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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  June 11, 2018 11:00am-12:00pm PDT

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the spanish government said it will accept it in the port of valencia, it will take a couple days to people there are getting agitated. they do have food, which has been delivered to them, but it will take several days for them to reach the port of valencia. >> let's hope those people are okay. delia gallagher, thanks very much. that's it for me, the news continues on cnn. wolf, thank you so much. hi, everyone, i'm brooke baldwin, alongside my colleague, john better man. in just a short time from now, president trump and kim jong-un will meet face to face for the first time. they'll meet one on one, aided only by their individual translators, and talks are moving faster than expected. better man, you're there, tell me more.
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>> that's really a fascinating point there. like pompeo said the white house put out an official statement that discussions are going more quickly than expected. more quickly, but that's different than better than expected. >> we don't know where that stands. it seems possible that u.s. negotiators are realizing it might be hard to push north korea toward specifics. on the subject of fascinating, what we've seen here over the last few hours, is truly remarkable. the surreal spectacle with kim jong-un taking a surprise late night walk about with his entourage. he was met by crowds and cheers in some places. remember, this is a brutal dictator being cheered as he walks down the streets and inside buildings. the foreign minister of singapore posted a selfie with the #guesswhere.
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that same foreign minister attended an early birthday celebration for president trump. on thursday he turns 72. kim is 34 years old, we believe. the source is unreliable. the presidentells us he will depend on instinct, feel and touch. if that's all not enough to wrap your mind around, self-appointed sports ambassador, dennis rodman is here. >> both of them will see -- it shouly wl, but people -t's special for the first time. the doors open. >> that's dennis rodman, the worm, here in singapore on the eve of an historic summit, there's no indication that rodman will be anywhere near this meeting at all. still, he decided to come. joining me now, kaitlyn collins
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and cnn national security analyst, david sanger. we know what kim jong-un has been doing over the last several hours, how about the president and his advisers. >> reporter: president trump spendiis time differently than kim jong-un. he decided to stay behind closed doors as he puts the final touches on the sitdown with kim jong-un happening in just seven hours. we have not heard from the president since earlier today when he did say he believed that this meeting with kim jong-un was going to go very nicely about two different approaches from those leaders, both of them are going to be in the same room, one on one in a few hours here, and we know the logistics of what this day is going to
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look like, a one on one followed by a bilateral expanded meeting, and a working lunch between the two leaders and their delegations. president trump is going to hold a press conference with reporters to answer questions about whatever they discuss during that meeting. what we don't know is what's going to come out of that meeting. mike pompeo briefed reporters earlier, he made clear the north koreans had not made any firm commitments in the conversations leading up to this sitdown. which is raising eyebrows among some experts. we do know the president is going to lead the summist a little earlier than expected. the white house says he will depart singapore at 8:00 p.m. local time here. that is maybe sending a signal to the north koreans, we're doing one talk and let's see what we're getting out of this. the president hinted last week, these talks were going well, they could extend into the days afterwards.
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that is what we're waiting to see, just how well these talks go, and what president trump has to say about it. >> kaitlyn, stand by for a moment. this was a spectacle, this was a planned spectacle, something he clearly relished. what does he get out of that. what do you think he was trying to do. >> the main thing he gets out of it, he gets to establish himself as a world leader like other world leaders who go out among their people, get cheered by foreign crowds, explore things, you don't walk around much in pyongyang. there's not a lot to see at night. think about this. a few months ago, if we were having this conversation, we would have said the only american we could think of that would talk to the man was dennis rodman, our recent arrival. in the past two months he has seen the president of china twice after basically keeping the chinese at distance.
