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tv   CNN Newsroom With Poppy Harlow  CNN  June 12, 2018 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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top of the hour, 9:00 a.m. eastern. good morning to our viewers in the united states and around the world. i'm poppy harlow. anderson cooper joins us again this morning from singapore which is 48 minutes of history was made and the president did what his predecessors have not sitting down with the north korean leader and wrapping up a whirlwind press conference more
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than an hour long after that much anticipated summit hammering out vague but potentially historic agreement with kim jong-un. >> the president is on his way home this hour having won a pledge that north korea will, quote, work toward the complete denuclearization of the korean peninsula. details to be determined, though in an hourong news conference after five hours of meeting, the presidt declared this, quote, a very great moment in the history of the world. >> there is no limit to what north korea can achieve when it gives up its nuclear weapons. this is complete denuclearization of north korea and it will be verified. >> the president insisted all he gave u was his time but he also announced he's ending decades of joint military exercises with south korea. that is a concession. i'm joined now by kaitlan collins. that's not in the declaration signed by the two leaders but that's something that the
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president announced in the press conference and surprised a lot of people. >> reporter: anderson. we didn't find out about that agreement made between president trump and kim jong-un until that press conference when he was agreement t signedren of that it said that the united states would offer security assurances to north korea sd they commit to denuclearization. the president was asked does that include those000 troops on the korean peninsula. he said not in the immediate future but he did leave the door opening to it happening in the future and he said he wanted these joint military exercises to stop because he thought that they were costly and provocative, even though those are u.silitary exercises. i should note. that's something that's raising a lot of eyebrows. that statement as a whole that presidp and k and signed in fro the cameras after they had met one-on-one and with their advisers was very vague. there are several points in it and it gets at a vague commitment to denuclearize the korean peninsula but it doesn't
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offer a concrete timeline of when or how. those are the questions the president was faced with today. he was also asked if he brought up human rights with the north korean dictator in their meeting after he said kim jong-un was talented and that response from president trump was, yes, he believes that he's talented but he didn't say that he was nice. >> he is very talented. anybody that takes over a situation like he did at 26 years of age is able to run it and run it tough. i also will be inviting chairman m at the appropriate time to the white house. i think it's really going to be something that will be very important and he has accepted. i said at the appropriate time. we want to go a little bit further down the road. >> reporter: so there the president saying he would invite kim jong-un to the white house. not touching on his human rights
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abuses. this is someonehat's executedhi his own family. back to the statement, the overall effect of this summit and what we got out of it, there are a lot of questions being raised because the president said they were going to stop those joint military exercises. he left the door open for awing there are no new sanctions. it really is leaving the -- creating the question of what did the united states get out of all of this and secretary of state mike pompeo when he briefed reporters in the building next to me just 24 hours ago said the main objective while they were here was to cvid complete verifiable irreversible denuclearization. that is languag that is not included in this agreement that the president signed his name too earlier today, anderson. it seemed to be heavy on the photo ops but light on the commitments to denuclearize. >> a lot of the language that they signed on to is language that north korea has promisen the past. >> rr: that's right. it says multiple times that they're reaffirming their
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commitment to denuclearize, reaffirm just means they're repeating what they've said in the past and we've seen how that's worked out in the past. this administration has been very critical of deals that past administrations have the nth koreans, but in this agreement today the president said it was a comprehensive agreement but it's actually quite short. there is no new language in here and no new agreements from the north koreans. it seems to be a return to the status quo here, anderson. >> thanks very much. so let's talk more about the pledge that the president made to end those joint military drills with south korea. he called them war games. listen. e will stopping the war games, which will save us a tremendous amount of money, unless and until, we see the future negotiation is not going along like it should. >> our pentagon barbara starr is with us. it was strikg that the president said that.
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he called them war games. he called them provocative. he talked about the cost of them, the six plus hours it takes to fly u.s. bombers from guamo the korean peninsula. what's the reaction from the pentagon this morning? >> reporter: well, here at the pentagon what they're telling us is they will be in line with the president's directive as soon as they actually figure out what exactly he's talking about because he gave very broad language, so let's step back a minute. they're on a steady state about 20,000 u.s. troops in south korea but they are there solely for the defense of south korea and these training exercises, the president calls them war games are for the defense of south korea against any imminent north korea threat. these are not about conducting war, they are about defending south korea if there is a north korean threat. so the war games, they have been fact, a major one is already in scheduled for august, just weeks from now.
