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tv   Cuomo Prime Time  CNN  June 13, 2018 6:00pm-6:59pm PDT

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times we live in. these kinds of videos have worked for hollywood. they work for commercials and e training. maybt will work. for all his railing against so-called fake news, clearly the esident has no such distaste for fake movie trailers on the ridiculist. that's it for us. thanks for watching 360. time to hand it over to chris cuomo. "cuomo primetime" staw. chris. >> thank you very much, anderson. i am chris cuomo, and welcome to primetime. the potential new face of the gop that president trump is cultivating. big news today. the man who gets the trump seal of approval in a major senate race in virginia. his name is cory stewart. and the president says he is a winner despite the fact that he ha backede white nationalists. now, facts be facts, he won the republican nomination for senate last night in virginia. and he joins primetime in moments. >> p >> i protect mr. trump. that's what it is. >> president trump's personal lawyer back in the news.
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people close to the president fearing michael cohen may be ready to flip. former trump aide and cohen friend sam nunberg is here and says he knows the real deal. >> and fresh off hiseeti with one of the most brutal dictators on the planet, presid bigg enemy is not north korea, certainly not russia, not even is. can you guess? i'll give you a hint. let's get after it. all right, defending confederate symbols, cottoning none of that kept cory stewart from getting the endorsement of the president of the united states, and more votes than the rest of the gop field in the primary for the virginia u.s. senate seat. no small feat. stewart, who served a the state director of donald trump's campaign for part of 2016 seems to be part of a new movement
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within the gop. so what exactly does he represent? and who does he represent? a lot of people are talking about him tonight. le test him directly. republican virginia senate candidate cory stewart, welcome to primetime. >> thanks, chris. thanks for havg me on your show again. >> let's put up the president's tweebout you. congratulations to cory stewart for his great victory. now he runs against a total stiff, tim kaine, wants to rse your taxes through the roof. don't underestimate corey. a major chance of winning. why do you believe you won the primary? >> well, i won the primary because i'm a strong supporter of president trump. he's a very strong -- he's got a great, you know, a story to tel. improving the economy, the lowest unemployment rate since the early 1970s. and now, a big success in the foreig policy front as we remove the nuclear threat from north korea. something that we have been living under for several y now. so my strong support for
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president trump, plus the fact that republicans are looking for a fighter, somebody who's going to kick the teeth out of tim kaine. >> and it's what kind of fight you're going to fight, right? let's play a little bit of the message you had for the masses. >> you can choose the past, with everything we know that has failed. ing mate tim kaine.s [ chanting lock him up ] >> that might just happen, by the way. >> lock up tim kaine, you're a lawyer. do you really believe that tim kaine should be in jail or is that a trumpist joke? >> i believe tim kaine has been at the center of all the stuff you're seeing with regard to the fbi. you know, the whole problem is the fbi spying by a federal
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agency on a presidential campaign. >> no proof. continue, no proof. >> we're not in a court of law, are we? >> that doesn't mean the truth doesn't apply, my brother. >> it started with democrats and the commonwealth of virginia, and tim kaine is at the center of this. i would not be surprised if there's an investigation of tim kaine before the year is out. >> you wouldn't be surprised but .ou have no reason to believe what i'm asking you is what are you selling there, tim kaine should go to jail? they're spying when you have no proof. are you selling people on things that are want true but will make them angry? is that your vibe? bunch of naive peoplet wil a believe anything. people have to ask themselves, what has tim kaineaccomplished in his six in the united states senate. tim kaine can't point to a single accomplishment in the united states senate for virginia or virginians. the only t that tim kaine has done i the past six years is run for vice president, and he didn't even do a very good job at that, i might add. >> that's a fair political argument, and he'll have to
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answer for it. it's different than saying the guy should be in jail and making being spying. rumors about there one is factual, one is just an ugly feeling. now kaine is defend himself. here's what he has said about you, by the way. he called you a cruder imitation of donald trump who stokes white supremacy and would be an embarrassment for virginia if elected. that's what his spokesperson said about you. he does seem to be getting an echo effect within your own party. mr. stewart. the former lieutenant governor of the state of virginia said i'm extremely disappointed tmeo the republican nomination for u.s. senate. clearly not the republican party i once knew, loved, and proudly served. every time i thinkhing can't get worse, and there is no -- they do, and there's no end in sight. then you have a big shot when it comes to the republican party, and who they picked for senate, and he said this -- >> look, we have a big map, and right now, we're focused on
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florida, north dakota, missouri, indiana. big map, and i don't see virginia in it. >> senator gardiner, not giving you love. the former lieutenant governor in your party, no love, but trump giving you love. does this mean you are the party that president trump want to culte? >> gardener and the others are going to come around. a lot of hurt feelings. i beat their guy. they didn't support president trump back in the day either. what's happening inside of the republican party is the party is changing. it's becoming the party of the little guy. once upon a time, it was the democrats who claimed to be the party of the working guy. no longer. they slammed theoor in their face and now it's president trump and the new republican party that is supporting working americans, blue-collar workers. that's why we're winning states like michigan, wisconsin, ohio, and pennsylvania, and we're about to take back virginia as well. >> that's why trump may have won them, but i'm talking about you. you seem to be cottoning to a very specific brand of humanity. and you're right.
