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tv   Early Start with Christine Romans and Dave Briggs  CNN  June 14, 2018 2:00am-2:59am PDT

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disney's bid for fox. it has been long rumored comcast would try to break up the deal. offering a higher and all cash bid of $65 billion. setting the stakes for a high stakes bidding war over fox which is great for stock price. fox shares rose to a record high yesterday. apple introduced a new feature that disables data transfer through the port one hour after the phone was last locked. this will prevent hacking tools from gaining access to the phone. law enforcement wants back doors on the devices. >> we're still going to have confrontations down the road. "early start" continues with the latest on the north korean nuclear situation.
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>> verification is central to that. complete verify indicatis encom that deal. >> verification is required to the north korean denuclearization. and the president is now focusing on the russia investigation. he is sit to talk with the special counsel. and the possible tornado tears through northeast pennsylvania. cars overturned and power is out for thousands. good morning. welcome to "early start." i'm christine romans. >> i'm dave briggs. happy 72nd birth day to presidet trump. secretary of state mike pompeo flying from seoul to beijing. he will discuss north korea with president xi and other officials
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from china. he is stating that north korea must denuclearization before sanctions relief. >> as we hahave kmen straighdme. -- as we have demonstrated. we must shape the relationship with the united states and north korea. verification is central to that. complete denuclearization. that encompasses that idea clearly. >> pompeo rejecting and lashing out against criticism that the joint declaration signed by the president and kim jong-un doesn't have the words verifiable and irreversible. pompeo says the word complete which is in the document means verifiable and irreversible. in everyone's minds. he called into question about
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the omission insulting and ridiculous and frankly ludicrous. for the latest, we turn to matt rivers live in beijing. matt. >> reporter: good morning, christine. you know, this is the swing through asia after the singapore summit for the secretary of state. checking in with all of the interested parties here. going from seoul and now landed here in beijing. it was in seoul that president moon echo what had we heard from president trump. saying both sides moved back from what had been a tense situation. this is a step forward. of course, questions remain about denuclearization and what that means. the time frame around it and so on and so for tth. here in beijing, pompeo will not be here long. he will talk to the foreign minister. they will have a quick pressville buipress vil press availability.
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this means they will understand the influence that china has on north korea and over president trump himself. the source close to the matter that it was xi jinping in phone calls with donald trump pushing the idea of stopping the military exercises. something the u.s. could announce as early as today in the united states. xi clearly has influence over president trump pushing that line and not surprising there because that has been china's stated viewpoint for a long time. one thing the chinese and u.s. may not agree on is sanctions. secretary of state mike pompeo saying they will be in place until denuclearization happens. we know the chinese will look for any excuse to back off the sanctions. they only signed on to them begrudgingly in the first place. >> fascinating to see who is in the driver's seat here with north korea. matt rivers, thank you. president trump flew back home from the summit, his attention returned to the russia investigation. sources telling us he called his
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lawyers to talk about the potential showdown with robert mueller. the president's team is waiting to sit down with mr. trump to game out the next moves. trump lawyers meet with mueller's team this week or next. and in the meantime, michael cohen is moving to split with his own legal team. some suggesting cohen may flip and testify against the president. another of the president's lawyers, rudy giuliani, dismissed that claim last night. >> it is not so. i checked into it last night. he is not cooperating. the president did nothing wrong. we are comfortable if he cooperates. there is nothing he can cooperate about. >> more from dana bash in washington. >> reporter: christine and dave, michael cohen realizes the legal jeopardy he is in requires a law firm or more than one law firm that has experience in the and expertise in the southern district of new york. to that end, i'm told that
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cohen spent much of the day meeting with lawyers and three law firms that fit the bill. my colleague said someone close to cohen says he is aware of the possibility he could be indicted. going to new york and having somebody with expertise there is one thing. the other reason he seems to be intent on switching law firms is money. he does not want to spend all of his savings on legal fees. i'm told he owes a lot to his current lawyer and his firm. they deployed several lawyers to comb through documents. those legal fees have added up. finance pressure may be the reason for people around cohen or people around the president says that cohen to flip and cooperate with investigators. i'm told they are not there yet. there hasn't been a specific conversation between prosecutors
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in new york and cohen or anybody in his orbit about the potential for a deal. dave and christine. >> dana, thank you. after tuesday's primary, there is no denying the gop is the party of trump. corey stewart, the crime exprim example. winning despite refusing to criticize alt-right marchers after charlottesville. last night on "cuomo primetime" he talked about the anti-semitic commentator paul naelin. >> you know, when you are losing the argument, you know what you do? you know what the left does? they play the race card. we have a president -- >> you don't think that applies to a person who has guided the country? >> you never want to -- >> there is some on my side of the aisle.
