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tv   Inside Politics  CNN  June 13, 2018 9:00am-9:59am PDT

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tchens and their flooring and their lobbies and the grounds. and the beautification of their homes, giving them pride in where they live, will make this a thriving community once again. ♪ thiss cnbreaking news. >> welcome to "inside politics." i'm john king. thank you for sharing this day with us. a packed hour ahead, beginning with this very important breaking news of interest to the west wing, without a doubt. a source telling cnn michael con, the president's long-time fixer and lawyer, has ditched his legal team, just days ahead of atical court deadline.
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cohen now bringing in new lawyers. who that is? we don't know a the moment. what it means for cohen and potentially for the president also unclear. cohen, we should be clear, has not b cha wit crime. but the decision to get new counsel could indicate charges are coming. the source telling cnn cohen has not yet met with prosecutors to speak about potential deal, and it's unclear whetheren or the prosecutors want one. let's dissect this news with my panel. gloria, you're part of the new reporting on this. michael cohen, they served a warrant on him, an unusual warm. they took records from his home, from his hotel room and office. we know he's under investigation, started with the special counsel and handed off to prosecutors in new york. wh t move? there's a lot of heat on michael cohen, as you point out. and i've been told that cohen wanted somebody with new york
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experience, who he's clearly going to face some criminal charges. he wants someone with experience in the southern district of new york. his previous lawyer, steve cone, as you know, was brought in to shepherd him through congresshearings. he's a d.c. attorney. and i think that cohen just decided this was a good time to change. does it mean -- does it signal a shift in strategy? it could. we don't know the answer to that. our source is telling us that cohen has not met with prosecutors, that this is simply a shift that he feels he's going to need as he faces potential criminal charges in new york. but we don't really know the answer to the question about her intends to cut a deal with prosecutors by the way, whether prosecutors wan him to cut a don't know. >> so let's be careful, since we don't know. but we do know this is
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significant. they've been going over the documents seized from his office, home, hotel room, to determine what's privileged and what isn't. the president's lawyers are involved in that, and just because days before a dene, you tell a judge i'm switching lawyers. what does that mean? >> it's not clear. it could mean a couple of things. we saw this with gates. we switched lawyers, he picked up tom green and that led to a guilty plea and cooperation agreent. so this may be a predicate for what twas. or it could be, as gloria reports, that he just wanted someone local, and that he moved from washington, d.c. base lawyer to a new york lawyer. but to your timing question, it is very unusual. when you have a deadline of tomorrow to produceocuments that you're going to assert privilege with respect to which may be the whole basis for your case, it doesn't make sense that you would switch the day before, unless there was some fundamental disagreement between the lawyers and their client
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about how to move forward. >> i admit, we could be spun on this, and there could be a disagreement on strategy with lawyers, which would signal a split. we just don't know on this. all we know is that they've separated, and we're not sure what that means down the road yet. >> know -- just one point here. we know from an earlier report that the law firm that is presently representing cohen, has received paymeer the guidelines from the trump organization, the trump campaign. so maybe there's a fee dispute here, if they can no longer receive payments from trump, where is the money going to come from? so there's lots of stuff we don't know. >> and to the point we don't know whether michael cohen is planning a change in his strategy or he just needs new lawyers who maybe have experience in cases like this in
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new york. but you mentioned richard dagat. three have flipped, michael flynn, george ps andck gate so if you're hear thing news, you're worried is michael flynn going to cooperate. for years, more than a decade, the president's lawyer, the president's fixer, knows about the trump organization, also was, and this is one of the reasons this makes you step back a little bit, central to the payment to stormy daniels, and then central to the idea of the white house having to clean up a lie that the president had nothing to do with it, or the president wasn't involved in the payment. remember, michael cohen paid t money and we now know the white house waited a long time to clear this up to be reimbursed. if you're in the west wing today, i guess you hope you know more than we do about what is at the core at this. >> if you want t gauge how the president feels about michael
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cohen, what he was saying and doing on twitter. he was clearly upset and questioned the strategy, and the rational behind the raid itself. and i think it underscores the relationship that the two of them have had. but two, how much michael cohen knows and has been involved with every element of president trump's prewhite house life. i think that raises concerns. to what gloria is reporting, you take a step back. the southern district of new york's posture is not a secret. what they did and how they deployed in terms of the raid, the strategy has made very clear that something is coming, i think. if you talk to legal experts. so the idea t mic cohen would want somebody with ties or knowledge of sdny and b, who is ready to fight them, would make sense. the question nowbecomes, is that what is happening here, or is there something more? ready cooperate? >> we know the president's answer is ready to fight.
