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tv   Early Start with Christine Romans and Dave Briggs  CNN  June 12, 2018 2:00am-2:59am PDT

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can anybody be certain? we are going to be certain soon. the negotiations continue. thank you very much. go ahead. >> you mentioned that you have raised extensively the issue of human rights with chairman kim. i wonder what you would say with the people who have no ability to hear or see this press conference? the 100,000 north korean kept in a network of gulags? have you legitimized them? >> i think i helped them. there is nothing i can say. all i can do is do what i can do. we have to stop the nukes. at a certain point you will ask me a more positive question or make a statement. not much i can do right now. at a certain point i believe he is going to do things about it. i think they are one of the great winners today.
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that large group of people that you are talking about. i think they will be one of the great winners as a group. yes, sir. go ahead. >> would you ever consider removing the sanctions without significant improvement in the human rights significance? >> i want significant -- rights situation? >> i want significant impro improveme improvement. i want to start that process. although you cannot finish that process for a while, but you cannot go back. once we reach that point, i'll give that serious thought. go ahead. you first. >> mr. president, dhow is north korea going to foot the bill with sanctions are in place? >> i think south korea and japan will help them greatly. i think they are prepared to help them. i think they will help them greatly.
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the united states has been paying a price in a lot of places. south korea, which is right door, and japan, which essentially is next todoor wille helping them. they will do a genieraous job. yes, ma'am. >> thank you, mr. president. i would like to follow-up on steve's question. he asked how long it would take to denuclearization the korean peninsula. you said a long time. what does that mean? >> i don't know what you mean. long time. i think we will do it as fast as scientifically and mechan. i don't think -- i read horror stories. a 15-year process. assuming you wanted to do it quickly, i don't believe that. i think whoever wrote that is wrong. there will be a point at which when you are 20% through you can't go back. i had an uncle who was a great
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professor for 40 years at m.i.t. i used to discuss nuke with him all the time. he was a great expert. a great brilliant genius. dr. john trump. m.i.t. sent me a book on my uncle. we used to talk about nuclear. you talk about a complex subject. it is not just get rid of the north carolina -- rid of the nukes. when you hit a certain point, you cannot go back. >> how long will that take? >> we don't know, but it will be quickly. >> thank you, mr. president. i want to ask again on the sanctions campaign. you said the chinese are not doing as great a job securing the border as they were before. you expressed doubts when kim went to see president xi. the russian foreign minister was in pyongyang and said there
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shouldn't be sanctions while negotiations are under way. and the south koreans are talking about restoring some form of trade. with all of those players appearing to be moving toward er sanctions, how can you keep the sanctions regime in place? what leverage do you have on these countries? >> i think we have a lot of leverage. we have tremendous leverage. i do believe that china, despite my relationship with president xi, a man i said i have great respect for and like a lot, we're having tough talks on trade. i think that effects china. i have to do what i have to do. i think over the last two months, the border is more open than it was when we first started. that is what it is. we have to do it. we have a tremendous, tremendous deficit in trade. commonly known as a trade deficit. we have a tremendous deficit with china. we have to do something about
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it. i think that has had an impact on my relationship in terms of the border. i don't think it has the relationship -- i don't think it affects my feeling or relationship todent xi. when we first started, we weren't ready to go that route. as we have started preparing and getting ready to do that, it has had aim pan impact on the borde. i have to do it. for our country i have to do it. south korea will do whatever is necessary to get a deal done. if we don't trade, we won't trade. if they think and they would do this with our concurrence. if they can do work because we are far down the line. we are far. you know that document when you read it today, that is far down the line. that is not something that just happened to be put together. this was done over months.
