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tv   Wolf  CNN  June 12, 2018 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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>> one thing i want to point out, it's kind of nice to be asked about a spouse, if they agree or disagree about a principle of a woman because it has historically been reversed. >> wolf is next. have a great day. hello, i'm wolf blitzer. it's 1:00 p.m. here in washington, 1:00 a.m. wednesday in singapore. wherever you're watching from around the world, thank you very much for joining us. we start with a historic summit in singapore, both kim jong-un and president trump on their way home right now with an agreement in hand. it's a deal touted by the he said the united states got rd what it came for, a commitment from north korea to abandon its nuclear ogram. gh the deal they signed is lacking in specific concrete details about how that will happen. as for north korea, they have
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plenty of pictures showing kim jong-un's ascension to le on an equal footing with other world leaders. there is also an agreed desire for further negotiations and maybe, maybe, even another summit or two with possible visits to pyongyang and the white house. here is some of what we heard from the president after the summit, starting with this praise for a man he once referred to as little rocket man, a maniac, and a bad dude. >> he is very talented. anybody that takes over a situation like he did at 26 years of age and is able to run it and run it tough. >> reporter: do you trust him? >> i do trust him. really, he has a great personality. he's a funny guy. he's a very smart guy. he's a great negotiator. he loves his people. >> i believe it's a rough situation over there, there is no question about it. we did discuss it today pretty strongly. knowing what the main purpose of what we were doing is, denuking,
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but discussed it at pretty good length. we'll be doing something on it. it's rough. it's rough in a lot of places, by the way. >> he's denuking the whole place and he's going to start very quickly. can i ensure anything? can i ensure you're going to sit down properly when you're going to sit down? you can't ensure anything. i also will be inviting kim at an appropriate time to the white house. i think it's really going to be something that will be very important. and he has accepted. >> we will be stopping the war games, which will save us a tremendous amount of money unless and until we see the future negotiation is not going along like it should. we'll be saving a tremendous amount of money. plus i think it's very provocative. i may be wrong. i may stand befe you in six months and say, hey, i was wrong. i don't know that i'll ever admit that but i'll find some
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kind of an excuse. >> white house correspondent kaitlan collins is joining us live from singapore. kaitlan, the president spoke with south korea's president moonjae-in and japan's prime minister shi abe following the summit. what kind of reaction is he getting? >> reporter: well, those are two phone calls, wolf, that the president presumably made to fill them in on what happened during his day of talks with the north korean leader. of course, south korea is going to want to hear more about the president's abrupt announcement that he's going to end those joint u.s.-south korea military exercises. you heard him right there say there were provocative and costly and that's why he's going to end them. the president is headed back to washington, but questions are following about whether he gave more to north korea than he got in return during this sum is mitt here in singapore. that joint statement that the president and kim jong-un signed today after they met, at first
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one on one and separately with their officials, is a statement that really doesn't have any new language that we haven't seen in past deals between the united states and north korea, and that is why critics are raisi questions about why the president is just going toe kim jong-un's word for it that he's going to denuclearize. that is what the president said today, that he had made that commitment, but this document you see which the president said was comprehensive but is actually quite brief does not include any language about enforcement. there is nothing here about verifying that north korea has denuclearized, nothing about going in to make sure they destroy these missile sites, no timeline, either. it does not include that language. secretary of state mike pompeo told reporters just a few days ago they had to have a cvid, complete verifiable irreversible denuclearization. thatguage is not ine and
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that's why the question is being raised as to whether this summit can be called a success right now. >> the language in the document, the joint communique signed by both leaders reaffirming, i'm quotingnow, the april 27, 2018 pon moon june's declaration. they work to commit towards complete denuclearization of the korean peninsula, but it avoids those specific words. as kaitlan just mentioned, one of the tngs to emerge from the summit was his declaration that the u.s. will now suspend its military exercises with south korea as well as the potential withdrawal of u.s. troops from south korea. here's exactly what the president said. >> it's inappropriate to be having war games. so number one, we save money, a lot. and number two, it really is something that i think they very much appreciated. i used to say this during my
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campaign, as you know, probably better than most. i want to get our soldiers out. i want to bring our soldiers back home. we have right now 32,000 soldiers in south korea. and i'd like to be able to bring them back home. >> let meng our pentagon correspondent barbara starr. what's the reaction over there to the president's comments? >> wolf, we have some breaking news for you on that very point. we have learned just within the last few minutes from the pentagon press secretary dana white that defense secretary james mattis was consulted and not surprised by the presidens announcement on the potential suspension of joint military exercises with the south koreans. and the pentagon, she says, is in full alignment with the administration on this. that would not be a surprise that the pentagon would say it's in agreement with the president. but we know now that secretary mattis was consulted and not
