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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  June 13, 2018 11:00am-11:59am PDT

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wolf, we dig. >> thank you so much, leyla for your excellent reporting from puerto rico. that's it for me. i'll be back at 5 p.m. eastern " "the newsroom" with brooke baldwin is up next money. >> a source tells cnn the president's personal attorne and loyal confidante known as his fixer, michael cohen, has split with his elite team of lawyers, the team guiding him through the instigation, including a high-profile fbi raid on his home, his office in early april. that could signal a shift in legal strategy as criminal charges against cohen become
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more likely and could it also signal something greater, like cooperation? evan, tell me more about the split from the lawyer. >> reporter: this appears to be happening at a crucial time because the legal team has been spending hundreds of hours going over millions of pages of documents that were seized in that raid that you talked about back in april when the fbi came to his hotel and his office and took away all these documents. they've been going over all the documents to make sure that they separate anything that is privileged. so he's under tremendous financial pressure, it's very expensive to hire the white shoe law firms that have been representing him both in the congrenal investigation and the federal, the fbi criminal investigation. so it's a key moment for michael cohen. we also know that obviously the pressure from prosecutors here
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is something that there is this pressure to perhaps make a deal and provide whatever information prosecutors believe they need as part of their investigation, brooke. >> do we know on that last point, do we know if he has potential of any kind of deal? p >> we're told he has not yet been told by prosecutors about this. we don't even know where the prosecutors want him to come in and do a plea agreement because they may well have enough evidence. they may think that they have enough evidence that they don't need his cooperation and that they're just going to go ahead and indict him. they certainly suggested in court documents that they believe that an indictment is very, very near in the offing. as a matter of fact, the only reason why it hasn't happened, it appears, is because they've been fighting over the access to these documents. for michael cohen, this is a key time. at the end of this, the split with this law firm, i've been told by one source that this signals they're entering a new
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phase. but this may also be michael cohen's way of getting the president's attention, to let him know, hey, things are bad for me, i'm getting a lot of pressure here and you have to figure out how to help me perhaps. >> perhaps, perhaps. evan perez. thank you with the news on micohen. let's analyz daniel goldman is with me, a former federal prosecutor and so, yes, first solomon, let me just start with you. can you just tick through various reasons why someone, in this case michael cohen, would want to change attorneys. >> well, a couple of things to keep in mind, there as no reaso decided you want to cooperate and go in and deal with the government, perhaps give them something against president trump, there's no inherent reason you need to change your
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attorneys to do that. it happens all the time. you have an attorney who is fighting and he turns to you and says you know what, the evidence is too strong, we need to deal. i've heard one report that says it a dispute over legal fees so it could be nothing more than that. also keep in mind rod rosenstein told president trump several weeks ago the cohen investigation has nothing to do with you. nevertheless, if michael cohen decide it's in his interest to deal, he might have information about president trump and i don't know of any prosecutor, southern district or not, who would not seriously listen to that. >> mm-hmm. speaking of southern district, dan, you know a lot about this, it m understanding and evan pointed this out as well, his lawyer who he may be splitting from is d.c. guy, from one of these white shoe law firms. so this could be an sdny case and wouldn't he want an sdny
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lawyer? >> that's right. the lawyers he has been using for this intensive and expensive privilege review are carryoverl in the d.c. and special counsel -- >> that is going to conclude this by friday according the judge's order. to the extent he wants to shift gears either to cooperate or to fight this, ordinarily people who are investigated by the southern district of new york get defense attorneys who were prosecutors in that office. they know the inner workings, they know the people, they know how everything work, they know the precedent, they know the history, they have a much greater institutional knowledge. as solomon said, it not that somebody else couldn't do it, but there's a particularized knowledge and it usual behooves a potential witness or defendant to have someone with experience. >> evan made the thought toward the end that perhaps this is cohen's way of getting the
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attention of the president. is that a possibility? >> it's a possibility but i discount it really. it could be nothing more than legal fees, a dispute over legal fees. it could be what dan mentioned, wan somebody with an in at that office. however, in this particular case, you know, he certainly it's very unlikely based on what we'vethat he's going to convince somebody not to bring a case against him. this isn't the typical case where you're coming into the southern district and your person is a subject and maybe he or she is on the bubble and there it might really help i you've got relationships in the office or you know the interna politics of the office and what levers to push and pull. here he's somewhat limited in what he can do. he's either going to plead or fight and if he pleads, he wants to have something important to give them. >> and the fact that we know,
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dan, he hasn't talked to prosecutors, at least not yet and maybe prosecutors don't need tohim, maybe they feel like they have enough to indict him, does it surise you that they haven't met you? >> no. the way the process works is that if he does want to coop his lawyers reach out to the prosecutors and say he's interested in coming in and meeting wit and giving you the information he has about his own criminal conduct that's being investigated or anything else he may have done previously or separately and then they meet over and over for hours and hours and he's tells them all that information. then at that point -- >> is that the queen for a day in. >> it's what traditionally is called the queen for the day. then they spend a lot of times the prosecutors do, comparing it to other documents and evidence to corroborate it and they then say we will offer you a
