what? he did a grace deat disservice e whole g7. >> there is a special place in hell for any leader who engaging in diplomacy like this with donald trump. >> let's go live to europe and atika shubert. what is the response where you are, atika? >> reporter: disappointed, but
2:35 am
not surprised. merkel said she would like to have a good relationship with the united states, but it is not something she can count on with president trump in office right now. i think what speaks the most is the photograph that she showed earlier in the show and now smashed across every front page. this one with the headline "europe intimidated." it shows merkel leaning in to president trump with his arms folded. this was released by the chancellor's office. it clearly shows the way germany has perceived the g7. germany is shoulder to shoulder with the other members of the g7, it seems the united states stand alone. that appears the way germany is looking at this here, christine. >> atika shubert, thank you. we will take you live to the secretary of state mike pompeo briefing on the kim/trump summit
2:36 am
any moment. let's bring in gordon chang and josh rogin. good to see you. gordon, donald trump will know in the first minute how this will go if north korea is serious about peace because of his touch and feel. how optimistic are you? >> this is not about personalities. this is about north korea has a system. it certainly has a whole array of objectives it wants. they could love president trump or they could hate him. the response is going to be the same. it is not about personalities. we americans tend to think it is great. leaders get along. countries get along. that's not the way the north koreans think. that is not how the chinese think. that is important. we have it all wrong. >> it reminded me of george w. bush who looked into vladimir
2:37 am
putin's eyes and he could see in his soul. i see kgb. what do you think? what are the deliverables here for the united states and north korea? >> one word. denuclearization. a different understanding with that term between north korea and united states. what will trump deliver in will north korea give up nuclear weapons? there has never been agreement. it is about withdrawing u.s. forces from south korea for the north koreans. they committed to denuclearization in the past, but not abided by the agreements. this is all in the details as we talked about earlier. >> given that, josh, what does sques look like for president trump? >> -- what does success look like for president trump? >> i think you have the president's definition which is as low expectations as possible. a broad framework and joint statement that both of them can sign that can begin a process where over the next months and years the teams follow-up.
2:38 am
that will be defined as success. in washington, you have a debate with people in congress and experts and say here are the problems and here is where north korea can cheat and this is what we are giving up in return. you have a agreement to disagree. the administration and supporters would say what a successful and historical summit. wasn't that amazing and people who follow the issue will say it did not do much. it was more of a photo op. >> gordon, no other president has been able to get this far. who gets the credit? the south korean leader? chinese? is it donald trump and his disruptive personality? >> a couple of things. the north koreans need sanctions relief. you can thank donald trump for that. a lot of talk in asia among career watchers that the threats have brought north koreans and south koreans and chinese
2:39 am
around. you have moon jae-in who facilitated this. they were not in the position to actually start the discussions so you can credit the south korean president there. the one thing about china, christine, over the last three months. it is sanctions busting. it is blatant than in the past. if we don't get a good deal with the north koreans, it is because the chinese have said to kim jong-un during the two meetings in china that we have your back. you don't have to deal with the americans. this presents an important issue how we deal with beijing if we don't get what we want at the summit. >> you talk about a good deal. david, what is the good deal given the iran nuclear deal? what does a good deal look like on north korea? >> the biggest thing to watch is access for american inspectors throughout north korea. we have no idea how many facilities they have. immediate and open access. the biggest issue with the iran
2:40 am
deal is access. the rest of the world, the nuclear agency says there was good access. he has to get more access than the iran nuclear deal. the other thing is he is humiliating his necessigotiatin partners. to let inspectors in north korea, this is benign to the populous. this can back fire because he puts leaders in a corner. they have to stand up to him. >> josh, you look at justin trudeau who for political reasons had to stand up and say after the g7, we will not be pushed around. that for trump made him very angry and caused the united states to not sign the communique it negotiated. spinning a lot of plates here. u insulting nato and insulting
2:41 am
merkel and justin trudeau. josh, what is the strategy? >> this tells kim jong-un how to deal with president trump. one, everything is personal with donald trump. if he feels slighted, that is having a huge impact. you have to manage his personality and feelings. the second thing for donald trump everything is transacti transactional. what did i get here? what is the cost benefit of what happened today? he doesn't think of strategic implications or long-term i implications. this is what washington policy wonks thinks is important. this is a man in president trump who wants a good, respectful interaction who wants something on the table for himself today. that you can take and apply the north korean situation directly. >> larry kudlow when asked by jake tapper when this was an attack.
