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tv   New Day With Alisyn Camerota and John Berman  CNN  June 14, 2018 2:59am-4:01am PDT

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raccoon, as i prefer to call her. dodgers stadium the scene of a good old base brawl. goes right through the rangers catcher there. you're not supposed to block the plate. you're not supposed to run over the catcher. >> you're not supposed to do any of that either. >> you're not supposed to clear the benches, as both teams did. both were ejected from the game. that is good old-fashioned baseball. love it. >>. >> "new day" starts right now. we'll see you tomorrow. all of us he shouldn't testify unless we want everything we want. >> president trump's lawyers plotting their next moves as michael cohen splits with the legal team. >> it seems like it is moving in the direction of cooperation.
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>> this is "new day" with alisyn camerota and john berman. were. >> what goes on behind commercial breaks. >> i can't repeat that to anybody, let alone a public division audience. this is what i came back for? >> welcome back. >> welcome to our viewers in the united states and around the world. this is "new day". it's thursday, june 14th, 6:00 in new york. this is our starting line. we have breaking news overnight. powerful storms, including a possible tornado pounding northeastern pennsylvania. reports of collapsed building, overturned cars with downed trees and power lines hreutd li the streets. six people have been injured. as the sun comes up, we are getting fresh information, so stand by for that. president trump seems to be gearing up for a poe ten
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showdown with special counsel robert mueller. as the president was flying back from singapore, he was working the phones with his lawyers, including a sitdown with mueller or the possibility of facing a subpoena. >> and the highly anticipated report from the doj's inspector general on how the fbi handled the hillary clinton e-mail investigation will be released today. the report could provide a fresh line of attack against fired fbi director james comey and the justice department. or not. we'll know a few hours from now. meanwhile, secretary of state mike pompeo continuing his asia tour, discussing the summit with allies. he is in beijing at this hour after meeting with south korean officials in seoul where he vowed no sanctions would be lifted unless complete denuclearization happens. so a lot to cover. let's start with polo sandoval in hard-hit pennsylvania. what's happening, polo? >> reporter: alisyn, two major
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storm systems sweeping through pennsylvania overnight. now that the sun is out, a clear picture of the damage left about hind in will, bury. you can see vehicles tossed around like toys. some of them look like they have been hit by a train. not only can you see the damage, you can even smell it. crews trying to repair a broken propane line. the question now, what caused all of this? were they straightline winds or a possible tornado? it would not be be unusual in this particular area. that will be up to the national weather service to decide. when they come out and look at all the damage left behind, there is perhaps positive news here on the six minor injuries reported by officials. they expect -- we expect another update in two hours or so. again, at this hour, people in central and northeast pennsylvania waking up to this.
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>> that destruction behind you is incredible, polo. please keep us posted there. meanwhile, president trump preparing for a special interview with robert mueller. the president's legal team is hoping to sit down with the president as soon as this week to get their strategy in motion. cnn's abby phillip is live at the white house with this angle. abby, what's happening? >> reporter: good morning, alisynment president trump, whefps on his way back from the summit with kim jong-un in sipping pore, made calls to his lawyers about what might be next in the probe. michael cohen faces legal battles of his own. >> all of us know he shouldn't testify unless we get everything we want and he wants. >> reporter: president trump's legal team gearing up for a potential showdown with special counsel robert mueller over whether president trump will sit down for an interview in the investigators. >> we should get it done in the
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next week or two. we go to battling over a subpoena or getting himeady for a small tailored limited interview. >> reporter: rudy guiliani telling cnn the legal team is eager to get the president's input now that he is home from singapore in anticipation of a meeting later this week or next. >> i would love to speak. nobody wants to speak more than me. >> reporter: this as the president's long-time former lawyer michael cohen prepares for a legal battle of his own. he is at the center of a new york-based criminal investigation is into its financial dealings, including a payment to porn star stormy daniels on president trump's behalf days before the 2016 election. >> do you think the president still has your back? >> a surs says cohen would not be shock if he is indicted. spent wednesday meeting with at
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least three with experience in the southern district of new york, which is handling the probe. cnn is told that many is also a big part of cohen's consideration. >> they say i'm mr. trump's bit pull, that i am his right-hand man. the legal shakeup sparking concern that mr. trump's fixer could flip on his long time client. with one trump ally remarking cohen is facing the end of a barrel. >> a lot of talk about you flipping. any possibility of that? >> reporter: cohen is not cooperating with investigators. >> i checked in last night. he's not cooperating, nor do we care because the president did nothing wrong. >> reporter: as recently as friday, president trump would not rule out a potential pardon for cohen. >> i haven't even thought about it. i haven't thought about any of it. it is far too early to be thinking about it. >> but you're not ruling it out?
