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tv   At This Hour With Kate Bolduan  CNN  June 11, 2018 8:00am-9:00am PDT

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hello and welcome to a special edition of "at this hour" ahead of president trump's historic summit with kim jong-un. i'm kate bolduan in new york. lucky to have with me for the entire hour anderson cooper in singapore. less than ten hours to go before this big face to face. >> that's right. a lot of anticipation certainly, it is 11:00 here at night. we're just hours from a
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handshake that could make history. the ice could be broken when president trump and kim jong-un meet here. th first summit ever between a sitting u.s. president and north korean leader. global implications. kim jong-un is not getting to bed early before his big day on the world stage. he'seen going for a bit of a walk about on the town in singapore with his entourage, taking in the sites by the bay. even posing for a selfie with the foreign minister of singapore. that's the selfie that was taken. i'm not sure how many selfies kim jong-un has ever actually been in, but that's certainly one of them. paula hancocks and kaitlan collins are here as well covering all of this. paula, let's start with you, what do we know about this tour that kim took tonight? was that -- i know they had been preparing for it, for several hours. >> reporter: that's right, anderson. certainly there has to be some
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kind of security preparation, roads were closed off, that was the key clue that they were going to be heading out into this city. they had a significant convoy. there was security there. a lot of security, motorbikes as well. and, first of all, they went to an area which is very popular here, marine bay sands. and kim jong-un went to the top of that, we understand, to take in the views of singapore. it was a mini tour of the tourist hot spots you go to in this city state. which when you think about it, is quite surreal. this is a north korean dictator that is being shown around singapore, by the foreign minister. and certainly what we could see from our vantage point here, he went to his second spot, was that there was some people that were sort of crowding around, trying to take photos, waving at kim jong-un as well. and he looked very pleased and seemed to be enjoying himself as
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he was walking around. this is really quite significant pictures that we are looking at. this is really the first time we have seen the north korean leader in this kind of environment. yes, he does this with north korea, but it is highly choreographied and everyone will be smiline ining at him. he's here now, the furthest he's traveled to singapore since he took power in north korea and he's having a walk about in the evening, just before that historic summit with the u.s. president donald trump. new, we can speculate on what this means, does this mean he's feeling confident enough, he doesn't have to prepare, so he's going on this mini tour. the fact is he looks at ease. he looks as though he is enjoying himself. it is really quite significant as this is the first time that he's done something like this. you would assume a young leader like this would be a little ill at ease. not quite comfortable with the cameras not necessarily friendly cameras, not just the north korean cameras, following his every move.
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but he appears to be quite at ease with what he's doing, anderson? >> kaitlan what has president trump done throughout the day? >> reporter: well, anderson, earlier today the president did meet with the prime minister of singapore, something we saw as all of that unfolded. this afternoon, it is 11:00 here now in singapore, this afternoon the white house issued a lid, meaning we weren't likely to see president trump again today. and we haven't seen him since. he's been at his hotel in singapore. he and kim jong-un staying at two different hotels, but actually not that far apart, singapore is actually quite small. but we have not heard from him since then. we did hear from his secretary of state mike pompeo who came to brief reporters earlier today. essentially to give an overview of what the united states is expecting tomorrow, what they expect to hear from north korea, but offering no firm commitments from the north koreans, just hours ahead of that sit-down with president trump. but pompeo did say that they do expect and they do still want complete denuclearization from
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the north koreans. >> the ultimate objective we seek from diplomacy with northk. the complete and verifiable and irreversible denuclearization of the korea peninsula is the only outcome that the united states will accept. sanctions will remain until north korea completely and verifiably eliminates its weapons of mass destruction programs. if diplomacy does not move in the right direction and we are hopeful it will continue to do so, those measures will increase. >> reporter: so pompeo saying they have high hopes for that sit-down between president trump and kim jong-un, that is going to be a sit-down one on one at the beginning, anderson, so likely a readout from president trump, he's going to take questions from reporters after that meeting happens. and then we'll find out exactly, according to president trump, what happened during that meeting. >> all right, kaitlan collins, paula hancocks, thank you very much. joining me now, new york times
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correspondent david sanger and elise hugh, the asia correspondent for npr. to see kim jong-un walking around like this, i don't know if he's trying to project confidence, i'm not sure if he is confident moving into this, but he really has already achieved a lot from this summit, even before it has begun. >> anderson, just think about where we are, the past couple of months, versus where we were a year or two ago. the only american we could find that would even talk to kim jong-un was dennis rodman. he had not met any foreign leaders, he hadn't gone to china, so forth. now he's met xi jinping twice. he's going to meet the president of the united states. and he's walking around like a tourist in the middle of singapore, you know in the evening, taking it in. you expected him to sort of go find a bar and, you know, find a singapore sling some place, right? he seemed pretty relaxed.