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>> senator cory gardner tells cnn his committee does not plan to endorse stewart. let's bring in tal kopan live in washington. good morning, tal. >> good morning. >> an interesting divide in the republican party over tariffs and moves the president has made and whether or not to just silence the entire party over criticizing the president. we have seen those who spoken out and get voted out like mark sanford in south carolina the other night. then bob corker, who is not running for re-election, and says this about his party's refusal to speak out. listen. >> we are in a strange place. it is almost, you know, it is becoming a cultish thing, isn't it? >> it's becoming a cultish
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thing. rana mcdaniel tweets. complacency is our enemy. anyone that does not embrace the donald trump agenda of making america great again will be making a mistake. have we ever been here before where a party outright refuses to say anything about the president when he goes too far and what are the implications? >> to a certain extent, the president is the leader of the party. i was on the hill yesterday asking republicans for their reflexes ction on the loss. some were critical of mark sanford. saying he took a tone and aggressiveness toward the president which they said was not acceptable. they will disagree on policy where appropriate and direct the concerns to the white house and keep it out of public view. they don't feel you cannot
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criticize policy. it seems to be that some of the folks think the president himself may be off limits. i spoke with mark sanford on capitol hill last night. he was saying he really hopes that his follow republicans are not deterred. he said he appreciated corker's comments. he believes dissent is foundational to democracy above all else. it is an interesting soul searching we are seeing in the republican party and political reality of the situation. lawmakers are trying to figure out what is the balance and where can you criticize policy and not a person? >> to your point, the president is the leader of the party, but the president always represents the party's platform and ideals. is that the case here? bob corker says about president trump it is a cult-like situation as it relates to a president that happens to be purportedly of the same party.
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are the principles, conservative principles part of the progr-- of the platform? >> this has been the issue since the beginning. he has transformed the principles of the republican party in a lot of ways. there are some things he picked up on and carried through. his position on trade is completely different from what we had associated with the republican party in the past. you know, to an extent, there is a transformation of the republican party in his image. that to a certain extent is fair. this is who the republican voters elected to lead the party. those were not secrets during the campaign. this is part of the reckoning i speak of with the republicans on the hill. they are trying to figure out what their voters want to a certain extent. some were surprised by the results of the republican primary. >> you could argue he represents more of what republicans think than what the republican
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establishment thinks. he tapped into that. maybe they are not remaking the party in his image, but maybe he knows the real image of rank-and-file republicans. you look at the approval for him among elected republicans. i have been calling it a hostile takeover of the republican party. let's talk about immigration here. there is a couple of angles and house bills competing here today. one that fixes daca. one fixes one temporarily. we will see those and talk about those for the next couple days. the images that ed lavandera brings from the southwest. 62 people in one home and 40 something other in another home. that is the image of illegal immigration. i argue here, tal, and you have covered immigration and i have covered immigration in the past. as the economy is so strong right now, this is a challenge for the administration. that is the number one magnet of
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illegal immigration. strong economy and ability to work. everything i see here in washington and immigration policy is talking about supply, not demand. >> you know, this is one thing that the administration has really done over time is characterize the problem as one of pull of certain laws. you talk to experts and that is really not a multidimensional enough view of migration. economic factors have been a pull to the country especially when majority of migration was from mexico. that has changed over the last ten or so years. now we really see a lot less migration from mexico and more from central america. those immigrants coming here may be searching for a better life, but many are fleeing dangerous situations of gang violence and poverty. many women, children and
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families. they are concerned about well being and safety and trying to claim asylum. it is partly that which is so difficult for the administration to grapple with as you have the different kind of immigrant and different issue that they are presenting at the border. it is not straight forward like the economy. when you talk to experts, they say it is never enough to change a few laws on the u.s. side. you have to take a holistic view of the push and pull factors that are sending these people here and drawing these people here. >> let's talk about the two paths forward for paul ryan on his way out the door. a tremendous task in bringing his party together on this issue. tal, see you in a bit. 14 minutes past hour. possible tornado in northeast pennsylvania overnight. up to a mile wide in parts. collapsed buildings and flipped cars and several injured. s gentleme have just received word! the louisiana purchase, is complete! instant purchase notifications
