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tv   Anderson Cooper 360  CNN  June 13, 2018 5:00pm-5:59pm PDT

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we have not able to confirm. two friends from britain were also lunch buddies with a russian ambassador. >> all right, drew. thank you very much. that exclusive from drew. thanks for joining us. "a36 now. we begin tonight with new evidence that the republican party is now the party of donald trump. we will speak to senator sanford who lost his battle last night. until last night gop primaries, congresswoman sanford had never lost election. last night mark sanford did. yesterday, afternoon, this did
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just that on twitt sa sanford has been unhelpful to me, he is mia and nothing but trouble. i endorse katie arrestington for congress in south carola. vote katie. and people did. and sanford h no apologies. >> it may have costthe election, but i stand by every one of those decisions to disagree with the president. >> he is not alone in criticizing the president and standing by it. m other republicans have chosen to leavegress rather than face tough primaries.
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almost never bow out like this especially when their own party is in power. and these days they do. congressman charlie dent did. jeff flake and bob corker are leaving. corker chairs a committee, and he is giving it up. >> we are if a strange place. becoming a cultish thing. not a good place for any party to end up with a cult like situation as it is to a president that happens to be of reportedly of the same party. >> cult like situation he calls it. reportedly of the same party says. senator flake was blunter, quote, if you want to win a primary, you can't deviate from the script.
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the president's script. the winner last night in virginia corey stewart was praised by t president. coe said. now he runsst tim kaine who is weak on crime and borders and wants to raise your taxes through the roof. don't estimate. on the neo-nazi white supremacist protests stewart told a washington radio station quote people condemned those agitators. but no one condemned the left wing. you have to wonder if that may change. it is being viewed as the time of t -- sign of the times.
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this is clearly not the republican party i once knew and loved and once proudly served. joining me know is mark nford. thank you for being with us. do you think president trump weighing in as he did cost you your seat in congress. >> not the tweet in the end but the larger playing field if you will, the race devolved down to, and that is are you for trump or against trump and my message was grey, saying i support trump on many ideas. or the views of the folks that i represent and i oppose on the ones that i don't. i think that kind of nuanced approach is a difficult message is approved last night to convey in this particular primary. >> your opponent certainly ran
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with a full-throated support. i want to play for our viewers, an ad she ran during the campaign. >> i am a conservative busy woman and running for congress to get things done. not to go on cnn to bash president trump. i will cut spending and strengthen our military, it is time for mark sanford to take a hike for rea this time. >> i mean, your voting record actually was in support of the president's agenda. what the president seemed to be annoyed by is you dare criticize him publicly. do you think any republican today can remain in office if they speak up in the way you did that is critical of the president from time to time. >> i think it is important we do so. the founding fathers were intentional in creating three
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bodies of government. i think it is important that we u know, it is okay, to disagree. i love my brothers and sisters and it doesn't mean i agree with them all the time. my voting record has been89% of supportive. so to send a tweet out like that is untrue. do we want litmus t or folks agree with us. that is a distinction i have never seen before. >> whe you were out on the campaign trail, and you would try to get that message across to voters across south carolina, i'm assuming they just, not enough of them saw the difference or wanted to hear the difference. >> yeah, again, it was a tight win/loss, about 3,000 vote
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margin, but the bigger point is in the case of my opponent that raised taxes substantial by, and that didn't matter. i have a conservative voting record and thadn't matter. what mattered was are you for or against the president. and when you attempt this answer of i am neither for him or agait him. i am for him in consistent ideology. and then i will occasionally against him when he is not. that is the bigger thing that i think we all have a question whether republican democratic primary based on the institutions of the american system. >> i mean, you were governor of south carolina, very conservative record.