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he has seen the president of south korea twice, including one emergency meeting, one president trump temporarily cancelled this, he's going to sigh the president of the united states, he's probably going to see putin at some point in the next few weeks. he's making this radical change from being the hermit to being the diplomat. >> i was a little surprised by the timetable that the white house put out all of a sudden a few hours ago. then bringing the add swrizers, and a working lunch. and then the president is leaving, heading out from singapore back to the united states. meetings are going more quickly than anticipated. that doesn't necessarily mean better. what have you learned about what they're trying to accomplish in what u.s. negotiators are finding right now. >> i think they're finding -- as every negotiator with north
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korea has found the last 25, 30 years. the president of the united states said even before he took office. i'm going to solve this problem. he may solve it, but it's not going to be solved as quickly as he wants. there's going to be a three part communique stock market. one will deal with denuclearization, as discussed. it's interesting that mike pompeo is beginning to use the same phrase north koreans use, which is complete verifiable denuclearization on the korean peninsula. which means we may need to do some things as well to pull back -- >> that's a linguistic concession. >> we'll have to see what that means. the second marlt of this is going to zeal with something dealing with a peace treaty, whether it's an actual peace treaty. this would end the armistice that would stop, but didn't finish the korean war. the third part is going to be, what is it the north koreans are going to give up over a short
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timetable. and on that, i suspect it's not going to be as aggressive as the u.s. would like. >> having a problem getting those concrete promises, perhaps the president doesn't want to stick around unless he gets them. >> maybe he will stick -- maybe he'll say, i'm going to my plane, we'll all have dinner. >> after undelaying the plane, delaying it again. >> that would be very much donald trump. >> brooke? >> sanger brings up a good point, you never know, gentlemen, thank you so much. as for president trump here, the self-proclaimed greatest deal maker, this is arguably the ultimate deal, to talk about what that negotiation may look like, i'm joined by michael deanne tone yo, he's a trump biographer, the president says this will be a one time deal. he says, i've been preparing for this all my life. >> you know the man, what do you think trump is thinking going
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into this? >> i can be certain of the first claim, that this is a one time event, is very soft. if he sees an opening for addicontact. i think he'll take it up when he's mentioned kim could come to the white house i think he's serious about that. the other claim he's been preparing for this all his life is in a w quitetrue, he imagined himself a nuclear negotiat negotiator back in the '80s, talking about how he should be sent to moscow or reykjavik to negotiate with the then soviet union. he's been preparing for this all along in his imagination. there is a difference between studying up for it, this is not a dog who likes to learn now
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tricks. he's been thinking about this for a very long time. >> speaking of age, we know that president trump turns 72 on thursday. and kim, we believe is 34. i mean, that's more than half of trump's age. how does trump typically negotiate, deal with someone who is so his junior. even though he's a dictator, he's half his age. >> i think the president admires kim on some level. this is a really strong individual. he really likes strong men. he has some affection for people who wield power i a way that he doesn't. i think he's going to treat him with some respect. he might try the handshake trick, but as emmanuel macron has proven that's not a trick the old irman can win with the younger man.
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>> what handshake trick? >> he has this thing that he always does, he grabs your hand and squeezes as hard as he can and doesn't want to let go. it's a dominance thing, it's a very old fashioned male to male ploy, you try to get one up on the other fellow by making him give up and go limp. >> that's right, the white knuckles with macron. let's go back to the last couple days. a lot of people areupset with how the president behaved there. he just blew up our closest allies and is headed off to sit down with the dictator of north korea, after proclaiming he didn't need much prep, he declares he'll know in the first
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minute if the talks will be worthwhile. this is madness. i don't say this casually, at what point do we ask, is the president off his rocker much michael? you want to take that? >> i don't know that he's off his rocker, but he's the donald trump he's always been. >> he focuses on the moment at hand. he's saying america has no friends and noenemies. it's whatever happens right now. >> if kim offers him something spectacular, he could walk out of this meeting beaming about denuclearization, the north koreans could get something enormous in return . and our allies in asia will be shaking their heads. the big winner is china about they're playing the long game. they're rising while we're falling. >> i want to know how this
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summit goes. we know they both have a pench chant for high per bow lie. michael dantonio, thank you so much. as this summit happens in singapore. the president and his advisers attacking and insulting g-7 allies. saying trudeau has a special place in hell. we'll talk live to the former u.s. ambassador in canada. the president routine rips up documents that need to be preserved. they go into the archives this is the president of the united states we're talking about. there are staffers who have been tasked to tape them back together. there were these staffers many. >> and did robert de niro's f bomb rant against the president actually play into the president's hands? let's go there, i'm brooke baldwin. ask a business advisor how to get on demand tech support for as little as $15 a month.