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so this is a different image that he's now projecting from hermit to i'm on stage like the rest of the folks, and if you're looking for legitimacy, he gets it the moment he meets the president. that's why our objectives are really so different. because the meeting itself gives him a good deal of what he wants. >> elise, that's one of the reasons former presidents did not actually have one on one meetings with kim jong-un, that there were, you know, multisix party talks they didn't want to give the leader of north korea the legitimacy unless something was brought to the table first. >> that's true. and we have to keep in mind that the trump administration is saying that they will get something radically different than what previous administrations have gotten. we will see whether that's going to actually bear out in the next 24 hours or so and in the days and weeks ahead. however, we have to keep in mind that nothing is divorced from the context that it is in, right? we are under a now progressive
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korean president, moon jae-in who has really tried to create the conditions that have led to this moment. and in a lot of ways has played matchmaker and middle man between the north koreans and the united states in a way that the previous south korean administrati administration park geun-hye was not interested in. they tried to get north korea's diplomatic allies all over the world to end their ties. what a dramatic shift. now we're in a place where the u.s. is talking about possibly normalizing diplomatic relations. >> it is really south korea which has gotten the u.s. to this point. >> that's absolutely right. and you have to give credit to president trump. i mean, he decided, rightly, i think, that we had tried negotiating with the north koreans on holding out the possibility they might meet in america, bill clinton was thinking of going at the end of his term. and that failed. and failed again, and failed another time.
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>> just about everything that the u.s. administrations have tried has failed. >> everything has failed. and the president was right to say everything has failed, right to say other presidents kicked this down the road, and i think he's right to give this a shot. that does not mean it is g to work. d, you know, that's a very different thing. and you got a lot of people, including a lot of the president's supporters, sort of, you know, spiking the ball at this point. we don't know whether kim jong-unust wants to get the president at this point into a process that is going to take so long, but while it is going on, he can't turn around and credibly threaten to bomb them. and a lot of t sanctions pressure has lifted already. >> there say lot of expectation obviously about tomorrow. but it is very unlikely there will be some sort of joint communique about what was resolved tomorrow, but actual verifiable changes if they ever
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come won't be for a very, very long time. >> right. if there is a process that begins, a lot of experts believe that will take 10 to 15 years. kind of start from the halt part to then a roll back and then elimination of their nuclear program. but from the south korea perspective, the fact that these two guys are meeting at all is an important start. and engagement and diplomacy is the opposite of what we were seeing in the fall, which was u.s. military members having to prepare go bags and south korea being very concerned that actual military options were being considered and might take place. so the fact that this is happening is significant in and of itself, the debate about denuclearization is something we see a lot out of washington. i can say from this part of the world, there is a lot of cautious optimism that just talking is going to begin a process. >> there has been meetings running up to this. probably already working on the communique that will come out of
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this. are you surprised at the length of time that is scheduled for president trump and kim jong-un to meet one on one with their translators, without other people around? >> well, on the one hand, the fact that they're meeting one on one for that long and what whea does sound like a long period of time, but clearly president trump wants to -- feels as if he can get to know kim jong-un, set up a line of communication with him, that's the first big step. it is the relationship building that he learned in business. that doesn't necessarily mean that when the crisis comes they're really going to be able to get on and talk to each other. again, worth the try, no american president has tried that before. and that's what gives this a little bit of the, you know, nixon's first encounter with mao or kennedy and khrushchev. it is a nuclear power.
