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tv   CNN Newsroom With Poppy Harlow  CNN  June 13, 2018 7:00am-8:00am PDT

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we'll get one view from the white house where house speaker ryan will step before the cameras. >> good morning, poppy. the white house message machine just a little bit disjointed this morning after the president arrived at joint base andrews after that long trip from singapore, and one of the things that they're certainly disjointed aboutthe difference between goals, on the one hand and what's actually happened. the president indicating things have already been done. the white house message machine trying more to indicate what the president wants. an example of that, kellyanne conway, the presidential adviser out here on the driveway speaking to reporters just a little while ago. i asked her if the president had jumped the gun by declaring that the nuclear threat from north korea was already over and what she did was essentially
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re-stated what the president's goals are, that he wants north korea to denuclearize, that he wants it to be verifiable, and there's also this issue of war games versus military exercises. the president indicating that he is canceling, if you will, war games on the peninsula. we have the tweet, and i can show it to you in just a minute that that tweet essentially say we save a fortune by not doing war games as long as we're negotiating in good faith, which both sides are. that's a loaded term, including south korea as war games. the north koreans believe it's a precursor to war or at least that's what they say. the united states uses the term military exercises. so what does it all mean? the vice president of the united states speaking last night indicated that military
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exercises would continur military training, i should say, would continue and war games would not. what does that mean? perhaps the no more live fire exercises, but we still haven't gotten clarification from the white house and the president has nothing on his schedul today. poppy, back to you. >> it's a good and important question and one that mike pompeo is tackling in south korea. trying to smooth over worries about pntmp unexpectedly announcing that the joint military exercises with south korea are on hold. nic robertson joins us with more. what can you tell us? >> yeah. poppy, this is where the hard work begins. you would have expected ahead of a summit that this kind of level of detail with allies explaining what you're thinking and what you're planning to do and what your strategy is, and this woul and secretary of state mike pompeo arrived here a few hours ago and met with general vincent brooks who is a commander of u.s. forces in south korea, and
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undoubtedly the opportunity to share enlightenment about the picture and military training exercises, the u.s. forces deal with south korean forces and hugely important for the preparedness and the level of readiness and they need to be ready to fight tonight is what they -- is the level that they're at because of the potential, immediate threat from north korea. so tomorrow fortary po the tougher meetings, meeting with president moon jae-in of south korea. after that, he's expected to meet with south korean foreign minister and japan's foreign minister, as well because not forgetting japan has a stake in all o this, as well and they're concerned about the regional security and they're concerned about north korea and they're concerned with the potential for a change in the u.s. strategy here and the diplomatic leg work that might have gone on before such an event like the summit yesterday. that's going to get perhaps more
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meat on the bones and the concern in south korea very simply. they've said this from the president's office, they want to undere intent and the accurate intent of what president trump means by this, poppy? >> also, you have a message that is radically different from western media's message on the summit within n korea. north korea's television downplaying denuclearization as part of the summit, right? >> sure. what you're seeing in north korea is the sort of flip side, you know. president trump has raised the potential and the possibilities and the hopes and the aspirations of what he thi that the deal is, but what they're hearing in north korea is how well their leader kim jong-un has done. they're saying they're praising the summit and they're praising president trump, as well, but not as much praise as they're putting on their leader.