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it is a little guy that you are being a part of, but it's a little hateful guy. you have a well pronounced past of saying that you agree with and that you like people who push ugly, bigoted, intolerant, and racist notions. >> hey, that's a level of lie that's just not true, chris. even for cnn -- >> that's not true? is there any level of lie that is true? >> that'ot the case. >> i'll make the case to you. >> i'll condemn, including on your program, any white supremacists or bigots. we want nothing to do with that. that's the only thing you and the left have. you claim you play the race card every time because it's the only thing you have. the president has a success of bringing back -- >> forget about the president. i'm talking about you right now. this is about you. >> that's what i'm supporting. >> and who you have represented as your friends, heroes, and like-minded individuals. put up the fact sheet here. these are the facts. not about my feelings, okay?
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thisuy nealon, and i'm not going to give him too much attention because he doesn't deserve it. 2016, he shares tweets defending an anti-semitic twitter user. you knew that. and yet in january 2017, you called him your personal hero. >> that is not the case. re's theng -- >> absolutely the case. i have the proof of it. >> are you going to let me geto about you? >> it's about the facts. you have to live with them. >> you're not giving me the chance to respond. this istypical. this is typical for you. >> here's the situation. everybody supported paul nealon. president trump said nice things about him, ann coulter, the late phyllis shafly does. and aftthat, after all of that, then about a year later, then, you know, he says -- he starts coming out with all these terrible things, those anti-semitic things. terrible bigoted things. at that point, of course, we wanted nothing to do with it. we all distanced ourselves
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tromhim. >> not true. >> back in the day, he was not like that. >> put back up the line not true. demonstrably false. here are the facts for the audience. nealon then writes about islam not being a religion of peace and lot of uglier stuff i didn't want to put out for the audience. he tks a the lieute governor, the then governor, of south carolina, and calls her something in an ugly way. he then retweets 9/11 would have beenderful dhout immigrants. what do you do after that? you give him money for his campaign. okay? >> that is not true at all. >> then only later when he takes it another step, and youide that you want to reach out to people who may not share your like-minded bigotry, you then say you're denying him. what do i have wrong on the facts. there's the timeline. >> i don't agree with any of ose things. >> you don't have to agree with it, but can you disproveit. >> before you say nice things about anybody, do you look at what they sai in the past. >> when you're talking about
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bigots and anti-semites. >> trying to change the topic from the fact this president has been successful -- >> it's not about the president. >> because of that, he's going to bring me and the other republicans across the finish line, and it's going to be a red tide this november. >> listen, maybe it will, maybe it won't. >> it will be. but you represen different. okay? you have cottoned -- >> told you what i represent. i am the foremost expert on what cory stewart believes. i told you. i don't believe any of those things you mentioned. >> why did you call somebody who is an anti-semite and an obvious bigot your hero. >> let me ask you this question. are you going to have tim kaine on thisprogram? >> if say >>right, so you ask him this question. has tim kaine -- ask tim kaine whether he condemned antifa -- >> oh, please. >> a domestic terrorist organization that takes people with political beliefs of which his son is a member. >> answer for you and he will answer for him. >> you never ask those on the
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left the far left like tim kaine who condemn -- >> that's not true. we have had this caonversation before, and it's about you trying to play an equivalency game. >> you never condemn the extremists on your side. i have condemned the extremists on the right time and time again. >> forget about the left, forget about trump. focus on you. he picked he likes you. he likes what your rur about. i want to talk about what you are about. because this guy nehleinisn't the only one in your past, now you also cotton to someone else named hines. you took his endorsement. this is the guy who took the shot at nikki haley, saying our sikh governor. by the way, she's not a sikh. this is the man who took a confederate flag and marched down saying a statu of arthur ashe was offensive to his heritage. you backed him. you have never denied him. why? >> you know, i don't e with
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any of those things you said. >> it's all true. >> chris, what you're trying -- >> you're trying to deny your past but it's there like angly shadow. >> you're trying to change the topic. >> that's you in front o a confederate his endorsement. >> by the way, your own father said anti-semitic things. did you condemn him? >> oh, please. my father is dead buried and was ten times the man you'll ever be on your bes day. so stay comparing yourself to the bigots that you cotton to. >> you never want to condemn to extremism on your own side of theile. >> there is none on my side of the aisle. my aisle is the truth. was that a confederate flag you were in front of taking that man's endorsement, yes or no? >> let me tell you something. >> yes or no. >> you want to condemn everything -- >> you can't even answer the question said. >> you want to condemn southern heritage. >> i don't want to condemn anything except hate. you tell me, how does a statue of arthur ashe offend your idea