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>> reporter: today is president trump's birthday, and he has nothing public on his schedule today. but he might be receiving a gift in the form of the long awaited report on the fbi's handling of the clinton investigation. happening now, secretary of state mike pompeo in beijing after reassuring allies in south korea about what took place in the singapore summit. he is expect brief south korea. let's go live to beijing. matt rivers is now there. what do we expect, matt? >> reporter: john, he is meeting with embassy stat. quick press availability in a few hours, which cnn will attend. he is meeting with the foreign minister and a meeting with the president of china. this is a sign that the administration understands the influence that china will have on these nuclear negotiations going forward. not over north korea but apparently over the united
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states as well. cnn reporting a source close to the matter saying it was xi who talked to trump and over several phone calls pushed the idea that the military exercises that the president has said the u.s. will not do, that was xi's idea. what they might not agree on is sanctions. the chinese government begrudgingly signing on in the beginning. all secretary of state pompeo is saying is there will be no relief until complete denuclearization as verified. as if all of that isn't enough, alisyn, we know that the united states might threaten china, might come down with $50 billion in tariffs by the end of the week. alisyn. >> okay, matt, a lot of news out of beijing. thank you for being there with us. secretary of state mike pompeo told officials that no sanctions
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will be lifted until complete denuclearization happens. nic robertson has the story live in seoul. what have you learned, nic? >> reporter: good morning, alisyn. a strong push back from secretary of state mike pompeo with journalists on the issue that the joint document that was signed by president trump and kim jong-un didn't include the words verification or irreversible. mike pompeo saying very clearly it was understood by all sides that complete implicitly meant therefore i or reversible and verifiable and said any thought to the contrary was ludicrous and insulting. contrary to what the north korea an people are hearing in their media that sanctions could come off as a result of the progress of negotiations and talks, they are mentioned on their side of denuclearization, mike pompeo
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being very clear, this administration won't repeat the mistakes of the last administration. sanctions stay on until there are results. >> when we refer to the mistakes of the past, they were providing relief until denuclearization. that is not going to happen. president trump made it clear when he was with kim jong-un himself. the sequence will be different this time. that's important. it is central to the understanding. >> reporter: president moon in south korea said he welcomed the opportunity to get to talk through the details of what happened in singapore face-to-face with the secretary of state. alisyn? nic, what about those joint military exercises scheduled for august? what's the reaction there? >> reporter: we've heard from both the foreign minister now and the president.
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the president just held a national security council meeting that lasted for an hour and a half. and the upshot, the strongest point to come out of that was on precisely this issue providing south korea's clarification. i will read you what president moon jae-in said. if north korea delivers the steps of denuclearization with genuine intention, and the talks between north korea and the u.s. on easing hogs tight continues according to the agreement of building mutual trust agreed on the panmunjom declaration we need flexibility on the military pressure towards north korea and therefore a careful review will be conducted. the u.s. and south korea will cooperate on the details on this issue. so very clearly saying if there are steps that president trump wants to announce that involve
3:11 am
south korea and its military and joint maneuvers with the united states, that is something he would like to see come through the south korean side first. >> nic, what about all of those flattering comments that president trump used for kim jong-un. he's funny, smart, he loves his people. how is that playing? >> reporter: you know, in north korea, you can only imagine it must have gone well. because in the last hour or so, north korea an state television has been running their video. he always travels with his own camera team. they're always much closer than our camera crews are able to get. they chose that moment where president trump is showing kim jong-un the beast, the prpl limousine. the north korean state broadcaster describes it as a moment of affection and respect from president trump towards kim jong-un.
