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tv   CNN Newsroom Live  CNN  June 11, 2018 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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♪ you're watching cnn'specialc singapore summit between u.s. president donald trump and north korea's kim jong-un. hello, welcome. i coming to you from seoul, south korea. >> we would like to welcome our viewers in the united states and around the world. in the past few hours in singapore, donald trump has done what no other sitting president
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would do, meeting one-on-one with the leader of north korea, rewarding the young dictator with legitimacy on the world stage denied his father and grandfather. and in return, president trump is looking for his place in history, perhaps the nobel peace prize. there were smiles, handshakes and warm words when trump and kim just met. to be sure history has been made in singapore. in a few short months, the talk of fire and fury and pre-emptive strikes has been replaced by diplomacy and cooperat
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>> there have been promises before td its nuclear program. for all of this uncertainty, these two leaders met one-on-one alone for more than 40 minutes. no f, no note-takers, j interpreter the er th interprets. as they emerge from a working lunch, for what was the fifth photo op of the day, donald trump was effusive. >> really fantastic meeting. a lot of progress. better than anybody could have expected. top of the line. really good. we're going right now for a signing. >> and, anna, after some confusion over what they were doing, they signed that agreement between these two countries. anna?
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>> john, we're covering this from all angles. let's go to singapore, where jeff zeleny and paula hancocks are joining us. jeff, if i can start with you. we just heard from the u.s. presid said denuclearizati happen very, very quickly on the korean peninsula. please, shed more light. >> i mean, that was certainly a monumental statement, but one that was also sufficiently vague, in terms of saying exactly what the denuclearization will mean specifically, and the time in which it will start. that was clearly a sign of a part of this, what really has been, you know, an incredible meeting in every regards. what i was struck by was all the different photo opportunities and moments built throughout the morning and the lunch and the afternoon, to show this relationship, this bond, that apparently has been building between the president and the
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north korean leader there. we're left wondering what exactly the specifics are here in terms of the way forward. the president said this, our whole relationship with the koreaneninsula will be very different than the past. so, clearly stating a way forward. what we don't know is, if the u.s. made any concessions in terms of military forces on the peninsula or whatnot. also struck by the fact that the president, president trump, said he would absolutely invite kim jong-un to the white house, to washington. unclear when that will happen, as well. that's an extraordinary outcome to come out of this first meeting, the first summit, anna. >> yeah. extraordinary, indeed. paula, for somebody who has lived here in south korea f many years, you have been
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covering the story through every detail. you lived through last year when both leaders were hurling insults and threatening r. did you ever think this day uld come? >> not really. you have to pinch yourself sometimes. when you think just six months ago, when tensions were so high, that people were considering even leaving the peninsula. it was getting extremely worrying. people thinking that the u.s. was seriously going to consider a military strike against north korea. you have the north korean leader, the u.s. president, spending time together, appearing, as far as we can tell, to build a relationship. it appears they are getting on. the north korean leader, kim will walk away from this with a huge victory. the very fact that he has been hitting side-by-side with the u.s. president, the fact to his people. and around the world, he's seen on a level with the u.s. president. and just hearing what the north
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korean leader was saying. clearly, we weren't going to get the off-the-cuff remarks from kim jong-un as from donald trump. he decided beforehand the message he wanted to give across. at the beginning of the morning, the beginning of the meeting, he said it took a lot to get to this point. they had to clear a lot of obstac obstacles. he said the world will see a major change. it was a historic moment, a historic document. and one other thing, he said, i would like to express my gratitude to president trump. if you had told me six months ago that the north korean leader was going to say that while sitting next to the u.s. president, i would say you were crazy. this is remarkable, what we're seeing. >> paula hancocks and jeff zeleny. many thanks for that. john, back to you.