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northeast pennsylvania causing damage. several buildings collapsed, cars overturned with several people trapped in the wilkes-barre area. six people were hurt. the storm left behind shattered store fronts and damage to businesses. there is an ongoing nastural ga leak. the storm stretched a mile wide. hawaii governor is requesting federal aid. 455 homes have been destroyed in hawaii county. 192 are primary residences. many other homes and farms are isolated by lava flow or uninhabitable because of sulfur dioxide. the governor is seeking aid to help with shelter and trauma and legal matters. coming up, tiger may have his yacht, but rickie fowler got
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today's the day. billions of soccer fans around the globe have been waiting years. the kickoff of the world cup. >> coy wire has the "bleacher report." >> dave and christine, the world is perhaps the biggest sporting event on the planet. most watched super bowl ever put it in perspective. some 3.2 billion viewers for the last world cup. for the next month, russia is the center of the sports universe. red square packed with fans who traveled to cheer on their teams. matches played in 11 different cities throughout the nation with two stadiums right there in the nation's capital. later this morning is the opening match. russia, the host, taking on saudi arabia. odds across the global will turn into it although russia is the
2:25 am
lowest ranked tuournamentournam. even achilles the cat chose russia. it is tradition to have an animal pick winners at the world cup and when offered two bowls of food, achilles chose the one with the russian flag. the last one was an octopus and tortoise to pick world cup winners. rickie fowler played with the g.o.a.t. tom brady. the u.s. open tees off later this morning. he got tips, perhaps, from brady. >> i tell you what, tom brady can putt. if i can take that into this week, i think that is what i took from him that will help me. >> learning the mind of a champion. stop what are you doing and watch this.
2:26 am
the white sox granted the wish of 7-year-old cancer patient alex estrada. alex stepped to the plate and hit the most emotional home runs you will ever see. players from the sox and visiting indians lining up the baselines and giving high fives as alex takes off running for his life. look at the expressions on their faces afterwards. that little boy, for all he has been through, my goodness. we hope this moment helps inspire you analyd lifts you up today. >> this is why i love sports. moments like transcends. thank you, coy. the secretary of state selling the north korean agenda to allies overseas. verification is required in any deal to denuclearization. he is taking the pitch from
2:27 am
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verification is central to that. complete denuclearization. certainly encompasses that idea. >> you won't read this in the official agreement. the secretary of state says verification is required for north korea to north korean. mike pompeo lands in china to keep up the sales pitch. and reaction before the 2016 elections. and a possible tornado tears through pennsylvania. buildings torn apart and cars overturned and power is out for thousands. did you know there is no more
2:32 am
nuke threat from north korea? >> the icbms are just gone. >> welcome to "early start." i'm dave briggs. >> it is 32 minutes past the hour. i'm christine romans. we start with secretary of state mike pompeo. on a nuclear shuttle diplomacy mission landing in beijing. he will discuss north korea with president xi and other officials. any deal for north korea to denuke must include verification. >> sanctions relief cannot take place until we codemonstrated tt they denuke. for us to move forward and reshape the relationship between the united states and north korea. verification is central to that. complete denuclearization. certainly encompasses that idea very clearly.
2:33 am
>> pompeo pushing back against criticism that the joint declaration signed by president trump and kim jong-un did not have the words verifiable and irreversib irreversible. pompeo called questions about the words omissions insulting and ridiculous and ludicrous. for the latest, we turn to matt liv rivers in beijing. matt, they must be very receptive and thrilled audience given what transpired in beijing? >> reporter: the chinese not unhappy with the first day of the summit. not the least of which the military exercises that the united states said they will be likely suspending. going back to south korea for a minute, dave. what we know is the south korean president moon jae-in has agreed with president trump. the world is a safer place and backing away from nuclear war.
2:34 am
we got a statement saying if north korea delivers on the steps of denuclearization with genuine intention, we need flexibility on military pressure. he is talking about the military exercises there. and the idea of them being removed is something to be considered. something the chinese would agree with here and that is part of the conversation that we expect secretary of state mike pompeo to have not only with foreign minister of china and later on with president xi jinping. we are expecting a quick pressor which xi is attending. the chinese looking for sanctions rollback on north korea. they will not do that unless complete denuclearization happens. that will be on the table. regarding the military exercises, there is agreemenagr. we know the administration could announce as early as today that military exercises with the u.s.