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of southern heritage. >> i never said it did. >> you never said he was wrong, did you? >> i don't agree with that statement. >> why did you never say that. t i believe.times do i have to >> why don't you condemn that now? >> this is the guilt by association that the left -- >> of course, it is. you're in front of a confederate flag. accepting the endorsement of a known at are youngabout? >> have you ever condemned antifa? >> mr. stewart -- >> answer the question, chris. >> two points of fact, one, that's irrelevant, and two, i'm not running for public office. am i running for senate in virginia? do want people to accept me as their designated leader before congress? >> you're trying to change the topic. the topic is the economy. >> you're the topic. you're trying to change the topic and deny the facts. >> the topic is making the worl and people are sick and tired of the far left like you and tim
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kaine trying to change the topic. i'll tellyou -- >> you the topic. and here's what you need to do. here's my suggestion. you do with it what you will. own what and who you are.obviou who you are and they like you. don't run away from your past. don't run away from the things you obviously embrace. >> this is such a joke, even for cnn. if you want to be -- >> if you want to be intolerant and be a bigot and be in front of the confederate flag, why can't you be honest? why can't you just say the truth. >> he ought to report you as -- >> do you know that? did you take his endorsement, mr. hines, yes or no, did you take it? >> i take support from whoever wants to give it to me. it doesn't mean i support their views. that does not mean i support their views. >> you think you can take the support of somebody -- >> ion't have anything do with anybody who is racist or bigoted. >> hold on a second.
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t's just unpack that. >> i'm the foremost expert on what i believe. i don't believe any of those things you're trying to accuse me of. >> i want to repeat what you said. first of all, of course, there's guilt by association. don't associateith known dirtbags and you won't be guilty of doing that. that's your problem, not mine. you just said, i will accept the support -- >> how come you haven't condemned antifa? >> anti-semites, white supremacists, that's a nice way of describing them. you said something, i want the audience to hear . hold on. >>whoa. >> hold on a second. >> you're talking a lot. >> i want the audience to hear what you said. i will accept the support of anyone, it doesn't mean i accept their views. >> you're not letting me talk. the chris cuomo show. you talk all the time. that's why it's the chris show. >> if you're not going to answer the questions, you don't get to just yammer on on this show. >> that's what you're doing. >> i'm trying to get you to confront the facts. i have listened to what you said. you can't deny a singl fact.
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>> the party nominated an anti-semite in virginia. last night, last night, the democratic party ned an anti-semite in the fifth district congressional district in virginia, and you're not even reporting that. why is that? >> who? who? what are you talking about. >> she was nominated last night. >> i'm talki about you. i'm talking about you, mr. stewart. >> how come -- >> how doesdy else -- >> we haveavow anti-semite democrat -- >> there is no avow anti-semite anything except the one i may be speaking to right now. >> i'll tell you what. i'm happy to look into that. i'm happy to look into that, but i want you to answer questions for age. don't blame me for being extreme left. that's a joke. >> yon't deny you're a leftist. >> it's your attempt to deny the facts. >> this is the biggest joke i have heard in long time. >> you think that's a big joke. wait until what happens on election day if you don't own what you really are.
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the only way you have a chance of getting any kind of positive momentum is if you're truthful about who youare. the record is clear. the record is clear. >> coming from cnn talking about truth, that's got to be a joke. i. >> tell me what iaid that is untrue. did you calnehlen -- >> i don't believe any ofat. ou called him your hero. why did you call him your >> he was complimented by a lot of people -- >> why did you call him your hero? >> it wasse he took on paul ryan and i don't support paul ryan. >> what about his ugly views? it doesn't matter who he is orw. >> how many times do we have to discuss this? why would people watch your show, we're going around in a circle. >> we're going to keep going like a merry go round until it stops. >> you can do that if you want. i'm glad for the time. you're helping me with my name recognition. that's wonderful. >> a known anti-semite. a guy who says arthur ashe is
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offensive to his heritage. >> at the time that he was complemented by me and several others -- >> put back up the timeline. >> he wasno >> here's the timeline. >> he came upith those crazy ideas much later. >> 2016 -- >> the comments he may have made, i wasn't aware of them at the time. >> he's a personal hero of yours but you don't know what he's saying. >> really? this is the guilt by association. >> guilt by association. 100%. guilt by association. >> you know, the left learned a lot from mccarthy. they're trying to -- >> mccarthy was mild compared to the guys you're hanging out with, cory stewart. the guy you just took an endorsement from. >> i do like you. you're a nice ut far left. and you're not fair. >> let's say i'm so far left that i'm almost right. howoes it change any of the you didn't rebut a single t. factual assertion tonight. you didn't -- >> i just got done like four times. >> that you had previously said or done.