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i think south is of the border there is a collective gulp because everyone knows about the human rights abuses north of the border. but they really want the talks to get going. so they are willing to suspend their concerns about that sort of statement by president trump to try to move this process forward. but it is something that is a worry here >> really interesting. nic robert son, thank you very much for that reporting. huge news. in a few hours the inspector general expected to release a report on the handling of the hillary clinton e-mail probe. what will it reveal and how will the president react? i forgot. chevy also won a j.d. power dependability award for its light-duty truck the chevy silverado. oh, and since the chevy equinox and traverse also won chevy is the only brand to earn the j.d. power dependability award across cars, trucks and suvs-three years in a row. phew. third time's the charm...
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the inspector general set to release the report on the hillary clinton e-mail probe. we have the very latest. this will be a big deal the next several hours, shimon. >> reporter: it certainly will. john, when you think about this, for more than a year the inspector general has been probing the fbi's handling of the e-mail server. we will finally see the 500-page report. cnn is told that the report will show that the fbi's former
3:17 am
leadership and the leadership of the department of justice quite frankly mishandled parts of the investigation. we're told that the report will be highly critical of the then fbi director james comey for holding that press conference, announcing the results of the clinton e-mail investigation. other key parts of the report looked at comey's decision to tell lawmakers just days before the november election that the fbi had reopened the clinton investigation. and you will remember that that happened after the fbi found e-mails on anthony weiner's laptop. now, the report is also expected to be critical of former attorney general loretta hreufrp. she will, as you recall, had that infamous tarmac meeting with bill clinton during the campaign as the fbi was investigating his wife. now, we're told the deputy attorney general rod rosenstein will brief the president this morning and members of congress
3:18 am
will be briefed sometime this afternoon. and then the report will finally be made public. john, certainly we should expect allies of hillary clinton to seize on some of these findings and ultimately everyone will be watching for how the president, who has been hyper critical of the fbi, the department of justice, reacts to this report. >> interesting. this could be something both president trump and hillary clinton like. we are running out of things we could say that about. >> last night the current director of the department of justice, the attorney general jeff sessions, who himself has taken a lot of jabs from the president, spoke about the anticipated release. he spoke about his support. but critical to all of this he wanted to address the speculationing the release. here's that sound. >> i think it will be awe lengthy report and a careful report. it will be released soon.
3:19 am
it will help us better fix the problem we have and reassure the american people that some of the concerns that have been raised are not true. >> reporter: those concerns will be talked about in this report. and recommendations, john, will be made by the inspector general for how to avoid any of the problems that the former fbi director and the department of justice are now going to be scrutinized for in this report. >> shimon, thanks very much. brace yourselves. when this breaks this afternoon, it will dominate. congressman steve scalise will return to the diamond for the annual congressional baseball game. it was exactly one year ago today that shots rang out during a practice game. how are lawmakers feeling today? you've tried moisturizer after moisturizer
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one year to the day after being shot is at a gop baseball practice, congressman is steve ska legal will be back for the 2018 baseball game scaring off at nationals park in washington. phil mattingly joins us from nationals park. what an emotional night this will be, phil. >> reporter: yeah, alisyn, no question about it. it was 7:06 a.m. 365 days ago from today the first shots rang out. it rattled congress and the members who were there. when you talk to them, the visceral memories, the fear, how they were paralyzed it is pervasive one year later. his recovery, all saw him back back to capitol hill after that near death experience. now we will return to the baseball field as well.