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it is a nuclear power that is made pretty clear if it can't reach the united states now, it is going to be able to pretty soon. so it has a little bit of a tinge of those cold war days to it. whether or not that communique is substantive enough for us to say that a real breakthrough has been made, i have m doubts. i think one area they will mack a lot of progress on is they'll be some declaration they're moving to a peace treaty and away from the armistice that was signed in 1953 that left the korean war and the sort of suspended state. but that doesn't take you all that much closer to what secretary pompeo is talking about, complete verifiable, irreversible denuclearization. >> if you're north korea, why give up your nuclear weapons? it is -- there is economic things that you would like, there is legitimacy on the world stage, but without a doubt, we wouldn't be here if north korea was not at the point where they
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have nuclear weapons. >> north korea has said it is committed to complete denuclearization, but it is not saying it is giving upts nuclear weapons right away. not by a long shot. and it does want a security guarantee and end to the hostile policy, what they consider a hostile policy by the united states. that security guarantee part is fascinating in that, you know, secretary pompeo in his remarks to the press today said the u.s. was prepared to offer something different and unique on this security guarantee part, what that means, what the specifics of that are is unclear. but that could really kind of change the way this policy is laid out. >> thank you very much. appreciate it. much more on breaking news from singapore ahead. first, back to kate bolduan in new york. >> thanks so much. we'll get back to you shortly with everything that is going on there, clearly almost everything. coming up for us, as president trump attempts to make peace with a dictator, he shows no signs of backing down on his attacks against u.s. allies like
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ten hours away from history. president trump sitting down with one of the world's most notorious dictato peace hanging in the balance. the president laying into the g-7 partners from aboard air force one on his way to singapore, calling the canadian prime minister, quote, very dishonest and weak. the president also stunning allies by refusing to sign the g-7 statement that the u.s. participated in negotiating in the first place and then his top aides piled on. >> really kind of stabbed us in the back. he really actually, you know what, he did a great disservice to whole g-7. >> there say special place in hell for any foreign leader that
8:19 am
engages in bad faith diplomacy with president donald j. trump and then tries to stab him in the back on the way out the door. >> so where do they go from here and what does this mean for the north korea summit now? joining me now, max boot, former senior affairs adviser to john mccain and mitt during the presidential campaigns. i was reading through your take after the g-7, trump, the g-7 and the remarks that there had been a betrayal and a special place in hell for people who negotiated in bad faith with president trump. and here's what you wrote. no u.s. officials have ever spoken this way about any u.s. ally ever. these are the kind of words that normally precede military action. is that where you see this heading? what do you mean, max? >> i trust that donald trump is not actually going to start bombing canada, but that's the way he's talking. if this were any normal administration, and larry kudlow and peter navarro said what they
8:20 am
said about the head of state of one of our closest allies and neighbors, they would have been fired about 30 seconds after getting off the air. but, of course, in this administration, they're go to b what donald trump believes, which is that he long has been opposed our entire alliance system, he thinks our allies are ripping us off. all of that is false, these are the misguided beliefs that donald trump came into office with and he's acting on those beliefs by destroying the american led world order that we created after 1945. >> well, also, on the most basic level, if those strong words are coming from your advisers, you would assume it was pretty clear what was so offensive -- what was said to offend the president and i don't think that necessarily is. let me play what justin trudeau said in the press conference that seems to be in question from saturday. listen to this. >> i highlighted directly to the
8:21 am
president that canadians did not take it lightly that the united states moved forward with significant tariffs on our steel and aluminum industry, partarly did not take lightly the fact that it is based on a national security reason that for canadians who either themselves or whose parents or community members stood shoulder to shoulder with american soldiers in far off lands and conflicts from the first world war onwards, that it is kind of insulting. >> so it is kind of insulting but that's not much different from what trudeau said in the week leading up to the summit. let me play it for you. >> the idea that the canadian steel that is in military vehicles in the united states, the canadian aluminum that makes your fighter jets is somehow now
8:22 am