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to your point, when this happened, when the raid happened, it is very difficult to get more into search torney's office and more difficult to get a warrant to show up unannounced, a no-knock warrant. you have to convince a judge you believe somebody is going to stroy evidence or somebody has lied to you. pretty high the president tweet attorney-client privilege is dead and a thing of the past. i have too many lawyers and they are wondering when their offices and homes are going to be raided. this part of what has been a consta from this president attack the prosecutors relentlessly. >> we've sn t broadl his attacks on mueller, this idea that there is a deep state that is out to get him, that is talks there about he has many lawyers, too many lawyers. his main lawyer and main fixer has been michael we've all deal cohen.
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he has positioned himself as someone close tonald trump, so if you are w you are very worried about this. and you will likely, if you're donald trump, go back to this same play of attacking the inveators. >> i can tell you that this raid was- what i was told was called a game changer to trump's attorneys. because they were upset about it. that afternoon, the raid occurred in the morning, they still met with mueller's team, but it was not a happy meeting. and the president, as you point out, was really icense by this. so n the lawyers are vying to t mueller to figure out about the president's testimony. but this raid on michael cohen's office and home really set them back. >> it'sesting. again, the lawyers know a lot more than we do. so when they speak, we try to read the tealeaves. the president has attacked p
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george papadopoulos as aoffee boy. the campaign chairman wascentra operations, but they dismiss him listen to rudy giuliani when george stephanopoulos, are you worried michael cohen is going to flip? >> are you concerned that michael cohen is going to cooperate with prosecutors? >> i expect he ll. he doesn't have any incriminating evidence about the president or himself. the man is an honest, honorable lawyer. >> you know, rudy giuliani has to be taken with a grain of salt. the notion that he knowsael is guilty and cooperate, but has nothing to say is made up. he doesn't have a factual basis fo that, unless he's receiving leaks from the u.s. attorney's office, which is not likely. >> i think whaarned
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about rudy so far, he's a tv lawyer at the moment, not a courtroom lawyer. we'll keep track of this development. michael cohen switching his legal team. p next, congressman sanford just lost his republican primary. his crime? criticizing what another republican leader calls the cult of trump. how can we say when you book diret you always get the lowest price on our rooms, guaranteed? s say it in a really low voice. carl? lowest price, guaranteed.
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i wish our insurance did that. then we could get a real babysitterinstear hey, welcome back. this guy, right? (laughs) yes. ellen. you could save $782 that's my robe. when liberty stands with you. liberty mutual insurance. welcome back to politics now. a powerful midterm message delivered last night in a primary night that did a lot more than just pick candidates for. congressman mark sanford, soon to be former congressman, which makes him exhibit a, as republicans debate challenging the president on trade or crossing him. sanford was tea party before there was a tea party. as a ngressman, then south carolina governor, then congressman again, railing nst fellow republicans who
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called themselves conservatives buote routinely for budgets. but he also chastises the president's tweets and his tantrums and dares to say aloud that the grand old party is now a cult of personality, no longer the home of conservativey and principles. for that, sanford lost his primary last night. >> it may have cost me an election, but i stand byry one of those decisions to disagree with the president, because i didn't at the end of the day, i didn't think it was concurrent with the promises i made when i ran for office or the voices of the people that i represent in the first district. >> katie arrington is the winner. she campaigned promising loyalty to the president and won an endorsement tweet as air force one was flying back from singapore. >> joe cunningham and the d.c. democrats are the party of nancy pelosi. elizabewarren. we are the party of president donald j. trump.
