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tv   New Day With Alisyn Camerota and John Berman  CNN  June 13, 2018 4:00am-5:00am PDT

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the reason they are important operationally, our forces are there in short-term, one or two-year terms. not only to exercise among the joint forces, u.s. forces, but a combined basis with south korea. regrettably it appears the south koreans weren't consulted about ahead of time. huge win for the north. a big win for "the cheth the ch. >> great to talk to you. >> thanks for having me. "new day" continues right now. >> donald trump fell for the kim family playbook. they front in all the rewards and delay on the concessions. >> we're in a much better place. we're on the diplomatic path. that is the only real solution. >> we will be stopping the war games. we will save a tremendous amount of money. plus, i think it's very
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provocative. >> the allies weren't aware of on it. >> he has a great personality. he's a funny guy. >> he is trying to be cordial. but i'm a ronald regan guy. >> apparently now we live in a world where canada is our enemy and north korea is wonderful. >> this is "new day" with alisyn camerota and john berman. >> good morning, everyone. welcome to your "new day". john berman is on a plane on his way back from north korea right now. president trump is back in washington after making history. the president this morning declared that north korea is, quote, no longer a nuclear threat despite the fact that they still had nuclear weapons and the capability to use them. >> america's top diplomat mike pomp
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pompeo. and breaking news. a bid between the united states, mexico and canada wins. the three countries will host the world cup in 2026. this will be the biggest ever. 48 teams, 80 games over 34 days. this comes as the u.s., mexico and canada are embroiled in a trade rift over president trump's tariffs. let's begin our coverage with joe johns live at the white house. joe, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, erica. the president is back at the white house after that long 24-hour trip here to the united states. upon landing he was overheard indicating that it was a great trip in his view s. he also did some tweeting this morning before he arrived at the white house. again, very optimistic. the world is safer than the day i took office, the president tweeted. also tweeting that north korea was our biggest and most dangerous problem. no longer. sleep well tonight. the president wrote twitter. but there is a big question in washington, d.c. as to whether
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the united states gave up more than it got in this deal, if you will, with jim jong un. president trump returning to washington amid criticism over the concessions he made to north korea in exchange for a vague commitment to denuclearize. >> we have some things that you don't have in the report. we made a lot of progress, tremendous amount of progress. >> reporter: the president defending his, quote, great relationship with kim jong-un, tweeting that the world has taken a big step back from potential nuclear catastrophe. but the announcement that he is suspending joint military exercises between the united states and south korea provoking alarm and confusion in seoul and washington. >> i think sometimes the president has a tendency to say things that are ad hoc that haven't been vetted. and sometimes those things are walked back. >> reporter: senator gardener tweeting mike pence later
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attempted to reassure republicans that readiness training will continue although war crimes will not. >> we will be saving a tremendous amount of money. plus, i think it's very provocative. >> reporter: the agreement also garnering criticism. >> this is the most anemic communique that has ever come out of a u.s./north korea engagement. >> reporter: critics noting that they agreed to complete denuclearization multiple times in the past and the document contained none of the language that the document demanded. >> the complete verifiable and irreversible denuclearization of the korean peninsula is the only outcome that the united states will accept. >> reporter: also raising eyebrows, the president's glowing praise for kim jong-un, despite his atrocious human rights record. >> he has a great personality. he's a funny guy, very smart guy, a great negotiator. he loves his people, not that i'm surprised by that. but he loves his people.
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>> reporter: the president's complimentary tone in stark contrast to his rhetoric six months ago. >> no regime has oppressed its own citizens more totally than the cruel dictatorship in north korea. >> reporter: mr. trump insisting the harsh rhetoric without the brought kim jong-un to the table. >> reporter: this four-minute hollywood style trailer. to pitch him on the idea of peace. >> two men, two leaders, one destiny. >> reporter: on the hill, congressional republicans offering measured praise in the wake of the summit. >> the president has gone down that road and should be given a chance to succeed. but i think it is also important for us to be cautious. >> reporter: nothing to the president's schedule this morning. he did tweet also about domestic politics.
