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tv   New Day With Alisyn Camerota and John Berman  CNN  June 12, 2018 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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solomon and reggie, thank you very much for coming and telling us your story. >> thank you. >> thank you so much. let's get right to it. announcer: this is cnn breaking news. good morning. welcome to your "new day." alisyn camerota in new york. i'm john berman here in singapore where president trump and kim jong-un have made history. no sitting u.s. president has ever met with a north korean leader. that happened, the two men sat side by side. that was historic, but what has come from this meeting. that in question this morning. the president had a one hour news conference. he did face questions about what was achieved here. the president is on his way back to washington as we speak aboard air force one. kim on his way back to north korea on a chinese plane. the president called the
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meetings tense and productive. he earned no new language from north korea on the subject, the main subject in play here, denuclearization. also, the president surprised the world announcing what many see as a major concession to north korea saying the united states will stop what the president calls war games in south korea. he's referring to these joint military exercises that u.s. troops perform alongside south korea every year. the president also said he did discuss human rights with kim. initially the president said that was a brief part of the discussion. the president also went and said that kim was a very talented man. a lot to dissect here, alisyn. >> it sure is. it's so great to have you there. president trump's big gamble with the historic handshake that you're about to see and he praised the north korean dictator, president trump says he has, quote, an excellent relationship and a very special bond, end quote, with kim.
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kim jong-un vows to leave the past behind. so what comes next. >> let's begin our coverage. she is live for us as well in singapore. what a day, kaitlan. >> reporter: it has been a remarkable day, a remarkable 13 hours since president trump and kim jong-un first shook hands and sat down to start off this historic summit. the president is now on air force one on his way back to washington. quite a long flight but the president as he's on his way back may not be watching the coverage he expected to get after this day of talks with the north korean dictator because major questions are being raised about what the united states gave up versus what it got in this sit down >> i think he wts to get it done. i feel that very strongly. >> reporter: president trump telling reporters he trusts north korean dictator kim jong-un to keep his word to abandon his nuclear arsenal after the two leaders signed a joint agreement pledging to work
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toward complete denuclearization of the korean peninsula. >> it'll be verified. it'll be achieved by having a lot of people there. >> reporter: in return, president trump making a massive concession, agreeing to stop joint military exercises between the united states and south korea, exercises that greatly annoyed the north korean leader. >> we will be stopping the war games, which will save us a tremendous amount of money, unless and until, we see that the future negotiation is not going along like it should. but we'll be saving a tremendous amount of money, plus i think it's very provocative. >> reporter: south korea seemed to be caught off guard responding they need to figure out the accurate meaning and intention behind the statement. at a press conference immediately following the historic summit, president trump was pressed repeatedly about north korea's horrendous human rights record. >> the man you met today, kim jong-un, as you know has killed
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family members, has starved his own people, is responsible for the death of otto warmbier, why himery talented?rtable calling >> he is very talented. anybody that takes over a situation like he did at 26 years of age and is able to run it and run it tough. >> reporter: mr. trump offering differing response when's asked if he raised the issue with kim jong-un. >> it was discussed. it was discussed relatively briefly compared to denuclearization. we did discuss it today, pretty strongly. knowing what the main purpose of what we were doing is, de-nuking, but discussed it at pretty good length. >> reporter: president trump saying he would absolutely invite kim jong-un to the white house as both leaders pledge to continue negotiations at the earliest possible date. >> we have developed a very special bond. >> reporter: the signing
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ceremony coming after nearly five hours of meetings on a historic day that began with both men shaking hands for the first time. president trump and kim jong-un greeting each other with guarded smiles but appearing relaxed before meeting one-on-one with only their translators for nearly 40 minutes. >> i really think it was a fantastic meeting. >> reporter: the one-on-one finded by an expanded bilateral meeting with their top advisers, a working lunch. six different photo ops. mr. trump even giving kim jong-un a look inside the presidential limb seen known as the beast. >> it's my honor and we will have a terrific relationship, i have no doubt. >> reporter: we noted that the south koreans seemed caught off guard by the president's announcement that he was going to stop those joint u.s./south korean military exercises. also, the u.s. troops there seem to be caught off guard by this. their spokesman is issuing a
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statement saying they've received no updated guidance about their exercises going forward. we do know the south koreans wanted to speak to president trump to get clarity on that. president trump has spoken with the south korean president about 30 or 40 minutes ago. we're still waiting to see what the details of that conversation. the president's decision that's he made here in singapore are going to have reverberations in the days to come. john? >> kaitlan, thanks so much. joining me now chief national security correspondent jim sciutto and david sanger. david, look, i think it may be an oversimplistic way to look at this but people are asking who won? who comes out looking better or with more? the people of the korean peninsula won because it seems that we're further away from the possibility of military conflict to an extent. the world is maybe, you know, safer than it was eight months ago, but if you're looking at president trump versus kim, who left with more?