2:35 am
and south korea scheduled for august could be now off the table. dave. >> matt rivers in beijing, thank you. deputy attorney general rod rosenstein will brief the president on the fbi handling of the hillary clinton e-mail probe prior to the 2016 election. the highly anticipated and potentially explosive report from the justice department's inspector general will be made public later in the day. ahead of the release, jeff sessions said this. >> i think it will help us better fix any problems that we have and reassure the american people that some of the concerns that have been raised are not true. >> let's get more this morning from cnn's laura jarrett. >> reporter: good morning, dave and christine. this highly anticipated report from the internal watch dog at the justice department is expected to cover the key issues leading up to the 2016 election. everything from the unusual moves from the former fbi
2:36 am
director james comey. the public statements on the clinton e-mail investigation that he made that we all remember so well to the tarmac meeting with then attorney general loretta lynch and bill clinton. now donald trump both on the campaign trail and as president has called into question the legitimacy of the clinton e-mail investigation. suggesting at times the fbi had it rigged for clinton. somehow bias in her favor. one of the key questions for the inspector general to look at is how did the motives of the fbi impact the actual outcome of the investigation or whether he is more concerned with the process and whether they flouted department norms. dave and christine, back to you. a birthday president for donald trump. thank you. after the primary on tuesday, no denying the gop is the party of
2:37 am
trump. corey stewart is an example of the projected republican senate nominee in virginia winning despite refusing to criticize alt-right marchers after charlottesville. instead attacking to republicans. on cnn last night, stewart was asked about his support for pale naelin. >> when you are losing the argument, you know what the left does? they play the race card. we have a president -- >> you don't think that card applies to people you hung out with? >> you never want to condemn extremism on your side of the aisle. >> my aisle is proof. >> senator cory gardner heads up the committee and he says his committee does not plan to endorse stewart. let's bring in tal kopan live in washington. good morning. let's talk about this sort of hostile takeover of the
2:38 am
republican party. it appears the republican party is now made in the trump image. there is no question. you look at the poll numbers. 87% of republicans approve of the president's performance here. then you hear senator bob corker. this is what he said yesterday about where his party is going. listen. >> we're in a strange place. it is almost -- it is becoming a cultish thing. >> he is talking about the personality over policy and platform. this is what rhonda mcdaniel says. complacency is our enemy. anyone who does not embrace the donald trump agenda of making america great again will be making a mistake. and meghan mccain tweets back is
2:39 am
this a threat, ronna? >> not just that. mark sanford and jeff flake used to be too conservative for the republican party and they are on the way out. >> tal, what do you make of it? >> when you talk about the transformation of the republican party is what we are watching unfold. the president when he was running the campaign wa was espousing things that were not traditional dogma. there are things that fit in with the republican image we have come to know over time and remember how important that supreme court seat was to a lot of republicans. along the way, he espoused these ideas on trade and protectionism that have not found a home in the republican party and republicans voted for him. you have a lot of people soul searching and what do their
2:40 am
voters actually want? all politics are local to a certain extent. it depends district by district. are lawmakers putting in the work? do they think they are in touch with voters? a lot of lawmakers on capitol hill are grappling with the questions. >> was it john ckasich said the republican party is asleep? >> john boehner. >> paul ryan has his hands full on the way out the door. two paths have emerged in the path forward. the first is the conservative bill that is not expected to pass. and breitbart calls the biggest amnesty in u.s. history. where with is the house headed on immigration and where is the president? >> well, you know, dave and christine, i feel we talk about this all the time. it is always a safe bet to bet
2:41 am
against legislation getting passed. the compromised bill is outlined and not written yet. it is in the process of being written. when it gets written down, some of the bullet points may look different when you start to see them in legislative language and see people walk away from the table and before when it was an outline form. no one would guarantee it has the 218 votes among the republican party necessary to pass. democrats are not expected to help on this piece of legislation. so right now we don't exactly know what will happen next week. you know, the fact they are having a vote is still significant. this is not something anyone anticipated happening right before the mid terms to have a vote on the most hot button political issues on the house floor. just having the vote in a way is substantial. we don't know if it will pass. we know the white house sent steven miller up to the hill to endorse the process that is
2:42 am
unfolding for the compromise and support it. paul ryan conveyed he spoken with the president and supportive. until those details are written down and we see the text, no one is banking on anyone's vote at this moment. >> immigration legislation ahead of the mid terms. we will not hold our breath. tal, thank you. ahead, the possible tornado in northeast pennsylvania overnight. the storm stretching up to a mile wide collapsed buildings and flipped cars and left several injured. tart my business. but as it grew bigger and bigger, it took a whole lot more. that's why i switched to the spark cash card from capital one. with it, i earn unlimited 2% cash back on everything i buy. everything. what's in your wallet?