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surprised. what we do not know is how much initially we might have been in agreement with a suspension of joint military ercises. because we also know that the blue the presidential office in south korea, was apparently surprised. they issued a statement that they were now going to haveo figure out exactly what president trump meant by his statement about all of this. the key questions now going forward are what exercises will be suspended? will it, in fact, be all of them? the next major military exercise scheduled for just a few weeks from now in august. so they will have to figure out a way ahead on all of this. there are many people that would remind you that these joint exercises are about the defense of south korea. they've been going on for years to help south korea and u.s. troops be ready to defend against any north kean threat. it looks like the president gave
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kim jong-un two key things that he wanted for north korea. the north korean leader, that is. the suspension of exercises and they may not sume, and also pos wig the 28,000 u.s. troops that are on the peninsula. president trump very much opening the door to that down the road and already agreeing that he would -- stating that he would suspend exercises in south korea. wolf? >> the president has said on many occasions, going back many, many years in interviews with me and other journalists, he doesn't like having all those troops in south korea, all those troops in japan, even in germany, he would like to see those troops come back home. he's reiterating what he has said literally decades. barbara starr at the pentagon, thank you very much. let's bring in leon panetta right now. he's the former cia director under president obama, former chief of staff under secretary
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clinton. all of a sudden the u.s. has decided the president announced that the joint military exercises with south korea that have been going on for decades will be ded. he said they're expensive, provocative. your reaction. >> well, i'm very concerned by what the president did. i think it's a mistake to cancel those exercises without getting anything in return. my sense of negotiations is that one party offersething and gets something back. in this instance, the president has given north korea first the summit with the president which gives legitimacy to kim jong-un as a world leader, which is a significant step. we got nothing in return. and now he's saying we're going to cancel these exercises, which are extremely important to the
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security of south korea. and we have got nothing in return except the words of north korea that they are going to proceed with denuclearization. i just think that all of us have to be very skeptical of what's happening until these words are tested by actions. >> the president says that nth korea did give up a lot, even fore the summit. he says that those three americans who were detained, they were released. he said north korea set off some explosions at various nuclear testing facilities. they've suspended their ballistic missile tests, their nuclear program. they've suspended nuclear testing as well. do you believe n korea gave up enough to justify what the u.s. has now done? >> i think the fundamental problem is that president trump ought to listen to the words of ronald reagan in dealing with
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the russians, that you can trust them but it has to be verified. and, unfortunately right now, we don't have any system of verification or inspection in place to determine whether or not the north koreans are serious about movinowards denuclearization. i think the standard was set by secretary pompeo where we want complete verifiable and irreversible denuclearization of north korea. only happen if we e a very robust inspection and verification program place. as far as i can see, no steps have been taken towards that goal. >> well, let's see if that does develop. the president says it will. on human rights last month, the state department said this. let me read from the state department report. for more than 60 years, the people of north korea have faced egregious human rights
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violations in virtually every aspect of life. but today the president said, and i'm quoting him now, it's rough in a lot of places. he also said that the tens of ousands of political prisoners in north korea are going to be the real winners of summit. is the president giving north korea a pass on human rights issues, or ing fful enough? >> well, you know, i would hope not, because, look, the president himself has set a high bar here. when he rejected the iranian agent that was worked out with regards to dealing with nuclear weapons. he rejected it because it wasn't comprehensi comprehensive, didn't deal with missiles, didn't deal with aiding terrorism, didn't deal with human rights issues. and it seems to me that the test here is whether or not any agreement with north korea is going to be comprehensive. and if it is going to be comprehensive, it not only has
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to deal with nuclear weapons, with missiles, with their efforts to enrich fuels, but it's going to have to deal with human rights as well. and i think that's going to be the standard that any kind of future agreement is going to have to be judged by. he can't give them a pass on anything because he has said, he himself has said that any agreement has to be comprehensive. >> he did, in the joint communique, the full text which was released, it did say in your defense, the united states and the drk commit to recovering mia and p.o.w. remains. there are thousands of mia and
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p.o.w. remains. i assume this is something that's welcome. >> it is. i have always been concerned about recovering the remains of. we have for years tried to make efforts to try to make sure they would cooperate with us in turnr loved ones. i'm glad that that issue was raised. i'm glad they committed to it. but like everything else that hours, the real test is going to be whether or not there are actions to back up the words that have been agreed to. that will be the test of whether or not this is just another failed agreement, or whether it's a significant step to trying to achieve world peace. >> and as you correctly point out, there have been several failed agreements over these past 20 years. secretary, thank you so much fofor joining us. >> nice to be with you, wolf. condos on the beach.