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as we count down to this historic meeting, let's not lose sight over what happened this weekend. president trump lashing out at allies, refusing to sign this piece of paper, agreed on by every other member of the g-7 and calling the canadian prime minister dishonest and weak. he attacked canada's tariffs in particularting this. canada charges the u.s. a 270% tax on dairy products? they didn't tell you that, did they? not fair to our farmers. what is the real state of trade? christine romans as a fact check. >> the president slamming our
11:19 am
northern neighbor for its trade relationship with the u.s., and his new biggest complaint canada's 270% tariff on imported milk. canada does charge that on some. and even more on butter, but it's a relatively narrow slice of the trade pie. canada isn't unusual, though. most countries do this with certain products to protect ways of life. america charges a 350% tariff on some tobacco imports, and clothing and footwear face tariffs as high as 55%. many think president trump is missing the bigger picture. after all, canada is america's biggest export market. it bought more than $340 billion worth of goods last year. when you take services into account, not just goods. the u.s. has an $8.4 trillion
11:20 am
trade surplus with canada. when president trump talks about trade deficits, he's focusing on goods, which is misleading. because the u.s. economy is driven by hospitals, tech companies, banks. manufacturing and industry trump fixates on, only makes up about 10% of u.s. economic output. brooke? >> christine, thank you. let's bring in the former u.s. ambassador tocanada. welcome. >> almost to you. thank you. welcome to chicago, good to see you. >> love chicago. let's get right to it, you've heard some of what the president has said, even his own trade adviser said, there's a special place in hell for justin trudeau, i want to know what went through your head when you heard the comments from the president and his advisers. >> let's stay with that just a minute. that's unconscionable.
11:21 am
anybody who represents the united states of america from the white house using that kind of language with any world leader of any type, i think is uncalled for, when you use it with your best friend, your next door neighbor, your greatest ally, and i think one of your singular best trading partners, it's completely uncalled for, unprofessional, and i call for today an apology. i think he should apologize to the prime minister. but more importantly, he should apologize to the canadian public. using that type of language is not professional, it's not called for, and i tell you, i was deeply disappointed to see this lack of professionalism on his part many. >> i'm not so sure, it seems to me the president doesn't have the penchant for apologies. are you almost embarrassed for him or the u.s.? >> well, of course i'm embarrassed, let's talk about before this, and what happened over the last several weeks. leading into the g-7.
11:22 am
the u.s. was doing everything it could do to disrupt this meeting, you know, on the first of june they made the decision to apply steel and aluminum tariffs on our allies that are attending the meeting. then coming in, the president stands before the cameras and says, why don't we add russia to the group. seriously, russia, who took over for crimea, all the violence that's taken place in ukraine, the poisoning of people in the u.k., the influence in our elections last time period. this is completely unacceptable, and he knew it would be, he arrives, he comes late, he misses some meetings, he shows up late to meetings, leaves early and on the way out the door, takes a shot at the mexicans and canadians in particular, about sunset clauses that need to be in nafta. >> i'm listening to you, but this is what his advisers have essentially said, it was all ultimately about north korea,
11:23 am
they didn't want to show any bit of weakness as he is now in singapore ahe of this historic meeting, is that a fair point? >> no, he said he was going to north excuse me, have the meetings on north korea, and the most important part was attitude. >> well, look, he's had a really bad attitude with his partners and his allies, and i think he set the news in a completely wrong direction as he headed off to singapore, i think we're in a difficult place now, i'd like to see this thing settle down. let's use diplomacy and find a path to success. i think nafta negotiations are in a difficult spot now. you. >> heard the quick peace from christine romans, the president is focused on goods when it comes to trade instead of goods and services. do you think he's misinformed?
11:24 am
or is this all a strategy to sell his hardline? >> well, it could be both, actually. it wasn't that long ago he joked with his own supporters that when the prime minister came in and told him that the u.s. had a surplus, he said, i didn't know, but i just told them, no, we don't. and laughed about it, i don't -- i didn't think that was very funny at the time. now they constructed a narrative to make sure he looked good. a large portion of our economy is services. that's true with the u.s./canada relationship. we have a surs plus in dare ray, agriculture and steel. and so this is our best trading partnership in the world, and the president's going after them, and i think it's a huge mistake.
11:25 am
>> embass dor, thank you very much. >> staffers are forced to sit there and tape documents back togethfter donald trump rips them up. the head of twitter. managing blood sugar is not a marathon. it's a series of smart choices. and when you replace one meal or snack a day with glucerna made with carbsteady to help minimize blood sugar spikes you can really feel it. glucerna. everyday progress. slonly remfresh useseep one in ion-powered melatoninght. to deliver up to seven hours of sleep support. number one sleep doctor recommended remfresh.