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what the pentagon has to figure out is what does the president really to happen? does he want an immediate total succession? will it be just during the negotiations? will it be all cises? will it be the big ones, the little ones? and what does this actually mean for the allies, because the pacific nations, japan, austria, other nations in the region also rely on these exercises, also participate in them to help train their own troops to be ready in that region. there's an awful lot to sort out here, but make no mistake, kim is got two things pretty much out of the u.s. as a result of these negotiations, he certainly has some commitment on ending the exercises and the president indeed opening the door to withdrawing those troops from south korea just yesterday
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defense secretary mattis said it was all going to be steady state. no big changes in the works. poppy? >> this is a huge change, significant change. a change that would likely be unwelcomed by moon jae-in and south korea or at least something they'd want a heads up on. do you we know if south korea knew that the president was going to agree to this and vocalize that agreement? >> reporter: well, i think it's details. weav we've seen the statement already out of the blue house, the presidential office in seoul. they're trying to figure it out. we're getting the same general word around the pentagon since early this morning. we've been asking sources throughout the u.s. military and what they ar telling us is that they wl -- the u.s. military will now work with the white house, work with the state department and try and figureou rpret that other than this came as a surprise. >> a surprise of something kim jong-un really wanted and now he has at least in the near te
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thank you. anderson? i'm joined now by two of national security analysts david sanger from "the new york times" and gail lamond. david, big picture, a lot of the wording as we said in this joint declaration, this joint statement is wording that deals have been made from north korea in the past, same wording? >> absolutely right. some of the wording goes back to 1992, north/south agreement which was much more specific, some to the clinton era, bush documents and, in fact, this agreement specifically references the agreement reached between north and south korea a few weeks ago. so the words complete denuclearization are there. they're nowhere defined and there's no timetable. previous agreements have committed north korea to allowing iaea inspectors back into the country to adhering to
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international arms control eaties and so forth. >> it's actually even less specific. >> it's less. now, the president's bet is that none of that matters. m that they builtis that the up some trust and that he's doing this from the t down now and that all previous presidents who tried to do it from the bottom up. maybe he's right. we don't know, but that means that mike pompeo, the secretary of state is now about to go down the line that john kerry spent two or three years doing with the iranians, which is to try to negotiate bit by bit from this very vague framework into what that really means and history with north korea suggests ts going to be really tough. it's going to hit a lot of bumps in the road. the president did get one additional thing from the north koreans. they began destroying last week a pretty important facility, a test stand for the engines that are used in the intercontinental continental missiles.
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these are big to kim jong-un. they were testing an old soviet design missile that ended up powering their ballistic missile test. if, in fact, it's destroyed that would slow down their ability to reach the united states. we don't know how further the north koreans are willing to go. >> gail, how significant is this concession by the u.s., the idea of stopping what the president calls war games with south korea obviously views as defensive exercises? >> i think like everything in this summit it will all come down to definitions and how you define what that means. there's a june 2nd press conference with the south korean and defense minster and mattis in which they spoke from an iron clad commitment from the united states to south korea side. many people don't expect to see dramatic changes. this is all along been a fight over definitions. on the north korean side how do you define a denuclearization and demobilization and i think
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from the american side what the north koreans wanted, is deescalation and some level of development and how people define these four ds will really lead to the answers to what is going to become a diplomatic mad libs that we're about to face where mike pompeo and his team really go back and do the filling in the blanks, what does this all mean and i think the big thing to watch, too, is what happens with china and russia? all along you've had this campaign of maximum pressure that the united states has applied with sanctions that actually have had a bite. the question now i think is whether maximum pressure yields to minimum enforcement while the dialogue is going on and on who's side is time when it comes to what comes next. >> gayle raises an important point about sanctions. the president says sanctions are still in place, yet probably from china and russia, they may look at this and start to at the
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u.n. talk about reducing sanctions. >> gayle's exactly right. in fact, what's happened on the ground, the chinese sanctions, which are the most important, that's the main border over which north korea trades and gets all its energy, that's already beginning to lift. why is that? because all the chinese want is the preservation of the status quo and they were afraid the north koreans were going to push donald trump into starting up a war. in fact the nororeans can get trump into something of a head lock here and keep the negotiation going for a while, that's fine with the chinese. they're less interested in the outcome than just making sure that there's a status quo and, in fact, they don't want an outcome that would overtime draw nortkorea more to the west or more toward the united states. >> china would be enthusiastic about the u.s. no longer having joint military exercises with south korea, that's something they could view as a threat to them? >> these military exercises are
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pretty much aimed at an invasion from the north or scenario or conflict from the north but what the chinese would really love is anything that assures that american nuclear weapons are kept out of south korea and that american -- any ballistic missile batteries are kept out of south korea. they believe those are aimed at defending against china or could have an offensive role against china. if you view the chinese role as push the americans back to the second island chain, make sure that china's got its own run in the pacific, then this is all-important to them. who else is going to be upset by all of this? the south koreans as you heard from barbara starr have been taken by surprise and the american military, which if you called them up yesterday and you said, what about just stopping these military exercises for a while, they would give you chapter and verse about how these exercises are the core of
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the relationship between the u.s. military and the south korean military so that they can op jointly under stress. >> david sanger, gayle, thank you very much. ahead for us, they have signed a preliminary agreement as you saw. the president says, though, that he can tru kim jong-un. should he? also more on that other summit, the g7 and the clash that continues between the united states and its closest allies. why the president says justin trudeau is going to cost, canada, quote, a lot of money. there's a new place with daily laundry service. a place with a day spa. a place where seniors get the care they need in the comfort of home. home instead senior care.