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breaking news. strong storms hammer parts of northeast pennsylvania causing damage. several buildings collapsed and cars overturned with some people trapped in and around the wilkes-barre area. six penople were hurt. >> the storm left behind major businesses. the storm's path stretched from half a mile to a mile in parts. the area was under a tornado warning at the time. republicans versus democrats on the diamond tonight. the 2018 congressional baseball game comes a years to the day that congress member steve
2:48 am
scalise was shot and seriously wounded at team practice. the coach for the gop squad telling ap that scalise is expected to be the starting second baseman. "new day" is ten minutes away. john berman back from singapore. how are you with the jet lag? >> just flew in and boy are my arms tired. it was 20 hours to get from jfk to home. the fallout was very much going on. the president doing interviews and talking about kim jong-un as being tough and needs to be tough in his country. seems to equivocate on the human rights records here. that is one of the things we will look at this morning. >> humanizing a murderous dictator. just another day in 2018. >> it's thursday. >> see you in a little bit.
2:49 am
>> let us know @johnberman about the bad dad jokes. cnn money. wall street closed lower after the fed reserve raised rates and hinted faster hikes on the way. jerome powell will hold conferences after every meeting instead of every other. this may mean they will raise rates more frequently in 2018. a concern is trade. the trump administration may hit china with $50 billion in tariffs as early as tomorrow. federal judge approved at&t's purchase of time warner, parent of cnn. in december, fox agreed to sell disney for $52 billion, but comcast is now formally offering a higher cash offer of $6 5
2:50 am
billion -- $65 billion. stocks rose to a record high yesterday. and apple introducing a feature that blocks third party hacking tools. it disables data transfers. a popular method for law enforcement. this will reignite tension with the law enforcement and apple. tech companies object and they are citing privacy concerns. privacy versus crime. >> we likely have not heard the end of that. iq scores are falling and research shows genetics are not the reason. brighthouse financial allow you to take advantage of growth opportunities... with a level of protection in down markets.
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now more businesses, in more places, can afford to dream gig. comcast, building america's largest gig-speed network. one day after the u.s., mexico and canada chosen as combined hosts for the 2026 world cup, the 2018 tournament kicks off today. russia and saudi arabia plays in the opening match. you have 64 matches in 12 venues in the next month. let's bring in alex thomas live in moscow. we have a couple hours until the 11:0 -- 11:00 a.m. match. >> reporter: russia and saudi arabia are the two lowest ranked in the tournament. nonetheless, the atmosphere on
2:56 am
the occasion should lift that beyond what otherwise would be a match that soccer fans would choose to forget. along with the game itself, the general atmosphere in russia has improved. on saturday, when i arrived, you could not tell that the biggest event of the world's most popular sport was happening here in russia. now you certainly can. all morning outside red square, vuvuzelas and fans chanting to the carnival nature. as far as russia organizers are hoping for and hoping the political atmosphere is forgotten. and the host is trying to avoid the record of losing the opening game as the host country. before the soccer gets underway, we have an opening ceremony with pop star robbie williams and local russian opera singer. they are calling it a musical extravaganza. i'll leave it up to you if you
2:57 am
agree. certainly putting on a great show. >> i have spain. you have argentina. today is not great, but great action on the way. thank you, alex. a troubling story. iq scores have been declining steadily for decades. a new study says environmental factors are to blame. the iq scores of norwegian men show scores fell for those born after 1975. similar studies in denmark, britain, france and netherlands and estonia show similar trends. researchers have used genes to explain variations in intelligen intelligence. the study points to environmental factors like changes in the education system and nutrition and reading less and being online more. >> okay. a giant dust storm .
2:58 am
okay. air giant dust storm on mars threatening nasa's opportunity rover over a few days, martian skies have darkened considerably. june 7th on the left. june 10th on the right. opportunity operates on solar energy. the rover has put itself to sleep and hasn't been heard from since sunday. the storm itself is huge, covering an area the size of north america and russia combined. but opportunity is pretty hardy, designed for a 90-day mission but lasted 15 years. my favorite story and dave's too. the raccoon who climbed 25 stories back in her natural habitat. mpr raccoon was baited with delicious soft cat food. she was taken to a private residential property for release. finally she ran off into the woods. i think they have a 60-mile
2:59 am
radius, so she could come back. >> i want to see the ubs raccoon, as i prefer to call her. dodgers stadium the scene of a good old base brawl. goes right through the rangers catcher there. you're not supposed to block the plate. you're not supposed to run over the catcher. >> you're not supposed to do any of that either. >> you're not supposed to clear the benches, as both teams did. both were ejected from the game. that is good old-fashioned baseball. love it. >>. >> "new day" starts right now. we'll see you tomorrow. all of us he shouldn't testify unless we want everything we want. >> president trump's lawyers plotting their


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