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apparently this is what the president has a hab of doing to documents inside the white house, nee preserved, we're now being told need to be taped back together by staffers, everything from memos and notes and letters and negative news articles he doesn't like. he rips them up. the problem is, those are all official records in a need to be kept in tact. with me now, the writer that broke this story. i'm not such a great ripper. but it's the presidential records act. does trump not know that? >> he's been told that by aids who noticed his habit and tried to stop it, that warning didn't have any effect on his behavior, he's continued to do it, and so instead of trying to gethe message through again, his aids
11:31 am
are cleaning up after him. they're taking the waste paper bask basket, they're scorch taping it back together and sending to the archives. >> they w be tasked to buy this particular kind of clear scorch ta scotch tape and they would spend their day scotch taping it back together? >> yes, sometimes it would be one rip down the middle. these guys earn 60,000, $70,000 a year, they take pride in the job they do. they're coming in here to do a menial task, they were astounded
11:32 am
this is what they were asked to do every day. the interrupt administration, they said they've never seen anything like this in the adtion. >> i read obamas with more of a preservationist, he was constantly thinking, i need to go with the archives, it's the reverse for president trump. has he done this for years? >> yes, it's his unofficial filing system, it's like, okay, i've taken care of this paper, i don't need it any more, rip it up, throw it out. that's the way he gets rid of stuff, that's maybe fine if that's how he worked at interrupt or if it worked for him, great. but he doesn't have any tionist instincts here, and he doesn't seem to have an eye or an understanding of the history or importance that any document that comes across the oval, that he writes on, even if it's not important, if it's just a letter in a kid who met him at
11:33 am
a rally is a presidential record his aids tried to register to him, but it doesn't register. >> when she walked me out and took my badge and the gate closed behind me, damn, that's 20 years of white house service. i was mad because i got comfortable. one of the words from solomo larty. annie carnie on the notes, and the memos that the president rips up. thanks so much annie for that many. live pictures out of singapore today as the president and kim jong-un get ready to meet face to face. the secretary of state using a key phrase that could tell us everything about what may come out of the summit, stand by.
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welcome back to our special live coverage, i'm john berman in singapore. president trump arrives in high hopes with one very big goal. the denuclearization of the korean ninsula. that language is fascinating. we'll talk about why in a moment. mike pompeo says the summit will be a test to see if north korea can keep its word. >> the fact that our two leaders are sitting down, face to face is a sign of the enormous potential that will accomplish something that will benefit both of our people's and the entire world. >> how likely is it that north
11:39 am
korea would give up. and the views of what denuclearization actually means. >> adam mounts is a senior fellow at the academy of sciences. a political one maybe a military one more than a science question. >> mike pompeo said the u.s. goal is the denuclearization of the korean peninsula. which is language a lot closer to what the north kree answer have been pushing for some time. >> explain to our viewers what that means and why it might mean ultimately concessions from the united states. >>. >> on is a term of art the north koreans have used for several years now, it's something they've committed to in the past and it's language that the united states has been flirting with over the last couple months. denuclear izati
11:40 am
denuclearization stands in contrast. which is complete -- using the phrase peninsula for the north koreans. nonnuclear capable forces -- they're trying to bake american concessions into how they talk about denuclearization. >> it means that the united states would change its nuclear umbrella. there are nuclear capable plains that fly in and over north korea. it's interesting that the administration chose to shift their language on the eve of that meeting. kim jong-un has sacrificed so much and spent so much to build up this nuclear arsenal. you can argue the fact that they now have it, they have nuclear
11:41 am
weapons is the only reason they're going to meet behind me in this city tomorrow. >> what do you think it would take for kim to give up his weapons? >> according to most of the report so far, has not been coerced into offering denuclearization ahead of the singapore summit. in many ways the president is walking into this meeting in some ways blindfolded. he will try to improvise a statement on denuclearization kim jong-un can meet most of liz objectives. the best the president can walk away with is denuclearization. >> a process over time that will provide security assurances, incentives provide a stable arms control regime on the peninsula that reduces tensions.
