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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  June 11, 2018 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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i get. twitter was trying to make everyone polite. or we live in the wild wild west, everyone says what they want. what i don't like, twitter enforces the rules, sometimes it doesn't, it gets very ad hoc arbitrary basis. wait a second, you didn't enforce the rule against that person, you didn't enforce it against that. i'm not surprised jack would do something like that. it's pouring more fuel on the fire of a very angry mmity. >> good to see you opinion. >> good to see you. >> we continue right along on this monday afternoon, you're watching cnn, i'm brooke baldwin i'm here in new york city alongside my colleague john
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berman is in singapore, where the whole world will be watching for this unprecedented handshake between two leaders. president trump and kim jong-un meeting face to face for the first time. no one else except their translators will be in the room. talks are moving faster than expected. >> faster than expected many very careful language from the secretary of state, mike pompeo, then put out an official statement by the white house which said, discussions with this working group a going more quickly than expected, 's very different than better than expected. we don't know if these talks are going well. there are some signals the u.s. negotiators are realizing it might be hard to push north korea toward specifics. and the specifics really really
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count. what we have seen over the last few hours has been remarkable. this surreal spectacle. with kim jong-un taking a surprise late night walk about with his entourage, a motorcade tour of the city. he was met by crowds and chees s in some places. this man who is a bru dictator. the foreign minister of singapore was along with him. guess where was the #on this selfie. president trump turns 72 on thursday, kim is 34 years old, we think. the official version on that is unreliable. i guess now we're six hours away from the likely handshake between these two leaders.
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>> the president has promised us he's prepared, is going to work on instinct and touch, if all that's not enough to wrap your mind around, dennis rodman arrived in singapore just a short time ago. >> both of them want to see what -- >> it should go fairly well, but people should not expect so much for the first time, so like i said, the door's open. >> despite the fact that kim has met with dennis rodman before. there's no indication that rodman will be involved in what happens here over the next several hours. ivan, i want to start with you, with this remarkable tour this surprise tour, we didn't know it was going to happen, that kim jong-un took around singapore a few hours ago. >> yeah, i mine, this is a pretty big deal, he was touring
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at that hotel behind you, the marina bay sands hotel, escorted by two cabinet ministers. and posed for what may be the first ever selfie photo of kim jong-un taken by both ministers, and then posted online, why is this a big deal? >> people were cheering for kim jong- jong-un, they were welcoming him, the by standers and this is all the more striking when you consider north korea's dismal human rights record. he's accused of executing his own uncle. ordering the assassination last year of his half brother in an airport in neighboring malaysia, charges that the north koreans have since denied, but getting almost a rock star's almost here in singapore on one of his first few visits as leader of north korea out of the country.
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and skeweding confidence and calm hours before his face to face meeting with president trump. we know there were working agreements in the runup to that meeting. the 9:00 a.m. meeting local time between the two leaders, it will be followed by a working lunch, a bilateral meeting. and the white house says that presidentmp will leave later at night from singapore, suggesting that there could not be an extension of the summit, additional days as the trump administration had previously hunted. john? >> thanks, ivan, stand by for one moment, here. >> question saw kim touring the city, looking like he was having the time of his life, he looked very happy, it gets to his state of mind. you spoke to the prime minister here in singapore, who has a sense of kim's state of mind,
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what did he tell you? >> he does, and to echo what ivan said, he thinks he's a confident young man, he's come here to be legitimized the international stage. let's not forget that as a nuclear state, as a reclusive leader, all those things ivan was just saying about him. he is going to get the photo of a lifetime with the most powerful leader in the world, heat given nothing yet. it's going to be interesting to see, the prime minister and many believe that kim is willing to make some kind of a historic shift. other analysts while they believe that he wants to lift the sanctions, he wants to bring economic renewal, a respected leader around the region, does that mean he wants to give up his nuclear weapons? certainly the ones he already has. the intercontinental ballistic missiles he already has. if he does, eventually, it's not going to happen at this meeting, we know that. even the idea of giving them up is at least 10 to 15 years away.