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that was a sentiment he made to kim jong-un as he played a video. plus he's also calling a u.s. ally obnoxious for his comments about trade with the united states. there is a new war of words with canada. and the white houseisted ivanka trump and jared kushner were sacrificing working in washington, but we're told today they made $82 billiont year while working in the white house. the questions that raises and much more, right after this. ♪
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a book that you're ready to share with the world? get published now, call for your free publisher kit today! as president trump praises north korea's dictator on the world stage, the president is still dealing with a very messy fallout from the g-7 summit over trade tariffs. the president once again publicly skocolding one of america's key allies, warning justin trudeau against the consequences of retaliating over
10:20 am
trade tariffs. >> i actually like justin. i think he's good. i like him. but he shouldn't have done that. that was a mistake. that's going to cost him a lot of money. >> joining us now, california congressman adam schiff. he's the ranking member of the house intelligence committee. congressman, thank you for joining us. wha what's yction to the way the president is acting, treating justin trudeau of canada, as opposed to kim jong-un? >> it's so jarring to hear the president of the united states talk about one of our strongest allies as obnoxious and weak. it's so distressing, although we've seen this pattern of criticism of our allies, the alienation of germany, france, australia which fought with us in every war we've been engaged in. it's deeply distressing and so jarring when you hear about the praise he had for kim jong-un, the way the president talks about how he had this difficult task and he did so well with consolidating power. he murdered members of his own
10:21 am
family. this is a person as well as an american, and this is someone the president is praising to the nth degree. >> what do you think about the fact the president is going to south koa?litary exercises with as you know, this is something the north koreans have hated for so many years. >> we all wanted this to be a productive summit and lead to a successful negotiation, but you have to look at it and say north korea got a couple key concessions. and north korea as well. we got nothing but a vague promise. they got the president to use his own language of provocative. this is for our security and for the security of our south korean ally. so to make that concession to do so without even consulting our south korean ally and get nothing in return except the vague promise of some future denuclearization, a promise so vague from what we received in
10:22 am
the past from north korea. kim has to be very happy to see how this turned out, to be on the stage with the president of the united states, to get this concession and not have to give up anything for it. >> as i pointed out to leon panetta, they have doneertain ings leading up to the summit likeed their nuclear testing, suspending their ballistic missile testing, sending detained abductees. >> you would think if they're going to get a meeting with the president of the united states, they would have to repatriate americans held hostage. certain things were at an absolute minimum. but those were all done prior to the summit. what they got at the summit, we got nothing for in return. and someone who bills himself as a great negotiator, i think, just got outnegotiated by this young dictator. >> yesterday senator lindsey graham of south carolina, republican, he said he hopes that something positive emerges
10:23 am
from all of this, but if not, then the military option should certainly be on the table. he wants congress, the house and senate to pass an authorization for the use of military force against north korea if necessary. listen to what another kentucky, told me last night in the situation room. listen this. >> there is really only two options, peace or war. >> lindsey graham is a danger to the country by even proposing ideas like authorizing war with korea. my goodness. so that should be something that is seen as naive and seen as something that really serious people shouldn't even really be discussing. >> where do you stand? >> well, i wouldn't call lindsey graham a danger to the country, but i do agree it's a very bad idea. >>o have -- >> to have basically authorization passed in advance is, a prospective authorization in case things don't go in this negotiation the way we want. that's arible idea, and i'm
10:24 am
surprised given the history we've had with the preexisting authorizations which have ner gone away of unlimited duration andhe problems that's caused in terms of congressional oversight in our ability to put a meaning fortunately constraint on the president's ability to make war that we would even suggest having this kind blanket authorization in advance of any imminent danger. ul and not lindsey graham.and >> certainly agree it was a bad idea. >> another presidential candidate said he would meet with leaders from north korea and other regimes during a presidential campaign. let's go back to 2007. this is then-senator barack obama. >> i would. and the reason is this. that the notion that somehow not talking to countries is punishment to them, which has been the guiding diplomatic
10:25 am