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u.s. and north korea. kim himself saying it's time to leave the past behind but while most of the world was watching this, did the people of kim's reclusive nation even know what was happening? paula is in singapore. she has more with us. >> reporter: anderson, they don't know at this point how the summit went. they have not seen any images or any footage on kctv, the state run tv thathows that this happened. what they have seen, though, is from last night. you and i were talking about that when kim jong-un was doing his walkabout around the town, his mini tour of singapore. they have seen him being almost presidential. they've seen him being welcomed by the people of singapore. they were many tourists, many residents that were shouting out welcome, mr. kim, and screaming as he walked into a building. clearly, what they have seen so far would suggest that he is being treated with respect here in singapore.
6:21 am
anderson? >> and it's not clear at this point exactly what has -- what will come out of this, of course, paula, do you have a sense of at what point people in north korea will be informed about the north korea perspective? we haven't heard much from the north korea side about how they perceive the events here. >> reporter: what we usually see is this 24 hour delay before the state run media will react to anything. we know that there were cameraman following kim jong-un's every move. we have seen them all along the way, even in the convoy. you saw the cameramen sticking out of the sunroof following their leader. so clearly there will be a lot of coverage on this. they even heard about the summit befo had aived here. that's quite unusual to tell the north korean people ahead of time, clearly thinking that this was going to be a success. one key thing that they will be
6:22 am
hearing about is the fact that there was this rapport between kim jong-un and the u.s. president and one key question that our cnn's jim acosta a the u.s. president as well when it goes the other way around, is does the u.s. president trust the north korean leader? >> i do. i can only say that i know him for really well. it's been very rhetorical, as you know. without the rhetoric, it wouldn't have happened. i think without other things going along. i think the establishment of a new team was very important. we have a gate team. i think he wants to get it done. i really feel that very strongly. >> reporter: so what north korea will hear is that their leader was on an equal footing at this summit with the president of the united states. anderson? >> something past leaders of north korea have wanted as well. paula hancocks, thanks very much. a big question this morning as you just heard the president
6:23 am
say, kim jong-un can be trusted. can he? what does history teach us? david adelmann is here. he's a commentator. it's nice to have you here. you heard the president this morning, i trust kim and he trusts me. has kim given the trump administration any reason to be trusted? >> i think what we may be seeing here is what i call a three part con on the part of kim, which may actually work in our benefit eventually but initially i think this is the way it plays out. first of all, kim looks around him and says, i'd like to see a burger king on every corner and an nba quality basketball team, dennis rodsman was talking about on cnn early this morning in pyongyang. i'd like to see all of that. i want that. i saw it 20 years ago when i was in switzerland. the only way i'm going to get that is by playing along with that. number one. the second part of the con is he wants out from under -- under the boot heel of china and russia. he doesn't want to be beholden,
6:24 am
he doesn't want to be the poor cousin that has to go beg to go china and a third is gadhafi. he doesn't want to get rid of his nukes because he's afraid he'll wind up like gadhafi. he may look more deeply and discover that one of the problems with gadhafi is he was like -- he treated all of his people like dirt and gave them nothing back. now, kim has the possibility of doing that. >> except that's how kim jong-un treats, you know, those who live in north korea economically. let me ask you this, looking at outline it had nicely earlier in the show, there's nothing new here in this language and if you look back to 1994 and you look back to the clinton administration and the agreed framework that was the terminology then with north korea. the president, president clinton at the time said, this agreement is good for the united states, good for our allies and good for the safety of the entire world. that fell apart. what is different, if anything, this time?