3:25 am
>> oh, there we go, rodney. >> reporter: 365 days later, steve scalise is back on a baseball field in a time of heated r heated rhetoric and differences, the game appears almost trivial. a respite, yes. that all changed in one moment one year ago today. awe crack in a bat is replaced by the crack of bullets. the bullets that by all accounts should have cost scalise his life. >> i went and pulled down the pant leg to see the wound. i didn't find an exit wound. i knew he was in trouble because that meant he went up. >> five were wounded. scalise couldn't fully recall until a few weeks ago when he returned for the first time to the field where the shooting occurred.
3:26 am
with the man who helped save his life. capitol police officer david bail bailey. >> the shooter is firing away at us, unobstructed. he runs out to first base. i'm laying on the ground there, starts shooting at the guy. he is totally exposed. it was an intense shoot-out. he was outgunned. he got hit. both kept going at it. >> for the third-ranked member of the house, it was a moment of closure, even if the physical scars are still apparent. >> i still need two crutches to move around. i'm starting to be able to walk without them but don't quite have the balance to move a lot a good pace. >> it's a rehab process that as of late had one specific goal, getting back to baseball. something he walked me through while practicing something that was virtually impossible just a few months ago, a game of catch. >> i can get any ball hit anywhere around me a year ago.
3:27 am
today the mobility is limited, especially laterally, moving side to side. that i couldn't do two months ago. >> for his teammates, a recovery of their own. >> i can't speak to how other people are coping with seeing their friends and colleagues shot on a baseball field. it's a unique situation. >> i thought i was going to be the pinch-runner. >> bringing the team even closer together. >> baseball is the only sport where you have a play called a sacrifice. we saw a lot of sacrifice that day by a bunch of individuals and people stepping up to make sure they were taking care of others. >> their goal may be to beat democrats, but it's now a game with so much more meaning. >> we bonded in a way that nobody else has. and hopefully nobody else will. let's make tomorrow about a comeback story. >> on three. >> one, two, three, win! >> oh, my gosh, phil, what an
3:28 am
important day here. there were five people, including scalise, who were wounded? how is everyone doing? and i mean also their emotional scars. they have cleared ptsd since that day. >> in talking to members, how many of them really still live with this on a daily basis. they had to change the practice field this year to a different field because a lot of members didn't want to be there. you talk about the actual health of the five people, including scalise, that were shot. one of the best parts of yesterday sitting with the republican team, a couple dozen feet away from steve scalise, david bailey, the capitol police officer, still in his protective. stafford is now healthy. matt mika, crystal greiner has also recovered. everybody is physically back on track. everybody physically is back on the baseball field.
3:29 am
i think you mentioned probably the most important part. there is still a lot of people need to get over. but as congressman scalise told me, tonight will be a big part in closing the circle on what has been, i think by some accounts, an awful year, and a year that has brought people a lot closer together. >> okay, phil, we'll be watching. thanks so much for previewing it with us. ahead on "new day", we will speak with congressman mo brooks who was there during the shooting. we spoke with him a year ago in the moments after it happened. everyone was so impressed by his demeanor, how collected he was. and so we want to ask him how he is doing a year later. >> remarkable to see there. duchess of sussex, a proud american meghan markle ditching prince harry today. instead she will be spending quality time with the queen. charming. the royal agenda next. and four kids, we're busy.
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today she's wearing the most beautiful cream dress. we have just seen her stepping off the royal train. this wasn't just a day trip. they actually overunited it. it's really significant this trip because it really shows how her majesty has taken her new tkpwraupbd daughter-in-law under her wing. it is a sign that she wants to bring a strong bond, pass on some lessons i'm sure ahead of a big commonwealth trip later in the year. plenty of engagements. a really busy day. it was an "early start" for them.