6:19 pm
not one of them. yet, the of the united states thinks that you should be the senator for virginia. >> you know something. >> you agree with that, don't you? >> when you're losing the argument, you know what youdo? you know what the left does? they play the race card. they play the race card. we have a president -- >> you don't think that card applies? a guy with a confederate flag waving around. >> the biggest tax cut since 1986. the economy is thriving. unemployment is the lowest since the 1970s. >> would be nice if wages were rising as well. >> some guy who is no longer relevant said years ago. think about how much of a joke. we have peace breaking out on the korean peninsula for the first time since 1950. and you're talking about what paul nehlen, a failed lunatic, said several years ago. >> because you called him your personal hero. you have a guy who worked on his staff working on your campine now. you have one of his guys on your team and you took an endorse
6:20 pm
from someone who says arthur ashe is disrespectful to his heritage. >> younow what. >> those are the facts. >> look, all kinds of people come out support my campaign. i don't go through the entire there's hundreds of people. >> you know who these people are. you walked in front of a confederate fo take his endoement. >> have you ever run a campaign? >> not one like yours. you don't go through the list and you don't do a background check on everybody who endorses your campaign. >> you called him your personal hero. you have a guy working for you that you know worked for him. this is silly. this interview is done. i gave y a chance to own whatyo. we'll see how the election goes for you. >> you're too much, chris. >> it's about the truth and owning what things are, especially when the president wants to get behind someone like you. >> good entertainment on cnn. >> entertaining to you, it's truth for the rest of . >> take care. >> all right. now, what do you see on the other side of the party from that? that which trump is trying to cultivate.
6:21 pm
that's the guy he's backing in virginia. check it for yourself. chk everything i said for yourself. it's all demonstrably true. there's another face to the party, bob corker. he seems to be the new co of the gop, unloading on members of his party who are unwilling to challenge president trump. is he or stewart the future president trump wants? we hav a great debate on the great divide in the gop and the president's position that a free press is the most dangerous thing in america. look at those two good looking debaters. ana navarro, jason miller. next. a hilton getaway means you get more because... you get another day in paradise. get a sunset on a sunday. get more stories to share. get more from your summer getaway with exclusive hilton offers.
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i'm a small business, but i have... big dreams... and big plans. so how do i make the efforts of 8 employees... feel like 50? how can i share new plans virtually? how can i download an e-file? virtual tours? zip-file? really big fes? in seconds, not minutes... just like that. like everything... the answer is simple. i'll do what i've always done... dream more, dream faster, and above all... now, i'll dream gig. now more businesses, in more places, can afford to dream gig. comcast, building america's largest gig-speed network. all right, so here we are a yearnd a halinto the trump presidency, and many republicans in congress still would never dare to challenge him. they don't even speak out about anything he says, no matter how aggressive it might be. let's look at mark sanford.
6:26 pm
he did. and he became the latest casualty in the fight for the future of the gop last night. he lost his race. senator bob corker is fed up with those who refuse to stand up for the president. listen to what he said. >> we're in a strange place. i mean, it's almost, you know, it's becoming a cultish thing, isn't it? it's not a good place for any party to end up with a cult-like situation as it relates to -- to a president that happens to be of purportedly of the same party. >> now, it's interesting. what you see in that senator there, candid, right? direct t the ident. spking truth to power. also not running again. and that seems to be a common theme. if you want to stay in, you stay ave ana navarro and jason pred. miller. let's take care of easy business. sorry to dump this in your lap, but have to. you don't want to own corey stewart, do you?