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cooperation agreement. notwithstanding what evan said, ure you southern district of new york would love for michael cohen to cooperate. not necessarily because they need it against michael cohen e information against others committing crimes with him. >> the president has gone on bit of a pardon spree where there was all this special laul sending out smoke signals. if you had a client whoame to you and said essentially, well, the president hasd to pardon me whatever happens, what's your strategy going forward? well, i would be very l about that if i were such a lawyer, even though the president's pardon power is absolute, he's not allowed to atld
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tamper with witnesses. so would be very careful even discussing that. trump administration has been attacking bob mueller almost from day one, the president himself did not go personal with mueller in a vitriolic way, did not bring on rudy giuliani, who has gone very vitriolic, until the raid on michael cos offi enraged president trump and it bothers him for some on. he had beeninitially told by mueller that he wasn't looking at past business dealings and now lo and behold he's got the southern district, who may end up looking at past business dealings. i think that's a real, real key here, just that the attacks on muellerave gone nuclear since michael cohen entered the picture so keep your eye on that. >> it's an excellent point. dan, thank you as well. we have more breaking news.
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a book that you're ready ith the world? get published now, call for your free publisher kit today! more break being news this afternoon. hours after president trump returns home, north korea state media is reporting that the u.s. president has agreed to lift sanctions. there are some caveats. let's go to nic roberts who is live in seoul, south korea.
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nick, lifting sanctions. what are thosecaveats? >> reporwell, whahe north korean state media is saying and we have to look at this and say they could be spinning to their own for politicians in s media own to do that, but what is intriguing here and we have to look at this in the light that previous regimes have spu won their way out ofvious agreements they're telling people that president trump discussed the lifting of sanctions as they make progress from dialogue and negotiations. now, what president trump has said, and there's no mention there in the north kean version of denuclearization. what president trump has said is there will be no lifting of sanctions until there's denuclearization, until the nuke factor has gone away. so this is a discrepancy, this
11:16 am
is a gap, this is a difference. so this is what will make it difficult for negotiators for secretary of state mike pompeo, faced with this type of scenario, where kim seems to be either lying to his people or he's been lngo president trump. it's not clear. this ambiguity that seems to exist now ist that joint declaration yesterday was supposed to tidy up. so the north koreans saying we can get rid of sanctions, that's our understanding, without mentioning this issue of denuclearization whereas president trump has told us something very different. so why is there this gap between what we're hearing? >> he's lying to his people or lying to president trump. nic robertson on the news. let's get analysis now on
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president trump's declaration he'll stop war games in south korea. right now secretary of state mike pompeo is there in seoul hammering out t details on how ending the drills would even work. he also said full engagement with north korea will begin sometime next week. but did president trump get the idea about ending joint military drills from russian president vladimir putin? ier this year "the wall street journal" suggested that earlier this year putin is the one who suggested trump do this with nuclear tests. ambassador bachus, welcome back. >> thank you. >> before we get into was putin who gave him the idea, i got to ask you about the news that nic robertson just reported
11:18 am
telling his peoe that the the il u.s. is going to lift those negotiations during negotiations but trump has said that won't happen until the nukes go away. >> this is the danger of about 17 minutes of conversation private between the two leaders. we don't know what was said. we read the joint declaration. a lot was said outside the joint declaration and we don't know. already each side is spinning its version. we don know whether trump agreed to lift sanctions or not. the big problem here is north korea is reallyn the driver's seat. even though when there's no discussionut missiles, they
11:19 am
will draw it out, my judgment. north korea will go slowly. that plays to their interest to get some sanctions relieved. china very much likes this drawn out because that enhances the power of china to be part of the solution as . i'm not terribly surprised. we want this to work. we're not too surprised. >> what about getting the idea of ending these joint military exercises from russia's vladimir putin. the notion that the president is getting advice from one dictator about another dictator, would you believe that? >> i would not be surprised. it in putin's interest in the united states fto withdraw from south korea and ultimately bring our troops out. that's in putin's interests, in china's interest and north
11:20 am
korea's interest. >> is president trump just being naive? >> i think president trump is so taken u with his own personality and his ego, he thinks he can talk his way in and out of anything. he's inexperienced and this is going to come back i think to bite him. not a lot isng t really accomplished. i hope it does but i don't think a lot will and we're going to be grinding this thing out how to deal with north korea's nuke or ile capability over the next one, two o three years. it going to take time. >> as the former ambassador to china until very recently, you mentioned a second ago xi obviously has a dog in this fight. it was china who provided the 747 for kim to fly those 3,000 miles to singapor hasn't it been china's long-time goal to get rid troops from the peninsula?