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>> certainly it seems that mr. kim is returning back to north korea having given away very little, having gotten the sensation, at least for a while, of these u.s. military exercises, which until yesterday the pentagon would have told you was at the core of building up and effective deterrent with the south korean forces. it's not clear how much of a denuclearization president trump actually got here. he may get a lot, maybe by building up trust first he will ultimately see kim jong-un do what his father and grandfather did not do. maybe he will actually take apart all of this. i suspect that where we're headed is some lengthy negotiation similar to the one that john kerry got involved in with the iranians. the first issue is going to be what do the north koreans do with their 20 to 60 nuclear weapons. it's hard to imagine they're going to give them all away.
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>> it's interesting. so much of this depends on trusting kim. what kim does on this and the president, jim, said that the reason he trusts kim is because kim has to deal with a different president than north korea has had to deal with the past and that would be namely donald j. trump. the president told our friend george stephanopoulos in an interview this morning that he doesn't think any other president could have pulled off this meeting. listen to what he said. >> he trusts me, i believe. i really do. he said openly and he said it to a couple of reporters that were with him that he knows that no other president ever could have done this. no other -- he knows the presidents. he knows who we had in front of me. he said no other president could have done this. i think he trusts me and i trust him. >> i trust him. what ground has kim in north korea over the last several decades given the united states to trust them going forward? >> they've broken every previous
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agreement negotiated by presidents, democratic and republican presidents, so they're track record is not good. trump has confidence that he brings a certain strength to the table, that those presidents did not. that said, if you compare based on the specificity of past agreements, this has none of that specificity and if you compare with what the u.s. -- granted this is the beginning of the negotiation. let's look at what came out of this meeting. the u.s. made specific commitments to end those military exercises, the president mentioned withdrawing u.s. forces from the korean peninsula -- >> some day. >> true, but it's a specific commitment. the north koreans made no specific commitment about timing, how much they would give up, because you still have this question about what denuclearization of the korean peninsula means, what the u.s. side gives in terms of the nuclear umbrella but north korea has been squooshy to say the least on the word denuclearization as to how far they go. they did not, it appears, unless the president did not announce
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this even give an accounting of their nuclear weapons which would be a starting point for a substantive nuclear negotiation. specificity from the u.s. side, very little, if any, from the north korean side and i think in things like this, judge how your allies respond, okay? clearly there were some discomfort and questions about the ending of this -- south koreans rather, we got to explore and figure out what they're actually talking about here. i would just note what the president's, what our country's own secretary of defense said just hours before this meeting. he said, it is premature to discuss the withdraw of u.s. forces from the korean peninsula. that's defense secretary mattis and he said, he did not believe that that was a subject of these talks. hours later, the president of the united states raised that as a possibility. >> he said -- he did say on the campaign that one day he would like to see u.s. troops off the korean peninsula. i can understand discussing it around this summit. >> it's different when you come off with the north korean leader in the midst of a nuclear
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negotiation. >> the president talked about the trust issue he has with kim and says, mayb maybe it won't work out. listen tohat he says on tt front. >> i think he's going to do these things. i may be wrong. i may stand before you in six months and say, hey, i was wrong. i don't know that i'll ever admit that, but i'll find some kind of an excuse. >> aside from that moment of extreme honesty at the end there, six months i might be wrong, how will we know in six months whether this is working out? >> to the president's credit, he has seen kim jong-un and described his own expectations. it's never been done before. it's important. he's taking a bet that because everything in the north korea happens from the top down, that by going this route, he's going to make things happen that we never got happening before by trying to do this from the bottom up. certainly worth the try.