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they're hyping what they see a the gains out of this, and the sort of strategy going forward that they are no longer under threat. of course, this is inconceivable a few days ago. thestes and north korea has been the great demon. so to hear them praise president trump is something new. not so new, of course, hearing them hype their leader's position over and above the u.s.' position on this, poppy. >> nic robertson, ireciate the reporting from se thank you. i am joined by cnn global affairs kimberly dozier and samantha vingret. let me start with you. they are bold remarks a he says the summit went well and everyone hopes that it did, but to say there is not a nuclear threat from northkorea, what do you make of that? >> i think everyone, diplomats included are getting used to this president throwing these
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optimistic predictions out there seeing his actions in the best possible light. this is somebody who was talking about possibly getting a nobel peace prize when he had simply arranged a meeting what they areelieved by the people that i've spoken to is that he didn't give too much away and now the diplomats, the technocrats can get to work on the nitty, gritty details. >> do you think, sam, sitting here that we are safer as a country, that the united states is safer now post-summit than it was pre-summi think it depends time parameter. national security is not just a short-term gain. have loic that we need to address and the fact of the matter is that presint is systematically dismantling the global architecture that keeps us safe such as nuclear nonprolifion. when you see his tweet that the nuclear threat is gone. we have nonproliferation re
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under the iaea, under the treat nonproliferation over the long term around the world and he's dismantling all of that. >> devil's advocate here. north korea is going ahead with the nuclear program, full steam ahead and you have the former director of the national intelligence who has been very critical of president trump saying, look, we are in a better place now than we were six or eight months ago post-summit. six or eight months ago we were still under president trump and it was fire and fury rhetoric time, but looking at where north korea was going, sam, are we better off than that trajectory? >> missiles aren't flying. so again, in the short terme have a de-escalation, but poppy, we have no idea if north korea has actually frozen its program. we know that they're not test, but again, they' not testing use they've achieved the nuclear capabity so we have no idea of knowing whether they stopped research and deopment, whether they turned
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their centrifuges off so they could re-start the maligned behavior really at the flip of a switch. >> defining denuclearization, kim er, perhaps it is the most important part of any signed, actual agreement that is iron clad. do you see a scenario where the interpretation of what the denuclearization of t peninsula actually means on the same page? >> i think what we might see is the replay, remember the warm summit that president trump had early on with president xi of china and the details camer ward and now we' looking over the trade negottion table with china and facing a possible trade war. you will probably likely see the same sort of tough negotiating behind closed doors. the pentagon instance, military exercises may have been
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cancelled, but the planning for the kind of operations that they do, the cooperations behind closed doors, that's still going forward. officials that i've spoken to say they're still staying ready for a possible, military response to the north korean provocion no matter what the president says. >> talk about the fact that the joint military exercises have been halted for now. vice president mike pence trying to clean it up yesterday, no war ut some military exercises. i don't know what that would look like, but clearly south korea was shocked by this and not happy by this, but russia likes it. >> one person we haven't talked a lot about has been vladimir putin. what came out of the summit in singapore is a win for china and putin. any rollback in our military presence in the region is something vladimir putin wants. his greatest fear is some
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destabilization whereby more u.s. troops are in the region. there are mor joint military exercises and so what does he have now? he has us announcing that we're not proceeding with joint military exercises and we have the president of the united states and this is a massive point using north korea or the lexicon to describe military exercises. general and his own military's language to describe a defensive operation. he's mimicking kim jong-un and that's worrisome. >> could that be before we go strategic, and this is a president whether you want him or you don't and everyone wants the same outcome in the united sttes, right? a saf world. >> do you see something strategic, perhaps, that the flowery language that the president is using with kim jong-un, et cetera? this is a method weave seen him do multiple times and being very e fiesi
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effusive with the north koreans in that in that they studied him and they found a way to sell something that they wanted to him in terms that he had used and could understand and i think they rolled him on this issue. i think they got him. kim dozier and sam vinograd. >> what message does it send to those who want to break with the president ahead of the midterm? also republican leaders breathing a sigh of relief after dodging a battle royale over immigration. we'll talk to one of those republican lawmakers behind the semi-revolt that was going to be ahead and united bid leads to a united win for north america. the world cup coming to the states.