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at one point presidential hopeful for the republican party. has the republican party left you andthers behind for president trump? where is the party? >> time will tell. this is the party of donald j. trump and i can't vigorously disagree. it is the party of working folks that have put up yard signs and licked envelopes and done all of the things that you do to advance politics and this notion that it is belonging to anybody at the top is an inverted pyramid. a few powers were to be reserved at the top but erything else at the state and local level particularly with republicans who have espoused that notion of federalism in a long time. that very weird place. in the case of last night, it
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cost me theelection. the party of trump?n party, now >> that is what many are saying. >> you don't buy that? >> not something that i into. and roughly, a 50/50 vote last night. and many people in the first sta disagree with it. frustration in washington that led to the trump phenomenon. but the hostile take-over is at odds with many core b do you worry, i mean obviously the president is popular among republicans, do you worry about this party becoming the party of donald trump. do you worry about where thlead
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the republican party down the road? >> yeah. i do. designed to fosterigorou debate the party rivals. but there is also a big question to your point of party. are we the party of less spending, not just lower taxes but less spending. with the rest of the world. are we the party of open trade. are we going to pull away? you mentioned this last night. not pulling away is important that we are 95% of the world and to pull away, so there is some litmus tests out there have seemed to be feelis a party and i t we are going to have a real debate of what w. are we the party of donald j. trump or the party of ideal conservative, and limited
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government. >> do you see this as a hostile take-over? i wouldn't say it is hostile. again, all is fair in love and war and politics so it is what it is. as with any presidency, the president is the head of the party. never in my lifetime has it been so tied to an individual personality and a litmus test of are you completely compliant and are you, you know, are you on board with me as a person as opposed to are you on board wth based on. i have never seen that particularly wrinkle as i am seeing it now. >> i appreciate your time, thank you very much. >> my pleasure. >> joining us now is charlie den, he left am may. and senior political director. congressman den, you said earlier today you do not think it is a cultish thing.
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can you explain why you disagree, i guess with corker on that, that you don't think it t. or do you thiisisingat >> i don't agree hyperbolic notion. but i have been saying this for months, prior to donald trump, we shouldember that we often had these purity tests within the republican party. and if you weren't sufficiently pure, they would call you a rhino or a squish. here comes donald trump who is largely transactional, and now these people are flummoxed. if you disagree with him, or you criticize him, you are som
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us. >> good luck with that message where the house majority is resting. come november, we might be having a different conversation if the house flips to the
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board with donald trump. we have talked about, is latest twe from the president or this latest action breaks th. mark sanford lost last night is allhe evidence we need. he is immensely popular with the republican party. and the reason why paul ryan and mitch mcconnell take their grievances and work behind the scenes, their own members don't want to take on the president
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directly because their jobs are at stake over that. that presents to them a real imminent political danger and mark felt last night. >> what do you say t republican voters out there l and why shouldn'ty back the president in full force. he has an agenda which is more in line with republican beliefs than any democrats who is going to come along and wouldn't democrats want democrats to support the democratic president if one was in office. >> sure, we should support the president when we agree with him, but when we disagree with him, it is oy tock him from time to time. what just happened at the g7 and the attacks on the canadian prime minister, for m us for republicans, we support our brothers and sisters in canada.
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and this is out of line. how can we speak this way as a republican? we criticized president obama for placating. you should think about one other thing too. we are talking about the sanfor. what happened in wisconsin, a special election, a republican lost that seat and president trump carried over 20 points. i am looking at the fall. these fights ieep red districts, that is a xury, but if you want to keep the majo, find for the districts like i represented. you can't run by putting the bear hug on the president.
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>> appreciater time. next, breaking news president trump agreeing thatong-un has done bad things but adding other people have done bad things as well. michael cohen split with his own legal team. and what does that mean and whether or not he is going to cooperate with prosecutors. ♪ (woman) one year ago today mom started searching for her words. and my brother ray and i started searching for answers. (vo) when it's time to navigate in-home care, follow that bright star. because brightstar care earns the same accreditation as the best hospitals. and brightstar care means an rn will customize a plan that evolves with mom's changing needs. (woman) because dad made us promise
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trump tal about his meeting with kim jong-un. here is what he told fox news last night when the dictator's track record came up. >> he has done some really bad things. >> yeah, so have other people. io through a lot of nations where a lot of bad thing haves done. >> some have said that echoes what he said on charlottesville. as we noted the real works starts now. the joint statement issued by both sides contain no specifics about nuclear inspections. kim jong-un has a firm commitment to quote complete
5:22 pm