11:21 am
>> yeah. china wants stability o their terms, their terms as a peninsula not controlled by the united states. if they get a peace agreement with south korea, north korea a. that's in north korea's interest, it's also in china's interest. but the main thing is not only will north korea drag this out, i'm sure of that, it's very much in china's interest and china will be very, very involved. they're an authoritarian country, this is existential for them and they'll find some ways for them we don't even know about where they'll be part of the solution here that's best for them. >> and also on china, i just want to get some news on this controversianese firm zte, the one so many lawmakers called this national security threat. we know the president surprised everyone by saying he wants to save the zte jobs. we know senate has threatened to block any kind of deal to revive this cpany and
11:22 am
now the white house says it's willing to work with congress to, quote unquote, ensure that the final report respects the separation of powers. what's your read on that? >> i think trump thinks he got a deal with president x b cutting a deal with zte, he does not want that upset and he's going to find a way with trump's language to keep that deal. that's what he's going to do. >> max baucus, thank you very much. >> coming up with senator corker is calling the gop a cult. so, what's new?
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another day of republican bob corker showing he is mad as hell at his ownrty,ay claiming the gop is becoming like a cult under president trump. >> we're in a str ple. mean, almost, you know, it's becoming a cultish thing, isn't it. and it's not a good place for any party to end up with a cult-like situation as it relates to a president that happens to be of purportedly thame party. >> let me remind everyone that
11:28 am
reelection but other republicans who are may have received a strong message from last night's primaries. president trump islaiming credit for sinking the reelection bid of mark sanford, in virginia republican votersos cotewart, defended civil war memorials and tweeted removing confederate statues was as bad as isis. and a man who wrote "the art of the pimp" ousted two fellow republicans. rick, let me start with you just on this world cult as in the republican party has become almost cult-like in support of
11:29 am
trump, we have now seen the world cult used three times, corker twice, eric eriksson once. think cult is not strong enough. they've almost using trumpism as a religious. any critique of trump must immediately be declared -- those people have to be stoned and shunned and what not. >> stoned? >> i don't think there's any gi anymore inside the traditional republican party where you can critique the president in any way without risking both his cult-like accolytes going absolutely crazy on you and the president
11:30 am
tweeting and deploying his 50 million media followers. cults operate on fear and intimidation, not enlightenmen n,>>hat say you? >> i'm going t enjoy this for a second. this is what draining the swamp was supposed to be about. you had a bunch of old gray haired guys that cold their cult for decades. people realized bob corker was a fraud, he wasn't doing what he was supposed to do in washington. he's gone now from tennessee, he wouldn't haveeen able to win reelection. he's never called out any republican the entire time he's
11:31 am
been in washington because he was too afraid of losing his own seat by saying these types of things. so only after h had already then decides, oh, i'm going to be a truth teller and say it like it is. if you would have done that when you were actually elected, you might have actually gotten re-elected this time but you were a fraud. i think this shows exactly what the president at the beginning. this isn't about his 50 million followers. this is about people like bob corker, who cared more about being important and more about being famous in washington than they did about doing what they said they were going to do. >> hang on. because you say truth teller and then, rick, i want you to jump in. it's the cult line that's getting the head lines but when you read deeper, it's the president who struggles with the truth, makes these comments, has to walk them back or totally change them. forget the party for a second, would you at least say that
11:32 am
