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tv   CNN Newsroom With Poppy Harlow  CNN  June 11, 2018 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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good morning. glad you're with us. anderson cooper is in singapore where a summit unlike any in history is just 12 hours away as president trump feuds over trade he will soon hold an ice breaking and potentially ground breaking face-to-face meeting with kim jong-un. >> the president calls an unknown territory in the truest sense. both sides say the goal is
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de-nuclearization. most likely the term means different things to both men. the secretary of state reaffirmed that president trump is fully prepared for an engagement that we will begin one-on-one, the president and kim jong-un meeting alone except for translator before a larger session with aides. our coverage begins with caitlyn collins. what is the expectation now? >> reporter: well, anderson, we are 12 hours out from the first handshake between president trump and kim jong-un. when secretary of state mike pompeo briefed reporters not long ago he made clear that the any firm commitment about de-nuclearization. while he sounded optimistic about what is going to happen tomorrow he did say the united states will not be deceived as they believe past administrations who have dealt with north korea have. >> the united states has been fooled before. there is no doubt about it.
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many presidents previously have signed off on pieces of paper only to find that the north koreans either didn't promise what we thought they had or reneged on their promis will en system sufficiently robust that we are able to verify these outcomes. only once the v happens that we will proceed. >> spefically a question about what would happen with the u.s. troops on the north korean peninsula. back to tomorrow the white house has released more detailed schedule of what it will look like. president trump and kim jong-un meeting with their translator. that will go into expanded bilateral meeting and then a working lunch is that secretary of state mike pompeo will be in as well as national security adviser john bolten and chief of staff among several other staffers. it's the one-on-one meeting
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raising a lot of eyebrows because it will be kim jong-un and president trump. what is said and promised in the meeting the only account we will have are theirs with no one else to corroborate it. >> it's also fascinating just when you consider kim jong-un has rarely been outside north korea and until recently hadn't met many world leaders at all. >> reporter: that's true. he hasn't. he has never travelled somewhere like this to singapore. that is why we have seen such a heightened sense of security. it will be fascinati to see him sit down with president trump. he has met with secretary of state mike pompeo twice. they do have familiarity with each other. president trump is someone he has never met. this is someone who doesn't like to be touched. we have a very hands on president. just the optics are really going to be something to see the two of them sitting down and meeting just one-on-one with translators, a meeting that
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people have said could go about two hours. you have to account for the translators. it will be fascinating to see what happens and what comes out of that meeting. >> thanks very much. also to that other meeting making major headlines, president trump's clash with g-7 allies officials accuse justin trudeau of stabbing president trump in the back. joining us live with the latest is paula newton. it was an extraordinary series of events that took place following the g-7. >> even if we rewind no matter how many hours we go back many cannot figure out what happened. donald trump was at that summit in quebec. he was persuaded by the allies and five other countries to sign on to the joint communique. they did sign on to some language on trade. he basically took shots at
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canada and allies saying the united states would no longer be their biggy bank. he gets on to fair force one and then listens from air force one about justin trudeau saying on steel and aluminum tariffs that canada will not be pushed around. apparently the president became so enraged that he tweeted he was pulling out of that communique and name calling justin trudeau calling him a liar. he sounded off to his advisers who took his sentiments on air. take a listen. >> he really kind of stabbed us in the back. he did a great disservice to the whole g-7. >> there is a special place in hell for any foreign leader that engages in bad faith diplomacy with president donald j. trump and then tries to stab him in the back on the way out the
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door. >> incredible language there. this is language normally reserved for dictators that left canadian officials reeling and quite shocked saying nothing the prime minister said in public that he hasn't said to the president. larry kudlow saying this relates to the summit that donald trump felt he looked weak coming out of the meeting. so interesting that they had made apparently some progress on trade but at the point where those advisers are acting as if i'm coming to you from behind enemy lines. we have had charlie dent saying that at this point congress has to step in and actually stand up for this and say do we believe in free trade? >> let me jump in here because we are looking at this motorcade leaving and anderson cooper is in singapore. there was some talk of whether he would be leaving the hotel.