a threat, the idea that we are somehow a national security threat to the united states is quite frankly insulting and unacceptable. >> what did justin trudeau say to so offend donald trump? >> that's a good question. you would have to say he acted calmly and politery rly to the attacks from the president. imposing high tariffs that are probably illegal under the world trade organization on aluminum and steel, all that justin trudeau said is we're not going to take this laying down and donald trump threw a hissy fit on his way to singapore and sent off tweets, very ill mannered offensive tweets saying weak and
8:23 am
dishonest and his aides magnify this with deranged rhetoric about how there is a special play in hell for justin trudeau. this is not a dispute where there is equal blame on both sides. thiss truly donald trump having another unhinged moment. >> i'm trying to figure out, if it was so offensive, it would een so offensive a week ago when trudeau sat down with -- when trudeau sat down with chuck todd. like, trudeau's position hasn't changed. but then you have -- then i wonder -- then also is this all about singapore and just, i don't know, positioning? because listen to what -- >> let me play what larry kudlow said just yesterday. >> he is not going t permit any show of weakness on the trip to negotiate with north korea, north should he. >> this was about north korea? >> of course it was in large part. >> because trudeau said that as trump was going to singapore --
8:24 am
>> one thing leads to another. >> i see, okay. >> they're all related. kim must not see american weakness. >> of course it was in large part. seems like we all should know this. is this what it is all about? >> it doesn't make any sense. this is larry kudlow trying to add some after the fact explanation to another one of donald trump's senseless tirades. the notion that donald trump and his aides beating up on america's closest ally is going to help his negotiating position in singapore, that makes zero sense because the way we're going to get a better deal out of countries like north korea, iran, russia, others, is having alliance unity against them and donald trump is undermining that. and moreover, he just had one major failed summit with the g-7 and canada, and it is putting pressure on him not to have a second failed summit with kim jong-un in singapore this is strengthening kim jong-un's negotiating position. as usual, these white house talking points make no sense, because they're trying to
8:25 am
explain a president who is essentially irrational. >> let's see what happens because they're going to be sitting down face to face with nothing other than the translaters in the room with them for something like two hours is what it is looking like. >> heaven help us. >> we will see, max. be the eternal optimist like you never have been. great to see you, max, thank you. i appreciate it. coming up, republican lawmakers speak out in defense of canada and against president trump on what max and i are just talking about. is he going to listen? has he ever? and what are they going to do about it when he doesn't listen? the key republican lawmaker joins me next. join t-mobile. and get netflix included for the whole family. so you can get lost in space in your own backyard... or get pumped up for your grand entrance. only t-mobile lets you watch your favorite movies and shows in more places, without paying more. get an unlimited family plan with netflix on us.
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8:30 am
allies. senator john mccain putting out a statement saying that americans stand with you, even if our president doesn't. senator ben sass calling out president trump saying that the path to more trade begins with less finding on the global stage. jeff flake, pleading with the republican party, fellow republicans, this is not who we are, this cannot be our party. and then this from senator lindsey graham. >> there is a movement in our party that trump sees that got him the nomination and become president of the united states. i'm not so sure a majority of americans believe that globalization and free trade is in our interests, i believe that. john mccain believes it. but the reason we're having these problems here at home, brexit, italy, a movement all over the world to look inward, not outward. i think it is a mistake, but i'm not so sure most americans agree with john mccain and lindsey graham. >> here with me to talk about all of this, republican
8:31 am
congressman adam kinzinger. thank you for coming in. >> you bet. >> do you think there is a special place in hell for justin trudeau? >> no, look, as a guy that believes in heaven and hell, i would never use those terms ever. i thought that was inappropriate. we can have disagreements as allies and i don't even mind the president going there with a tough message because, look, we want a fair deal, but to go to that level, when i woke up and saw that headline, i was a little confused. >> these are the president's top economic advisers, peter navarro especially on trade, clearly being told by the white house to say it. no repercussions for it. should they be out there speaking for him, should they have jobs if they're saying justin trudeau is stabbing us in the back and justin trudeau, a special place in hell for him? >> i don't have a problem with his advisers saying things like we need a better deal and going on television and saying that. >> of course not. >> when you go to the level of saying special place in hell, it is for the president and the administration to decide who they want to speak for, but if i
8:32 am