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[ applause ] we are the party of senator tim scott. [ applause ] and now, congressman katie arrington. >> joining us conversation now is my panel. this is a big deal. mark sanford is a republican, a conservative, he's to the right of almost everybody. it's hard to findebody who gets to the right of mark sanford w it comes toes and spending and balancing budgets and he just got thumped. >> and said he didn't regret anything he said. if you look at the campaign, clearly he was taken by surprise on this. he didn't start his major spend untillate. katie arrington had the backing ofome state legislators that have run cross wise with sanford. but the reality is this -- and
9:17 am
we see it in polling, you see it when you talk to members on the hill. you see it when cicated issues come up or tweets that you would think would rub somebody the wrongway. president trump runs the republican party, and president trump's voters are the people that will elect republicans to the senate or to the united states congress. it's why you see republican leaders have the posture they have, and mitch mcconnell having the posture on trad resting elementh mark sanford, he was to the right of everybody. he is a favorite of the house freedom caucuses, but he never held his tongue. i know this because i went to him often during debates and after tweets to get his response to them. and frankly, he paid for it on primary night. >> it's interesting. you go back a fyears, mac sanford and jeff flake, who guys that will now beformers, they were the guys on the right their lor not sticking to conservative principles. i remember when they thought newt gingrich was a liberal, maybe a socialist, and now they're gone.d now bobr is not
9:18 am
running, because he had a trump problem. listen to what senator corker said art time ago. >> we're in a strange place. it's almost, you know, it's becoming a cultish thing, isn't it? and it's not aood place for any party to end up a cult-like situation as it relates to a president that happens to be -- purportedly of the same party. >> cult-like? >> yeah, i mean, this is after the whole adult daycare thing. he basically tweeted that, you know, the situation in the white house was, and the president was, you know, acting like a child. but he's not running. flake's not running. all these people who decided to trump are having a tough time.
9:19 am
even somebody like arrington in south carolina, she was originally a mitt romney, marco rubio republican. she backed marco rubio in 2016 and she's learned, at least in that district, at least in that state of south carolina of it being vociferously with trump is a boom to your chances and she won. >> this is also fielded by bob corker's efforts to get legislation empowering congress to roll back president trump's tariff decisions. he was very unhappy he was denied a vote. >> if they took a vote on the private room, almost every republican would agree with him. >> this ofost interesting challenges. if they're not going to take a vote, it tells me they would lose people and the republicans might sideith enough democrats to roll back the tariffs. the trade question is one, youee support of the
9:20 am
president and local and nationa. but that's part of what is animating bob corker here. he's very upset he didn't get his legislation voted on. >> senator corker would say it's a principle issue for the party. but this is donald trump's ithout a doubt. the president did win across the board.but in virginia, the repus have nominated the guy trump, corey stewart, who ran against tim kaine, and corey gardner, republican senator from colorado, who runs the senatorial campaign committee, just told cnn the campaign committee will endorse corey stewart. the president congratulated him, the president says corey stewart is great. senator gardner saying we have a big map. right now we're focused on florida, north dakota, indiana. i don't see virginia in it. that's picking aht with the >> don't t ts t it?