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>> thank you. joining us now from san francisco, p yun. i want to start with those at the table, those who were not. and no sight of the country's chief nuclear negotiator, as well as holding a role with the interactions of the united states. does that indicate he's not needed? kim jong-un has all of the technical details. also, no representative of the north korean military. wasn't at the table, a little unusual, given the military's powerful role. >> what it is, that kim jong-un wants to project a power, a sense of strength and knowledge of the issues. i think my sense is, if this
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thing -- we haven't seen the document yet. that's going to be critical. i do think that my sense is a lot ofs has been worked out in detail and advance. and i know he was meeting with u.s. officials and others. so, i wouldn't read too much, the fact he is not there. i think the fact that the military person was not there also seems to indicate kim jong-un wanting to say he is very much in control and doesn't need those kinds of aids. i saw that to come tremend when kim jung-il. >> the haters and the losers, with our hostages, testing all research and missile launches have stopped. and these pundits who have called me wrong from the beginning have nothing else to
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say. we will be fine. spelling mistakes aside, it seems premature donald trump to say all things will be fine. there is still things that can wrong and horribly wrong. >> the path to success looks like this. we've traveled this a couple of times and we're going over the same road right now. this is what success is going to look like, if from there is suc. this is the beginning of the process. it will be a long process. we'll have to see what happens. no one is going to say for sure moving forward. we haven't seen the document to make any determination, whether they really made a decision about what denuclearization means. what is the timeline? what does that mean? there's a lot to go on, to wait for. this is a good sign. the optics are good. it's good to have this kind of rapport.
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it's all about the follow-up. >> there was of touching d feeling. trump guided kim into the meeting room. the closest comparison we could have for this meeting was from 2009, when bill clinton met with kim jong-il. admittedly a very different situation. did president trump send the right message at that first meeting? >> i think the circumstances were very different in 2009. it was bringing back a couple hostages. the better comparison is in 2000. the north koreans themselves, they have to be thrilled and pleased with the -- you know, for them, this is a big win. kim jong-un is now on the center stage. he has been courted in certain
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ways by thechinese. the russians want to meet him. at some point the japanese will want to meet him. his prestige and his status has been raised a considerably amount, by this diplo process. part of which because he's adept. and now, he's meeting the american president. he's going to be happy. i don't think there's any question about that. and for donald trump, he looked in control of this process. that's going to play well back home. the whole thing depends on what the substance of the actual agreement is. and we're going to have to see what that actually says. >> look at the front age of north korea's newspaper. photographs of kim jong-un walking around singapore. it's a modern city with bright lights most north koreans have never seen. is this a sign of the image change at home? he seems to be heading towards more openness, which would b hard to walk back at this point.
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>> that's true. there's a lot of symbolism with that handshake and with donald trump. the united states has been the great satan, the cause for all the north korean's suffering. even though kim jong-un is a dictatorship, he has to signal to his people that things are going to change. it's like a big ship. you can't turn it on a dime. it has to happen slowly. this is the beginning of that process, if it's going to happen. there's great support of a symbolism. we can go back to where we were, when there were all these threats, more missile tests and more nuclear tests. we have to see what happens. >> getting word that kim jong-un's motorcade has left the island. it's been a tumultuous few
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the letter we're signing is very comprehensivi think both s be impressed with the result. a lot of goodwill went into this. a lot of preparation. i want to thank everybody involved. secretary pompeo and his counrparts, they were absolutely fantastic. >> welcome back, everybody. that's donald trump sitting side-by-side with kim jong-un, after their historic meeting. a meeting that has never happened before between a sitting u.s. president and the leader of north korea. both men had praise for the other. president trump called kim a worthy negotiator. kim said it's time for the u.s. and north korea to put tir adversarial pasts behind them. joining me now, democratic
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strategist dave jacobson and john thomas. i intend to pay my bit. tell me where you want to go. >> all right. one of the big demands for the north koreans has been all of the security guarantees. that's something the u.s. is more than happy to deliver. >> we're prepared to take what will be security assurances that are different, unique, than have been provided -- america has been willing to provide previous we think this is necessary and appropriate. >> so, john, unique securitygua guaranteed before. how far is the trump negotiation willing to keep kim jong-un in power? who are they willing to kill? >> there's a lot of questions to answer here. the u.s. has been consistent in saying they need real proof
11:19 pm
that, in fact, that the nuclear program has been dismantled. hearing a lot on the cable news circuit saying what's the difference between the iran nuclear deals and trump hated, and a potential deal that they might be making with north korea? well, there are big differences. giving them billions of dollars without getting a bunch of things in return i don't think is ever going to be on the table. there's preconditions that must be met. >> the billions of dollars with their money and they got nuclear inspectors in the country for return for it. he ripped up the nuclear agreement and the inspectors left. these security guarantees, in and of themselves seem extraordinary. i want to get on to this deal. >> i don't think we've put anything on the table. what does that mean tang mri?