3:35 am
they are opening a bridge nearby. we have a series of engagements, meetings with schoolchildren, community groups to go to a cultural center and doing a dance performance by the fallen angels, which is specifically for recovering addicts. once they have had this very busy morning they will finally get here with a pass through the center of town, meeting all the crowds of people you see behind me. and they will have a lovely lunch with officials before heading back on the train back home. >> it all sounds very civil issized. that you can for that. john, i know you're a royal watcher. >> it sounds like a buddy movie. tango and cash. >> planes, trains and automobiles. >> we can talk about this because there is nothing to worry about, like the oceans rising or anything. >> let's talk about our priorities. did you like the queen's lime
3:36 am
green ensemble? >> i like said it a lot. it was fetching. a team of 80 scientists report that the melt rate of the ice sheet in antarctica has tripled in the last decade. >> okay. that's just serious. >> 200 billion tons pouring into oceans annually. meghan markle wearing a lovely cream dress. >> i see your point. >> scientists warn nations will have 10 years to cut greenhouse gas emissions or face the worst of climate change. a wait for the world's big of sporting event is almost over. it will kick off in moscow in a few hours. coy wire has more in this morning's "bleacher report". >> i will find a way to make this relevant for john berman. ford. going further so you can. to put this in perspective, the
3:37 am
world cup, most ever watched super bowl brought 114 million viewers. when the patriots beat the seahawks. the last world cup brought 28 times that. 3.2 billion viewers. for the next month, russia will be the center of the soccer universe. red square packed with fans right now from all over the world, traveling there to cheer on their national teams. matches will be played in 11 different cities with two stadiums right there in the nation's capital. later this morning will be the opening match. the hosts russia taking on saudi arabia. eyes around the globe are still going to tune in, even though russia is the lowest ranked team. saudi arabia the second lowest. russia still the favorite. the host nation has never lost an opening match. even achilles the cat chose them. when offered two bowls of food, achilles goes with the russian
3:38 am
flag. also this morning, the u.s. open, rickie fowler, my favorite, earlier this week he golfed with tom brady. >> wait to go for that. achilles was paid off. this being the world cup, no doubt he was bribed. that's the way the world cup works. thanks, coy. president trump continues praising the north korean later. justification for why kim jong-un needed to be a, quote, tough guy. that's next. with best in-class towing 2018 ford f-150. best in-class payload and best in-class torque the f-150 lineup has the capability to get big things to big places --bigtime. and things just got bigger. f-150 is now motor trend's 2018 truck of the year. this is the new 2018 ford f-150. it doesn't just raise the bar, pal. it is the bar.
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you know you call people sometimes killers. he is a killer. he's executing people. >> he's a very smart guy. he's a great negotiator. i think we understand each other. >> he's still done some very bad things. >> yeah. but so have a lot of people who
3:43 am
have done bad things. i can go through a lot of nations where bad things have done. >> president trump defending his praise of kim jong-un, dismissing concerns about human rights violations. joining us now is john avlon and jennifer rogers. john, what strikes me as extraordinary, what the president just did, he dodged the question about kim jong-un's human rights record. he justified it. he justified it. he said he's a tough guy. he said, you know, but it was hard coming in at 27 years old in that country. he's discussing mass executions, 100,000 people. sometimes you have to be tough. that is remarkable from an american president. >> it is remarkable. it is troubling. because, i mean, tough becomes proxy for killing lots of people. tough is one of his favorite terms of admiration. there are plenty of bad actors on the world stage. a few like north korea where there are current, active gulags
3:44 am
where this individual has murdered members of his family. the criticized fdr for cozying up to stalin, looking in the rear-view mirror, this is not going to look much better. we know better as a government. the president doesn't seem to know as head of the government. >> i find this jaw dropping. it's jaw dropping. i think we have gotten use to the way he speaks in hyperbolic terms. that was on air force one. he may think he is currying favor. but that was on air force one. he didn't have to say those things anymore. the deal is done. >> yet his impulse is to do that. we heard something similar during the campaign when he was pressed on vladimir putin's record. he said we're not so innocent either. that kind of immoral equivalence of people who are heads of states who inflicted mass misery and human rights has not been