11:42 am
and works step by step toward disarm amendment. the singapore summit for american interests will depend on what happens in the weeks and months ahead. >> i'm glad you mentioned this process. there's a cartoon that's worth noting, the president side by side with an aide. i've got an outline of a good north korea deal. not everything we'd like, but a great step forward. that's the iran deal you quit. talking about a process, and iran there was a process, the president didn't seem to like it. we will wait and see if he gets a concrete process here. >> todd berman, we'll back to you. meanwhile the president's adviser is saying the canadian prime minister betrayed president trump and stabbed him
11:43 am
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that was able to ensure that this was done seamlessly. and today, at the touch of a button, all the farmers are able to get their money, pay school fees and improve their standard of living. with citi, we see a bright future for our farmers and their families. ♪ president trump has followed some pretty harsh words from justin trudeau. it turns out, president trump isn't the only president to have
11:48 am
an issue with a prime minister named trudeau. ronald reagan didn't always see eye to sigh with his father. he feld the elder trudeau a bit condescending and rude. >> tell me what happened back in the day. >> this photo is so epic. i have this shirt interestingly enough. the trudeau shirt totally epic. 1980, '81, reagan and trudeau are in office. they were not great friends i'd yo logically. over time they got along okay. trudeau lectures margaret thatcher. reagan takes offense to it and
11:49 am
goes over and apologizes to her. donald trump did not tend to air his grievances in a public forum. he does it privately, i want to go to this photo which has become iconic from the weekend. in a way, brooke. an amazing photo, you know this guy. what's so interesting to me, this is sort of a rorschach test of what you think of donald trump. people who like donald trump say, this is great. he's not bowing down to angela merkel. that's mack roan. shinzo abe. john bolton sort of there for the ride. if you don't like donald trump, what you're saying is this is exactly -- this is the america donald trump promised and we do not want. >> you would argue, sort of petulant there, what else do you
11:50 am
have to tell me. mack roan, can you only see here looks a little bewildered. abe's face looks like me when i walk into my local pharmacy trying to fill a prescription. there's only one cashier this whole thing, i do think these pictures matter. merkel's office tweeted this out so they clearly like this dynamic here, her standing up to him. >> but what i would say is, i do think whatever you look at this picture and take from it is probably what you think of donald trump. you like him, or you don't like him. you think this is the world in some ways, and donald trump. >> it's like the photo, where you're told, you either see the older woman or a beautiful young girl. >> that's right, rorschach test. it all depends on the perception of the person looking at it. >> i always see myself in those.
11:51 am
>> always with the big collar 1972. wear it some day. >> moving on, robert de niro getting a standing ovation for against president trump. rant doesn't this play into the president's hands? let's talk about that. i feel a great deal of urgency... i think, keep going, and make a difference. at some point, we are going to be able to beat als.
11:52 am
because life is amazing. so i am hoping for a cure. i want this, to uh, to be a reality. um, yeah.
11:53 am
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11:55 am
a surprise moment bringing the audience to its feet at the tony awards. i'm not talking about robert de niro, i want to focus on the drama students from marjory stoneman douglas high school in parkland, florida.
11:56 am
singing the signature song from rent. ♪ ♪ measure measure your life in love ♪ ♪ >> so special. earlier that night their drama teacher was given the 2018 excellence in theater education award. she helped protect 65 people in a closet during the february 14th shooting that left 17 people dead. >> two of the other moments from the tonys is getting buzz, robert de niro goes off script and hits president trump with a few choice words.
11:57 am
i want you to watch the reaction from the audience. [ cheers and applause ] >> it's no longer [ silence ] >> what de niro said was this, i want to say one thing, f trump. and then he said, it's no longer down with trump, it's just f trump. garretty is the senior correspondent with the national review, we've seen what de niro
11:58 am
has said in the last year plus about trump. that's not the surprise, what surprised me is the lengthy standing ovation from the audience members at the tony awards. doesn't that just fuel trump? fuel trump supporters. >> i hope it was worth it for everyone in that theater, i'm sure it was authentic. the question i suppose you could say he's preaching to the choir, and sometimes the choir needs some preaching too. do you think there's a single trump voter in america who looks at that says, i think i made the wrong choice? >> no, i think if anything this makes them angry, and plays into trump's favorite narrative, that the elites look down on you, the elites look at you with co contempt. we're at an event celebrating. >> the moment with the parkland students was amazing.
11:59 am
>> there's a lot of arguments to be made against the president and the trump administration de niro didn't do any of that. he dropped the f bomb, and i don't think it persuaded anybody who wasn't already persuaded. the only way it could have been worse is if he said -- isn't it terrible the way he's corseting our culture? >> speaking of being politically correct or not. did you see the whole twitter uproar over jack he goes, he's eating at chick-fil-a, and a bunch of ople from the left jump all over this. are you surprised at everyone hooting and hollering over this? >> yeah, happy pride month, everybody. >> twitter drives everybody nuts. it's not healthy for people. this is where i'm supposed to say follow me, but the reactions
12:00 pm
i get. twitter was trying to make everyone polite. or we live in the wild wild west, everyone says what they want. what i don't like, twitter enforces the rules, sometimes it doesn't, it gets very ad hoc arbitrary basis. wait a second, you didn't enforce the rule against that person, you didn't enforce it against that. i'm not surprised jack would do something like that. it's pouring more fuel on the fire of a very angry mmity. >> good to see you opinion. >> good to see you. >> we continue right along on this monday afternoon, you're watching cnn, i'm brooke baldwin i'm here in new york city