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congratulating the winners in the republican primaries in virginia and south carolina. alisyn, back to you. >> all right, joe, we'll take it here. thank you. president trump tweeting that north korea is no longer a nuclear threat. do defense officials agree? live at the pentagon with more on that is barbara starr. barbara, good morning >> reporter: good morning, barb qaa. the u.s. military deals in two facts, the intentions of adversaries and the cape thes of adversaries. north korea, no question, still has the capability with its missiles and warheads to fire against the united states and against america's two closest allies in the asia-pacific. perhaps south korea and japan. so north korea no longer a threat is simply not accurate. they do retain the capability. the question of intention of kim jong-un. perhaps there trump has a firm
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view after a five-hour meeting. not at all clear. the pentagon is ready to sign up to that. this is the big challenge for defense secretary james mattis. this comes one day after the world learned that mr. trump wants to cancel the joint exercises in the field. the next one already scheduled for august. secretary mattis, we're trying to figure out if he even knew mr. trump was going to make this announcement. we are told he was not surprise said, that he was consulted about it. but we are not told that the defense secretary actually agreed with the decision to cancel the so-called war games. so now this is what the big challenge is for secretary mattis working with allies in the region. what exactly is u.s. policy? what is the u.s. military presence in south korea going to be? how far will they go in defending south korea? the so-called war games are vital to the defense. it is all about being trained,
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ready, and quickly being able to flow u.s. forces into the peninsula if kim jong-un decides he wants to move ahead with his capabilities some day. alisyn, erica. >> barbara, thank you for that. we have david gregory and "new york times" nicholas christoph. so, nick, now the heavy lifting is up to mike pompeo and jim mattis. if things go south, if things are not as president trump sees them, can't they just turn the war games back on for august? can't president trump say, okay, we're back on to joint military exercises? >> yeah. they can turn their war games back on. they can't take back the legitimacy they gave kim jong-un in terms of the senate and the lavish praise given to kim jong-un. it is probably also impossible to turn the pressure of sanctions back on.
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>> why? >> we don't really have trade with north korea that we control ourselves. what matters is the trade with china and opportunities for trade with south korea. it is pretty clear that both china and south korea are ed med for more economic upbt tkpwraeugz with tphoer integration with north korea. i don't think we can start that leverage. >> we just heard from barbara mattis was consulted, in her words, but he was told he didn't necessarily agree with the decision, david. how detrimental could that be domestically? >> look, what i'm concerned about most is the credibility of the presidency under donald trump. and his casual use of language that he will just pop off and say, he's a funny guy, good leader, he wants all of these great things. there is no reason to believe any of that. only historical evidence points to the fact that that is not true. he is saying there is no threat from the north koreans. on its face, that is not true. you don't have to be an expert
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in this to know that cannot be true just based on awe summit meeting. what is true and what i think the president deserves credit for is engagement. now, it may be foolish. it may be that he gave away too much in the credibility, too much legitimacy to the north. nick and i were sitting here months ago worried about a next step or miscalculation that could actually lead to war on the korean peninsula. so i think engagement is better than any of that, however long it lasts. the iran deal was predicated on the idea that at least it buys time to keep iran away from a fully developed nuclear arsenal. so if there's engagement, if there is some kind of peace plan or peace discussions, i still think that's a good thing. but the lack of on credibility -- we know from this president, from people surrounding this president, he'll just change. he will just say something tomorrow different from today. that's dangerous on the world
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stage. and i think that's something people have to absorb. >> nick, where are you on that? this is by definition success because it is buying time? >> i think -- so surely we're clearly in a better place now than we were six months ago. david is absolutely right. much better to use the diplomatic toolbox than the military toolbox. the president defused a crisis. in terms of what came out of singapore, i think he is exalting over the fact that north korea has agreed to denuclearization. i've been covering this since the 1980s. they haven't committed to anything new. they have been committing to this since the first 1992 agreement. in contrast, we really did give up important things. we gave them security guarantees, the summit.