6:27 pm
is that who you want as the face of your party? >> i think the face of the party is president donald trump. we're doing a lot of winning with president trump. >> that's who trump picked. that's why i'm asking. >> hold on, but the president also has a lot of great picks like marsha blackburn in tennessee. they're really the future of the party when you talk about who we look to beyond president trump. they're couple of the superstars. i don't know mr. stewart well. he has to up his game if going to be a serious candidate in the fall. you talk about kind of the present and future for the party is president trump. he's supporting a lot of winners out there. >> ana navarro, the president tweets -- >> oh, honey. can i tell you somethin>> he tw. >> jason miller doesn't have to own corey stewart. because sweetheart, you just did. for the last two segments. that is the most entertaining 15 minutes i have watched on tv in a long, long time. forget the raccoon cam, the gorilla channel. just give me chris cuomo owning
6:28 pm
white nationalists. >> thank you very much. keep making your point. >> look, it was truth serum. it was -- i mean, this guy was some sort of just crazy, right? bringing up your deceased father, telling you you're far left. then when he can'tanswer, he starts cackling and laughing because it's his crutch to not being able to own up to his past and his past actions and his past endorsements. it's a sad time. it's a time when we see republicans attracting folks like pedophiles, attracting folks like neonazis. attracting actually some actual nazis that have run and are running as candidates. i will tell you it'sad >> corker says, jason, it's a cultish period in the party. an he's talking about the nature of who supports the pres what that support has to entail. do you think the president needs to worry about that going
6:29 pm
forward, that at some point he's got to let people in his party be who they want to be and say what they want to say, and you can't just try to crush everybody that doesn't agree with everything you say? >> well, i would completely with the wayer that up.ife're let's remember senator corker wanted to be vp. he wanted to be secretary of state. he didn't talk like this when he wanted to get one of those positions. butow that his poll numbers are terrible, he would lose his own primary, now that he's not running again and marsha blackburn who is going to be a fantastic improvement for the people of tennessee, she's going to be the next senator from tennessee. now corker is talking like this. here's the thing that i think people are missing in this overall debate. yes, the words and the rhetoric that corker is throwing out is like chum for folks in the media, but the bottom line is the party has changed but corker has not. so when you look at president trump's top priorities, taxes, trade, immigration, defeating
6:30 pm
radical islamic terrorism, where corker is on both trade and on immigration are not at the same spot as where the rest of the republican party is. >> that's not true, jason. a lot of oppn on trade within his own party. they're just n saying anything your party has never been in favor of -- >> hold on. chris, hold on. >> i hear your point.let's get . >> it's changed. it's changed, but corker hasn't. he's woken up and said, whoa, this isn't 2006 anymore. he no longer connects with his constituents. that's why he's leaving so he doesn't lose in the primary to a strong conservative who supports the president's agenda. a real quick thing i have to say here, you notice when president trump goes out and endorses a candidate, he never says i'm supporting this candidate because they're loyal to me. he says i'm supporting this candidate because they're going to support the magga agenda. theyonboard with taxes, trade, immigration. >> he doesn't h to say that because that's the only universe of people that is possible with him in terms of everyone he's picked so far. go ahead.
6:31 pm
>> that's like a dog whistle. maga is basically equivalent to trump. i think it's a little more nuanced and complicated than trump or not trump. you know, think there's ce different facti in the republican party when it comes to policy. there are still a lot of free trade globalist pro-immigration reform, pro-family values republicans. a lot of them in congress. but what you've got is a group of folks in congress, a lot of them, and republican party, who are quaking in their boots. they are cowards. they are afraid to speak up because they are afraid to run the same fate, to face the same fate as a sanford jeff flake. then you've got folks who have compromised and sold their principles because they're making money. because they're relevant. people who are, you know, pretending to be what they're not because trump gives them -- is a money train because trump gives them relevancy, gets them on tv or gets them lobbying
6:32 pm
contracts or whatever. and then there i a very loyal base that actually believes and actually venerates and worships anything trump says, admits and allowed zero criticism of the guy, and that is somewhat cultish. speak like him, they talk about winning, they talk about maga, they talk about fake news. you know, they repeat his same idioms and his same words o and over again like robots. but certainly, until donald trump showed up in the scene and as corker says, purportedly a republican, let's remember he was a democrat. let's remember he was independent. let's remember how many times he has changed positions on policy issues over and over again. before he showed up, we were a party that was pro- against deficits, that was pro-globalization. strong foreign policy. a lot of things that have changed under donald trump. >> chris, very important policy
6:33 pm
difference here that i would point out that i don't think ana is quite grasping here. a lot of candidates went into believing in their minds they had one set notion of where the republican base was. as we got into that summer of 2015, what every other candidate not named donald trump realized is that they were wrong on these issues of immigration and on trade, and it was donald trump who is the one who actually connected with them, so was th between the party elites, the jeb bushes o the world, the marco rubios of theworld. and actual grassroots activists who are theonservativ driving the party, and when donald trump showed up -- >> it shows your party is in favor of the dreamers. >> president trump connected with those people and that's why he whipped everyone in the primaries. that's why he was able to reach out beyond the republican base. >> there's also something else, jason, right? >> republicans are against tariffs, for example. but they are scared out of their minds. >> they're for american jobs. see, here's where we have --
6:34 pm
>> who isn't? yeah, for apple pie and puppies. >> we have a legit policy difference. here's the disconnect, is that certain republican leaders thought that you could never talk about tariffs. you could never talk about standing up for america. but what trump has done is connecting with people, and again, not just even the republican base. we're talking people in blue states and purple states of pennsylvania, michigan, the other places where trump put together this winning trump coalition. and he was able tonect with them. >> jason, first of all, let's not overstate his reach because he lost the majority vote. okay and that means that this was tactical. he found strength and weaknesses that the democrats didn't draesdz, address, and he wound up winning. he didn't have some overwhelming mandate of the american people .aying we're about everything h you have to address something else, jason. i don't want to get that deep into trade. we know what the sides of the issue are. we know what he's talking ab >> he's had the same position since the '80s. >> i think thereoing to be a disconnect there. i want to ask you about something else because this is fundamental to our discussion. he didn't just talk policy and
6:35 pm
that's what he won. he talked less policy than just about anybody else. he connected with feelings. all right. often harsh feelings. feelings of being disenfranchised, anger, anger . us versus them. we see it playing out with this bs about who's the biggest enemy for the united states. for a president to joke this way, it's not north korea. and by the way, these human rights things with kim, a lot of people have done a lot of bad t. what? the media is enemy to us. what? >> right, so chris -- >> how can you endorse the president saying something like that, even in jest? >> i need to back up real quick on one thing, when you talk about the president, and i think you're trying to set down the predicate he was a big divider in 2016. which he wasn't. he was actually someone who gave a lot of hope and a lot of optimism, particularly when it came to the economy. that's how he was able to get democrats. that's how he did two points better with african-americans -- >> three points better but still in the basement with them.