11:20 pm
does that mean denuclearization as north korea finds it? that the u.s. takes nukes out of the peninsula? or does it mean something else? we haven't seen concrete specific. that's the challenge here. we're talking in the abstract at the 30,000 feet level, but there's no detail there's. >> what trump was able to do today to play the good cop to pompeo's bad cop. he's going to say, we're going to agree to agree, that it's in your best interest. >> we have a common goal. >> correct. that's a big deal itself. the devil wil be in the details. >> there's a pie in "the atlantic" by jeffrey gold burn. he spoke with a number of white house and government officials. one described it like this -- no friends, no enemies. this permanent destabilization creates an american advantage. i was talking to this american several weeks ago, and i thought
11:21 pm
it might be too early to discern a trump doctrine. there's definitely a trump doctrine. what is it?i asked. the trump dock trins we're america, bitch. sorry about using that word. and this is benchly the administration saying it's our way or the highway, we're going it alone. >> that's a cross way to define that america is the leading superpower in the world. we're going to stand tall and not be bullied around. that's what you're seeing with trump in canada and north korea and when the talks fell apart. and trump said, i would like to meet with you, but only on the right terms. we're coming off eight years, dave, by obama who was scene as weak because he was quick to agree.
11:22 pm
obama was never perceived a tough guy standing up to our closest neighbor, which is canada, which has fought in every modern war of our country. donald trump has sewn the seeds of chaos across the globe. at the same time, he's alienating excoe and the european leaders who are our closest allies around the globe. and they're culting deals with china because donald trump won't work with them. >> here's a reminder on kim jong-un and his record on human rights. there was a report that came out that said kim could face crimes against humancy. there are items that are against kim,luding torture and other
11:23 pm
cruel, inhumane issues. the absence of due process and the rule of law. punishment for three d jagss and the extensive use of forced labor. not a word of human rights from this administration. and on top of that, the u.s. president is saying kim jong-un will be invited to the white house. >> there's no question that kim jong-un is a bad guy and he's committed atrocities that are unfoble. we've been running, what? nuclear drills in guam and other places because past administrations have been kicking the can down the road and not dealing with this giant issue. this is the issue. >> what does it say about american values and other dictatordic dictators around the world.
11:24 pm
>> the issue is, you've got a u.s. citizen, otto warmbier, who came back blind, deaf -- a year ago today, and essentially murdered. and now, his parents are suing north korea. not one word from donald trump. the fact of the matter is, kim jong-un has not just done this to americans. he's done this to his half-brother. >> he doesn't want to kill the deal over something while he's focusing on the big target right now. >> it's a function of tone, though. eling with a cold-blooded murderer. >> we were arguing about his tone and now look where we are. >> let's go back a decade or so. the idea of a u.s. president and holding a summit with a dictator like kim jong-un, was like holy water for the devil. take a look at this from the folks at now this. >> would you, as president, meet
11:25 pm
with the leaders of a country like north korea? obama said, i would meet with him. >> senator obama made his intentions crystal clear on the campaign trail. >> il meet with our friends and our enemies. >> he would meet with some of the madmen without preconditions. >> i'm going to reach out to crazy people around the world and try to get things done. i think that's a mistake. >> obama is bowing and scraping before dictators. >> the fact that all he wants is to get them back to the table, not -- if you give up nuclear weapons, we'll talk. >> why would the administration think this is a group they can do business with. >> i have no idea. >> hatre for america is never . >> it goes on and on. fast forward ten years. we have president trump and president obama. it's a triumph of foreign diplomacy. >> remarkable turnaround in
11:26 pm