6:25 am
>> the circumstances are different. we have a different leader -- >> but in the agreement. >> there's nothing different. no doubt about it. it's going to take a very long time. i go back -- my first summits were in europe in the 1980s when i was covering reagan gorbachev. it took two years to get to that summit and two years past that before we got to a treaty on nuclear weapons and missiles with the soviet union. we have a long way to go, a long path to go before we get something concrete that we can really say changes to the equation. >> let's listen to what president trump said about other past administrations dealing with north korean regimes and dictators. >> he said no other president could have done this. i think he trusts me and i trust him. >> that was the wrong sound byte. do we have the president talking about other leaders? i can read it for you. he said it wasn't a priority. they could've done. i don't think they could've done
6:26 am
it. i think we have it. let's listen. >> the other groups may be it wasn't a priority. i don't think they could have done if it was a priority, frankly. it would have been easier. for me, it would have been much easier and i'm not just blaming president obama. this goes back for 25 years. >> he clearly thinks other administrations could have done this but didn't do it. is he right or is the situation markedly different now because kim jong-un has developed this nuclear capability and therefore that gives him a seat at the pe verbable table? remember, obama when he first met -- when he last met with trump in the white house on the very eve othe inauguration, your biggest challenge is north korea and sure enough it is and now he's found a way to take care of it. maybe take care of it, but sure the others could have gotten to that point. madam albright went to pyongyang, went with kim and she
6:27 am
said to him, she said to obama, look, this is not going to work. this is not going to be a very good idea because we don't want to give him that kind of gratification, if you will. the circumstances are different. they didn't have a bomb then or the ability to get it to our shores. that's what's different now. >> the president said that at the appropriate time he would consider inviting kim jong-un to the white house. >> sure. >> wise idea? >> why not? if we get to that point where we do have a verifiable agreement, sure. >> what needs to happen before -- >> a lot. a lot. we have to get to that as reagan/gorbachev did. two more years of serious talks and then actual framework and actual let's see what actually gets done on the ground, let's get those inspectors in. i did a commentary for cnn opinion tracing back some of the previous steps that were taken or not taken and i showed that, in fact, under the previous
6:28 am
kims, his father and grandfather, we actually had inspectors in there and they threw them out. >> and the president answered a question this morning about what kind of inspectors would have, international, american and he said both. not many details on what that would look like. nice to have you, thanks for the expertise. appreciate it. while touting his special relationship, the president's words with kim jong-un, president trump takes a swipe this morning again at canadian prime minister justin trudeau. why he says trudeau will cost canada a lot of money? who wants customizable options chains? ones that make it fast and easy to analyze and take action? how about some of the lowest options fees? are you raising your hand? good then it's time for power e*trade the platform, price and service that gives you the edge you need. alright one quick game of rock, paper, scissors. 1, 2, 3, go. e*trade. the original place to invest online.
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north korean leader after their summit. this as he fires more shots at canada's prime minister justin trudeau after what happened after the g7 summit. listen to this. >> i hav a good relationship with justin trudeau, i really did, other than he had a news conference that he had because i was in an airplane and wasn't watching. he learned. that's going to cost a lot of money f the people of canada. >> with me now cnn political analyst julie hirschfeld and molly ball. meo to firs is it really that politically advantageous for the president to keep taking shots at canada? >> i don't know that it's politically advantageous. i think he's doing it out of a sense of peak. you heard him just now refer to what i think happened which was he was sitting on air force one having left the summit that he didn't want to attend in the first place and heard the canadian prime minister say something about him that essentially hurt his feelings or
6:34 am
that he felt was not respectful enough of him and he kind -- he threw a tantrum and he had his advisers take the united states out of the communique. i don't know that he thinks that he's going to gain political ground domestically for that. i know his supporters are very much behind this strategy of, you know, he's being trump and he's demanding respect from the world instead of apologizing for the world that's the message he sent and his supporters like that a lot. i'm not so sure it helps him or republicans more broadly with the rest of their party or certainly independence and just generally with the american public and a lot of folks in states that will be effected if, you know, retaliation actually does happen and it escalates and farm states and manufacturing states. i don't know that they care about the politics so much of this as they care about the practical effect which are not going to be good for a lot of american sectors. >> molly if you juxtapose the language the president used again this morning when talking about trudeau and canada, with
6:35 am
the words he used about chairman kim, words like, quote, very talented, talking about kim jong-un saying, quote, he wants to do what's right. you have republican senator bob not running again. it just seems like the president loves infuriating our friends. is that what you chalk it up to? >> i think there are actually goals in play that go beyond just he likes our enemies and dislikes our allies, you could not get a more illustrative split screen of the trump foreign policy than that diptic of him beating up on the leader of canada. i don't think anybody would have predicted that our main international conflict would be with canada and on the other hand, buttering up the brutal dictator of north korea. to the white house's mientd, there is a goal in each of these interactions and it is about