2:42 am
kudlow said it was. of course it was. gordon, what does north korea take away from the u.s. mess at the g7? >> i think there are a couple of things. kim could look at it and say the united states is isolated. i want sanctions relief. this is great for me. on the other hand, he could say this guy, trump, is dangerous. i'm not going cross him. i that i is what kudlow is getting at here. kim has a very different way of looking at the world. we are not sure which of the two options he will go for here. you know, regardless, the mess with the g7 is a problem for the u.s. long term because it is not just north korea that we worry about. it is not just china. we need to have stable partners at our back to solve the problems. >> we know the briefing mike pompeo will happe the next couple minutes. you see sarah sanders walking to the podium. david, what could make this a
2:43 am
failure? >> i think a lack of detailed an agreement. the -- detailed ement. thent exaggerates and gets figures wrong. he could exaggerate. >> is it true north korea walked away with a win? this is the first -- >> legitimate. >> yes. let's listen. we will watch the live pictures. secretary of state will hold the briefing. >> good afternoon. i want to give an update in advance of president trump's summit with chairman kim jong-un. as the president said on saturday, this is truly a ion of peace. this afternoon, the president called prime minister abe of japan and president moon of south korea. earlier today, our ambassador led a delegation to meet with vice foreign minister and north
2:44 am
korean delegation. the talks continue this afternoon even as we sit here now. they are moving rapidly. we anticipate they will come to the logical conclusion more quickly than anticipated. before discussing the summit, i want to discuss a report that the u.s. teams lacks the technical expertise on dismantling the nuclear weapons program as part of the talks. i want to address that report directly. for over three months an interagency working group across the government has been multiple times per week to address issues associated with the dismantling the nuclear weapons programs. members from the military charged with dismantling the weapons and other intelligence experts. the same experts cover the nuclear and biological programs.
2:45 am
these include dozens of ph.d.s with biological weapons and advanced degrees in physics and aerospace and biology and other relevant fields. on the ground in singapore, we have a team that includes the president's senior most experts in weapons of mass destruction who can cover any technical needs that the meetings may present. any suggestions that the united states somehow lacks the technical expertise across government or on the ground in singapore is mistaken. north korea has previously confirmed the willingness to denuclearization and we are eager to see if those words prove sincere. the fact that our two leaders are sitting down face-to-face is the sign of the potential to accomplish something that will immensely benefit our people and the world. president trump believes that kim jong-un has an unprecedented
2:46 am
opportunity to change the trajectory of our relationship and bring peace and prosperity to his country. we are hopeful this summit will have set the conditions for future productive talks. in light of how many flimsy agreements the united states made in previouses years, the president will -- previous years, the president will ensure that no agreement will fail to address the nuclear threat. the diplomacy we look to achieve has not changed. irrelevaversible and verifiable denuclearization is what the united states will accept. if diplomacy does not move in the right direction and we are hopeful it will continue to do so, those measures will increase. president trump recognizes chairman kim's desire for security and prepared to ensure
2:47 am
a north korea free of weapons of mass destruction is a secure north korea. the president is also expressed his openness to expanding access to foreign investment and other economic opportunities for north korea if they take the right steps. all preparation force ts for th have come together. the president met with minister li of singapore. an important opportunity to thank the minister for partnership in helping make the summit a reality. singapore is home to over 4,000 american companies and is a long standing commercial partner and we thank them for their help in making this summit what it is. the president also had a chance to visit with the embassy team in singapore and thank them for the work to make the summit a success. for example, at the summit, there will be 5,000 members of the media from all over the world covering this historic
2:48 am
event. president trump is going to the meeting with confidence and positive attitude and eagerness for progress. he has made it clear if kim jong-un denuclearization, there is a brighter future for north korea. tomorrow, we will get clearest indication to date if kim jong-un shares this vision. i'm happy to take questions. >> mr. secretary, you said a moment ago that his confidence over the verifiable and irrelevaversible denuclearizatis what we achieve. has the president changed his position and creating a change
2:49 am
in policy? >> it is the case we are prepared to make security assurances to engage in the denuclearization. we will take actions to provide them sufficient certainty that they cane comfortable that denuclearization is not something that ends badly for them. just the opposite. that it leads to a brighter and better future for the north korean people. >> major garrett. >> following that point, mr. secretary, would that include removing u.s. forces now in south korea? is that something you are prepared to discuss with the north koreans? >> i'm not going to get into the details of the discussions that we had today. i can only say this, we are prepared to take what will be secured assurances that are different and unique and that
2:50 am
america has been willing to provide previously. we think this is necessary. >> would it be erroneous to assume that is not on the table? >> you should not assume that i don't give detail today that the question hyou ask -- if i refus to tell you what is it in, i'm refusing to tell you what is it in and not draw any conclusion. you should know -- there will be a lot of work left to do. a lot of detail that is provided. we will not conduct negotiations with the media. we will conduct between parties to have an opportunity to have a real success here. s>> mr. secretary, it is clear what the u.s. expects from the north in terms of denuclearization. sometimes it is a suggestion
2:51 am
that the north korean officials that their concept for denuclearization is including the deployment of nuclear aircraft or military aircraft carrier on the korean peninsula. is this something that the trump administration would be willing to discuss or is this something you can do about it? >> i think the first part of the question is the same question that major garrett asked. a substantive question of what one side or the other may are prepared to do. i'm not going to speak to that. with respect to the second question, the context for the discussions is radically different than ever before. the back drop against which these necessigotiations are tak.