3:45 am
part of the conversation, it's stunning, troubling. >> it is something that leads people to die. >> yes. >> this justifies those who might have a bred election to do this. we need a nuclear deal with north korea because this guy is a villainous murder. i find that remarkable, troubling, there are other ways to say it. big news overnight we think, jennifer. the president on the phone with his lawyers planning for what he will do in the mueller investigation is. will he testify? will he fight it and get subpoenaed. this is what rudy guiliani said overnight about it. >> all of us know he shouldn't testify unless we get everything we want and he wants. it should get done in the next week or two, the decision done. which means we go to battling over a subpoena or getting him ready for a small tailored limited interview. >> it's a big choice. it's a big choice. either he is going to face
3:46 am
questions or start a battle that goes all the way to the supreme court. any sense from that body language what he is going to do. >> i wonder if that's new tape because this is the same thing we have heard from rudy guiliani. maybe yes, maybe no. he wants to. we're not sure. i don't know what he's going to do. i don't think we can listen to what mr. giuliani is saying at this point. >> why? there is so many back and forths, inconsistencies, back and forth of the law. it is clear that rudy guiliani is acting not really as a lawyer, adviser, because he admitted he hasn't spoken to the president about this in a few weeks. he is just a press spin person. >> he is saying we think we will have a decision in a week. isn't that a different new timeline. >> he also said he hasn't spoken about this in a few weeks. i would be surprised if we hear within a week. >> a lot of deadlines have been thrown out that are basically
3:47 am
meaningless. it is a court of public opinion. >> let's talk about michael cohen. as we know from reporting, he is changing his legal team. he wants somebody, according to our sources, that is more familiar with the southern district of new york. logical? >> it is logical. he was in congressional testimony before obviously this huge document review. a big firm with lots of resources to go through the documents. now he needs someone who is experienced with them, who knows how the offense works. >> listen to what rudy guiliani
3:48 am
make noise about that overnight. >> i checked into this last night. it's not so. he is not cooperating. nor do we care because the president did nothing wrong. we're very comfortable that there is nothing he can cooperate about with regard to president trump. >> i think he cares. i think he cares. >> yes. we have all seen reporting that he cares a lot. he's going crazy about it a lot in private, which makes sense. i don't think it says he's going to cooperate because she's changing lawyers. we have time to wait. he hasn't even been charged yet. he is not going to walk in the door until he has a accepts of what he's facing. >> the idea that everyone in the white house is very zen about the prospect of michael cohen flipping is just ludicrous. that is a big no bueno day. >> trump has been feuding about cohen in private, blaming him for the messy stormy daniels situation and he is fearful of
3:49 am
making that public because of chances it further pushes cohen toward sdny. giuliani is like he is not cooperating. he is definitely not going to cooperate. but we don't care if he cooperates. it would be very bad but it would be fine. >> rudy admits he checked into it. i don't care, but, boy, i i made sure, even though i don't care. all right. thank you very much. from sipping pore, seoul to beijing. the u.s. claiming the u.s. will not lift sanctions until denuclearization is complete. i think north korea might have a different idea on that. plus the secretary is attacking a reporter on the issue of verification. you've tried moisturizer after moisturizer
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will there be relief from the sanctions. >> secretary of state mike pompeo saying sanctions will not be lifted without complete denuclearization. but they are telling their citizens something is different. they are saying it will be a step-by-step process. the u.s. secretary of energy under president obama, co-chair of the nuclear threat initiative, a key player in the iran negotiations. mr. secretary, thank you so much for being with us. the president, after this summit, said there is no longer a nuclear threat from north korea. do you believe that to be the result of this summit in singapore? >> well, i think that's very hard to accept given the fact that they still is of course have their nuclear weapons. and one of the big problems we have, we don't know how many they have. once a negotiation starts, clearing understanding their inventory, not only of nuclear weapons, but chemical and biological weapons, is going to be a starting place.