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and so what is the best that can happen here, perhaps for president trump, a declaration that the north koreans are willing to take that defense. >> some day to do it, with plans that are yet to be determined, to that point, what do you make of the fact that the meeting at first will be a one on one with president trump and kim and their translators. no one else in the room. what does it mean for the version of history we'll see here. >> i pressed ambassador yun on that. he's the previous north korean envoy on affairs. he hopes very much that there is either the secretary of state in the room or another senior official, he hopes that the north kroreans have a senior official as well. if the two leaders say -- who
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knows what they might say. what will they say when they come out, does one contradict the other and all that kind of stuff, that is viewed by the experts as difficult and not a good thing, if they're going to talk nitty-gritty. if it's just a hands shake, it's just a handshake. >> that may be the biggest thing to come out of this spectacle here. >> thank you. let's drill down a little more on this meeting. bruls klinger. the cia deputy division chief for bruce. couple questions for you. number one, what do you expect the president to demand? >> certainly cbid is the major issue. that's really what the whole meeting is revolving around. in april, he said it would be easy to have a meeting where we claim success. he wanted to get the nuclear weapons, since then we've watered down that requirement,
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and i think now the white house is defining success as if they establish a good relationship and have enough progress to justify follow on summits or at least mtings and 234eg other yagss. >> what do you expect kim to insist upon. >> i think kim will be coming in with a big package deal, he wants denuclearization according to north korean terms, in return for normalization of relations, easing of sanctions and having a peace declaration or peace treaty, which could create momentum for reduces u.s. forces on the peninsula. >> the president was saying he didn't have to prepare too much for this meeting, this is all about attitude, i mean, what do you think is the biggest curveball he should be preparing for? >> really there are a lot of devils in the details or road mines on the road to success here. because the north koreans define
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things differently, denuclearization nor them is not unilateral disarm amount. it's global arms control. as a self-professed member of the nuclear club, thil go to zero when everyone else goes to zero. a peace treaty sounds good, who can be against peace, if you sign a treaty, it removes the basis for united nations command. though no impact directly on u.s. forces. it would create a mood, if the war's over, why not bring the boys home from korea. >> the words from mike pompeo saying that trump would be leaving earlier than expected. why would they announce that now? do you think that's all part of the strategy? >> well, right now, we're really parsing words, we're only 6 hours away from the big game,
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let's get ready to rumble. >> pregame matters, right? >> exactly. all making our predictions. but we're now parsing words as to whether it means it's a positive preparations or negative. so really we're kind of in a wait and see mode right now. >> bruce, thank you so much. we are fascinated by the big game, president trump sits down with his long time enemy, north korea, he's hurling insults at some of america's closest allies. why his attacks on the canadian prime minister are so unprecedented. president obama making news. meeting secretly with dem hoping to run in 2020. a pizza delivery man arrested and threatened to be deported when he tries to deliver an order to the military base. a lawyer who helped him get a stay in the case. allow you to take advantage of growth opportunities...