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he's also making the bet, john, that kim jong-un responds to the profit motive here, that the idea that he's going to be turning north korea into another asian tiger as we used to call the developing economies like singapore, that money and investment would flow in, that that is what will override kim's interest in having nuclear weapons. and we've tried that before and it's never been the case, because kim, if he thinks like his father and grandfather, believes the only reason the president flew half way around the world to sit down and talk to him was because he has nuclear weapons, that he wouldn't have done it otherwise and that if nuclear gave up all of its nuclear weapons, it would first be vulnerable, second the regime would be toppled and thirdly, no one would pay attention to it. it would just be a broke country amid a whole lot of really rich countries. >> looking at what's different
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now, what is changed for this moment on the one hand it appears that the economic pressure north korea was facing with china's help and china really has the most economic leverage, that that was working, that that pushed north korea into a corner they wanted to talk and were willing to suspend tests, et cetera. that is different on the positive side. the other different thing is north korea has achieved as david said that great ambition of them for years was to be a nuclear power. they are a nuclear power. so those two things are in conflict. they want to and reasonably have economic benefits but are they willing to give up or reduce what has been a lifelong goal, multiple generations of kims and the cia assesses is inherently tie today their sense of survival that they need that. >> you brought up china. who knows what china's going to do in the weeks and months ahead? it's hard to know that china will be as tough as they have been on sanctions after this
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meeting. they've already loosened up. north korea may not need as much as relief as they did before. thank you so much for being here. alisyn? president trump and kim jong-un both declaring their historic summit a success. what's the reaction back here at home? that's next. we had long deployments in iraq. i'm really grateful that usaa was able to take care of my family while i was overseas serving. it was my very first car accident. we were hit from behind. i called usaa and the first thing they asked was 'are you ok?' they always thank you for your service, which is nice because as a spouse you serve too. we're the hayles and we're usaa members for life. see how much you could save with usaa by bundling your auto and home insurance.
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president trump said the summit with kim jong-un went better than anyone could have
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expected. the two leaders signed a joint agreement to work towards denuclearization of the korean peninsula. >> we haven't given up anything other than, you're right, i agreed to meet. >> however, there was this surprise concession from the u.s. the president agreed to end joint military exercises with south korea. >> we will be stopping the war games, which will save us a tremendous amount of money, unless and until, we see that the future negotiation is not going along like it should. >> let's bring in cnn global affairs analyst max laboot and charlie dent. great to have both of you reunited, back by popular demand. congressman dent, what did you hear when you heard president trump say that concession that the u.s. would stop the joint exercises with south korea? >> well, that particular
5:19 am
statement caused me a little bit of pause, i should say. if you step back a second, this is the start of a very long process. i'm glad that tensions are down between the u.s. and north korea, but, you know, to denuclearize the korean peninsula could take up to 15 years, according to sig -- >> why is that? why 15 years? >> according to dr. haggard, he's the only american i've been aware that has been to north korea many times and seen their infrastructure. to give up the nukes, the north koreans maybe have up to 60 nuclear weapons, would they decommission those weapons? that's part of denuclearization, but then dismantling this nuclear infrastructure, which is rather robust throughout the country. so that could take a very long time. as far as i'm aware, i think there's only one country that ever really denuclearized and
5:20 am
that was south africa when they transitioned to the current administration. i think this is a very long process. there are a lot more questions than answers at this point. scepticism is warranted. the joint exercises, i don't think, i would have ever conceded at that point to this moment. north korea still does have tens of thousands of artillery shells pointed right at the city of seoul that remains. this is the beginning. i'm hopeful, but i'm also clear eyed about this whole situation. >> max, how do you see it? >> it seems to me that donald trump made a lot of concessions and got very little in return. simply holding the summit was a massive concession the way it was staged. it basically elevates kim jong-un to be the same level as the president of the united states. this legitimates his regime. donald trump apparently got no serious concessions in return for that and he made serious concessions. the language about