3:55 am
because frankly we can start working on that. but we can't trust them in terms of a full declaration. >> so when the president says north korea is no longer a nuclear threat, he's wrong? >> well, yeah. nothing has changed on the ground. and i think this idea of personality cults has only led to bad results in the past. we can go all the way back to the president putin's eyes, for example, and statements that were regretted later on. >> since you brought that up, let's talk about that. the president was asked is directly about kim's human rights record, the executions, the gulags. listen to this one more time what the president said overnight to bret baier. >> you call people sometimes killers. he is a killer. he is executing people. >> he's a tough guy. when you tay over a country, tough country, tough people, and you take it over from your father, if you can do that at 27
3:56 am
years old, that's 1 in 10,000 that can do that. she's a smart guy. he's a great negotiator. buff i think we understand each other. >> but he's still done some very bad things. >> yeah but so have other people have done some really bad things. i can go through nations where really bad things were being done. with all that said, the answer is yes. >> sure, executions, gulags, but he is a smart guy, tough guy. it sounds like the president is saying he did what he had to do. does that sound like a person you can trust in a nuclear negotiation? >> i might add, as it was for iran, is don't trust and verify, verify, verify. the verification challenge here in north korea is going to be immense. so the record of kim jong-un and his forebearers in terms of what they have done with the population is abyss mal. but right now we have a
3:57 am
hard-nosed negotiation that i think is going to take a long time to reach a finish line in terms of, again, verification in a way that serves the security interests of everyone in the region, including the united states in terms of our future military deploy thememendeploym >> mike pompeo was press odd this. there is no verification in the document signed by the two letters. the secretary got angry when he was pressed by why there is nothing concrete on the issue of verification. i'll just read you part of it. secretary pompeo said it is in the statement. it's in the estimated. you're just wrong about that. the question is, how was it in the statement? the president said i suppose you can argue semantics. let me assure you it's in the document. well, the words are not in the document. why does verification -- why would it be important for verification to be in the document and what would
3:58 am
verification entail, mr. secretary? >> well, first of all, i think one point you should remember is the very word denuclearization is not really understood in terms of what north korea's aims are. so we come down to the very -- to the reality that, again, as i said earlier, we don't even know how much nuclear weapons they have. so when they declare what they have, how do we verify that in the long term? we're going to have to have a verification regime that, for example, like the one that unform i would say was recklessly compromised with iran situation, we need access anywhere in the country where we suspect illicit activities in terms of what they declare. so verification is very, very central. it is unfortunate that word did not appear there. look, the issue now is -- and don't get me wrong. i think that launching this
3:59 am
dialogue and then a detailed negotiation with the north is what we need to do. we need to face up to this and hopeful live drive to a resolution. but we have to do this open eyed, understanding the enormous challenge we will have in that society to get a verification regime that satisfies us and others in the international community. >> you think it's a successful start? >> well, i think it's -- i think we are approaching the starting line. and then when the gun goes off, it means that we are getting our teams together for professional negotiations, remembering that we also need to take the step ultimately of making this multilateral in some form or another. it's not just about us and north korea. it is south korea, japan, china, russia has interests. we have interests. this is going to be a very, very complex negotiation. let's get going on it and
4:00 am
recognize -- be realistic. it is going to take a long time, again, to reach the finish line. >> mr. secretary, thanks for being with us. appreciate it, sir. >> thank you. thank you so much to our international viewers for watching. for you cnn talk is next. for u.s. viewers, "new day" continues right now. >> president trump's lawyers gearing up for potential showdown with special counsel. >> the president has legal and political considerations. >> he's not cooperating, nor do we care because the president did nothing wrong. >> we're going to get complete denuclearization. only then will there be relief from the sanctions. >> it is by far not the last step. >> north korea is the greatest human rights violator on the planet. >> i can go through a lot of nations where a lot of bad things were done. >> this is the party of donald j. trump. >> he is going to bring me and the other republicans across the finish line. >> it is


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