porker has a, that struggling with the truth is an issue when you represent 300 million americans. >> that's a valid poi ke. we should always want the president to tell the truth. and when the president says something that's not true, you know me, i've been on the show and said what he said was not accurate, not true. but when he's a guy who lied about lowering taxes, he lied to his own consistents about rea y really -- he lied about the iran nuclear deal, which is why he is not running for reelection. so a guy coming out and using the word cult, my advice to bob corker is do yourself a favor, go retire in the mountains of tenne. call your ex-important friends in washington that have not been
11:33 am
re-elected and you guys sit around talking about how you should have done what your actual job was so he says this is what training the jump looks like and rick, you know, you say that, yes, it's a cult is it paul ryan, mitch mcconnell? put a name on it for me. >> when we get down to the -- drpt is a serial, constant, helpless liar. he's captured by his own sense of and so the question of when someone becomes a tree teller about bob corker, it is a the
11:34 am
he can't -- >> that's not using logic. >> donald trump, there is nothing this man can do to keep a story -- >> come on! >> there's nothing that bob cork are he's absolutely distrusted by large mafrts of the american people. ben, you can filibuster later. >> it's about facts. >> these distrusted by very large i'm sorry you can't eembrace the fact -- >> rick, rick, you get the last point. >> the fact that bob corker is making this critique -- >> to the lastnt and then
11:35 am
have to to go. it's -- the fact that corker is making a critique ofonald this i irrelevant it is, in fact, ben, it is in fact an indicator that donald trump drawn the attention of the vast majority of the american people. abou70% of the american people, even his supporters, say he's not honest and trustworthy. >> i'll say this. bob corker the poster child of what exactly happens when you go out there and lie to your consistents -- constituents and -- >> ben ferguson, i got love for you. rick, don't los muscle because i'm hanging on to you.
11:36 am
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how's your family? kayak. search one and done. the husband of top white house aide kellyanne conway now is publicly defending robert mueller's investigation in yet another round of criticism against the president. george conway, a prominent attorney publishing this stunning law article this week, the title here, "the terrible arguments against the constitutionality of the mueller investigation." conway also retweeting pretty harsh criticism of president trump's signed agreement with north korean dictator kim jong
11:41 am
un. rick wilson is back. rick, to you first. between these tweets, these retweets, this 3,500 word column published monday, does he know he's married to a woman who works for trump? why is he doing this? >> george conway is a well regarded guy who understands the law, federal society background and his case is pretty unassailable. i'm not an attorney but he's clearly a good one. my recommendations to george are you should probably get a food guest bedroom because he is married to the queen of the trump cult over there. this is something that he needs to be -- i'm not going to get into their family business, no one knows the secret terrain of any marriage. he clearly sending some sharp, investigation and on the rule of
11:42 am
law more broadly. >> well, you are a lawyer. so legallyspeaking, what do you make of his argumen he's doing this? >> well, first of all, i think he argument was very strong and i think the reason he wrote it, at least my read on it, he's trying to debunk an argument by a very respected conservative legal thinker, steve calabraise, and it looked like he was trying to stretch to come up with an argument that sported trump politically. i think what conway did was a thorough, methodical way of walking through it and showing why that argument was dishonest. frankly, i think what he's trying to do and there's an inincreasing number of legal conservative who is are doing this is trying to say, look, you can say whatever you want
11:43 am
political reasons regarding a witch hunt or so on but let be straight on what the law is. this sets a precedent for the future. we want to make sure goingforwa dishonest o inappropriate legal arguments made thatultimately harm the country in the long term. >> let me move past this. i reallyt to hear from you on all this michael cohen news that's broken this afternoon, that he's splitting with his le team, his legal team. what's your interpretation of that? >> well, you know, there's increasing signs that michael cohen's going to be charged. the viewers don't need me to tell them when the fbi raids your home and office, it's a bad sign. he's probably preparing for being charged. it doesn't necessarily mean he's going to cooperate but it very well could be that.