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we're back, you're watching cnn, i'm brooke baldwin, as the world counts down to this historic meeting. we cannot forget t state of president trump' relationships with his key allies. his summit in canada may have more long term consequences than what happens in singapore. what was supposed to be a meeting of friends turned out was anything but. >> the president hit twitter lashing out at all allies in this ill tempered tweet storm. this after justin trudeau held a conference saying canada was insulted. trump stunned allies by refusing to sign this agreement. two trump aids joined the attack on trudeau. >> there's a special place in hell for any foreign leader that engages in bad faith diplomacy
12:17 pm
with president donald trump and then tries to stab him in back on the way out the door. he did the courtesy to travel up to quebec for that summit, he did him a favor and even willing to sign tt socialist communique. >> he stabbed us in the back. he did aat disservice to the whole g 7. >> we were ready to make a deal, and then we leave and trudeau pulls this stunt. >> with all of that, i want you to consider this, before president trump got on the plane to head to singapore where he is now, he was asked to rate his relationship with liz g-7 allies, he's asked this by one of our senior white house producers, here's his answer. >> the relationship that i've had with the people, the leaders
12:18 pm
of these countries has been, i would really rate it on a scale of 0 to 10, i would rate it a that doesn'tn i agree with what they're doing, and they know very well i don't. >> let's start with the man who asked the question. kevin, to you, now over in singapore, you got this question in to the president this what did you ask president trump, and what did you make of his response. >> what i wanted to know is how the president viewed the u.s.'s closest alliances in this fractured moment. the risks were appearing the evening before the president travelled up to quebec. he called the canadian prime minister indignant on twitter, and at the sametime, he was
12:19 pm
offering warmer words for the man he's meeting here, kim jong-un, i wanted to get the president's take on n'diaye familiaric, and ask him whether he thought the u.s. alliance system was system was shifting. you heard what he said, the relationships with the allies he was meeting in canada were a 10. he was boosted by these face to face meetings he was having up there in quebec. he did say the meetings were generally positive, they were candid about their views and the relationships were strong. cut to nine hours later, the president is supplying somewhere over the north atlantic on his way to singapore, he sees something on tv that justin trudeau said at this stage, it's not clear what justin trudeau said that set the president off. he with drew his name from that
12:20 pm
joint statement and he's continued lashing out. his advisers all over the sunday shows saying striking things saying justin trudeau was going to hell for whatever it is he did. it's not exactly clear what the president was responding to. >> i was talking to a former u.s. ambassador to canada last hour. he kept saying it's unconscionable. canada deserves an apology. i don't know if the president is going to apologize for that, what are youhearing? >> heads are exploding over this one. even by trump standards. one very senior republican said to me, this is donald trump. water is wet, night is dark. with trump, it's personal. he came he saw, then all of a sudden he didn't like something so he is tweeting, and i think the other thing to know is that
12:21 pm
i spoke to republicans of all stripes, none of them could understand why he did this. these are our allies. some of them think he may not understand the substance of what was going on. and some of them think he just got annoyed? >> well, we just on twitter, thanks to phil mattingly for catching this, orrin hatch, who we know is on his way out, he tweeted on the hole, it was peter navarro who said there is a special place in hell for justin trudeau. i think he should have kept his big mouth shut. why aren't more republicans speaking out? >> it's very simple. if you are leaving, you can speak up. if you you've been a critic all along, there are some republicans who feel they're safe, susan collins, john mccain, they've spoken up, i spoke to several republicans who were really very hest about
12:22 pm
it, they said, it's suicide, if we speak up, then we end up being primaried. and what one said to me is, we're looking for a strategy. if we're going to take him on, it has to in effect be something where we're going to win. and we haven't figured that out yet. we have seen him just get ready after republican. >> kevin. does president trump understand the repercussions of this, the alienation of allies here leaving the g-7 and his friends to go be with his long time foe. >> i think you're going to see that play out here. this is a major step, and he's going at it at a point when he's estranged from the u.s.'s closest allies.
12:23 pm
these are allies that helped the united states to get to the place they are now. >> mike pompeo told reporters in singapore yesterday that he doesn't believe this rift with the allies is going to affect the sanctions for now. you can't help but notice the president is going into this more isolated than he ever has been on a diplomatic front. and he's trying to pull off something so major and huge, that he's inevitably going to require some assistance from these allies, you remember the iran nuclear deal. that was a joint effort with european allies in china. that couldn't have come together with just the united states. he's attempting this major diplomatic effort here in singapore, without these people behind his back. it could affect how this goes forward. it's too early to tell whether
12:24 pm
they would support any kind of nuclear deal with north korea, it's something that -- it's something that he certain li has to be thinking about. >> it's important to think about the long game with all of this, kevin and jayme mirks thank you so much on that. live pictures out of singapore, as the president and kim jong-un get set to meet face to face. we're going to talk to one of president trump's top advisers in a couple minutes. president obama holding meetings with five democrats who may run for president in 2020. details on who they are, and what those conversations were about 37. ♪ we know that sometimes an earthworm is a man's best friend. we know the great outdoors. we love the great outdoors.
