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tv   Anderson Cooper 360  CNN  June 13, 2018 9:00pm-9:59pm PDT

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comcast, building america's largest gig-speed network. g we tight with new evidence that the republican party is now the party of donald trump. in a moment we'll speak to republican south carolina congressman mark sanford, who lost his primary battle last night after president trump encouraged voters to go to the polls for his republican opponent. until last night gop primaries, congressman sanford had never lost an election and as a rule, incumbents do notsually lose but last night sanford did.
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last night the president went on twitter sayingk sanford has been very unhelpful to me in my campaign. i fully endorse katie arrington. congressman sanford has no apologies. >> it may have cost me the election but i stand by every one of those decisions to disagree with the president. >> last week alabama congresswoman martha robey was forced into a runoff. sh she, too, has spoken out against the president. an incumbent well known, frequently influence and senators almost never just bow out like this, especially when their own party is in power. these days, however, they do.
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congressman charlie dent did. jeff flake and bob corker are leaving. senator cork eer chairs the powerful foreign intelligence committee. >> it's not a good thing for any party to end up with a cult-like situation as it relates to a presidt that happens to be purportedly of the same party. >> a cult-like situation he calls it, purportedly of the same party. senator flake was even blunter. quote, if you want to win a republican primary, he said, you can't deviate much from the it the esident's script. if that script leaves no room for longtime conservatives like jeff flake, does it favor? well, for one, cory st
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victory praised by the president. now he runs against a total stiff, tim kaine, who is weak on crime and borders and wants to raise your taxes through the roof. doesn't underestimate corey, major champion of winning. >> stewart told a washington radio station people condemned all those far-right agitators but no one seemed to condemn the left wing. half of that violence was committed by left wingers. the head of the public campaign committee was cool when asked about endorsing stewart, he said his focus was on other states. it is being viewed as a sign of the times by some republicans. virginia's former lieutenantgov who says this is clearly not the republican party i once knew, loved and proudly served.
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joining us now is south carolina republican congressman mark san ffr sanford. thanks for being with us. do you think president trump weighing as you did cost you your seat in congress? >> not necessarily the tweet at the end but the larger playing field, if you will, that the race devolved down to. and that is are you for trump or against trump? my message was much more gray, which is i support trump on many ideas, the views of the folks i represent and i oppose on theon. i think that kind of nuanced approach, if you will, was an awfully difficult message as it proved last night to convey in thisticular primary. >> your oppone with a full-throated support. i want to play for our viewers, an ad she ran during the campaign.
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>> i am a conservative busy business woman and i'm running for congress to get thing done, not to go on cnn to bash president ump. i will cut spending and strengthen our military, it is time for mark sanford to take a hike for real this time. >> i mean, your voting record actually was in support of the president's agenda. what the president seemed to be annoyed by is you dare criticize him publicly. do you think any republican today can remain in office if they speak up in the way you did that is critical of the president from time to time. >> i think it is important we do so. the founding fathers were intentional in creating three branches of government, each of which were to be a check on the other. they didn't want to have a king. i think it is important that we have vigorous dissent.
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i went to business school and we'd throw a point out there and debate it back and forth and hopefully the truth fell out of the bottom. you know, it is okay, to disagree. i love my brothers and sisters and it doesn't mean i agree wit. my voting record has been 89% of supportive. so to send out like that is untrue. do we want a litmus test or folks that agree with us 80%, 90% of the time and you're on the team? that is a distinction i have never seen before in the republican party of which i'm a part. >> when you were out on the campaign trail, and you would try to get that messacross to voters across south carolina, i'm assuming they just, not enough of them saw the difference or wanted to hear the difference. >> yeah, again, it was a tight win/loss, about 3,000 vote margin, t the bigger point is in the case of my opponent that raised taxes substantial by, and
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that didn't matter. i have a conservative vong record and that didn't matter. conservatives in an open primary nerally would. that didn't matter. what mattered was are you for or against the president? and wh attempt this answer of i am neither for him or against him. i am for him in consistent areas of the republican ideology. and then i will occasionally be against him when he is not. that is the bigger thing that i think we all have a question whether republican or democrat primary based on the institutions of the american system. >>ccording to boehner, the republican party was taking a nap somewhere. i mean, you were governor of south carolina, very conservative record. at one point presidential hopeful for the republican party.