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again, the rhetoric was important and the sanns were importan i don't know which was more important. they were bot important. go ahead. >> david sanger with "the new york times." i wonder if you could give us some sense of chairman kim told you how many nuclear weapons he believes he has made and whether he is willing to turn those over first and then whether in your mind you need to do more an done in the iran deal for actually dismantling the uranium and plutonium processes and if you had a sense if chairman kim understood what that involves and a time sdtable in his mind shutting that? >> david, i can tell you he understands. he understands it so well. he understands it better than the people that were doing the work for him. that is an easy one. as far as what he has, it
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substantial. the timing will go quickly. as an example, one of the things with the missile site, you were surprised to hear that. that was a throw-in at the end. the missile site. i really believe, david, that it will go quickly and fast. it is a substantial arsenal. i used to say maybe it is all talk and no action. we have pretty good intelligence into that, although probably less than any other country. you probably understand that. we have enough intelligence to know what they have is substantial. this is why, david, i say this should not have taken place so late in the process. wouldn't this be better 5 years ago or 10 years ago or 15 years
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ago? when we would not have to worry of having a successful meeting today. go ahead. thank you. >> there is a second summit -- if there is a second summit with kim jong-un, will it be in pyongyang? >> we have not set that up. we'll probably need another summit. we probably need another meeting. we can use a different term. we need another one. i will say this. we are much further along than would have thought. i have told people. i not want to build up people's hopes. i told people, i thought this would be a successful meeting if we got along. we developed a relationship and we could have gotten to this point in three or four months from now. it really happened quickly. a lot of that was because of the foundation that was put down
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before we met. a lot ofhings happened fast. we didn't have, as an example, bringing back the remains. that was not one of the things that was on our agenda today. brought it up at the very end because so many people talked about it. i brought it up at t end. he was really gracious. instead of saying let's talk about it next time. he said it makes sense. we will do it. he knew. they know where many of those incredible people are and where they are buried. along roads. along highways. along paths. because our soldiers were moving ck and forth and it will move he knew. it is very sad. that was brought up in the very end. it is really great that he was able to do it. a lot of people will be very happy about that. yes, go ahead. please. >> thank you, mr. president. american news.
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congratulations. >> thank you. thank you for the nice way you are treating me. really. very good. really very beautiful. >> so -- >> now i'll probably get this killer question. >> i do want to talk about the future of north korea. specifically the people. kim jong-un is saying he wants a brighter future with prosperity for his people. we know they lived under oppression. you showed the video of what the future could be like. do you have an idea specifically of the model that he would like to go toward? economically? is he open to economic freedom? >> it's a good question. you saw the tape today. i think it was done really well. that was done at the highest level of future development. i told him you may not want this. you may want to do a smaller version of this. you may want to do a smaller version. you may not want that with the trains and everything. super everything.
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maybe you won't want that. it will be up to them. it will be up to them and up to the pele. they may not want that. i can understand that, too. that was a version of what could happen and take place. they have great beaches. you see that whenever they are exploding the cannon the ocean. i said look at that view. that would make a great condo. i explained it. i said instead of doing that, you could have the best hotels in the world. think of it from the real estate prospective. south korea and china and they own the land in the middle. great. i told them, you may not want to do what's there. you may want to do a smaller version of it. that could be. he looked at that tape. he looked at that ipad. i'm telling you, they really enjoyed it, i believe. go ahead. a couple more. okay.
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three more. go ahead. >> ryan bennett from "time" magazine. >> am i on the cover again this week? >> it's entirely possible. do you now see kim jong-un as an equal? >> in what way? >> you just showed a video that showed you and kim jong-un on equal footing and discussing the future of the country. >> i don't view it that way. i'll do whatever it takes to make the world a safer place. if i have to say i'm sitting on a stage -- i understand what you are getting at -- if i have to say i'm sitting on a stage with chairman kim and that gets us to save 30 million lives, it could be more than that, i'm willing to sit on the stage. i'm willing to travel to singapore. gladly and proudly. again, you know, other than the fact that it is taking my time.
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they have given up a tremendous amount. they have given it up before. even add the olympics. add the olympics to the question. they wt to the olympics. they took an olympics that would have been a massive failure and made it a tremendous success by agreeing to participate. add that to the list of things they have done. brian, if i can save millions of lives coming here and sitting down and establishing a relationship with someone, who is a powerful man. he has firm control of a country and that country has very powerful nuclear weapons. it is my honor to do it. >> are you concerned the video showno kim could be used as propaganda? >> not at all. we can use that for other countries. go ahead. >> mr. president, in the year 2000, president clinton got a
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request from kim i don't thinj.l you got the request and right away went here to meet him. do you understand those people who said you gave him the ultimate present? the legitimacy to a people who oppresses its people before you as a united states president and leader of the free world meet and hands with this leader of north korea which is oppressing his own people? >> i think we just answered the question. >> do you understand? >> i understand it much better than you do. thank you very much. >> thank you, mr. ident.