relations between adversaries. >> the commander leadership is going through to breakthrough. >> another stunning breakthrough. >> president trump, scoring a big win. >> it's time to celebrate a victory when it happens. >> president trump pves the experts wrong again and scores a diplomatic triumph. >> it's a w for the president. >> it's breathtaking. it's audacious, it's bold. it will be historic. >> it will be magnificent for the people of korea. >> we're almost outf time. you're pointing out the fox news and the inconsistency. that's fun but not the point here. is one of the biggest achievements of donald trump, winning over the conservatives away from military action to diplomacy? >> there's a difference between barack obama and george w. bush and bill clinton and donald trump. their single objective was to
11:27 pm
make a deal. when we see like in the g7, if he doesn't get the right deal, he's walking away. >> dave? >> donald trump tweeted on april 15th, essentially, he achieved denuclearization. we haven't seen that. the hypocrisy is extraordinary. >> it's not the first time we've seen it. thank you. greeted like a rock star. kim jong-un has gone from holding asia at the brink of nuclear war to being welcomed with cheers in singapore. more coverage and reaction from seoul and beijing, still to come. der tonight in an unreasonably narrow fast food drive thru lane. t what a powerful life lesson. and don't worry i have everything handled.
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welcome back to cnn's special coverage of the trump/kim summit in singapore. i'm anna coren coming to you live in seoul. >> i'm john vause, live in los angeles. it's gone 1:00 on the west coast. they came face-to-face on singapore's sentosa island. some handshakes and it was friendly, with warm words and then, behind closed doors. now, the big question is this. where does all of it go from here? anna? >> thank you, john. let's go live to singapore, where we've been following kim
11:32 pm
jong-un and donald trump. i believe you are at sentosa long island. he is backpacking his bags, getting back to the airport. tell us about the reception he's received in singapore. >> it's remarkable, anna. you wouldn't believe what people used to say about kim jong-un. now, president trump is referring to him as chairman kim. in singapore, he was doing a tour of the city. and people were screaming at him as if he were a rock star. he was taking selfies with the foreign minister. so many comments on twitter about how cools is. it is markible.
11:33 pm
you're in seoul, where much of the work has been done. president moon kicking this off with his commitment to seeing a peace and denuclearization started. in singapore, and we've seen amazing footage, come to light today, particularly with president donald trump, the way that that meeting proceeded this morning. we were all watching, watching history unfold in front of our eyes. that's what the people here in singapore have been seeing, as well. we've seen people crowding the pavements, getting up high to see the motorcades come by. i was going to use spectacular because it isn't something we see here often. the roads cordoned off, it is quite something, anna. >> from donald trump over the past few hours, he is expected
11:34 pm
to hold a press conference, very soon. he recently said that he considers he has a bond with kim jong-un and it was an honor to be with him. language you can't imagine a u.s. president having said to a north korean leader. let's say last year, considering the threats and the insults that were hulled between them. there's many feeling that kim jong-un won, he is the winner out of today's summit. what's your take? yeah. you can look at the pictures and you see it clearly. six north korean flags, alongside six american flags. it is remarkable. this suggests parity. here in asia, here in singapore, right throughout this region, this kind of symbolism is important. right down to us having discussions about the significance of kim jong-un
11:35 pm
arriving in singapore on an air china flight and the symbolism and what it means. this has been so scrutinized from every angle. we looked at handshakes and see if they smile. what we want to get our hands on is the statement that's going to come out right before the press conference that donald trump is talking about. we're waiting for that next, anna. >> yeah. certainly are. man manisha tank, thanks to you. >> we're getting information on what's in that joint statement. president trump and kim jong-un have a sincere exchange of opinions, on new u.s./dprk relations. president trump committed to providing security to the dprk. and kim jong-un committed
11:36 pm