principle of this administration, is ridiculous. >> sure sounds like, at that point, he and donald trump are on the same page. go ahead, it's better to talk than not talk, even with leaders of rogue regimes. >> i think it certainly is better to talk than not talk, even with your adversary. sometimes it's more important to talk with your adversaries more than ever. >> he says without any preconditions. >> i understand, but as president he was not going to have a meeting with kim jong-un and make military concessions to him and get nothing in return. that, i think, was very naive decision by donald trump to expect that by virtue of his wonderful personality or his keen insight, having just met kim jong-un, he could tell that he was a trustworthy person. that's the mistake george bush made with putin that we should not make with kim jong-un. >> there is more we need to talk about, other stories that are unfolding as we speak. we're going to get the congressman's reaction to the new ethical questions being
10:26 am
raised over jared kushner and ivanka trump making $82 million last year while working for the president in the white house. and the white house economic adviser who said justin trudeau shot the president in the back suffered a heart attack. i'll speak with someone who is in touch with larry kudlow. that and more. sand by. tand by. if you have medicare
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10:31 am
overseas on her clothing line, trump international hotel, trump organization and advanced book payment, to name a few. jared kushner earning money on other investments. we're talking to cessman adam schiff. any concerns here, ethical or legal concerns, from your perspective? >> both ethical and legal. certainly if this information is derived from foreign services that are violating the emolients clause, we simply don't know if the trump organization is up for sale. there was word that jared kushner was trying to get money from the golf organizations. we don't know and we shouldn't have to ask these questions. that's why in the past presidents have divested
10:32 am
themselves. in this case the first family, which has a first policy poll. we have to wonder is ivanka getting trademarks from china for some reason? the chinese investment of a property in indonesia? did that influence the president's decision to reverse sanctions on the gte? we shouldn't have to wonder. but with this majority in congress unwilling to do oversight and with the first family unwilling to divest, we are left to question whether the policy is driven by their financial interests and not the interests of our country. >> who is looking into this? the public majority in the house of representatives not interested, right? >> not interested. it should be done by the government reform and trey gowdy, but it's not. they're unwilling to look into anything that will either embarrass the president, reveal wrongdoing of the administration, and that leaves the country in jeopardy. >> you're saying that would change if democrats were in
10:33 am
power after the midterm elections? >> exactly. we would be back to policy and making sure the country would be run for the benefit of its citizens and not for the benefit of donald trump or ivanka or jared kushner or anyone else in the family. >> congressman schiff, thank you for joining us. >> thanks, wolf. condos on the beach. that was part of the president's pitch to kim jong-un in a rather surreal video he showed the leader of north korea. we're going to play it for you. and the trade adviser who said there is a special place in hell for canada's prime minister justin trudeau. that trade adviser to president trump is now changing his tune. what peter navarro just said about those very controversial remarks. r own backyard... or get pumped up for your grand entrance. only t-mobile lets you watch your favorite movies and shows in more places,
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president trump is declaring his summit with the north korean leader a success. the two signed a document which reconfirmed the commitment denuclhe korean peninsula. the agreement lacked specifics but that doesn't seem to worry president trump. listen to this. >> i do trust him, yeah. he trusts me, i believe. i really do. he said openly, and he said it to a couple of reporters that were with him that he knows, that no other president ever could have done this. he knows the presidents. he knows who we had in front of me. he said no other president could have done this. i think he trusts me and i trust him. >> significant words. but north korea a si countis a with a notoriously poor track record on previous agreements. over the years similar promises were made to eliminate its nuclear weapons but never
10:39 am
fulfilled. there you can see some of those agreements. let's discuss this with our panel. the former senior adviser at the state department, balbina hwang. and cnn chief political analyst gloria borger. is this time different, gloria? >> who knows. we have no idea. what we know is that the president offered a concession i don't think it went beyond that at all, and we'll have to see what happens in the follow-up with the secretary of state and secretary mattis who, by the way, we haven't heard from. and your former secretary of defense, when you talk about war games being provocative and stopping what is really readiness, i'm wondering where secretary mattis is on all of that. >> you're a former defense secretary. the president announces suspension of the joint military
10:40 am
exercises that have been going with south korea for decades. d they were pre vok actiovocati they were costly. he also raised the idea of removing the 36,000 troops that are there. he doesn't like them there to begin with. epared and ill prepared if you go back to the korean conflict, you see what happened when we put men into that conflict that they were poorly equipped, poorly trained and we suffered massive casualties. so the notion that these are expensive, yeah. being prepared to fight the wars you cannot deter is very expensive. it's less expensive than losing people in a war, less expensive than losing a battle in a war. so the notion that he's putting a price tag on exercising, what would the golden state warriors do without exercising for a whole season and the coach said, okay, we know we're good, we'll just go in there and play now like we always could. it's absurd, the notion you