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has the republican party left you and others behind for president trump? where is the party? >> time will tell. that was the state of my opponent last night. this is the party of donald j. trump and i can't viusly -- i c disagreed. it is the party of working folks that have put up yard signs and licked envelopes and done all of the things that do to advance politics and this notion that it is belonging to anybody at the top is an inverted pyramid. based on again the design of the founding fathers, wherein a few powers were to be reserved at the top but everything else at the state and local level particularly with republicans who have espoused that n federalism for a long time. we're just in very weird place that i've never seen before. in the case of last night, it cost me the election. >> is the republican party, now the party of trump? >> that is what many are saying.
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that's my opponent was saying last night. >> you don't buy that? >> notomething that i buy into. it's not something many of the people who voted, hly a 50 vote last night. and many people in the first district of south carolina disagree with it they can agree with the frustration in washington in a led to the trump phenomenon. but the hostile take-over is at odds with many core beliefs. >> do you worry, i mean obviously the president is popular among republicans, do you worry about this party becoming the party of donald trump, in many republicans' estimation? do you worry about where leads the republican party down the road? >> yeah. i do.
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not only is it designed to foster vigorous debate among the party rivals. but there is also a big question to your point of party. are we the party of less spending, not just lower taxes but less spending. are we the pengagement with the rest of the world. are we the party of open tde. are we going to pull away? you mentioned this last night. not pulling away is important given that we're about 5% of the world. 95% of what happened happens elsewhere in the world. and to pull away, there are just some big litmus tests out there that we have seemed to be feeling as a party and i think we are going to have a real debate of what we arebout. are we the party of donald j. trump or the party of ideal conservative, and limited government. >> do you see this as a hostile take-over? >> i wouldn't say it's hostile. again, all is fair in love and
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war and politics too. so it is wha it's certainly, as with any presidency, the president is the of the party. i will say, though, it has never in my lifetime been so tied to an individual personality and a litmus test of are you completely compliant and are you, you know, are you on board with me as a person as opposed to are you on board with the ideals that this party is based on. i haveeen that particular wrinkle as i am seeing it now. >> i appreciate your time, thank you very much. >> my pleasure. >> joining us now is charlie dent, he left in may. and senior political director. david chalian. congressman, you said earlier today that you do not think it is a cultish thing. can you explain why you
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disagree, i guess with corker on that, that you don't think it rises to that level. or do you think it is rising to that level? >> i don't agree with the hyperbolic nature of that statement. but i have been saying this for months, prior to donald trump, we should remember that we often had these purepublican party. and if you weren't sufficiently pure, they would call you a rhino or a squish. here comes donald trump, who is largely transactional, and ideological and now these people are flummoxed. but the issue right now is it's loyalty to the president so if you disagree with him or criticize him, you're seen as a treat so there's a political
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realignment occurring in this country, in my estimation. i believe the critical center feels deeply underrepresented. the bases are well represented in congress but the senate is there are a lot of people who are verycerned about where all this core. >> good luck with that general election where the house majority is resting. come november and we might be having a very different conversation if the house flips to democrats. >> david, the republican party was initially hesitant to embrace candidate trump because of all the candidates he's been. there's always been a question whether he could go too far or is this now firmry the trump.
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>> the establishment of the republican voters -- republican primary voters got on board with donald trump shortly after he got into the presidential race. your point about sort of the line, i've been on this show with you and we have talked about is this is all the evidence that we need to answer that question? no, there's nothing that's going to break that damn. he is immense live popular. and the reason why paul ryan and mesh mcconnell. could tryo because their own members don't want to take on the president directly because their jobs are at stake over
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that. i. >> congressman, what do you say to republican voter who are out there listening? they say why shouldn't republicans support the president? whyhouldn't they be backing the president in full force. he's got an agenda, which is more in line with republican beliefs than any democrat who is going to come alongand and well, would i would say to them i we shou should. >> what just happened at the got7 andttacks on the canadian prime nister. we believe strongly in the western alliance. we support our brothers and sisters and family members in
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canada. we criticized barack obama for placating our enemies to often. people forget that the so the bottom line is we were all talking about the sanford race last night. but what happened? a special election. acan lost seat, i think by over 20 points. reason i'm looking at the fall. these fights. >> congressman, i appreciate your time. david chalian as well.