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>> that is his motorcade. we had gotten some word that they were scouting out some locations possibly for kim jong-un to visit this evening. it's obviously much cooler during the evening. it is very hot and humid during the day. it is actually quite pleasant to go out now. a lot of people stroll around. we understand that some locations were scouted. we don't know where he is going to be going but we believe -- we assume he is in that motorcade. security is very tight. that is the hotel where kim jong-un is staying. president trump is staying at a different hotel not far away. it will be interesting to see where they choose to go. he rarely travelled outside of north korea. but this will be an interesting
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departure for him and also to see how much time he spends outside the hotel. he spent most the day hunkered in the hotel with his aides, with his security. president trump met with the prime minister of singapore today. he is making last minute preparations. we will continue to watch what happens there. i want to talk about all of this now. joining us is cnn national security analyst david sanger and john pk head of the korea working group at kennedy school of government. you wrote a fascinating article. >> he worked from the beginning here on the theory that kim
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jong-un is motivated by the desire for profit, for his country to become wealthy. very much the way donald trump thinks most other business partners that he has dealt with are motivated. i'm not sure that is right in the case of kim jong-un. he wants to rule north korea for a long time and that means you need a stable economy. he has most of the money in north korea. he knows the nuclear weapons are the one thing that make the world pay attention to him. if he didn't have nuclear weapons we wouldn't be here today. >> he has created legitimacy as all have since his grandfather. >> you just saw it with the picture of the motorcade. think about the past month. a leader who met almost no one met the leader of china twice
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and met president of south korea twice. he is about to go meet the president of the united states. he is taking off for a night on the town in singapore. that is not the secluded hermit north korean image that we have had for some time. >> it does seem as though the u.s. or have you noticed a change in the rhetoric from coming from the u.s. side about the goals of this meeting or expectation or lowering of expectations? >> what we are seeing is the idea that there will be difficulties rather than trying to figure out a mechanism, secretary pompeo talked about a de-nuclearization mechanism almost the idea that you create this process where you can try to narrow the differences. that is what we are hearing going up in terms of the actual meeting between president trump.
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>> so with the business meeting president trump talked about he will know within the first minute or so whether kim jong-un is here to make a deal or not. what actually has to occur is so intricate and so involved and will take so much time what really can come out of tomorrow? >> the best you can hope for would be i think three things, some indication that they are closing the gap on what de-nuclearization means. it was interesting that secretary pompeo used the phrase complete verifiable irreversible de-nuclearization on the korean peninsula. it means we are doing something to assure we are not keeping our nuclear weapons within close range. >> the administration has often focussed on what north korea has to do. >> it is beginning to move.
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they want to have a treaty or process to a treaty to replace the armicist that ended the korean war in 1953. the third thing we will be looking for are some short-term goals that would indicate that than what jimmy carter got out of kim's grandfather in 1994 and more than george w. bush got out of his father in 2005 and again at the end of his term and more than barack obama got in a very brief agreement that fell apart almost immediately. so for all of the hoopla and that is a big moment to have the president meet and i think a very constructive moment to meet the leader of north korea. for all the hoopla they have to show that they actually have a way to stop the series of failures that secretary pompeo referred to in the clip.
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>> both leaders want to come out of this summit being able to say that they have achieved something. >> that is right. one part about this idea of achievement is that it will be very suggebjective. in that key area as we heard in secretary pompeo's press conference there was discussion about a security guarantee. for kim jong-un the idea that for the united states hes negative security assurance but essentially tees up positive security assurances from south korea and china. from the u.s. perspective president trump is working towards the idea of pre-july of 2017 before north korea started conducting intercontinental ballistic missiles. these are areas in terms of after the summit where the leaders grade themselves these are key areas that are quite
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important. >> obviously japan has concerns. the u.s. is concerned about intercontinental ballistic missiles. japan has concerns about more medium range missiles that can reach japan. >> those are very important concerns but what we are hearing already is the simplification of thagenda, the idea of raising different issues in the summit but almost poritizing where they can introduce other sues. front and center will be the idea of simplified joint statement and decide launching of de-nuclearization mechanism. that creates a political space potentially for the other issues. >> thanks very much. ahead the president says call it fool trade if u.s. allies don't reciprocate. the fallout is ahead. join t-mobile. and get netflix included for the whole family. so you can get lost in space in your own backyard...