9:21 am
his intention. think he would rather avoid that. and look, he's also stating fact. almost any candidate who would emerge from this virginia republican primary would have had a very tough time against senator tim kaine. the others on the ballot, one waast as iestings corey stewart, and the other had little name recognition. so i think that virginia was not aop priority for republins any way. this is a state that hillary clinton won in 2016, and in a midterm year when republicans expect their to be even worse than it woul fight. but ye a lot of republicans really cringe at the rhetoric of corey stewart, talking about this issue of, is the republican party a vehicle for a certain set of beliefs and principals like free trade, or is it about the leadership of donald trump and electing a supportive group
9:22 am
of people. if republican voters felt like it was so-called conservative principles, they had a lot of candidates to choose from in 2016. that's not what they zed. you can say that in a way, trump is exhibiting leadership over the party by moving it in his direction. hink that would be the nicer way saying it's a cult of personality. but it is cheerily what tleary s want and how doest play for the rest of the par to have a candidate like corey stewart represent them. in virginia where i live, the party feels like that's not a sown this guy.they wish they >> that's a key, key point of senator gardner's position. he knows whatever corey stewart says for the next five months is going to be drawn back to the other candidates in those four or five states he listed. senator gardner was one of the first people out on judge roy moore, saying they didn't even want him in the conference. this isn't a shift in that perspective, but he's looking at
9:23 am
this broadly, recognizing what mr. srt would bring to his candidates. >> we'll discuss this race more. be you're barbara comstock in the d.c. suburbs and you think corey stewart is going to invite president trump into virginia to campaign for you. you can rest easy tonight. the north korea nuclear threat gone, according to the president. the secretary of state says, might take a little longer than that. southern coast of ireland. i think it's why we've been doing this...forever. my dad has roots in the mountains of northern mexico. home to the strongest runners in the universe. my dncestors were african bantu. i bet they told the most amazing stories. with twice the detail of other tests... ...ancestrydna can show dad where he's from- and strengthen the bonds you share. it's only $69. give it to dad for father's day. that's a good thing, but it doesn't cover everything.
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i'll dream gig. now more businesses, in more places, can afford to dream gig. comcast, building america's largest gig-speed network. welcome back. president trump back at the white house today, already declaring rest easy, sleep well tonight.the president says evern feel much safer because there is no long ear nuclear threat from north korea. even the president's secretary of state hints that might be a bit premature, at odds with the truth. secretary pompeo saying today, major disarmament, the timeline
9:28 am
for that, 2 1/2 years in the best case scenario. pompeo now in south korea to talk to president moon jae-in, says he does not know when he will meet next with the north koreans to continue the detailed negotiations. nic robertson is on the ground in seoul. nic, the secretary spoke to reporters on his way to seoul. what is your biggest takeaway from what he had to say? >> reporter: the idea of denuclearization will take 2 1/2 years. he hopes it will happen, and you you have to high light that, hopes it will happen. he pushed back strongly on the of complete, verifiable, irreversible denuclearization, the only word in thatocument they signed was the word complete. mike pompe in that word understood that the word
9:29 am
"complete" meant irreversible and verifiable. he called it insulting that people would take it any other way. i think those are the two -- have to be the two takeaways there. certainly the message he will be delivering to the south korean president tomorrow is a detail about that stopping, president trump said, of the joint military exercises. s clarification on that, those will be halted as long as north korea is engaged in good faith negotiations. so i think that's an important message that he will have to deliver here. but the message for the citizens of the united states and the rest of the world is, we're still hoping for the denuclearization, which is still, still a long way off, john. >> and nic, as kim jong-un returns home, what have the north koreans been told about this summit specifically? have they been told that the goal here is to denuclearize? >> reporter: they're not getting that message. the message that they're getting is, some praise for president