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echos his post-charlottesville comments when he said there were good people on both sides. no question, a historic meeting, the fir face-to-face president between a sitting president and the leader of north korea. the real work begins now and today we got a sense of how sticky some of this might be first of all, the joint statement issued by both sides had no specifics. the statement also says north korea commits to, quote, work toward completedenuclearization of the overall peninsula. that left mike pompeo with some explaining to do. pompeo said, quote, a lot has been made over the fact that the
9:23 pm
word verifiable didn't appear in the agreem he said,though, it wa in the, quote, minds of everybody concerned. that led to this exchange with the reporter. the reporter beginsy asking, quote, i wanted to ask you about verifiable and irreversible. you said the day before it's our only objective, it's clear, it's not in the statement. and the president says it will, and pompeo replies, hmm, it's in the statement, you're just wrong about that. >> reporter: how is it in the statement? and pompeo, you're just because complete encompasses verifiable and irreversible, it just -- it's in the documents. just so you know, you could ask me this, i find that question insulting and ridiculous and insulting. i just have to be honest with
9:24 pm
you. it's a game and one ought not to play with serious matters li this. the wordsrreversible are not there. it's the hard work that's going to tak a whilend possibly the understatementthe evening, you wouldn't know that by reading president on twitter. quote, just landed a long trip but everybody can now feel much safer than the day i took office, the president tweeted there is no longer a nuclear threat with north korea. meeting with kim jong un was an experience. north korea has great potential. before taking office, people were assuming that we were going to war with north korea.
9:25 pm
president obama said that north korea was our biggest and most dangerous problem. no longer. sleep well. president trump went on to say there's a lot of other bad places but he's focused on now and moving forward. >> it reminded me of the comments he made repeatedly about russia, when he's been asked about human rights violations by vladimir putin. he says, well, we kill a lot of people, too. this is the moral relativism that the republicans once criticized in the days of the cold war, when liberals were not tough about. donald trump is the ultimate moral relativist. he's happy to give them a pass. by every indication he gets along better with dictators than he does with the leaders of our
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talking about the esen lates remarks on north korea and human rights and everything else surrounding his meeting with kim jong un. he's been taking a victory lap today saying thers no longer a nuclear threat from pyongyang. the president did say that kim jong un has done some terrible things but he also said kim's a tough guy and a lot of other people have done really bad things. do you see this as max was references a mor equivalence, id by republicans? >> absolutely. north korea is the greatest human rights violator on the
9:30 pm
planet. united nations commission inquiry came out with a 400-page report talking about how there's no parallel in contemporary history in terms of human right violations. a countryhat keeps g gho gulags with 200,000 people in it. the fact that president trump didn't bring up human rights is a travesty. >> for the president to say there's no longer a nuclear threat in north korea, he didn't say it in the bret baier interview, it's a little early to be declaring that, isn't it? >> it's crazy. the nuclear threat is completely unchanged since the day before the summit. north korea has not given up a single warhead or missile.
9:31 pm
he has figured out he doesn't have to achieve victories, he just has to claim victories. just last week he claimed that iran had already radically changed its behavior and that's not true and he's already claimed he's ended the nuclear threat and that's not true. but if you turn to the other statement on fox news, they are echoing what trump is saying word for word and by next week i bet republican voters behreat is over. >> things haven't worked in the past where the president tried, it's certainly never been done before may end up having results but in terms of the joint statement that was put out by both leaders, you were certainly underwhelmed by what w actually in that joint statement compared to even past agreements that has ended up being broken
9:32 pm
by north carolina. >> anderson, i have very low expectation to be honest with you, but i was really floored by the statement when i actually read it. it was a bunch of verbiage and one sentence, point number three where north korea commits to working towards denuclearization of the north korean peninsula. and we honestly got more out of north korea in the past, in the 2005/'06, north korea agreed to abandon the nuclear program. >> that language workingd denuclearization, i'm not sure what that actually means. >> it doesn't mean anything, anderson. as i said before, i'm working
9:33 pm
towards beating roger federer at wimbledon. it doesn't mean i've ever going to achieve it. it's a meaningless goal. in return for getting basically nothing from north korea, president trump made concessions in getting rid of the war games, especially since he didn't bother to tell the south koreans before he did this. his tweet today in which he's saying the north korean nuclear threat no longer is a risk. so this is a hugely one-sided o getting everything it wanted and the united states is getting pretty much nothing. >> doctor, do you think this has legitimatized the north korean regime in a way that kim jong un's father and grandfather
9:34 pm
