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tv   CNN Newsroom With Poppy Harlow  CNN  June 11, 2018 7:00am-8:00am PDT

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now 10:00 p.m. in singapore with kim's potentially world changing day of diplomacy due to start 11 hours from now. that one on one meeting with president trump. i want to bring in our kaitlan collins. just throughout the day, we have been learning ils of what is going to happen 11 hours from now and perhaps the most important meeting is the one right off the bat that one on one with president trump and their translators. >> reporter: that will be the most important meeting, anderson. that's the one to keep an eye on. the rest will essentially serve as photo opportunities for both sides, but that is the meeting where we could find out what exactly these two leaders are going to come to an agreement on. we note right now they're going to sit down, shake hands and what comes next is still pretty unclear. the secretary of state mike pompeo briefed reporters earlier and though he gave a few outlines of what exactly the united states is looking to get from north korea, he made clear that they have not received any firm commitments, the united
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states has not received any firm commitments from them on what they would commit to. so that is still largely up for debate. that's the question here. pompeo said he does believe this administration will be deceived by the north koreans, though, as he believes new administrations in the past have been. >> the united states has been fooled before. there is no doubt about it. many presidents previously have signed off on pieces of paper only to find that the north koreans either didn't promise what we thought they had or actually reneged on their promises. we are going to ensure we set up a system sufficiently robust that we're able to verify these outcomes and it is only once the v happens that we'll proceed a pace. >> reporter: he didn't answer sku exactly what the security assurances are, including did not answer a question about what would happen to the 25,000
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troops on the korean peninsula. back to tomorrow morning, you know, we're hours away from this meeting now and we're learning a little bit more about what it is going to look like. we knew that trump and kim jong-un were going to sit down one on one, only translators in the room with them. now after that, they will go into an expanded bilateral meeting. that could include a few officials from the u.s. side, a korea side and then they will participate in a working lunch. that is a lunch that is going to have a few more officials in it, including the national security adviser john bolton and the chief of staff john kelly as well as a few other national security officials and the press secretary sarah sanders. but it all goes back to that first meeting between president trump and kim jong-un, something that president said he would be able to know in one minute what that meeting is going to shape out to be. but that's the meeting where the real progress will happen, where the real commitments could be made, but we have to note it is just going to be kim jong-un and president trump in that room. so whatever account we get of what happened during that meeting is going to be coming
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from one of them, and whatever one of them says was said or what was promised, we won't be able to corroborate it with anyone else. we'll have to go off of their word. >> yeah. president trump said he'll be talking to reporters at some point tomorrow as well. kaitlan collins, thank you very much, a lot to watch for. as he prepares for this summit with kim jong-un, president trump is continuing to take aim at the united states g-7 allies. some of the president's closest advisers accusing justin trudeau of stabbing president trump in the back. to ottawa, where our correspondent paula newton is with more. the president left the g-7 summit agreeing to sign this communique, gets on air force one, trudeau holds a press conference, says we won't be pushed around, and then it just all fell out from there. walk us through it. >> apparently the advisers, especially larry kudlow, says that, look, all hell broke loose. at that point in time the president was incensed.
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the thing that has canadians reeling is they say when he pushed -- pulled out of the g-7 communique late on saturday, they asked larry kudlow, what the heck happened? he said he didn't know. and yet by morning television, la kudlow not only knew what was going on, but obviously was channelinghatever president trump had said to him on a phone call from air force one. take a listen. >> he really kind of stabbed us in the back. he really actually, you know what, he did a great disservice to the whole g-7. >> there is a special place in hell for any foreign leader that engages in bad faith diplomacy with president donald j. trump and then tries to stab him in the back on the way out the door. >> special place in hell, canadian officials were absolutely floored. they're trying not to react at this moment, poppy. it is tough. the prime minister refused to answer questions about it yesterday, he has a day off today. the foreign minister saying
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that, look, these personal attacks are not a way to do business. what is clear here, poppy, is that the president thinks that it is a way to do business. larrudlowallyd it was connected to the summit in singapore and that his allies, especially justin trudeau, made him look weak in the face of that. at issue still, poppy, those important trading relationships front and center is nafta. both sides told me they did make progress on nafta and were supposed to get back to work later this week to try and work out a path forward. poppy, it is no surprise to anyone that both republicans and democrats on capitol hill are watching this very closely. and wondering when and if they should get in the game here given really a new low in canada/u.s. relations. >> we heard from senator john mccain, we'll wait to hear from others on it. paula newton, appreciate the reporting and let us know what we do hear from prime minister trudeau. anderson? >> thanks. joining us now, cnn global affairs analyst, ambassador
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joseph eun. are you surprised that this one on one meeting between president trump and kim jong-un, which most people -- most observers say is probably the most crucial part of all of this, it is going to go on for -- scheduled for some two hours, which is a lot of time between two world leaders and just with their translators. >> frankly, i'm a little surprised. it is so long. usually this kind of meeting will be off schedule, you know. they wouldn't publicize so heavily one on one meeting, also right on top. in the beginning, typically one on one you place it in ddle,hent the end, to wrap it up. so, it does seem that one on one meeting is the main thing. and expanded bilateral working lunch is a side show.