9:30 am
trump and an acknowledthat press the situation from their point of view, that they're pleased to see and happy with the suspension of what they call the provocative joint military exercises. but they're also -- and this is where you have to be careful with the ambiguity and the drama in the language that the north koreans uses in its publications. they're implying, as well, that the united states, that president trump has committed to lifting sanctions fromorth korea, with no mention that's tied to denuclearization, completion of denuclearization, which is what president trump has made very clear. so already there's a gap here between what we understand and what they understand, john. >> a gap there. nic robertson in seoul, appreciate it. and to secretary pompeo's point, it's ludicrous to ask questions about this. no, it's smart to ask the
9:31 am
questions, isn't it? >> the understanding of what denuclearization means i different in washington than in pyongyang. for mike pompeo to say it doesn't need to be put in writing, everyone understands x, y, z, sorry, that's not true. it's one of the biggest chasms between these two countries. a couple of things, one is that underhigh all -- underlying all raised the prospect that kim. this he jeem wregime was illegi. that's a significant thing. >> it is significant. to the white house's point, we think we're safer today, we feel safer today than yesterday because we're not talked about fire and fury, we're aleast in a diplomatic conversation. the question is, when the president tweets it's gone, sleep easy tonight, let's just show you. you have to dismantle and remove the nuclear weapons. you have to halt uranium
9:32 am
enrichment, end fuel production and have to be able to inspect anywhe anywhere, any time, forever, or at least as long as it takes. again, i understand the presids to be upbeat and optimistic, but to say sleep easy, it's gone, really? >> i mean, i think he's talking to the average american vot who is probably not going to be okingt this as closely as a lot of other folks are looking at what it means, cvid probably haven't even heard of that and let alone knows what it stands for. so before president trump was talking about fire and fury, now he's essentially meeting with kim jong-un, complimenting him, which a lot of people found too far. the average american voter, he seems to be talking to him, i think probably in some ways reflecting their sentiment, too. this sort of bad old days with
9:33 am
h korea. >> so let's listen to a different perspective here. this is kellyanne conway on tv this morning, talking about how big of a deal this is. >> and the president didn't even make it about himself. he made it about a process, he made it about doing something great for the world. the last president was handed the nobel peace prize. this president is going to earn it. >> optimistic this will turn out great. a note of caution from the republican speaker of the house of representatives, who says this is good but -- >> the president needed to disrupt the status quo, and he has disrupted the status quo. he should be applauded for doing that. this is going to take time, and we have to make sure that we haver reveirreversible, comprehensive denuclearization of north korea. i'm pleased the president has gotten to where we are, time will tell how this ends. >> look, the baselines here are
9:34 am
important. if your baseline is is the u.s. safer today than three months ago? it's a success. if the baseline is to get an agreement that actually is full verifiable denuclearization of north korea, every republican i spoke to on the hill acknowledges that they are a very long way away from that, and the president seems to have given up a lot more than he gets. does that turn into something? as the speaker pointed out, clearly what has been activated the last 30 years or so hasn't been affected. maybe this is what picks it up. just because you're questioning whether or not there's a future here that there is a country that hasn't been willing to cooperate, doesn't make you bad or opposed to the esident, it's just asking whether these things need to be asked. >> around to get them to do something everybody thinks they don't want to do, should the president be soundinglike, i'm satisfied, i did when he hasn't done it yet?