6:36 am
realism, it is -- it's not about having some grand moral structure that we want to impose on the world. it's saying america behaves in the way that it needs to to get what it wants. trump wants something out o canada, he wants to change the trade relationship and so the tone he takes is related to that. he wants something out of north korea. he believes that he is on the brink of a historic peace deal. we'll see. it's too early to say whether that's actually going to happen. he's going to say what he needs to to achieve that relationship. it's about more than just saying obama did it this way so i'm going to do it the other way. >> let me ask you both and julie beginning with you about whether you think president trump deservdit for a hahis meeting, right? we know no new language came out. there's no verifiable irreversible denuclearization that be agreed to as the administration said that it wanted, at least not yet, but the president did have this meeting and it's a meeting that
6:37 am
even president obama said back in 2007, when he was running, that he would take without preconditions. let's listen. >> would you be willing to meet separately without precondition during the first year of your administration in washington or anywhere else with the leaders of iran, syria, venezuela, cuba and north korea in order to bridge the gap that divides our countries? >> steven is in the crowd tonight. senator obama? >> i would. the reason is this that the notion that somehow not talking to countries is punishment to them, which has been the guiding diplomatic principle of this administration is ridiculous. >> julie, what do you think? credit to the president? >> absolutely and barack obama got a lot of criticism for that approach from republicans and from donald trump in particular when he was a candidate and before that, but, yes, this president did go to the table. he said he wanted to get to the
6:38 am
table. he said he wanted to lea behind a history of animosity which snded a lot like what barack obama said on cuba several years ago and he did that. we're not going to know whether he deserves credit for a big ground breaking achievement until we see where this goes. certainly what we saw from the meeting earlier today, it's very unclear whether the united states is going to get what the president proo want out of this deal and already upfront, north korea has gotten something it wants very much, which is to have the president say that he's going to suspend these joint mily exercises in south korea. so it remains to be seen what he has achieved. certainly the fact that he was willing to go to the table, i mean, this is -- this is a ground breaking moment and that's something he should get credit for. the follow-up is what we need to look for xt. >> molly, quickly to you, do you agree? >> yeah. when obama was criticized for
6:39 am
those remarks, his critics said u.s. could get ripped off in a negotiation but because of the erosion of america's moral standing in the world. trump has already abundantly shown that's not something he cares about, but the critics -- but the people who criticized obama for that have to apply the same criticism to trump to say america once did stand for the projection of democratic ideals and human rights. that's something that this administration has already basically said we' in that business any more. >> julie hirschfeld, molly ball, thank you very much for being here. the president making history in singapore today. the world is reacting. you'll hear from around the world that reaction. i'm very proud of the fact
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6:44 am
reaction to the historic summit between president trump and kim jong-un. we have a team of reporters across the region. matt rivers is standing by for reaction in beijing. i want to get t nic robertson who joins us from seoul. president trump and moon jae-in spoke today after the summit. what do we know about that conversation and south korea's reaction to what emerged here? >> reporter: the issue of not -- president trump saying that it's going to end the big joint military exercises has been a curious day in a way for president moon here. he began by telling everyone here that he had a sleepless night, an indication that he was -- he did have concerns going into this very important summit. he's been praising president trump through the day just after president trump made that signing with kim jong-un, mike pompeo, secretary of state, called the foreign minster here and the nugget in that phone call was, the south korean foreign minster said we would like to have closer cooperation in the future. then after that, that's when
6:45 am
president trump made that statement about ending the joint military exercises and the blue house here, the president's office then issued a statement saying, we need to kind of figure out precisely what president trump means here, the accuracy of that and what the intention is behind that, but then this evening about two hours ago we heard president trump had called president moon while he was flying back to washington. the call lasted about 20 minutes. the readout that we've had of that call between president trump and president moon doesn't make any mention of those joint military exercises at all. what it does, however, conclude is that it's a foundation for peace, the summit so far. that very important point that's emerging from the south korean side they want closer coordination and cooperation with the united states as they move forward. president moon said he's willing to take significant steps to
6:46 am
achieve this better relationship between the united states and north korea, but that strange silence now on the issue of these military exercises, anderson. >> nic, pretty surprising to hear president trump call those exercises war games and say they're provocative. >> reporter: when you consider that for the people of south korea, for the governments of south korea in the past, these military training exercises, they're hugely important. the military forces here are on a fight tonight ready standby. they need to be prepared. their skills need to be sharp and they need to be able to go into action in large numbers. why? because the threat from north korea is close and its perceived to be real. politically, it's been important to have an army that's ready and for the people of south korea important to note that their army is ready to defend them from the north.