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ellie johnson with politico. you mentioned a couple of specifics from kim jong-un. the retu the remains and destruction of the nuclear site. >> and more. >> you said the las was an add-on and not the agreement. he gave you his word. if he doesn't follow through on these things, what are you prepared to do in response and will you lose faith in the process? >> no. i think he will do it. i really believe it. it was really the engine testing site in addition to all of the other things that they agreed to do. they have a powerful engine testing site. again, we're able to see because of the heat it emits. i'm able to -- i'm very happy with those two points. the two points you mentioned. you may be referring to the thing not in. the engine testing site. i think he will do these things.
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i may be wrong. i may stand before you in six months and say, hey, i was wrong. i don't know i'll ever admit that. i'll find some excuse. one more. go ahead. >> thank you, mr. president. i want to know were you calling chinese president xi when you go back to d.c. to discuss the achievements you made today with chairman kim? >> yes, i will. >> what is your expectation of china's role in the process to establish relationships of long-term peace? >> china is a great country and great leader who is a friend of mine i believe he is happy we made this progress. i heard from him. i will call him shortly. maybe before i land. i have to say the united states
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is a great country. we have set records economically over $7 trillion in net worth in addition to what we have. we are almost twice the size, the economy of the united states, nobody talks about this. you hear a lot about china.tful. the united states is almost twice the size of the economy of china. we have a great country and we're on a correct path. one more. that will be it. south korea. where is south korea? i think you deserve it. go ahead. you deserve one. yes. you deserve one. >> i have two questions for you, mr. president. first, you mentioned earlier you will talk with south korean president moon jae-in. what will you discuss with him? >> i want to tell him about the meeting and it was very
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successful. hea fine gentleman. also a friend of mine. i look forward to speaking to him. he will be very happy. i sent word about what happened. i sent the document to him. and all of the details behind the document. i'll talk to him shortly. >>f i may ask another question. in signing the peace treaty, do you plan to work this out with north korea's chairman kim only or what do you think about involvement of south korea and china as signatories? >> i would like to involve both of them. i think it would be great to have china involved and of course south korea. >> thank you. mike, do they have a transcript? you can give it out. they did not record it.
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i don't think they are recording it. are there recordings of it? i wish there were. it is interesting stuff. i don't. we probably have some notes or something. they have actually detailed notes i imagine. we had a great conversation. a very heart felt conversation. i have one of the great memories of all time. i don't have to do that. okay. i don't want to discuss it. we have had numerous discussions. we had very important relationships established at mike's level and other levels. in fact, a couple of people are here from, as you know, from north korea. they were in the room. we have a few people in the room.
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when we went into the final agreement, we did not go in cold. we went in with tremendous leadership and knowledge. that's why we got it done. i'll head back. i don't know about you folks. it has been a long time since i have taken it easy. now we can take it a little bit easy and the work begins again. i appreciate you being here. i hope i answered your questions. congratulations, everybody. this is, to me, an important event in world history and to be really true to myself, i have to add i want to get it completed. mike and our team has to get to work and get it completed because otherwise we have done a good job. if you don't get the ball over the goal line, it doesn't mean enough. thank you. congratulations to everybody in the room. thank you very much. i appreciate it. thank you. >> president trump wrapping up a
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1 hour and 5 minutes news conference. wrapping up the meeting as intensive and direct. he said he reached a comprehensive agreement. as we sit here, there are serious questions over whether that agreement is comprehensive and whether it moved the ball forward at all. what we learned moments ago is the white house made a major concession to north korea on the idea of joint military exercises in south korea. our jim acosta was in the room for the news conference. let's go straight to him. jim. >> reporter: you heard the president say during the pretty long and wide ranging news conference. he gave up nothing he said and when in fact he did give up something fairly significant. that is the joint military exercises that have been conducted for years with the south koreans and acted as a
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deterrent toorth korea. you will have a full range of experts who will tell you, john, as we review the press conference, that is a significant concession. the president painting it as if it was nothin that was not the case. you heard the president say during the press conference. i t it was astonishing admission he made at the end of the conference that he may come back in six months and say that this was all a mistake. he would have to say that at that point if that is the case. you heard the president at the conference. i asked the president early on in the conference, do you trust kim jong-un. john, this comes down to a matter of trust. he trusts the north korean dictator. you put this side by side with the comments he made about the canadian prime minister justin trudeau. this is a president who is putting a lot of faith in somebody who has been a brutal dictator for years and murdered
2:23 am