6:36 pm
do you see the president as a uniter? >> it was an improvement over mitt romney, mr. milquetoast softy. >> romney is going to win in utah. he is running hard. >> lost in 2012. >> he's going to be an able representative. well, fine. but listen, jason, part of the reason donald trump won was not only because he was a divider but because he had 16 other republicans, traditional republicans who embraced traditional values who were stepping all over each other. i'm not sure if it had been a one-on-one or a one on two that would have happened. it's a theoretical question, a hypothetical, but of course he's a divider. it's hard not to say he's not divider when you've got a guy who equates neonazis with people protesting against them. if that's not divisive, i don't know what is. >> president trump gave people a message of optimism when it came to the economy. he was going to stand up and fight for them and give them more opportunity. you know what? two years later, you go across
6:37 pm
the board, virtually every demographic. >> this is a perfect example. do you agree with him that i'm the biggest enemy to the american people? >> no, but i think president trump is living rent-free and many members of the media when he says something like that. >> why would he say that? >> he's pushing folks' buttons because there was a lot of -- >> do you think that's a reble thing for a person to say? >> clearly, the biggest threat to the country is the threat of a nuclear iran. >> that's not what he says. he says we're safe. the north korea threat is gone. >> chris, i think he's living in your head rent-free. i don't think you can get so triggered when the president says something like that. clearly, he's not being serious about that. >> if you think the president is living in my head rent-free, you don't know me well. ana, make your point. >> i'm so sick of people saying that when he says something stupid, when he says something outrageous, when he says someing hostile, when he says something divisive, when he says something that does not comport with american values it is a joke. it is not a joke. he's the president of the united states.
6:38 pm
and he's got a bully pulpit. but this is what he does over and over again. this is don quixote fighting with windmills. he fabricates. he comes up with, he manufactures artificial cture wars in america, whether it is kneeling, whether it is confederate monuments. whether it is the charlottesville issue. whether it's the press. this is what he does to keep the flames going, to red meat to a base, to have us be antagonistic toward each other. to feed this division because it's what keeps him in power. >> and it's always helpful to him or anybody in power to sow doubt in the minds of people who would check that power. appreciate the conversation.d i thanks to both of you for being on the show. be well. >> all right, michael cohen, the president's personal attorney, is apparently shopping for a new attorney for himself. and that has some in president trump's circle worrying that
6:39 pm
cohen may be about to flip. now, our next guest comes from knows cohen will. he says the troubling fact isn't that cohen is looking for lawyers. it's tte has lost his search for loyalty. next. this is important for people with asthma. yes. it's a targeted medicine proven to help prevent severe asthma attacks, and lower oral steroid use. about 50% of people with severe asthma have too many cells called eosinophils in their lungs. fasenra™ is designed to work with the body to target and remove eosinophils. fasenra™ is an add-on injection for people 12 and up with severe eosinophilic asthma. don't use fasenra™ for su breathing problems
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6:43 pm
the white house, nobody ew donald trump's business better than his personal lawyer, michael cohen. with federal prosecutors digging through his records, cohen is out shopping for new lawyers. the president's big on loyalty. but does that mean giving it or just getting it? is the case against cohen about crimes or flipping a witness? former trump campaign aide sam nunberg has spent some time himself answering questions from the feds, and he knows michael cohen, and he knows the trump dynamic. let's ask him. he's a perfect guest. welcome to primetime. >> thank you very much, sir. >> let's get this out of the way. do you believe michael cohen is looking to flip? >> not r now. i don't know what's going to happen in the future. i think this, from everything i have heard, only from press and
6:44 pm
from, you know, third degree out, i have to be careful because the special counsel, by the way, watches my interviews. i have not spoken tomichael. this is about switching lawyers, legal fees, things like that. onceagai the rnc has very selective in who they have helped. theyaid massive amounts for some and not others. >> not his. >> not his, at least as of now. >> or filing, hadhem giving cohen money to a law firm, through a law firm that is part of a joint defense agreement for the mueller probe. but his southern district case, which is where he's got the hot water, if any, they have not given him any. >> smart by mueller to move this to the southern district. it would hurt mueller. mueller has been hurt politicall me out, hurt politically, because rudy is ri fight for the president. midterms are step one, as steve bannon said. he's been right because of the manafort issue with what he's charging manafort with, the special counsel's office, you know, and they're getting pushback on that.