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until her laptop her sacrashed this morning.eks, having it problems? ask a business advisor how to get on demand tech support for as little as $15 a month. this week get boise case paper for only $29.99 at office depot office max. another republican trump critic goes down in the primary. congressman mark sanford defeated hours after the
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president took to twit toter to attack him and saying he was nothing, but trouble in bringing up an affair. republicans might want to break with trump ahead of the midterms and let's discuss with the commentator, simone sanders and alice stewart. nice to have y here, ladies. let's just listen to mark sanford saying he doesn regret anything he s about the president despite the loss. listen. >> it may have cost me an election in this case, but i stand by every one of those decisions to disagree with the president. >> might cost him his seat. i don't know. we'll see what happens in november, but a warning sig for republicans who may be thinking about calling out the president a little more and may think twice now >> maybe, poppy. especially in a district tt is very red and people are supportive of trump. we saw margot robbie was critical of president trump and
7:17 am
she is no longer there and others decided enough is enough and speaking of jeff flake and bob corker, and clearly, the lesson learned here is that if you want to speak your mind against trump make that you are in a district that it doesn't think very highly of trump and that'sting more and more dhese days because a least with regard to his base and republicans, trump is doing very well and you have to be very careful how you're going to voice your opposition to the president when he is more than happy to come out and endorse your challr even in the primary. >> even with hours to go which is what he did yesterday. >> simone, exactly to alice's point, if you look at this new polling on the presidens 500th day in office, 87% -- 87% of republicans supporting the president. that is the second highest of their presidency since at this world war ii, only second after
7:18 am
george w. bush after the 9/11 attack. what's the lesson politically? >> lesson for republicans is folks have yet to break with the president. the republican party base bewildering me, has stuck with this president, and that means going to have to fully embrace donaldmp and his disastrous policies, his health care bill that is trying to undermine and rip away health care from folks. his tax bill, the salacious things that have come on the of this white house. they'll have to embrace all of that if they want to keep a seat. >> put the president's rhetoric aside for a m which is nearly impossible to do, i understand that, but the way that he has put -- the legislation that he's been supportive of, the pushes that he's made on policy are exactly in line with what he promised on the campaign trail? it's bewildering to me because for years conservatives have come out and said we are the
7:19 am
party of family values and we are the party of conservative christian values, so on and so forth and donald trump is the is of everythinghat conservatives have told us they stand for for the last 20, 30, longer than i've been alive years and so what this says to me is that republicans and the republican party is willing to put their values to the side that is bewildering to me and are and the win in virginia y yesterd and the best thing of mark sanford and so many other folks across the country who won a republican primary for a legislative seat in nevada. that let me know that the family values side is turning. >> if i can say quickly, i the very policiend the very issues that the president has been successful on is the very reason yet base and the gop establishment is still behind him. he has been true to his word on
7:20 am
life, true to the supreme court and tax cuts and the success in these areas is the very reason yet base is behind him. they might not like his tone and tenor, but they do like his doing with our allies.e what hes senator bob corker, listen to him on the floor of the senate yesterday. >> we might poke the bear is the language i've been hearing in hallways. we might poke the bear. the president might get upset with us as united states senators if we vote on the corker amendment. so we're going to do everything we can to block it. my gosh! if the president gets upset with us then we might not be in the majority! >> alice, he is free to say whatever he wants. he's not running again, i get that, but you know, why is he such a lone, vocal voice on something that so many republicans hate? >> there are a lot of people who
7:21 am
share his views, but they understand certainly if they're in a primary, they're not going to, as he says, poke a bear and they simply can't afford it and they'll support the policies that theonstituents back home wants and what they're going to do and they'll run in the district and it's not a big secret that if you hit the president he'll hit you back ten times harder. it's politically expedient and the wise thing to do is to keep your powder dry at least until after you -- >> if you're only doing your job to get re-elected again, sure, but if you're doing your job for the reasons you're supposed to be executing your job which is the wishes of the constituent, then it's different. >> archie parnell won in the primaries and this is a democrat who admitted a month ago that he attacked an beat his wife 45 years ago. she said it caused her to fear for her lifend she got a restraining order. what does it tell us about what
7:22 am
is disqualifying and not disqualifying about someone who wants to hold public office in this me too movement. >> i want to know, poppy that these revelations came to light mere weeks before the primary. archie parnell's staff didn't know and he lost the local and national party folks supporting him, and i think it's disconcerting. many folks asked archie parnell to step down. he knew that he could, in fact, win his primary and there is no place for domestic abusers, and sexual assaulters or predators regardless of what party you are in. >> thank you, very, very much. coming up, the scandals keep piling up for ep administrator scott pruitt. the new report how they used to help the top aide's wife land a job.