family members and imprisoned tens of thousands of people. for whatever reason because of the phone call he acknowledged at the end onews conference and summit that lasted all day long, he somehow established this relationship with kim jong-un which allowed him to take the leap of faith we will see materialize in some agreement. we didn't have that today. that will eventually lead to kim jong-un and north koreans giving up the nuclear arsenal. i have been told if i want to catch my ride on air force one, i have to run. >> you don't want to miss that ride. i want to bring back jeff zeleny. also with us global affairs analyst joseph yun. a former special u.s. representative for north carolina y-- for north korean
2:24 am
policy. we also have christiane amanpour. thank you for being with us. the president held this one hour and five minus cte news confere. answering more questions than he has in over a year. the key question is what did he get out of the meeting and out of the meeting with kim jong-un. he said he signed a comprehensive statement. did he? >> reporter: you know, john. i'm one of the people who really hopes this would go well and we could come back with tangible benefit and this would end the state of real tension and conflict and uncertainty in the region and for the world. i listened to every minute of the press conference. all i can say from my perspective, i found it rambling and at times incoherent and giving away more than having got. i found it mostly on a wing and ayer and wishful thinking. he did not get what even he said
2:25 am
he wanted and even on the eve of this summit, his secretary of state he wanted, which was complete verifiable, irreleva irreversible denuclearization. he gave up the joint military exercises. he denigrated the saying the bombers have to fly six hours plus from guam. it was expensive. it unnecessary. why do we need to do that. the thing that worries me is are we going ahead with anything concrete that both sides can work on or are we going ahead with hopefulhful thghts idhat worrying depressing. as i said, i found it difficult to connect all the threads of what president trump was saying over that news conference.
2:26 am
>> again, the president did say that the united states will stop the joint military exercises. it has conducted those exercises for decades with south korea. let's listen to the president on that. >> we will be spping the war games which will save us a tremendous amount of money unless and until we see the future negotiation is not going along like it should. we'll be saving a tremendous amount of money. plus i think it is very provocative. >>again, ambassador yun is with us. you have studied thisnd involved with this for many years. that is a concession. we learned that happened. also this language inside this statement. joint statement that they signed. it says chairman kim jong-un reaffirming his unwavering commitment to denuclearization of the korean peninsula. reaffirmed what he has been
2:27 am
saying all along. that may not be the promise the u.s. really wanted. >> no. we were looking for a lot more than the past language of reaffirming. i think, you know, it falls way short of expectation. it does beg the question what happens next. i must say we need more details. even the one you mentioned stopping joint exercises. is it all joint exercises? then it begs the question readiness is very important to our troops. if they are not prepared, they are not ready. why are they there? you know, it could be joint exercise forhe rest of the year. joint exercises coming up in august. we need more questions answered. he also said next week they would start immediate meetings to implement this declaration.
2:28 am
at what level? is it about denuclearization? is it about peace regime? so a lot of gaps here and i think we need to get a lot more of what happened and what was kmitd or is there anything more that we gave to north korea -- committed or is there anything more that we gave to north korea? >> were you surprised about the joint exercises? >> i was surprised. jim was right. going in the president said we will give nothing. we have given nothing. apparently we have given one thing that is very important and it has huge implications for our alliance. >> jeff zeleny, i don't want to put myself in the president's head. i don't know what he is thinking. he seemed confident during that news conference. he spoke for an hour and five minutes in a way he generally does if he is feeling good about himself. he thinks, as it looks to me, he thinks he got something out of here. i wonder if he will be surprised
2:29 am
by the analysis. >> john, i think he will be surprised by the analysis. i think the president was in a bubble today and he was watching all of this unfold around him. it was extraordinary. he was caught up in the history of the moment. he was the first u.s. sitting esident sitting down with a dictator from north korea. i think at the end of the day here as we watch his mind set, i believe kim jong-un flattered him in an incredible way and he is walking away thinking he won some big achievement today. i do not believe that he did. i think he will be surprised by the reaction to the joint military exercises. we heard this president talk all the time about how he is building the biggest and most robust military. i would be surprised if his defense secretary, if he knew about this, james mattis, if he would be pleased by this. what conservatives and
2:30 am
republicans will say. if you step back and see what happened in singapore, i think the president elevated kim jong-un to an incredible level here and he is putting so much faith and trust without anything on paper. i think he will be surprised that this will not be viewed as positively when he gets back to washington or in the airplane as he sees it right now in the moment. >> as much progress as he thinks. very interested in the notion that you think kim flattered the president and impressed the president. we heard the president use phrases that kim is very talented. that specifically was a response to a question about human rights. human rights abuses. let's listen to the president when asked or pressed on the issue of human rights. >> i believe it is a rough situation over there. no question about it. we did discuss it today. pretty strongly. knowing what the main purpose of what we were doing is.