denuclearization. that and the overall lack of detail left secretary of state mike pompeo with some explaining to do. how is the world going to ow kim jong-un is keeping his word. i quote a lot has been made over the fact verifiable hasn't been in the agreement. that led to this testy report and i want to go through a chunk of it line byline. the reporter begin by asking qu verifiable and reversible. you it is our objective, our, its clear -- you're just wrong about that. the reporter said how is it in the statement and i am also, pompeo, you are just complete, encompasses verifiable and
5:23 pm
irreversible. >> the reporter saysnd the president says it will be verified and they talk over other with pompeo saying, just so you know, i find that statement insulting. it is a game and one ought not to play games with serious matters like this. fair to say no one doubts these are serious matters. to be clear, verifiable and irreversible are not in the joint statements. it is not. the president says quote totally confident. all of this is important because it is illustrative of the fine point that is going to have to be hammered out. and the under statement of the evening. you wouldn't know that by reading the president on twitter. quote, just landed. long trip. the president tweeted there is
5:24 pm
no longe nuclear threat from north korea. meeting with kim jong-un was an interesting and very positive experience. north korea has great potential for the future and moments later, said before taking office people assuming we were going to war with north korea. president obama said that north korea w biggest and most dangerous problem. no longer sleep well tonight. two tweets. >> max, first of all, your reaction on the president's comment on kim jong-un on human rights abuses. he isused now and moving forward. >> reminded me of the comments he has madebout russia. he said well, you know, we kill a lot of people too. this is t kind of moral relativism that republicans and conservatives once criticized in
5:25 pm
the days of the cold war when liberals were not tough enough on the soviet union. donald trump is ultimate moral relativist. he does not care about the miss behavior of oth countries and happy to give them pass. >> we have to take a quick break. i have to take quick break. coming up more on north korea, v verification and the devil being in the details ahead. ♪ ♪ build your next big thing to run in more places, without recoding. the ibm cloud. the cloud for smartesiness. the ibm cloud. ♪ ♪ because they'll never get a nd chance to see their first concert. early ticket access to thousands of shows every year. another way we have your back. the powerful backing of american express.
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talking about the
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president's latest remarks on north korea and human rights. he has been taking a victory lap today saying there is no longer a threat. dr. terry, the president did say kim jong-un has done terrible thingsut he kim is and h guy a peop done bad things. do you see this as, you know, as max was referencing a moral equivalence. >> absolutely. i mean, north korea is the greatest human rights violator on the planet. united nations inquiry came out with a four page report saying there is no parallel in history in terms of human rights violations. the fact that president trump did not bring up, no evidence that he brought u human rights issues, i think it is a tr
5:30 pm
travesty. >> he didn't say that in the bret baier interview, but he did that on wednesday -- sorry, on tuesday. it is early to beeclaring that, isn't it? >> it is crazy, anderson, the nuclear threat from north korea is unchanged from the day before the summit. north korea has not given up a single w head or missile. this is president trump's mo. he can claim credit for policy victories and a lot of his followers will believe him. he has been claiming that he is already building the border wall with mexico, and that is not true. claiming iran has changed its behavior, after pulling out of the accord. and that is not true. and already claiming no longer
5:31 pm
nuclea threat which is not true. shaean hannity and laura ingrah echoing it as well. >> things haven't worked i the past. in terms of the joint statements that was put out by both leaders, you were underwhelmed by what was in that joint statement compared to past agreements that have earned up being broken by north korea. >> i have low expectations to be honest with you, but i was floored by the statement when i read it. the one sentence point number e where north korea commits working towards denuclearization of the penin this is all working language and
5:32 pm
we honestly got more out of north korea in the past, in the 2005, 2006 party joint statement. north korea committed to abandoning all of their nuclear weapon program. this is for the greatest negotiator on the planet, this is really, i was very underwhelmed. that is an under statement. >> it doesn't mean anything, anderson, i am working towards beating federer at that doesn't mean i am going to achieve it. it is a working goal. concessions including stopping the u.s./south koreay exercises. this is going to under mine the
5:33 pm
u.s. south korea alliance. in which he is saying that the north korea nuclear threat no longer exists that is going to undermine sanctions. that is what the president is sayi. this is a huge lie one-sided outcome in which north korea is getting everything it wanted and the united states is getting pretty much nothing. >> do you think this has legitimized the north korean regime in the way kim jong-un father and grandfather never able to achieve? >> absolutely. kim jong-un was able to achieve something that his father and grandfather had sought. he got to sit down with the most powerful man in the world. gave him prestige, legitimacy, and in turn we got north korea working towards denuclearization
5:34 pm
of the korean peninsula. shouldn't have given legitimacy. we talked about stopping exercises. and using north korea own rhetoric, calling it provocative and war games instead of saying these are defensive inand train because of the north korea threat. so here north korea got erythin get anything in return. >> dr. terry, i appreciate your time. max boot as well. the lat on president trump's lawyer on the news that he is dumping his legal time. hear that sizzle? yeah. red lobster's lobster & shrimp summerfest is back! get all the lobster and shrimp you crave, together in so many new ways. there's new cedar plank seafood bake. tender maine lobster and shrimp, cedar roasted to perfection.