dewavering communication. the u.s. and north korea have committed to work denuclearization. they are going to work towards it. there's no commitment to make it happen. but it's still early as they move forward with this process, which is what everyone had expected there would be system kind of framework here. some kind of way they could move towards the denuclearization of the korean peninsula. a broad outline. at least something is in summit,here was no invitation for chin a. that's the elephant in the room. china is north korea's largest trading partner and washington's most powerful and strategic rival. as the situation unfolds, beijing is on the outside looking in. let's go to the outside. matt rivers live in beijing. one of the issues during these negotiations is the future of
11:37 pm
28,000 u.s. troops on the korean peninsula. if those troops are withdrawn, which may be the case, that would be a gift to china. >> that would be met with welcome arms. open arms here in beijing, january. when we talk about security guarantees, when we get an indication of what's in the statement. the united states says there could be security for kim jong-un, does that mean removal or reduction of the troop size that the u.s. forces have on the korean peninsula? that's the strategic interest that china would very much like to push towards happening, in terms of what are china's goals out of this summit? what they want, if the north koreans are going to give something up, they want the other side, the united states, south koreans, to give up something, as well, that's in the chinese interest. and china has feared the troops
11:38 pm
on the peninsula. not only that but the troop s i ja japan. if there can be a reduction of the troop level, and the removal of totality of the troops by the united states, china would be thrilled to see that language. >> thank you, matt rivers live for us in beijing. a little more conversation about the communique. the two leaders have pledged to hold follow communications. at the earliest possible date to implement the outcome of the summit. if two leaders say they are willing to cooperate for the development of new u.s./dprk relations, and peace and security of the korean peninsula. we'll have to think about that. when we come back, dennis rodman as peace ambassador?
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welco back. well, it was a handshake many thought they would never see. u.s. president donald trump and north korea's leader, kim jong-un, warmly greeting each other in singapore, before they began discussions at the historic summit, that began almost six hours ago. they met for a working lunch. the two leaders emerged from that lunch, side-by-side, and tack a look at trump's cadillac. dennis rodman is both friends with trump and kim jong-un. he talked to cnn. listen. >> obama didn't give me the time of day. i asked him, i have something to say to north korea.
11:43 pm
he just brushed me off. but that didn't deter me. i kept going back. i showed my loyalty and that i'm trustworthy to this country. and i said, the door will open. when i went back home, i got so many death threats. i got so many death threats. i was sitting there, prosecting everything. and i believe in north korea. >> a strr emotional dennis rodman there. joining us from san francisco, is paul carol, the senior adviser to n-square, a group dedicated to nonproliferation. 24 hours from that handshake. it has happened. now, we have the key text of the joint communique. president trump getting security guarantees. with kim jong-un reaffirming he
11:44 pm
is firm. what's your take? >> well, i'm encouraged, i have to say. i think that we have seen the wedding. it was a big party. there was a lot of pomp and circumstance, and a lot of photraphy, fantastic. i am somewhat sympathetic to the fact that we had the united states flag. on co-equal footing of the north korean flag, which imething they have longed for, as many have said on this show and other news outlets, for a long, long time. the north got something today. they got an err of legitimacy. they are at the nuclear club. the document signed today, and we haven't seen the details, if it lays out a tempo of engagement, that to me is important. if today was the wedding, now, we're in the marriage.
11:45 pm
now, we have to work at a years-long process and have the stomach of the setback and the relationship.denuclea is a long to hoe. let's wake up tomorrow and see wh we think. >> as we know, some marriages are very hard work. i spoke to one of the highest north korean defectors. in his opinion, kim jong-un won. he wanted legitimacy, he wanted to be taken seriously. and this has cemented his leadership back home. do you think that's a fair assessment? >> if we're going to put it in terms of a contest, thisay be a seven-game series. for the time being, i think kim jong-un has sho himself, as a very shrewd operator.