9:35 am
i don't want to rain on the parade of we are at a better place, you are negotiating with them. but you still don't have a trophy yet. >> look, reagan said trust by verify. trump is saying rify. that sounds hard and boring. why not just trust? and we can pretend everything is okay. the only way you find out if that is a bad idea is the hard way. up next, the president touting a huge international win on twitter. and no, not talking about north duncan just protected his family
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topping our political radar today, believe it or not, aopal
9:40 am
into three separate state also be on the novemr ballot, after securing more than 400,000 signatures. critics say the proposal is just a distraction and could cost billions. voter approval, if happened, would beg a long, difficult road to congressional approval. 2026, notalking about an election, talking cc. 2026 world cup coming to north america, winning fifa's vote to host 34-day event. president trump tweeting his co countries this morning. happening today here in washington, a list of speakers reads like a who who of likely 2020 democratic contenders. >> i'm proud to be one of the only senator who lives in a low-income, working class, inner city community. >> and if the american people
9:41 am
inaudible demand comprehensive immigration rm, and a path towards citizenship for the undocument ed daca people. >> we're going to clean out this place and hose out the cess pool of corruption and make this government work for the people. i stand with you in this fight. up next, the republican speaker of the house promises votes onmmigration next week. now comes the hard part, can he make the president and moderates ha brighthouse financial allow you to take advantage of growth opportunities... with a level of protection in down markets. so you can be less concerned about your retirement savings. talk with your advisor about shield annuities from brighthouse financial- established by metlife. i've got a nice long life ahead. big plans. so when i found out medicare doesn't pay all my medical expenses,
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itthat's why i lovel the daily fiber wfiber choice,ood alone. with the fiber found in many fruits and vegetables. fiber choice. the number one ge recommended chewable prebiotic fiber. welcome back. important developments on capitol hill today. we're getting the first glimpses of one of the new immigration bills set to hit the house floor next week. the legislation is still in the
9:46 am
works. there's a lot of debates and complaining, but the house speaker says he knows this bill must please the president for it to have any chance. >> the last thing i want to do is bring a bill out of here i know the president want support. we've been wornd glovith the administration to bring a bill that represents the president's four pillars. members are going to reserve judgment on a final vote until and after they have read that legislation. i would expect that of any member. >> sources telling cnn, the bill being sold to house members is a compromise that would create a new visa program for daca eligible immigrants, it includes $25 billion in border security to fund the ball and change to immigration enforcement powers and cuts to legal immigration. some moderate republicans are backing it, they warn the idea of working with democrats, if they have to, still a real threat. >> we are not abandoning the discharge petition.
9:47 am
the reason we're in this position is thanks to the dischargepetition, and the discharge petition remains. we hope to pass a good bill out of the house next week. it won't be perfect. it's not the bill that we would draft alone, but if we get a bill past, force the senate to act, then compromised bill, it could be something to celebrate. >> i don't mean to be flip pant, but if we can pass a bill in the house, get the senate to pass a bill, been at this for more than a decade, and there's opinion zero chance of that happening. is it going to happen weeks before critical midterm? >> possible, but still questionable. not the idea of the senate majorityder of all, which makes the third one not possible and the president would have to sign it. to your point, the idea that this addresses the four pillars that the president had, that means that the president is okay
9:48 am
with this process. i've been told behind the scenes, the president has been hands off on this whole immigration idea. his only point has been, i don't want to deal with this. andtwo, anything you do, make sure it addresses what i want in this bill. is this an elegant solution? no. >> it allows the leadership to bring to the floor, give the moderates something to vote on and giving conservatives something to vote on.this is th proposal, authorizes construction of the border wall, requires employers to use e-verify, and it cuts overall immigration by%. soforgive me if i'm g, but this looks like conservatives get to vote on that, and then run campaign ads saying i voted to, and moderates get to vote on a daca solution and run campaign ads on i voted to, when nothing happens. you just get to run a campaign ad saying i voted to.
9:49 am
am i wrong about that? >> with the excon of that second one, there's the possibility it could pass, which -- >> the house? >> the house, which would make it slightly more consequential. but there is the possibility that this gambet backfires by instead just giving the conservative proposal a chance. if the political purpose of this was to show, you know, independent voters and hispanic and swing voters that they were trying to fix daca and the opposite happens and it's the hard liner bill that gets the most republican support, they will the republican party is not what it -- >> nancy pelosi senses that, as well. she tweeted, protecting dreamers stands on its own merits. if republicans plan to use dreamers as a way to advance trump's agenda, they'll get a
9:50 am
fight from house democrats. again, people do have principled positions, but this seems to many a lot more about political oning than any attempt at a compromise, or let's just vote and see what happens. >> it is about those folks, if you're in florida or california or in these districts, where there are a lot of anti-trump voters, and you are looking to run these campaign ads, essentially saying i voted for something to protect the dreamers, this is -- you know, you'll be able to do this, if these things come to the floor and if you're conservative, you'll be able to say you're an immigration hawk. we saw this before when they passed votes about repeal and replace obamacare when there was no way president obama would. >> democrats have been willi in the past to give him border wall money if they got the daca part done.