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night on president trump legal sparring with mueller. michael cohen is preparing to be indicted. the question is it with an eye towards flipping. these are not the lawyers in question, these are friends of his smoking cigars with. gloria borger on the latest
5:38 pm
news. what are you learning? is. >> my colleague dana bash and i are reporting as the presi was winding his wack from singapore, he made calculation -- calls to his aney to find out what was on. they expect to meet with the special counsel's team shortly after that. and the big question on the table, anderson, of course, is will the president be subpoenaed or will the legal team and mueller's team be able to find a way to hone the questions down for the president so they cut some k a deal about the president being interviewed. >> rudy giuliani has been the most visible member of the president's legal team. is it clear what he is advising at this time? >> it isn't.
5:39 pm
we have giuliani in the past say the president is being fd and he might not him to testify because as he put it, recollectioneep changing. he spoke with dana bash and said to her our job is figure out a way that he can testify. don't forget, most of the lawyers on the president side believe it dn't be a great idea. they do have client who has expressed interest in testifying so trying to figure out how to get around that or how to come with some kind of negotiated deal. >> the news today on the michael cohen front is stunning that he is changing hiswn legal team do we know why and what it may mean? >> he is cing his legal team for a couple of reasons. and one is we are told that he wants to switch to an attorney or maybe more than one attorney
5:40 pm
fiar with the southern district of new york where he potentially faces criminal indictment. money is an issue. he has had a large team of la dealing with this document production and it costs him a lot of money a want to pair that down. the question that is out there that we don't know an answer to, is whether this means there is going to be a shift in strategy. we don't know if michael cohen erate with prosecutors.buave to is something that is potentially cowl happen. he has got to be think being tha -- about that. and at this point he has not met with prosecutors and they have not had an interest in having him flip. we have to see how this plays
5:41 pm
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gloria borger delivered the breaking news. here to talk about it is harvard law school's allan dershowitz ad also jeffrey toobin joins well. what do you make of michael cohen looking for a new legal team. there are various reports. >> i see them all working together. if you are worried about paying too much in legal fees, it is cheaper to coopera than to litigate. if you want a lawyer who is
5:46 pm
closer and more familiar with the southern district, t is also a likelihood that you want somebody who is admired and respected in the south district who can make a deal with you. i think the real problem is that he can't cooperate as much as he would like to because he can't disclose anything that is lawyer/client privilege. he can disclose things outside of the privilege. but he can't just walk in and say let me tell you anyth i know about my former client donald trump. the u.s. attorney's office would not ethically be able to accept that kind of information. but it looks toe that it is moving into cooperation or a flip. >> do you agree with that? >> 90% of the people who are indicted in federal court wind
5:47 pm
up pleading guilty. if he is indicted, chances are he will plead guilty and then cooperate. the risk of attorney/client privilege in cooperation is less. e-mails, and phone messages, apparently very few privileged communications. thesident himself has said that cohen represented him very little. for the most part he was doing business deals for trump which were not lawyer client in the nature of the relationship. so if he wants to cooperate, he can cooperate. there will be issues around the margins, but if he wants to make a deal and get himself out of the serious prison sentence, that option i suspect will be available to him. >> isn't it hard, and also,
5:48 pm
jeffrey pointed out, i think it was about 160 or so roughly of the documents of all of the documents that were taken so far, have been viewed as privileged. >> well, what we are talking about isgelyication. and w you are making deals forpresident, there are legal aspects to the deals and nonlegal aspects. many law firms do mergers and acquisitions and deals. i am not suggesting that there can't be potential of cooperation. all i am suggesting is it called be as full some as it often is. so i think yes, this can get useful information, but we don't know whether he is flipping or not. i suspect he is sending messa to both sides. that he is sending messages to the prosecutors thatm available to flip. and sending a message to the
5:49 pm
president that i am available to be pardoned. and now there is stre for the heart, and soul testimony. there are lawyers that practice in new york that i have called prosecutors and defense attorney clothing. they work for the prosecutor. and they only do flip witnesses. and it is the kind of lawyer you go to when you want to send a signal that he is ready. if he hires a real tiger litigator, we may be able to decipher a different message. >> i think we are jumping the gun. he hasn't been charged with anything yet. and we don't know what crime he is being investigated for. now we do know the southern district got a search warrant.