2:31 am
denuking. discussed it at pretty good length. we will be doing something on it. it's rough. it's rough in a lot of places, by the way, not just there. it is rough. we will continue that and ultimately agree to something. it was discussed at length outside of the nuclear situation. one of the primary topics. >> christiane amanpour, he does say he brought up human rights. he said it was brought up briefly. not the main thrust of this. a way, he kwequivocating. certainly president george w. bush, human rights in north korea was an obsession of his. this seems to be lowering the temperature on the u.s. concern
2:32 am
on the human rights on the korean peninsula. >> reporter: yes, indeed. when to say the international community say this is the worst and most draconian in north korea is to equivocate. the fact he did mention it, but it is true. the denuclearization process was meant to be the biggest. that was the big thing to get their arms around. human rights would come later. it happened during the south korea and north korea summit. they did not focus on human rights. it was about denuclearization. here is the thing. he did not get or he did not tell us he got it and it wasn't written in the declaration or statement. any sense from them of a declaration of the weapons they had of the missiles they had of the commitment to tell him and the rest of the international community and iaea where they were to be verified and take stock of it. forget dismantling. take stock of it. he was asked specifically did they tell you about the nuclear
2:33 am
stockpile. he said it is substantial. he didn't answer that question. that is a missed opportunity. again, the idea of not coming out with a declaration that the other side was willing to really denuclearize itself. again, i would ask joseph and jeff and you all. was what happens today any different than various declarations that have been issued in '92 or '93 by the united states or by south korea? it seems very, very much the same. specifically from the north korean perspective. >> in fact, you go baco the '9 framework which is what people talk about here. i looked at the language. it is remarkably similar to what we have seen today. on the issue of verification, which is one step, ambassador, to take it further.
2:34 am
the president offered no specifics. he said we will verify it. we will have people on the grou. that is notspecific. >> i think christiane has an excellent point. this is not different from what we had in the past. clearly what president trump wants to convey is the summit level commitment from leader to leader. time will tell. right now, i share christiane amanpour's disappointment that we have not gotten much for the expectations they built up. >> can i ask you? you have been on the ground dealing directly with the north korean. do you trust kim as much as the president does today? >> no, you cannot trust his words. jeff made a great point. flatt flattery played a huge role. you know, in a meeting it is
2:35 am
easy to say i made contact. we get along. that is not a strategy. that is not a strategy. where is national interest? where is denuclearization? you can see this. i would say kim jong-un gaining? he will accept me. i bought myself more time. let's see what happens. >> it is the same as '94. the situation is different. the nuclear weapons program is advanced in 2018 than 1994. that is the context with which we have to look at this issue. the onus and pressure and challenges on secretary of state mike pompeoo work out the details and other voices in the administration to prefer a harder line like john bolton this could be a defining moment. if the president sees himself criticized for being too weak.
2:36 am
he is responsive to what outsiders and people he respect think of him. this is -- i think he makes mike pompeo's job harder today. >> christiane amanpour, i want to ask you, the president says he has received concessions from north korea over time. he got hostages back from north korea. north korea hasn't tested missiles in months. those two things and return of the hostages. that is undeny -- undeniably good. was it worth it? the president had a great line. he said i'll do whatever i have to do to make the world a safer place. was it worth sitting on the stage with kim? he said i'll do whatever i have to do to make the world a safer place. >> reporter: look, it is better to talk than to war.
2:37 am
for sure. everybody is asking what happens if this summit falls short? what is the default action? can you keep the sanctions pressure up? are you forced to go back to military rhetoric? have you given him what you said you would do? some declaration we seek to end the war? all of those things. the giving up hostages or giving them back. the freeze on the nuclear tests and the intercontinental ballistic missiles tests. at least what we could see. the visible exterior of the nuclear tt site that will ripley and others went. that was to get this meeting. it was good and it is great. what happens next? what happens next? i think go back to a previous republican president ronald reagan who freaked out the arms world for so long.