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we gave them the cancellation of the military exercises. and i was particularly maybe discomforted because engagement implies some respect for the other side. it doesn't imply saying that this dictator loves his people. president trump adopted north korea's propaganda line about military exercises in very provocative. he sent his message to the north korean people in a voa interview, yeah, your leader really loves you. he's looking out for your interests. i was just thinking, those poor north koreans listening by illegal short wave radio, family members some labor camps and hearing this from the american president, that must be demoralizing. >> think about the iran deal.
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turning his back on democratic movement within iran. yet here is president trump talking this way about the north korean dictator with his history of atrocities and repreparation and oppression. but alongside that is a reality that every country is different that we deal wfpl you do have to think what is it that the north actually wants. what do the regional players actually want. the truth is director clapper was talking about how the narrative stuck on both sides. there has been a reaction and action playing out now since the 90s that hasn't been broken. it doesn't seem very effective. which is the north builds up its nuclear arsenal, tests provocatively. the west sanctions. there doesn't seem to be any real break through. so that process has been stuck.
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and so, yeah, i agree with nick that in part the president escalated the rhetoric to push this along to, you know, try to get credit for defusing it. but at the same time the north has made progress on its own arsenal that did reach a point where they had much more capacity as this president was coming into office than others. >> also with us now, cnn white house press secretary jim acosta. >> after time traveling. >> picking up on the discussion that we're just having here, jim, as we look at all of this, we know you said the president was jubilant on air force one on the way back. understandably so. he was getting praise for bringing this to the table. in terms of what's in it for north korea, the white house making the push that this should be at the end of the day solely about the economics here. that was, in large part, what that video was they put together
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to the president showed him. >> reporter: that's right. you heard from nick christoph talking about one of the problems with all of this, one of the dangers is that the president is essentially parroting what the north koreans have been complaining about. there is no longer a nuclear threat coming from north korea. after one day of meeting with kim jong-un and signing a document that doesn't commit the north koreans of doing much of anything. >> they don't at this point -- they say they will allow, i suppose, inspectors to come in at some point. they haven't agreed to what that process will be like. and david was comparing this to the iran nuclear deal. if you go through it, it is very technical and specific in terms of how that inspections process take place and so on. none of that seems to be in black and white with the north korean deal with president trump. so secretary of state mike pompeo is in the region working on some of those details.
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but at this point all they really have is sort of a signed document. it was as if kim jong-un had signed on to buying one of president trump's condos cited unseen. i suppose you could argue it is the reverse. the world has signed on to something sight unseen. it is just curious at this point how the president, how the white house, how they are throwing a parade for themselves without producing any tangible document that shows us exactly how all of this is going to play out. my suspicion is that this is going to be awe pretty long and arduous process for both sides. >> nick, it's also interesting to see how congress is reacting to this, which seems to be befuddlement or bewilderment. they are trying to get their arms around what this means. marco rubio responded to you via twitter. he says, nick via twitter. he says, nick christoph, i'm
4:17 am
uncomfortable with suspending military exercises. he's agreeing with you. then he says, however after trump bent over backwards to be conciliatory, if kim jong-un does nothing, international sanctions will be easier to enforce and increase. a different take you have. >> i think he's wrong about reviving the sanctions. he is right about reviving exercises. i think what puzzles congress and all of us, it's not as if we don't know what north korea might promise. because they have repeatedly promised thing. in 2005, they promised to rejoin the nuclear nonproliferation treaty. why wasn't that pledged? they promised back in 1994 to freeze plutonium to have international inspectors go to their site. they could have done that. they could have given a nuclear
4:18 am
declaratio declaration. sit a little weird there was no hint of that. meanwhile, we were making concessions and they weren't. >> or just be cautious about it. that's what was strike to go me. there was no level of caution. even if the president wanted to say, look, this was an opportunity for me to meet him face-to-face, to meet him, to take his measure, we have a long road ahead of us if we're going to make any kind of headway given we have been down this road before. the piece was essential. i thought president trump said if this somehow can avoid the loss of millions of lives and kind of a confrontation, that was right on point. but where is the caution? what worries me about all of this, we have a president willing to say one thing today and thing tomorrow.