9:51 am
is there any indication the president will say, i need you to vote for legal status or better for the dreamers, is the president willing to do that? >> from what i've been told, the answer to that is no. the appropriations process is where they'll be dealing with the wall over the next six months or , but i will say this, the moderates have been trying to find a solution here, been repeated over and over again by a lot of house republicans, including those who want a solution here, is if there was a unicorn-like bill that could get support from 218 republicans and the support of e president, we wouldn't be gohis process right now. there wouldn't be endless nighttime negotiations, it just doesn't exist right now in the republican party. the senate proved it doesn't exist over there either. as long as it's a republican only strategy driven by republicans, the party, you're never going to get jim jordan to
9:52 am
agree on the same thing with carlos servella. >> it's harder to get democrats to the table because daca never ended. democrats feel like they have to get something better than the status quo to make it worth their while. and the status quo is, daca is still there. >> they think they have time. before we go to break, important news just in from sarah sanders. national economic counsel director larry kudlow was discharged from the hospital earlier today. doctors say his recovery is very well. the white house says it's looking forward to seeing him back at work soon. we'll be right back.
9:53 am
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today, the president's allies in the house are furious at the attorney general for backing his deputy in a turf war turned
9:57 am
highly personal. for months now, rod rosenstein and devin nunes have been warring over documents. and the feud has been increasingly public. on tuesday, a fox sport said rosenstein attacked intelligence committee staff, threatening them with subpoenas, and even a criminal investigation. justice department officials say no, that's not what happened. rosenstein now plans to request an investigation into the congressional staffers to find out why this report came out. hours after fox news put out these accusations, the attorney general saying, i'm with rod rosenstein. >> i'm confident that deputy rosenstein, 28 years in the department of justice, did not improperly threaten anyone on that occasion. but we do believe that we have tried to be cooperative with them, and made progress in months, as the months have gone
9:58 am
by. and in fact, have had some good relationships with top members of congress. >> this is past the point of wow in the sense that this is not republicans going after eric holder,epublicans going after a democratic justice department. this is republicans going after two trump appointed, boom, what's going on here? >> anybody want to take this one? [ laughter ] >> look this follows months and months of the justice department and rod rosenstein being under attack by the president and his congressional henchman and they're sick it. they just believe they're following the rules and they're under this assault. i don't think they like it very much. >> and they believe they have shared information -- the information they are required to share or they have offered
9:59 am
access to documents. some of this is a turf battle. but the attorney general is backing up rod rosenstein saying shut up to the house of representatives, which is a small group in the house of representatives, that's a big deal. >> and i think it's worth noting, this is personal between staffers on the intel committee justice department. the members have been backing up their staff on this. the issue of documents and what's being presented and what's not, what format they're being presented has become tedious and a very real issue over the course of the last couple of months.and to be fran going away. this battle is going to continue. the attorney general made clear, their perspective is the right perspective and that's the one that should carry the day. so keep watching. should continue to be fun. puty attorney general on one side, the house intelligence committee on the other side. you know the president is the committee. it's complicated.
10:00 am
thanks for joining us on "inside politics." have a great afternoon. "wolf" starts right now. hello, i'm wolf blitzer. wherever you're watching from around the world, thank you very much for joining us. >> this is cnn breaking news. >> we start with breaking news. new legal questions swirling around michael cohen, president trump's long-time personal attorney and fixer, is changing his own legal team at a critical moment in the investigation. the federal ition against him in the southern district of new york. the case has also prompd challenges from the president's legal team, who had hoped to get a look at some seized materials from raids on cohen's home, offices, and hotel room.


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