2:38 am
he iengaged with the mighty enemy. the soviet union at that time. we can talk about what happened when the summit collapsed over a lack of knowledge of the brief. he always said trust but verify. the verify is missing from today's meeting. as long as we know, there is no verify. i think that is a really important thing to take forward. it is even less than we expecd on t eve of t summit where already expectations had been lower the from week before and two weeks before and months before. >> christiane amanpour and ambassador and jeff, stand by. the president on his way to air force one back to the united states. how he interprets how the meeting was analyzed. in the meantime, back to dave briggs and christine romans in new york. >> what a remarkable news
2:39 am
conference. thank you, john. president trump holding the conference. it is his first in 16 months. more than an hour answering questions. >> he accomplished something no other sitting president has done. meeting with kim jong-un. was it a success? what's different between this agreement and one past presidents have made? we'll discuss next on "early start." hegillor 20 i bet the first blade maker you've ever met. there's a lot of innovation that goes into making our thinnest longest lasting blades on the market. precision machinery and high quality materials from around the world. nobody else even comes close. it's about delivering a more comfortable shave, every time. invented in boston. made and sold around the world. order now at made and sold around the world. gillette, the st a man can get. is not a marathon. it's a series of smart choices. and when you replace one meal or snack a day with glucerna
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i'll dream gig. now more businesses, in more places, can afford to dream gig. comcast, building america's largest gig-speed network. we will be stopping the war games which will save us a tremendous amount of money unless and until we see that the future negotiation is not going along like it should, but we will save a tremendous amount of money. plus, i think it is very prov e provocati provocative.
2:44 am
>> that is the president revealing a concession to kim jong-un. stopping what he calls war games with south korea. the president holding court for more than an hour in the h historic summit meeting. let's bring in josh rogin and david rhode. david, when he talks about the war games which are joint military exercises with the democratic ally, south korea, he said south korea wasn't paying its fair share. this is a concession. no question he gave to the north koreans. >> it is enormous concession. i hope these talks work out well. you know, there is nothing new in the agreement. these are vague assertions from north korea. we are giving up one of our biggest pieces of leverage. military exercises. i'm surprised. >> have you ever heard of an american president call these war games and what does that say for our military drills around the world? >> the president bragged about
2:45 am
increasing military spending. he has ridiculed and said obama decimated the military. he complained about the cost of the bombers flying back and forth from guam. he is being cheap about our forces and deterrent worldwide which he bragged about throughout the campaign. >> an hour and five minute press conference. he called kim jong-un very talented. he said otto waer did not die in veain. ari fleshe ari flescher said this feels like the '90s all over again. where do we stand right now? how is this different to what the past presidents agreed? >> 1992, 2004 and now 2018. every 13 years, the north koreans promise to
2:46 am
denuclearization. they never fulfilled that prom cyst. nothing about -- fulfilled that promise. nothing about this statement is new in any way, shape or form. the president has agreed to the north korean/chinese frame. a freeze for freeze. that is exactly what pyongyang, beijing and moscow put forth. now that is what we have. yes, it is different to have the high level summit. it is top down. not bought um ttom up. we should all hope for apeace. from what weseen, president made the deal that beiji beijing, pyongyang and moscow wanted. >> we w check in with beijing shortly. they said sanctions relief will
2:47 am
be considered. >> i don't think they promised imminent military action. if they do, that is not credible especially with what is happening right now. you know, yes, the maximum pressure and credible threat of military force got us to this point. that is over now. we are in the peacemaking e. is a change of dynamic. as you pointed out and trump pointed out, maximum pressure is not maximum any more. the chinese will let it go. we are not doing the military exercise. we are in a military dynamic. we will see heading into the 2018 election, by the way, probably not a coincidence. donald trump as the peacemaker. it is a good look, but a terrible look for america in terms of national security.
2:48 am
to keep this going and to keep his peacemaker images alive, the president has had to basically put h faith and trust in kim jong-un. he said all i can say is they want to make a deal. he believed what kim jong-un to him. that is not a safe bet when you rest your hopes on north korean d dictator. >> and half of the reporters in the room asked how can you trust the word of a dictator who has a terrible reputation on human rights. how can you trust this man. this is what the president said. >> i believe it is a rough situation over there. there is no question about it. we did discuss it today pretty strongly knowing the main purpose of today, denuking. we will do something on it.