4:19 am
it was heavily scrutinized at the time. the president says, yeah, i'll trust him. but maybe i'll be wrong. the problem is at this level, if this just goes away as a deal, then what's the next play? then i worry that our president will just say, well, he can't be trusted and therefore we're on a war footing now. that is the danger your playing with. this is not a television ow. there are so many elements where they thin he this is great. >> hold on, jim. go ahead, nick. >> i think also -- i agree with david. there's also risk of conflicting narratives. our narratives is that trump's pressure and rhetoric forced north korea to the table to give up their nuclear weapons.
4:20 am
north korea's narrative is completely different. it's that they're a nuclear test, greater leadership of kim jong-un forced the american president to go to asia to meet their leader as a nuclear equal and to give up military exercises. that can cause problems down the road. >> that's what is playing out. the concessions that the united states gave, not north korea at all. >> just being face-to-face with president trump and kim jong-un throughout all of this, it is difficult to imagine they accomplish aid great deal during one diaw of talks. it was remarkable to be in the same room with kim jong-un and say change is coming. that he is going to change. if president trump somehow stumbled into some kind of historic moment here where he does bring north korea in from the cold, i think it will be unquestionably a big success for
4:21 am
him. but at this point we're talking about a white house where not only did they struggle with the details but they have struggled with reality. they have struggled dealing with reality. the question is are they willing to give away the store just to have this legacy item for president trump. that i think is the dangerous part. as nick and david were saying, the north koreans, like the russians, for decades they have just -- it's like a masters course in global deception. they have done this time and again. and the question is whether or not a white house has trouble dealing with both details and reality can bring them to the finish line. it seemed just looking at them yesterday or the day before, whatever day it was, that he certainly wants to do this. his country is starving. and it seems that he wants to make change. the question is whether or not they can close the deal and whether the art of the deal people here at the white house can make it happen. >> first of all, the day you're referring to was tomorrow.
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>> reporter: time travel. >> listen, in the president's defense, he would say he is not strum belling into this. it was strategic and by design. that remains to be seen. gentlemen, thank you very much for all the analysis. meanwhile, this story. deputy attorney general plans to ask the white house to investigate its own committee staff. sometimes, bipolar i disorder can make you feel unstoppable. ♪ but mania, such as unusual changes in your mood, activity or energy levels, can leave you on shaky ground. help take control by talking to your doctor. ask about vraylar. vraylar is approved for the acute treatment of manic or mixed episodes of bipolar i disorder in adults. clinical studies showed that vraylar reduced overall manic symptoms. vraylar should not be used in elderly patients with dementia due to increased risk of death or stroke.
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and above all... now, i'll dream gig. now more businesses, in more places, can afford to dream gig. comcast, building america's largest gig-speed network. joining us is a member of the house intelligence committee. the house intelligence committee sounds like a mess. >> devin nunes made it a mess when we needed unity when james comey said the russians interfered and the trump team
4:27 am
was under investigation. he protected the president. we needed him to protect our democracy. >> so what's happening now? what's the beef with the staffers on your committee? >> well, we are still learning what exactly that means. what we see is that every week now devin nunes is sending over a new request to reach into the evidence locker of the fbi to apparently give the white house. >> that's what you think his ulterior motive is. >> i don't think he is interested in reading it. i think he wants rows especially stein to say no. they can say they should go. muller isn't a fair actor here. >> he has been saying yes. >> i think he needs to start saying no. we don't let subjects or witnesses look at the evidence file before they come in and interview. >> this crazy thing has been happening.
4:28 am
even when he says yes and allows them to see the stuff to debunk spygate, as he calls it, they said, yeah, we didn't see anything the fbi does wrong, the president still sticks with that. >> i don't know how many exploding cigars they will take. whether it was thearter pa, the memo or a spy in the campaign, they all have backfired. there is an everybody but nunes club right now. they are all saying what nunes or the president is alleging is just not true. >> i'm curious, do you ever walk up and say, hey, buddy, what's going on? >> we have all had a great relationship with him. yes, i have. i have seen mr. schiff say let's take this to the sidelines, talk like normal people, not in front of cameras and sort out the issues. we get crickets.