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former president barack obama has been holding meetings behind closed door looking to throw their hats in the ring for 2020. including senator bernie sanders, elizabeth warren, joe biden and cory booker. let's go straight to our chief political correspondent dana bash. tell me about the meetings and who called who? >> as you noted, it's been a series of meetings my understanding from a democrat familiar with these meetings is that for the most part it's been those who are in office right now, those who are seeking higher office, potentially the office that president obama held, going to him, going to see him in his office in washington. having conversations with him. he did have one conversation
12:30 pm
with former mayor of los angeles garcetti. the current mayor actually in los angeles, talking about a potential run or just really the future of the democratic party, that happened in l.a., and what i was told was that obviously, by definition, given the who's who of these individuals meeting with the president that it is about the future of their political life, but it's also about the party. i'm told that he has also met with people who probably aren't looking to run for president like chris koonz of delaware. or chuck schumer, the thing to keep in mind, i was talking about this with this democratic source i was talking to is. it's been a wrong time since we've had a president who has left off after a couple terms,
12:31 pm
left in good standing with the party particularly, and also with the american people who could be a sounding board nor people thinking about that, sore thinking about how to deal with people like president trump. the last time we saw a two term president leave, it was george w. bush, and there weren't a of republicans seeking his advice on how to be a better politician. because he left with such poor approval ratings. >> with bill clinton's comments, not a lot of people want him on the trail. dana, thank you so much. back to the current president here. president trump stunning allies on a reversal of support with g-7 leaders. we'll talk to a top white house adviser on that. will the president bring up otto warmbier in his face to face
12:32 pm
meeting with kim john eun. we will ask that too.
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when president trump and kim jong-un meet for the first time, denuclearization will be a massive topic for conversation, but what about human rights abuses, the rogue regime is accused of carrying out, not only against its own citizens, but americans as well. otto warmbier was detained for 17 months only to be returned to his family in a coma. he died shortly after coming home in of last year. in april his parents filed a wrongful death lawsuit against north korea. >> the horribleness of what north korea did to him was so
12:37 pm
devastating to our family, we experienced a shop i have never experienced in my life as a family, we needed to come together and process this as best we could. over the past three months, we've started the grief process, my kids are amazing. and now we see north korea with the tensions, claiming to be a victim. and they're claiming that the world is picking on them. we're here to tell you, north korea is not a victim we felt it was time to tell the truth about the condition that otto was in. he had severe brain damage. he was systematically tortured and intentionally injured by kim
12:38 pm
jong-un and liz regime. >> can't help but think about the parents we spoke with last year. mike pence says he did speak with warmbier's parents over the weekend and assured them the president was going into the summit with the 23578ly of otto warmbier in his heart. that summit happening soon in singapore, that's where my colleague john berman is, one of the questions obviously, denuclearization of the entire peninsula on the agenda. we sawshinzo abe bring up rights. people abducted by north korea, will that come up? >> i have no doubt that otto warmbier and his family will be in the heart of the president when he meets with the north korean leader. will they be on his lips? we don't know at this point. joining me now to discuss that
12:39 pm
and many more things is mark short, assistant to the president. mark, thanks so much for joining us from very, very far away this afternoon, i'm not sure whether you've seen the pictures of kim john eun walking behind me and being cheered. >> i appreciate cnn showing the warmbier family's polite, i think that the president was honored to have him as his guests at the state of the union. you have the vice president has been in regular contact with the family. that's been a driving force of neg other kwlagss to this point. you're correct. >> but mark -- i'm sorry for the delay. it will be in the hearts and minds, i don't doubt that for a
12:40 pm