2:49 am
it's rough. it's rough in a lot of places, by the way. we will continue that and i think ultimately we will agree to something. it was discussed at length outside of the nuclear tuation. one of the primary topics. >> i thought it was interesting. it is rough other places, too. that doesn't sound like that was a main topic. >> i'm other, i want to hold donald trump accountable. he was rough on barackbama and hillary clinton and justin trudeau, democrats. he is going easy on the brutal dictator. he is waving his hands on human rights abuses. i feel for mike pompeo. i think there is no agreement here. the president will claim a great agreement he reached in private and pressure on the aides to produce one. i don't see how they do it. we'll see. the president will defend this deal and describe it to the
2:50 am
american people. it is back to his personal credibili credibility. will people believe him when he is inconsistent and he is rough on iran with its abuses, but give a pass to north korea. >> a far cry at the state of the union. no regime oppressed its own citizens than the cruel dictatorship in north korea. that is five months ago. we get reaction from beijing and seoul live next on "early start." this is your wake-up call. if you have moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis, month after month, the clock is ticking on irreversible joint damage. ongoing pain and stiffness are signs of joint erosion. humira can help stop the clock. prescribed for 15 years, humira targets and blocks a source of inflammation that contributes to joint pain and irreversible damage. humira can lower your ability to fight infections, including tuberculosis. serious, sometimes fatal infections and cancers, including lymphoma, have happened;
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2:55 am
getting president trump and kim jong-un to meet face-to-face. president moon telling members of the cabinet he had a sleepless night ahead of the historic summit. how is this playing out in se l seoul? we have nic robertson live for us. good morning, nic. >> reporter: good morning, dave. g issue that faces the south korean leadership and president moon is what we heard from president trump from his statements there. that they are ending, the united states, decided to end the joint military exercises. remembering the forces here in south korea, u.s. forces, are on a ready to fight tonight footing. that means training and level of preparedness is important. the same for the south korean forces here. this is something that perhaps could potentially lead to more sleepless nights for president moon. secretary of state mike pompeo did call the foreign minister here in south korea shortly
2:56 am
after president trump made that is signature with kim jong-un. the brief conversation between the two on the phone went well. south korean foreign minister thanking the secretary of state for informing them and coratulating them on a successful summit. a key line here in the area that they agree they would work together to have closer cooperation and we don't know yet whether this announcement or how much of a surprise this announcement about the end of the joint military exercises would be. it comes to the point. close cooperation and south korea is feeling we put a lot into this and our hands are not so much on the details of it as we would like. dave. >> you mentioned several times stopping the military exercises saves a tremendous amounts of money. nic robertson, thank you. our south korean ally is not paying its fair sure as well.
2:57 am
let's go to cnn's matt rivers. he is live in beijing. tt, wou to be a good outcome for the chinese. the united states ending the joint military exercises in south korea. it's backyard. >> reporter: they don't like the exercises either. on the same page as the north koreans there. in the press conference, donald trump brought up the option. he said it is not on the table now, but at some point heould like to see removal of the troops in the korean peninsula overall. china loves that idea. china took this opportunity at the summit to remind everybody through the foreign minuistry that the sanctions over the past several years or so, they reminded everyone if north korea follows the law, as they put it, sanctions can be adjusted accordingly. including suspending them or lifting them. china is not saying they will not implement sanctions, but took the opportunity to remind
2:58 am
everybody we don't like the sanctions very much. they opened the door to maybe easing them. that is something we expect secretary of state mike pompeo to address with the chinese counterparts when he comes to beijing on thursday. there is a rumor that kim jong-un may beat him to the punch. he flew down here on an air china jet. an air china plane is going to singapore. maybe kim jong-un is on the plane and he stops in beijing? >> interesting. interesting. okay. matt rivers, thank you. just said that sanctions relief is possible and kim jong-un may fly to china first before returning home. >> thanks for joining us. >> john berman is live in singapore. allison come rata live in new york. sh "new day" starts right now.
2:59 am
>> announcer: this is cnn breaking news. welcome to our viewers in the united states and all around the world. this is "new day." tuesday, june 12th. alisyn camerota in new york. i'm john berman here in singapore. the summit is over. the pictures were historic results, they are very much in question. president trump, he just boarded air force one on his way home after wrapping up a one hour and five minute news conference facing questions about what was actually achieved here. he called the meetings with kim jong-un intense and productive, yet he learned no new real language on denuclearization and he surprised the world announcing just moments ago a new major concession to north korea. they will stop what the president calls war games, referring to the joint military exercises the u.s. conducts with south korea regularly. the president also said he did discuss human rights with kim he


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