4:29 am
>> he doesn't respond when you try to talk to him? >> they don't want to do it, no. it is too bad. the bepwefbest antidote for tha unity. if we do nothing, we should expect the same. >> the ig investigation and report on the probe into hillary clinton and how the fbi handled that is due tomorrow. we understand rod rowsen stein is expected to brief president trump before the results become public. what are you expecting? >> james comey did have an investigation going during the election. a lot of people are questioning whether he should have told congress before the investigation reached its conclusion. i'm looking forward to hearing what they think about that. i wish the president would be just as interested as taking a briefing on what the russians did. it's concerning to hear people who lead our intelligence
4:30 am
agencies saying they have no directives to counter what russians are doing. that makes us more at risk to an attack not just from the russians but other actors with similar capabilities. the camy report, that's about the presidents. >> it's also about comey. do you think james comey will be in trouble after tomorrow? >> i expect it to be critical of him. none of us are perfect. but he has been consistent in what he did. he has been willing to sit in a chair, answer questions, raise his right hand, go under oath and tell a story of what he did with respect to the russia investigation and the pressure the president put to make him go away. the president has been unwilling to do that. >> back to russia for a second. robert mueller is trying to send a warning. he said russian intelligence agencies are trying to meddle in the midterms, meaning today. they are trying to meddle today, that was a tuesday court filing.
4:31 am
so what are we to make of this? is congress paying attention that it is happening in the here and now? >> they never left after 2016. they didn't see the unity here, a president willing to confront their leader saying we know you did this. we're going to do all we can to stop it or you're going to pay. so they feel emboldened. >> are we helpless? can we do anything? >> democrats ask republicans last year. with he reiterated it just recently. why not have a no use truce. we won't use it against you. you won't use it against us. that way we can show you have unity. i don't know why but it certainly doesn't protect us. >> congressman, thank you for
4:32 am
telling us all about that and for being here in studio. great to have you. okay, erica. president trump coming under fire for concessions granted to kim jong-un. will they be worth it? george mitchell weighs in next. whoooo.
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president trump declaring this morning north korea is no longer a nuclear threat. this of course after his meeting with kim jong-un. is that possible, though, after a four-hour meeting? joining us now former senate majority leader and special envoy to the middle east, george mitchell. we saw this morning there is no longer a nuclear threat we need to be concerned about. he went on to say we can all sleep well tonight. do you agree? >> no, i don't. it most charitably can be called premature. we must all hope and pray that he is not, that it does turn out to be no longer a nuclear threat. but i think it is unwise and premature to make that declaration at this stage of the process. >> celebrating too early, you
4:37 am
think? >> way too early". >> >> james clapper said, look, we are in a better place today. and part of the reason we are is that the rhetoric has changed a bit. listen to what he said. >> my observation certainly when i was there is the north koreans were clearly stuck on their narrative and we were kind of stuck on ours. emblematic of that is the talking points i was assigned to recite to the north koreans, first of which is you must denuclearize before i talk to you. that was a nonstarter. president trump, to his credit, has changed that narrative, i think. and in a dilemma like this, only the bigger partner, meaning the u.s., can do that. so that's a good thing. >> does this put us on a better path and was the u.s., to dir t director clapper's point, stick to go that language to which he says he was handed? >> well, my feeling is the most
4:38 am
significant aspect of the statement that was made following the meeting was the omission of the words verifiable and irreversible. secretary of state pompeo repeatedly, including just before the meeting, said that's the american standard. the fact that north korea says it favors denuclearization without further definition of the word is not new. sit 20 years old. he referred back to his prior statement. his statement in april. i would have preferred the traditional diplomatic process of having early negotiations and then the leaders come in when there was some prospect for success. we must all hope and pray it succeeds. but the optimistic is completely unwarranted. and i think to the contrary we
4:39 am
should be careful and insist that this gap between the definition of the two sides on what is denuclearization and the timing and pace of that has to be closed. >> not surprising, we know this is being sold slightly differently in north korea. getting a sense of how media is portraying the concessions that the u.s. has given up. that being said, moving forward, how do you bring verifiable back into the conversation can? if this negotiation has gone a different way than what we are all used to, how do you bring it back? >> that's up to secretary of state pompeo and those grappling with the details as opposed to the handshake and general statements. and i think they have to be firm on that. the president set a high bar for himself denouncing the nuclear agreement. that established the most
4:40 am
rigorous inspection regime in history. there is no precedent for it. to duplicate that is extremely difficult. >> we were told by jim acosta, the president spoke with prime minister abe and president moon as well. what do leaders need to hear today? >> the primary concern is that the united states will enter into an agreement with north korea that will deal with long range missiles and nuclear weapons and sacrifice their security. we can't abandon them in this effort.