5:50 pm
and you don't get a swarcearch warrant for a lawyer's office. i couldn't sit here andell you today what crime he is going to be charged with and that is an important part of the question of whether i think every prudent lawyer facing what cohen is facing would have to operate under the assumption that he will be indicted for a serious crime that carries a long prison term matter as much as the fact that he will be indicted. i think any lawyer has to ae an indictment based on what jeffrey has said. you don't search lawyers offices unless you're ready to indict. what he gets indicted for, who knows. the most interesting thing if he were indicted for something that related directly to president trump. there's no indication that's in the offing, but i do think any lawyer should assume who takes the case that he's representing
5:51 pm
a client who will either be indicted or will cooperate. >> and jeff, just in terms of the idea of sending a message to the president, kind of hoping for some sort of a pardon, again, we don'tw if he's going to be charged or what he would be charged with, but you have been very kind of negative on thenotion, some people have pointed to, well, the state's attorney could bring charges against michael cohen even if michael cohen is pardoned. you think that's unlikely. >> i think it's very unlikely. the attorney genera new york is not set up as a criminal prosecutor's office. they don't have the resources. they don't have the laws. they don't have the experience to bring cases like that. but i think it's also worth pausing to think how grotesque an idea it is that the president might pardon michael co i mean, what is the public interest in pardoning michael cohen? is he some victim of -- is he a deserving person? pardoning michael cohen would be solely an act of
5:52 pm
self-preservation on the part of the president. and the very idea that we're even thinking about that is really shocking to me. and it's an example of how much our sort of discourse is degraded that that's even a possibility. >> i disagree with that, but it would not be a crime for him to pa he can pardon any person for any reason, without regard to the motive. but i think he would pay a very heavy and should pay a very heavy political price if he does do that because i agree with jeffre it would be entirely se-serving. >> thanks very much. up next in a world where diplomacy comes with a promotional video, the world can't help but react. >> also, tune in next week for champions for change when cnn chors bring you profiles of individuals and organizations makes extraordinary difference in people's lives. >> all next week, a special cnn series. our anchors profile champions for change. >> we travel the globe telling the story of change makers. >> this , we're joining
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the ibm cloud. the cloud for smarter business. e now f ridiculous. there's time for the video esque video president trump shows kim jong-un in singapore. it also projected on a jean for reporters. some wondered if it was north korean propaganda. it wasn't. it was real. here are a few of the highlights. >> destiny pictures presents a story of opportunity. a story about a special moment in time. when man is presented with one chance that may never be repeated. a new world can begin to when a friendship, respect,nd goodwill. featuring president donald trump and chairman kim jong-un. >> let me just preface this
5:58 pm
saying maybe it will work. frankly, nothing else has for decades. maybe this will. maybe a fake movie trailer is just the kind of thing that will speak to north korea's dictator and achieve peace in region. anything is payable, right? it has made some people wonder what kind of video jong-un might have shown the president if he was so inclined. one of those people, conan o'brien. >> a world where donald trump is immortalized in north korea and kim jong-un is embraced as america's greatest son. and now, we are very pleased and honored to present to the united states of america montage of fireworks and cheeseburgers. fireworks and cheeseburgers. >> meanwhile, "the new york times" opinion video team did a little makeover on the original trailer, adding some commentary. >> what if we have been overthinking foreign policy all along? and what the world really needed was a movie trailer? no, really, this actually
5:59 pm
happened. from the administration who tanked the iran nuclear deal, which eliminated 98% of enriched uranium comes an epic mash up of stock footage like these horses running through water, this guyinking and this girl in a field. >> stephen colbert got down to the heart of the matter, the essence of the trailer, if you will. >> will you shake the hand of peace? will you massage the ankles of history? will you slam dunk theal of destiny? and how many sunrises will it take? >> starring kim jong-un and donald trump. with a special appearance by dolph lundgren. in the summit of all fears, mission kim-possible two, singapore drift. >> again, these are interesting
6:00 pm
times we live in. these kinds of videos have worked for hollywood. they work for commercials and e training. maybt will work. for all his railing against so-called fake news, clearly the esident has no such distaste for fake movie trailers on the ridiculist. that's it for us. thanks for watching 360. time to hand it over to chris cuomo. "cuomo primetime" staw. chris. >> thank you very much, anderson. i am chris cuomo, and welcome to primetime. the potential new face of the gop that president trump is cultivating. big news today. the man who gets the trump seal of approval in a major senate race in virginia. his name is cory stewart. and the president says he is a winner despite the fact that he ha backede white nationalists. now, facts be facts, he won the republican nomination for senate last night in virginia. and he joins primetime in moments. >> p >> i protect mr. trump. that's what it is. >> president trump's perso