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we haveen kim jong-un's motorcade leaving the hotel. we believe he has gone for a bit of the tour around the city state. let's check in outside. do we know where he plans to go? >> it's not entirely clear but i think we need to be mindful that he has a major summit to attend. i think the number of people are oking at this and trying to work it out. i can tell you that the prelude to the north korean leader going out started about three hours ago. we chose this position. we have stayed here. it was three hours or so ago when we saw the motor bike riders lineup. i think that illustrates the kind of effort, logistics and fine detail that it takes to make sure that an operation like this goes smoothly. we know that prime minister of singapore had made it very clear that they spent about $15 million on making all of this
6:20 am
happenspene happened. he wasn't clear about how much of it was security. we have seen very intensified levels of it with all of these barricades going up since the rth korean leader landed here and since president donald trump arrived. it has been a huge operation here. i have been staking out pretty much the entire day. we saw n movement. very interesting he should choose to go out. >> well, we will try to see if we can get images of him if he walks around in singapore. thanks. we will go back to poppy. >> cameras seem to be everywhere. thank you very much. as he prepares for the summit in singapore, the president is continuing to tear into u.s. allies. the g-7 on twitter. one of his tweets about canada the president writes free trade is now to be called fool trade.
6:21 am
joining me now cnn senior economic analyst and cnn global affairs analyst and someone who served as adviser to john mccain. nice to have you here. good morning to you. let's check the facts on what the president says. yesterday i took a look at this web page. let's pull it up 6789 th. this is the office of the u.s. trade representative. here is what it reads. the u.s. goods and services trade surplus with canada was $8.4 billion in 2017. the key word is surplus. now it has to do with goods and services but the president seems to be deliberately disregarding
6:22 am
the fact -- the world leaders have come to understand. >> it is a factual reality they have higher tariffs on u.s. products than on them. the really interesting development this weekend was what donald trump said in the final hours of that summit which gave cardiac arrest to a lot of european and canadian leaders. i love that idea. i think you love that idea. i don't know if the europeans and the japanese and the canadians are willing to go along with that. that would really change the picture in a positive way. >> just to be clear as you said
6:23 am
other countries have higher tariffs the average american tariff for imported goods is 2.4%. the average canadian is when you look overall is it not fact that there is a trade surplus between the u.s. and canada? >> of course there is a trade surplus and of course the president is lying. beyond that just this incredible animus against canada, one of our closest allies. it is just baffling. the president's aides, larry kudlow are accusing the prime minister of canada of a stab in the back saying there is a place in hell for him while donald trump is inviting vladimir putin trying to get him back into g-7. this is destroying the foundations of the international order. >> let's take a moment to listen
6:24 am
to that sound because you bring up peter navaro. pretty stunning the word choice he used yesterday on foxnews. >> there is a special place in hell for any foreign leader that engages in bad faith diplomacy with president donald j. trump and then tries to stab him in the back on the way out the door. president trump did the courtesy to justin trudeau to travel up to quebec for that summit. he did him a favor and was willing to sign that socialist communiq communique. >> i think a lot of people would take issue with calling it a socialist communique. this is what trudeau said on saturday. >> i have made it very clear to the president that it is not something we relish doing but it is something that we absolutely will do because canadians are polite, reasonable but we also will not be pushed around.
6:25 am
>> d that warrant the reaction from the president that it got? >> i don't rilike the name calling. it is not productive to be name calling. let's go back to cada. canada is our closest ally in the world. we want to continue a very strong and close relationship with canada. it's not just tariffs. they impose price controls on drugs and vaccines and that cost american consumers a lot of money because we have to pay for all the development costs. if you wonder why prescription drugs cost a lot in the united states look at the europeans and canadians that aren't paying their fair share. the important point here is that donald trump went to this meeting. they all knew he is flying off to singapore for an incredibly important summit to north korea to try to lead to a reduction in nuclear arms. in a way that statement did stab them a little bit in the back.