5:21 am
denuclearization is essentially north korea repeating the same thing they've been saying since 1992. they keep promising to denuclearize but in reality they keep expanding their nuclear arsenal and what reason is there to think that this time they actually mean it. there's no -- there is no complete to the complete verifiable and irreversible disarmament that the trump administration talked about. there's no timeline or verification procedures. there's nothing specific whatsoever, but donald trump did specifically promise to end the u.s./south korea joint military exercises which he called adopting the north korean language, provocative war games and he did not even notify south korean in advance and meanwhile, his policy of maximum pressure on north korea is in ruins. china is already relaxing sanctions, already giving south korea reward and that will accelerate now because the u.s. is not going to impose new sanctions that were in the pipeline and it's not going to put pressure on other countries
5:22 am
to cut off north korea. i would say this was a huge, huge victory for kim jong-un. he played donald trump like a fiddle. >> president trump was not specific about the time line that we should all expect, but he did address what in his mind will be a timeline. let me play this moment for you. >> i think he's going to do these things. i may be wrong. i may stand before you in six months and say, hey, i was wrong. i don't know that i'll ever admit that but i'll find some kind of an excuse. >> a moment of self-awareness, congressman, where he says that he's basically looking at six months for some progress to be made and then he will make up an excuse if it hasn't happened, but what did you think about that? >> that was quite an honest moment for the president, but i guess -- look, i think we need to engage immediately with south korea and japan on this. the test of whether or not
5:23 am
north korea denuclearizes will really be judged by them. if this denuclearization process fails, i do worry about proliferation on the korean peninsula. it's important that our allies are firmly engaged in support of whatever decisions we make. it's not encouraging to hear that these joint exercises were suspended without discussions with our south korean allies or perhaps maybe with general brooks who's in command in korea. i don't know. i would tell you that right now, you know, a lot of scepticism is warranted. this timeline, i'm not sure what he expects -- what the president expects to accomplish in six months, but hey, this is the beginning of the process. we want to be hopeful and optimistic, but we have been here before. >> max, look, we just don't know. it's unknowable today. we've seen the pictures and no u.s. sitting president has done this before, but we don't know what happens tomorrow. what will you be looking for? >> that's true, we don't know but so far there's no indication to think that this meeting is
5:24 am
going to play out any differently than previous engagements in north korea where they make these vast empty promises and don't deliver. now you're seeing why previous u.s. presidents refuse to meet with the dictators of north korea. donald trump casts the very fact that they have this meeting as a huge achievement. this is something that any previous u.s. president had done and all of his predecessors refused to do it because they did not want to give the dictator of north korea something for nothing. they didn't want to give any massive concessions upfront. we have not gotten those concessions. we have not gotten the kind of commitment to real denuclearization that donald trump said we were going to get back in april. the other point that i would stress, alisyn, which was to me very disturbing about the summit outcome was the way that donald trump praised kim jong-un, this vicious tyrant who holds more than 100,000 of his own people on these slave labor cavemps an
5:25 am
enslaves his own country, he praised him as a very smart leader and is loved by his country. that's nauseating. if you want to get the reality of kim jong-un, just go back to donald trump's own state of the union address on january 30th, when he talked about the murder of otto warmbier and all the other abuses that the north korean regime have committed. those abuses have not ended. what has ended is donald trump talking about those abuses. >> we really appreciate your perspectives on all of this. let's go back to john who is in singapore who has been there watching every second of this historic day. john? >> thanks so much, alisyn. president trump's outreach here in singapore is a sharp contrast to the tensions he saw at the g7 summit, so where do things stand with u.s. allies? our experts weigh in next. for the whole family. cludd so you can get lost in space in your own backyard... or get pumped up for your grand entrance.