11:44 am
we've seen when other individuals who are caught up in this investigation, they ended to kwcooperate. that's one path a very obvious path for money to take. if he doesn't expect a pardon that, would be an obvious move. another possibility is a disagreement with those lawyers, though he has a very talented, very large law firm representing him and i believe they're being paid for by someone else. so it certainly seems to suggest potential cooperation and if that happens, that could be extraordinarily significant. we don't know what michael cohen knows, we don't know what he's going to say. you go but if he wanted a cooperation deal, he would have to say everything he knows to federal prosecutors in new york. >> we know he's changing up himself legal team. i want to you fin, my sentence. right now president donald trump
11:45 am
is thinking -- >> sweet jesus, he knows where all the bodies are buried and still has the tarp in his car. nald trump is not happy withpro cooperating with federal authorities. he has the holy of holies of donald trump's business sufficient and he was the lawyer for donald trump's extra curricular activities for years and years. there's no up side for the president on michael cohen cooperating, no upside at all. >> sweet jesus, so has rick wilson. renank you so much. >> activists alongside members of congress marching to u.s. customs and border patrol offices there demanding an end to trump'samilyaration policy. more on this outcry next. wish we got money back on gym memberships.
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happening right now in our nation's capital, activists, community leaders, lawmakers are holding this rally at the u.s. customs and border patrol offices. it means anyone who crosses the border illegally will be prosecuted. and luis gutierrez among those in today's massive crowd. >> i cannot think of an act that is cruel and more inhumane than t rip the child from the arms of a mother. a mother who comes fleeing
11:51 am
syatic torture, rape, death, gang violence, the cartels run her neighborhood, run her nation and her country cannot and government either does not, will not, cannot defend and protect her and she comes to the united states not illegally but following one of the greatest traditions in our country, to seek asylum from death and from tortur we welcome her and her children to this country. >> ed lavandera is live from mcallen texas. this mother breast feeding her child and the border customs guys tried taking that child away from her and you've met a number of these folks trying to cross over. tell me some of their stories. >> there have been a number of
11:52 am
fors. the way it plays out is once these people either turn themselves in to immigration thorities here along the southern border or are captured crossing the rio grand, they're referred to the department of justice and bussed into the federal c here. in the last few weeks they've been filled with hundreds of people faced with the zero tolerance policy and they are there threatening to charge them with the crime of illegal entry. here they say families have been split up here and that overwhelming sense of a real dramatic change here, brooke. some of the stories from attorneys who talked to people, one woman yesterday who talked to an attorney who said her child was taken away from her at a detention center as she was
11:53 am
breast feeding that child. another immigrant asked the judge for leniency,e was sentenced for 15 days. he asked for leniency because he wanted to get back to his child as quickly as possible. these are some of the stories we're hearing here in south texas. >> i keep wondering where are thee ki these kids, how do they get reunified? >> we were telling you a republican saying there was a problem with a -like situation with his party. so we just learned that senator had a very heated lunch with colleagues and so heated apologies were made. standby. there's new cedar plank seafood bake. tender maine lobster and shrimp,
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what do williams, danica patrick, lindsey vaughn and maria sharapova have in common they're all bad ass women not on the list of 100 highest paid athletes in the world. in fact, not a single woman is on that list, not one. instead the men on this list made a record $3.8 billion. that is up 23% from the previous year. to be fair one of the reasons cited, team sports are exploding thanks to tv deals. but when you look at the individual level, i want you to look at these comparisons. roger federer, $77 million to serena williams' 18. louis hamilton,51 million,
11:59 am
danica patrick, 17. and the women's soccer team filed suit because their team brings in more money than the men's team. and those who stand out more, those who don't the ms or stand out there on the red carpet. actress amy adams said "i want to fight for people outside our industry. let's start with our teachers, let's get waiters paid minimum wage. we're starting to have bigger conversations than just about what's happening in hollywood." talking about what we make still did something recently i had never done before, something that felt a little uncomfortable
12:00 pm
for me at first. i told a girl friend how much i make. i told her so when the time comes for her to talk to her boss and argue for what she's worth, she has knowledge. we need to stand up and argue for what we're worth. i'm brooke ldwin, thank you for being with me. new investigation in t-- informn in the investigation of michael cohen. he has split with his previous legal team. now, this split could signal a shift in legal strategy, as criminal charges against michael cohen become increasingly likely. but might it also signal something greater, perhaps cooperation with the feds? cnn's justice correspondent evan pere