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and, anderson, i mean, we have to be concerned, you know, of the leaders getting together without real expert help. denuclearization is a serious issue. what steps they take is a serious issue. >> especially with secretary of state mike pompeo talking about verification being so important, which is obviously it is. verification is extraordinarily complex. >> i think you could say it is all about verification. if you don't know what they have, what are you negotiating. if you cannot verify what they have, what are you negotiating? so verification is very, very important. and so i would hope that, i mean, i know, for example, president trump has been following the issue. but, again, this is very serious issue. let's hope they get some
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technical help, because they will need it. >> gene, what are you expecting to really come out of this tomorrow, if anything? >> i'm expecting a historic photo-op, frankly. i do think that president trump wants to get kim jong-un in a room alone, away from the aides. he's been hearing from kim jong-un through his envoys, through the south korean president. he wants to get him in a room and find out what he really wants and perhaps sit down with him and work out what they're going to tell the world. but to be honest, the north koreans, what they want at most is a declaration of some sort, perhaps pertaining to the korean war. they want to have this photo-op that is going to make kim jong-un look like a leader who has been legitimized as a fellow world leader, on the same level as the u.s. president and perhaps he wants to get out of this without agreeing to too much, that he -- about when it comes to denuclearization. they will talk about
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denuclearization and he will certainly embrace the concept of denuclearization. kim jong-un has been very clear that he embraces the concept. but he's going to say, listen, i'll give up my nuclear weapons when you give them up. let's figure o how we're both going to do that. >> ambassador eun, has the u.s. -- it sounds like the language that the u.s. is using is already moving toward the same kind of language that the north korea has been using. >> i think this is key point, anderson, that over the past, i would say, two, three weeks, our position has changed quite substantially. and as you say, moving towards what looks like north korean position. initially -- >> does that concern you? >> it does concern me. initially we wanted at least big deliverable all in one and then moved it back, has got to be
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processed, it has got to be progress. i think to get away from what we have done in the past, at least we have to have sizable deliverable. if we are too serious, kim jong-un seriousness, then we have to test it. so far i see no signs that we're seriously testing the hypothesis that he wants to denuclearize. and if we get into this action for action, little by little, it can drag on forever and in the end, we have no progress. i would like to see coming out tomorrow, from the declaration, that jean mentioned, some immediate steps that they will do, we do some security assurance, they do denuclearization. so it is fair. you got to do a little bit of each. but let's see something that shows kim jong-un is indeed serious. >> yeah. and ambassador yun, thank you
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very much. jean lee as well. poppy? >> anderson, thank you very much. so back in the united states, our relationship with allies certainly on the rails from fair trade to free trade to fool's trade. what the president is saying this morning and what if means for the future of u.s. diplomacy and the trump administration maintaining it is looking for complete denuclearization. we're going to take a look at how is that defined by both leaders and how it is accomplished ahead. it took guts to start my business.