was in that position, i wouldn't have anybody out there saying that. look, the canadians, australians, british, europeans, they fought with us. and most of our recent wars. you look back to their involvement in world war i and ii and iraq and everywhere else and the involvement in afghanistan. >> do you understand what offended the president as he left the g-7 summit? >> not really. no. i mean, i don't know the kind of behind the scenes discussion, maybe there was something that was said and then president trudeau said something different. i don't know. i don't like the tone. look, as republicans, as a guy that believes that america has to lead this world order, and as having 25% of the economy, the best thing that we have had going for us since world war ii and the reason we have a fairly stable and peaceful order is because the united states has led our allies, not just in economic issues, not just in military issues, but things like
8:33 am
human rights and when people see a united western front, even if we have little disagreements within us, coming with that kind of power changes things. it moves mountains, when we show too many fissures like this, and we don't appreciate our allies and our allies get upset and angry with us, there is times and places for that, in the long-term, that's harmful to the things we want to accomplish in this world. >> i appreciate your candor. and you have folks like john mccain and jeff flake and ben sass speaking up against the president. they have become a group of typical critics speaking out against the president, but the radio of silence beyond that is -- also speaks volumes. what is it going to take for the rest of the party? where is everyone else? >> i think there is a lot of deference given to the president on foreign policy. if you look back at the tapes, i gave deference to president obam on some things i disagreed with. i would come out and be critical of it, but i also respected his position as president and understood he was elected by the american people. do i wish more people would
8:34 am
speak out especially on comments about russia and the g-7, et cetera? yeah. but every congressman has to make a decision. some like to work l issues. when it comes to things i'm passionate about, it is my district and america's role in the world, i think our reason the economy is so strong, so powerful, is because after world war ii we didn't retreat, we understood we have a unique position granted to uso lead a world order that is going to help us in the long run. >> isn't it like an abdication of your responsibility as a member of congress if noke fol don't -- you have bob corker that has a measure that people could back. he's torching bridges when it comes to the g-7. i mean, should congress step up and act and try to preserve the relationships and stop the president from putting tariffs in place for national security
8:35 am
reasons? >> i thought that with the -- the president has a right under national security to do it. i think there is a role for congress to analyze this and figure out if this is the right way to go. >> does your gut tell you the national security interests of the nation should be used for applying tariffs to canada right now? >> no, look, i don't want the tariffs to happen. they'll be on the front line of this. i think technically -- here is where the administration could do a better job explaining their position on this, i don't think they're coming out and saying canada is a threat. they're saying lack of steel industry is a threat and therefore on national security want to build our steel industry. the reality is you're not going to build a steel industry tomorrow. it takes long-term investment. steel plants are long, they're big, they're expensive. and you're going to have have people that want to say i want to make a 50-year investment on steel. it is hard to think there will be a steel capacity that will explode overnight. >> real quick on north korea, i remember you were on with me, when the summit was canceled and you said stand by, it is going
8:36 am
to happen. mike pompeo said they're committed to complete verifiable irreversible denuclearization of the north korean peninsula. if that means the door is -- if that means the door is open to removing u.s. troops from the korean peninsula, are you okay with that? >> i have to see the broader deal. no, i don't want to remove troops from the korean peninsula. as you know, significant part of them there is a deterrence to china, which has shown it has imperialistic goals in that area. reduction one thing. there could be forced structure changes, but i don't want to see american troops leave the korean peninsula. i don't think that's what the president is going to negotiate. they're coming in and saying, here is some carrots, economics, you may be part of the new world, but here is some sticks which is this is your one opportunity, denuclearize i'm proud of what the administration is doing and a lot of my friends on the other side of the aisle that went
8:37 am
apopleptic -- >> i get your point, totally get your point, but, come on, it was like the most ridiculous turn around and 180 and now 180 again and then -- >> i think there is a benefit to that which is showing we're not scared to walk away. that could work out well. >> still, we have ten hours to go, so, maybe our conversation won't age well also. thank you. >> you bet. coming up, a stunning sight in singapore. kim jong-un taking a late night stroll, taking selfies, ahead of his meeting with the president of the united states. what does this say about the high risk nuclear negotiation that is about to take place and what does any of this mean for the hundreds of thousands of political prisoners held in north korea right now? we'll take you live back to singapore in a second. ancestrydna is only $69 for father's day. and with twice the detail of other tests... can show dad where he's from ...and strengthen the bonds you share. give dad ancestrydna for just $69- our lowest father's day price ever.