never was able to achieve? >> absolutely. i mean, kim jong un was able to achieve somethin his father and grandfather had sought but he couldn't achieve. he got to sit down with the most powerful man in the world, the american president, gave him prestige, will the legitimacy. and as max just pointed out, in return it's not like we didn't give anything. we then talked about stopping exercises. and again, as max said, in using north korea's own rhetoric, calling it provocative, calling it war games instead of saying these are defensive in nature and these are training that we're doing because of the north korean threat. so here north korea got everything and we didn't really get anything in return. >> i appreciate your time. >> coming up, michael cohen in
9:35 pm
the news that he's dumping his current legal team. there are a lot of questions whether that means he may start cooperating with prosecutors. that and the breaking news in the president's standoff with the president's standoff with robert mueller in a mome. hotel, car and aity all in one place. ♪
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there's breaking news tonight on president trump's legal sparring with robert mueller and news on michael cohen as well. according to a source familiar with his thinking, michael cohen is preparing to be indicted. he's ditching hisegal team and spent the day meeting with possible replacements. the question, is it with an eye toward flipping? these were some friends of his who he was smoking cigars with while his lawyer were in cour glia, first of all, the have already shifted back toward the mueller investigation. what have you learned? >> my colleague dana bash and i are reporting as the president
9:39 pm
of wending his way back from ngapore, he made calls to his attorneys to find out what was going on in terms of the negotiations with bob mueller. we've learned that his attorneys are here in washington right now, they intend to meet with at some point this week, and they expect to meet with the special counsel's team shortly after that. the big question on the table, anderson, of course is will the presidt be subpoenaed or will the legal team and mueller's team be able to find a way to hone the questions down for the president so they cut some kind of a deal about the presiden being interviewed. >> rudy giuliani has probably been the most visible member of the president's legal team. is it clear what exactly he is advising at this point in terms of sitting down with m it reallyecause he's kind of gone back and forth. we've heard giuliani in the past say that the president is being framed and that he might not
9:40 pm
advise him to testify because, as he put it, recollections keep changing. but he spoke with dana bash and he said toer that our job is to figure out a way that he can testify. don't forget, most of the lawyers on the president's side believe that- are very skeptical about him testifying. they believe it wouldn't be a great idea, but they do have a client who has expressed interest in testifying, so they're trying to figure out how to get around that or how to come up with some kind of a negotiated deal. >> also the news today on the michael cohen front is pretty stunning that he's changing his own legal team. do wknow exactly why and what it may mean? >> well, he's changing his legal team for a couple of reasons. one is we're told that he wants to switch to an attorney or maybe more than one attorney who is familiar with the southern strict of new york where he potentially faces criminal indictment. money is also an issue.
9:41 pm
he's had a large team of lawyers from an expensive law firm dealing with, you know, this document production and that's cost him a lot of money. so he may want to pare that down. i think the question that's out there that we don't know the answer to is whether this means there's also going to be a shift in strategy. we don't know that michael cohen is preparing to flip or to cooperate with prosecutors, but you have to think that that is, you know, something that could potentially happen given the fact that he is facing potential indictment and that, know, he's to be thinking a that. but at this point we are told that he h not met with prosecutors and the prosecutors have not indicated an interest in having him flip. so we have to wait and see how new lawyer or lawyers in place. >> gloria, appreciate it.
9:42 pm
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gloria borger delivered the eaking news on michael cohen's search for new attorneys and t president getting back to deal with the russian probe. here to talk about it is harvard law school's alan dershowitz and also jeffrey toobin joins us well.
9:46 pm
professor dershowitz, i wonder what you make of michael cohen looking for a new legal team. there are various reports it could be a money, lawyers ct or a cha about theern strategy. >> i see them all working together. if you are worried about paying cheaper to cooperate than to litigate. if you want a lawyer who is closer and more familiar with the southern district, that is also a likelihood that you want somebody who is admired and respected in the southern district who can make a deal with you. otherwise if you're going to litigate in the southern district, you just add a lawyer to the team. i think the real problem is that he can't cooperate as much as he would like to because he can't disclose anything that is lawyer/client privilege. he can disclose things outside of the lawyer/client privilege and maybe outside of the fraud
9:47 pm
aspect of the privilege. but he can't just walk in and say let me tell you anything i knowy former client donald trump. the u.s. attorney's office would not ethically be able to accept that kind of information. but it looks to me that it is moving into cooperation or a flip. >> do you agree with that? >> it's worth remembering in the big picture here thaf the people who are indicted in federal court wind up pleading guilty. if he is indicted, chances are he will plead guilty and then cooperate. the risk of attorney/client privilege in cooperation is much less. in the documents that have been turned over, not just documents but e-mails and phone messages, apparently there very few privileged communications. the president himself has said that cohen represented him very little. for the most part he was doing business deals for trump which
9:48 pm