4:41 am
they have to be included from the outset. their concerns have to be taken into account. and obviously it would also be good for us if north korea's bid to take actions would meet the security needs of south korea and japan. >> we're not talking a lot about here. it was not brought up in the meeting. we heard it may be at one point human rights issues. president trump said kim jong-un loves his people. there is a lot to be said about that. how much should be a conversation going forward? >> it has to be an important part of the conversation. we have security guarantees with others around the world, including south korea and japan.
4:42 am
will we protect kim jong-un in the event his people rise up against him. this is a totalitarian regime. there are over 1,000 prisoners. he ordered several assassinations of members of his own family. that has to be a factor. it should not prevent us from entering into an agreement. we deal with adversaries all the time. but in terms of security guarantees, they have to be more precisely designed and more limited than they historically have been with respect to our traditional lives. >> thank you for appreciate the time for joining us. thank you. an fbi agent whose dance moves turned dangerous when his gun went off is under arrest. the charges he faces next. oh, you brought butch.
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4:47 am
mccabe is suing the justice department and fbi for documents linked to his firing. in that lawsuit his lawyer says his client's dismissal violated federal law and departed from rules and policies. he has been the subject of attack by gop supporters and president trump since the 2016 campaign. he was fired in march hours before his planned retirement. clare mccaskill knit to go using a private jet across missouri. i'm not sure that's what the message of the rv tours. she said the jet picked her up at the end of a full day to pick her up. and the missouri senator faces a tough reelection bid and has been criticized for failing to pay property tax on a private plane she and her husband partially owned. an fbi agent awaiting
4:48 am
assault charges after his gun accidentally went out. it fill out of his waist band when he did a back flip. you see him searching for it. it went off, hitting one pepper in the leg. >> oh, my gosh, that should have been so much worse. meanwhile, president trump is getting plenty of praise in conservative media for meeting with kim jong-un. what did the same commentators say when president obama suggested doing it. we dig up the old video out of a tape library to reveal the 180-degree turn on both sides. hi.i just wanted to tell you that chevy won a j.d.power
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so conservative media outlets, many of them, are praising president trump's meeting with kim jong-un, but that position was remarkably different than the one those same commentators took when president obama dared to even suggest doing it. listen. >> would you as president meet with the leaders of a country
4:53 am
like north korea? obama said, i'd meet with him. >> senator obama made his intentions crystal clear on the campaign trail. >> i will meet, not just with our friends but with our enemies. >> president trump likes talking to dictators. >> he would meet with some of these mad men without any preconditions. >> i'm going to reach out to these crazy people around the world and try to get things done. >> obama is bowing and scraping before dictators. >> joining us now to talk about all of this, we have brian stelter and bill carter. great to have both of you. at was then, when obama suggested he might even possibly ever meet with north korea with no preconditions. so let's listen to how some of these same commentators now feel today after donald trump did it. listen to this. >> donald trump looked more presidential this morning than i've ever seen him look. this may very well be
4:54 am
transformative for him as a person and for the office that he occupies. >> by all accounts this summit went very well, exceeding expectations. >> this is a great time to be an american. who else could have gotten us to this point. this is an amazing first step that he will never, ever, ever get an ounce of credit for. >> brian, i'm just curious, do they think that video tape doesn't exist. >> i feel like the most valuable thing in america today is consistency because it's so hard to find. it's so hard to find. all people are looking for but you don't see that in right wing media. >> it's always dangerous to make sweeping statements. if you make a really sweeping statement about, well, this is an awful thing and your team comes along and you have to go all the way back, it's always going to be embarrassing -- maybe not embarrassing if you just think this is what i'm supposed to say and i'm going to say it. >> isn't that what it is?