6:26 am
>> do not apologize. >> do you believe that you made the president look weak at a point where he can't look weak. is that a fair argument? >> it is not. nobody is making the president look weak. resident is looking deranged because of attacks on a close u.s. ally and calling his reliability as a negotiating partner into question going into talks with kim jong-un. he is giving advantage to kim jong-un because this is one failed summit this weekend. he can't afford another failed summit on north korea. this notion of trying to blame prime minister trudeau for sticking up for canada after donald trump called canada a national security threat and imposed the sky high tariffs on canada and other allies is wrong. that is ridiculous dispute. >> hold on. before you go, we are getting retrospective look at how the president really feels about the
6:27 am
eu as a whole, another huge block for the country because of what we learned from a meeting that the president had with french president macron in april where he said the eu is worse than china when it comes to trade. you worked on the president's econ team. is there merit to that? >> i think the central point here -- >> worst than china? >> china is the -- i think we all agree china is the big problem on the world stage. central disagreement that i think max and i have which is a disagreement going on between liberals and conservatives is max talk about the international order. trump ran against the international order. that is why he won the election because he said we can't live with the old international order. we can't live with trade deals that don't put america first. >> protectionism of the 1930s. >> trump put zero tariffs on the
6:28 am
table. that's total free trade. >> you can't for a minute believe that rhetoric. trump just says stuff. he doesn't mean it. >> thank you both very much. zero tariffs. that's a great knock. >> we have a packed show. we have anderson in singapore. we have to get a break in. ahead for us after years and years of antiu.s. propaganda what message is north korea's state run media sending today. the dow looks like it is set for a higher open. investors turn attention to the summit in singapore. stay with us. let's begin. yes or no? do you want the same tools and seamless experience
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fair to say the world is watching what is occurring here in singapore as president trump and kim jong-un get ready for their historic summit happening just hours from now. north korea state run media broadcasting kim jong-un leaving for singapore. we are joined now in singapore. you are based in seoul. it is interesting that they are talking about this. it is rare they talk about a trip kim jong-un takes while he is on it. >> that would suggest that they are hopeful that something is going to come out of this.
6:34 am
they have called it an historic foreign trip. they brought the very famous news anchor out to talk about this. talking about what they want to be on the agenda. they want relations with the united states. they also want to talk about de-nuclearization which will clearly be music to donald trump's ears. they want to talk about how to move things forward. they set out their agenda the night before this thing happens. it is highly unusual for that to be the case. we know that mr. trump had a phone call talking about how he wanted mr. trump to have miraculous achievements from this. no pressure there. a lot is riding on this for the south korean president. >> when they talk about de-nuclearization it means something different than when the united states talks about it. >> absolutely. they are talking about de-nuclearization of the korean
6:35 am
peninsula and not about north korea. we heard kim jong-un say if the united states wants unilet rate disarmorment there is no use talking. we have seen the u.s. president pulling back saying he would like it to be all in one. >> mike pompeo saying that -- using language about the u.s. being willing to consider things that past administrations have not in terms of security on the continent. >> absolutely. the very fact that he is sitting down with kim jong-un means anything goes. he are really willing to consider things that past administrations would never have considered. so there is certainly that concern. one other thing that we heard when talking about advice ahead of the meeting, for kim jong-un it is important that he is accepted as a respected --
6:36 am
someone you can sit down and talk to. they were hoping that mr. trump was going to show respect to the north korean leader. i don't know if this is since what happened in g-7. >> a lot to w for. i want to bring in cnn national securitylyst who joins us now. you have worked preparing president obama for a lot of summits for a lot of these kinds of meetings. obviously there has never been a meeting between a sitting u.s. president and the leader of north korea. paula was talking about kim jong-un wanting respect and legitimacy. just sitting down one-on-one as he will with president trump tomorrow for the initial meeting really is perhaps the most important part of this entire summit. >> i think the one-on-one is the most important part of the
6:37 am
summit. in the one-on-one remember donald trump said he will be sizing up kim jong-un but kim jong-un is also sizing up donald trump and kim is going to be assessing whether president trump is serious about this being a one shot deal or if a credible military threat is on the table. if kim doesn't think diplomacy has a sunset i think this is a massive stafg failure given what we think is full hours. i can't think of conversation president trump has had for any foreign leader. >> i remember leading talking about in a meeting he had with
6:38 am
her was very well versed in the nuclear policy and was able to answer some very intricate nuclear details without having to go to aides. it's going to interesting to see how well-versed kim jong-un is if this meeting goes on and it is time to get into specifics. it's not clear that president trump is really that sort of a leader. he tends to set himself up as being much more about big picture. >> north korea's nuclear program is much more advanced. we are talking about a nuclear complex and nuclear weapons as well as technology that goes into this program. donald trump, president trump is not an expert on details. he likes to stay big picture.