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did say that the president may give security assurances that no other administration has put forward before for north korea. could one of those be an offer to remove u.s. troops from the south? he would not say. joining us now, congressman brendan boyle, a democrat from pennsylvania, he sits on the foreign affairs committee. nice to have you. thank you for being here. let me get your read on pompeo this morning. are you feeling more assured this morning of what we may see between president trump in this one on one meeting with kim jong-un and a few hours? because you've been critical of the president heading into this. >> i would say, and thank you for having me, i'm neither more nor less assured by pompeo's remarks just because we know this administration to a degree unlike any other really it is what the president says and what the president does that matters and not members of his administration. this past weekend was a great example of that when defense secretary mattis was in europe
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saying one thing about the western alliance and president trump was at the g-7 summit saying literally the exact opposite. so in the end, when it comes to the summit, it is what trump says and does that matters and really not any member of his administration. >> let me ask you about legislation you put forward. you're very concerned about the human rights issues within north korea to say the least. we saw that american college student otto warmbier die at the hands of kim jong-un's regime. you put forward legislation, you say, to address that. a, do you believe that any nuclear agreement with north korea must include addressing human rights and, if so, b, what would your legislation do? and let me just note for our viewers, sorry to interrupt, we're looking at kim jong-un's entourage live in singapore, aerial shots. with we know he just left the marina bay sands hotel there in singapore. it is 10:17 p.m. in the evening. the night before this potentially historic summit with president trump.
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he went for about 20 minutes or so it looked like to visit this three story sort of remarkable hotel there, and we're just unsure right now where he's headed. we'll bring you more when we have it. back with you, coman, tell me about the legislation. >> one of the most inspiring and sobering moments i had as a member of congress was when three members, three individuals who were from north korea who were defectors met with me and a few other members of the house foreign affairs committee. actually met with them twice now. and the horrific conditions that they had to endure are unlike anything else that we see around the globe. so i believe that it is our moral responsibility to speak out on human rights, not just in north korea, but around the world, i was someone who thought that that should be part of the conversation when it came to negotiating with iran. and so i'm just being consistent saying that certainly if human
7:19 am
rights were of great concern to my republican colleagues with respect to iran, it certainly should be the case when it comes to north korea which does have the worst human rights record on earth. >> what will tell you and your mind tt this summit has been more than a photo-op, but has been a success. we know from the latest polling out just a few days ago from quinnipiac, 72% of americans are supportive of this meeting, you're looking at live pictures right now, look, you can see first time this evening, let me bring anderson cooper back in with me, anderson, we can see for first time this evening shots there just moments ago of kim jong-un leaving his motorcade and this is moments after he's left the marina bay sands hotel there in singapore. it is dark, obviously. almost 0 at night. you saw his face moments ago. >> yeah, and it is gardens by the bay, near the hotel that he ended up going to.
7:20 am
there was a picture tweeted out with singapore's foreign minister as well, so there you see large security detail and kim there in the middle of it. really fascinating that he's chosen some 11 hours before his historic sit-down with president trump to go for a bit of a walk about in singapore. he's obviously never been here before. hasn't spent much time frankly outside north korea. so security, which is always tight in this city state is especially tight now. and the security detail for kim is enormous. those are -- that's north korean state television documenting basically all his movements for north korean state television. and we were told earlier in the day that some of these locations were being scouted out by north korean officials. so we had some sense that this
7:21 am
might be in the offing, poppy, and he has the -- the singapore foreign minister actually is by his side and as i said, a tweet was sent out with a picture of them, which we'll show you, in a little bit as well. these areir images that we're getting, taken a short time ago. we saw the motorcade leaving that hotel area already. but it is also a sign just of -- go ahead. >> i was saying, anderson, you're there, on the ground, it is remarkable to see what has happened for a reregime, a rogu leader who barely lea his country in two months to have meetings twice with president xi jinping of china, twice with u.s. secretary of state and now just less than 12 hours away from sitting down one on one in a room with the leader of the free worl witthe president of the united states, with no other advisers in the room, with just the translators. >> yeah.