4:55 am
isn't it stockholm syndrome, that you don't know you're being hypocritical or you're on the winning team and it feels so good to be on the winning team. >> they say in sports, you really vote for laundry. you're rooting for the jersey. the content here is less important than it's our guy doing it. >> it's not just fox that has just done this shape shifting and completely changed their position. msnbc commentators have had examples of this. so here is rachel maddow meeting with fidel castro and how she feels about president trump meeting with a dictator. >> the president barack obama will be forever the american leader got done since jack
4:56 am
kennedy tried and failed to do. no matter what they do with nuclear weapons. they have manipulated the rest of the world to see this dictatorship as a legitimate and to see kim jong-un as a legitimate head of state and that is serious as a heart attack. as weird as this and almost as incredible as this is, this is a very serious line that the president just crossed. >> donald trump legitimized the dictator but not president obama. >> the right gets a lot of flak for these flip-flops and it's not exclusive to the right. >> it isn't. if you're going to stake out positions like this. i think you to have to be consistent. it's okay -- it's okay to provide context. it's important to provide context because what's going on here -- the reason for scepticism about what's happening with trump and north korea and but you should provide a little context and say when it happened with obama, it worked out because of this.
4:57 am
i think it's fair -- >> sure and there was a reason i think for those fox commentators to be sceptical when president obama suggested it. it was eyebrowing raising. >> sceptical is what we're supposed to be as journalists of both sides. >> i thought it was telling that even before the summit started, commentators on fox were saying that trump wasn't going to get any credit and the media was out to get him and the media was un-american wanting this to fail. the bar was even being set before the summit started. we see this alternative universe that president trump and his supporters play into. the nuclear threat has been resolved and its over. he's doing the same thing that fox commentators do by trying to create this alternative narrative where he's already the hero and achieved victory. >> i was about to suggest the limbo bar for how limber some people have to be and the contorgsism that they're shifting in to here.
4:58 am
here is mercedes schlapp who is part of the communications office. this is what she said in 2016 about president trump going to meet with -- sorry, president obama going to meet with castro. obama shakes hands with dictator raul castro, next shakes hands with kim jong-un she suggested and yesterday, she said feeling great. obama failed in his diplomacy in dealing with cuba. gave it all to raul and expected nothing in return. president trump is the real deal maker and is successful moving north korea in the right direction with maximum pressure campaign and working towards denuclearization. >> this really -- that sounds like a propaganda arm, absolutely. when you're basically saying our guys can do everything, but the other guys to everything wrong. >> all right. bill, brian, thank you very much for explaining all of this to us
4:59 am
today. we're following a lot of news let's get right to it. >> he is absolutely committed to get airtight verification on this. >> this is the most anemic and very little substance on anything. >> i support stopping the exercises. >> with the money we spend training with our allies, its money well spent. >> the fact that we spent about the brink from a nuclear war is a positive step. >> he's got a great personality. he loves his people. >> he obviously doesn't truly believe this guy's that talented. >> the president is trying to butter the guy up. >> kim jong-un is a butcher. >> you can do it but you have to do it very, very carefully. announcer: this is "new day" with alisyn camerota and john berman. and good morning, everyone. welcome to your "new day." it is wednesday, june 13th, 8:00 now in the east. john is still on his way back from asia. >> it's not a quick trip. >> it is not. so he is headed back to us by
5:00 am
erica hill joins me in his stead. as we do all this follow-up, president trump is back in washington after making history with that north korean summit. the president this morning declares that north korea is, quote, no longer a nuclear threat after his four hour meeting with kim jong-un. the only problem is they still have nuclear weapons, of course, and the capabilities to use them. >> america's top diplomat mike pompeo is now in south korea where he's sure to be facing questions about the president's surprise announcement that he is halting those joint military exercises with south korea. let's begin our coverage with joe johns who's live for us at the white house. joe? >> reporter: erica, the president very active on twitter this morning upon his return from that big summit in singapore, but the tweet that seems to be attracting the most attention right now is the one indicating that in his view there is no longer a nuc


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