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president trump on his way back home to the united states. kim jong-un on his way back home to north korea. president trump today said he formed a very special bond with the dictator. contrast that with the meeting that he attended before coming here to singapore. the g7, where he left really in a fight, a bitter fight with america's closest allies, including canada and the canadian prime minister justin tr trude trudeau. the former canadian ambassador in the united states is joining us and foreign policy adviser to canadian governments. gentlemen, i want to play you the praise that president trump gave kim jong-un today. >> a very worthy, very smart negotiator, absolutely. we had a terrific day and we learned a lot about each other
5:31 am
and about our countries. >> what did you learn about him, sir? >> i learned he's a very talented man and i also learned that he loves his country very much. >> he's a talented man that loves his country very much. this comes just days after -- let me play it for you, he had his own advisers larry kudlow and peter navarro say this about justin trudeau. >> stabbed us in the back. he really, actually, you know what? he did a great disservice to the whole g7. >> there's a special place in hell for any foreign leader that engages in bad faith diplomacy with president trump and then tries to stab him in the back on the way out the door. >> so ambassador, let me start with you. there's a special place in hell for your prime minister justin trudeau yet kim jong-un is a very talented man, how does that
5:32 am
strike you? >> it strikes just about everybody, which is preposterous, of course. the real place in hell is reserved for the guy who's systematically undermining the north atlantic treaty organization nato and the international rules based order, walking away from the transpacific partnership agreement, walking away from the iran agreement, threatening the nafta agreement, imposing tariffs on canadianumber exports to the united states, imposing tariffs on canadian steel imports and this at a time when the united states has a trade surplus with canada and indeed has a trade surplus on steel with canada, he complains about canadian agriculture policies and the u.s. has a surplus with canada on agriculture trade and the u.s. has its own protectionism in terms of tobacco, sugar and many
5:33 am
other products plus there's the $20 billion u.s. farm subsidy program that delivers money directly into the hands of american farmers. the problem with this discussion is that we're talking about the symptom, we're not talking about the cause. the cause is that the united states is behaving -- is a bully in international trade relations. it's america first has become america only and the idea that there could be a win-win situation seems to have escaped them in washington. >> tony, if we can bring the discussion back here to contrast what happened in canada with what happened here in singapore. what's the risk? you want a meeting to go well. you want a negotiation to go well, but what's the risk of using language saying kim is a very talented man and formed a special bond. the people of north korea love their leader kim jong-un. >> john, a couple of things. first, let's put this in
5:34 am
perspective. i'd much rather be on balance where we were than where we were a few months ago. it looked like we were heading toward war and conflict with north korea, now at least we're talking. diplomacy, peace, denuclearization. so that's good. but what's bad is this, north korea's made commitments before, far more detailed than the very, very loose commitments we heard today and reneged on them promptly thereafter. we're not going to know for some time whether there's any there there, whether there's any beef in this hamburger. at the same time the more president trump talks up the success of the summit and kim jong-un, the more it's the green light to china that they can take the pressure off. that takes away our leverage to keep them at the table and keep them focused on doing the right thing. basically, where we are now is kim jong-un is pretty much gotten everything upfront, international recognition, sitting side by side with the president of the united states, the korean -- the north korea
5:35 am
flag and american flag flying together. he's got the loosening and lessening of the pressure. he's got president trump to say he's going to cancel our exercises with south korea, defensive exercises that have been going on since the end of the korean war and for what? a piece of paper that commits him to very little and certainly is not even as detailed as commitments he's made before. >> tony, let me ask you, there's an interesting twitter debate right now, which is what if president obama had come to singapore and met with kim jong-un right now? you have liberals saying that oh, my god the conservatives would be killing president obama, crushing him for doing this and then you have conservatives saying the opposite, saying, you know, that the liberals would be saying, what great outreach this is by president obama. where do you come down? >> look, i think the hypocrisy meeti
5:36 am
meeting is in the red. i applaud president trump for making this effort for doing diplomacy, for moving us from talking about war to trying to talk about peace and denuclearization. but the devil is in the details. those who forget history are condemned to retweet it. there's a long history with north korea. north korea has a tendency, basically, to string, ring and walk. it strings out negotiations, it rings out economic concessions and then it walks away from its commitment. if the president keeps focused on that history as we move forward, then maybe we can get to a good place but we're nowhere near that today. >> i think the comment you made on history, those who don't know it are condemned to retweet it. i like the irony there. president trump was asked about the spat he had with members of the g7 today specifically about that now famous picture where the president is sitting down surrounded by the other members, glaring at him and this is how the president explained what happened. let's listen.