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comcast, building america's largest gig-speed network. epa chief scott pruitt tangled p tangled up. pruitt reached out to top donors if there was a job for his wife. let's talk to one of the reporters who broke this story, the washington post josh dosy. yet another one. walk us through this one. scott pruitt had one of his top epa aides along with a donor work for several months to try to find his wife a paid position in washington. eventually she was given a job as a conservat judicial crisis network which is a
7:28 am
right-wing group which pushes for conservative judges that they don't deem is conservative enough. he relied on people who have business in front of the agency and a senior epa aide for this extensive search to make sure his wife was getting a paycheck every month. >> you also report that there was one of these people who they went to approach to hire her, one of these donors who said they couldn't hire her because of a conflict of interest. that's the right answer, but then what did the pruitt team do? >> so that part of the story derived from himeaching out to a texas donor who has oil and gas interests. when they asked him to consider hiring marilyn pruitt, scott pruitt's wife, he said he could not because he has business in front of the epa. it was interesting to us that the donor was the one that disclosed the conflicts and it was not by the epa immediately
7:29 am
and he was brainstorng other potential jobs for mare lane pruitt, scott pruitt's wife. he was ultimately unsuccessful so the pruitts eventually relied on leonard leo who is a conservative kingmaker in town and runs the supreme court process for the administration and a lot of judges to get this other paid job. >> and also held on that trip to italy, right? that pruitt took that raised so many questions. whais the epa saying about this?ot>> they commenting at all, but it's, you know, the repeated stories of his effort to get her a chick-fil-a franchise and using anything that we employed last week and efforts to basically for months and months to find work for his life because scott pruitt was telling his aides that he needed more money and could not live in washington on the salary of being administrator. >> the president continues to voice his support of scott
7:30 am
pruitt because he's executing the president's wishes inside of the epa, right? rolling back a lot of these regulations. the president just last week said, and i quote, people are really impressed with the job that's being done at the epa. thank you very, very much, scott, meaning scott pruitt. and republican senator joni ernst said this is as swampy as swampy gets. why is he willing to stick with scott pruitt? >> scott pruitt has conducted a lot of his ag, and a lot of high-profile donors really like scott pruitt and he hears consistently from conservatives around the country that scott pruitt is one of the most effective members of his cabinet. what's interesting to us is support for pruitt inside the west wing as he wrote it and the president is the only one left in the building who supports scott pruitt. he's also talked to scott pruitt about his frustrations with jeff
7:31 am
sessions as "the new york times" reported this weekend and that's certainly true, and he has talked to scott pruitt about a number of political issues outside of the epa. he's one of the president's favorite cabinet members and s far the drip, drip, drip of ethical issues has not changed that dynamic for the president. >> important reporting as always. josh dawsey, thanks. some late-night wrangling managed to quash the revolt. what's next over the battle over immigration reform as we head to the midterm. (vo) at pro plan,
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did you say you saved 120 dollars a night on a room? 120 a night on a hotel room... that's a lot of savings! i saved even more on my flight. save up to 60% on hotels with priceline. welcome back. i'm poppy harlow in new york, and right now a lot of questions about just how deadly hurricane maria was to the people of puerto rico. the official death toll still stands at 64, of course, you know that harvard study that came out a few weeks ago, it shows that 5,000 people may have died as a result. that number was an estimate. based on surveys we could be
7:37 am
closer to learning the actual death toll this after cnn sued the government there to release the death records and won that suit. joining me now our correspondent leila santiago has been following this story and hammering on it every day since the hurricane hit. tell me about this legal motion and what it will allow us and allow the public to actually learn? >> reporter: right, poppy. we are expecting to over the next few days get a total of 24,000 death cers. yese received database that has about 12,000 of them and so we will be looking at that to get a better understanding of what happened after hurricane maria in terms of deaths. i want to be clear, that doesn't mean there are 24,000 deaths related to hurricane maria. some on this database do say cataclysmic storm as a cause, but now we want to look into the other one. to the bottom of whodied,
7:38 am
when, where, how? what were the conditions that led to those deaths? i've heard from doctors who say that a lack of medical care or access to medical care, lack of power led to a lot of those deaths. that's what we're going to be investigating. now, as you mentioned we had to sue for that. we joined in a lawsuit for the center for investigative journalism here on the island. they -- yesterday or, excuse me, two days ago the government of puertoo asked f an extension. they said they needed more time to be able to redact som social securities on the death certificates, but the judge said no, sided with us and that's when the release of those records began. now how is this different from what you mentioned? the harvard study? well, the harvard study was an estimate. they surveyed different areas around the island and talked to 10,000 people and based on the trends they found there, researchers said a conservative estimate would be 4600 deaths
7:39 am