6:45 pm
it's helped the president. the's been right to show, look, they're going after all these things that have nothing to do with the election. nothing to do withrussia. we don't even know how manafort may get a decision in his favor in terms of the constitutionality and legitimacy of the mandate. >> that process doesn't look like it's going well for manafort. >> also because of the indictment manafort got. mueller was smart to bring that in the interim. >> that was an interesting tactical . he gave manafort two bites at the tampering.e he indicted him he told him he knew about the tampering. there was no action. then he said we'll mess with your release rules because of the tampering, and nothing happened. then he indicted. >> we don't know what these guys know. i heard millions of theories what they're looking for. mueller has had 150-plus subpoenas. all i can tell you is what he called me in for, as i have said publicly, including some of my grand jury testimony, i was on the campaign for six weeks. can was the first permanent
6:46 pm
hire, but i wasn't there for long. the majority of it, besides me getting reamed out for theatrics earlier in the week, about roger stone and assange, i talked about this. another two, two and a half campaign.had nothing to do with i don't know what they're looking into. perhaps mueller just sent t t because they found enough on michael that they view there could be a potential case. i don't kn >> but his movement of the matter to the southern district gives him legitimacy because he didn't keep a case even if it would have been allowed within his purview. >> that's what i'm saying. >> if you read the mandate from rosenstein, he looks for crimes and activities that show collusion and that grow out of that look. that's how we got monica lewinsky. he could do things. we don't see them. there's connective tissue with russia with the manafort allegations, how they connect to any collusion argument, we don't know if at all. back to cohen. so why are trump folk worried that he might flip? >> well, i mean, they're putting a lot of pressure on him. first of all, look, michael is,
6:47 pm
to me, a tragic figure. you know, i was attacked by the president. you and maggie rman on for this interview. i said to her on the record when anybody else complains to me, i'm a guy who saw donald trump speaking at cpac in 2011, and i just knew this guy can get elected president. there was something about him. there's just, he had the walk, the same way obama had the walk in 2004. he's a star. and michael believed -- there are only two people in the trump inner circle who not only believed donald trump was going to win the gop primary but was going to win the presidency. and it was 100% that he was going to win. you know who they were? michael cohen and our first the only two people i knew. i was very worried. i thought we had a good chance . >> michael cohen's devotion and loyalty to trump has been 100%, but has it been retu? >> absolutely not. absolutely not, it's not been returned. >> that's the trump people's concern. cohen, you could argue, has been left out in the wind. >> he has been left out in the wind. remember, he is the prime
6:48 pm
example of, you know, nobody has been treated worse. i have been treated badly by donald. i'm a complicated guy because i support his presidency. but me personally, i have personal issues with him. and michaeln'tn know up until around a couple weeks before then president-elect trump swore in that he wasn't going into the white house. he walked around with a chip on his shoulder that he thought this was steve bannon and reince priebus. they're in a transition, didn't have the power to getll their people in. it was jared. jared told his -- once michael rightly advised then president-elect trump would be problematic to bring jared in as an adviser, jared got wind of this. jared ultimately not only had michael leave -- not only had michael n the white house, but he was kicked out of his office he loved from trump, down the hall from president-elect trump. >> why does he maintain his loyalty, if he didn't get the
6:49 pm
payoff of the promise of believing in somebody running for president, which is to go in there and work for the administration, why does he remain loyal? >> maybe he doesn't have anything, for all we know. perhaps he doesn't. >> he can't flip because he doesn't have anything to offer them on trump in the first place? >> perhaps. that's the thing, we don't know, as you well know, you have been around this, besides your political history with your father and you're alawyer. you have covered this. we don't know what they have. we especially don't know. >> he hasn't even been indicted. >> he hasn't been indicted. i can tell you my voluntary, they asked me every single central figure i knew well, what did i know about their businesses? thank god i didn't know a lot about their businesses. thank god i waso just this -- >> but cohen does. >> sure. michael does. and the other issue, one question they're obviously, and this is already public, so i hope the special counsel doesn't get mad at me, but they're asking about trump tower scow. that to m was a very big mistake, frankly by michael. it wasn't in the best interest of donald trump to try to do
6:50 pm
that project during the primary. en. >> you're talking about the moscow tower and all of that. noas that has beened as something nefarious at the time. >> doesn't pass -- the problem is i doesn't pass, once again, where rudy giuliani is right, mayor giuliani, is that this is going to eventually be a political the presidency, which is why the midterms are so important. >> if it is going to be a political knife fight, why would you alienate the guy with arguably the longest blade in michael cohen? >> but he hasn't. th where i'm very impressed in the president. the president almost did that in the fox and friends interview, and i was on this network an hour before, a couple weeks before your show, and said you better be careful. may claim he doesn't like this network. i know he's watching. he's probably watching this. be careful because the worst thing the president can do, because michael has this devotion to him, is to do what the president loves to do, which is what he did to me. i was -- h called me a lolevel part-timeconsultant. you're