7:22 am
this is a regime which has sought sought legitimacy for decades. you s the foreign minister taking a selfie there and we -- that selfie has already been sent out, we'll show it to you shortly. they paused it take a selfie. i'm not sure how many times kim jong-un has been photographed in a selfie before. that may be first time. but it is certainly a sign of -- that he's in a very different location than he normally is in pyongyang. now you see he is lit up by the cameras from north korean state televisi television. it is fascinating to see. as you said, poppy, this is a man who just in the last several months has made two trips to china, has met with the leader of south korea as well, stepped over the border into south korea. he also pulled the leader of
7:23 am
south korea, had him walk and step over into north korea as well. and sort of a power move. has met with the russian foreign minister, so in terms of what one of the things kim jong-un had hoped to achieve in this summit, he may have alrdy achieved just a level of legitimacy sitting one on one with the president of the united states and being viewed on the world stage along wit the leader of china, with the foreign minister of russia, and with others. >> and, anderson, as we look at these -- those are the camera flas it is, you know, almost 10:30 at night there, we see these images, he's also seeing what economic prosperity can bring, right? that's the message and part of the sell here from the trump administration to kim and to his regime is, look, if you denuclearize, we will lift these sanctions that will make you,
7:24 am
the president has said, will make you very rich and will make north korea prosperous and rich once again. you look at the immense wealth in singapore and he's seeing that firsthand with what he's visited tonight. >> singare is a city state, iis city state. the difference between here, obviously, and north korea could no be any more stark. even when you see satellite images of south korea and north korea at night, the difference between the electricity output, the number of lights in south korea compared to north korea, he already has a sense of where north korea is in terms of -- in terms of financial security and in terms of economic security. but certainly walking around in singapore is unlike anything else he has done so far. kaitlan collins is also standing by. kaitlan, president trump has not
7:25 am
actually gone outside in the time that he's been here, correct? he got off the plane, he met with the prime minister of singapore today, i believe he met with diplomats as well. for the most part, he's been in his hotel, correct? >> reporter: yes, he has, anderson. the white house actually issued a lid earlier this afternoon, of course, now 10:30 almost here in singapore. around 3:00 this afternoon, the white house offered a lid, meaning we won't see president trump likely again until tomorrow when he's on his way to meet with kim jong-un. no word on what president trump has been doing. but he stayed behind closed doors. if he was going to go anywhere, to a restaurant, something, along the lines of what kim is doing here, they would have to take a slew of reporters with them. so it is interesting to see that less than 12 hours before this meese i meeting, kim jong-un, someone who rarely leave his country, is out and about on the town in singapore. he was walking into -- a very
7:26 am
popular hotel and casino inside of it here, in singapore. as he walked in, people were cheering for kim jong-un. an interesting reception that the north korean dictator is receiving. someone who rarely leaves outside of his country, i think he's only left maybe two or three times su s since he came power. this is the furthest he's gone. it gives us an insight into what his mind set is before the high stakes meeting tomorrow. he's not back at his hotel preparing at the st. regis. he's out and about with the foreign minister from singapore. that really does make you think about what these two leaders are going to walk into this meeting like. president trump is more than double kim jong-un's age. they both certainly are going to have some jet lag, a lot of pressure on both of these leaders, but it is interesting to see the way that kim jong-un is dealing with that pressure, going out and about in a city that he has not been to before since he came to power. and it does really kind of set the stage for what tomorrow morning could look like.
7:27 am
>> of course, part of that may be intentional, may be that he wants to project a sense of confidence that he's so well prepared, that he is happening to just walk around and take -- you see him taking a selfie with the foreign minister from singapor a lot of potential brinksmanship, gamesmanship going on here, but fascinating, you see on the right-hand side of the screen from earlier, kim jong-un walking amidst that huge security detail, which follows him everywhere, oftentimes you see his motorcade there on the left, you oftentimes see the security guards running along the side of his vehicle, about a dozen or so of them running alongside not this time, though, but certainly surrounding him as he goes for a walk about. manisha tank is standing by. you've been outside kim's hotel for quite some time.