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back with you live from singapore, special edition of "at this hour." president trump, kim jong-un set to make history here in nine hours. we have seen a very rare sight, kim jong-un, the tourist, out on the town here, doing some late night sight-seeing with his entourage and top government officials. joseph yun is here. first of all, were you surprised to see kim jong-un deciding to stroll around? >> i was very surprised. i mean, you know, he looked at ease. he was actually long -- it is a walkabout, they call it in singapore, and going through the pier area, the marina area.
8:43 am
>> do you think part of that is a desire to project confidence or is it legitimate, you know, he just wants to get out and see singapore, he's never been here? >> i think it is much more thought than let me go take a look. i think this is -- they planned it. i think this is, again, we see the north korean leader kim jong-un coming out on the world stage. this is it. >> that's a big win for him, regardless of what comes out of this summit. him on the world stage, in a way that no leader from north korea has ever been. >> i think this is a huge win in terms of respect, legitimacy. i mean, you know, you and i are used to seeing on -- a few weeks ago kim jong-un is a bit of a caricature. from isolated country. funny, you know, looking leader. but, you know, after he met with south korean president, and with xi jinping, you see the kind of
8:44 am
changing of minds, especially in asia. >> south korean polls before and after his meeting with south korea's leader where there was a significant rise in the number of south koreans who said they think he's trustworthy. >> huge rise. huge. not just little rise, you know. double. >> stunning just based on the visuals of one meeting. >> completely stunning. but i think, you know, to me, when i looked at him with president moon, he was able to convey what i call kind of asian respect for, you know, attitude towards much older person. and, remember, he's half the age of president trump. at the same time, holding his own. he showed a degree of confidence, yet at the same time respect that tremendously appealed to asians, even in singapore. i talked to taxi driver and they say, wow, you know, he is little different. >> yeah.
8:45 am
a lot to watch for. ambassador, thank you very much. fascinating. back to kate bolduan in new york. >> thank you so much. coming up for us, breaking news that is coming in, new sanctions against russia now, just days after president trump said russia should be allowed to rejoin the g-7. talk about a mixed message. what are the sanctions? and what does it mean? if you have medicare parts a and b and want more coverage, guess what? you could apply for a medicare supplement insurance plan whenever you want. no enrollment window.
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♪ south l.a. is very medically underserved. when the old hospital closed people in the community lived with untreated health problems for years. so, with the county's help we built a new hospital
8:49 am
from the ground up and having citi as an early investor worked as a signal to others to invest. with citi's help we built a wonderful maternity ward and we were able to purchase an mri machine. we've made it possible for the people who live here to lead healthier lives and that's invaluable. ♪ . breaking news, the trump administration has just slapped new sanctions on russian companies and executives linked to cyber attacks on the u.s. and allies. cnn's correspondent barbara starr is joining me right now with more detail on this.
8:50 am
barbara, what are you learning about it? >> good morning. always considered a security problem by many is russia's eagerness to engage in cyber attacks. they have put orders on five entities in russia. that means they can't do business with u.s. entities, persons within the u.s. jurisdiction cannot do business this th with them. the allegation is these companies gave military support to the follow-on agent to the old soviet kgb, that they were engaged in cyber activity that could lead to hacking, and specifically the concern is about undersea communications cables which, of course, carries so much of the world's telecommunications data that these russian entities were involved in cyberhacking and trying to hcyberhack in these
8:51 am
undersea cables. that is a vital security concern for the united states. the details, one these entities tried to buy a mini submarine that could potentially be used in all of this. kate? >> oh, my goodness. barbara, thank you. appreciate it. the world continues to mourn the death of anthony bourdain who died by suicide just days ago possibly, possibly a glimmer of hope. signs those in need are reaching out for help. details ahead.