10:41 am
would not exercise and make yourself as ready as possible to deter anyone taking action against you. >> the president heaps a lot of praise on kim jong-un. balbina, you're an expert on the korean peninsula. you worked at the state department. listen to this. >> we have developed a very special bond. >> he is very talented. >> reporter: you trust him? >> i do trust him, yeah. he's got a great personality. he's a funny guy, he's a very smart guy. he's a great negotiator. he loves his people, not that i'm surprised by that, but he loves his people. >> what do you think? >> well, let's just put this in perspective. i think we just crossed a line. what we did was make a complete strategic shift. this is no longer about the nuclear issue. what we've done is made a complete strategic shift in the entire -- not just the korean peninsula, not just in the region, but globally. what we've done is say -- raised questions about not just the
10:42 am
alliances but in terms of who our enemies are, how we're going to address our friends, our allies, everybody in the region. and how we talk to everybody. our neighbors, our friends, and this is within the context of our g-7 summit just, what, 36 hours ago? and now how president trump is going to address everybody, including our -- somebody that we're technically at war with. >> let me get to the secretary. were you surprised by his praise of the north korean leader given what the president himself said about a year ago when he addressed the u.n. general assembly and spoke about what's going on as far as human rights are concerned in north korea? >> we know that he loves to be flattered and praised and perhaps he felt that if i flatter and praise kim, i'll get a better deal. but i want to go back to the issue you just raised. look at what is taking place globally. disengaging. the president has said he wants our troops out of korea. he eventually will say we need to get our troops out ofjapan.
10:43 am
so at that particular point, you can say the chinese will be very happy with this, the russians are very happy with this, but all our allies in the region, number one, they were disappointed, dismayed that he pulled out of the trans-atlantic partnership, disengagement. now will he pull our troops out at some point sooner than later? that, i think, says you're on your own. you can't count on the united states. we already said that to nato, picking on them, saying you're not paying enough, you won't get our support in thecampaign. he's following on disengaging. he's swinging childlike on a wrecking ball to all of the institutions that have preserved peace and stability for the past 70 years. >> and did he tell the south koreans there are reports that he did not tell them in advance that he was going to stop these
10:44 am
military exercises. and they're all worried, of course, is this the slippery slope we're on right now, to disengaging from the peninsula, as you point out? their heads because kim jong-un seemed to have gotten a lot better treatment than they did. and by the way, wolf, this makes it clear, the way he talks about kim jong-un, that they have been talking to each other privately. i don't think this was just like the first time that they actually spoke. and i think we've got to do more reporting on that, but there are whispers about the fact that these two have been communicating privately. >> but this does raise a very important question, and this is whether this is all about president trump on the wrecking ball doing this all by himself or whether there is a very significant shift going on in the globe. and whether or not this really is true that president trump did this by himself and didn't talk to the south koreans, or whether
10:45 am
or not there is, as i something very significant going on, and whether or not this is actually happening in asia and this is actually the first koreas for the first time doing something independently. something happened on april 17th between the two koreas. when those two korean leaders stepped over the line together with their hands held, that was the first time the two koreas did something independently togeer. and they were taking action, and i think the t koreas are leading the charge. so this may be something significant in asia. china is now an important actor. and china is leading the charge. india is becoming increasingly important, and the united states may be withdrawing from the world. >> we shouldn't be all that surprised that the president wants to withdraw u.s. military forces from south korea or japan or germany, for that matter, because for years he's been saying, why is the u.s. spending all this money deploying troops over there? they should be here. let those countries take care of
10:46 am
themselves, he's told that to me for years, he's told it to a lot of other journalists over the years. >> contrary to a sound military doctri doctrine, you try to defend your perimeter as far and as wide as you can to protect your homeland. we are there in japan, we are in korea, we are in europe. we're there to protect our core interests. the further out we can get and have allies that represent us and our interests, the better. he's nailing back to the continental united states. >> gloria, we did see the president at his news conference say -- and they released it. he showed a video to the north korean leader on his ipad showing what north korea could be like if they would give peace a chance, denuclearize the korean peninsula. they would have all the opportunities to have a booming paradise like south korea if they took advantage of this rare opportunity with him.