related to hurricane maria, but again, that is an estimate. we have done investigations in the past that show we believe that last year the death toll could have been nine times and that's based on interviews with funeral homes and families and this is concrete evidence that will give us a better understanding of the actual death toll. poppy? >> as you know the governor told our anderson cooper a bit over a week ago there will be hell to pay if anything was withheld, talking about how much he wanted the transparency and now we'll get it because of this lawsuit. what about the families that you've been talking to. the people on the ground as they learn this news? what are they saying to you? >> reporter: poppy, let me first address what you mentioned to the governor, and i reached out to the fortaleza, the governor's mansion and i wanted to ask specifically about that. in terms of the family, i talked to one family, the family of pepe sanchez, the first one we
7:40 am
featured in our investigation and his wife said that she got goosebumps hearing that this information was being released because she believes there will be more pepes out there, more cases, more than 64 deaths related to hurricane maria and that is so important. i think any researcher or expert in this field will tell you because if we don't have a good understandingf this death toll there is no way to possibly prevent that from happening again in the future. that's why those numbers are so important. >> leyla, thank you for staying on a for us. let us know what you find as you go through that data. ahead, house republicans reached a deal to stop house leadership on immigration reform. house speaker paul ryan just addressed it. you'll hear that next. for as little as $15 a month. this week get boise case paper for only $29.99 at office depot office max. do not mistake serenity
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all right. moments ago house speaker paul ryan taking questions addressing questions about the ability the house leadership had at the last moment to stave off this rebellion that would have forced the vote on four immigration bills dealing with daca on the floor, something ryan did not want to see. here's what he said this morning. >> this is an effort to bring our caucus together, our conference together on immigration. i am very -- i am very pleased with our me what happened was our members got together, spoke with one another, and compromised with each other to find a way forward without exercising a discharge petition which would mean we'll never make law and what we have is a chance at making law and solving this problem and members wanted to have votes on their issues. there are members who want to have a vote on the bill and they'll get that and now we have a bill that represents a
7:46 am
compromise that is going to be brought to the floor so members can vote on legislation, tackling this issue and this has a chance of going into law, because like i said before, the last thing weant is to is bring a bill they know the president won't supportnd we've been working hand in glove with the administration to make sure we're bringing a bill that represents the president's -- >> there you have it. house speaker paul ryan saying he's very pleased with how this all played out. let's talk with the republican of california about this and sir, you are so relevant on this point because you are one of those republicans who signed on to the discharge petition, pushed it, trying to force a vote on all four of these bills on the floor against the will of the house leadership and they said it was not a good idea and they wanted to see it happen and let me ask you now where we are, this compromise that paul ryan spoke about. two bills will be brought up for a vote next week and one is not expected to have the support to pass. the other one isn't written yet. is this a compromise you're
7:47 am
happy with? >> you know, this is certainly how i would have written a bill, but it is a compromise. it does protect dreamers day one. as soon as the law is enacted, it will not only protect those that signed up for daca, but those dreamers that are eligible and never did and those that haveged in. our goal is to not only have a permanent fix for dreamers, but ultimately that we secure the border for the entire country, as well. this bill does both of those. >> i should note that represent represent california the state with the most dac recipients of any state, almost 200 according to "the l.a. times," where do you think is that the republican leadership vehemently opposed having these four different immigration bills come to the floor and force a vote. are they afraid of the potential impact of the republicans ahead of the midterm? >> i certainly think that immigration is a difficult topic, not only for our topic
7:48 am
and an emotional topic for both parties. we failed to get it done over the last 30 years. we thought we would get it done with the march 5th deadline and we had to create our own deadline to force i thought we would have had a great bipartisan bill with the usa act, but the current compromise does protect dreamers. >> your democrat opponent heading into november as you know, josh harder, he makes the argument, sir, that you pay lip service to comprehensive immigration reform, that you want to -- you say you want to help dreamers, but that you don't act on it. let me read you part of what he posted on his website, talking about you, he's remained silent while his administration has broken up families and deported law-abiding immigrants who own businesses and create jobs. you said on nbc a few days ago, look, my kids go to school with dreamers. i know them, they've graduated, succeeded and gone to college and moved on to jobs. what do you say to your democratic opponent who says you
7:49 am