6:47 am
>> nic robertson in seoul. thanks very much. i want to go to matt rivers in beijing. any reaction so far from china? >> reporter: overall the chinese government pretty happyh the way things went here in singapore for a number of different reasons. the government congratulated both parties and they used this summit as a way to bring up the fact that countries could start considering easing sanctions against north korea, something china never wanted to do. two big things that the president said. even though it's not on the table at the moment, he talked about his willingness to remove troops from the korean peninsula, u.s. troops there. you know who else wants that? the chinese government. they have want that had for decades now. they've always felt threatened by tha and the other thing too would be the war games that president trump brought up. military would call them exercises. the chinese hate those military exercises as much as north koreans because those exercises are conducted not only with north korea in mind, anderson, but also with the chinese. when you take all of that in
6:48 am
totality, if you're an official in beijing, you're looking at what happened today in singapore and saying, that's not a bad start. >> matt rivers, appreciate that. we'll be right back. more news ahead.
6:49 am
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all right, welcome back. i'm poppy harlow in new york. this morning, newly released records show the president's daught an-law who both work in the white house made tens of millions of dollars last year while working in the white house. does that matter? why is that significant? alison kosik is here with more. we got these records, this is typical. you went through them. what do they show us? >> once you pour over all the
6:53 am
financial disclosure documents, it is clear ivanka trump, jared kushner, not your average government employees because of what they earned. you look at ivanka trump, she pulled in $82 million in outside income in 2017. jared kushner also reported similar income sources and amounts as well. keep in mind, they're serving as senior advisers to the president of the united states. now, this include as far as ivanka goes a $3.9 million amount from herke in the trump international hotel in washington, d.c., she made at least $5 million from a trust that was created in march of 2017, called ivanka m. trump business trust. that trust is valued at more than $50 million. according to a person familiar with the documents, the president's son-in-law reported assets totalling at least $174 million at the end of 2017. his holdings, though, poppy, they reach substantially higher, more than $710 million. one more thing with kushner, we
6:54 am
know he's very enthralled in real estate, he reported $1.5 million of income from westminster management, that, of course, holds -- manages tens of thousands of properties in five states. >> talk to me about why this matters or if this matters. there have been, youknow, people who made a lot of money in the private sector before, who continue to make that money and then serve in the government and serve in the white house. so are there concerns here? >> of course. and since t has been elected there have been conflict of interest concerns and ethics advisers have warned this is sort of walking very close to the edge of what is ethical and what's not. since the election -- >> hold that thought one second. i need to get to anderson. anderson, we're seeinome movement there insingapore. i believe kim jong-un and his team departing? >> that's right, poppy. we understand we are beginning to see the movement of
6:55 am
motorcycle outriders getting ready, it looks like to take kim jong-un to his aircraft. he and his entoe. they arrived in actually three aircrafts here. kim jong-un taking a pne from china, provided by the chinese, not taking north korean aircraft, but there you see the -- some of the vehicles for kim jong-un. we haven't gotten a look yet at kim jong-un. this would be the first we have seen him since the end of the summit. we'll continue to watch this, bring you any pictures as we get them. we'll take a quick k. we'll be right back. do not mistake serenity for weakness. do not misjudge quiet tranquility for the power of 335 turbo-charged horses.
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top of the hour. welcome to our viewers in the united states and around the world. i'm poppy harlow in new york. anderson cooper is with me from singapore, a historic summit between president trump and north korea's kim jong-un just wrapped up. >> the two leaders did make history, just meeting face to face. they also signed a declaration in which kim commits to work toward the complete denuclearization of the korean peninsula. pretty much all the document says about that. there is zero mention of a huge concession from the president. president trump exercises war games, his words, costly provocation and declared this a very great day for the world. >> there is no limit to what north korea can achieve when it. this is complete


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