6:51 pm
-- he used long after i was kicked out. what he almost did was michael, he said, he's just some lawyer who worked on this stupid deal for him -- >> very sma part of my business -- >> that's why i think rudy has done a great job. rudy's the guy can sit down, gehe president, knows the president, understands him, look. let's say when you and i are at his new yorkers and he can community with him and rudy can go out and do what he's doing. rudy has been fantastic and the numbers don't lie. >> he's certainly shifted the narrative. this was very >> it was great. thank you very much. >> we'll have more to discuss. speaking of more to discuss,
6:52 pm
don lemon, the man standing by with a previ of cnn tonight. what are you serving up? >> it's a big night here, but i want to talk about this issue of immigration, chris. and people coming across the border illegally. one story that stuck out to us was this woman, she was in a detention center fromonduras breast feeding her child, chris. when she resisted them taken the child away, she was handcuffed, the child was taken away while she was breast feeding her. what i is the united states going that? we're going to weigh into all of that coming up. >> i will be watching i promise you that. back to the show here, the president has identified what you should fear the most. it turns out the enemy us. the truth behind the bs. next. coppertone sport. proven to protect street skaters and freestylers. stops up to 97% uv. lasts through heat.
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i'm a small business, but i have... big dreams... and big plans. so how do i make the efforts of 8 employees... feel like 50? how can i share new plans virtually? how can i download an e-file? virtual tours? zip-file? really big files? in seconds, not minutes... just like that. like everything... the ansile i'll do what i've always done... dream more, dream faster, and abnow,all... i'll dream gig. now more businesses, in more places, can afford to dream gig. comcast, building america's largest gig-speed network. . welcome back to cuomo prime time, our final thought tonight is closing argue. did you hear, we are safe now says president trump. potus tweeted there is quote, no
6:57 pm
longer a nuclear threat from north korea. fact, they still have all their capabilities and the hope of u.s. hoping to stop any of regime's murderous ways. the president says quote, other people have d some bad thing too. sown familiar? of course it does because he said something similar tosked a to vladimir putin, despite his attacks on freedom. do you remember when asked about putin and how he treats people and civil liberties and civil rights. he says, well, the u.s. has done bad things as well. now, where president trump is unqualified, where he insisted on pointing out how absolutely terrible something is, is when it comes to a free press. our biggest enemy is the fake news so easily promulgated by fools. first, good use of promulgated.
6:58 pm
second, he must be joking right. he cannot ignore threats just to vil fie an institution. that's the answer. the question is, sure he can. if you assume that president trump only regard something as a threat if it is a threat to him personally. >> all i can say is it's totally fake news. it's just fake. we're fighting the fake news, it's fake. pho phony. fake. some of the fake news said, i don't think trump want to build the wall. >> did you fire robert mueller? >> fake news folks. a few days ago i called the fake news the enemy of people and they are. they are the enemy of the people. >> you always have to like how the president says something and decides he believes it and repeats it. look, is there room for criticism of the media, of
6:59 pm
course there is. of course there is. of course there's reason to not like certain coverage, think it's unfair, but you pick and chose right, you don't judge an entire outlet, youudge a piece and operso and that's how we scrutinize the mediand we should. the media is the people. it reaches all small and large, races and creed. and you know if the media is designed to work for the people standing between you and power. youraking truth he advocate for to power. the point is, these are not a threat to trump personally, but the truth does threaten him personally. scrutiny of his words a deeds, he takes that as a at. what would this mean if this is true. it would mean that the president is willing to put his own interests between yours, your . that's what it would mean, right? don't ask me. he said it.
7:00 pm
but, that's what it would suggest, because the only way that the media is more threatening than unthreatening nuclear power is if we represen most. that is our closingargument, thank you so much for being with us on cuomo prime time. what do you say, let's get after it again tomorrow night. "cnn tonight" with don lemon the man starts right now. >> do you think chris, he actually wrote the word promulgated? >> don't be like that, it was in the tweet, it was used properly. >> come on, i doubt tha he wrote that tweet but i think you're right about the so-called fake news. sitting here watching, this whole thing about jim acosta yelling questions, everyone's upset aboutit, at least members of his administration. if you go back and look at it, i thought what he did was completely benign. of course you should ask a murderous dictator. >> that's


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