second. will the president raise it with kim? >> i think the delegation has been continually raising our human rights concerns, i can't say for sure from this far away, it will be up to the president to decide. >> don't know for sure at this point. the president is departing singapore we understand, several hours after the meeting a little earlier than perhaps we sthout he would. the question is, why? is it because kim jong-un announced he's going to be leaving very shortly after the working lunch as well? >> i don't think it's that i think honestly, secretary pompeo, you heard him make his comments. the discussions have been moving rapidly, and hopefully there's progress to announce, i think that's the reason for an earlier departure. >> when you say moving rapidly, you just hurd h used the word progress, does that mean moving
12:41 pm
better? >> john, i think that there is progress that they'll be announcing later that's not for me to announce, certainly, i think that secretary pompeo has laid a strong foundation, the reason we're at this point is because of the sanctions the administration has brought united in more countries, particularly in partnership with china, that i think has made a huge difference thus far. >> thanks so much for talking about north korea. let me ask you about trade, which is something. >> not easy. let's talk about trade a little bit, is it the official position of the white house that there is a special place in hell for justin trudeau? >> those are words i would not have chosenen. the president felt they had a productive meeting, you heard the president make announcements
12:42 pm
that our ultimate goal is to have no tariffs and no barriers, i think there was offense taken that once airborne on your way to a increbly important summit, the president took the opportunity to condemn the president of the united states. the judgment day that separates us from heaven and hell is not dependent on whether you agree with the president or not. having said that, i think we are still concerned about the tariffs and barriers that canada has put on american goods and services. and the presitood up to that. that's one of the reasons he elected president. he s he would standp for american workers. and bring fair trade deals. >> if he did agree to all of that, why did he sign on to the statement to begin with? >> i think the president, as you heard him say felt he had a good meeting, as you heard him say a
12:43 pm
few minutes ago, saw cnn reair the report of him, feeling like his relationship with the g-7 leaders was a 10. i think you wait until airborne and on the way to singapore to hold press conferences as trudeau did. >> there's far more that binds us together with canada. but there are also trade negotiations that have to happen and concerns that we have about not having access to their markets. when you see tariffs at 350%, it's not level. >> the field with canada is pretty level. there's a trade surplus with canada, correct? >> right, i've heard you all have this announcement of goods and services, and showing what that surplus is, the president is focused on goods, let's break
12:44 pm
that down. you're talking about goods and products, there is a significa deficit. when you add services, you're rise, that levels out we're focused on making sure that the workers are created in the same balance. >> workers of america by the way, people who provide services could be drycleaners. yes, they could be lawyers as well. they're workers also, and i use goods and services because that's what the representative office uses too. >> that's right, john, i think the president's made clear, he wants to focus on the good side of that equation. i use the lawyers because that's a larger percentage of the services, that's one of the bigger services provided. that's why i'm using that as opposed to a drycleaner as you may use.
12:45 pm
i don't think there's many people coming acrhe border to get theirhirtscleaned. >> it's not just lawyers, if you're going to talk about the tariffs, the dairy tariffs are very high. what about american tariffs they put on tobacco, for instance. american tariffs placed on shelled peanuts, the u.s. does it too. canada on average has a lower tariff rate overall than the united states does. >> i think what the president said the other day, he wants us to fight and make sure tariffs are eliminated. it's not just a matter of the tariff, it's a provision that prevents you from bringing products into various countries, including canada. >> there are barriers that prevent us from selling, there's a lot there we need to work on. and a lot the president is going to keep fighting for. >> great to have you with us, today, i appreciate it from very
12:46 pm
very far away. you'll be watching there just like well. the results of this historic meeting here. >> 3:45 in the morning john berman. >> i want to take you to a small legal victory. he was trying to drop off an order at a military base he had been to several 250i78s before. we'll talk to an attorney represents him, next. of growth opportunities...dvante with a level of protection in down markets. so you can be less concerned about your retirement savings. talk with your advisor about shield annuities from brighthouse financial- established by metlife.