10:47 am
>> i watched this video, and i watched it, obviously, in english, and itea was an appeal to ego. it was an appeal to the ego of two men, of donald trump and kim jong-un saying this is our moment where we can change the world. not just make a difference. we can change the world and we can go down in history as two men who have changed the world. and i think, obviously, we know that would appeal to donald trump but they also knew it would appeal to kim jong-un. >> by the way, we're getting in a statement of the parents of otto warmbier. he's the university of virginia student who was taken prisoner in north korea, came back on his deathbed, died within a day or two after returning to the united states. here's a statement from the family of otto warmbier. we appreciate president trump's recent comments about our family. we are proud of otto and miss him. hopefully something positive can come from this. the president said he hopes something positive will, in fact, come from the death of
10:48 am
otto warmbier. guys, thank you so much. good discussion. other news we're following, president trump's trade adviser says there's, quote, a special place in hell for the canadian prime minister justin trudeau. he's weighing in once again. you're going to hear what he's saying once again about that comment, when we come back. and works twice as hard when you take it again the next day. stick with zyrtec®. muddle no more®. and try children's zyrtec® for consistently powerful relief of your kid's allergies. it's just a burst pipe, i could fix (laugh) no. with claim rateguard your rates won't go up just beacuase of a claim. i totally could've... (wife) nope! switching to allstate is worth it.
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with pg&e in the sierras. and i'm an arborist since the onset of the drought, more than 129 million trees have died in california. pg&e prunes and removes over a million trees every year to ensure that hazardous trees can't impact power lines. and since the onset of the drought we've doubled our efforts. i grew up in the forests out in this area and honestly it's heartbreaking to see all these trees dying. what guides me is ensuring that the public is going to be safer and that these forests can be sustained and enjoyed by the community in the future. right now president trump's chief economic adviser larry cuddler is in the h here in the washington, d.c. area after suffering a heart attack. he had just returned from the g7 summit in canada. let's bring in former trump
10:53 am
economic adviser stephen moore. i know you're friendly with larry cuddler, used to be a host and commentator, anchor on cnbc. he has what we're told is a mild heart attack. you've spoken to him. how's he doing? >> he's a little more than a friend of mine. he was the best friend at my wedding. i almost did have a cardiac arrest wn i heard the news last night. thankfully it sounds like it was a minor heart attack. i talked to his assistants who are with him all the time. i expect him to be back on the job in a week or so. donald trump is a hard guy to keep up with. donald trump is a freak of nature. he works 20 hours a day, is, you know, it's a grinding schedule. as you know, he's withd trump all the time, larry is. you see john bolton on one side and larry on the other. but he'll be back on the job and
10:54 am
ready to go. >> but he's got to take it easy a bit, even a mild heart attack. that's a strenuous job. >> and he's got a big staff. the one thing that he'll have do that's going to be a hard lifestyle change for him is to stop smoking. we tried to get him to stop and i think now he will. he's had a phenomenal record. trump really listens to him. he helped write the tax cut. you look at the deregulation, the tax cut and the one thing i think even the one impact that larry had which kind of got buried in the g summit meeting was he said why don't we move to zero tariffs with europe and canada, which was an interesting proposal. >> i've known larry kudlow, too, he's a very nice guy. whether you agree or disagree
10:55 am
with him, we're hoping and praying only for the best. i know you're going to be seeing him later. there's a trade adviser, peter navarro, who said some awful words about the prime minister of canada, suggesting there's a special place in hell, his words, for prime minister trudeau. today he apologized, he walked that back. listen to what he said today. >> in conveying that message, i used language that was inappropriate -- >> special place in hell for the prime minister. >> basically lost the power of that message. i own that, that was my mistake, those were my words. >> yeah, he really went off the cliff with that awful statement. canada is one of our closest allies, prime minister trudeau. what he said certainly did not deserve a place in hell. he did the right thing by
10:56 am
apologizing. >> the white house was very upset at trudeau with the statement he made. i don't like the name calling at goes forth. that's not diplomacy. >> i hope he learned his lesson and others have learned his lesson. >> i put my foot in my mouth. >> but you're not a senior adviser to the president right now, you're a pretty citizen. >> and former present getting backlash for kmeencomments who about the me-too movement. more after this.
10:57 am
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