8:52 am
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the answer is simple. i'll do what i've always done... dream more, dream faster, and above all... now, i'll dre now more businesses, in more places, can afford to dream gig. comcast, building america's largest gig-speed network. last week was a pretty rough week for so many. the tragic deaths of anthony bourdain and kate spade shining a bright light on suicide in america. maybe, just maybe, a sliver of hope coming from their sadness. suicide lifeline business has jumped 25%, this just in the
8:56 am
days following the news of bourdain's death. i want to talk to the director of the suicide lifeline on the impact of these high-profile tragedies. >> i see a lot of people who are nervous about talking about their history, and when they do, it's not only a relief to them, but they're typically very surprised at the outpouring of support. what we have seen is actually studies that have s that when people talk about their positive coping through suicide moments and they share them with the media or a public forum, it's been associated with a reduction in suicide rates. it's basically a contagion of hope that we can spread. >> tributes for anthony continue to pour in. the restaurant that he made famous with his first book "kitchen confidential" is being transported into a memorial of sorts. we're live outside les halles in
8:57 am
new york. hey there, alex. >> kate, this memorial has grown over the past few days since bourdain's death. it is fitting that the memorial would be placed here, a place that was so important for him in his life. this restaurant, which is now closed, the les halles, it is where bourdain became a national name. it is where he started his career as a chef, it's where he wrote his book that launched him into chef superstardom. people have come here to pay their respects, laying bouquets of flowers, a baguette and lots of cans and bottles of beer, which bourdain was known to drink on the show. and people have left really heartfelt messages. take a look at this one, kate. it made no sense that i loved you as i did. i talked about you in therapy. we never met. kate, we've been speaking to people out here over the course of the morning about what they remember about bourdain and what he meant to them, including a man who worked here as a waiter
8:58 am
when bourdain was chef. take a listen. >> very kind, very grateful, nice to everybody. i thought he wrote like hunter s. thompsonnd kind of lived his life like a rebel. like a cook, he always referred to himself as a cook, not a chef, which i appreciated. he didn't have this throne that he sat on or anything like that, he remained humble. >> he meant to me like he was the most inspiring person to me, because he was going to places that people never think of going. he was always like a mind opener for me, so i was thinking, oh, i should maybe one day visit iran or maybe i should go to hanoi. so these are the places, because i'm a tsh i go in summers to the seasides, not to these kinds of places.
8:59 am
so he was a great admirer. >> reporter: and we've heard that from so many people, that th s of where they want to travel in this world, what they want to see, but he opened the eyes of so many people to places and cultures that many wouldn't think about going. also, that woman was turkish, and we should emphasize there are so many people around the world that also felt like he brought so much love and attention and caring, genuine caring, to the cultures that he visited, to the people he visited, not in a condescending way, but in a look what i'm sharing, i want you to see what i'm seeing. up here you see, thank you from all your fans in indonesia. thank you for introducing indonesian food to the world. you'll be missed. and thank you for bringing a respect acti respective view to the people of palestine, libya, iran. you brought people together. this is really not just a time of mourning for people here, but
9:00 am
really around the world, kate. >> absolutely. it's impossible now, but you would hope anthony would understand the impact he had on so many people that he never even met. that's what we're really hearing in these tributes you're reading right there. thank you, alex. i really appreciate it. thank you all for joining us at this hour. "inside politics" with john king starts right now. welcome to "inside politics." i'm john king. thank you for sharing your day with us. a countdown to history. president trump face to face with kim jong-un just hours from now. tons of drama and one defining question. is north korea really willing to give up the nuclear program that defines its regime? plus all this talk of trump and kim, missiles and warheads. 25 million people live in the most secretive nation on earth. what does the singapore summit mean for everyday north koreans? and diplomatic is not a word


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