6:39 am
if i had been in this white house i would advise making this a meeting. having someone ambassador john bolton at the table next to president trump, ambassador bolton has a lot of experience in arms control negotiations with other countries and we know the sorts of questions to raise with kim jong-un or how to respond on the details. >> just in terms of what goes on in that two-hour meeting, how much detail do you expect them to get into or how much is this kind of just sizing each other up? >> i hope not a lot of detail because i don't think the president will be prepared to have that conversation with kim jong-un. i think the most important part of this meeting is the president's talking points and of course whether he chooses to stick to them. he should say he is hopeful that the process will work out.
6:40 am
if he fails to convince kim jong-un that this is not an extended process like under previous administrations and that this has a sunset then kim jong-un may just tread water and drag the process out because he doesn't fear there will be consequences if he doesn't change the behavior. from my perspective i think this should have been short and sweet so that the president could deliver a credible message about how hopeful he is in this pris process as well as if kim jong-un doesn't really play ball. more ahead.
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6:45 am
this is the lobby of the marina hotel in singapore. it is significant because we know it is where kim jong-un m headed this evening. he left his hotel just about 20 minutes ago for a little bit of time out on the town. we'll let you know as we get more word on where he is visiting. let's discuss everything going on ahead of the summit set to begin in just hours. alex, let me begin with you. we heard larry kudlow yesterday draw a direct line from the fallout after the g-7 summit to what the president is about to walk into in a few hours. let's play it. >> he can't put trump in a position of being weak going into the north korean talks with kim. by the way, president trump is not weak. he will be very strong as he always is. >> he is explaining why the president was so furious at the comments that justin trudeau
6:46 am
made saying you can't push canada around. does larry kudlow have a point? >> nothing projects strength like saying i'm not weak. it's sort of a odd bit of theatrics and does speak to the character of the people who surround the president at this point. you don't hear a lot of the president's advisers doing the thing where the president gets over and they try to walk it back or explain what you really meant. when you see amplication and that is what the president wants heading into the summit. >> trump effectively backed out of the deal with allies while traveling to try to reach a deal with a foe. is that really fair analysis? >> it was a whirl wind weekend. the president suggesting that his relationship with allies was not a ten and he got on a plane and a twitter storm blasting
6:47 am
canada kind of ripping up all the progress. the whole summit was about trump. he does not see allies and adversaries in the same traditional way. he is willing to take on canada or france and be friendly to north korea in pursuit of the deal. he sees allies as not giving him the deal he wants and possibly getting the deal from north korea. he is behaving accordingly. he is doi it his way. >> secretary of state mike pompeo in a press conference was asked about whether this fallout from the g-7 will impact the ability to get done what the u.s. wants to get done. he says there are always irritants in these relationships but i am unconcerned about the capacity to do what we need to do to get the outcome that we want. is he right that one is not related to the other? >> we are not really sure what the realistic range of outcomes in singapore is at this point. i think part of what ties together what happened is that this president doesn't think
6:48 am
about policy in the terms that a president would tralditionally think about policy. he thinks about theatrics and body language. he is immune to the arguments of getting negotiated solution with canada over disagreements and having a warm personal meeting with kim jong-un is not sufficient in singapore. that is not how he thinks about it. >> we heard from one prominent republican who tweeted basically america is with you to our allies. it is pretty stunned silence it seems from other prominent republican lawmakers. is that just what we will see? >> the president on trade but a lot of republicans are happy with the moves made on tax cuts and other policy items. when you go after him he will blast you on twitter. >> but they hammered him on the
6:49 am
tariffs when they were instituted but it seems like after what he said following the g-7 it is sort of stunned silence. i'm wondering why. >> we have seen the republicans come out and say we disagree with this and this. at the end of the day what is actually done about it? i would be shocked if anything is done. mitch mcconnell said he is not bringing the bill to the floor on tariffs. this is the party on trump. >> we are looking at activity happening live watching it unfold as you are seeing it. the doors opening to the marina hotel. one of the biggest luxury three tower hotels in singapore. a lot of photographers and cameras. anderson is with me. we know that kim jong-un left his hotel about 25, 30 minutes ago and now it looks like he may be arrived at the marina bay sans. >> there is a really kind of remarkable building three towers
6:50 am
with sort of this basically something built on top of it where there is a pool and a night club in this structure. it's not clear why they chose this location for kim jong-un to visit if as we assume it is the motorcade. heeft his we got some indication earlier today that spots were being scouted out for a visit from the north korean leader. security is always very tight here in singapore, but it is especially tight now. there you see a number of the bodyguards of the large bodyguard detail for kim jong-un. not clear. that is certainly his entourage. hard to actually see if he was in there. his bodyguards are actually enormously tall and so he might have been in that grouping.