5:37 am
>> the picture with angela merkel, who i get along with very well, where i'm sitting there like this, that picture was we're waiting for the document because i wanted to see the final document as changed by the changes that i requested. that was a very -- i know it didn't look friendly and it was reported like nasty both ways. i was angry at her. actually, we were just talking the whole group about something unrelated to everything. very friendly. waiting for the document to come back -- >> so that's how the president explained what happened in quebec. it's interesting, ambassador, we have yet to hear from u.s. allies about this meeting that just happened here in singapore with kim jong-un. what do you think u.s. allies in the g7 make of what just happened? >> i just like to add one further thing and that is the spat between canada and the
5:38 am
united states originates with the imposition of tariffs on canada and for national security reasons. remember, canada's the country on 9/11 that received 30,000 american passengers and put them up at 200 american planes landed in canada without -- because they were not able to land in the united states. this is a country that's got a relationship with the united states that goes back in war time to the first world war and the second world war and the korean war and the first gulf war and afghanistan and to be called a national security danger of some kind to the united states, is some where between perplexing and insulting. and that's why canadians are upset and that's why the canada prime minister said what he said and what he said, by the way, he'd been saying to mr. trump all along any way if he had been listening, he wouldn't have been surprised by it.
5:39 am
as for the attitude of allies towards what's going on in singapore, people will welcome the prospects and the actuality of talking about peace instead of talking about war. it was afterall, mr. trump, who was talking about war not very long ago. allies are bound to welcome. whether they -- whether he got a good deal, i don't know. >> ambassador, thanks so much for being with us. thank you very much, gentlemen. alisyn, let's go back to you. john, the speed of this summit is a good thing because the faster that the president has left means you will be back in the studio all the quicker. so thanks so much for all the reporting from singapore. >> the time zones confuse me. if i leave now i get back like next friday. >> i think if you leave now you get back yesterday. >> exactly. >> try that. >> see you soon.
5:40 am
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the trump administration is making it even harder for asylum seekers to gain entry into the u.s. attorney general jeff sessions is ordering immigration judges to stop granting asylum to most victims of domestic abuse and gang violence. cnn's ed lavenra is live near the mexican border. what are you seeing there, ed? >> reporter: that announcement also comes on the heels of the trump's administration zero tolerance policy for anyone crossing into the united states illegally and you're seeing that play out here. we're in mcgown texas just outside of the federal courtroom. all of these buses you see here just outside are bringing in undocumented immigrants for the most part into this courtroom this morning. we talked to a federal public defender yesterday who described
5:45 am
the scene inside the courthouse. we can't take you in there because cameras aren't allowed. since the trump administration instituted this zero tolerance policy of charging everyone who enters the country illegally that these courtrooms have been filled up, they have swelled to almost 200 people per day which is far different from what the public defender used to be during the bush and obama administration maybe 20 to 40 cases a day and those numbers have only gone up here in recent weeks, alisyn. >> thank you very much for keeping an eye on that important story for us. we'll follow it. on a lighter note, it is parade tuesday as sports fans on both coasts get to celebrate their team's championship. lindsay czarniak has more in the bleacher report. >> first of all, they have not stopped smiling here in washington, d.c. where today tens of thousands are expected to be downtown to celebrate the capitals first ever stanley cup title. 26 years since this town has hosted a championship parade and out west it's old hat for the
5:46 am
woriers. they celebrate a third nba title in four years with a parade later this afternoon in oakland. back to washington, the capitals have been nonstop partying since thursday. stars ovechkin and braden holtby capped it off taking the stanley cup to the tonight show. they let jimmy fallon take a drink out of the stanley cup. watch this. >> it's taken too long. i think you know what you got to do. >> let's do it. ♪ >> yes the drink turned into a keg stand. you can fit 16 beers inside the stanley cup. that is fact. >> i think he just drank three of them. he looked dizzy afterwards. thank you. so history was made in singapore, but what happens
5:47 am