7:28 am
you saw the preparations for this. this is -- has been going on now for hours, the preparation for kim leaving the st. regis. >> reporter: yeah, indeed, anderson. it is now -- we're looking at half past 10:00 in the evening here. the center of singapore outside the st. regis. i saw the motorcycles, the police motorbikes lining up before 6:00 p.m. local. it took them about three hours before they were ready to leave. now, i can tell you something that is unfolding around me right now, which is we're seeing more police suddenly on the street. it was otherwise empty. now what that normally means is a precursor to someone very important, possibly arriving at the hotel. we're going to keep eyes on that for you. what we normally do is see a bit of an intensification, police officers normally come over and warn us to stay off the road and we'll begin to see motorcycles with their flashing lights appear as they clear the road for security reasons and safety before any motorcade can come
7:29 am
in. this is the kind of movement we have seen over the past couple of days, but that is a movement we saw what is roughly an hour and a half ago and right before we got all of those pictures of kim jong-un meeting with the foreign minister, vivian balakrishnan, walking by the gardens by the bay, and marina sands. as a resident of singapore, that's one of the first place you take them if you want them to see your city. we're just waiting, wondering if that motorcade is on its way back. we're seeing an increased security presence here, but he didn't leave the hothe entire day. i have been here the whole time, outside the st. regis, didn't see any movement, we saw delegations come and go, but we did not see the mother korean leader move until this evening. and it has taken a massive logistical and detailed effort. it will be interesting in the morning to see when things begin to get that motorcade under way to get him to sentosa island,
7:30 am
which i estimate is about a 30-minute drive or so from this point, anderson. >> anderson, looking at these images here, i think we saw when he was lit up a bit, kim jong-un smiling, taking in the sites he an image of him we don't see often, out and about and enjoying himself, you noted his security teams had gone out and sort of prescouted sites that he may visit in singapore. do we know where else they went, where he may be headed? >> i don't know. i know that they had -- i heard they had actually gone to this area where he -- where we're showing him, and, again this is from moments ago, they had gone to that area to kind of scout. i did not get any other reports of other locations that they may have gone to. i can't imagine that he would be making too much -- go to too
7:31 am
many other places given the late hour here and the importance of the meeting that is to take place tomorrow. manisha tank, while you're with us, as a resident, talk a little bit where the summit is going to be taking place tomorrow, because both leaders are in separate hotels in singapore, the summit itself is on another location off singapore, an island location. >> reporter: yeah, anderson. anecdotally there was so much chatter here in singapore about where was this summit going to take place. the first place people assumed it might be was the shangri-la hotel, where president trump is staying. but it is a hotel that is easy to lock down securitywise. it later emerged that the capella was chosen on sentosa. if you look at it, sentosa island, i can describe this for people who don't know singapore, is actually separated from the main land of singapore by just a
7:32 am
single bridge. also a cable car and a sort of monorail train that can take you across. it is very easy to shut it down or to put up a police cordon and monitor who is going in and out. capella is a leafy, colonial style resort with its manicured lawns. it seems like a very isolated place where they will be able to talk in a secure and safe manner, that is something very much at the heart of the preparations that singapore wanted to put into preparations for the summit and allow that sort of environment to exist for this summit to happen. as happens, actually, i wanted to describe where i am. so the st. regis hotel is very close to -- a bus going by -- a thorough fare as you can see. it is probably one of the busiest thorough fares here in the middle of singapore. leading up to the very famous orchard road. and there say road just ahead of me, beyond the camera, where i'm facing, which leads to the
7:33 am
shangri-la hotel. if you do the math, you're talking about just a half a mile or so apart. those two hotels. so both of those leaders, president trump and kim jong-un pretty mucn same area of town, they both have to venture to sentosa. it is about 30 minutes or so from here. and it is -- i've spoken to residents on the island, many people that i know talked about the police cordons that pedestrians are not being allowed to cross certain bridges that go over the gateway to sentosa. but it seems like really when you look at it very obvious choice, given the security concerns and given the momentous historic situation that we have around this event and the fact that this singaporens for sure want this all to go very smoothly and they can control the logistics and make it all very convenient for all of those involved. >> yeah, thank you. we just saw the selfie being taken. i want to show you the selfie that was tweeted out by the foreign minister of singapore.
7:34 am
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7:39 am
included in these talks. that's the rhetoric about russia and putin. and then the actions, though, very severe against russia. >> yeah, it really just depends on the time. i mean, when you look at these sanctions now, it is a handful of entities, three people, they're considered to be helping russian security services, but specifically with their -- as they put it in this press release, malicious cyberactivities. so this is not the first occasion this administration has shown that it is willing to go after russia in the cybersphere. it is also willing to target russian oligarchs that are close to president putin. so the disconnect when you hear just two days ago president trump saying that russia should be welcomed back into the fold, even though it was kicked out of the g-8 for taking over part of its neighbor ukraine, you wonder why both of these things can be true.