11:46 pm
he's been, from a long line of operators. northern k a regime, has layed a weak hand very well. in the past 12 months, the hand had strengthened quite a bit and they have the skill and the deftness to drive wedges between allies, to play china off against the united states. yes. i think it's fair to say, if you're keeping score at home, based on the last 24 hours, kim jong-un got more out of today than donald trump. now, what's important to keep in focus, this isn't about these two gentlemen, it's about the security of the region, of the united states, of the japanese, of the chinese, the south koreans and the north koreans. let's not lose that by keeping score too much these episo meetings. we need to keep the seven-game series clearly in view. >> paul, if i can ask you one last question. now that kim jong-un has engaged
11:47 pm
in these talks, there's a feeling there's no going back. would you agree with that? >> i would not necessarily agree with that. the united states has used this phrase cvid. complete, irreversible dismentalment. there's no such thing as irreversibili irreversibility. the test site that was blown up is reminiscent of ten years ago. and north koreans exploded a cooling tower. they can rebuild things. while we have to have tolerance for wrinkles, if things go sideways, there's nothing to stop the north koreans from saying, we're going to keep testing the bombs until we get better. i'm encouraged by the devil's i. >> paul carol, as always, great to get your analysis.
11:48 pm
thanks for joining us. stay with us for our special coverage of the singapore summit n donal and kim jong-un. after the br we speak to south koreans who, he went looking at this picture, they find it hard to process. discover card.
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welcome back. there is a historic day. just over three months in the making. the meeting between u.s. president trump and north korea leader kim jong un was on, off and on again. those working behind the scenes weren't sure it was going to happen. let's take a look at some of the memorable moments. >> there you see kim jong un motorcade. a really good image. >> get lg out of the car. arriving. >> you know that vehicle. that holds the president of the united states. a lot of eyes on this stage right here. >> here are the two gentlemen. let's watch the moment. >> just like that. history has been made.
11:53 pm
we saw the handshake. now a second moment. >> this is a moment that many thought would never happen in our lifetime. >> thank you, everybody. >> downing me now the next generation of south korea who may enjoy denuclearization. if that is what's ahead for the korean peninsula. these are university students. i want to ask them how did you feel when you saw that handshake? >> i was very happy that we finally have the summit between the u.s. and north korea. which is pivot toll for ensuring the stability in the thort east asian region and the peninsula. at the same time i'm worried that the denuclearization process if it's not swift, it could go back to how history
11:54 pm
shows us. the agreement was cancelled later. it's actively engaging that's really important. >> does it give you hope? >> i'm pessimistic. there were several cases in the past. on how progressive the process. so i hope of the summit it can be well placed of denuclearization. of the korean war. and the denuclearization of the north korea. >> we hoped to see some formal peace treaty signed today. that didn't happen. do you think you'll see denuclearization in your lifetime? >> i'm optimistic. that kim jong un knows that the sport of the u.s. is vital for his maintaining. i'm sure he's going to have his
11:55 pm
promise. and my life i'm pretty sure that i will see the denuclearization. for the world peace. >> do you think that kim jong un can be trusted? >> i want to say i hope he is trustworthy. from what i have seen so far it seems that he wants to take a place in the regime as a leader. and he's been making efforts to make people believe him. i don't think we're at a stage to trust him. we're building up trust. and eventually maybe we will be able to. >> were you blown away when you saw the moment? the two leaders. who were declaring war on each other just last year. shaking hands. touching each other and smiling. >> it was quite surprising. >> surreal? >> yes. it was really impressive. >> let's hope that this is this start of good things to come.
11:56 pm
for you and your family. and your country. many thanks for joining us. thank you for joining us on this hour of cnn "newsroom." back to you. >> thank you. you have been watching our coverage here of the summit in singapore. for the viewers in the united states. thepecial coverage continues with early start. for everyone else stay with us. we'll be back after a short break. we're ensuring americans have the energy they need, whenever they need it nextera energy. with tripadvisor, finding your perfect hotel at the lowest price... is as easy as dates, deals, done! simply enter your destination and dates... and see all the hoteor your stay! tripadvisor searches over 200 booking sites... to show you the lowest prices... so you can get the best deal on the right hotel for you.
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this is cnn breaking news. >> did he agree to denuclearize? >> we're starting the process very quickly. absolutely. >> a new era in mesh diplomacy. signing a joint document. >> the north korean dictator saying the world will see a major change. so much to get to. welcome to early start. >> it is tuesday june 12. 3:00 a.m. in the east. >> i'm john live in singapore. it's now 3:00 p.m. i got to say, just a


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