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itthat's why i lovel the daily fiber wfiber choice,ood alone. with the fiber found in many fruits and vegetables. fiber choice. the number one ge recommended chewable prebiotic fiber. president trump hailing his summit with kim jong-un as a success, but much of the language from their signed agreement reiterates what had been pledged before so what have they achieved? let's get the bottom line. you may have seen this movie before. it's a very historic day. the first sitting u.s. president has a summit with kim jong-un so how do you see it from your experience? >> well, first of all, let me say i agree with tony blinken who was on your air just a few minutes ago in that diplomacy is far preferable to a catastrophic war and any war on the korean peninsula would be catastrophic, so in that sense it was a big
5:52 am
leap forward that we're talking. eight months ago the president was chiding his own secretary of state in a tweet telling him he was wasting his time negotiating with little rocket man. it's a head spinning turn. we've gone to fire and fury to flattery and you feel maybe flim flamery. you said we've seen this movie before because the north koreans didn't agree to anything that they haven't already agreed to and they got a great deal out of this. that meeting alone, that summit alone was a huge propaganda victory for the north koreans to be elevated in the way that they were and the issue of joint exercises with south korea and the suspension of them. that was a big victory for north korea. so what remains is, what do we get out of it? how are we moving forward with a country that is notorious for breaking its word and reneging on agreements that its made in
5:53 am
the past and so, what happens from here is very, very important. >> i don't want to be too pollyannaish about this, maybe that legitimacy that they've gotten now because they got to sit down with the president of the united states, maybe that will make it harder for them to be bad actors in the future. >> maybe. you're talking about a brutal dictator who is the biggest human rights violator on the planet who the president now says we have a special bond with and who we trusts. trust has to be earned and we'll see if he earns it. it is peculiar, though, it comes after a weekend in which the president was waging a war of words with our closest allies and even in this press conference he promised to punish canada for its ensue lens and so we're pushing our allies away and we're embracing the world's foremost human rights violator,
5:54 am
a guy that's threatened us with nuclear weapons. we should be talking to north korea. we should be trying to resolve this through diplomatic means and i understand that the president thinks that if he flatters kim jong-un that maybe kim jong-un will submit, but a lot of history suggests that there's -- this is a bigger challenge than the president suggested at his press conference. >> another head spinning element of this, david, is all of the president's media boosters who is heads exploded when barack obama suggested he would meet with the u.s.'s enemies even without preconditions are now champions of this move and cheerleading president trump who just did the same thing that president obama said he would do. do you think president obama should have done something different now in hindsight now seeing all of this what seems to be, you know, warm reception with kim jong-un and maybe a
5:55 am
possible path forward? should president obama have done it differently? >> i think it is fair criticism to say that a succession of american administrations have failed to subdue north korea's nuclear program. that is a fair statement and so a different approach is something that should be embraced, but only if it leads to something that is real and tangible. right now kim jong-un went back to north korea with winnings in his pocket and all we got were vagaries in exchange and the question is, whether this translates into something real in the future? right now it was a great tv show. it wasn't a resolution of hostilities, and so, you know, i am for diplomacy and i applaud the president for taking the step of pushing diplomacy, especially since we seem to be
5:56 am
hurdling toward war just a few months ago, but it isn't meaningful unless it produces real tangible and verifiable actions on the part of the north koreans and there was nothing in the statement they signed that would assure us of that result. >> okay. always great to get your perspective. thank you very much for being with us. it's another historic day here at home because amanda wicks comes out in paper back. this is a novel about an idealistic journalist who faces all sorts of ethical dilemmas during a crazy presidential race. i don't know where my imagination goes so wild. you can pick it up at your favorite book store now. barnes & noble included. time now for cnn "newsroom" with poppy harlow and anderson cooper right after this break. see you tomorrow. i forgot. chevy also won a j.d. power dependability award for its light-duty truck the chevy silverado.
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top of the hour, 9:00 a.m. eastern. good morning to our viewers in the united states and around the world. i'm poppy harlow. anderson cooper joins us again this morning from singapore which is 48 minutes of history was made and the president did what his predecessors have not sitting down with the north korean leader and wrapping up a whirlwind press conference more than an hour long after that much anticipated summit hammering out vague but


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