7:40 am
however, this administration likes to say it has been tougher on russia than any other administration, that is very much open to debate, many would disputethat. but on several occasions now we have seen rounds of sanctions, we have heard president trump one time criticize president putin by name, via tweet, but, remember, we heard much harder -- harsher words from the administration against canadian prime minister justin trudeau at this point than we have against vladimir putin, poppy. >> that is a very important point and sort of startling juxtaposition when you put it that way, michelle kosinski, thank you very much. anderson? >> we just have seen really extraordinary images, kim jong-un, some ten hours or so before a meeting with president trump and that one on one meeting, walking around with the foreign minister of singapore, paula hancocks joins me now. you're based in south korea,
7:41 am
have you seen -- i mean, does this surprise you? >> this surprises me a lot. i've never seen anything like this before, anderson. none of us have. this is a north korean dictator who just six months ago was threatening to obliterate the united and now you see him walking around the streets of singapore, he has crowds of people, i can see across the road lots of people taking photos of him, waving at him, whether any were singaporens, whether -- >> they are new pictures that are just coming into us, him waving at people as well, smiling. >> absolutely. i mean, clearly he's having a very good time. i mean, this is kim jong-un go from a dictator to a world leader who is being shown around by the foreign minister of another country. if this doesn't legitimize him, what does? >> it is fascinating that is something his father wanted, something that his grandfather wanted as well. north korean leaders have for decades now craved legitimacy on
7:42 am
the world stage, craved being on equal footing with other world leadwhether you agree -- whethe anything comes out of this summit or not, certainly from the north korean standpoint, they must be happy seeing these images and knowing that he's going to be sitting down with president trump one on one for some two hours we're told tomorrow. >> absolutely. he's achieved what his father wanted to achieve. he has achieved what his grandfather wanted to achieve. he will be sitting across the table from u.s. president donald trump. he will b shaking hands with a sitting u.s. president. in the very short-term he will walk away perfefrom this meetin the winner because he can go back to his people and he with say look what happened, he can show the images of him walking around singapore and those images are powerful. they not just for the north korean people, they do change people's opinion of someone. for example, when he met with the south korean president moon
7:43 am
jae-in, a poll just before the summit, 10% of those polled said, yes, we trust him. straight after that, 35% of those polled said they trust him. >> for no othereason than the fact that he had met -- >> the optics. >> that's fascinating. also, you know, you -- the u.s. is not focusing very much on the human rights record of north korea, it seems in this summit. that has certainly in past administrations been front and center in the u.s. concerns about north korea. it seems to be, you know, as you look at images of this man smiling and walking around, you know, it bears repeating the situation faced by tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands of citizens who are jailed in north korea. >> absolutely. and i spoke to a number of ngos before i came here and they were all asking why is this not on the agenda. human rights, 200 of the ngos
7:44 am
wrote an open letter to the u.s. president saying there has to be -- this has to be on the agenda. and they're worried their voices are being drowned out by the fact that this is so interesting to the world, that they are watching the developments, they're not focusing on the 100,000 potentially 200,000 north koreans in political prison camps. >> paula hancocks, thank you very much. we're going to continue to bring more images if we see more of kim jong-un, no sign obviously of president trump, he met with the prime minister of singapore earlier today. more news ahead. we'll be right back. join t-mobile. and get netflix included for the whole family. so you can get lost in space in your own backyard...
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all right, welcome back. i'm poppy har in new york. just hours until president trump's historic summit with north korea's lead and yet here at home an escalating battle with america's closest allies continues. let's bring in ron brownstein and reed wilson, national correspondent for "the hill."