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there is a legal victory of so sorts for a new york pizza
12:51 pm
worker who gets to stay in the u.s. for now. attorneys for pablo villavicencio won a last-minute emergency stay and have until july 20th to explain why he should get to stay in the u.s. he is being detained by i.c.e. he was arrest this month while trying to deliver this pizza to a brooklyn army base something he done time and time again before using a new york i.d. card but this time it wasn't accepted and a background check revealed he was wanted for immigration law violations. and with me, jennifer williams from the legal aid society who represents pablo villavicencio. and how did you and your team fight this? >> it is intense and an emotional roller coaster for the past 72 # hours. a call came out to our office saying someone needed help that was post-order and i'm thinking it is just another typical case that we call -- calls from the
12:52 pm
new york immigration coalition to assist somebody and then we quickly learned it was pablo the pizza guy. and we realized that we had to work really, really fast on the information that we learned, they were going to deport him as soon as monday. so we quickly filed a stay of removal application before u.s. immigration -- sorry, i.c.e. >> it's okay. there is a lot of acronyms. >> this is gone through and now you wait until the end of july to learn the next step of his fate. in the meantime, he's married and has two kids and i read about his daughter had a has a heart disease and he's the primary breadwinner but he came here from ecuador in 2008 and he has working on his citizenship and he ten years to do that. >> and i want to make it clear he applied for asylum when the entered the u.s. back in 2008 and he -- he ended up taking voluntary departure and i'll
12:53 pm
explain that many people who have pending asylum applications take voluntary departure and in immigration court it's death penalty cases in a traffic court-like setting so when you are applying for asylum there is a hi a high standard to prove your claim and if the attorney is informing you like it doesn't look like you will be success. on the merits and say -- you could take a voluntary departure order and many people will do so because they are afraid to have a final order of removal. >> would love to talk to his wife. i'm sure people have reached out to her and just what she's going through in this fight to have her husband back. jennifer williams, thank you so much for coming by. we'll continue that conversation on how your fight is going. also just into cnn, jeff sessions has just overturned asylum protections for domestic violence victims. the move reversed a 2014 court decision that indicated that many domestic violence victims
12:54 pm
from central america are entitle to asylum protection in this country. attorney general precision sets a bar for the claims and they must prove the country is unable or unwilling to help them and condoned the criminal action. and to sing -- sing apour as trump and kim jong-un get ready to meet. we'll show you around the luxurious hotel coming up. on th. we know the great outdoors. we love the great outdoors. get started fishing during the gone fishing event at bass pro shops and cabela's. with free kids fishing at our catch-and-release pond and great deals on great gifts for dad! like savings of over 40% on select new balance trainers. and these leupold mckenzie binoculars for under $130. bass pro shops and cabela's. so allstate is giving us money back on our bill.
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i'm a small business, but i have... big dreams... and big plans.
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the past week the national suicide prevention hotline has seen a 25% increase in the number of calls receiving. the director of the hotline tells us it could be an opportunity to lower the suicide rate if more people would come forward and speak publicly about how they're coping with these suicidal thoughts. >> what we have seen is actually studies that have shown that when people talk about their positive coping through suicidal moments and they share them with the media or in a public forum and it is associated with a reduction in suicide rates. it is basically a contagion of hope that we can spread. >> if you or someone you know is struggling with thoughts of self harm, place call the number on your screen. that is 800-273-talk. 800-273-8255. the suicide prevention hotline. and that does it for me.
1:00 pm
i'm brooke baldwin. keep it right here, "the lead" with jake tapper starts right now. the president couldn't strike a milk deal. can he strike a nuke deal? "the lead" starts right now. countdown to history, president trump moments away from sitting down with kim jong-un. kim looking loose even posing for selfies before the big summit. is president trump ready to go one-on-one with a man many considered to be a mad man. and as president trump prepares to sit with the dictator, he continues tom our closest democratic allies. where does the world stand after a weekend of anger, drama and mean tweets. plus -- are you talking to trump? robert de niro f-bombs the president on live tv or attacks like this one playing right into president trump's hand. and his next campaign.