were not lawyer/client in the nature of the relationship. so if he wants to cooperate, he can cooperate. there will be issues around the margins, but if he wantso make a deal and get himself out of the serious prison sentence, that option i suspect will be available to him. >> professor dershowitz, isn't it hard for michael cohen to argue executive privilege when, a, the president sort of undercut that argument and i think it was about 160 or so of all the documents that were taken so far have been viewed as ed. >> well, what we're talking about is largely oral communication, and when you are there ar and i'm notgesting that there can't be potential cooperation. i think there could be. all i am suggesting is that it
9:49 pm
can't be as full some as it. >> but we don't know whether he's flipping or not. i suspect he's sending messages to both sides, to the prosecutors that'm available p and sending message to the president that i'm available to be pardoned. and there's no a -- we may learn soon depending on which lawyer he hires because there are lawyers that practice in new york that i have called prosecutors and defense morns, clothing. they only do flipwitnesses, they're oftommended by prosecutors and it's the kind of lawyer you go to when you want to send a signal that you're ready to cooperate. e hires one of those lawyers, we'll be able t decode
9:50 pm
that message real quickly. i also think we may be jumping the gun a little bit. we're talking about will he cooperate, will he plead? hasn't even been charged with anything yet. and we don't know what kiem he's been now we do know the southern district got a search warrant. and you don't get a search warrant for a lawyer's office. i couldn't sit here and tell you today what crime he is going to be charged with and that is an important part of the question of whether he cooperates. >> i don't agree.÷ i think every prudent lawyer facing what cohen is facing would have to operate under the assumption that he will be indicted for a serious crime that carries a long prison term. the nature of the crime doesn't matter as much as the fact that
9:51 pm
he will be indicted. i think any laer has to assume an indictment based on what jeffrey haid. you don't search lawyers offices unless you're ready to indict. what he gets indicted for, who knows. the most interesting thing if he were indicted for something that related directly to president trump. there's no indication that's in the offing, but i do think any lawyer should assume who takes the case that he's representing a client who will either be indicted or will cooperate. and the idea of sending a message to the president, kind of hoping for some sort of a pardon, again, we don't know if he's going to be charged or what he would be charged with, but you have been very kind of negative on the notion, som have pointed to, well, the state's attorney cring charges against michael cohen even if michael cohen is pardoned. you think that's unlikely. >> i think it's very unlikely. the attorney general of new york is not set up as a criminal prof they don't have the resources. they don't have the laws. they don't have the experience
9:52 pm
to bring cases like that. but i think it's also worth pausing to think how grotesque an idea it is that the president might pardon michael cohen. i mean, what is the public interest in pardong michael cohen? is he some victim of -- is he a deserving person? pardoning michael cohen would be solely an act of self-preservation on the part of the president. and the very idea that we're evnking about is really shocking to me. and it's an example of how much our sort of discourse is degraded that that's even a possibility. >> i disagree with that, but it would not be a crime for him to pardon. he can pardon any person for any reason, without regard to the motive. but i think he would pay a very heavy and should pay a very heavy political price if he does do that because i agree with jeffrey. it would be entirely self-serving. >> thanks very much. up next in a world where
9:53 pm
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time now for the ridiculist. there's time for the videoesque video president trump shows kim jong-un in singapore. it was also projected on a screen f some wondered if it was north korean propaganda. it wasn't. it was real. here are a few of the highlights. >> destiny pictures presents a story of opportunity. a story about a special moment in time.when a man is presentede chance that may never be repeated. a new world can begin today. when a friendship, respect, and goodwill. featuring president donald trump and chairman kim jong-un. >> let me just preface this by saying maybe it will work. frankly, nothing else has for decades. maybe this will. maybe a fake movie trailer is just the kind of thing that will speak to north korea's dictator
9:59 pm
and achieve peace in the region. anything is payable, right? it has made some people wonder what kind of video kim jong-un might have shown the president if he was so inclined. one of those people, conan o'brien. >> a world where donald trump is immortalized in north korea and kim jong-un is embraced as america's greatest son. and now, we are very pleased and honored to present to the united states of america montage of fireworks and cheeseburgers. fireworks and cheeseburgers. >> meanwhile, "the new york times" opinion video team did a little makeover on the original trailer, adding some commentary. >> what if we have been overthinking foreign policy all along? and what the world really needed was a movie trailer? no, really, this actually happened. from the administration who tanked the iran nuclear deal, which eliminated 98% of iran's
10:00 pm
enriched uranium comes an epic mash up of stock footage like these horses running through water, this guy dunking and this girl in a field. >> stephen colbert got down to the heart of the matter, the essence of the trailer, if you will. >> will you shake the hand of peace? will you massage the ankles of history? will you slam dunk the ball of destiny? and how many sunrises will it take? >> starring kim jong-un and donald trump. with a special appearance by ndgren. in the summit of all fears, mission kim-possible two, singapore drift. >> again, these are interesting times we live in. these kinds of videos have worked for hollywood. they work for commercials and corporate training. maybe it will work. for all his railing