2:52 am
the president said in a way that is fundamentally different than before. the president made clear. until such time as we get the outcome, economic relief will not be provided. that is different. there was a hypothesis that americans would take their foot off and allow the economic opportunities for the north and reduce the capacity to actually achieve the deal. we are not going to do that.ese tomorrow with chairman kim and president trump will set the framework for the hard work that will follow. we will see how far we get. i'm very optimistic we will have a successful outcome with the two leaders. it is the case in each of the countries there are only two people that can make decisions of this magnitude. those two people will sit in a room tomorrow. >> mr. secretary, the president
2:53 am
says he will know within a minute whether kim is serious based on his feel. these are obviously complex nuclear issues with tens of millions of civilians in the crosshairs. is it wise for the president to go on his gut and have you established specific criteria for the conditions that lead him to walk out tomorrow? >> the president is prepared for the meeting tomorrow. i had the opportunity to make sure that he has had a chance to hear lots of voices. all of the opportunities and risks. we have put these two leaders in right place. as i said in the previous question, president trump had truly laid out a process here that is fundmeis fundamentallyl than the ones before. with a resolved america working to provide an jououtcome to proe both countries. that is different from before.
2:54 am
>> yes, sir. >> thank you. mr. secretary, the white house press briefing room. whether or not or how you trust the north korean leader kim jong-un and -- i want to if i may, mr. secretary, how can kim jong-un trust the united states? >> i'll take your second one first. the hypothesis is ludicrous. the united states has been
2:55 am
fooled before. no doubt about it. many presidents previously signed off on piece of paper find the north koreans did not promise what they said . the "v" matters. we will set up a system to verify. it is only once the "v" happens that we pursued. that is what has been missed before. you know, go back to reagan. trust and verify. both countries have to come to have trust in each other and to do the verification that each country needs that we provided the things that are called for that we commit to and in the various documents we sign. both tomorrow if we sign a document and sign subsequent
2:56 am
documents. if we get that far, we will have historic change here and in southeast asia and north asia and all around the world. >> one last question. phrucker, "washington post." >> mr. secretary, this morning in singapore, president trump had harsh words for prime minister trudeau. what do you feel is our relationship with the closest allies in europe and do you agree with the statement made about the colleagues? >> iame here today here in singapore to talk about north korea. i'm happy to talk about work with our european partners as well. we would not be in this place and we would not have the historic opportunity without the diplomatic work done by partners
2:57 am
alongside us. president trump worked with the partners, including the g7 to which you refer, to help us get to this point. i have every expectation they will continue to do that. there are always irritants in relationships. i'm confident relationships with our countries and the united states and g7 countries will continue to move forward on a strong basis. i'm unconcerned about our capacity to continue to do what we need to do to get the outcome in north korea as a result of what you described having taken place in canada. >> do you agree with that statement? >> thank you. >> welcome to the viewers in the united states and all around the world. this is "new day." it is monday, june 11th. i'm john berman in singapore. you have been watching secretary of state mike pompeo brief the
2:58 am
press. we are hours away from the historic summit with president trump and north korean leader kim jong-un. we did just learn a few details about the and we did just learn a few details about this meeting. we just learned there will be a one-on-one affair largely. president trump and kim jong-un will meet together in a room completely alone except for their translators forum to two hours before the various members of the delegation come in. the secretary of the state said the goal of this meeting will be to set the condition probably for future meetings. the ultimate goal is denuclearization, in order to get there. and only if they get there will the u.s. lift sanctions on that country. he said the u.s. is prepared to do things it has never done before in this relationship and in these negotiations. we're going to analyze all of this in just a moment.
2:59 am
oh, to be a fly on the wall for that one-on-one meeting, john. so obviously you'll bring us all the developments as soon as they break in singapore. meanwhile, president trump is escalating his war of wor with america's closest allies. after pulling out of this joint g-7 statement. as the president's top economic advisers claim that justin trudeau of canada betrayed president trump. they also go as far as to say, there is a special place in hell, that's a quote, for those who engage in bad diplomacy with president trump. so much has happened, john, in terms of allies versus the president sitting down with a man regard said as a dictator. i mean, this is the paradox of all of this is not lost in all of our foreign policy expert


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