6:51 am
>> anderson -- >> sorry, poppy, go ahead. >> no, let's go to -- >> standing by at the st. regis. you've been outside the st. regis earlier in the day. you got a heads up about three hours ago, watching the security preparation for this move. >> yes, it is quite intense over here, anderson, for anyone to go anywhere, it takes about three hours of preparation. it was just before 6:00 p.m. local time. it is now looking at coming up to 10 minutes to 10:00 in the evening. but just before 6:00 p.m. we saw the motorbikes, the police motorbikes lining up towards the -- on the road adjacent to the st. regis, just behind the hotel and that was the indication that something or someone was on the move. we got into position, we waited here for around three hours before that motorcade took off, and at that point it wasn't clear where exactly they were going. now, we are getting eyes on from various places that they have turned up. we saw pictures at the lobby of
6:52 am
marina bay sands. we saw the foreign minister of singapore tweeting out a picture of north korean leader kim jong-un with him, surrounded by flowers, we can only assume this is gardens by the bay, this is an eye con heicon in singapore. if a special visitor is coming to town, it is something you would want to show them. top of the marina bay sands hotel is a place where you can get incredible views of singapore. no confirmation if he'll definitely go up there or not. if you're going to go to that particular hotel that is certainly a place you want to go to soak up the sites. let's not forget, anderson, this is just the third trip that kim jong-un has done as an international statesman. and to come to singapore and one would only assume he might want to take advantage of these opportunities and to be seen to be engaging here, but i can't forget the fact there is a very important summit coming up, not so many hours from now.
6:53 am
>> yeah, just 11 hours from now, he will be meeting one on one with president trump and only translaters present. we're told that meeting may go as long as two hours, which is surprisingly long for one on one meeting. there you saw a number of his bodyguards, looks like they sort of escorted him to one area, perhaps to an elevator and you saw them running into another location, maybe i assume they were taking a separate elevator up to wherever kim jong-un is going. the top of this building is really extraordinary. it is unlike really any building i've seen before. it is three large towers, sort of a large platter on top of it. there you see it on the left-hand side of thescreen. kind of bridges all of the buildings. there is a pool location, there is a nightclub. so it is very possible that he has gone up to get a look at the view, an extraordinary view of singapore. poppy, you have more on the
6:54 am
hotel. >> well, it is just interesting, anderson, to note, obviously, it is a major touristpot and something anyone going to singapore would want to see. it is also owned by sheldon alelson, one of the biggest financial backers and supporters of president trump, . >> who donated a lot of money to president trump's campaign, also to the rnc. we don't know how long kim jong-un is actually going to be staying there. nor what sort of preparation he's been making for -- for this summit. his father was very well versed in nuclear policy. it is not clear exactly how well versed kim jong-un is. though certainly as the leader of north korea he's portrayed as somebody who is making -- making all the decisions. he's also followed here by a number of his top officials as well, all of whom arrived yesterday here in singapore. so we'll continue to follow all this breaking news. let's take a quick break.
6:55 am
more from singapore and around the world.
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all right, top of the hour, and welcome to our viewers here in the united states and around the world. i'm poppy harlow in new york. my colleague anderson cooper is live in singapore where kim jong-un is on the move, hours before potentially historic summit with president trump. >> a very large motorcade sit out from kim's hotel about 30 minutes ago, pulled up minutes ago at a different hotel on marina bay, as you note, it is
7:00 am
now 10:00 p.m. in singapore with kim's potentially world changing day of diplomacy due to start 11 hours from now. that one on one meeting with president trump. i want to bring in our kaitlan collins. just throughout the day, we have been learning ils of what is going to happen 11 hours from now and perhaps the most important meeting is the one right off the bat that one on one with president trump and their translators. >> reporter: that will be the most important meeting, anderson. that's the one to keep an eye on. the rest will essentially serve as photo opportunities for both sides, but that is the meeting where we could find out what exactly these two leaders are going to come to an agreement on. we note right now they're going to sit down, shake hands and what comes next is still pretty unclear. the secretary of state mike pompeo briefed reporters earlier and though he gave a few outlines of what exactly the united states is looking to get from north korea, he made clear that they have not received any firm


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