pay lip service and don't do anything. >> he's a supporter of nancy pelosi who had a m larger majority of this and the presidency. they did not make this a prioty or bring it up so have. i not only introduced the enlist act seven years ago and i have continuously pressed and pressed to force a vote to the point of even standing up to my own party. this is not about party. this is about finding a solution for dreamers and i've been wanting to test the waters on it. >> so his argument is that you are silent while the trump administration makes big overhauls to immigration policy on the asylum front --? this is a guy -- >> hold on, jeff sessions radically changed the ray the immigration course worked this week and made it much harder for people to seek asylum in this country and the criminal prosecution of those crossing the border means much more separation from parents and children at the border. are these two moves that you're supportive of the administration
7:50 am
on? >> it deported many people than the other -- >> hold on, congressman, that would be relevant if my question was about the previous administration. i asked you specifically about this administratioand the move of asylum seekers and the border because of the criminal prosecution. are you supportive of both of those moves? >> didn't think the law worked under therevious president. it's the same law and i'm going to cone toork toward a solution. >> are you supportive of the changes? >> we have a compromised bill -- >> are you supportive of the department of justice the way the immigration course operates. let's tackle that first? u support that move to make it difficult for people to seek asylum in this country. was that the right move? >> we are tackling it a bill. look, if you're going to seek asylum, if you're in jeopardy in your country then wouldn't you seek asylum in the next safest country that you pass through? that's a question the american public needs to answer when it's
7:51 am
too much. >> you are saying the asylum seekers should seek asylum in mexico and not the united states. >> i think we should seek their safety. i think we can't solve the problems of the entire globe and we have to work together, and it makes sense for the united states of america. >> yes or no, do you support the changes this week for asylum seekers? >> am focused on getting a piece of legislation done that addresses this very issue. >> i don'tand why you don't think that's a relevant question to answer. >> i think that there are many different asylum seekersnd a pathway to seek asylum which is why we will address it legislatively. >> congressman, i'd love to have you back and see if we can get an answer on that one. thank you. >> thank you. the world cup is coming to the states. coy wire has the bleacher report next. managing blood sugar
7:52 am
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it's got your trailer cored too. just another reason why ford f-series is america's best-selling truck for 41 straight years. ♪ this is the new 2018 ford f-150. it doesn't just raise the bar, pal. it is the bar. host the 2026 fifa world cup, the big tournament in soccer, of course. coy wire has more in this morning's "bleacher report." this is cool. three different cntries doing it at the same time. >> co-hosting, the crown jewel of the world's most popular along with co-hosting nations canada and mexico. as yotioned, this
7:57 am
bleacher report presented by ford going further so you can. this morning in moscow at fifa's anmeet >> the member associations of canada, mexico and usa have been selected by the fifa congress to hold the 2026 fifa world cup. thank you. >> this voting marked the first time in more than half a century that all of fifa's member associations, more than 200 nations were the decisionmakers. before this, they were the fifa executives which would decide which nation would host and after that controversials awdiyear's tournament to russia and qatar, they promised a more open and transparent vote. the 2026 world couple be the biggest ever with 48 teams playing across 34 days and they may get to p2026 as has been customary for host nations and it may not be the case saying that there are three nations co-hosting. the u.s. failed to qualify for
7:58 am
this year's tournament which starts tomorrow in russia. our nation's capital, boy, do they know how to party for their hometown team. a reported 100,000 people turning out for the capitals to celebrate their first-every cup capsta alex ovechkin is like the energizer bun and he k seemingly a non-stop party over their victory in vegas last week. >> we're not going to be [ bleep ] this year! we are the stanley cup champions! yeah! >> and the west coast knows how to party, too. bottles popping in oakland. raiders fans celebrating their third championship of the last four years and yet somehow kevin durant, the warriors star still doesn't quite know how to open a champagne bottle and someone timed him and it took him a
7:59 am
minute to figure out how to get it open. an estimated half a million dollars spent on alcohol for this celebration. i find it's a fascinating juxtaposition compared to the hockey players and to each their own, right so or both of them. that is great to see. i can never get the champagne bottle open, either. thank you, coy. good to see you. >> finally this hour, my favorite story, the bravery of the raccoon who captivated the internet by climbing a 25-story skyscraper in the great state of minnesota, st. paul, to be exact. for hours yesterday the internet went wild watching the animal grip the sides of this bing like spider-man. no balcony and no open windows to clasp to. office workers were watching anxiously as the critter continued its climb starting
8:00 am
the #mprraccoon and last night, something remarkable happened and look at that spotlight on the raccoon, he made it to the roof. we are happy to report just a short time ago, that raccoon was fely caught, lured to a cage by some delicious, soft cat food and there's your moment of zen. thank you all for being with us today. i'm poppy harlow. "at this hour" with kate bolduan starts right now. hello, everyone. i'm kate bolduan. break from the president and do so at your own political risk. is that the most important message before the m election? mark sanford may have learned that the hard way. the incumbent losing in the republican primary last night. his challenger won following the last-minute endorsement from president trump, a tweet just three hours before the pollsclo. this morning the preside taking some credit, at least for


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