7:49 am
let me get your take on what lakudlow, the president's closest economice adviser said about what made the president so upset about justin trudeau's comments about canada don't be pushed around as he heads to singapore. listen to this. >> he can't put trump in a position of being weak, going into the north korean talks with kim. can't do that. by the way, president trump is not weak. he will be very strong as he always is. >> and let's just listen if we have it to what trudeau said gry. made this administration so >> i have made it very clear to the president that it is not something we relish doing,ut it is something that we absolutely will do because canadians are polite, we're reasonable, but we also will not be pushed around. >> reed, does the reaction of the administration match the perceived crime that the trump team feels was committed here? >> no, i think this is a pretty
7:50 am
disproportionate reaction and what the prime minister said is basically what any prime minister or president would say about their own country when tariffs are placed on them, that they're going to retaliate. we have seen that from china. we have seen that from south korea, we have seen that from the european union. and for some reason -- >> and germany. >> for some reason the prime minister of canada is the target of these blistering attacks. these attacks, by the way, that are made, once president trump is back on air force one, we didn't see this kind of pushback in the one on one meetings that the president had with a bunch of the other european leaders. just waits to go on his platform on twitter. >> you say, quote, there are a lot of republicans elected officials who get heartburn at the idea of president trump isolating us from traditional allies. where are they? where are the republican voices this morning? it is like deafening. >> it is. it is astonishing. in many ways, i think it is the attitude of congressional republicans toward his presidency that shapes and
7:51 am
drives the kind of international interactions, what we see, on the one hand, because congressional republicans have essentially abdicated the responsibility of providing any oversight or constraint, other than the occasional judge, there is no one in the domestic political system who can stand up to the president the way these foreign leaders can do these meetings, and it is something not exposed to very much in the past 18 months. i think the other key point here is that -- i think there is no question that the choice by congressional leaders, particularly senate majority leader mitch mcconnell and house speaker paul ryan to in effect sweep up the glass every time the president breaks another window, breaks another norm, i think it is what is empowered him to believe he can behave this way. and threaten to undermine these traditional american aalliances. there are big interests that support an internationalist vision and open on trade, but they have effectively been marginalized and i think it is largely because leadership has not provided an alternative
7:52 am
vision within their coalition. >> , look, we heard the secretary of state mike pompeo say i'm unconcerned with sort of the drama with the g-7 allies heading into the singapore summit. he said these are irritants that every sort of presidency deals with. do you buy at all the argument from somet this is a president showing strength, saying, look, look how i respond when trudeau dares cross me, even if that sort of calm manner in which he did so, so kim jong-un, watch out. >> that very sort of milquetoast way that the prime minister offered even the most basic criticism. no, i think what is important in what gives america stability around the world is its reliability, the fact that if the u.s. government says something that it is going to stand up for treaty obligation or some kind of international agreement that it actually does. what this president has shown is he's willing to walk away from the long-standing deals, whether it is the paris climate accord
7:53 am
or the iranian nuclear deal or even the g-7, which the united states effectively started back in the 1970s. so whether it is -- what his immediate predecessor has done that he wants to reverse or the long-standing norms of the liberal order and post world war world, this president seems to want to walk away and start his own institutions. he generally thinks these international institutions have been bad for the united states and helped europe and china and other trading rivals that he sees and i think that's the big difference here between president trump and a lot of his predecessors, he sees trading rivals as opposed to trading partners. >> he does see that. ron, we have to leave it there. we have to get news out of the supreme court. you'll be back and have the first answer for sure when you are. ron brownstein, reed wilson, thank you very much. to jessica schneider on the steps of the supreme court, major decision out of ohio on voter registration. what can you tell us? >> reporter: that's right,
7:54 am
poppy. this is a decision by the supreme court that could actually have broad implications for voters nationwide, just five months now before the midterm election. so what the suprem court decided this morning in a 5-4 decision is that an ohio law that allows for the purge of voters from their voter rolls d after they have been given e notification to those voters, they have allowed that law to be upheld. they say that it does not violate any federal voter law here. so this could have big implications because there are numerous states throughout the country that have similar laws, that allow for the purging of the voter rolls. so, of course, the 5-4 decision came down, justice kennedy joined the conservative wing, but it was the liberals who actually spoke out forcefully in a stinging dissent saying laws like this disenfranchise minority voters, low income voters and could lead to voter suppression. it will be interesting to see how this plays out.
7:55 am
will any other states enact such a law that does allow for voter roll purging a few months before the midterm elections. >> upholding that decision out of ohio. jessica schneider, the significance of it all, thank you very much for that. before we go, i am so happy to bring you this news. we want to welcome newest member of our cnn team, our colleague brianna keilar who you saw anchoring the show last week gave birth to a baby boy. his name, antonio, she gave birth on friday, antonio weighs 5 pounds, ounces, healthy baby boy. apparently he couldn't wait to meet mom and dad and take on the world, so he decided to arrive a month early. her husband was in japan when she went into labor, but with some help from some friends and a big old airplane, he made it home 40 minutes before antonio was born. all our love to you, antonio, enjoy the special time. thank you, both -- thank you, all, for being with anderson'
7:56 am
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hello and welcome to a special edition of "at this hour" ahead of president trump's historic summit with kim jong-un. i'm kate bolduan in new york. lucky to have with me for the entire hour anderson cooper in singapore. less than ten hours to go before this big face to face. >> that's right. a lot of anticipation certainly, it is 11:00 here at night. we'r


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